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IC. 11. AUI,L, HITORt.
SirThomas Lipto!- has been suggested
as a good man to be appointed ainhms
sador to succeed Sir Miclial Iferbert
who is deald It is claimled lie woul do
more possibly thall ally other manl to
bring the two countries into closer re
lation to each other.
Juge W. C. iynum, of Chariotte,
N. C., has given $25,000 to the livtr
sity of North Carolina at Chapel Iill
for the establishment of a gymnasium.
It is to be a memorial to his grandson
who died while a student in the univer
Col. Louildas W. Spratt died i] Jack
sonvilIe, Fil., on Sunday. lie was
one of the signers of the ordinance of
secession and the last. survivor of the
Charleston delegation. This leaves
only six survivors of that. memorable
convention. Dr. Jaines If. Carlisle, of
Spartanhurg, Prof. .Iosepli Dlaniel Pope,
of Colunibia, Major John .1klikins, of
John's Island, )r. Peter Stokes, of'
Branchville, (!ol. tobert A. Thompsol,
of Walhalla, lind Mr. It. C. loganl of
One of the jurors ill the Tillman case
was reported ill with hiliols" fever 40n1
These twelve iviel Who.11a1 st oniI1e111d
to out.-dool vx-cise and plenty (If fresh
air cnn sca-cely stiand t li os cl
finemilent to which1 they-N have be14-n sub1
jected sile liv trial begal. Aml! why
Shouhdi(they be so (onineld. In-r
danger thley will be tamlpt-red with.
Somlet.hing must he left to the inltvv
rity of the jilry and Ilthat witiot sub11
jecting theml to vorporal punlishmentil
by (-lost- vonlinmentvi.
Met Yesterday and Adopted Several Sug
gestis for Meeting Onl 21S(.
The eilmmit tee ainillted by 1 i1- gooi
roads assoviat ionl to forla1.tv a1 planl to
be Submlitted to anl adjourlned meet ing
to Iv ivi oil (the 21st of octoio'r m
inl the Hierald and Nvws ollice yse
day and organizeil by (he 'leetion 01
)r. 0. IB. :\lMayer. chairm1anl aid I)r. \\'.
C. Birown Secelfary. Th I f i,I.ollowinip
WVere present: i. 11.. Myer, \V. C.
Birown, S. M. Duna-, '. (. Smith, \V
1. Iler-bert, IR. T. (C. Ilunter, .1. A.
Sligh. Townships :1, 1, 7, and I I were
not represented.
Th'lle following action was Itakell b.
the colllitt'e:
I. It wats recommendeluld .hta com
mission of live he appointed to be klowi
as the good roadIs commishsionl whe Wil
have chlargv of theterann improve
llent, of the roads.
2. It. wats recom 1:-1tha a lvv:
of two mills he mlade i all it it' propert
inl thev coluntyv If.or Ilhe POrmNINIt i
Proveient, of tlie romis.
3. That a civil enginvolr hw v1mploy1wo
malike t'stuiites iii all roadls toi be' per
41. TPhat the t wo mlill t ax c'n11 Uim'
for oneC yearl, anid at somelt' Iim b1e'fonliP
tte meetinlg (If thet'legishatiiure illn 19tt
let saidi conissj5Iier call a met'tt inog o
the( citizenis (If (hi' coun1ty1 to( whlich met't
ing they shall maklle an it.'miizedi state
exptndd. o Alt satl(tiiaid eetn' lt ti'
ther'i imprlovelumn.tiof ihe roads, togit bei
wit hl thet ques't ion of a tet muulIt ati 4 a.,111
he4 discussed imiil it' tavo)rablt' at't ioni
take'n thlen tilt samelt ti lit submilittt'<
ia pimarlIy t'let'tion ton all te tpt's
tion o tIlIhe two iil t ax.
tounlty'1 iupev isor' t i gra~vtel a hal11f milI
and1( give (lhe et't if ana Slit t his co(11
a. In. oin which mlorninlg till c'ommlittt't
7. A resolut loll was tIeredt r'equt'st
inlg the mlember's tof (lie ltegislatuie ti
tionl so that special legisl at ion may' lit
had concernling r'oadts andt highways hi
the severali 'ount it's.
Thie commnittet't will me.et again1 or
tile mnornling (of thle 2 1st ,julst beifore (iht
meeL't inlg of te conivenltion).
association w,~ill meett againi on Octobi
c'ommlit tee andit to t atke suich ai' ion as i
may tdeeml irope'r ini Ihis mo1(st impljortan
A Bright Lady, Whose Life Htad Been Dec
voted to [eaching - She Suffer'ed
a Long Illness.
Miss Nellie Chlapnman dliedt Oil Tlhur
day night, at 12 o'clock, at tile hlomie
I. I1. louiiware, ill the Utopia sectic
of tile c.ounity. Miss Chapman wi
stricken with typhoitd fever', and( ft
sixteen wveeks she( had11 suffered a linge
ing illness. The rem'lains were interre
on Friday in the old1 Chapmian bur'yinl
groundl, near Mr. S. S. P'aysinger's.
Miss Chlapman waIs aI daugihter of Mi
John A. Chapman, of tile city, andlt
sister of Mr. .Jno. W. Chlapmanl, Mr.e
W. I. Ilerbert anid Mrs. I. HI. IBoulwar<
She was a gradutate of Vanderbilt Uni
versity, Nashville, Tenln. She ha
devoted her life to teaching, a pr'ofet
sion which she loved, anti shle had a<
ceptably filled positions in the Columb)i
Female college, the Leesville colleg<
and in many of the suhumer schools f<
teachers. Shec conducted a kinderga!
ten in Newberry last year. She we
about forty-two yearn of age aIt tile titr
of her latnh.
Tuesday Was the Day Dedicated to Hats TI
and Ribbons and the Ladies.
The usual milinery opening for tIe
millinery stores was held on Tuesday
when pretty hats and ribbons and pret.ty it
girls were all aglow. The millinery su
stores were prettily and tastily deco
rated and the ladies from the town and
the country were in 'evidence looking at
and trying on and ordering their full C
and winter hats. ci
At the'Mower Co., Miss Belle llIall, of l
Charlotte, the milliner in charge, as- di
sisted by Miss Sara Pope and the other F
ladies in this emporium displayed a ai
beautiful array of hats. The decora- el
tions were very pretty in Japanese ef
fect and golden rod. Japanese umbrellas
were suspended from the ceiling sur
routinded with lanterns and every corner M
banked with golden rod. One of the al
prettiest hats shown was purple Gains- irl
horo with the shaded ribbon edge and T
slrc'ed feathers. Another was Itace, S
edged with and trimmed in fir- with Ci
large cut steel buckles. A very swell I
hat had a castor beaver top andi light It
blue chill'on facing .,with castor aindLi
bie wings and cut steel buckles. A
IIet ty hat, for young girls Wasi red. vel
vet shirred oil cords with a cut steel
buckle as the only trimming. A large
black hat made of black cluny lace, tI
ehenille and velvet with a long Inllllne n
was very pretty. A white hat frcihili g
(riillmed ill white velvet and mink
heads was beatutifull. Silk and velvet H
thowers aue very much shown. Quite a1 i
numel o(fI bats were exhilbited with
cluast rs of small birds. 3Blue, brown
:n1d chamlpa1gile for the street hats will b
be th' leading colors. One very pretty z1
hat at this emporium is Gainsboro
shape. The top is made of red velvet.
foliagv with facing of red chilfonl folds, s
Iirimmnod in black velvet. ribboii and eut
steel buckle.
h'lle tiser Milliiery Conpany rejoiced N
t h'i mally friends oin Opening D'ay in
a mar,11-ve-lotus showing of beautiful styl'!s,
eseiilly ill the vari('ty of' lovely cha
Iwauix p'epared for this grieat aitulmn
fest ivity. Never before did their little
store look so well, it was tastily draped t
with rich royal pul'ple making a1 back
grounild for handsome 'eins, begonias
mid Iamnis; and never were hats brought
out il such rich colorings beginning
with the darkest shades and gridually
iunning through the scale into the
lightest. tints. Olne had only to peep
at (I)hemI to appr1)'eciatV the gOr'geous
color elTeet of this season's material.
A mong the variet.y of lovely hat's we
ioticed one which was ill itself simple i
elegance. 'lhis wias mlade of plush S
shaded from light chalmpagnc to a
ricll brown, the only trimming being a
rosett e of dainty little sparrows lestled1
against the high rolling brim at the left
A Iotler.bwaut'i fuil design waSI pictured
in a lirge black velvet hat, with high
i'roI and broal raceful briimitrillned
With a Silgle hanIsome ostricI plme.
()ne' of i te prettiest shown was a shil'red
velve-t ha21 inll rose l5 shadle, thie un1
deri'm l sho(w ing soft, folds (It whlitIe
maIllene. 'Thlis was tr'immedl with roses
and14 folia2ge thait, blended perfectly with
t.he velvet.
At.N Mimlnaugh's the crowd wa'~s
e<piiilly ais lar'ge and Miss Mar'ye lRochle
and1( M iss Nellie L aB1arbe wer'e iln char'ge
and1( showved quite a inmber oIf very
handsom11 oe designs in hats, the p revai I
ig ('(lor1 for' this 5(eason being~ brownI.
Th'Iey have not the room to make the
wVi . tIle beau ti ful dlesigns. Th'lere was
nto a1t t empt at dhecor'ations but the (dis
p la2y (If ha~ts wa&s ver'y plleasing.
Iai 22r & I Lav ird have just, openled and(1
have not1 yet got ten their' st.ore straight
('ned (lit , buit Mlrs. 11 air has a1 beaut.i
f'ul line anid is prlep)ar'ed to sat.ist'y the
most fast idious1 taste. Many ladies v is
itedi this store and1( werle charmedW( wit h'
the many11 beaul.tiul degigns and1( tIle arlt
Tlhe mi iller'y opeLning ait MVoseley'
Iros. at. Prlosper'it-y exceededi the ex
por(ta2tin o015(f tIhe mo1(st fastidious. Th'le
hats1 were'1 (tought toe be the prletf iest v
line ever bro'(ughlt to thlis miarket. Th'Ie 7
decora1'2t ions5 werie of luei and1( whlite. bI
Withi theise color's f'orminzg thle ba2ck -
roundIli, pahnIls and1( fernls ispnlayed here
'md1( ther'e, furn'11ishled indeed a1 beau11tifil
nieturie. 'The taiste displayed by the
ad211ies was very highlly complhlimentedl.
MNI21y bleauitifuil ha2ts wer'e puriichased bly
ilhe ('ustomllers.
Two Good Thiungs.
W . I. IIiar'vey, (If the Whlitaker' Ilar'- s
voy Co. , manuilfaciit.urlers of "'I arvey's I
Naturlal L eat" an "11( ' ichl and1 Rtipe"'
Tlobaccos, was in townI saleday wvith two ]
g4oodpluigs for sale. Mr. IIar'vey hlan
dies giood stock and1( always geta good(
prices: 'The Abbeville P'ress and B an
Col. Wmn. L. lhlarvey of The Whitta
kr' Har1lvey Co., mnaker's of "'1larvey's I
Natural Leaf"' and "Rtich and liipe"',<
was iln t.owni last wveek. TIhe Colonel
says there ar'e threeC things A bheville
. holddbe proud of, Hlarvey's Natural
n1 Tlhe Colonel said( he had been travelingr
,s South Car'olina abullut twenty yearis ani
rI 1( ha eenI ml theW cailaboose (1ne t im and 11(
t hat C'apjt. Riley tur'ned him ouit a5 soon1
-Ia his friend P.~ (Iosenber l' told hlim
dI tha2t. he wa'~s the mnaker' ol Iharvey's
g tobac25cos. Thell Colonel contr'ibuited a
lit t.Ie samplje (If poeltr'y to his friend
Speed, as follows:
-Siir Walter' Raleighl sowed tile seed
.1 Of thle " Rich and1( Ripe'' Tobaie( weed
.And "ll arveys Natur'al Leaf'' now
Leads(l all other's at P. B. Speeds.
FIrst Cost Not1 the Cheapest.
The firat cost of an ar'ticle dloes not
necessarily dletrmine its cheapness.
For instance, a sack of "Cifton" flour
a may cost you a little more than othor]
so-called p)atenlt flours, but It wvill be
cheaper to you in the end. Why? Be
Icause it will not only make more bread
-to the sack, but will' take less lard and
a soda to make it. Order a sack of "Clif
Ston" andl make a test for yourself. It
will prove the truth of this statement.
ie Tillman Trial Will Pro bably Proceed
(Special to Herald and News.)
Columbia, October 6.-Juror Sharpe
'1illman ase better; will probably
rve tomorrow. Jno. K. Aull.
Tle M. M. Degree.
Past, Master jAlbert E. Fugle, of
ilumbia, S. C., will confer, by upe
al invitation, the Master Mason's
0orree oil two (2) fellow crafts 'I'hurs
ty evening,- October 8, 1903. Mr.
ugle 'iH known throughout the State
i one of the brightest Masons and the
aft anticipate a happy occasion.
Death of a Little Girl.
Mary, the little daughter of Mr. S.
. Duncan, died at his home at Jalapa,
>out three o'cloak on Saturday morn
g, aged one year and seventeen days.
Ile remains were interred at Head
prings Saturday afternoon, the fun
-al services being conducted by the
ev. L,. W. Swope, assisted by the
ev. J. R. Copeland.
:tter to Cole. L. Blease, Newberry, S. C.
Dear Sir. What's the penalty for
aking or selling elhort-measure paint
your state?
nd does it. make any difference, if
ree-fourths of tle paints are short
Is Heven pintq i full-gallon or a fool
What's the penalty for making or
,ling whitewash for paint?
Is whitewash paint, if mixed with a
LtIe paint and labeled "Pure mixed
iint", or something like that?
But we don't intend to go into the
isiness. We make Devoe lead-and
ne full-measure and true.
Nrurs truly
F W Di:vo & Co.
P. S.--The Newberry Hardware Co.;
dl our paint.
wberry readers will appreciate this
A constant Itching tries your pati
Nothing,v So aiilnjoyi9lir, njothing 8) ilri
ktinT as ibeling I'llt-s or Eczema
To scratch the irritation makes it
'To leave It alone meani miery
Som- Newberry citizens can tell o
ow to be free from these troubles.
LadIII( the following:
.1. M. Ward salesinan with S. J.
Vodten GentIeIan's 1"urilshinig Goods,
I.v., Fays: "I used )oaun's 01ntrilvnt for
czeir a or a breaking out. I had onl mill
>d.y and for wiich 1t h,d trIed a mn1111
'et of retmedles hut was n'tble to get
.ny tling to have liny (.1feet up11onl It,
id the aIlect,, d part Was growing
tfendily lirer and hot heriing m- mnor v
md tIorv tvery day. I pro ured a bihox
>f Doi's Oiltinment, at W. E,. I'elhatilm
S',ou's rii tg si,ore and te firet few
Lmlientions gave in Immedate relief
'll(' 11.4e of of- bh x co t .ely 1tu red
lbe ailli(' ion atild there Is not a trace of
1 left. A ft,er this satisfattory result I
mnl glid to recommnd such a reliable
Por.i sile by all ealmrs 'rice 50 ecnts
'Oster- AI illburn1 Co 111If1alo N Y. sole
gents for the IJtlit.ed States.
ltvemimer tile name-l)oan's-and take
Ten Thousand Churches
nt tilt IUJnited States have usedi the
.ongmlan & NI artinez Pure Paints.
ICver'y Church will be given a liberal
lunti ty whlenever they plaint.
D)on't pay $1.50 a gallon for L,inseed
>Il (worth 60o cents) wvhichi you (do wvheni
/ou buy thin ptaint in a can wvithl a paint
abel onl it.
8 & 6 make 14t, therefore when you
vant fourteen gallons of patint, buy
umly eight gallons of L,. &. M., and mix
ix gallons (of pure linseed oil with it.
You need only four gallons of L. & M.
'aint, andl three gallons of Oil mixedl
her ewith to plaint a goodl sized house.
I louses painted with these paints
ever gr (ow shobby, even after 18 years.
Tihese (celeb)ratedl paints are sold bly
'hIe Newber'ry lIIatrdware (10
LMTY LDE NO 8'7, A. F.
I.of A,amily Lodge, No. 87, A. I. N.
ill be held inextI Thu rsdaiy evenringg at,
't't.hreni ('ord ially welcomeid.
Th'le M. NI. degree will be c'onfer'redl.
W MI. i'0. l'IhiA M, W. MI.
.1. H-. MI K t NANDI Heereta, y.
sale in lower section of Newber'ry
ounty andl upper section of Lexington
ounty. For further informationi as to
oil lands aIply to David Ilipp,
'omaia i. C. 4t.
Ltation five miles from Newberr'y
ontainmng four' hundred andI nineteen
eres, also I will sell two good broodl
nares and cotts, four or five head
I mules, also sheep and goats. For
urther information apply to Antine
luzhardt- 4t.
sale of Personal Property.
A tattrator of the estate of W. .Jacob
d ills, deceased, will sell on Tlhursday
)ctobei' 15, to the highest bidder for'
:ash at the late residience 0ofsaidl W.
racob MIills nIl the per'sonal priopert y
>f said deceased. .J. C. MI LLS,
2t. Administrato>r.
Lthe ulndlersignedl, composing the
loardI of JIury Commissioners for Newv
>erry County, State of South Carolina,
vill on the 16th of October instant at
line o'clock a. in., in the office of dlerk
>f Court for saidl county, openly and
>ublicly dtraw thirty-six jurors, to serve
rs etit'jurymen, at the November term
>f Courttof General Sessions for New
>orry County, beSiuning November 2nd,
1903, andl continumn for one week.
JNO. L. EPP Co. Treasurer.
W. W. CROMIR, Co. Auditor.
J. C. GOGGANS, Clerk of Court.
Ocobe rth 190no
W IL8 IORED--Although I have
h)red two tholusand wells in
Newberry county I am still in e Ibusi
ness. Parties <k..Ji injr my servii-vA may
leave orders -.1 rIl.y cflice over \V. '.
Tarrant's store
1. A. M1cDowi.,,
NewlIwrry, S. C.
.'AARM FOtR SA 1-1. Cood Sixty
. Acie Faria, n1r own, for salo.
Apply at this ofliev.
( '1 00 M 1) A I,S - Chas. W. )ouglas
-T is conilutiUig a first-class Itestau
rant. ( Good nials ei. heq on short. notice.
i.E. Paints---We have just added to
our stock a complete line of harness,
hardware and paints and are prepared
to serve your wants at lowest possible
pric !4. A partment adjoining grocery
store. Come in and inspect our line.
Car nails just received.
How to Make Money.
Agents of cither sex should today
write Marsh Manufacturing Co., 538
Lake Street, Chicago, for cuts and par
ticulars or their handsome Aluminum
Card Case with your name engraved on
it and filled with 100 Calling or Business
Cards. Everybody orders them. Sam
ple Case aid 100 Cards, postpaid, 40c.
'his Case and 100 Cards retail at 75
cents. You have only to show .samlile
to secure an order. Send 40c at once
for case and 100 eards before some one
gets ahead of you.
W ii Y NOT lIU Y Ttf, H Iritm,'"
YIu em !.1 I' frilo Gluy Dan
it-is. Ev. n iti, to m hdul from a
ir'sI. elt-. .ow- irv S orO. T.:0 fillo-st
ml (in " - !tock -of spret.-scei miI
1'\ DA N I K0A,8
The Riserl MEllery 60
Will bo plonsmi It) show youi thpir
ol ilgalft. Ii' of to N\ly to We1r .at-.
We want to sell 5000
barrels Flour in six
months, and to do so
we propos e selling
best goods 10 cts. bbl.
profit. Every barrel
guaranteed. Don't
buy until you see our
flour and get our prices
Now is the time to
make money by using
heavy Bagging and
Ties. We sell the heav
iest on the market.
E. M. Evans& Co.
Sahtday (ur-ing the next. 30 days
to receive and receipt t.o the policy
holders of the It. M. 1. Association their1
assessment, I0. pr hunidred to cover
Antine liuzhardt's loss and l5c. per
hundred l or sinking funld. We -.IVe
used some of the sinking flund noney
for small losses and wish to rei mbuirse
t.he treasury. For convenience I have
mfiade arrangement.s wit.h Mr'. J1. C.
Autll at. Ponmria, S. (C., to receipt. for
tme there. -I1. I. El>'TIN(;,
TI'reausuremr V. M. I. Asso.
We wouild like to ask, t hrouigh the
colum ins of y our papeln r, it' there is any
per'sont whoii has used G reen 's Aumgust
Flower f'or thew cur te of' I ndigestion,
Dyppi,andl I,ivr Tr'oubes thatIhas
resul ts, such as sotur stoma11~ch, fermen
tat ion1 of food, halbit tial ('ost iveness,
nervous dyspeip sia, head(acheCs, desJ >on -
dlet. tfeel ings. slejplessness in - act.,
any t.roublhI'e(onnectedl with the st omf
ach or' livetr? This med icine has been
sold1foir miany year's ini all civilizied coun
tr'ies, andl we wish to1 corriesp)ond( with
youi and( send~ yout one4 of ouri Ibooks free
(if cost. It you1 never triied Auguist
I"lower', tr'y a 25 ('ent bottle first. W(e
have tever' known oft its failing. If so,
soimet.hinig more seious is the matter
withI you. The 25 cen'tt size has' just
been int r oduced t his yeaiir. Itegla
size4 75 cents. Fot sale by W. E. Pel
hlam & Sjon.
G.( G.tREEN, WVoodbury, N. J.
or the Condition of the
Newberr-y Saving Bank,
of Newberry, S. C., at
the Close of Business,
Septernber 30, 1903.
lBilla r'eeeivabl. .. .. ..$199,,97. 77
lionds . . . . . - - 2,200.00
Overdiraf(1 ts ecured atnd uIn
securied .l . . . 595973
Du)me fromi Banks....... . . 2,183.76
Cash atnd cash) itemiis . . 3,865.23
Capital . . . .. . ..$0,000.00
Prtofit-.... .. .. .. .. -..20,421.51
D)ividends utnpaidl .' .. 49.00)
D)eposits .. .. .. . ... ....,835.98
Ilillis payable...... .. 32,500.00
$268, 206.49
P'ersonally iappu(1ere be4fore m)e,.J. E
Notrwood, C ashier' Newherr'ty Savings
la<,and mnade oath t hat the ablove
statetment is truet( to the best of his
knowledge and belief.
.TJ. 1E. NOltWOOD,
Swvorn to be fore m)e, t.his fifth day or
October, 190:3.
0. Melt. Ilot.NIEs,
II. C. M ATT iH Ews.
We will buy allthe
Cotton Seed brought
to this market.an~d will
always pay the highest
price. Bring your seed
to us.
E. M. Evans & Co..
OTHING the trading pu
the bargains we have
ands of dollars worth a
ceiling up stairs and down si
York gathering the values.
from over-laden manufactu
and factories reduced from
the greatest bargain carniva
the principle upon which thi
best quality and the greatest
To w ns five ti mes toe size i'of Ne wbiry
most desirable weaves amd everything ma.rk
profit methods. All we ask of you is just t
sool be Convinced.
nent. There is no doubt about our Style
anything in their power to possess more f
PO Canton
20 Pieces N F
Fall Fl;
Outings Worth I8c, ('or his week .c- 300
loo La(lies' \walkuing -'kiris wr1h $2.oo, ft
skirts worth $1 85, for this week 98c. too I
Worth of Ladies'
$ 1,)0 0 0 York --I run upon
less than Soc on tI
are picked over and your size gone.
Our Shoes Me
We have ;tarted out to do the biggest
thme profls-it's simply (Ii ik sales on ever)
The Stand
D rew~ Selhy &N Go's. L adlies' Finie Shoe
dIren's Shoes. Blake AlIens' I adies.' Vine
eas5y $2..j), $2 .<8, $..p). E'very Pair gur
-A big line of Men's and
regular Clothing Stores wan
If you want to see the
shown in Newberry Step up
SThe cheapest
Is read y to store OottonBU
and issue receipts for D I
same, which money can I
be obtaiined on Rake
A Girl's Little Brother Bone
Somttimes' "'St'e Tlhinigs."' (nli to (il
seO' us andto we wilI bei pleamsed to m
sito w you many~ "Goo T'hau Vin.i" t.ers of
'Try our ( ) 8. Nic hee'~~lu-se, iL(1'T
NI' w Whitoi 1Fmbl, andl eV
Now Carolin tic e, YO""'''
neixt af
Counts & Dickert, o'clock I
linssell's Old Stand11 -Martit St reet. iStaS 1nLl
Knights of Pythias, I
K ode w ill be held on the 2nd and a. mn., t<
4th ''Tesday ni hlts of' cachi month at new wo<
8.00. Visitg nights cordially wel- said pla<
comedU(. TITOS. E. EPTI NG. reserved
extenti na K. nu,of R. and S.
blic has ever seen will cor
cooped in. Thousands -
f new goods packed fror
airs. Our buyers spent t
New merchandise bough
rers, wholesale wareho-,
regular prices and mass
I you have ever witnessec
s business is built-is v
quantity for the least m<
Colildn't boast of a more complete sta
:d on the basis of MIM NAUGH'S
ake a seat at our Dress Goods and Silk
d a feast of styles an(1 price lowness
allers a showing from the best Mifilline
s being right Up to the-notch. Our \
ityle and Quality for less price. Come
Flannel, slightly soiled, worth 12YC,
ill Pereales worth i2y2c, for this wee
mnielettes worth 12y2c, for this week 8
Large lied Spreads 59c, 98c, $1.25,
ir this week $1.19 each. 200 I,adies'
dies' Fine Mercerized Underskirts wort
Misses' and Children's Jackets. I st.r
.1 manufacturer who needed the cash a
e dollar. So now if you want a, Jack(
an Standard ol
1hoC business ever done in the town.
trd Brands we
-ihoes. Lewis A. Crossetts' Mien's Fir
nteed, or a new pair for tihe asking.
Boy's Clothing 25 per ce
t: for the same quality.
biggest line of Trunks
store in the Ca
MPION Mowers Best
.a want a Mower,'satisfa
or Grain Drill see Cl
efore buying.Calnd
1W, R. HIPP; upon'
W. Wilon, 10sq( , P robate JTudge.
Rl'AS, A mella Y:ung l'athi Tea
iih- suit, to me. togirant her" I.eut' 'PE
Ad minit,at,iKLoi of the est ate Ltih
atre I horofore 1(o Ii~ i, nd ad - a ca
all a. d sii i.enlar i.he kindredm.a
ditors of th,. said Sam months.
dece'ased, t hat t hey he iad any of the
efore me, in the Court of Pro-ttdae
he held at Newber'ry Court
C., on thu 13th d iy o' Oat'heri
n the foren,oon, to Thow enuse5.
cy have, why i,ne sah)l Adin
should not he' gvrnted, F
tier my hand. um. is tIshe 28'.h day V 90 NOI
S,fet'uhr A nno Dom inu, 1903.
20) C WIlrON, .1 .1. N. C. N I
on the esti
N otice. a minor, Ir
L BEl AT CH!APPELJLS, S. C., 3err ICoun
"ridlay, October 16 at 10 o'clock 0'c lck 0
> let the contract to build a(diately h
(len approach to the bridge at msry.t
:e across Saluda river. Right * ES'r
to reject an and all bids.
., UPE$RTs' Sept. 26,
npare WIT
ind thous- H
n floor to
en days in New
t for spot cash
ise men, mills
ed together for
I. You all know
jlue giving--the
LAk .of all the new and
Quick sales and short
counters and you -will
that will gladden the
-y sources on this conti
filliners are willing to do
to us for your Headgear.
to go at '7Y2c. 100 piecces
k 8-c. 5o pieces New
4c. io0 pieces New Fall
worth double the price.
iine Mercerized Uuider
h $2.25, for t his sale $1.49
ick luck while in New
nd I bought the lot at
:t don't wait tintil they
We have cut deep into
ie Shoes inakes life wvalk
nt, iess than the
and Grips ever
in the World.
le by me
at close figurcs.
nteed to give
on me at the
*d Warehouse, or
Nm. T. Gaillard.
bher Wanted.
ol, at Pomaria, will be c
r, October ?3,at 8 o'
', $30 per month
'ipplications m
the I
reaf te

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