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The Greenwood Journal has been
sued for libel in the sum of $5,000 for
stating that the evidence was strong
and that the officers have suspected for
sometime that a restaurant keeper of
that city was handling contraband
A restaurant keeper in Greenwood is
suing, for defamation of character, the
editor of a newspaper who charged him
with selling liquor in violation of the
dispensary law. In Charleston- -unfor
tunately- such an accusation wQuldn't
stir resentment and no jury could be
persuaded that it was damaging. - -
Charleston Post.
You do not mean to convey the idea
or leave the impression that there is
such a thing as a blind tiger in Charles
ton or a place where liquor is illegally
sold. Perish the thought.
The report of the trustees of the
graded school makes agoodshowing but
is rather lengthy.
The Greenville )aily Ilerald was
biurneid out recently but it still goes on.
We extend our sympathy anld coiileld
tle enterprise of our Cotepilorary.
Prosperity, S. C. Oct. 1, 1903, The
imlililiery opening last week 1uder the
direction of MIrs. \v. A. Moseley inl
charge of milinory depar-tmnenit of. Mose
evy l3ros, as vWell also as that of Mrs,
S. W. Callmes were the attractions of
the week.
h'Ie Mlt. Tabor people have projected
ninny things for the imrl])WoveIent of
their h(uiirch and surrouniings. 'Ieir
church buikling will Ie su,i1rm1ount ed by
a hielfry and will be r1'covered and re
painted. They will 1(1(1 to t.heir cofort
by adding anlother stove. 'elir Conle
t-y will be feIc'ed in a neat wire
en'iing. Mris. J. M. Wvheeler spent a
day at ittle 'Nountain thIis week.
Miss (;(.rt r(dt Bobb will begin toacl
ing school ini numiber eight Townslip
next, week.
Mr. It. M. Monts al family have re
turned to Ihi.ins, (Ga. I le t :aulgnt school
at St. 1,lke's last session, and it was
hoped le would abide in his native
county, bit, the str-ong tie that, iinds
him to his Georgia home carried him
back again.
Mr. F. A. Boland has also gone from
u1s again lIle has accepted work in the
schools of Sumter county and left for
his new home this week.
Mr. C. Cecil Wyche left. today to re
sume his studies at the Citadel, Char
les toni.
Mr. I. I. Iwlunt, was on our streets
The oil mill ginnerciy is no0w r'uninrg
and the long wvait.s for cotton ginninrg
arc things of the piast..
Mrs. G. S. IHeardenr 'of C olumbi ia, hia
breeni visiting her' paren ts, l)r. . l.
Luthrer's family.
Prosperity 's Ladles' MIIsslonary Soelety.
'The following is a comnmunlienation
from P rosperi ty which appearerd in thle
last issue of' thle Associate Itformned
"It lhas breern <uite a whlile since you
heard from us, though it is riot 0our
'Our Societ.y is still living; in fact,
it has taken on new life. We arc few
ini number and seldom have a full mneet -
ig. We have lost six members in the
last few years, five by decath and one
by r'ermovatl.
'Notwithstanding all this, our pledges
are still the same $10 to Hlome Missions
andl $10 to Foreign M issions.
"W make gluilts and sell them anid
inr various other ways we r'aise t he rmorney
for '"Where there's a will, there's a
way."' We should like to hear frorm
oher Societies. Think they courld give
sonic information that would lbe of value
to us.
"We should no do our dirty if we
1idI riot say sorr.-ttMng about two of our3
y >unig rmern Messrs. George Brownr arid
Vassal Galhrnan. B~y request of (our3
pastor they conduc'ted our pirayer mneet -
irngs dulr'ing Iris absence this summer
attending thle Bible Conference at All
H ealing. Mr. Vassal Gallmarr con
dlucted the prayer' meetings and Mr'.
Geor'ge Brown miade an adldress at
both rmeet.inigs. Mu'. Brown's surbjects
wereri'Our)uty to Our Pastor" andl
'"T'he Pastor's D)uty to f lis People,"
Th'Ie congr'egation wats very much
p)leased with the manner in which these
two young rmen dischar'ged their dutties.
TIhey are noble, p)romismng yorug men,
and1 we know of few who could be of
more ser'vice to our c urch. Tlhrey both
can pr'ay in piublic and wvheni God wvarnts
a thing done lie alwvays sets men to
praying. This is ever the order of
progress in the divine kingdom. Moses
pr'ayedI and Amalek was defeated;
Samuel p)rayed and the Philist.ines fled.
There is great power in prayer.
"Last, but not least, our pastor, Rev.
C. M. lBoyd, is giving us some first
class preaching. It is "like the dlew
upon the mown grass and like showers
upon the thirsty fields." Church meim
bers are revived; men, not members,
have been led to consider their spiritual
condition. His whole soul seems to be
thrown into His work, and may God
accompany the Word with His Holy
Spirit. "C. n., Com. Sec."
)in the day preceding the shooting.
Vedder Ziunierian and Frances Wes
ton Smith, aged 14 and 12 respectively
residents of Columbia, testified that tw(
lays before the shooting of Mr Gonzale.
hey saw Col. Tillnian standing inl froni
)f the skyscraper in Columbia talking t<
.wo gentilenen, with a pistol in his hil
,.ueket showing through the split in li!
Prince Albert coat.
A DIADr.v AlM.
II. Spann Dowling, a member of tl(
b,egislature from Bamuberg, break fasted
vith Mr Tillman in the latter's roomn it1
.he Caldwell hotel the morning of th
Otooting F I Doninick and Blinel
l'illitan were present a part of the time,
le saw Air. Tillian's two pistols aind
heir taechanism was explained to hi,n
lie related a conversation between hit.
ielf and Tilltnan in the jail on the after.
1100nn of Janary 15, in which the prisonel
;aid, "If I hit hini where I ained for, lie
is a deald man."
W. V. Steighlitz, a well known gun
-unitli of Columbia testified that he re.
paired the iagazine of Col. Tilnian'.
;erinan Iagazine pistol- which he iden.
.i'tied -at the request of
11ON. F, 11. DOMINIC1,
in the evening precedig the shooting,
Aid that Mr. Doiniiiek called for it on
ie tmorntig of the shooting and ht
urnted it over to hit.
J N o . I N O . A tu , ,.
VV.)N)'SD% V'S SKS4oN.
I,vxingtoin, S -pt. .;o. -Tle third day of
tle Tillaii trial was taken i up largely
ithlt the argunent of legal poitts by the
Ittorneys, tholugh a goo)Id deal of evidence
was inltrilduced.
The court rootn was about three-fourtlhf
Mirs Jas.II.TlnaanCo.ihan
tmother were in the court rooin
The Itiain isste of tile day was tlt
fight otn the adtliissionl of dying entiark,
inad4e bI Mr Gonzales in this coitenl
tion the prosecitionl was victorious an<
the remarks were titiodued Tles
statettieits the prosecntiotn is endeavor
tig t - get itn as prelinitiary to the presen
tition of a fortal atte-mtortei statenlten
frot MIr. Gonzales whiehi was reduceil t<
wt itilig.
)rs. It. W. Taylor and J. 11. Nielittos1
were replacei and testiitied as to tle treat
tuent. Dr Mlitosl said just as littl
inlorphine as possible was givel Ir. Got
z,alcs hecanlse it u as desired to kee) Iti
miind bright Possibly i2 injections wer
1thade. Oil the way to the hospital, it tl
anhilance Ir. Gonzales asked ine if b
was Itlortally wounded. I said. "Vei
I think you are mortally wontided." 11
said, "Y es, I believe lie got te." Up t
the titni lie was ont un11der the influelne
of tlt' :ntestletiC I iever saw a ntia i
sulh extincle danger clearer, t 2oler, o
inWI c(ii04ected Vh1ena I first saw hit Ih
wis inl tle extrelliest. danger of death
M C. Vallace, who it, 'een with tih
tietaial depdtartnent of the State sinie<
I, was staitidintg ontM tlin street at tli
Iiacl of thle slitooting, anid saw lie pa rtie:
itttnediately' afterwards. NI t. Goatzales
aftet eatrried to T'hy State otlice, saidi,"
enn ttnot live '" I was thie first to reacd
hiitt altier lie was brought to thle lliee
Crotss exatniined lie said lie had nulieve
heard Mr a. G onzales express lhimself hios
tile to i\r. Tlillinati anid did tnot kniow u
;ntiy per'sonual ettiyt).
J. A. IIloyt , Jrt., associate. editrl oft Th'i
Stait' at the ti sae of the shioot ing, Ii rs
'.aw Nir Goitales ini the State utlice afte
lie was shot. lie wits itti ntentse pin
NIrt. Gonaltes said to itne atfter htis wit
got t here, "'1 was only afraid I would di
btefore tty wife got here, lie describe<
to ie the uttann er oif his shootitng. Mt
I loyt was asked to stiute what MIr. Got
iiales tol hitas toi his eonuitiott. TIh
diefetnse ohl jeeted oti the g rottid thati
was not admitissible as a dying declaratiort
Ju tdge (Gary ruled as follows:
Th'le Court: If a titn is in extreti i
anid bintg in ext reinis, and lbeintg ini tIn
cnutd it ion is absolutely without hope, ant
itiakes a statelinent, I bielieve it is piropel
Stub segntetlyI if hope is revived in hi
mindit I do nlot believe that will retn<h
liat stattetnetit incoinlenl t. If huol
was rev'ivedl ini the tiid of thtis inantt (
the way to the hiospqital, if he was ini TIl
Sltate oie ini extretis andto wit hot
hot pe , thle statettteat tuinale thIere won1
Ctol. Joltntstone asked that the defem:
hi g iveni the pr iilege of arguing tl
p -init before J udge (Garty inadte his ruit.
abisohn te atnd Iial. Th'le jnriy was retire<
anid the poinit was argued at hlngthl, Cc
Jo hntstotie openinig for the defense. Cc
Johilnstonie eloquetntly and forcibly argo
that not otnly miutst the pattienlt believe I
is goitng to die, hut (leathl tnst be' thea
ini order thatt his dy insg declaration hbe al
tmissib~e. Th'le attornieys for the prosec
tioni hel I tiat Mr. Gonz,ales wuas withiol
hiopie, itt thle time hie iniade the statetnle
totN ar 1loyt ini the State oilice, aand tha
thierefoae, his stiitemaent was a dyit
dlechiirattiot tand ainiissible as st:chli
short, tIle prosecuitioni held that the statt
mleml slituld be admtiittedl because at thi
time it was inad.e MI r Gonizales believed hi
wais goinig to dIle immtieditelCy, ha viin
just beforit maide the statetmetit, "'I wit
onily afraid I would tie before my wif
reached here '" The attorneys for the de
fense held that.it shiouhld ntot be adtmitte,
becaulse dleath did ntot occur immitediat.e13
thtat ini dying deu clarationts ini addhitioni t
the belief of the patienit, death itself mmn
be present. TJhaut afterwards, even if Mi
Goiizales at that time helieved lie woul
dIle itmmiediately, hope was revived in hi
minid, lie having acquiesced in an opern
tion, atid that a revival of hope htival
dates a dying declaration.
During the argnment M. C Wallac
was recalled and stated that Dr. Griffitb
could not have given Mr. Gonzales atn
hope before Mr lloyt reached him, Mr
Hoyt having preceded Dr. Griffith to the
office. Mr lloyt testified that he thoughl
Dr. Griffith reached the State office first
After a disciission upon the adnissiom
of Mr. Gonzales' statement to Mr. Iloyl
a dying declaration, Judge Gary adhere(l
to his ruling given above.
Mr. lloyt, continuing, said that Mr
Gonzales, lying on the floor of the State
office, said that he left the State office tc
go to dinner. That lie was walking alonR
Main street towards the State house. ft
got nearly to the railway transfer statiot
when lie saw Jim Tillnan coming fron
the cap'tol with two men whomi he didn't
recognize. Several people were standing
around. lie saw that if he kept on his
course that lie would push against thiest
men, and to avoid that lie struck diagoin
ally across the pavement towairds the
crner of the transfer station and as lie
was cutting across Tillian pulled a pisto
and shot. Ile turned aid faced him ali
said, "Shoot again, you coward, you
have killed ie." He looked Tilhnan i
the face and Tillnai held the pistol il
himin, but did not shoot. Ile said just
about the time Tillnan shot him that lie
said, "I have done what you said," "I
have taken you at your word," or some
thing like that. Asked by defendant's
counsel as to his personal feelings towards
Mr. Tillian, Mr floyt said lie regarded
Tillman as the nian who had killed his
best frientd, aiid if lie harbored veigeance
towards any nan lie niust harbor Ven.
geance towards hii. Asked if before
the election lie regarded Mr. Tillina is
a liar and blackgaard. lie said yes. 1.
there anly denunciatory term too stron
that you couldapply to him now? None
answered Mr. lloyt
Dr. C. W. Barron, of Columubia, a broth
er-ii-law of the deceased editor stated
that wheii le got to the hospital he sa
Mr. Gonzales aid that his iiiind was clear
lie saw the statemetit imade and heari
NMr Gonzales state that it was his dying
Dr J. W. Babcock, of Colunbia, wa:
called in while Mr. Gonzales was lyin
wouilded inl the State oflice. Mr. Gon
zales told him lie was suffering grea
agony and asked him to do soiethii
iore for hin. Dr. Babcock on the stam
read the iotes which lie had taken of Ir
Goizales' dyilr declaratioi, taken at th
hospital. h'lie declaration is practicall
the same a-< that given by NIr lloyt witil
this addition: Nlr. Gonzales said that I
recognized Senator Talbird, and that i
had net Nlr. Tilliman two dlays before ii
e the lobby of the llouse.
The jury was excluded during an argi
ient upon the admissibility of D)r. Bali
cock's notes.
'I he last witness on Wednesday wa
Nlr. August Koln, of the News and Cou1
ier, who was preser.t at the tine the dy
ing declarat ion of Mr i. Gonzales was madi
in the hospital just before the operatioti
NIr. Kolii did not conclude his testiinon
on Wediiesday.
[Special to Herald anud N ews.]
iLexington. S. C., October i-- Toda
uintil four o'clock was consumed by th
p)r'secution ill readinig the editorials il
reference to Tlihllmian which appeared ii
the State niewsp)aper during last year
T'he ob)ject, I presumie, is to show b:
freadling al11 the editorials that the issot
wih Gonizales miade was slot a persoina
isssuie, but1 that Gonziales intdicated Tlilh
Simn the c'anditdate. The State is no
likely to rest until Saturday if then. Thli
enid of thle trial is not yet ini sight. 'Thi
c'rowdl ini the court house toda3
dwindled to a miere haiid full. Thel imos
dcisivet v'ictory so far has b)een to the~
prosecuitloll ini the admiiissioin of Gonzales
dying statement.
JNO. K. AUI,m..
t Lexinlgton, S. C., October i, 4.40 p. mi
-- The reading of editorials by prosecu
tion con tinutes. J. K.,~Ain.,.
lIrTTi,it iNl4(ICT iN li(XINGTON.
That tiihe)eop)le of Lexington Count:
t are not taikinig muchl imterest ini the tria
Iis shown by the very smiall attendance ii
lite court room. There is a sniallI ariii'
Sof niewsl)aper men here, and thie lhotel
are crost ed.
d Ity the cyidence of Newberry People.
e 'l'he thiily iv ider inehtizenms r'ight her
15 sa isfy the greatest. sket10 t. No b't.te
g p tof caii be' hatd I ere is a case. I ten
I, it;
I' O C. IBarton mill handt at. the New~
' berriy ( otton Mill says: " 'l)oan 's K(idi
I- noy P'iIls di me' mXore good th ani an
-d 0t her med lii I over' uised They curec
IeIme of bacikachei aifter' overyt hing ols
lhad fai l'd. I sullfered wvhhi my bac
', for' setveral 3 earls and tried all kinds (
- met dcn bult, it on ly got wvorse all t,h
ttime. I have hiid to lose as much al
it two weeks at a t.imeio from wor'k on at
it tOlunlt tof lih te rri bila pin in myi) bacI4
At., t's I could 1nrot st'und st,raih!hlt t
t, sne myl life andio I seeme-lI t) lose ali
g lise' tof my bact'k whIilIe (le co'ustan t, dl
a heavy' pain~ pr'e venIto. I ime from sleepin1
or' getting rest ill anfy pos1 it)on and
wvouht get, up In t 1 h moring! tired ti
e death, Tlhe kcid' 3 s worn d Iscolored ant
drliag ii-yse.lf out,1 of bhnd several time
durinmg a night. I tried everythIiinj
I could btuI y, rubbe sd on iIm nt,s, wor'
e pIas' 0rs atid t .ok remedies but it vwa
-just i'' samle toltd backache antd I though
iI wold never l!'t, well. Seeing an ad
ve'r'iement ahont Doaun's Id tney Pill
'I went, t. > W. 10~ P~oham & Soii's driui
o store a'sd got ao box. Thlny want a
t once to I hotright spot I usod three hoxe
tof thema and miy back ceasedl aching.
had no b'othoir wit.h the kidneys ant
could gel, soun'. a' d refreshing sleepa5
a night. I attributbe these resultseontirel'
-to the use' of D)oan's KIdney Pills.'
t. For i-ale by all dealers. Priee 504. cents
IFoter Milborn Co.
Rem'umber the name.-Doans' and t.akt
tems of More or Less Interest Condense
Outside the State.
Mrs. Jofferson Davis who has boo
quite ill continues to improVo anm
it is low thought she will recover.
The two minute Irot.tor is hero i
full truth. Not oilv Lou Dillon, br
Major )el Mar, has (on the triet
Dr. Uniteras, fit. Laredo, 'ex
where yellow fover is prova 'g, say
th" mosquto is Ilo vanmo of th
frver's spread.
The two Freich itormints wh
iide at suicoessI ii trip in a ballooi
from Paris to Eiglimd, have retiune
to their homps.
ThI'i irst footbtalil casualty of (It
season is reported from Chicag<
Whore Augustus Becker, a student it
itke l'orest, had him biek broken.
P,Idet Rooistvolt, I-, famil
anld oiinl NoTf hiv) roinrunod t,
the hl ln i flol'm at rWathingto
from t hvi r stit uer vacantion t Osic
A sovero storm has swept over tit
norlitern coast of Portgyil. Tw
fishin. bo-tts, contiintig ovotit. tw
m1i, wvoro wreckedl and stxten <
im finmi wv-rt, diond.
Gtovorior Jol( ha- ene.1 th
bill klimiig Suniday biasebll in Alb
bait it d als Io it -ti boyeott. hili
wielh vtq t renuously opp.sod I- t 1
lab ,r unions of Ilhi. at
J .1, i ht-bi:d, a w ,li known rai
tliter, wis found do(eed nwar Doeat1
Alat., fol Mionday. 11- wvi- fin illi
portatnt witness in a law suit a
rumors of foul play Pire heard.
Many memni.rs of tlie preset
Alabitatim legislittu- ari said to 1
looking for phwosig highir up in lii
stato's sorvice. S veral promisin
giibornittorial cntididat-ie stre ammn
the motibers of the two lionSs.
!'riin ot Cintcifnitt i S. I I1hmo
strikvs at cow near Glen Mary, Tmillt
and tle train loaves tie Irnek it.
rolls down embaidnme,t. Engine
Piark--r k i an d0 eight others of Ii
vrow injured.
At a meeting of reputhlicans i
Brooklyn Monday iight Timott
\Woodruff's slite wis smtshed an
a general moleo followed. Polic
e en ibbe right and left beft
restoring order
Coigrssimaimn Aiken, sa' s the At
dersoi Mail, will make i offort i
ihe next session of Congress to sooi
on appijropriat ion for at postolli<
bil dintg at Antd.-rsoni, Ibhere is ia
goveornmienit builinhg in Mrt Aiken,
d uistrict.
Seniator Clay of G3eorgia hias dlenie
that hoe dlaredl himself in favor c
he notinuation of GIormian for Presi
det. by the Democrats, as wits recet
ly reptortedl. Clark Howell, howevi
conttinues to pledge (Geo.rgiit to th
Matryland Senator.
. lTheo itnsisten'lce or Premier Batlfoui
on Lord1 Mihiter's .eceptanweo of th
colonial secretaryship in the Britis
catbintet, mtd icat es t hat, as fatr as tbh
colouiail governing policy is corn
-crned, the spirit of Chambi erlai
will at ill be ptotenit ini the mtinlist rl
TIhere is no hypocrisy about Low:i
N ixoni, at least. lie annironnreis thI~
he is at canididatoe for the D)emIocriat
noiniti Iton for Mayor of Newv Yor
anid that he will matke a strong effot
to secure the platce. It wouIld n<
be surprising if his bold stroke en t
upath to victo-:y for him through thi
stOithi) politicians.
It is sid t hat there was $10,00I
in erreney on thle Itain for Spatarit
burg being conisignied to oneo of t h
bantks of that city. TIhe money wi
ini one package and1( wats made lip <
%, $ibills. It camie in TuIesdaiy morr
1inig having b)eent reco)veredl. Bidi(
b leitig mashed and twisted ia bit tit
i big l t. of miotney wits utninjtred.
s Wits hant(Idd by thle Souitherntt F
press Comipany.
S Col. M. P. Tribble, wvho hats charg
of t hie work of collecting the Con
federate rolls of this State for tb,
government, wiil next week stat
Iout on a trip over the4 entire Stat
frtepturpose of obtaituing rolls c
voternis that, have not btoen sejn
him in Columbia. There are a larg
numbeltl)r of those rolls thtat should Li
in Coloniel Tribble's hands, and1( ur
less they are obtained at once, t her
will be some didliculty in get tini
[ themi accepted by the secretary c
. war.
Berlin lays claim to the distim
tion of, hitving the chamipion truar
of the world. Hie is at boy of 1(
Nothing could make him atten
school, and it finally became nieceS
sary to send him thither each day in
charge of a policeman. This lasted
for a week or so, and then he begai
to run iway from home at night so
timt, Ihe policeman could not find
him in the morning. To stop this
praictico Ie was looked up. One
night. he jutupe-d from the window
in the rou) where he wia confited
iad landed in street, thirty feet be.
I low, with his skull and most of his
8 ribs broken.
Only About Four Hundred Trees of This
Historic Wood Still Alive.
Th rer only itout fonr huIndred
of the cedars of Lebanon left. High
up onl t ho roekv mlopem HaIdrian mculp.
tured him imporial inuthoma against
ail who should out those sored trees.
'TPhe Maronite pesauts almost wor
Y ship thoum and call tlen the "Codairs
of lie L-)rd;"k and a recent Governor a
of Llebanon has surroundei them #
r by a great wall, so that the youing
shoots may t-t be injured by rov
Sing animals. Yet, their number
L grows less. But if the cedars are
few iml nutmbor, these few are of royal
b!ood. They are not tho largest of
trees, thiough somo of th trinks
imisuro over forty fott around. Their
bomity ios i t Ih wide id p eilding
limbs, Which offou cover ia circlo two
or thro-, hjundr,i ftet in circnnfor
MWO Nomlio are tall ad symmetri
-tal, fith bIautifil hurizontal
himehesh; othors are tailed and
k i"Itod, with inviting seats in the
grFat fCa ks mvi eiharming beds on
J the thick foliqge of the swinging
The wood Ia a sweet odor, is very
a hard and soldoin decays' The vital-C
e ity of the cedar is remarkable. A
dead tr-e is teviir sen, except where
lightning or t he axe has been at work.
Often a greant bough of one tree lit o
grown into a neighbor and itie two
ar RO bound togi4ther that it is im- ot
possible to foy which is tho plrint
r trunk Perhap the unusual strength
amd viltality (if the cedars are (Itue to
their slow growth. Wheni a little to
sprout, hardly waist high, is said to "
D be teln or fifteen or twenty years old hi
Y one cannot, help asking, What must
d be the aigo of the great patriarchs st
of the grove? It is hard to tell ex- pi
Sletatly. By the aid of a miceroscope
I havv counted moro thia sever bun
. dred rings on a boui..- only thirt.
t inches in diameter. Those who
e have studied Ihe matter more deeply
e tik that some of t hose I roes must /
o 1)e mo4)re thI)an a t hionsand years old,
a LIndeld t here is niothing widely im
p1-obabl. in the thought t hat per
hatps the Gio.urduian, for instanco, may Yg
have been a y ounag tree when Hiram an
began ut ting for t he temiplo at de t
A New Store
We are now readly to show the
t Irading public the flest, Cheapest
.11a(d Most U.p)-to-Date lioe of
k Mirs. 11air havuig pent 2 weceks ini
th othern markets select ing
the stock b)y hanid.
e We Also Carry
f We. say get our l'rices..
....Before Yo~u Bluy.
The Right Price Store. Is
e Summe~r Bros. Block, Lowecr Flain Street.
e Caution I g
I. This is not a gentle word-but when
you think how liable you are not to pur- bg
chase the only remedy universally
f known and a remedy that has had the
t largest sale of any medlicine in theT
world since 1868 for the cure and treat
e Iment of Consumption and Throat and
a Lungt troubles without losing its great
popularity all these years, you ,ilbe
-thankful we called your attention to
SBoschee's German Syrup. There aro so
many ordlinary cough remedlies madle by.
4 druggists and others that are cheap and
fgood for l ight coldls perhaps, but for
severe Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup -and
especially fr Consumption, where there
is dIiIlicult explectoration and coughing
diuring the nights and mornings, there
t is nothing like German Syrup. The 25: Gr
cent 3ize has just been introduced this dli
Foi one week ONLY Oct. 3d to
discount on every brush in our i
I Hair Ilmshes, Clothes Brushes, Na
desire to sell every brush that we 11
are not desirable brushes. That is
these brushes; we bought them to
purpose We want to sell anore of
we want to see, at this special pric<
tite. It, will be worth your %ille
.rur tooth brush isn't entirely wor
adur.g this sale.
Butl ytiol Tooth Paste, is an ele
inig ad preserving the teeth. It
that we have ever hanidled. This
scratch tven the softest enamel I
much, oy being too dry. It is just
.W-Let us fill your prescription,
it done.
Gilder Z
Particular Pharmacists,
but is s
buy yo
We have placed in c
We will give a Key to this Box
.00 or over. Two (2) Keys v
er. Three (3) Keys wi(h ever
Only THR EE Keys will opel
t You may try your Key.
Ihe first Key to unlock the
The Secol( Key to unlock t
The third Key to unlock Ib<
No Key will be tried unless the
have a key. We do not know
vertise in -this paper when al
ur so everybody will have ara e<
WDion't lose the Tag-' lie
We have the largest selection, I
lish shoes that are manuficture
ease everybody.
1 K LE
We arc taundantly' prep)ared to supo)l
tur wanits. Every departmuenat is heut
edl. 1Each (day brings ntew attractio,
1 honest auerchanadise, which guarat
s p)ennuanent tradles, happy and~ sati
I custoiers It's a hundred cenats (
the dlollar to o
coun Its Peop
wanat thei
- money's wort
and not so mut
- - lip music S<
-our $5 andl(l
ISuits -Si
Brand, also be
W ~ ter ones. The~
I are nioted fi
workmna n s h i
uud fit. Ft
andl youths \V
call your attei
stock -guar a
Missqes anad C
read y to store Uottoi
id issue receipts fo:
me which money cai
obtained on
1.0O. 0. F.
1f1 1' l4V F,ltY IlDllAY NIGH
L.at 7 30 nY ock at. their hall at, t,h
aula, elnolt Iulding. Visitors coi
1ly Invited.
J. S. SulTJi, N. 0.
. 0 Sitoart. .J, .Snrnt.ary.
9th inchisive, we offer a 20 per cent. {
itore. This includes Toothi Brushes,
il Brushes, and all other kinds. We
AV1 inl stock. Not that any of them
n't the reason at all. We want to sell
sell; we didin't buy them for any t,ther
them thanl we are selling now, and
, how many we can sell in one week's
to buy a stock of brushes. Even if /
l out, You had letter get a new one
gant preparation for cleansing, white
is the most perfect tooth preparation - -
p:ste is so sinoothe that it cannot
t is a happy medium; not foaming too f
right. Price 25C. per tube.
We do it as your physician wants
Ne ks,
Corner Drug Store,
RY,- S. C.
L1 ftt
L I I.
is no gambling scheme,
imply an inducement to
,ur SHOES from us for
ur window a box which
Free wvith every pair of Shoes sold at
v,it h every pair of Shoes sold at $2.oo or
V pair of Shoes sold il $3 O() or over.
this box. When KOys have all given
box takes TEN DOLLARS.
lie box takes SIN DOLLARS.
box takes FOUR DOLLARS.
tag is at tached. No employe allowed
vhich key opens the box. We shall
I the keys are taken anld set a day and
Pual chance to try his Keys.
Key is w%,orthless without it.
he best quality, the most durable and
d of Leather and Iron, at prices which
8ll Wiuter 1800
h t
t e -
ntteed to wear, and Star Brand Shoes forq
bhildreni. a.
an Eye ON this Space*
'ours for business,
.A G0pmplete Natural Mianure.
County for Genuine Peru
I Guano, which is a complete,
ancedl natural manure, co
prena lements of
dlesiring to avail
for sameb
1903, a
aft.er U
T alwa
to us

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