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Will Hold The Lexington Court At Which
The James H. Tillman 'Asc.
Will Bc Hea'd.
News and Courier.
Columbia, September 12.- Special:
Several days ago Judge townsend
was appointed to LAd C'eurt in Lex
ington County on, sc4cunt of the i- i
nuess of J ndge G age, who was relivt%ed
of duty by Chief 31usTice Pop,. Tn,
order assigning Jndo wnsend to
hold th- Lexington Curt was pui.
lished at thetim1e and attrai ed ats:.
tron twaus the ease aginst 'Ies
H fillman is to be heard at the sp
proaching term of the L'o! irt in .
ington County. unless soMMe;hn%
unforeseen happens
It appears that 1udge Town.e:.3
was assigned to hold t'ontt at W'N.S
boro at the identic'a. time hb
was assigned t.c, hld 'Court in Lin
ington County. The t Cnr:
Winnsboro opens on the t
the same tim, the l.n
Ti . o un,el : .
laues ii inls' I. Ai.' is elktn
t tu h s n o i i t I.
Tme r a d :sUer Ieh
S Vs
C . ' i
S , p 11 Uni
ted-~: S ae-- ILtrict Atto rt liesch
r f, n: L*.dh.. T i
t I .1 i: . h-t 0e A is w t el kn p
t -e-ts amet i th :ev iti\ lytesents
nja re otrI r'i 'g113 ,e W : llear,uch
mer hi f!tei diviit the ualare
andI allowances. pocstolliee depart.
ment; August W. MIachen, former
general superintendent free delivery'
system, postohlie departmwent; James
W. Erwinu. formner pos-totliee iI*spee
tur, wvithl headquarterS at San Frzan
eIseO: G e:rge II. ll atntigton and
Isaac S. .\leGiehani, both of New
York cit v. owners of the. Columblia
Supply Comnpanyv of that city, and
Eugene 1). Schebile, of Toledo, O hio,
a dien-tist and interested ini the tirmi
of Mlay bury & Ellhis, of Detroit. Mi' 3.,
letter b ox miarnufact urers. ieavers,
Maclhen anid 1-',rwinI are nineiid joinlt ly
ini one inrdictmlient for consp i racy to
dlefraudt the United St ates. Anrot her
intdict men t is againlst M cG i harn,
llunt ingtont and MIachren for conispi
rac*y to defraud t he Un iited St ates,
and still aaot her is against the sanae
three for conispi racy to commriit
bribery, both under Sect ion o4,-10
itevised St atuates. Seheble anid MIa
chien are inidicted jointly for conispa.
racy against the Untited States anid
again for conispiracy to commit
bribery. Anrot her indict merit is
against McGieban and I Iuntinigton
for bribery, and the last is againist
Machen singly fot acceptinig briber
under Sect ion 5, 5)1 , lHovised Stant
ut es.
A barrel of alcohol ble4w uip on t he
U. S. Cruiser O)lympjia in dry dick at
Norfolk on Sat urdlay, kilIlinig t wo
men andI injuring a nuibrr of others,
The sailors had stolen the aleobo.
fronm ashore arnd spirited it to thi
Rhip. While two of themi were get
ting a drink onie struck a matech
causing the explosion. The maste
of, arms of the cruiser is miissing an<
some think he was dealt foully witi
by some outside party to whomx th
sailors who stole the alcohol were t
isposea of th loot
Ik'astation t r Throughout the
ltnl"t Khngdom-All COast Towns
Londion, Septembe)r 11.-While
the details of the haro, wrought by
the great storm which raged over
the British isles yesterday are ne.
sar-dy incomplete, the reporls coNm
ing in from all parts of the United
XiIngdom show that the devastation
was general and it is feared that the
o of life is much greater than was
at tirst supposed.
L'- d1s already report over fifty
serions casualties to shipping.
A'I s rt.s of r-ssels were caught in
:he gae a n many foundered, ser -
era with their entire crews. A great
nmber of minor craft is believo I to
-o lost and the bodies washing
a-hre continue to swell the terrible
of fatalities.
It gaTe sprang up with sudden
!r\ fro,m the southwest aid the
% i N w with a velositv at tim es
roh:ng seventy-two miles an hour.
I in.:tinued for several hours
Athe ooas' towns suffered more or
' a .I !.e agricu',tural see':i n in
te:r ri0r hnesarei still iin
n i Te erh compan:es
r r r h ie i raL p e'5
I r ! here Great Fumbers
ne t s in the parks of ln don
aal ;her tin wet-re it-rn up by the
r c 1 r !-Ii ,1r0- Ji i i bra: et,s
aJ te hst of minor diaae ald
i is amazng n ad ht ion
tihe de u irom drnvn'iL, report
!r.t the inlatnd givye miaux fa: inei
bent to the s~tirn,.
TI A1 sil. oN THrl C.NTrINrN I.
London, Sept. 11.-Di-patches
froin France and GerLmIaNU k indicate
that wide spread damage has been
caused by the storm at sea and land.
Tehaphone comumut sat ion bet ween
I -ion and Paris has not yot been
restored, and tere is much de-lav in
elegraphie dispatebes, owing to
nlIIIaaig( to the Contineital land
1right Little Fellow Has His Neck Broker
I.v an Unusual ComMination of
The State.
Laii t a, Sept 1 2.-Sam, thbe bright lit.
!e 10-.x ear-old son of Mr. S. L. Page,
a mnagist rate and a prosperous far
nwer of t be Campbell's bridge see.
ion, was accidentallyv ki lled Thu rs
day abuout noon. The unfortnnat(
h1ttlec fellow had been inidust riously
picking cotton all the morning and
had bieen. doing his utmost, trying tc
see how tunch he could pick in oni
day, lie had come' to the house foi,
diinner, and before eating he rain tc
the st alls to feed the stock. Having
hrzown down the oats frilm thei
lift of the stalls, he hurriedly rat
out anid slaimmed the door, the .shock
of whiebic jarred down a little shelti
hat protected the door st eps (ron
the weat her, which struck hi in or
the headh and broke his nmeck. lHt
was a bright, promising little ft'llIow
Dunrinhg the past school term lie mradt
remnarkabile progress in his stundies.
F rank D)ay, of D)et roit, w-a= k ille/
in an ant omobilec accident in .\i!
wau keo on Sat urday while racing
against a iti record. The miachiti
swe rve'd, rain into a fence, and topph It
W.C. Buwle--, a railway rtsi
elerk oin t be S'ouit herni het weeri W a.,h
inlgtoni and Gireetnsboro, hias be[r
arrteated at D)anvi lie, V a , c'ha rgedl
with robiniig thei mail.
I Suthetrni Florbidin was swepijt byx ii
st.rma Sunida anid Stundtay night.
The ('it iis of .\ iami arnd Tamipa
suffeI.rted so Vt'rely and( there were
mnshp 1%rt'ekS along lie shore.
ITht st rm l diot reaich Ky West
or St. Alglust inc 'l he 'range hund
grape crop,s weiru' bad ly injjnred.
P rt'-i dent lP o-i'-vl t , after consid.
oratti)n and1 ('onMiitaition with mititmi
her of te Setnatte and thle H ouse,
, aa deelde-d not tu call Congress into
r ex' raordlinary 5&ession at this time as
I it would oblige too miany mnembers of
.i both H oust's seking~ re election to
e leave their St ates in the tuiidiut of a
o catmpaigni. A session will proball
hn callnd Novm.ier..
Every ay Horror is Pl,J on Pitwror in
Soda Tekgrams-- xty Tbouan4
ChristiAns !F.aughtered.
Soia, Bulgar. September 12
With the arrivA f new and sensa
tional reports he who e mass
acres of Chris: ns in Mace'lldonia, the
sitniation hort- is hourly btvoming
more alatn . If the latest me
sages., uM; state that (1l,AX) Bill,
garinmm L.. 'lanighlre-' in lihe
districts-. of Okrid.a aid Lren, shAll
be contirmto no doubt xists that the
(ovirnn.ent will be frxti to o.or
the lobi7 iton of the Arm\ imIIa
dia K e1
A(ormiig to Information bronght
by a courior to the revoitionarv
ipaper, Antonomye, a foroe of Alban
ians, assisted by Turkish regular
forces. actng under orders droti
froi, Y-dir Kik, m rssa3ed the tN
tire Bu:gsain Chrisns' pp'na0
-f the Okrida and Lr,n districts
'earful desciript ions are g.iven of4
K he ig h ts seen here, the s. -ers
slangblering mtr:, wom-e' and o1..
dren in ever- diriion, 3,spla,sm
a barbarisn, never before w,i
The number of kile.i not stsied
inl the ebrer's dispaths. but so
cording to reports from ier f ntees
the tota numbter f the vitim w
reach t '1i .
WashingtLon. September Il.-The
followiug bulletin was posted at the
navy departiment to day:
"Admiral Cotton telegraphs from
Beirut Sept. I0, that the Governor
enlethl of DllamasUs has beetI ap.
pinted actikg G,-vernor General at
Beit tal has oxprossed a desire to
tette the case of the Aierican vIce
emu, satisfact.,rily to the United
States G,veriment. Beirut quit-t,
unins iproving,z centiden ce in
The State dop.artment h ai anthen
t io advices t hat (woveri.or Geoeral
Ntiz in, of Dainu-n-. who ba bee
appited actng ovL 6 oror of Beirut,
is a tru-t w,rthy and bro:hiiinded
man, an A Millister L -ishman haw I.t-ii
i:istructed to advise the Sutlime
Prte that the WashingtO.-I ( or.
Inmet.t is greatly plea-el at the il -
med inte gratijng of it- requiest for
the reioval of the (lovernor of Bei.
rut and the appointmlent in his stead
of a responsinle prsoi al onie fa
vorable to foreigners.
A long a ilegram rwiched I he St ate
departmetit to day from Miis!er
Lishma ti he genr T rkih
made UrKe l'[he pre-:'e of Mr
I.eishlK.at, at C(nt : e has
1greatI.s incr ea-ed ice the a rrivaEl
of t he Eumreopean squtadr .t'Be-i rut
andi the. seaye of bis rej re-el.:stin
o the l'orte also have c: eres- ed in
the last few days lI - un ler oud
that our (A 'vrr.mie:t WI1 pu-h to an
early eetnelusion al it- jelling claims
against Tunrkey.
'...hek ib Bev, the Tunrk ish in ister,
was at early calb-r at the State de
part men:t toe- d ay,1 bri:gtng furthber
reasunring advice- that a "con litiion
of absW nte peace has beon seaNi-hed
at Beirutt."
Items of Mlore oir Less Interest Condensed
In the State.
The l -pe:.-ary di:rector. have
gratnted three extrai reta!! bee-r priv
ileges for t he city o.f C'harbet n andt
Onie extra retail I et-r j'ntviegt for the
e.y f C umiIa
Tw, e- r.-d ir .1tier. tiam.ie Swin
tot, hrvitig ' i., rac, it l>arling
toni erunty. fu--..i ah ut a boie of
(cit toni... * etine rriang the
yonigir -hut th- lh-r to death.
It isre ortl from ( 'mn-.r ('',.
boge t hat a larg.--r :iA.a-r tin usual
of the f'-rtrizr '--iparK.-. hayv fail. I
tto oip to th. -tan trd roqui redt
byv law in the~ trrtfactur, of theirt
g l-. This (ot ha- .-.n ropOrtOl
to t h" attKorn.y 'eroral who willi
lIrosecu'Ite t h.. (-tt'ach-s.
The ner wortn-itn in Anetr-j n
nes" Yo,-I her '9t:. (bi a y
sacriib:i- . - L >rd, i it. the State]
lIospital .m-.. Wil- rati onl f.or r
a fewv ino :i--- -I-- sai t her hu'sband c
carmittu I tie I,.- T he hual
still 'ay- n.- wife th,riw the baby ,
aga:n-t a wel kilIinig it instantly t
lias Sold a P1lk of thambe'rlain's tOugh
I have- aold Charnberlain's Cough
Rernedy for more than twenty years
and it h as given entire satisfactior,.I
have sold a pile of it arid c-an recorrmredl
1it highly. - J1ose ph Me Elhiniey, Liit'n '
Iowa. Youj will find this remedyv a go'I
friend when troubled with a cough or
cold. It always affords quick relief arid
sa pleasant to Lake. For sale by Wmn
E. Pelham & on P>.o,.-.i.. [)u -o
bastm%ily Crtminal Assault On A 1.ittl
Neg4r iri W'ur Ycrs
of Age,
Gtroenville, September 12. -- One
,Nf the most daatardly tlds ever
No1mitt,od inl thiq section took place
last nlight in Wemt r-eenville, about
undown, whon Robert nnwells,
white, criminally asalt.i a four
yeAr old mN4ro girl. Ommolls was
Arink, ani -while passing the yard
where the girl was playiing, under
Iretense of giving her sme fruit,
look her to a nearby body of wotx-ds,
whore he ao mphshed his urpose
Ilh child was fond later in Anl u1n
V,1sci 'ns 1 nMSdit ion anid anlerig.
1'h police and sherif were niot tied
qn a seamvh for the guiity party
,Vs bryginn. li, WA fennd alot
I 'oNk Iv mg aslep in an old mill
.Nain, t 1huniT yAnI-s fron
4 hore the .ea was cmmitt ed. un
lois was arrestedM and plat in the
-onnly isvi. 'te ngro\s oarnnog
'f the affair tNUy and this atrnon
here is gn 1t e1%itemvn t amollng
hem. 0 ' a Ti yn 1hing the shmiff
:S 11 r 1tX11 the risoner t.o the Spar
Sr.burg jil l'hie esionc amast
1nnne. is is eenlsive
Gmmels has t"en basck only. a
,,wv montths frem- the Philippines,
here he servtd in the army for
bree years His hrAbts were vet v
\adt on hiw return and he was a vie
im of delirium tremens. He came
iear losing his iife a few weeks ago
I colliding with a trolly ear while
n a drunken condition, and in gene
al he has been a soro trial to every
mt, connctle with him since his dis.
-harge from the army.
It was feared from emphatic state
u30nts made by Ni'liite metn that an
%eitement might ensue as it was
'reelv assorted by whites that they
would aid the negroes in ly nehing
Lunnells. and in order to prevent
this reult Sheriff Gilreath dedided
that it was best to send the prisoner
tI Spartanburg for safe keeping.
Young White Main in Kershaw Convicted
of Murder and Sent up for Life
The Staie.
Camuden, Sept. I1 .--Another ver
diet of guilty of murder, although it
be accompanied with a recommenda
tion to mercy, can be placed to the
credit of Kershaw county. For the
past three the days court of general
sessionas has been occupied in the
trial of Aaron Wialliams, a prominsnt
white farmer of t his county, for kill.
ing his brother-in law, Won. S.
Liardnmer, on March 1, 190'l The
ease was tried last Jnnie a year ao
it which time the jury co)uld no't
igree on a verdiet. In empaneling
he jury in this case last Wednesday,
>nte of the jurors who had been
sworn in the case before taking his
place on the panel announced to the
~ourt that he was related to the
rison.er. The solicitor asked the
oinrt to stand the juror aside, bnt
uefendant's counsel contended that
he jurors having been accepted by
he prisoner and sworn, it was too
ate nmow for thbe St ate to object to
he juror's serving. The juror was
illowed to remain on the panel. It
iaving developed that a kinsman of
he prisoner was one of the jurors
elected to try his case, the predic
ion became general that this rela
ionship would affect the verdict and
hat a mistrial would be the re
sult. The juror proved to be a
nan of character, who could
ise above thbe ties of blood, and he
mg:*ed withb thbe 11 other jurors that
uis relative, Aaron Williams, was
~uilty of murder, and should be con
inied for the remainder of his life in
he State penitentiary. The prisoner
>ut up~ the usual plea of all murder
-r-, tiiat of seif def.ense, and al
liongb his e >unsel, Mes-re Eugene
takeney and W. D Trantham, made
ogenious and( able arguments in sup
urt of this defense, the jury would
tA acc'-pt it.
The State was repreaenterl by
1Wlicia r Thurmuondl and M. D. Sm it bi,
-.. At 11 o'clock tonight t he ju ry
em. lered t h'.r vor1het aS ~above r'e
ord'<I I.
A-arur. Williana. maa.k'- thbe ibird
mnrg wvhite imian wh->, has been sg.j
t-.l fir oanrd.-r fromu thlis counIt y
a'. a m the : et six mon)ith4 F'. P. C.
It is repo)rt.(d from- I~rme ta. the.
-xhibijt a. t he St J,g j. t. -,,
:>rovIide it is in.viIA.f a. 1 A .
empo Vral powr. 'I bs -1-, ,,a
hE-n asmred' tha'. ,t 1. ,c .- -,
vi tml(1
Items of Mom or Less Interest Condensed
Outside tht State.
Wilford losebor, a negro, wav
hang<ti at Italeigh, N. 0, oi, Friday
for murder.
Misp Alice lo6seelt. wont down ii
the submarine boat Moasin at New
port, 11. I., on Thitday. After be
ing submerged for a few minuts
she rxose to the surface and ditem
he lbattle ship Maryland wat
lannehtd at Novport New ont e atur
ia in the presene of 0ov. Smith
of Marylami, and a immbwer of promi
nent prsons, Miss ' nnie Stoti
Waters was sponsor.
Mot than a thousand uion ar,
still oNt on strike at the Thurbm
mines1s Fort Nwlorth, Texas. Unltw
son put to wvork Ihey will Ie pm
videt wit by ransportation by tiht
union and sent elsowhorm
A nltv\- in Prankhn unty, Va.
an 0x ive over 1o yoars of ag. A
few nights ago was Slled to the do
of his oabin and shot by thrvw un
known men. The old ne%\t was 1o
gabt\iOd by ignorIant poople as a
S11 Aleander, of Mat.he-ws C I.
YA , editor SI p\t\rIetor of thc,
Masthew and \s lnster VrI tin t
ben arr,,s-ted on a chargev of arson
as the rv-zult of rxe.,nt indisrv
tires in the town on two nights in
Dr. Wm. It. Smith was killed an I
four other ikn were injured, and
property was damaged to the extent
of $l2i,000 as the result of a fire in
N ashville, Tenn., Thursday. P r.
Smit I was in his otlice and was killed
by a falling wall.
The International Association of
Chief Fire Engineers, in session at
A1lantic City, N. J., last week, ex
pressed asi its sentimont. that "the
mouiieit the fireman becomes a labot
unionist, he ceases to be a true and
trusted fireman."
J. E. Stark shot and fatilly
wouided John F. Angel at Jackson.
ville, Fla., Thursday afternoon.
Angel was protecting his sister, whc
was Starko' wife, against a murderoxi
attack from Starks. Starks' lawyeri
will plead that he was insane.
Custom Inspector Thos. P. Coates
and Lieutenant Osborne, constabu
lary supply oflices, both stationed at
Sani Fernandino, in the Philippines,
have been tried and convicted on t he
charge of misappropriating govern.
went funds and sentenced to impris
onment for eight and ten years re
spect ively.
Rufus Warren, a mulatto, and
Nariso Roberts, a Cuban, were air
rested in Petersturg, Va., enarged
withb thbe robbery of diamoinds an~ i
other jew'elry, valued at $10),0r.
from Mrs. J. P. Herter, in New Yorn
City, recently. Warren hyd beer
Herter's body servant and was a na.
tive of Petersburg.
Della Walton, a young woman o:
Anrora, Ill., shot her lover. Ernes
Berry, last week, anid thinking sbi
had killed him, shot herself, dyiry
instant ly. She had insisted for som<
time that Berry marry her, and ha<
sworn out a warrant for bis arrest
Meeting him on the street she fire<
at him while standing only a fev
feet away, but the bullet passe<
through his hat without touching
On Thursday, in Selma, Ala.
George WV. Coleman murdered Dav;
A. Calvin, bis wife's cousin, beeause
on account of family trouble, Mrs
Coleman had left Coleman an~d hat
tuale her home with her cousin
Calvin. Coleman wanted her to sign
a mo(rtgge anid to give uip the custoJ
dy of their children. This Mrs.
Coleman refused to do, arnd Col.'mari
charged her refnsal to the inflluerne(
of Calvin.
A N-w Yorrker in France, rneai
B3ordoaux, laMt week ran his auitomro.
hb ie iU.to a dlit 'h, onie jf his guesats
being killed. Ed ward C. Itushmore,
of thii Tuxodo eo; lege, was fat ally in
jaredl arnd his niece was killed out.
righit inu an autombialrl accident at
Anho., near Tuxedo Park, N. Y., on
The',t The Stnaoobile goinag uap
Sia. f**; hai gave ont , the brakes
f-iI't , il (d 'l S. h-i t ruishedl bac~k
war V geytwnv a ' xty fr-of emg
ba.k- as ,o - (rr,tSn ta side.
r/, (.4f s;( .-/t "| t (/jffdt,, r
-,, 1. :,rr.' <m/ fj.0 fri, r1 gir
(Eastern Staidard Tin i.)
Southbtund. NorLttbonwil
801hedule in ECt01 t MStdaRy, *Jtnle 128th, 1903
8 40 an Lv Atlanta (R.A.t.) Ar. 8 0 pim
10M a III Athens 0 111 pin
I Ib an i eberton 6 7 i111
12 58 pm Abbevillo 4 0% put
1 221)111 (Ureenwood 3 35 tInv
S Mimi Ar Clinton (I I Ly. 9 45 p
10 00 am Lv O1itt Springs At 4 (it pt
12 , th 1I $)ttrlin burs 1 :10 1)1t1
12 2 Ureelivillo 3 21, tut
p larru ri8riet)
It1 pill 4i%torloto 2 11 111
41 A n a r 1,anitrtti i .Ir) .v 12 7 pm1
X4 22 58 VJ 21 5
'lVy D t'y D'ly I.y )lyy 'ly
AMQ Aill pillfl g hl
It 7 VI 2 A12 v IN i tI n, At I S 01 ji i
WN ft lI(I 2It)o P'arts 1 42 8 N' 5t'01
8 45 7: 32) Clinton.. 13 S ;o t 5
384 4oldIvTIe I 17 3 0' 4 4t
0 tV t 41 P Gery 120 7 Nh 4 t
2 .4 U 4ain 1. 19 7 us 4 Ot
:vSt 8 i0 I it h 0We b r r 12 46 "1 115 1 34:*,
4W 94 4 t tpon it 1 2 941 jt,
N 4 $11lletn 1223 t e 2 .150
1 040 S (111 Clapllt 1 t t t
WS5 10 M4 4 I v lallekiltna 115 6t41 1 N)
4 1". It 0 o !t
I-W,4 21 IA\AIIh*1j_I. It 4t) s5.) I1
4 4 1 t ltW1110 a 11%26 6 i 1 0 0
W N lmmoltr 9'%
1\ ut Vh hI%N Ij I
W AW A i arOittort 1.v o i
Wi aiv and dpart futu
\vft VV PtIm - A . . frvighl depot,
Tt' i mi'a T att 'blea, or flirthett IuIfetima
t n. anyAnt Frt, or w I t o
Two Daily Pullman Ve
Between SOUTH a
The Best Rates and Ro
Via Richmond and N
Norfolk and Stean
Nashville, Memph
Louis, Chicago, Ne
Points South and South
and Jacksonville and
and Cuba.
For detailed informatior
man reservations, etc., appl
board Air Line Railway, or
Passenger Agent, Columbia
( UMER -
EAL WAsarrre ..
Florid a
A passenger servic4
and comfort,equipped
Dining, Sleeping and
Fo.r rates, schedule
tion, write to
i. C. BEA'N-IN, Receiver.
IIn sKlill'w aun18 . 192.
amiioti A nlorhi anid Wuihalla.
No. 9. No. 12 itattonsf;. No. I No. 9
1'. t. A. 1. p. h. A.M
3 10 6............... Ile it o n............... 3 20 10 0
2 48 9 33........ Amlration F. 1)......... 340 1l40
2 45 1130........ Itteriol P. 1 . 3 46 1 16
........ 9 25........W e-t Andor8oit....... 341)
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stibuled Limited Trains
ute to all Eastern Cities
Mashington, or via
iers.---To Atlanta,
is, Louisville, St.
w Orleans, and All
west-To Savannah
all points in Florida
, rates, schedules, Fujll
y to any agent of The Sea
3. J. Puller, Traveling
. S.C.
sst.(ienl. Pass. Agt.,
ete Summer Resort Folder
Firee to Any Addreaa.(
S. H. HAanwicrC. W. IA. TA','
Con'I Pass. Agent. Asst. Geni I'..
WAM4INOTaON.. n. C. ATr.ANr TA,.
3 unexcelled for luxury
Nlthl the latest Pullman
Thorough fare Cars.
maps or any informa.
~ral Passenger Agent,

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