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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, September 22, 1903, Image 1

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WE are now doinj
under the Crot
pensary, where we w
old customers and fr
If you are in the
Hardware line it will
We are headquai
Belting, Guns, LA
We are agen
L. & N
they are absolut
Thanking you for paE
you in the future. W
Newbe rry
Hortible Turkish Atrocities in Bulgaria, Young Scl
Wholesale Murders and Burnings. Kil
Sofia, Bulgaria, Septembor 18.
The foreign office hero has received The State
reliable information that the Turks Sparta
have destroyed the town of Kastoria, murder tr
thirty-six miles south of Monastir, dantgoes
and have massacred the population. debiberati,
The population of K(astoria num At the eoi
bers about 10,000 persons and t he sessions i
massacre of such a number in one resumed.
place exceeds anything which has by Judge
yet occurred in Macedionia. At the Stanyarne
present critical moment, whlen popu)1- and Solici
lar feeling is intense, the effect of tion. The
the report of such stup endouas1laugh- gentlemer
ter may be most serions, praise an
dofi .. Bulgaria, Septembe'r 18. About
Further ieports from K(astoriai say clear, con
the city is b)urning and1 that the mans- livered hi1
sacre of its populat ion (estimated to that body
have numbered 10,000 persons1) wa the case.
mndescribably terrible. T1he Turks At 4.15i
slaughtered indiscriminaitely Bulga- a verdict
rians and Greeks, men, womnen aind The dour
children, spectators
TUBR xILL 8l00 hIUARIIANA. scene wai
Salonica, Sept ember 18.-Th'lree Gary had
.hundred Bulgarians have been killed Cout. Tri
in a fight between insurgents and rdo. th
Turkish troops between Okrida and Hiard oner,
Dibra. The Bulgarian (lead in. Isste
cluded many officers, one of whom shouted of
wore a Ruassian docoration. reliftof
London, September l8.-The othere.
Westminster Gaze~t.te says a well The cr<
known Liondont journalist cabldes from and prolo
Belgrade as follows: . the~ resuit
"Starting with Pro T1urkish sym- The del
patbies, I have foninav ov"rwhlel:.ng somfl im
.eeidence coinily .l proving that carried a
the Turkish n' rocities aire rather un oif I ry ing
derestimated in thle reports of British maI te~ ohj.
consuls, bankers ant1 uinprejIldieed ter Hle
people. Fdreign Miinistf.r Tz"A.koff bioy s andi
tells me he knows cases of starving andi Foste
women in the forests killing two of IIeo onlyi
their own children to preserve the fright.en t
third. The forest wandlerers.will all pu'l the t
perish of nold within two mon.al. .
irware CO
, business in the two
well Hotel, just below
il' be pleased to see C
market for anythir
pay you to get our pt
1ers for low prices 01
aded Shells, Paini
r Repairs.
ts-for the celebrated
.ly guaranteed t
;t favors and wishing
e are,
)urs truly,
Hordware I
tool Teacher Who Shot And The White Man In (
ed His Pupil, Ed Foster, lially Assaulted
At Inman. Negr<
Greenville, Sp
burg,Sept. 19. ---The -t o .
ial is at end, and the defen- o h aeo
free. This is the rosult of a~gr,bgi t1
m of 12 of his peers today.in ldeid tC
iveninug of court of generalno.
hAi morning, the case was Teevdcea
Argument was delivered wsatgte i
Geo. W. Nicholls and Mr. WsSrn n
Wilson, for the defendant,onywaliki
tor Sease for the proseon c eu-s~heh
arguments of each of the . a enacon)i
were the subject of hi i th e hla
comment from a largedot sowhi
auditors. ftebrtlas
p. mn. Judge Gary in acrmwanopo
3ise, practical manner de.upnteml'
Scharge to the jury, andaretdafwh
retired to deliberat% over dctdtemn
p. mn., the jury announcedltknthsve
md the court reassembled,a ors llbr
t room was packed withwarededo
and a highly dramaticseodcutf
enacted. After Judge ~lihWt nI'i
taken his seat, Olerk of rvs,tepnl
mumier announced the ver. eceigtnya
B young defendant fell for- Ginl s2
1e desk in front of i5 chair,.enwriga.t
Mrs. 0. 0. Featherstone, lehsavci,I
a paroxysm of joy and adi o talI
niervoris strain. Rev. J. 'l eovradm
farther of the defendant, aehaigaev~
y affected, as Were many HH TloWi '
>wd gave an enthusiastic'
gagd burst of applause on ~Pas rCabr
of the jury's findings.aidIlrln
'ednt was on thie stand i lo et i
ris ofexpainnnihat h
pistol becalOe he wats fondiIalL, f al
his mnarkmni,a,,ip~ at mu in d ok l Ild
:tta. lie h'td liked Ed! Fo8gttn im eie,
vIas naMsllad by the four ~ J1i51,~
the p)istol wvent off while he~m oLk hsrn
r wasre struggling for it. leLis
itendled to fire in the air to crd hn o
be boys off. Heb did not !YhatfrlUtn
Gigr itninly fa eehndils oSept
Rber W . Gu PInine
Drg an ede a
stores W the 8igg<
h d Every day Dr
L4 of our 4 weeks our
Brand New
ig in the stairs and De
jces. bristling with
:s, Oils,
o give
Stetson and all
to serve styles, but don't g(
Neckwear, Hosiery, Ha
As in the beginning, is In
House of Newberry. \\Te
Newberry to select. from
the leading factories of th<
in our goods. We sell Ed
3ONVICTED. and $1.oo fine Shoes for '\
reenville who Crlin
a Four-Year-old
19.-Tho trial of
i 4 year old1 negro
o'clock this mlorn.,
o'clock this afterG R
pitl the aicensedl
mmilstantial, buit it Our WVholesale and1( R~etil
onlvin.cing and the \V -u in Car L,oadl Lots
the chain of (vi
ile.'r1 njr Buggies,
ir rionis and left no
was the intention \Ve carry in stock all the t
ulbuthacul full of every grade and sty
nit ut te acual suit all. Biggest shipmen
yen and the blo9 d______________
urs afterwards in..
3r of the injury to, j
.jury muist have
f the Case as5 after
Ition the verdict
guilty under the
the ind(ictmlent \Ve have jutst added thle im
miit with intent to offered( in Newberry. liv
y for which is not wvare Store you can Iind1( h<
a imUprisonment. sell you I lard ware cheaplel
years old1 and has Paints, Oils, Ropi ai, (hii
Sfert ilizer factory.
itl 55 coIIJeranceW e want
right i victim' Lowest Price
o terrib)le wom1 (da
i's Colic, Chiole.ra
a Recmedy.
you a few wvords
ain's Colie. Cho!era
dv"sy Mr. .John
l'ass, Texas. "I
'hen my friend, M r.
Iant here, a lvisedI
'dy. Aftec; taking
y reliCeed andl when
idose was entirely
from the bottom of4
Sthis great remedIy
.nkind." P'or sale
& SonaPmanm.rit,
iE FIRST GUN in open
3st line of Clothing, Sho<
'y Goods ever shown uni
drays have been bus:
Goods to supply your
wn stairs packed and ja
g. - Cloti
We stand alone, none (
Our middle counters are pi
all the newest weaves in M
Clothing in Fancy Nov(
Cheviots, English Weaves
and Domestic Fabrics our
plete. Suits from $3.00 to
handle Strauss Bros. and
Fischer Co's. Fine Clothi
none nicer, none fit bettet
Ask to See T
the leading makers Blocks and S
t charged for the names.
ndekrchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders--Everything I
w ', :i always will be known as the Shoe dren'
have Iore Shoes than any two stores in Celel
-11right, Irand New Goods direct from everI
1 North Only the best shoemllaking used OU
win CUapps Shoes, 1urt & Packard $. 5o Depa
len). A full and complete line of' Chil- you a
De)parmnent is aliways full anid complete. enabi
,pay spot cash, dIiscoun t every bill, whiichi your
VVagons, H arn~ess
CIes makes. Two bi aerooms packed ye,
Ie of Ihuggies andI \Vagonis. Pri.ces to
t of Harness and( Saddle Is e ver honded ini don't
oIst comp1 jlet e linei of New H Iard walre ever \Ve s
're, and is this; is not (om1 living we ~l c a -n r
- Ibhan you etv bouight before. ee
5, Anm nunitjIll ion a full andl('11 compete line. C-1
your business every da2
s are what you want.
T V A4 1jl9VPA*JL X~ I L. Jt v ii.l
S Harness.
ing the Fall Campaigne WIT .
#s, Cent's Furnishings and
der one roof in Newbery. For
hauling case after case of
Fall and Winter needs. Up
mmed. Every nook and corner
:an touch us
led high w ith "0;
en and Boy's
Ilty Tweeds,
In Foreign
line is con
ng. ihere's
$25.00.n e and1
hape. You get all the quality, shapes and
0 OHtIt the Young and Old Man From Head to Foot,
). every sy tiuit's new. New lot
rat ed 'Que; ( 11:111Nit y , >es for I 1dies-.-.The fillest shoelli1k in<
hlippcd South11. "ly onc V WC;114 you wanlt nlo other.
r Jeans, Flannel, Outing, Homespun and Print
rtinen11t ;in bene:il h the wtigh1t of Ready 11argalils availing
Ns s t o i I,o e,t l'ossie 'ries . e us before maklig
ad~( Sade Dep)artment.
>erry. Il wint a nlice Set ofi I larniess or a tice SdiC
buhiy be iorte you wel ouiitr line.
yOi atl'in paun r i im nt
un l ment I I a lull~ It tni< let e:i liitri Itlle agent s y lrac s
~in the year, if good Goods at
?HS 2.

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