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at the Pleecy Stiple Was Bringing
Yesterday in the Various Portions
of the County.
(Corrected by Nat Gist.)
Middling . . . . . . . 1065
trid' Middling ...... 10 50
Middli . . . . . . . . . . 10 37 1-2
1, vNorrec;ed by J. L. and A. G. Wise.)
'od Middling . . . . . . . . .100
rrected by John R. Scurry.)
Good Iddling. 10621-2
(Corrected by Aull, Hontz & Co.)
Good. Middling . . - . . . . . 10 62 1-2
Little Mountain.
(Corrected by J. B. Lathan.)
' Good Middling . . . . . . . . 156 1-4
(Corrected by Smith Bros.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 10 62 1-2
The Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Mr. A. C. Jones is at home for a few
Dr. James K. Gilder went to Balti
nore on Friday.
Maj. D. A. Copeland has returnod to
Newberry after an extended trip to the
Mr. White Fant left on Friday for
Ch rlottesville, Va., where he will enter
Mr. M. M. Satterwhite, of the Bush
River section, went to Columbia on
Friday and purchased a new gin, acorn
mill and several other pieces of machi
Miss Lilla Johnstone has gone to Co
lumbia to resume work in the Columbia
city schools.
Mrs. D. L. Boozer, of Newberry, is
upending a few days in the city with
her son, Dr. .1. W. Boozer. --State,
Mr. Jacob Ehrhardt, of, Ehrhardt's,
is in the city this week on I usiness and
visiting relatives.
Mr. Caspar C. Stewart came home
from Bishopville on Saturday and spent
Sunday, returning to Bisopvilleyester
Mr. C. P. Pelham, traveling salesman
for Wampole & Co., wholesale drug
gists, has been in the city the past sev
eral days.
Mr. 0. M. Jamieson has returned to
',ewberry after an extended visit tohis
ohome in Mississippi.
rs. Joseph E. Norwood and chil
dren,returned yesterday after an ex
tended visit to Mrs. Norwood's mother,
Mrs. Daggett, at Pulaski, Va.
Miss Carrie Mayes returned home
~ ~yesterday from Pulaski, Va., where she
has been visiting Miss Elizabeth Dag
M.Charles J. Moore went to Pough
Mr.epse N. Y., yesterday to take a
business course in the Eastman Busi
-ness college.'
-Miss Lillian JIamicson left yesterdlay
for Charlotte, N. C., to enter Elizabeth
Mrs. J. HI. Hair returned yesterday
from Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New
York, where she has been to purchasc
a fall line of millinery.
Great Prophet Jos. H. Hair and
daughter, Miss Marie Hair, returned
yesterday from Atlantic City, N. J.,
where Mr. Hair wvent as the represen
tative of South Carolina at the meeting
of the Great Council Improved Order
of Red Men of the United States. Mr.
Hair says the growth of the order the
past year was over 47,000, and that the
meeting of the Great Council was very
pleasant and very encouraging. The
next meeting will be held at St. Josep)h,
Mo., in September, 1904.
t Garmany school wvill open on Monday,
' the 28th.
N Cotton sold in Newberry SatuIrday
for 10.90.
)The statement of the First Natiana'
'Bank of Whitmire is p)ublished in this
Newberry HIardlware Co. is dloing r
good business in its new quarters.
The Bachelor Maids will meet witl
Miss Hellen Jones this afternoon al
5.30 o'clock.
Mr. J. D). D)avenport har purchase<
from Mr. F. A. Schumpert the vacan1
lot on College street adljoining Mr
Schumpert's home and will erect
handsome residence thereon.
The fifty-eighth session of Newberr3
college begins on Wednesday. Th<
prospects are bright for a very success.
Fire at Silver Street.
Two stalha at Silver Street, the pr~op
erty of B. M. Havir<l, were destroye<
: by fire at about midnight Sunday night
U The loss was small, amounting to onlI
about*$30 or $35. It was thought a
one time that the fire would prove seri
ous, as it seemed very probably tha
~'several houses in the immedilate viciniit:
would catch, the house in most dange
jbeing the residence of Mrs. E. R. Long
.shore. The house was saved, however
and there was only the small damag<
named. The blaze could be easily seci
in Nnwberry.
Opened Yesterday Morning With a Large
Enrolment-Bright Prospects for
a Good Session.
The city schools opened yesterday
morning The enrolment yesterday
morning was 721, an increase oyer the
enrolment of the first day last year of
The enrolment by schools yesterday
morning was as follows:
Boundary Street ......... 348
West End . . . . . . . . . . . . 1co
Hoge (colored) . . . . . . . . . 273
Total . . . . . . . . . . . 721
The enrolment by schools on the open
ing day last year was as follows:
Boundary Street. . .. . . . . . .335
West End . . - . . . . . . . . . . 82
Hoge (colored) .......... 194
Total. . . . . . . . . . . .611
It will be seen that while the enrol
ment at each of the schools has in
creased, the greatest increase is at the
colored school. The West End school,
however, has made a very large propor
tionate increase.
The enrolment by grades and the
teachers of the various grades at the
Boundary Street school are as follows:
1st, Mrs. W. Y. Fair ....... 42
2nd, Miss Gertrude Simpson. . 41
3d, Miss Mary Burton ....... 34
4th, Miss Nellye McFall ...... 47
5th, Miss Linda Welch . . . . . . . 36
6th, Lds Rachel McMaster . . . . T2
7th, Miss Agnes Summer . . . . . 34
8th, Miss Alice Jones . . . . . . . 31
9th,' J. M. Johnson . . . . . . . 20
10th, W. A. Stuckey. . .-. . .. . 11
Total. . . .... ....... .348
The teachers at West End school are
Missrs Laura Blease and Bernice Mar
tin. The increase in enrolment this
year is very gratifying.
The prospects are bright for one of
the most successful sessions ever expe
rienced by the city schools.
A Large Increase In the Enrolment for
the Year Ending With June Over
the Previous Year.
County Superintendent of Education
E. S. Werts has completed his annual
report, to the State Superintendent of
Education, of the condition of . the
schools of Newberry county for the
scholastic year ending June 30, 1903.
The report shows a large increase in
enrolment over the previous year.
ENROLMENT 1900-1901.
The enrolment for the year ending
June 30, 1901, was as follows:
W hites ....... ................... .......... 2,657
N egroes ......... ... . ...... ........ .. 4,448
Total........ ........................ 7,105
ENROLMENT 1901-1902.
The enrolment for the year ending
June 30, 1902, was as follows:
Whites ................. .......... 2,636
Neg.:oes........................ ... 4,058
Total................. ........ 6,694
Superintendent Werts' report just
completed, which does not include the
West End school, shows the enrolment
for the year ending June 30, 1903, to be:
ENROLMENT 1902-1033.
W hites............................... 2,511
Negroes....................... ..... 4,472
Total ... ..................... 6,983
Enrolment West End school.......158
Grand total ..................7,141
This shows an increase in enrolment
over the p)revious year of 447, and an
increase over the year ending June 30,
1901, of 36.
The total enrolmant in District No. 1,
which includes the town of Newberry,
for the year ending June 30, 1903, wvas
937; for the year ending June 30, 1902,
899; for, the year ending June 30, 1901,
825. It will be seen that for the past
three years there has been a steady in
crease in the enrolmenit of the city
schools, while in the whole county
there was a decrease for the year end
ing June 30, 1902, under the -previous
year, niaking a great decrease ini the
enrolment in the country schools. There
has been an graiifying increase in all
the schools tire past year, however, the
increase being greatest in the country
It will be seeni that the enrolment of
negroes is 1,802 greater .than that of
the whites, and that tho negro enrol
ment increased by 414 the past year,
while the white enrolment increased
only 32.
The followirgg additional statistics
are given:
Teachers, white.. .................. 4
Teachers, colored.--.................. 62
Schools, white.--.--.--..... .........58
Schools, colored....................5 7
The financial report shows the follow
ing balance carried forward:
Revenue-.------.............. $30,468 40
Expenditures.............. ..25,787 53
Balance carried fo.'ward..$ 4,680 87
Four Stores-Everything You Need-in
Any Line,
We call attention to the announce.
ment of Summer Bros., on another
page. They can fit you 6ut in any thing
you may dlesire whether it be clothing,
dIry goods, dress goods, groceries, or
hardware, paints and harness. They
occupy the tAvo corners and four stores.
Read their linnouncement and give them
a call
Committee.Appointed to Report on Resolu
tions-Two-Mill Levy and Bonding
Plans Suggested.
At the call of Supervisor Schumpert
a mass meeting of the citizens of the
county was held in the court house on
Saturday morning to discuss the vari
ous plans proposed in the recent county
good roads campaign for the perma
nent improvement of the highways, in
order that the sentiment of the people
of the county might be ascertained and
expressed. The attendance was not
large. The meeting took no definite
action, 1ut a committee was provided for,
to recommend a plan for consideration at
a meeting which was called for the 21st
day of October and several suggestions
were submitted which were referred to
this committee.
Col. E. H. Aull was made chairman
of the meeting.
A letter was read from the Rev.
J. A. Sligh, who was unable to attend
the meeting, suggesting the follow
ing plan: A two-mill tax on all prop
erty; a $2.00 commutation tax to be
paid by all non-property holders sub
ject to road duty; requiritg all persons
whose two-mill tax on property does
not amount to $2.00 to pay the differ
ence between their property tax and
the $2.00 commutation tax, so that no
one will pay less than $2.0; the ex
penditure of this amount by commis
sioners; the hiring of State convicts if
necessary to make the gang pay; allow
ing the commissioners to make -con
tracts with responsible parties and to
purchase machinery; the employment
of a civil engineer; the property and
commutation tax to continue for one
year, the cohnmissioners calling a meet
ing of citizens before the legislature of
1905 to submit an itemized report, and
at which meeting the question of bond
ing the county for further improve
ment shall be discussed, and if favora
ble action is taken the question to be
submitted to the people. Mr. Sligh
suggested that if his plan was adopted
it might be better to empower the con- t
missioners to borrow money in order to t
begin the work at once.
Tho letter was received as informa
tion and was subsequently referred to
the committee on resolutions and sug- t
NiMr. it. T1. C. Hunter offered the fol- t
lowing resolutions, Which !re adopted:
"Resolved, That a committee con
sisting of one person froml, oach town
shin be appointed by the chairman, to
be inown as a committee on resolutions,
to which all ret-olutions designating or t
proposing any i)lan looking to ti he im
provement of tae public highways shall
oe referred.
"Resolved, further, That this coin
mittee, after considering all such reso
lutions, shall report, at a meeting to
be called hereafter, on all matters
brought before them, recommending
what they consider the best plan.
"'Resolved, further, That this com
mittee may call to their assistance any
person or persons they may see fit for
the purpose of obtaining information.''
Mr. R. T. C. 1hnter offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was referred
to the committee on resolutions and
suggestions p)rovided for in the resolu
tions above:
"Resolved, That the representatives
in the .General Assembly from this
county be urged to work and vote for
the Bill nowv pending to allow counties
to issue 1:-mds to build goc d1 roadls."
The committee to \ am the resolu
tions and suggestions mtrodlucedl in the
meeting were referred wvas insti eItedl
to publish the plan for highwvay im
provement which they may agree upon
at least one week before the next meet
ing. The meeting then adjourned to
meet on the 21st day of October.
Mr. E. HI. Aull, the chairman of the
meeting, in accordance' with Mr. Hun
ter's resolutions, has appointed the fol
lowing committee to consider the vari
ous plans suggested andl to p)rep)are a
report embracing the 'plan which they
consider best, to be publishedl at least
one week before the (date of the next
meeting, the 21st of October: No. 1,
0. B. Mayer; No. 2, WV. C. Brown; No.
3, W. D. Hardy; No. 4I, Jno. M. Suber;
No. 5, S. M. D)uncan; No. 6, P. C.
Smith; No. 7, Henry M. Boozer; No. 8,
W. I. Herbert; No. 9, R. TP. C. Hunter;
No. 10, J. A. Sligh; No. 11, E. 0. HLentz.
A meeting of the committee is called,
to meet at Newberry on the first Mon
(lay in October.
A meeting of the County Good Roads
Association has been called, t.o be held
in the court house on the 21st (lay of
October, at the same hour to which the
mass meeting on Saturday adjourned.
It is (desired to combine thie twvo meet
Barlowv's Minstrels.
A startling novelty of the Great Bar
low Minstrels this season, is the Romnan
axe manipulators, Messrs. Varin &
Turenne, who appear at the Op)era
House on September 25 with this popu)1
lar minstrel aggregation. Arriving
frecently from L1ondon, they were secured
by Manager Coburn to complete one
of the strongest Olios in minstrelsy this
year. They immediately dlemonstrate
to the most skeptical of their audlience,
their utter fearlessness and prioficiency
in the manipulation of the weapons of
the fierce Norse Vikings and Roman
soldiery. Others in the company are
D)aly, Strong & Chaney, the King ,Pins
of Koon Town, singers, (lancers andl
comedians, the wonderful Russian ath
letes, the Brothers Gloss, Chas W Mil
ton, the Mansfield of Minstrelsy, Musi
cal Hayes, and the greatest comedy,
p)antomilnic anid acrobatic trio on earth,
''11cr, Burke &MNIcDonald,"' the funni
eat, fastest, most'ul)roarious trick house
finish in America.
Board of Trade Sends Two Representatives
to Business Men's Meeting in Colum
bia -The Union Depot.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of directors of the board of
trade was held on Friday afternoon,
The secretary was instructed to wire
the State railroad commissioners in
regard to the passenger depot situation;
to ascertain what action, if any, look
ng towards the erection of a union de
pot for Newberry had been taken; and
f np action has yet been taken, when
action might be expected.
The following resolution passed at a
recent meeting of the Charleston
Dhamber of Cornmerce was read:
"Resolved, That it is the sense of
.his meeting that representatives of the
:ommercial bodies of the cities of the
State of South Carlina interested, be
requested to meet a committee from the
:ommercial bodies of Charleston, on
'uesday, September 22nd, at 5 p. in.,
it the Columbia Hotel, Columbia, S. C.,
;o discuss with them the petition of the
3ureau of Freight and Transportation
)f the city of Charleton, which refers
;o rates from Charleston, and that it i
-he earnest desire of this committee to
>btain the co-operation of the business
,ommunities of the entire State and to
ihow that our petition will in no way
,onflict with the interests of the mer
Ihants of the Piedmont or any other
ection of the State, and arrive at an
inderstanding which will be to mutual
)enefit of all sections," etc., etc.
The petition referred to is a petition
romn the business men of Charleston,
ddressed to the State railroad coimis
ion, showing that Charleston is dis
riminated against in freight rates in
avor .of points in other States, and
isking that the commission take the
natter in hand and demand that the
ailroads give Charleston an equal show
ig with other seaport towns. 'lhe
ailroad CommissionI meets in Columbia
in the 23d and it is desired to get. a
troig expression of sentiment from
he husinless men of the difTereit see
ions of the State before the meeting
f the comnission.
Mes.-rs. Edw. I. Hipp and C. I.
AulIer Were appointed a committ(
o repkresenit the Newberry hom-d of
rade at. the meeting in Columnlbia on1
he 22d.
'he meet.ing then adjouirnewd.
TWo Commutations.
Governor lleyward to-day conimuted
lie sentence of Samuel Matthews, co
icted in Newberry count'y of house
)reaking and larceny, to a fine of $25.
datthiews was sentenced to live months
in the chain gang, arnd his application
or commutation was endorsed by the
upervisor an( clerk of court of New
erry cunty.
The sentence of Pink Smit.h, of New
)erry, was commuted to a fie of $35
or 45 days,- Smith was fined $1GO by
ludge )antzler for violation of the
lispensary law aln( the application for
hlis commutation was endorsed by the
he solicitor of the circuit.-Columbia~
Dor. News and Cor,rier.
Death of a Little Girl.
The Misses White on Monday, the 14lth,
eceived a telegram containing the sad
iews of the (loath of their little grand
iiece, Violet, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs.
r. A. iHallman, of Marietta, Ga. Tlhe
itt.le one wars four months ok(1.
Did Not Miss A Day.
Misres Beatrice Knight, Pearl Knight,
Vlyrtle Knight, Mattie Belle Perry, and
limmie Perry svho attendedl the West
'nd school -' riot miss a (day (luring
;he session of 1902--1903. T1his is an
rxcelent recordl andl one that is seldom
A Beautiful Fall Line.
Mrs. J. II. IHair on her recent trip to
lie North p)urchiasedi a beautiful stock
if millinery and receivedi instruction in
,he very latest fashions and styles. In
ifew (lays she will lie able to sho,w a
)retty opening of the latest hats. A
ordial invitation is extendled one andl all
o come and inispect her line. Watch
~he paper for notices.
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Dhamberlaiun's Stomach and i ver Tab
ets. TJhey are easy to take andl pro
:iuce no griping or other unpleasant.
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Big Ribbon Sale.
Mimnaugh says lie bought a pile of
ribbon at. 50 cents on the (dollar arnd will
give his customers the hernefit. Ri bbon
sale begins toniorrow. iIe also has
two trainedl tip4o-date milliners and~
wvill do the millinery business this sea
son. in other lines lie is also up-to.
Sour Stomach.
When the quantity of food taken is
too large or the qiuality too rich, sour
stomach is likely to follow, and espiec
ially so if the dligestion ha~s been weak
enied b)y constipation. Ea~t slowly andl
not too freely of easily digested food.
Masticate the food thoroughly. Let
live hours elaps5e bet.ween meals, and
when you feel a fullness and weight ini
the region of the stomach after eating,
Lake Chamberlain's Stomach andl Liver'
Table.ts and the sour stomach my~y be
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iest on the market.
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rant. Good meals cheap on short notice.
A NOTHER LOT 01" those nice dried
beef hams received at Davenport
& Cavenaugh's.
Olt SALER OtRENT-The house
und lot on Johnstone St. now used
as the Lutheran parsonage. For terms,
etc., ap>ly to
Newberry, S. C.
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.one mile from Newberry College.
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stable, young orchard and vineyard,
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year at 7 per cent. interest.
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Letter to Jnc. C. Goggans, Newberry', S. C
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gist, Westerly, It. I , says:
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paint to cover 19) sets of blinds; D evoe
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ers told us a f ew days ago
after using two bottles of'
Ruby Nerve
Bone Liniment./
It penetrates withouta
harm, removes soreness,
relaxes inflamation, swell
ings and lameness, healing
surely and quickly. Have
it always on hand ready~
for accidents. It costs but
twenty-five cents and may
save you many dollars.
Mae' la SO8A
w Opening Up
Ninter Goods,
1. Bought carly before the rise in
of this firm. "Short Profits and
m1ly t he best and most reliable
Spot Cash from the Leading and
ly trading With them you will
in every instance, or money re
Imine their line before buying any
g, Hats and Shoes This Fall,
>ne of the largest anld most up to
,howi in Newberry. Every day
,%y things in Dress Goods and
and Boys,
School Shoes on the market for
s, ad the best Inakes of Filne
t. styles. We know we can please-,
amre for t us to show our goods.
d Bros.
I enders ol Low P rices.
i V
2 0
. ET A-E
to wear, ald tar rd Iloes for
Eye on this Soace
rs for business,
, Tr.a. adM
len work Meelobyns,a f
.\ier dilimill in JL4, Sut ih.'Vi
sily '(eregntitd in om sti. \V e arec
un11iing~ the beust good'~us inI o,ur hi ne. \Ve~
eselling themin at the rightl. prIices,
eto s*e is \Ve wVill show you thatu
e appreetat yotIiup.itrmge bhy sehllig
t lte be st goralis at thei lo west prices.
Russell's Old Stand.
Main Street.
vihat w cil at piublic outcry be -
rthe C ouirt IIlouste at Newherr iy,
.C,withint the legal hours of sa'e,
ii Saltsday in October, 190)3, if nuot sol
reuporty kn own) as the Newherry R~oller
'lill, situated (one andt a halfI miles north
I NewbVI erry, S. (C. , and diescrti bed as
oillows: Compudlte 75.-barrei steam
oiler flour mill;lbrick btuii(iing 3Ox40t.
ee., withi metal roof; engine room
8x(;0 feet., of brick, withi metal roof,
ontlain inmg 8x 1.1 HrownellI & C o. , auito
iatic engine, '10 h orse power L.omnbardl
oiler and( one0 Moffaitt combllined1 boiler
L.Ld-pumpflJ and hieater; one 50 light
eneral Electrie Co., dy'n amo. Sevenm
eres of land will be sohl wit. thei mill;
iso 2-room tenement house andi( two
'i rms of Sale:lm Puase r will ibe re..
mired to pay thiree- fouti ihs cash ; bali
a(ce p)ayale witin one year, secuiredi
y not,e, mor(tgamge ands insurmance poiicy
I I lhe pise iit oki55 (1. inlterpest at 7 per
nit. anmnually. I 'urchaser t.o ipay for
FTis pr'operty will be sold to settle
Ie estate of fhr. D). 1L. Boozer, Sr'.,
Sept. 2nd,19.
CAil.M F~OR~ SA LE. Good Sixty
rAcre i'arim, near' town, for sale.
ilv at this oflic.

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