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We rode the mail on Ttuesday with
Judge W. G. Peterson on the R. P. D.
No. 1, from Newberry through No. 6.
It was a pleasant (lay, neither too hot
nor too cold. A little dusty, though
the judge said we did not know what
dust was, that we should have been
with him a few weeks ago before the
last rain when ihe declares you could run
your hand down through the powdered
dust to the depth of nine inches by ac
tual measurement. rhis route is twenty
seven miles and has fifty-six boxes.
On Tuesday he had a buggy full of pa
pers and letters, a rather heavy mail.
At many places the people were pros
ent to meet him and get their paper.
It is a great convenience to the peo
pie who live in the country to have
their papers and letters delivered every
day right at their doors and to have the
privilege of sending off mail every day.
We are not an applicant for the job.
The trip on Tuesday was pleasant, but
all things contributed to make it so.
But to go o-.er the same route every
day in all !7orts of weather we would
riot care to undertake.
The first delivery is at Mr. Geo. '.
Hill's and then the boxes are seat terel
until the nation is reached Ither com
pretty fast. Heyond iLngshores andh,1
Mr. .J. I. Workman's and just bfor"re
reaching Nir. I . A. M;ayer's i. what is
known as mail box corner. where undl
some wide-spreading oiks in the c.-ol
shade stand seven boxes. At Ni r.
Mayer's Judge Peterson says is th
most elevated place ill New bet-l-V col H11 V.
ve reached the home of Mr. IlIvr
11. Abaams just at 12 o'clock. awi
there we rested for a lit tle Inore than
all hour alli eiljoyed olle of thost, gt'i
dinlers that Mrs. Alirams knows si
well how to prp),1are.
From Mr. Abrams' the route g:oe's t:
to Mr. M. NI. Satterwhite's and thence
by Mir. 1'. X. Cem' akt h
Longshore road at NI r. W llii \\ilson's.
From there to Newberry we came over
some of the road recentlv wi,rki
the chaingang and the new manery.
Some good work has 1ben iin bu .
what a pity there was not -ome r: b
ing dolle before the gravel was -v:
down. It wwc" have Cen s n;
het ter and ad,i so mae. to : ;
Pearaillte of tie :'n'. \erk thK
kind should not lie etrmit -id ,u
high pl1e. ire cut d'wn ;m the rend
pro!erly graded. T .h;is c havc been
done with little additin.1 c st and
time, and then the road! from herec tO
Mr. Wilson's would not have needed
anything dlone on it for several vears.
The gang has been on this road about
six weeks and they have covered ablut
six miles. This sort of work shoutih bt.
done properly because it is inl tile nat '.
of permanent work. 1However. the
road is greatly improved ani miany if
the bad places have been grave ti a
depthI of eight inches. There is a 1nI
dant material for this work in eas;
reach. On t his route, as we said, ther.
are fiftyv-six boxes and there is onIlytone
in which one or both of the counlty pa
per's does not go. T[his is a good reiiird,
it seems to us. The Hlerald and News
puts sixty-one papiers into the fifty -six
boxes, which is also grati fying.
It is a goodl secction of country and
has many good farmers and subistantial
citiz.ens. The corn clrin is goodii, thi
best we have ever seen. out the cot ton
was dlamaged consideraly ly t w leo ng
dry'\ and hot wveather.
Mrs. Jetlerson D)avis, the widow of
the president of the Sout hern Conllfed
eracy, is seriously ill ~i HuIlYalii, N. Y.
It was reportedl from Hiutfalo ves'teirdlay
t Iiat she was somelI het t er. t houghi far
from out of danlger. The whole Siout h
prays for her recoverv.
Seventy-Five Pales Per Day.
The P'rosper*ity Cot ton ( )il (ompany
has put its gins intoi successful opit. .
tion and( is prepared to gin se'venty V.
bales a (day. The mnachlineryI is wourki
beautifully and best grade cot toni is b -
ing turned otut.
Is to disbelieve the evIdence Of Newberry,
Hit s: ' cai 't iy lbot l>io is K10i
lamria am'j t! ait it had ~ I ienu into Il
'e ald i-t m'ir it' Ih- ii, u no t) M vI
p.uiIs caIbb iwb .. I caiiUtYl Oiii OX
tendeid dlot i 1 mmk i- s mid anl x.
I Hullter. ii e--utidillhy wahl myi iyes
and cull d iiii I- . v a i w "Il v litti,.e.
tion. Thle kid:1' . - eniins 'were very
dark anid too fmri quient. Dii li onl, hr. ak
lug lmy r.-st at night I u..id dl Ily-elt
med Iliee, j'it- on i' t iipp leat ions and1(
h ad the (doetor buiit failed to get an11y
relief. I heard about bow inia hioo
Doan 's Kid(ney IPIlHi had been oiii1ig al
over the countrIiiy and rot at box I felt
be-tter the irst day after beginnIng to
use them. My back g rew Ptr'ong thme paln
left me the act Ion of the kIdnevs be
camne regu lar and my rest ait n ighl~t. wats
not, dist urbed aind I got up in the imor'n
ing feeling refr'eshedI InuI.ad of worn
out. My health Is a hundredc( per cent
better than it was bofore I used D)oan's
Kidney PIlls. My eves do not bot hier
me a,s they dId and I can enjoy read
For sale by aill detle'rs P1rlce 50
ents F'oster-Mllburn (Co Ilutfal N Y
aole agents for the United States
Remember the namne Doans and take
The Students of Newberry College Listen
To Eloquent Words of Advice and
Tho formal opening of Newberry col
lege took place on Friday morning in
the college chapel. As is the custom
each year, addresses to the students
were delivered by prominent citizens of
New erry and friends of the institution.
The exercises were largely attended,
there being present, in addition to the
student body, many alumni, former
students and friends of the college.
Addresses were delivered by Dr. E. P.
MeClintock, the Rev. W. L. Seabrook,
Mr. A. C. Jones, the Rev. Geo. A.
Wright, Chief Justice Y. J. Pope, and
the Rev. N. N. Burton.
The opening was very auspicious.
'rhe enrolment has already reached the
total enrolment of last year, the most
successful year ever experienced by
the institution since its foundation in
1857. The college, under the able man
agement of its president, Dr. Geo. B.
Cromer. assisted by the ellicient and
L-onsecrated faculty, has experienced a
very rapid and healthy growth for the
past several years. 'Tihe plant has long
been inadequate for the work which it
is desired to accomplish. but with tihe
:oiplet ion by January Ust of the hanld
;ome ntOW building. now inl process of
:enstruction, to be used for recitation
'os and society halls. the equipment
Xill be such as to allow a much larger
rowth and development.
T e exercises on Friday morning
Xere% opened with Scripture reading by
he b'ev. J. I,. Willoiamsn, f A%eleigh
'resbyterian church. Ai earnest prayer
Nas toffered by the bev. Geo. A. Wright.
Te lirst speaker was lir. E. I'. Me
'lintsck, pastor of Thompson street
.111. 1.1.ehr . Dr. Met('intoc k has1
miissed an pening of the college
r a good many years. and always
ives to tle stuients helpful words of
ne'uragement and advice. I )r. Me
ntock developed the thought that
KRL'tess. whether in college or in the
tide world for whose varied acivities
Ollege life is the prepara1ti-1n1 the
ruest and highest success can only be
ihieved by thorough preparation and
he conscientious performance of duty.
l'he curriculum of the college. he said,
Iad been carefully arranged for the
1eial purpose of prepai'ing the stu
ionts for the activities that await thei
n the ireat, tihrobbing wo'l without.
-\l 1tlet' college eLxperiences are atu1x
liary to that main purpose. Your gen
rItin (addressing tihe setiets iS
_!ilg to enjoy o)pportunities that no
receding generation has enjoyed. The
wtivities inl which you are piaeed this
norning are to prepare you to take
,our 11'lace in the wonderful life on
whose threshold you stand. The speak
('I close with an exhortation to the
Itients to perform thoroughly every
Itsk lfore them. consenituouslY to
per:formn every! duty.
I he Rev. W. IL. S'eabrook, pastr of
l:.itheran Churet. 9f tle Redeeier.
x:i next iintrodluced. Mir. Seahr - k
di that three words had f'ound lode
nent in his mind as he hear'd D r. Cro
n-ir sn W\ednesday moi ning tell the
t iejnts t hat thiir real purpos110e ini coml
3to coilh-sge should tbe to work. Wor k
~t enosugh. Not oiily must you work.
>t you most learn how to work. The
bree words are: Energy, Pu'r pose
'onuent rat ion. It is not the dlitleren-:e
i the I aleints of men that marks min'ns
mecesses.' or fail ures. Meni wihe are
ru ly suctcess fulI are t hose who t irele'sslyv
vwork. Work, have a purse. and'
hen con'icentrate all y'ear energies to
he' accompl)1ishinent of that pur ipose,
vhatever'i it be. Work to develops your
nanhood, wor'ik for the honor of your
nst itut ion, wo'(rk for the future.
Mr'. A. C. Jones wtas called upion and
nade a short address. D)on't b)e satis
iedl wit h doing as well as some body else,
ws sail: He sre and he'reafte'r cai'ry some
mlrposse into youi' life. Mi. Jones cor
lially welcomed the new stude-nts to
lie town and to) the college.
'ITe llev. (Geo. A. Wright. pastor of
he~ Firist l3aptist chui'ch, said that lie
soild! add nothing to what had already
e'en saidl. T1here is only one thing
. at I can say: Puit into practice what
-on have al ready' heard.
C:hief .Justice Y. J. Pope, who is a
nariembe of the board of trustees and
sne of the staunchest friends thle col
'ge' has, spokeh~ e'loqueint ly of the virituie
>f punctuaityv. 'Thiis virtue, he said,
vas besaut ifull:, illustrated in the life
lust ice MI el', wvhio was fori twetnty
itte years the~ hionoriedl and distinguished
icead of South Caro)linia's judiciary' aindl
dui'ing the wvhole time, was never
sbehind ia moment. eXcept duinig the last
geari of Isis serv ice andl of his life, when
bie lay upon a bed of illness andI when
the whole State watcthedI at his bedside.
lit' was a man whose life illustrate'd the
beauty oif the obser'vance' of dutty.
I unctunalit y is the basis of a large par't
of thlie succ'(ess of life.
An'other' th inrg h as touiched med(eepily,
said Mr'.1 Just ice Il'ope -the durty of otbe
dliene', sne- of the cardinal v'irtues of
!ife. Pettigru, one of the greatest
jurists Sou thI Carolina ever produced,
in his addr'ess on the occasion of the
Ii ftieth anniversai'y of the South Cai'o
liniaCollege, saidl, "'Obedience is honor."
And it is. No one man or one woman
makes his or hei' way in life irresp)ee..
tive of others. No one has dischai'ged
his full duty in lift' if hie has not obeyed,
if a student, the rules of his college,
and as a cit izen, the constituted author
'Those like myself ai'e soon to putt off'
the robes of oflice and occupy lowly,
narrow cells like those in yon ceme
ter'y, andI you wilt take our places. If
you have neglected the Prnepartio for
those duties, then will come t.pon you
the great sadness of your neglect.
Tle Rev. N. N. Burton, of the West
End Baptist church, said if he weie to
preach a sermon on this occas;on, it
would be the gospel of hard work. lie
urged co-operation between student.i
and faculty, and among the students.
As a last thought he urged the student
by all means to take care of their souls,
which they could best do by seeking to
answer their devoted mothers' prayers.
President Cromer then told the stu
dents that they had heard what the
gentlemen who had spoken expected of
them, and these gentlemen had told
them what the world expected of them.
In the words of Beecher, 'set higher
standards for yourselves than any body
else sets yor you.'"
The new students were classified and
the regular work of the session was
begun on last Wednesday. The faculty
remains the same as last year, with
one exception. Prof. W. K. Sligh
was granted a year's vacation by the
board of trustees, and during thi, ses
sion Mr. 0. B. Cannon. a recent gradu
ate of the college will serve in hisstead.
filling the chair of mathematies
Marriage in West End.
Mr. Toni Lyles and Miss Lizzie Par
ker, both of Goldville, were married on
Sundav aftvrnoon by the Rev. G. E.
N otice
on Friday, October I at 10 o'clock
a. In . to let the cont-ract to buil1 a
new votodenl approach to the bridLe at
said pIace across Saluda river. 1Zigit
reserved to reject any and all bids.
Stockholders vleeting.
. holders o- the home Loan ami
Trust Co.. of Newberr\. S. C.. is here
by called to be hold at Council Cham
bers at S o'clock, Thursday night. Oe
tober 1. 190,', for the purpose of organ
ization and the transaction of such
other business as may properly come
before them.
One-hal f of the first inst al ment of
stock payments should be paid at that
time. GEO. S. MOWER.
1. C. MATTHE:\N S.
E. 11. AULL.
F. L. 1YNUM.
Gattle and Horses!
On Friday. October 2,
1903, we will sell in
Newberry. S. C.. at pub
lic auction, in front of
Pool's Stables Fifty
Read of Short-Horn
Durham Cattle, consist
ing of Bulls and Heifers
six to twelve months
old. At the same time
and place we will sell a
car of Western Horses,
all good size and ages.
Also, a few Tennessee
Jacks and Jennets.
W. S. HOL&odAN & UO.,
Teacher Wanted.
i~ schoolW. at P'omaria. w' ee:ee
on Tuesday. Octobe r 18.at 3 ':xka
m. Salary. $;U per month for four
months. Applications m a. be sent to
any of the undersigned trustee before
that date.
Pomariat, S. ('.
1lice of fitial 8ct11lcelt anid D)ischiargc.
I. that I will make a final settlement
on the estate of Thomas 11. Wedamnan,
a minor, in the Probate Court for New
berry County, S. C., on Friday, the
30th (lay' of October, A. D)., 1903, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, and will imme
diately thereafter apply for letters (is
m issory.
Guardian of said minor.
Sept. 26, 1903.
5 Cells
l ~'ht cents a po0undC is
.:ta young woman p)aidl for
iV.1\e pounds of flesh.
Sew::s thin and weak and
mid ne do.llar for a bottle < f
;iott's Emulsion, and by taik-.
ing regutlart (lOSes had gain
i ' e )tounds ill w~eight beCf .
the botttle was finished.
Eight cents a pound is
c:heap) for such valuable ma..
terial. Some pay more, some
l ess, some get nothing fo r
their- money. You get your
mfoney's worth when you buy
Sco tt's Emuntlsion.
We will send you a little
S( .l'T & BO\VN 1E, ( 3I EM s-rs,
409 Pearl Street, New York.
soc. and $i.oo;: all druggists.
FGurnishi s,SI
I the Biggest lir
Every day Dry Go
4 weeks our dra3
Brand New Good
stairs and Down s]
bristling with Barg
Stetson and ail the lea
styles, but don't ,et chari
Neckwear, Hosiery, Handekrchiel
, N . \\ l ne on
'Ne ~Wher to' fr: - r 1
t..ii i ne f~w.tr , 'nf th N . tu
a:re :. R 1).:n :e
: r oarne
\e ha ve I 1 tadded the mo, J~t cot ope
T.rdin Newberry. Ever--'hing (ca
w*.re Store O1'> c.II id h're. anid i
ii you2 lardwa~;r& e )c pr than you v
We want your
Lowest Prices are
For Your TaUet,
Sellingt at Cost
IIST GUN in openin
ie of Clothing, Shoes,
ods ever shown unde
is have been busy
s to supply your F
airs packed and jam
- Cloth
We stand alone, none can
)ur middle counters are piled
i the newest weave)s in Men
.athint in Fancy Novelt
'1hoviots, English Weaves. I
ind- Domestic Fabrics our lir
>lote. Suits from $3.00 to $2
iandle Strauss Bros. and Fe
isCher Co's. Fine Clothing
lone nicer, none fit better,
Ask to See Th
ding makers Blocks and Shai
red for the names.
s, Gloves, Suspenders--Everything to 0
yV wii be knlowi n . the Shoe iren's Sel
ShIw, ihl.1n : y t\Vo Stores in Celebrate(
wnd N(-w- Go i.( ct'I frol ever shipl
)iiiy the be.t shoem king used Our JE
Shocs. lHu-i & Packard 5 :;. 5o 1>epartmle
i l and co plete lne of Chil- yOu at
RYL .'.c,mL DE
i' Vsw .y fui:n c m l te. enables in
h. dsco nt veryhil. w ich your purc
goins, Margess art
Twobi wrerooms padcked1 Newberr)
ii (nd \\:agons.. P r ices to
and Satddles eer [an ded in dlon)'t buy
e e of New Hlardwa.re ever \Ve sell t[
ri ed ini an U p-to-date HIa r d- \\'he n you
hsis not our living we can Farm Imni:
ver bou~tght before. Steecl Plos
li..n--am full and comnplete line. Car load I
business every day i
what you want.
Herald ai
Also Fine .ine
-r s Hardware,
g the Fall Campaigne WIT
Gent's Furnishings and
r one roof in Newbery. For
hauling case after case of
all and Winter needs. Up
med. Every nook and corner
4 1~
in~y d
touch us.
high with
and Boy's
n Foreign
e is com
5.00. We
ione wear
)e. You get all the quality, shapes and
utfit the Young and Old Man From Head to Foot.
1001 and Dress Shoe- ;i every Sle that's new. KNV lot
I Queen Quality Shefor L*adies-T-he filnest shoemaking
>ed So,.th. I 11), once ami you wait I other.
)ans, Flannel, Outing, Homespun and Print
ut groalns beneatti tle weight o1Ready argains availing
to sell at L~oe,a le P rices. See u., bjefore nuaking
I Saddle D)epartiepit.
. )f'ou wanti a niice Set of11 llrnss or a ni ce Salddle,
before you see Our line.
lii Depar tot.
e Johns Pa~jints, none( wea rs longer, none looks nicer.
want I Pa ints hiunit our5 sgns.
Iements--full and comleIteC lin1e. Sole aigenuts Syracuse
v's. R opinig of ever)' k id.
f'ails just l.and(ed, you hiti thleml on the headI, Ihay niow.
n the year, if good Goods at
RS 2.
icil, Box Pae, etc Callat
id News,

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