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STABLISHIED isims, 1 IP ?R, Y,. T1_1UMSI)AY, SEPTE-3-IIR 2f)4 (Q*_ jWC W4K 15 ER
E are now
under the
pensary, where
old customers a
If you are ir
Hardware line it
We are heac
Belting, Guns
We are
they are abs
Thanking you fo
you in the futurE
Tennessee SherUf Tries to Prevent Lynch
ing of a Negro Charged W1ih As
saulting a White Woman.
Lynchburg, Tenn., September 25.
-Sheriff Davidson, in attom.pting
to mave the life of a negro early
this morning, fired into a mobh, which
was assailing the jail, wounding a
man whose name is unknown. The
sheriff summoned aissistancee, b)ut. he
and his aides were overpowered, the
jail entered and the.. much wanted
negro, Allen Small, shot to death in
the corridor. The mob) wats com
posed of abo'ut twenty-flive people.
Sheriff Davidson wasn alonie at the
time. H-Ie refused to give np the
keys and opened fire from a window.
He wountded onie of I lhe mobi, but his
Sidentity is niot known. TPhe sheriff
then (called for the police. Tw"o ofti.
* cers and several cit iztens ruishedi to
the jail, hut desp)it ihoir presence,
the mob bat toered( downi the woodlen
door at the foot of I he 'stairs leading
) to the corridor. The shueriff' and
posse made a stout resistaunce, but
weore unat>le to prevent the imob from
breaking in the iron dloor at the head
of the stairs and entering the cell
occupied by the negro, about whose
neck they placed at rope. As soon
as the men emerged from the cell it
became apparent that the negro
could not be taken from t he jail and
hung for fear of being tired on auJ
be was shot to dleathI. The mob01
then nmade an effort to esca1pe, bult
the sheriff and his guard capt ured
three of them, anid I hey are ini jail.
One of them, it is satid, 1has made1( at
confession, imiplicat.ing thlirteen men
in the affair.
Small wvas under arrest onl the
charge of assanlting Mrs. Eliza.u Eg
gleston and at his prelimiinary hea'ir.
ing the warrant was amended ats te
charge a simple catse of asaut 'Lh
negro had wvaivedl ex amuinati<>n aind
was waivimg the actioun of thle grand
.Harware Co.
doing business in the tw
Crotwell Hotel, just belo%
we will be pleased to see
nd friends.
the market for anythi
will pay you to get our p
[quarters for low prices c
Loaded Shells, Pain
ver RepairsO
agents for the celebratec
Dlutely guaranteed
r past favors and wishing
:. We are,
Yours truly,
Tv Hordwore
Governor Heyward Pardons Two Life Southern's Mail F
Prisoners, Convicted of Burglary Near Danville
Under the Old Law. Wol
Col. Cor. News and Courior. Charlotto, N(
Governor Hoyward on Friday par- running at. a i i
doned Sam Southwall and Titus 937, the Souther
Wright, convicted for burglary, and bound fast mail
sentenced to life imprisonment under a trestle 75 feel
the old law which fixed the minimum north of Danvillo
punishmnent for this crime at life im at 2 50 o'cloel
prisonment. Southwall was convicted molished. Of t
at t he February term of CJourt, 1882, on the t rain, io
in Barnwell County, and Titus sevene injured.
Wright was convicted in Colleton The0 1tIn wh
County in 1883 for the samne crime. en re( is 5t00 feet
Both of the men have beenm in the on a shaurp cury
Pittiry for over twenty years wasl a now mmid
and, aifter considering thle applicat- thle Sout hern ni
t.ions~ for clemency, Governor Hey - (etl n to ih ('1
ward decided to-diay to grant par- rate of speed.
(10115.SPHIANO Fii(
It will be remembered that the Th'e engine I
pardon of the convicts, amnohg others, b0( feet on ihe I rn
was asked for b y I lhe b)oard of diro fromi I lhe I rlokl(
tors of the State Penitentiary in their mail raand a
anunal report to the Governor ini trestle, a woeod
19000.,n the grounds that when t hese gave way for a si
prisoners were convicted life impria.- At. t he foot
onmenit was the minimum s4entenice shallow branch v
for this crime, even wvhero t,ho accusedl Striking this the
was recommended to mercy by the wor r*sducedl ti
jury. This law was changed inl ironi amid steel an(
D)ecember, 1883, when the mnii mum wVood. As t hoe
sentence, after a recommendation to touched thle sid
mercy, upon conviction of burglary, cottont uaills, w
was reduced to live years, aned i Alo th trsle
very few cases where there was snch i'n at 13, it. tI
a recommuendation havei sentences of great ly onti ilat
over ten years beeni imposed. jhair on t he en
Governor H'ywr was als wein-r o
formed that the value of the amnounit
stolen b)y these prisners waus excoed li.'s Sold a Pllie 0
ingly small, and the only3 reason t hatn
they came undler thle head of bnr I have sold (
glary was that the goods we're stolen Itemnedy for' miore
fromt a dwelling house in t he uig1h t and( it hasI givene
time. Th'le authorities of t he Poni. vslljl
itentiary have also imformed the Iowa. You will fi
Governor that both of thle p)risone(rs friend when'I tiroul
have been mnodel prisoneors (during -o( t~i~'i'
their long t ermis. :' 'o m & eo
ro stores
v the dis
all of our
W E are C
ng in the ibusinE
rices. t ten years
icesmain so b
S5 Oil 9draw your own con
S,Oils, We on'
I0 bolts of Calico N(
Mimnnlaugh's )ic
200 bolts of Outing %
1000 ydS. 12 in. Can(t
only 5c yard.
a.S pieces All Wool R4
Yaugh's price 1a
i<>bales of White I11,
ago, before tI hey
of HATS ever shov
Quality, we have pL
to give
Our stock is by far ah
variety and valuec
to serve 2F) pieCeS H-eavy Zibel
20 pieces 38 in. llro
40 pieces Black Goodh
If you are
Co all you ha
iyer Utterly Destroyed
Nine Killed, Sixteen
m, Seypt. 27. ---Whilexio
b rate of t1peed No. the Opinins f T-1
ni railway's south. h eliti
traini, juimped1 fromn
high, half a inuileNesadori.
,Va , this afternoon ad,Setbr2
rid was almost de- JneH.Tliatr:
1o crew of 10 mI~f en tra e o ou
luo wvere killed andisaercuossor
ore the accident oc- a tre, n voI
long and1( is locatedfonaonriste
0. .lndgineer lBroady sm etl id '
1 on that division of dn nw it ti
il it is said that he a tWl ikdu
rve at. a very highheet(ly
'f THE TRIACK.Jstaerheuy
ad gone only about Cut a ianat
4irryin)g wivth it fourcotyi heusef
i express car The apcueelrii
oni stirructuro, alsosoehr.IL id
muce of 50 feet. ns ocl pnei
,f the trestle is ajuo wh ha ii
rith a rocky b)ottOi) o liiem.fi ~o
('nginie anid the cars sovtecaatro
Sa miass of twisted b h os erpo
I pi~ces of splintere1dueasSlpIHrii
mrs went down they o elki~u olI
('5 of thle Riversidesveaof1e-nl
hieb' is very close to
nad( n.en wvere killed tllireiir,'1i
lught , anid all wereoicrctgiZ~ s
(41 Tlhe .kiun and1smohn o htkm
ginecer and( firemani)rr (
cy the impact of the uiupcie
Chambherlaln's foughisls' tc,ai
niedy, i(i oid{i'le
hamber liin's Cough mi ( Isu ii
ihaun t,went.y yearsli sgto uii a
nti re sat.isfact.ion. I
Me Elhiiney, inftonl,sltwmoigsf nte
mid this remedy a goodl
>lQ(d with a cough or soycmtiIit,wo
.tfords quick relief ad
n. l"or sale by Wmn.1(W1liprtiier(
'roseriy i)ug o. toe oi nis oft th MIi',
letermined to do the 0
)ss of Newberry this fall.,
we have been the target
Ecause we propose to sel
3 of Newberry can buy U
i the earth, but we are monarch of all we surve
clusion. Look out boys I didn't steal these goc
w -'all Styles, sold all over town for 5c and 6jc,
! as long as they last 4c.
orth w": all over thle world, Mimnaugh's price is
n Flannel worth 8ic and ioc, as long as it lasts I
ed Twill Pi-mnel worth 2oc elsewhere, Mim- C
Iesimii and Cotton 'laids bought six months 1(
d Va nced adL piled tI hem u1p stai rs, and paid my i
INVITATION to every woman In the town ai
n in the town of Ncwberry. In pricing our Mi
it both in the reach of all. Watch who Is goinE
ial in FINE [
L!,Ld of anytling inl the ill) country for style, 3'
We nme alew of' almost irresistible bargains.
ine all colors wor-i 75c, Aitimaugh's price 49c.
ih,th worth S.se, Nlimimiaugh1's price 49c.
wvorth 6I c ad 7.-, \limnatigh's price 49c.
a stranger and don't knc
ve to do is to follow the c
The Leading Store i
i SALUDA. ing would j-t down tho statements
Ind unido to him for future reference.
t rand Ot As stated it, the outst, it is not Ite
ures. kniown whlo originated thr 4tory or
wheire it. originated It is ba.ing told,
however, just ab)out as we have given
2.-Anient the it. And all who hoar it, as well as fir
1, which wasI those who rep)eat it, are wondering I"
ay next, there whether it is true in part and false hI
today being in1 part., or whtether it is true or false
dI it; why it altogether. At any rate, it is a tri
or it, has any stranige story, but not more so than th
rfabriention01 of its origin. ov
ir corresponi-- th
simpIlly given COLOlR LINE IN CilICAGO.
ii thle streets - -
School Children Strike Because a Negro in
s its follows: Woman Was Appointed To Teach or
for t he first The_ ye
r Lexington Chiceago, September 25.-B3ecanse t,n
their narnlos I lary Ururichfield, a colored cadet m
>are'd mi t hait teach,ler wasi ap)poi[ntod to relieve Miss
anl agenit for Cathlerinio Italph, whit.e, regular H
(es ta) i,lunieii (tiacher at the Oak IRidge school, C<
it is ba)i' absenit, beciause of illness, the pupils fir
bi and( every o (f the sixth1 gradeo revoltedl and be i14
dratwn and1( forii noon1 the school hoard had a do
lrn order to formlidabtle strike on its hands. ne
le work donie W lhen th rolbollionj first became
enid he pr a)*i pparent t he janitor, acting on the
rged pct itt avice of thle board, locked in the at
rgii 11 )t I balS emeni 't lhe Irger boys, but, the $5
C 'ar,lni,s- troulle spread anod the pairents be. xv
finally wouIldi gani tikmg at hand.
II . Tillbna~n, I >olianit at first, the boatrd of ed
lrolol youi at neition real ized that if a crisis was"o
Hkonss? orto be aiver ed tile negro teacher must oni
Ii Tk eles b" e remiioved,~ and1( at the afternoon las
-I heu 11 eion1il a white woman appearedl and a
desdwoulId t no pulpils returned.c
kiledGon.Sour Stomach.
.~lil ~)l Wheni IhFe (iuanttity of food taken isda
-joror were t.oi large or' the qua~lity too richi, sour wit
obi da S hus s tomac;ih is; likely to) follow, atnd espec-no
iatlly so it tl he digestion hats been wecak- "
"iI' N d" ened('i b.y cionst ip ationi. Eat slowly andl th:
t , he coJ. Ilot loo flOily of' easily digest.ed food..
MIast iente thle food thoroughly. Let firi
aigenjt would1( five h our e- lapse between meals, and Tb
-st, bu, 5o thle whoen you fteel a fullness and weight is
.the r'egion~ of the st.omach after eating,"
dI knolw just take Chiambrlain's Stomach itnd Liver' thi
lood felt andi Tlab,lets and theii sour1 stomach may beo
avoided. IFor sale by Wmn. E. Peclham i
al after learn & Soil 1ti ol.,,,,,. Dru n. . to
Is VAt
AT a
ry Goods, Milliner
make or break. F(
for competition,
I goods for less mc
y. Note the followjinf MIMNAUG
ds, I have always paid 100 cents or
money dowin so as to U.ive them for y
body else \\luit tl0-. merchant hat
Who could call in :t! :i.-ighbors i
do it? And if' they coM)I wh,11o had Li
don't have to juggle 1u01111d the baiiks of
to pay bills; I have suiticient capital.
n1e thousand dolar's worti of Mn's, Ia
Underwear to roll in this week.
)o Large W"hite lIed Sipre:s worth $
5 Large White Fri nged Spreads wort h
id surrounding country to attend
linery bear in mind two imp.rtant ti
to sell the HATS this :easoi.
)RESS 0'
pices lIhick Grods wor Ii th 11( :md C
in. Broad ('lt hle hest ever sho.iwn ir
to (date sh:alIes. It's a IrguLm-r $i.2; v
98C the yard. \e have IImusas of
w where Mimnau
n Newb(arry, S. C.
mns or More or ess Interest :ondensed Totil
In the State. 475,
There hats boo1 ai suI(cession of
08 in Lanicaster com .ty thei pa4N
~v wveeks andu niumbelrs of pepertr
veosuffered hieavy lossteo.
Th7ie distrust of th great..i(lL stool iI(
ist hasi roehed its heiht andl at afteorn
o New York l'xchanrge on I"riday og)0
er 175,000 shatres were ,old and1( thiis di
I) lowest record wats reachiod-.efr
Robert (Gunnels, wh ite, conlv icteod liV
Greenivi ll coun1Ity of ani at temipt 13'
.iinailly to aussaulIt at lit tIe four.
air old negro girl, has~ boona son
iced to elevent yours' impIlrisonmenoft
the Stato p)o1nitenut iny robbot(
T'he p)lanrts of I ho (Grenvil le Dily A pr
arald and1( t ho liewer IPul>)1ishlin D.()
>., at Giroonville, were4 dest51royedI by witht
B att ain eatrly hou~nr S taturday ito rn , W
(. A greatt (elou of damuasgo was fo
ne to surrolund ing plaeios of busi ot her
ss. The loss is ahout M'2,( I I. (Chica
D. E. Blolton'i, at restauran1(11t kopr melt ho
Greenwood, has bro.ight su1it. for of Po'
100 damaiges aginlst t ho llev. G. ga1my1
.Gardnor, editor of th lGi lrooni. lct
0od Jouirnail, becatuse the .Jouniatl w h
no time sin1ce, wheni Iolto was ae-I I( York,
ted of violationi of then dispenisary of.
r, sid thaiit the IviIlenIce against
Ioui wias very strong1. InIi Praf
WVhien (olumiau wo0kI up Tllirs "l
P mJorIning t ho cit.y wII- floodio I
hi bino hands bills atnd , ek..r - nou llamlec
incinIg ait rad o uni ion s Ib .* II' sa her
(30 pirtIiiEiIt fi rmsa b.r tuhE~ Ihe getting
nahrdsvrlCnnimcel. Jh
e d,otribut ion of such niotic-s one do01
0 Staite, but the blI ilI , were anon101 I my hei
I with seCroev. I)rmr (
y and SHO
>r the pastL
ind shall re
>ney than the
H Quick Step Prices and
i the dollar.
lu th1 is faIl ICeaper than Ny -
the ready casi to do tihi's?
Ind get u) enlough money lo
Ie neIve to do it r
of Newberry to get moley
dies', Misses' and Children's
, for this week 98c.
175 for this week $1.2.
the most beautiful array
iings. you get Style and
Alimnaiugh's price 2
the town, all the hesl up-to
ilue, your choice of the pile
just such values.
Yh's store is.,
rop Moved Into Sight so lar
174 les, Against 955,672
1.ast Year.
O.rlnans, Hopt emb er 2.- -Sot.
I oster's woeokly New Orlearns
E'xchaniuge statornerit 1, issuedi
shiows the amount bronighit
ighat for the wvook oninug this
>On1 to ho 258,50(O against
() for ihe Nov(4n dlays onilg
tie last yoar, andit 219~,t)-19 year
Iast. T1he total of t ho (ropj
inito sight for ti.n t.wenity-tivye
jf t he now,~ seasoni i .175, 17.1,
It 955,672 1last year, anid 539J,.
ar before last.
p)ostollico at Spairtahnurg was
on0e1 night last woeok of $1.8 1.
minont young muan ofC I hoecity,
tart, hias beei~in arrestedt chiarged
to crime.
swi[ndIJrs-owno Ia waiter rimon
p)overty to ailluonieo andi t he
mlO xconivice worn cauighit ini
o this week. By varions
Is the h13 iad sw indcleud numtt an
pi)1 out of ant amoiut, aggro
abtlOL $130,000. Theliy would
mn various p)laes and0 under
niow rialines order goods whlujob
received they shippednc to New
where Iiho' good s wrm( dinposed
;c of Chamberlain's ColIc, Cholera
andI Diarrhoca Rtemedy.
wme to give you a few words
e of Chamberlain's Colic, t MaIra
irrhoca Remedy, '" says Mr. JIohnu
.1, of l'dagle P~ass, 'i'exas. "I1
I one week wit.h biowel troublIe
>k all kinids of medIicine without
anIy relief, when nmy friend, M r.
son, a.mierchiant here, advised
ake this remedly. A fter taking
e I felt greatly relijevedi and when
atken the third (lose was enitirelyv
I thank you from t,he biottomu of
rit, for p)utting this great reimdy
hands of mankind."' For sale
. 1. Pelham & Son, Prosperity

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