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What the Fleecy Staple Was Bringlag
Yesterday Afternoon in the Various
Portions of the County.
(Corrected by Nat Gist.)
Good Middling ........ 9 25
Strict Middling 9 12 1-2
Middling . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Market steady.
rected by J. L. and A. G. Wise.)
Middling . . . . 925
(Corrected by John R. Scurry.)
Good Middling......... 9 25
lCorrected by Aull, Hentz & Co.)
Go6d Middling......... 9 31 1-4
Little Mountain.
(Corrected by J. B. Lathan.)
Good Middling .. . . . . . . . 9 25
(Corrected by Smith Bros.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 9 25
Convicted Under the Old Law.
The board of directors of the State
penitentiary have recommended the
pardon, among others, of Fred I-lodge,
,convicted of burglary in this county in
the year 1888. The board recommended t
the pardon on the ground that the term 9
of imprisonment has been changed by
statute since the conviction, but the a
Governor has been advised by the Attor- I
ney General that the change in the law a
was made in December, 1883, so that p
the law is now exactly the same as when
Hodge was sentenced. The Governor s
will be glad, however, if any person in C
this county knowing anything about d
Hodge's case will communicate with
Pipe Organ to Arrive Soon.
The Rev. W. L. Seabrook, pastor of a
the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer,
in a letter received the latter part of
last week from W. P. Moller, of
Hagerstown, Md., from whom the
church sometime ago purchased a pipe a
organ, has received assurance] that the <
organ would be shipped the early part n
of this week, probably yesterday.
Shipment of the organ has been delayed c<
on account of a strike in the Moller es- si
tahlishment, the firm refusing to accede b
to the demand of the labor unions that
it employ none but union men.
With the Southern Pacific. ti
Mr. H-. M. Sanders, formerlyof New- o
berry county, and who has been in the
West for some time, is now with the d4
engineering corps of the Southern Paci
fic Railway Co. Mr. Sanders visited
his old home in this county the past N
summer. He is a brother of Mr. W. H. t1
Death of P. H. Koon. t
Philip H. Koon, of Vaughanville, No. k
7 Township, died on Sunday, aged 57 b
years. Mr. Koon was stricken vith
paralysis. le was an uncle of Police
man B. E. Koon, who attended the fun
eral yesterday. G
Lost Check. vi
All persons arc hereb)y warned against
cashing or otherwise dealing wvith a
check on the Newberry Savings Bank
for $43.70, drawn by J1. W. Gary i
favor of T. J. Wilson, dated Sept. 24, t
1903. 1 lost'said check on the (late ofla
its issue and the payment of the same l
by said hank has beeni forbidden.
Cheap Rates to Fair via Southern.
On account of the South CarolinaTi
State Agricultural and Mechanical Fair,T
the Southern, railway will sell tickets
from all points in the State to Colum
bia, S. C., and return, at rate of QJne
first-class fare plus 75 cents, wvhich in
cludes one adlmission to the F'air groundls.0)
Tickets on sale daily October 24-29,
h inclusive, and for trains scheduled to0)
arrive in Columbia prior' to noon of Oc- yc
toh)er 30th, limited to return until No- t
- vember 2nd, 1903. R. W. H unt,
iDivision P'as. Agt, t
Dots from St. Philips, WI
St. Philips, SeptL. 28. The peole of spi
this 3 ction are busy gathering Octobe'r tet
cotton. wvl
It seems that P'. D). Wicker( will this mi
year ret ain his tit le as ehimnion pea th<
raiser. IlIe has rtquetstd cih:Ilt an eh>e
Stioni he behld alt Mt. Phli1j,o .n t he tir
Tuesdlay in Novembe. i
wvill soon be. honl In our miid ;.
Two, big Stores.
The two hig stc.ref the Alower i
company are IiLil ft'1ia-ecar to (eil
ing withl all k iniso e -sirable nmrchami n
dise. Their present .sork was bought h
at low (igiurec-, andi ofi th : a' h>w ligiures ait
I hey in)tendi to give' thbir c'utomeors them
We would like to ask, through the
columns of your' p)aper, if there is any
prson who has used Green's August la
Flower for the cure of Indigrestion,
Dyspepsia, and Liver Tr'moules t ha thas
not been cured-and we also mean their t<
results, such as sour stomach, fermen
tation of food, habitual costiveness, (C
nervous dyspopsia, headaches, dle >)on- P
dent feelings, sleeplessness -- in Cact, Il
.any trouble connected with the stom- Ii
ach or liver? TPhis medicine has been
sold for many years in all civilized coun- si
tries, andl we wish to corresp)ond wvith tl
ou aind send you one of our' books free
f cost. If you never tried August i
Flower, try a 25 cent bottle first. We
haenever known of it-s failing. If so, 1
withing more serious is the matter
with you. T'he 25 cent size has just C
l),f Itroduced this year. Regular
ham cnts. For sale by W. E. PeI
'he Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Mr. E. A. Carlisle is in the (ty.
Mr. Julius B. Boozer was in Columbia
ast week.
lion. H. H. Evans went to Columbia
resterday afternoon.
Mr. Joseph H. Abrams, of Union
ounty, was in Newberry yesterday.
Miss Jessie Fetner has returned from
L pleas*.nt visit to Newberry-The
Miss Vearl Langford left on Satur
lay foy.- Rock Hill to enter Winthrop
Miss Camille Vance, of Louisiana,
vho has been visiting Miss Bessie Gil
ler returned yesterday to Laurens.
Mr. Oscar H. Peterson left on Satur
lay for Malvina, Miss., where he will
irobably locate and go into business.
Mr. F. A. Boland, of Little Mountain,
vill lenve on Thursday for Shiloh, in
lumn junty, where he will teach.
Mr. Elmer Summer, son of Mr. C. E.
lummer, left yesterday for Atlanta to
ake a four years' course in the Geor
ia School of Thchnology.
Mr. L. C. Boland has gone to Atlanta I
nd is-connected with the firm of Harry
1. Schlesinger, manufacturers of candy
nd crackers. Mr. Boland is well
Mrs E. W. Gray, after spending the
ammer with her aunt, Mrs. W. 1.
arwile, in the city, returned on Satur
ay to her home in Jacksonville, Fla.
Bethel school, at Pomaria, will elect
teacher on October 13.
It was a great deal warmer yester
iy thdn for several days past.
The Newberry Warehouse company c
,inounces that it is ready to store cot
m and to issue receipts on which money
iay be obtained.
One of the trustys escaped from the t
)unty chain gang last week. He I
mply walked off and didn't come n
Work on the extension to the Mollo- Li
>n mill is being rapidly pushed. The o
tension when completed will double t
ie capacity of the mill, making it one v
the largest in the State.
Mr. A. C. Jones has rented the resi
mnee at the the corner of Caldwell and
iundary streets, now occupied by Mr. P
. C. Hunter, to Mr. C. J. Purcell.
r. Purcell and family will move into
e house on the first of November.
A negro at the C., N.& L. depot yes
rday was struck by the pilot on the Ii
igine of passenger train No. 52 and
iocked off the track. le was bruised s
it not seriously hurt. He was knocked it
veral feet.
The excursion over the Southern to 9
-eenville on Saturday carried a large
owd. Of the excursionists the Green
lIe News says: "It was a good na
red crowd. There wvas no disorder
d every one present was out for a N
0(1 time. Many of the visitors ex
essed themselves as delighted wvith 0i
eenville, and there is no dloubt but ci
at they will come again should a simi- (J
opportunity be ofTered.,,
alma on October 1st-Thec Barlowv Min- I11
strels Pleased a Large Aud
ence Friday Night.
i large and representative audlience
3eted the Barlow Minstrels, thelC
aning attraction of the season, at the 5
3ra house on Friday night. The t
'obatic and contortion features wvere o
~y superior andl Varin and Turenne,
Roman axe manip)ulators, dlelightedl~
audience with their p)erformance. vt
e songs and jokes wer~e p)robably
newhat of a disappointment, the gh
re were several good voices, and
mter Wolfe, the interlocutor, in his
ong the Anvil Sings'' is deserving of
cial mention, andl the vocal quar
te was very good. Taken as ase
ole, the show was above the average tel
istrel pierformanCe andl well weorth he('
p)rice of adImission. I1v
'he niext. at iract ion will he Thelm, is
ial.tr p':ity will be pe.wnli ed by
At the performla:. e on F'ridayv night '
mbert( of kickls were rt egisteredt againtst. u"'
t~Iicket to ne ~ (groes8 at the regu lari 3
x oIlice, cauising a ro'wdl (If negroes l(ch
ed Iby ladie.-. A separ iate~ t ickeIt lljice'"
lier 1o Eduhard Scholtz, Newberry, S. C.
I )ear Sir: Tlhree gallons saved( is 'm:1
$15 earnIedl.
Mr. I Ian ford P'latt of liridgeport, i~
Onni. , ordlered 15 gallons I )evoe to of
mint his house, andl returned 3 gallons. St
is painter saidl it wouldl take I5; a dIe
ad and( oil palhinter. 1
Hlubbell & Wade Co sold it. Thley to
iy e'verybodly has the same e'xpe1rienlce 1(o
The reason is, of course; t hey areV
sedl to poor~ paint. P
What is p)oor p)aint? Anuythinig not w
levoc: some worse than ot.hers. ai
Besides, paiinlts wVear about. as they i
over. D)ouble the $12 t.o $15. TI
Yours trulyt
FW l)i:voi-: & Con. s
P. S. -- The NewbherryI liardware Co.,
elI our paint.
Horrible Accident Suffered by a Negro On
the County Chain Gang-ingine
Caught Ills Sleeve.
Itobert Childs, a negro on the county
Amin gang, met with a horrible acci
Jent on Thursday. While opening a
valve on the traction engine his sleeve
was caight by a small bolt on a wheel
tnd his right arm wias twisted corn
pletely off above the elbow.
The gang was working on the roads
ibout five miles from Newberry on the
.'oad leading to Longshore's. Childs
vas assisting in running the traction
mngine and climbed up on the side to
)pen a valve when a small wheel caught
As sleeve. The arm was twisted off
ind Childs was hanging by his sleeve
,hen Engineer Adams, seeing the
;rouble, reversed his engine. When
.he engine reversed it threw Childs
-ome five or six feet. It is said that
Jhilds, though in excruciating pain,
iis arm hanging only by the main ar
cry, displayed remarkable nerve. Dr.
1. 1). Senn was summoned and took the
ase in cliarge, and on Friday morning
)rs. Sen and J. K. Gilder amputated
he member at the shoulder. The ne
,ro is being cared for in a ter' At the
amp. He is in a very serious condi
ntertainment to be Given by the Lutheran
Ladies at Mrs. W. G. houscal's
Friday Evening.
Those who, last fall, took the "Trip
tound the World" will be glad to hear
hat the ladies of the Lutheran Church
f the Redeemer are arranging for
nother of their deliglitful entertain
ients. It will be given at Mrs. W. G.
Iouseal's residonce on Caldwell street,
ext Friday' evening. A supper will be
erved, commencing at7.30 o'clock and
ontinuing through the evening. Not on
/ the ladies of the Lutheran church, but
11 the ladies and gentlemen of the con
iunity and childien accompanied by
ieir parents are cordially invited to be
resent. The ladies call the entertain
lent a "Silver Tea'' because no fixed
rice will be charged for the supper,
ut all who partake will be given an
1portunity to make a silver of'ering
the parsonage fund. (The ladies
ill not refuse gold or paper money.)
ress Gray Pulled In By Officers-Several ]
Other Cases in the Mayor's Court l
Yesterday. d
Press Gray, colored,, was dispensing 1
iuor by the drink on Sunday morning. i
is home behinl J.. T. lutehinson's
ore on Main street he had transformed t
to a saloon where all his friends who r
ile and paidl might quench their Sun- 11
ty thirst. Two of Press' friends were n
the act, of so doing when they were a
iserved by Constable . H. Perry and r
olicemnan H. E. 1Koon. A search of c
ress' home wvas fort-hwith instituted. a
0 liquor was found, but under the E
>useC ini a hole wvere discovered a side 1s
bacon, sever'I sacks of flour and
her collmmodit.ies, wvhich Press ac- n
iowledged he hadl stolen from Mr. a
utchinson, for whom he wvas working. fi
esterdIay morning at the urgent re- b
(est of tile authorities Press appeared
fore Mayor E'arhardt. lHe p)leadledl
iilt.y of two charges and was sen-. S
need to lusy a fine of $10 or to serve
irty (days for stealing, andI to pay a
ie of $15 or to serve thirty (lays for
>lating the dlispensary lawv.
rThe followving other cases wvere dis
sed of by the mayor': ,John Mathis, t.
lored, was1 sentenced to pay a fine of aLl
cents for rolling a wvheel-barrow on
sidlew.alks. Harrison Sanders, col
ad, wa given $2.00 or eight dlays for y
rsi ng. Thulirmlond Kelly, elored, ai
.s given $2.00 or. eight days for c.re- Ii
n g a (distuirbance.H
Get the Best For the Asking.
W henl you order a sack of patent flour
il your' grocer, dIo not, tell him to
d .you '"a sack of good flour'', but.
him to send you a sack of "'Clifton,"'
ause "'Clifton"' is the best patent.*
ery sac'k is sold with this guarantee,*
I if' it does not prove as represented,
n- mon01ey will he re funded. '"Clifton''
mn all-*roundu flour, and1( is as goodl for
ai-d imy'' as light rolls and bis-U
T. .J. IIAys.
FIrst Cosl Not the Cheapest.
hei I.rst ea st of ant ar t iele does not
e;sa:ily de(term Iinle its cheapness.
inStiianc. aI s8ck of "'Clifton'' flour'
y 'ost you a it (tIe mor'e than othler
alledl pillot flours, hut it will be S~
ayer to.vou m th le d. Wihy? lie
eit will iol 'nly make mo)re b)read(
le s:uels, but will take less lard and
a to( ulIke it. Ore all'Ii saik of " Clif
" and nuke ai test forl youirselfC. It I
TI. ,J. IIAys.
a ate of Vicra I 1s.o1lege of Music
I .ondoni, Eng. , in lPiaoort eplaying; A
udent1 at I 1(1Ond C ol lege' of Mulsle un1
r Emiile K\elseni, Dri. I'. .1. Karn, and S
'I'. A' lthins. Also gradua~t e in i ano
rt e of IPresbiytIerian (Col lege of Char
te, N. C.. undler Drt. C. R. l"isher,
il1 give inlstruions111 iln 'iano forte, TI
olini andf Ipe Organ, also in Voice
rodution and1 T111 lheorlt ical Music, and
ill t ake 'veryV carte to imiparIt soundl
id t hiorough musicual knowledge, and
sur Ie the rap il 1progress5of thestuident1.
he best. at tent ions w.ill be~ givein to theo
-ahig and1 prlic jal workf on the iln
l"ull I ar'ticularss will Ib' griven ire'rard
Taking of Testimony Begun --Jury In
structed 'Not to Read News
(Special tG Herald and News.)
Lexington, S. C., September 28. -The
trial of James UI. Tillman for the mur
der of N. G. Gonzales, editor of The
State newspaper, was entered upon
There was little difliculty in obtain
ing a jury. The only special objection
was to one, Harrell, who, the State
claimed, had not registered and was,
therefore, not competent to serve as a
juror. Judge Gary maid, after seeing
the books and aftor hearing the pro
posed juror express hissentiments, that
he had been legally registered and could
produce a certificate if given time to (1o
After being organized the jury chose
aeorge 11. Koon as foreman. Before
being dismissed tor the evening recess,
it the request of 1. It. Nelson, one of
l'illman's attorneys, Judge Gary in
;tructed the jury not to read any news
)apers or to receive any communication
rom anyone.
The taking of testimony will probably
egin this afternoon.
'ircman on a Southern Freight Meets With
a Horrible Death at Ninety-Six
William Ware, the negro fireman on
he Southern's through freight, No. 72,
vhich passes Newherry, bound for Co
Umbia, at 9.40 p. in., met. with a hor
'ible death at the trestle ov,ei Ninety
ix creek, about half a mile above
)ysons, an( about 23 miles above New
ierry, on Thursday night. It is sup
iosed that Ware was leaning out of the
ngine as the train reached the trest le
nd that he was caught by the upper
racing and dragged out of the window.
Jis lifeless body was found at al erly
our Friday morning, (angling, hei
ownward, from the trestle. 'ThIe feet
iere caught between the sleepers of
he bridge and the bod.y was suspended
i midair.
Engineer Ben HIughes was running
lie engine. He did not see the occur
ance an( did not mis; his fireman tintil
e had run about four miles, when he
oticed that his steam was getting low
nd looked around to investigate. Ie
in his train back several miles but
>uldl find no trace of the missing man
ad continued his journey to Columbia.
e reported the afl'air when he renehed
The Greenwood coroner was sumi
oned. Ware's original home was
Ninety-Six, but since he has been
ring he has made his home in Columan
a. He wvas a young negro.
T1ATE 01" SOU [il CAl )LhINA,
V JTno C W.'i sen, l'Nq , ! 'rt,e Judge.
ATII EllA S. A mel ia Young hath1
Tmadl. suit to me to gr at her Let,
rs(,f'Ad miniistrationi of the est ate
1(d etfe t 4)' S Li Youni de, ceaL-d
I hus are L'( therefore to -i I,e and1( aid
onisha all anid singumlar' .he kind red
(d cred'(1itors oif the' s.id Samn
o11n9.r, dlteceased, IthaLt they het and
ipear' before me, in the Conurt, of I >ro
Ae, to be held at. Newh',rry C ourt
nuse, S. C., on (l,he I3 :.h day~ of O'Ictbe r
ixt aft,er 1)ublhication thereof, aIt II
alock in the forenoon, to s)how ealuse,.
any they have, why the said Admin
raition should not be0 granted.
von under my hand. this the 28t,h div
S.1 of Seniter. A nn D)omini, 19903.
,JNO C. WILSON, .1. P'. N. ('.
ready to store GottonC
aid issue receipt s for t
ime, which mo: 'y ca
3 obtained on
Girl's Little Brother
miot Iimes 'S0f.s Tin g".' Call to
11 1(1and wet will bh plea 'isedl toJ
y our ( ) Si Nic. ('ho'. ,.h
CNew Whit' Fih, h
Nriw Cairilia hti(ch,
"'I r it 5 ' ls r it's n iie ''2
Counts & Dickert, -
ulssell'O (Old Stand- ai; Str.
NOTHER LOT OF those nice dried
lA beef hams received at Davenport
& Cavenaugh's.
-FARM FOR SALE.-- Good Sixty
Acre Farm, near town, for sale.
Apply at this ofl1ce.
JL Pints -We have just added to
our stock a complete line of harness
hardware and pamts and are prepare<
to serve your wants at lowest possible
pric s. Apartment adjoining grocery
store. Come in and inspect our line.
Car nails just received.
. week at the soda fount and the
savings vill enable you to drink the
very hest Morning Glory Coffee every
day durin tie month. Try this high
grade co ee. Sold only by Davenport
& Cavenaugh.
' OOD MEALS-Chas. W. Douglas
GX is conducting a first-class Restau
rant. Good meals cheap on short notice.
How to Make Money.
Agents of either sex should today
write Marsh Manufacturing Co 538
Lake Street, Chicago, for cuts and par
ticulars of their handsome Aluminum
Card Case with your name engraved on
it and filled with 100 Calling or Business
Cards. Everybody orders them. Sam
ple Case and 100 Cards, postpaid, 40c.
Ilis Case and 100 Cards retail at 76
cents. You have only to show sample
to secure an order. Send 40c at once
for case and 100 cards before some one
gets ahead of you.
Tite Riser MillineryCo
WVill bi, pleswid to show yon thoir
eleganiit line of Ready to Wear Hats.
Texas Rust Proof
Seed Oats-car just
arrived, 65c bushel at
Annual Fall Opening.
The annual fall open
ing of millinery, dry
goods, etc., of the
Mower company will
be given on Tuesday,
September 29. There
will be a beautiful dis
play, tastily arranged.
The numerous friends
of this popularfirm are
We want to sell 5000
barrels Flour in six
months, and to do so
we propose selling.
best goods 10 cts. bbl.
profit. Every barrel
guaranteed. Don't
buy until you see our
flour and get our prices
We will buy all the
Cotton Seed brought
to this market and will
always pay the highest
price. Bring your seed
to us.
E. M.Evans &Co.
The Riser Millinery Co.
Will have their F'all Opening Tues
lay, September 29th. Our Hats are 1
>rettier thant ever. We can promise
tur friends a dlisplay wvorth seeing.
Now is the time to
-nake money by using
aeavy Bagging and
Vies. We sell the heav.
est on the market.
E. M..Evans &Co. y
We have finished
>verhauling our Gin-.
lery at an expense of -
several thousand dol- 1
ars, which prepares us '
o Gin 125 bales of .
:otton per day. Bring
'our cotton where you iE
:an be served prompt- 'V"
y and givenl satisfac.- r"
We also pay highest
narket price for Seed
tnd furnish Bagging
Lnd Ties at market!
Newberry Oil Mill,
Sa tuday (luring the next 30 (lays
>(0V receive anleceipt to the lilcy
>drs ft he F. M. I. Association their
ssent, loc. per hundred to cover
IItinI( I uzhardt's loss and I15c. per
mdI(redl fori sinking fund1(. We have
e some of the sinking fund money
>r smiall losses andt wish to reimburse
to treasury. For convenience I havit
mde t i arrangemfen ts with Mr. J. C.
ittl at I omaria, S. C. , to receipt for
lelre. Le . . PING,~o
Two Big
Are filled from
with desirable mE
will find it very
here, because tt
right, the prices a
are Polite and e
ble will be done
your advantage
We want to emphasizi
can or will sell you goo<
selves. Our present sto
low figures, in truth v
goods on our shelves aw
We propow, i;vo r t-otanors tI
nM - advanitil1 111 priv(l n . h
lI's at big iittw-i, IIIo, aItt( %4m 'iIIH tIC4
Dress Goods
)Ie 4tock is e .Im'lt i
we itv" throv txpi-ior.,ev I hi to 1 1
heand fittd lort. W' enn ti you or v
Dur uhoo wtorv, too, m ini of go-d Hho
Walk Over Shois form itim, 1it,o iw s,
ror rnort-, but t 1114( ii'o1- tillm l hot thr.
)y the Itlost 1killod workIII 41. ICvI 1
roll a1k.
Regina Shoes
[lio tuirlel, mtft tH it ghv4 , v hiui
)f thew ils (Iegla Shi (ISo ; fi-s- I ' y pair ilii6
Ideal Shoes for
ptAnd with us
Voor tirulIy,
Are Very Busy Nc
New Fall and i
)ver 3(M) cases of Ne w (Goods rece ive
,Luck Sles' it was Ihbiy Iiilid II
derchand)(ise. that cian tbe biougt w\ ilh
.Vlilv onley Sat isfaci ion tguaria temcc
iress Goods, Dry Goods, Clothin
hute line' (of New~% ( ionds tha ii bji e
rin gs somethIin g tiw. \\ith Iihei N
.rmmnings andt Nobby Sutit s for Alen
)ress Shloes for I,idties atid At~lee
oli. Comie ini to seet us. It is a p)lea
O Outitr For Fllbd and
Wte aire ahiiinanti ly prepi:ae to sup~ply
id honest merehtiaiut :,, whliebt t,mran
esi pemnn traes, hiappy :ui sattis
dl cus.tomiers It's ai hundi'red cenits oni
eni. tomeriis thatc
* iiiwait theirc)lt
lip uici5( See
Sit its -- Stilir b
lrand als ht '
ndfit. Fuall
/ line for haivs
andt y'out his We
call yotiut atten.
St ion to ouri May
flouwer Shoes for
stocik guaranii te
Mi i.soes and ( hii ldr
* Keep an
se .J
floor to ceiling
rchandise. You
easy shopping
ie qualities are
relow, the clerks
(erything possi
to make it to
to give us your
3 the fact that no house
is cheaper than our
ck was bought at very
ie have much cotton
iy under today's ruling
o l itfo of our foriin to pIureliams
-g as our prosotit ttock lifils mit.
whitek att it. \Wo airo Wt, 1-l mmis n
and Silks.
i hi iui l o rli
)k aftor your intorOStH. (10t \one
,nr little giri inl a bouitiful Cloak.
-s f,r a I.
iporior. Thir iro si-oes thiat sell
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g, Hats and Shoes This Fall.
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