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Trial of Jas. II Tillman.
word that is uttered and often gives
suggestion to his counsel. He
displays very little emotion. ie
seems to be acquainted with every
detail of the case, perhaps better
acquainted with the endless details
than any one of his attorneys.
The last report in The Herald
and News closed with Thursday
The evidence on Friday was the
strongest and most dramnatic yet
pro Iiced. The State devoted the
first few hours of the (lay to prov
ing that N. G. Gonzales carried no
weapon at the time lie was shot.
Next it proved that Tillman even
before the campaign of last year
made threats against the life of N.
G. Gonzales. During the afternoot
the eye witnesses were placed on
the stand.
The most dramatic feature of a
notworthy day was the damaging
testimony of Dr. F,. C. L. Adams,
one of Tillman's friends, and a man
who worked 1or Tillman in his
gutibernatorial campaign.
The first witnex-s was Mr. Angust
Kohn, of the Ne%%s and Courier,
who testified that li knew Mi.
Gonzales well and often had con
versations with him, but that lie
knew of no personal feeling which
Mr. Gonzales held towards Mr.
Tillman. That he could not say
from the editorials in a pAper de
n1ouincing a public m:n that the
editor of the paperentertaincd litter
personal feeling toward that 1 mn.
Ir. Kolm was subjected to a
sev'ere cross-examinat in, co ndlneted
in such inantinr as to imake it a
shaieftil perlormance. Col. Croft
attempted to make Mr. Kihn say
that froi reading the editorials of
the State he inist have formed the
Conclusion that Mr. Gonltlcs CIIICT
tained bitter feelings persoiam to
wards Col. TPillm1an. M r. Khn
stuck to his position, and the truth
of the matter was that Mr. Kohn
pro'ed too much for the atttirnvy
and the attfrney became enraged
and lost his head. At one tiue in1
a dictatorial voice lie ordered Mr.
Kohn to take his hands oT iis knees
Then, although Mr. Kohn had been
excused the day before from testi
fying on account of a jewish holi
day, Mr. Kohin being of the Jewi!-h
faith, Col. Croft demanded that MI.
K',ohnr should swear in thle namne of
the " Living Christ!" An at tenmpt
to belittle a man's hontest religions
beliefs, somieth ing that is held ini
disreputteevern among village school
boys! It was a "bulliv-rag"' perfor
manice thtroughiotut. The most chiari -
table conistrtuction that can be placed
is that the honmorarble at tor nev for
the defense lost his head. Judi(ge
Gary interfered when he demanded
that MIr. Kohn swear in thle name
of the ''living Christ.''
IA D No) IsTOi,,
Mr. F. C. Withers, of the State;
D)r. W. J. Murray; Dr. L. A. Grif.
fithr; MIr. L. G. Wood ,of thle State;
andl Mr. M. C. Wallace, of thre State,
who were with Mr. Gonzales im
riediately after he was shot when
lie was carriedl to the State oflice,
testified th.' 110 pistol was found
ab)out his person, NIr. WVood, by
request, hav'ing putt on thle coat and
miadle an examination of the p)ockets.
"1r1.m. n~ l.r 1.n; A u)o."'
MIr. C. J . Terrell, editor of the
Johnston Mo'nitor, testifiedl that lie
was talking to Cot. Tlilhunan, in
front of Col. Tlilhuanu's oflice dloor,
in P,dgefieldl, before the opening of
the sununer campaign of last year,
when Till man miade the remark
that lie was going to run for gov'
ernor and1( was going to be elected
and( if that-referring to Gonzales
with severe oaths-- attacked him
like lie had been doing, he was
going (downi there arid kill him like
a dog. Mr. Terrell said he rernorn
stratedl and( told MIr. Tillmnan that
lie wouldl go dlown and tackle him,
marn for man, btut MIr. TlillIman said
no ; "'that he was going (downl there
and give him no more showing than
lie wotuld a mad dog."
Mr. Terrell then told of a seconrd
threat he heard Mr. Tillmuan make,
lie and Mr. Black were -in a rail
way car when Col. Tillman came
in. Mr. Tillman told Black lie wats
going to do what he said lie was
going to do,'and put an end to his
(Gonzales') way of abusing him
Mr, Terrell hear4 Mr. T1illman
make a third threat the day they
were canvassing the election retnm
in Columbia. Mr. Trrell, Attor
niey General Gitmter, Secretary of
State Gantt, and Mr. E. J. Xatson,
of the State, were there when Till
man cane up. Messrs. Gantit and
Gunter left. Col. Tillman asked
Mr. Watson to carry his threat to
Mr. Gonzales, but Mr. Watson de
elined. On cross-examination,
which was very severe and rigid,
Mr. Terrell said he had never had
any unkind feelings towards Till
Dr. E. C. L. Adams, a promi
ient physician of Richland connty,
who was a member of Col. Till
man's regiment inthe Spanish war,
and who supported Col. Tillman in
his race for governor, festified that
during the campaign he had several
conversations with Col. Tillman in
Columbia. That he advised Till
man if he wished to be governor of
South Carolina he would have to
tight Mr. Gonzales; that the men
who were supporting him expected
him to defend himself. That Til1
man replied: "That won't do be
canse I am lieutenant governor and
will be impeached; but you b . s
need not worry, for by God, 1 will
snifT his light with this.' drawing
a pistol out of his satchel. That
Tillman said he had walked the
streets in hope of meeting Gonzale!.
'Ihat he suggested that Tillman go
to the State office, and Tillman re
plied that he couldn't get fair play.
That he then offered to go to the
State otfice with him and see fair
play. "On one occasion.'' said
Mr. Adams, "there was a im:i in
Col. Tillman's room reading .n
editorial from the State, one which
spoke of him as a hlackgnari and
liar and I don't know what e:-.
and another speaking of him cha
lenging Mr. Gonzales' writi:: ag
'mock theatrical.' He (T::,man
said: 'He can call it mock-t':eat
iat if he wishes to, hnt I w::
make it the God damnndes ,:.
that ever happened in South 1a:
Sei.ator George W BTIow: a
walked ont of the StLte -n.n
down the street with C. T:.
,n the day of the sbooting. 2
u1st turned around to meet a lady
iend when the pistol was re.
t-tified. He said he was con the
ight going down and Co. T "l:uan
was on the outside, Senator Ta.bird
being in the middle. Just as they
got to the corner of the transfer
station huis attention was attracted
and he looked behind andl reco'g
nized a lady' friend of his, Mrs.
Enuna Melton, and started towards
hier, le had not seen Mr. Gon
nides wh'len the explosion took place.
Just as the report occurredl the lady
screamed and ran and he followed
to) giet her.
Representative Bomar, of Spar
tanbunrg, was between the State
house and the transfer station w;heni
his attention was attractedl by the
rep)ort. Whlenu he first saw Mr.
Tilhuan after the shot Mr. Tillmnan
was on the outer edge of the pave
men'it with a revolver in his hands,
holding it as if in the attitude of
shooting. He saw no demonstra
tion on' the part of Mr. Gonzales.
lie was about 150 feet distant, lie
corr'oborated Senator Brownu as to
the positions of Messrs. Brown,
Talbird aund Ti'lhuan.
Senator TLhomnas Talbird, of Blea u;
fort , who was walking along wit~h
Mr. Tilbinan at the time of the
shooting, he andl Senator Briown
and Mr. Tilbnan having left the
State house together, testified that
he was on the outside walking
(town, Governor Tillman in the
iddl(le, and Senator Brown on the
inside. As he got to the transfer
station he recognized Mr. N. 0.
Gonzales. He had his overcoat b)ut
tonedl and lie had his hands in his
overcoat. And then, to exactly
(luote Senator TCatbird's wordts, lie
saidl: "'Mr. Gonzales was ten or
fifteen feet from us when I first
noticed him. When lhe got within
five or six feet of us Governor Tilt
muau said :'H ow are you!' Good
morning.' 'H-ow are you, Mr.
Gonzales?' or some expression of
the kind. Mr. Gonzales tturned to
ward the left, towardl the transfer
station, as if to pass us on the in
side. I paid no further attention
to him, as he got out of my line of
vision. I was looking up the street
about the titme ( suoposed he wou d
get on a line with us. I heard .the
remark, 'I received your muessnea
WE are now doinj
under the Crot
pensary, where we w
Dld customers and fi
If you are in the
Hardware line it will
We are headquai
Belting, Guns, Lo
We are ager
.e & N
they are absolut
Thanking you for pa,
you in the future. Yv
St:n Isw
naa rr2' w a o scc:ate
V e-e 7CK mze~
:ia 7:~ z- ~ a7ccnt
rir. Gor;.ales.
Mdr. J. FSims, of Colutmbia . who)
*'as the nirst to reach Gonzales after
lk shooting. testified that Tillmnan ~
ieid his pistol on Mr. Gior.zales
ifter he shojt. That he heardl Till
nan -ay to Gonzales after the shot
.'was f.red.''I received your mnes- fowr
Longressmnan Wyatt Aiken testi- frid ol
ea that he on the day of the shoot-1(1,
ng met Mr. Gonzales and bad( a -lrt
~onversationi with him. He and
p)oint of
Mr. F. H1. D)ominick walked up wad,
own together, ahead of Tillmnan. ta a
lie spoke to Gonzales and dIid not of Mr. a
think he noticed1 him. ImImedliate- t-i
ly after D)onnick looked around Rp
md( lie said, "'Are you going to seedntI
if these fellows are going to em- ad(tr
rc?'his sick
Messrs. J. S. Young, agent for it
the street railway at the transfer
station, antd Ollie L4yles, oflice boy II inan.~
at the transfer station, had their j Mr.
attention attracted by the shot and 'kniew of
gave testimony corrob2orating the ip to
ot her witnesses,. tim~ of 1
SATURD^v's TIHsTIMoNr. ''l)id
Mr. C. M. Lide, who was necar thiing elb
w~hien the shooting took p)lace, testi. lie madt
bed that his attention was attracted To th
by the shot.. Hie saidl Mr. TIilbnan Gonzale
had on a greyish brown overcoat, Col. Ti
while the one exhibited in court is himi I
(lark bhteW. lhe did r
Mr. A. G. L4amotte, who assisted ilhTiani
Mr. Gonzales to his office, swore twice, a
that Mr. Gonzales hadl no0 weapons challeni;
on his person. he did
Youing Mr. August Scheidemiannu, Col. il
who was riding along on his bicycle mntt ak
at the time andl saw the whole af-. the hot,
fair, corroborated the other wit - 'cigar. w
nesses. " Was
Mrs. HIsmma Melton, who at the ing of N
time vas working in the -ngrossing tor y ma
department, and( who is the lady "tw
whom Senator Brown turned b)ack Miss Rc
to speak to, corroborated Senator Miss
Brown. She said if Mr. Gonzales Gonz-alk
had taken one step more he would spoke o
have got to the opening between gamblet
Tlilhnian and the a;'ntlemen with SIRNA
him. and the corner. She aid she t hao
lewberr i
irware Co.
g business in t
well Hotel, just
ill be pleased tc
market for ai
pay you to get i
Aters for low pi
aded Shell1,
r Repaii
its for the celeb
ely guarantE
%t favors and wi
/e a-e.
Durs truly,
M:. G ..es o the
* -- R~g:.~a ~- 1et~ defen
.........R.. - wess
iNo there
n : i:.ntive of
b':ae time she
'i \' ' >r N wheAre she SICK
t o a trainedl nurse ini
h ho-it 1 thee. Ier Milton
ne gave m a tragt
mnanner, andl a- some one Nw
:I it. The waIs a -game little Le:
Tillmia n.'' She( is a young Shar5
sItimn wa chiefly ont the vr
M.Gonzales's feelings to- otp'
>1. Tillmian. It hiappenied b)ya
t. R. E Elliott, an uncle the
.G Go~nzale, was a pa- condi
le hospital at which Miss
as the assistant .su perinten- anid I
t was while at this hospital
ng NI r. Gonzales's visits to .this
uncle thai Miss Roper press
mat NIr. Gonzales had the wouhl
tioni regarding Col TIill~ trial I
ronzales, Miss Roper stated, 1)3 [i
her relations and friend- T
le Tillmnan family at the Lackms
uis conversatios three
lhe (MNIr. Gonzales) say any- H
e about Mr. Tilhunani-whattnt
h im do ?" asked Col. Croft.
is Miss Roper rep)lied: '"Mr. se3riol
s asked mec if I considleredlLm .
human a b)rave man. I told itr
:ertainily d1idl, andl he said(l week
ot; that he had madle Mr. (J
show the white feather Oxco(
nid that Col. Tillmuan had
:ed himi to two duels, whlich C 0
ot acknowledge, and thatth
Iman had njo more resent
ont him than to comle intolav
l lobbly and offer hinm aan
hieh he declined." the
it upon01 one or several oc-.L
~hat you heard him speak
[r. Tilhnan in this decroga
uner ?"
as upjoni 'veral occasions," -
per answered.
Roper said that during Mr.
s' visits to tihe hospital he
Col. Tillman as a villain, a (
and a coward.A
b een sinted that Senator
ie two stores
below the dis
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riything in the
:ur prices.
ces on
INBRY, aid
,ed to give
3hing to serve
re Co.
an will be a wituess for the
reat many Lenington county
have expressed their determi
1to come to Lexington to
he arguments. It is expected
will be a big crow%d here dur
ie progress of the arguments.
JOHN K. Auctj.
Sharp Quite Ill With Bilious Fever
the Trial May Not Proceed Today.
and Courier.
eingtoni, October 4.-Milton
', one of the jurors in the Till
casef, is quite ill with b)ilious
anid it is possible the trial may
oceied on Tuesday. Mr. Sharp
comliplaining yesterday after
dljonlrnment of Court and his
tion (did nlot improve durmng the
He was worse this morning
r. WVinrgard, a local p)ractitioner,
ailled, Hie maiide an[other visit
rifternoon, anid while he ox.
1(1 the hope that Mr. Sharp
l be well enough to allow the
o go ahead on Tuesday he was
means positive.
El juror is sublject to these at.
and it generally required fromr
to four dlays for him to recover
a receiving the best medical at
tl.e event Mr. Sharp becomei
isly ill anid is unable to attend
ourt will be obliged to order
lal, and the work of the pas
will amount to nothing.
I Tillmarn and his counsel are
(ingly anxious over the condm
of Juror Sharp. They , ha<
~tedI to close up their case b
rid of the week.
o jury is composed of men whi
always led an active outdoor lif
the confinement is telling oi
Except for short walks the;
ep)t in a big room over a storE
g their meals at a near-by rem
nt. 'August Kohn.
) U R ES a ss e, (l'z
'(tLn r in or .) ,-o noe ote
O N 09I!I1W 9WCE
Fixing the Rate and Priscribing tho Time
for the Payment ol Tof Taxes for
the Year 1903
Mayor and Aldermen of the Town
of Newberry, in the State of South
Carolina, in council assembled, and by
authority of the same: That for the
purpose of raising a revenue and in the
exercise of the taxing power of said
Town, the following taxes are hereby
imposed for the fiscal year ending De
cember 31st, 1903. upon all real and
ersonal proerty within the corporate
eimits of saidTown (except such as is
exempt from taxation under the Consti
tution and laws of this State) upon the
valuation thereof as assessed for taxa
tion for County and State purposes,
Section 1. That a tax of sixty cents
on each one hundred dollars worth of
real and personal property within the
corporate limits of the Town of New
berry, in the State of South Carolina
(except such as is exempt from taxa
tion under the Constitution and laws of
this State) is hereby levied for the pur
pose of raising a revenue to defray the
ordinary expenses of said town for the
fiscal year endij)g December 31st, 1903.
Sec. 2. That a tax of three-fourths of
a mill on each.dollar's worth of real and
personal property within the corporate
limits of the town of Newberry (except
such as is exempt from taxation under
the Constitution and laws of this State)
is hereby levied for the purpose of
raising a revenue to defray the bonded
indebtedness of said town for the Opera
Sec. 3. That a tax of two and a half
mills on each dollar's worth of real and
personal property within the corporate
hmits of the Town of Newberry, (ex
cept such as is exempt from taxation
under the Constitution and laws of this
State) is hereby levied for the purpose
of raising a revenue to pay the interest
on and create a sinking fund for the
bonded indebtedness of said town for
the Water Works and Electric Light
Sec. 4. That a tax of one mill on each
dollar's worth of real and personal
property within the corporate linits of
the Town of Newberry (except such as
is exempt from taxation under the Con
stitution and laws of this State) is here
by levied for the purpose of raising a
revenue to pay the interest on and cre
ate a sinking fund for the bonded in
debtedness of said town for the Sewer
age System.
Sec. 5. That alltaxes herein imposed
or levied shall be paid to 'said town in
lawful money of the United States,
between the 15th day of October, 1903,
and the 17th day of November, 1903,
and that after the 17th day of Novem
ber, 1903, a penalty of ten per cent. i,
hereby imposed upon and shall be added
to all taxes in arrears.
Sec. 6. That execution issue accord
ing to law for the collection of all taxes,
fines or penalties past due and unpaid
for Thirteen days, and the costs of said
Done and ratified under the corporate
', s seal of said Town this the 14th
(lay of September, A. D. 1903.
Mayor of The Town of Newberry, S. C.
Clerk and Treasurer.
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