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i tragedy. To hi modern prototy po
the laking of life is morrey a I ratedy
till it is proven to he murder; vorily
it hae coimo to a pl4 that hil wh:fo
would (1o murder itmust look to him
self anld his vlndtuct. Hoit mu1,4 t
reckon well with the fictions of t he
law, lost he be t hrown out of Court
a guiltloss man ; one who did no more
than hundred. of mon have dooti, aid
are doing molthl in and monlthl oit inl
this aid other States. Thiughi thi
sins of many of them are as scarlet
the Courts made them whiter than
snow. So here in Lexington to day
the legal forces are oneo more gat i.
ered in the valley of decision. A
reckoning is to be had halt weon
James H. Tillman and the majosty
of the law, the peacitf al dignity of
the State (if South Carolina. T Hw
issue is of tiorllont to the avellsei I
olneit to thoso who wolli ave1e
the dead; momeit to the public at
large; moment. to Southrnm just het'
May it pleaise the honorable ( oil rt,
the jury and tlie geitlemlon of le
Bar: A menoius task is loferf
you, one anI ill. 'U III burden ot it
gravo dillty lts fall'in toir h, hre
(If service, fniil N\ ll will he bellm i
strict nevotinitig i pub li(- jipiion.
Your follmv citizolls Wouil rm ilir
that youl ficqplit ted a guilty noIm t h m
that, on their h4-half, you . blioml con
d1e11 ltiln innolc it oriv. If t here is a
roasomiale dollbt tt tlit pri,onr
at the har has offril..d t huls wubt
have him fully, froly, quicklyvN ii
(irat d. lint in, d1efalit of tt hi m bwitl
williout fear or f Ivor t he high
thority llhat is y uirs; tiot y,u shi o!
not shrink, nor le' afridi, r I
nor Ilviid; I hat vou shmt I ninister
j ne in behalf of I hw <lh'n wit it il.
hlle ietetrity tyht ion thi.(t
rnercy to t he. livineg. \\'haltover dle eei
on is r ea hted I hl \re will I lit he..
Who will c-tvil.Ibthaisn be
here nor hlw. The ei ee lo
shiuw .J1tilee I. Tllinalt i , j.. li ,.
nit ini t ligilli ge o f itl e sttu
aind inl 1hie spirit of he law. Til.'
il lHill lifnim off fill thlat is j,1t
aid rightous, lot it h)(e founlI acer
Blut the titstiIIon1y Iifity 11111 to tll
Contrary conviv(iion, may oint to il.
of soverlal degrees of guilt. i ji
this event, thatt hie v,erdiVl ifilist
I-oked to. There nity hte tlksew
wi slty thalt tiuch1 anadoitti
ilnilliIedist rust ; ini sleh e'inrii-.t:c ie.s
is aitiiiSult. Nothing elf the sert i
here inteedi .
hierii to conduciit thIis trialel lornbe*r
atmon g t hero as worthyi, ns ii >|h.
gent .as Pitrt lie m rra n N,i.l it. S eli I
Carnoliuja has plreede. But tey,
as weoll as eetherOs, kri> e,adi hej lO t
they arIe: t het it halt coline ut pats.
If] Seillit 5ecti )r:- ..f t ee 1b in
wicih trial fer rzp'rde'r is it reepreltlh
to thbe Curts A t raviesty upon01 j l1
tration o~ the lawe. f t0 arl
Thbe rI is Sece a~ re o-te t.ry, froni
(X eree to Beeaulfort thbat ldtes not
hold its nlreve:gee v i etin of ilh.egal
ve>')I.Ae. (ouirt absovedi C$ ain hIlaun11 t
their bIlood -ulutearedl Iioe)(eelet o
eve'ry bar de There art' riot foun.d
wantineg ths 115'who elare Ihaite ir
d,ith in rnarder triads ini SouthI Care'
>11 are it by-wor I atrol a laughing
thee thirng, and it wouiii lit
fWvl toe dejrando that t hey hbe inot
l1"teni . It is their inotoIriouis
verity that in aktes t he presentit emer.
gitrcy 5o iloinet' oilS. It is hoItcautse
liy re true that, the eyes o)f mtten
are rivetedl oi keenly uiporn this
Court, this jutry, t hose laiwyors, t hiis
trial -riveted u pon t herol as keonly,
imdeed, as t hey are u pont the prisoner
at the, bar hiimelf. Thierofore, is
James H. Tilliman guilty or niot
guilty Y ? Wht say you Y You have to
answer in thle narme or thle deOad 1o
less than in thet namnt of the iving.
John Marshall.
Advertised Letters
Remaining in postoflce for the wVeel
ending Sepltember 26, 1903I:
13-Miss Etta Bedtenbaughi, Misi
Mittie Brown.
(J-Miss Allis C..oopetr.
D---arrie D)ewalt, Miss Fanith
lF-H....Lorace1 F'roomantr.
J-Mrs Patsy Jeter.
Mlle.L McCarty, Miss Florence
N-Mrs Nanniio- . J. Nickles.
R-Miss Fiannie Rut herford.
Persons calling for these letters will
pleaseo say that they were advertised.
Ce J. PRr, . nM.
Of the Trustees of the Newberry Grad
School--Submitted by the Chairman,
Newberry, S. C. Sept. 29th, 1903.
lo the Citizens o Newberry Sch<
Pursuant to an Act of the Gene1
A.sembly, appr oved 28d Decenmh
1889, t le 11oard of Trustees of fhe No
berry School District hereby preso
their annual report for the scholas(
year ending .hne 0th, 19:.
Enrollment of pupils for the year w
as foillows:
I 1 i i % itin ' Sf It I <le Stt 1t 1o
Wv( It ld 0 Cotto ll ii It
toesondulieP'~Ol.wt ep
.Avvt:ge d;l tiv yttend a0r i
Slig _' :s tee anyndal se%ioln
NSo. of we seool wa in se.dzii
No. -1 t, shet s. illaihdinlP S ariIt'1n. 1
No. ol pupils belo inglix to tee thk
A Alt e . V it tte: 1 h1 4 n t I1
t jeiti ateilicidenit attfe popnni no
csjiiit 11,111 ot :i l h. tleamount r:
epj of iito it e 1 iae soi% 41 e .is e
;wl illonth
t'omparing tihe present owith th po
veding scholaStic year, it is fouind i
ther Ihs beel an increase of 1e In 0l
Ih h ias been a11110t mare improvi
mniln til avelage dailyt atl)ttn:me
I,a it y Ir it w st 6. D1ring t w pre:
wnt Year it Iha been 120. Thte increa
I.:- bon 91
Ti mhemunt colleted last ear fro
tuitionhe and inaidental fes (romli not
-esientI w s $448.31. Thie amount rt
ceived fnm thie satme source tis te
Tedifftlev in favo r of thle prese401
y-sC0ollee.tionl is $-56.'88.
mlie e prosperity and su cess o
II t inc twie fu.nd re showi in t
\taluc of school pr-operty bolongin
Io hldistriet:
tht t 't' vou :n tea1rd tO ot ,
.t n1l a r tileing to e vl1e 11tl lt
The funds fro which the schlool. tid
rivive thenl ineole ile te Collectioli
frot tihe special two ill taxd when
poltioim-ient from tlhe three mill tolist
tutiotnal tax and thi dispensaryN fuisd:
and thet amiounlts received from; tulitic
d liidental, from no-lresidents' fbee
I httL ripts and eX Wedits ntot Of t
iOV0 ment ioied fnsare shown in ti
rlports of tie School Board, Treasur
anld thle Counlty Treasur-er. Both r.
port are hiretZol appended.
The, reSuilts; of commercial enterpri,
.tm he computed and a e So plai n tt
it al bte readily ascertained What r
prs ae nmte, Whotler or lot
bwinolits derived have justified thle t.
pe\ 'tiir ut itt i is un fortunat f
tm ae1)11 school admilnistiaton a tilat its
gtitv of suecess or failure Cannot the e:
It vd l. figures. It is u nfortiui at
i' tent just ritieisn could point t
way to amien dpuet and njust wor
lhibnts would be silenced.
Tilt Statistis whi we hiave itl
wilchl are mieorporated in the rep
Snee to be gra.tiying p d Rie worti
It is very genier-ally asseted thiat
n l .rcntry ie school Population
any ommmity is 20 per cent. of i
aln popuat ion. The pomulatiOn of t
IkWn1 of Newberry CCording to the( la.
innIu as as1.607. lh une fbr "pof
ivil. kn111d in the school,; during tl
l'l a "As I Ad to sc ou pi
cent oif \ewberryvetmnt Schol iti
merefor..e,t imore t 217per cent.
the ettal poplatin has pbin $wor.
th tercti thow thaven reoorion
otc:nlag e of pulis nlbyic implruci
cutionhot this e ountha os
tuitio as ered11 aboefr pupaporti
theisiioiis morthe at erhaeb
'Flnt.' mtersi of investments nbu
oi'giio.a., estiaedate. $17ho 00,t
atemto ola has ibenl$7,ence
sh olternt teabliaet fuai
scholars.o tuhis omniby asloee
culeatin tinb n that the ol cot
aforalind ciicfontinps.i
Tescholarship of the ppils maynr
h'erd fromael i. formated. th s wvra
brami pofwer. gaTeNewbe grad
schools were not hsaigateed furni
nlrttschoo i this cou lny.
ts y wee orgaizeds to dtiseminat i
li mcorl, (ndelvi bfore inrpultito wt
are toclloeer, soelllthingr for
sclaship they pupentmyr.
fterree rom mtoratio thtbi svera
school tad nothain attenerdo sci
andort antaerg schosn ofhi.s0 cout
p'ortsc ten s t1hat puils thm for
tegoit tcolle,are oel frparefr t(
claion t hey weitertanyvrht
At d'ol)e e ytati fh public scho
enni thake dclrtnlatlx as of ui
adat andvergh cool ol$.10amon
isfo telers s a ndrea them ofor
eligty abiitizenmhi at for hiear oft
enteon they school crainly wenrth th
yes d i a omlt h o
A coplter (al lisem rafkublic scho
h'alk ihre depoartmipwtsuents srci
cohec are repecively calledn mosta:
leach if thse Sta ouraes
ea griadusly ov er one yeular l
thelscholl.i cofure hebi soulsycou1
cst ittr tesv yar s, n calo thepilefo
nary aiwliymyolsx.erso
enA the schoollil, and ofwhen stiht<
tAtmflr auaion ehne rns,o schoi
rank, tha stlashi itstudnts w
coplete fthen jiocasteSe is justfc
l eXestm tis oftallcidrne.'iso
safepay and Iipthetty grahe sch,i
icdeamentofvlhe ofubeli cho asystr
ottutales hat tiseld thie eent
rhaim f tihe elementary shool issi
agaitd knavery asu the te jutfr
(afetyagondm peetigtyThe studi
fredom at koledgofeadin add hr
mgrand c omer matrctitionc to flmeta
cithzemtics,tati geogrphyom nd pir
A h i ft eee e t r c o li i
pelling eld tinot. a static forve' In clivili.
d The history of most public sehoo
systems shows that. the high school do
partment is a mnatter of growth. It
doos not., like the elementary school
spring into imminediate comtpletenem.
l The iasotins are obvious. Among the
tive eliAses of publie school patriolige,
-al there is a class which is composed of
, patrons who canmot itroixi the expenst
V of a collegiate education but who art
nt not. in such strenuous eivilistances
. that. t hey are compelled to requiet t heiv
children at att early age to becolie sel
.qupportiing. Froi this Class (t bigl
sehool department is rtveruitel. It It
evident that .as the popilation of any
col mImi y increases the classes of
school patronage grow larger. That il
a c0n.nonwealth all classes should be
provined for. surely neetds no arguient.
in the Newherr.v schools the court
ofsthudy is outlinei for tenyears. There
are four grades in the prinary depart
Inent ald four grades in the grannui
d departient--but. there are only two
grades.in the high school depart ment.
A pupil may complete the course of
study and graduate at 16 years of a e.
As regards the allotment of tie. the
primary and the grammar school de
partments are cornplete. but the highi
school department lacks two .vears of
coinp letion. Without doubt those Who
estabh'alietd our city public schools fore
saw the social conditions and from the
first started a high school department
by organizing the ninth antd tenth
grades. They evidently thought that
a. tie town grew in wealthi and ioplu
lit ion, two more grades would be adtted
aid a complete high school would be es
During the present year $111.13 has
e been spent. on repairs for school prop
f tertv. The work that was done was
very much needed and the builiings
have been put in comfortable condition
for the next scholastic session.
'The law under which our school sys
tei operates requires every year a re
neVal of the Specilt two mi'll tax. This
tax is levied upon the real and the per
sonal property of this school district.
and it forms a considerable part of the
school funds. It does not seemn to be
expedient to make this tax permianent.
- for conditio a may arise that require a
greater exPenditure of monev. Pv re
ferring to the studies mentioned above.
it will be seen that even more teaching
I torce is now Ieeded. The average
inumber of pupils to the teacher is fort v
tive. Tiat is too any The secial
Mtax is thle only tixbePart of the
school revenue and if it is fixedor-made
perman nt, it would be exceedingly in
convenient to meet the financial de
man1ds when they ;-ise.
F'or maintenance of the public
schools we are under the necessitv of
asking t continuance of the special tax
i evy. lZespectfully.
Alan Johnstone. chairman,111
Foster N. Martin. Secretarv.
Ai itemized statement of ot'lr receipts
an disburseieits will be found in the
rellort of the county treasurer and tht
report Of the treasurer of th-ls board of
trustees: both reports art hereto at
1- -. .
h -'
of-- -
th Items of More or L.ess Interest Condenised
ot In the Stale.
Id -....
o ud itge J. ( . KlIugh is 'ick ati hi
sh honI44ie ilAbbevillo ati.d wvill be unable
to ai t tendi t o hiis dinties on thie honehi(h
er. for several weekals
CI (apt. Geos. it. Coigdon, a prri
n.. no eiui of Geoorgetownj, udied
of after it b rief DiIhiess oln \\'t dries lav
lhe .lI)4t
ein t he ih ya ohs age.
.t No cou,rt wais boll in 1.444 e ,iua
ye th is we k~ he44ui ihe ven ire fo,r thIie
he jury3 wvas <q.ashedl on thbe grunnd
t.hat the cler orlf theii (couirt hd fashCi i ul
gs to) attaebl thlei soal of thle court.
Th Ile charnholr o)f (oinitIrce. of An.
lii dorsoni ha5 (tndiorsedi Iho acti on ii
rthe recent coniferenice in (Colncinhi
in dte riniingI to press thbe ight fo
la1 fair rates of freight ini Monthi Catro
n.* lina.
ud tisstatted that thbe t raini crown on
of the Three 1's are miak ig strong,
eiforts to soeure runs over ther dIi
go visions ats they are afraid of the con~
k'dtitoln of t he t rest leto Work is h)e
tid ing done on all t he brid1gesu.
ol- Nolicitor J. M~I. 4Johnison has re
gnoste05 ud Attorney (General (iuncter'i ft
mn conduti thue asti of 'hlot Sta1t0 utainse
n- itannieau Stackblo'use it Cociway (o,
r-thu murder tof Abraham huas!tti fa t ii
Ml Ir. (unter hits e' >is(ntedl to do 50
1 The Glovernior Itusday grantedoi
a the petition for the pardlon oif Williamn
W ~ alkutr, conivie'd of burglary andi
.ilarceny in (Greuunvi ll' '''m''y 'n soi.
'tenced to t wo yet rs. [The paiurdon wats
ra t doit.tto ro r n vd
and on theo reniomi *uond au io 404 f Nt jcj
itr tor B3o.gs, Waulk{ ein 1tg a lit tie nio
n-gro > >y and evidene being afterwair Is
0.. produced forming an alihi.
B E D S,
either Single or in suits
TABLES of all kinds,
Art Squares,
Rugs, Etc., Etc.
Everything found in a
first-class Furniture
store. We make a
specialty of framing
At Leavell's Old Stand.
Newberry, S. C.
li ': - pe fciiist
accornor ae uics
IThe Commercial Bank
of Newberry, SC]
larness and Saddlery
The argest. and rnost com
plete assortment in
the State.
Everything kept in an Up
to-date Harness Es
tablis hmen t.
1617 Mlain St , Columbia, S. C.
I N OlDICi TIOKII01 illl,lMl(Olo
s1 traiLght, all1 teacher1(1s in the cou nty
aire hereby not ified to b)ring in their'
cer'tificates at some con veniientI Lime in
th etfew weeks, itn order that said
certificate ma Jly he record ed in this
I . (C0. Supt. ICducaijti.
Teacher Wanted.
TlICACIllI E 1 HE'l ICll
,school, at l'omnariai, will lbe elect edl
(on l'iuesdlay, Oct ober' 18,.at 8 o'clock a.
m0. Salary, $80 petr mtoth for four
mon11Its. A ppl icti.ons may be selt t
anly ofl t he undi ersignedi Iruste(esl) beore
t hat (date.
IJNO. C. Al.,,,
J. I'. LAKTZ,10t
l'omuaria, S. C.
War reni White Suiphor Springs.
Vt. I. CU-lA.t.;N & HON, Pl'JI'rdolt..
Var.iety of' tmineral wterstI. EClevation
2, 100 feet. Onei mile from ot ation. F'our
mails, d (aily. ECxcellent tablie. Modern
builkinga and e<quipmntt. Iates $25
per month. sneei a mi rte fmile
Is what one of our custom
ers told us a few days ago
after using two bottles of
Ruby Nerve
Bone Liniment,
It penetrates without
harm, removes soreness,
relaxes inflamation, swell
ings and lameness, healing
surely and quickly. Have
it always on hand ready
for accidents. It costs but
twenty-five cents and may
save you many dollars.
1ayes D I Sto
If you want a Mower,
Rake or Grain Drill see
me before buying.
Best in the World,
For sale by me
at close figures.
Guaranteed to give
Call on me at the
Bonded Warehouse, or
upon Win. T. Gaillard.
0. M. B._ EPTING.
Watches, Clocks,
Silver and Plate Ware,
Cut Glass and Table Ware
Wedding and Birthday Presents
Key winding Watches
C hanged to Stem
Eduard Scholtz,
.Joweler and Optician.
COU)INTlY O1" N EIC1y101tY-lN
NI. V.. St.rauss, in his own right, and as
A dmmnis trator o f the personal estate of
l'rancees A. Wise, dceaseHd, P'laintiff,
. der of the Probaite Court herein, I
will sell atL pubhlic auction, to tue h ighest
bi(dder, at Newh)erry Court H1ouse, S.C
onl Monday, the 5th (lay of October,
1903:, duiring legal hours of sale, the
one-hal f und( Iiided in terest of Ferances A.
Wise, dleceasedl, in the following de
scribedl tracts of land, towit: All that
tract of land lying in the County and
State, aLforeSaLid, containing twenty
nieacs < ore ores bounded l)
son, an<d Will lHobb, also that tract of
land, lying in the County and State,
o les, b<tnle< l) bal( ofa Wil I o
Mary Gillin, I). Q . Wilson, and others.
.TIerms of Sale: One-half to be0 paidI
m? (cash, the balance on a credit of
twelve mont hs, with interest from (lay
of sale, the credit portion to be secured
by blond of' the pulrchaser, andl mort
gage of the premises sold1, with leave
to the puirchaser to anticipaite payments
in wh r i n part0. 1.urae to pay
Sept. 15, 1903 -If3t. J. P. N. C.
.that I Will sell at public outcry be
fore the Court House at Newberry,
S. C., within the legal hours of sale,
on Saleday in October, 1903, if not sold
at private sale before then, all that
property known as the Newberry Roller
Mill, situated one and a half miles north
of Newberry, S. C., and described as
follows: Complete 75-barrel steam
roller flour mill; brick building 30x40
feet, with metal roof; engine room
28x60 feet, of brick, with metal roof,
containing 8x14 Brownell & Co., auto
Imatic engine, 40 horse power Lombard
boiler and one Moffatt combined boiler
feed-pump and heater; one 50 light
General Electric Co., dynamo. Seven
acres of land will be sold with the mill;
also 2-room tenement house and two
T)rms of Sale: Purchaser will be re
quired to pay three-fourths cash; bal
ance payable within one year, secured
b note, mortgage and insurance policy
o the premises sold. Interest at 7 per
cent. annually. Purchaser to pay for
p" ers.
This property will be sold to settle
the estate of Dr. D. L. Boozer, Sr.,
). L. BOOZER, JR.,
Sept. 2nd, 1903. Administrator.
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vited to come and see
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forts to favor you ir
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I was cured by your treatment."
For full particulars address, Dr. B. M.
Woolley, 301 Lowndes Bldg., Atlanta,
Ga., who will send you his book on these
diseases FRE4
I announce to the world that I have
an absolute cure for drunkenness in
White Ribbon Remedy, based on thous
ands of cures made of the most obsti
nate cases. In a majority of cases
White Ribbon Renedy was given see
retly im tea, colree or food, without the
patient's knowledge. By degrees the
patient gets i distaste for intoxicants
and finally leaves off altogether. It is
wonderful. Many a hard drinker has
thus been reclaimed and restored to his
family and friends. White Ribbon
Remedy is easily given by following
the simple directions. It is tasteless,
odorless, and perfectly safe to give or
White Ribbon Remedy will cure or
destroy the diseased appetite for all
alcoholic drinks, whether the patient is
a confirmed inebriate, a "tippler," so
cial drinker- or drunkard. Impossible
for any one to have an appetite for al
coholic liquors after using White Rib
bon Remedy. It restores a victim to
normal health, giving him or her
steady nerves, and a (1eterminetion to
resist temp)tation. Builds up the will
Indorsed and Sold by Members of a
Woman's Christian Temperance Union.
Mrs. Anna Moore, Press Superin
tendlent of the Woman's Christian Temn
p)erance Uunion, Los5 Angeles, Califor
nia, states: 'I have tested White Rib
b)on Remedy on very obstinate drunk
ardls, antd the cures have beeni many. I
cheer fumlly recommend and indorse
White Ribbon Remedy, and advise any
woman to give it to any relative suffer-.
ing from drunkenness.'
Sold in every drug store, 50ce and $1.
Trial p)ackage free by writing or call
ing on Mrs. A. M. Townsend (for years
secretary of a Woman's Christian Tem
perance Union), 218 Tremont St., Bos
ton, Mass. Special agents in
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