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1j. It. AUIL D1iTOR.
The Anderson Mail publishes some
figures on educational matters in An
derson county in which it appears that
the increase in the at tendance of white
children this year over last year was
614, while the negroes increased in at
tendance during the same time 112-5.
and the total number of white children
in the county is more than 2.O) more
than the negroes. This moves the 'ail
to remark:
We need a compulsory edu,ation law
The opponents of compulsor y education
have always defended their position on
account of the negro question. They
have been told that it would not affeet
the negroes. for the negroes were send
ing their chi!dren to school while the
white people were not sending theirs.
and now tine oflicial ligures prove this
The negroes were doing eve'ything
in their power to give their children an
education, and that they are outstrip
ping the white'i is shown by the large
inerease in the number of negro ch
tdren in the public scloos as compared
with tie white children.
The negroes are makmng the most et
their opportunities. the white pel!e
are neglecting theirs.
This means that we have a very difh
cult problem ahead of us, and the oily
way on earth to solve it is by means of
compulsory education.
The figures for Newberiyr are nt
(Ilite so bad hecause thel negro sch'o!
nopulation seeis to be aboit doulle
the white school population. Iflowev,,.
the figures which we printed sonmt tinwit,
ago clearly show that the negro is more
alive to the iniportance of education
than the wv hite roan, anld as we have
said oil so nany occasions, we must not
concernII ou1rselves about, Ile negr.
Ife is getting all the (Aucation he would
get under a compulsory law while many
of our own people are uttterly inditfer
ent to the welfare of their own chil
dren, or seem to be.
Our oldest subscriber Don lIbst ian
Siglo de lot Siglos of Chiapas, dro14)pped
in the other lay t renew Iis si Iscrip
tion. lie has been on our books since
1l-1, and at. the age of' 112 is en route
to E1urope with his third 'ife and six
children. 'lTabaseo ( Mex ico) TageblIat t.
We have some s bscibers wi have
b1een on our books nearly that long and
smile who have muarrit1d thwir third wift
and somt. who havo reniewd their sub
scripition anti soile Wi htv not i -
newed ini several ia's. We hope th'st.
will follow lit. example of 1io- agr(I
suibscrib.Ir albove InIled to ti ext-1nt
at least. of rtnrewinrg tll-ir suiscri iptio.
'T'le- A bbeville 11rss and 1 ani
Iluotes the opinioni tit' a Gor-gia crl
gressrIIaI to theLt' elftq-t tihat TH1i1an wil
be ttcqluitt'd, andt ls ihat. a S utl
Carolina congressiianl also add,; hi
opilnion that the vertict of the jury wil
be tither a mistrial mr an aepiittal
Are these opinions worth any more th
the opinions of or.inary mortals?
I ulder Ite cat ion, WIy -ill Till
man nlot hang?" tIhe eitor of the Spar
tanburrg I leraldl writes morei- .han;
colun. If lie answers tihe ;piestioi4
we are unable to r'eatd t' :sswer in ii
edlitoril. I 'ossibly the editor ditd no,
iit.end to answer thle quesI tirn.
The Pr'ess andi Hainneri shoub t nt
speak of its cou rt h ouse whieret juist ie
is dlisened as a tobiacco wxarehtutse
Trute A bhevilt andt soirme tother tont ic
we know slitoruhl have ne'w tourit hounse'
and( t hey should he4 r'emiovted f'r-ur th
piublie squresi'. II i\ A bhteville has gorn
lthit t.he. court house theritit' not1( in thI
centre of the stquare.
'Tlerc was an intIerecstirng dis y- ehli
yest.erdahy's pa~per abioutI the deta thi a
the oldest r'ailroad outcetor in th
South (Capt. 3. C. ilbert, of thI
South (Carolina Railroad, who has bet'
in the serv'ice sirict 185t7, baririg foti
years in the civ~-il war. loty - thr e
years is a long ith' for a miani to ('o1
line hiimise'lf to any oine thlinrg.,4: iatit
larly' to rutnrning (holy ton a r'ailr'oa
trairn. Capt. G;ilbe'rt mustl have book
back often to his sterv ice in Ite eiv
warr as ain agr'eeab)le di version. (Chla
lotte Observer.
He wc~as always gtenial andr lelasai
antI very pop ular- wit hi t' e ravel i
pubrllic. lIe dechirnedr piromoittiton, we' ar
tt)ld, lirefteiririg his irn as condtr 1.
A lawvyer' is alltwted Iat.i t ude in t 1
cross-exainationr of a witness'5, it
true, but that lat iitide shourld riot I
allowetd to extend to thIe potint of di
cotrtesy arid the vitoltionio thIle pr
piieus as in the c'ase' of Il.awyer Cr~io
at I e'xinigtoni ini Iris tcross-exami nathi
of Mr i. Auogr;. Kohnr. MIr'. (riof't ec
tairnly lost his heatd hteeause lit coul
not ('or)nse thle wit ness antI nmakt' hi
say what suiited't his side of t'e qunest.io
NIr. Croft shou11ltd apologizte in open'i coui
vTo ciirtcuit jutdges, Juditge's Kltu:
arid Gage, are both sick and4 it spec
judtge hatd to lie asi-igned to hioldI cot
foir both of them. Jutstite Pope says
is the first time lie hats ever known
circuit judges to lie sick at the sat
timen. This cannot be hellped, tof cour'
but the ntumrber' of special coui-ts
special judges is increasing very rapidl
and( something should be dlone. Eitl
stop so many special courts, or if t.h
are necessary then increase the nu
ber of circuits and the number of re:
lar circuit judtges. We are inclineot
think the increase of btisiniess arid
population makes it necessary to h
adlditional circuits and it wotuld lie et
omy to do so.
Bachnman Chapel.
Communion service will be 1held
Bachman Chapel on the fourth Sun1
and preaching in the afternoon
Saturday prced(inlg instead of
pecnnd Sunday na narviminiy announn,
Cole. L. Blease and Mrs. M. A. Evans Tes
tiy for Defense-It Was Blease's
Pistol-Mirs. Evans Ex
pected Tragedy.
kSpecial to Herald and News.)
Lexington, S. C., Oct. 8th, 4.30 p. m.
- There was much important testimony
on the side of the defense adduced this
Mr. Cole. L. Blease, who was with
Tillman when he made the threat to
shock South Carolina with the tragedy
of Gonzales' death, which was testified
to by Adams, made a modification in
ihe testimony by saying that Tillman
said he would enact the tragedy in case
Gonzales continued in his threats. Mr.
Blease denied that Tillman carried a
pistol during the campaign, b,t ad
mitted that he had one at the Columbia
meeting. Had one given to him by Mr.
B!ease and it was given to him be
kAUSe Tillman expected Gonzales to at
:ack him that night.
%New berry, testified that the day of
the shooting she heard two men in the
*lay of the Senate discussing the dif
e'llenes between Tillman and Gonzales.
and from what she heard them say she
expected a diticulty. She was not al
lowed to tell who the men were. if she
kr.ew them, or what they said. She
walked on from the Stzite hc.:se .ed
when below the transfer st: .
tIe" Gollza'es' llis dma~~
tattd and the expression of .
was, as it appeare(d to her. as
thing tragical was soin t.
.oon after she passed G:. -
lward the shot, threw up her h:n'. .
mradt- an exclamation which. :-we7.
she was not allowed to say what ws.
J. A. wHITE,
dioor keeper of a Senate comm;tte'
rloom, testified that the day _efore the
inmicide Gonzales came to the Senate
I ly and asked him where was his
Ioss. White replied he had no. boss.
Gnizales said he had made Tillman
.how the white feather and would do
so again.
Richard Ilol1enback, the next witnelsS,
corrob rated this testitnony an told w hat
he saw of the actual shooting. Nothing
>.pecial developed in that. hut 1l1",eln
back was subjected to a severe vros-; ex
.01ination by Mr. Bellinger Varion
- mnversations which l1olzenback hai
1il w ith reference to the hotmicile afte
it wc irought to his attention. anl 11o
v-nhck generall y enied th it he li'
lit-ld snch conlversationls Tilis Wa
hiight out for the ptirpose of contradic
U -1n 11olzenback was often very d'srv
spectful in his replies to Mr tellinger
ait' the latter had to compel him by itt
structions of the Court to answer <pies
tions. Dtiring one of the iany spats he
tween the lawyers Mr. Biellinger re
intrked sonetlihig aontit llolzenback'
ittithfulnses. After the witt:ess go
thrigh withi his testionoy lie stopped i
ti-ont of lir lellitiger and in a how voic
reteSItld, it is prestumed , the <pition <
his tr'ithfiulness, and Mir. ( roft s sii
olnie away, I)ick!" andi J[H.olzta(
we'nt away seetningly vecry mial.
P Ml hIii
SSpeialh to HIeraild and Newas ]
Cole. I,. llease, for the dlefenise testifie
t hat TihnIlan's latngtiage, which was r<
peated by 1H. C. L~ Adamns, was used i
plyI to a remark of some one that Got
les1 , ha,d th rea tened Tihllmant's li fe 'ITl
nii int repliedl, "'If lie attemnpts to iltac
i ine I will sunffI his light t otit."' ilm
sj ItilTihan did not carry a pistol dun
ig thei calitnaign. 'Ihat the lishtol 11
hi:iI itt his roomt ini Columbia whien 1
mt ale thtis remtark wats 141ease's pisti
I g i ven'11 Timatn to protect himusef becamui
lit was thloughit Gonizatles wou ld attacli
.liI Tibatn ditritng his speech in Cohti
a btia.
r AI rs. M1. A. lEvatis testified tat atfe
nomitets before the shootintg sht w:
wi Ikitng til NIitint street in Colttiniaiu at
it Gonizales, that lie had a very strani
d e'xpriession, vindlictive, and it looked Iil~
Ithere wouldl be a tragedy. Front Itis ai
Iar anlce she thonght lie had his hiandI
i i poc'ket ont at pistol, and t hiis lakeni
c ionnetionm w ithi remarksa she Itad hea1
it thle Slate Il c,' e a lartued lher. Frto
Itle explressiont of G onzales' face lie mnti
lov ~e seen Ti hutati buehtind1 her' at thle Itim
'Soiont af(terwartds she heard the shot.
iJ. K. Aru.t..
( Spteemtl to II erald anid Newus I
S , ixitngitn, S. C , Oct. 8' S-45 P mI.
afternoont)t toi testify ini his iown beh.tdf.
Meerlgical Record, Sepltmbier, 190
Mleatinmaximtum 84.7
ald Mean 73.2
rt Maximumii 97; (late 6th.
it Minimtum 46; (late 30th.
v Gr'eatest daily rage 31
e., Tlotal 1.10 inchtes.
nd( Gr,teatest in 241 hours .78; date, 15I
y, No. of (lays with .01 'neh or m<
ert pre'tcipitaltionl 2
ey Clear, 18; fair 5; cloudy 7.
m- Some light frost on several daiys I
u-no damiage.
to Very drty month. All ecrops suffel
of from elfects of drloutght.
tve The1 rain fall for 9 months, 190~
on- 48.40 inches. 'The rainfall from S
tember 1st, 1902 to August 31st, 19
was 63.87 inches.
Otir average annual rainfall is51.44
at Our earlicst killing front was Oc
lay ber 15th, 1894. Our latest killing fr
of wats on November 28th, 1902.
thme W. G1. PETERlSON,
ed. Voluntary Observer
Of Olerk and Treasurer of the Town of
Newberry for Quarter Ended Sptim
ber 30, 1903.
Cash on hand last report ........$ 99 41
Loan Savings Bank . ..... 2000 00
t " " ........ ......... 1000 00
R ents ....... .......... .......... ....... 15 00
Loan National Bank................. 569 33
Dispensary profits. . .............. 778 66
License.. ....... ........ ..... ......... 53 00
Lot in colored cemetery.. ........ 5 00
Petty cash .......... ..... ............ 3 82
Fines Mayor's Court .............. 4 43 55
Street duty... ........... .............. 264 25 1
Total cash receipts............$5255 02
Lamp department........ . ......$ 58 65.
Feed " ..................... 103 50
Savings Bank (interest). ........ 101 551
Fire department. .................... 38 4
Opera Hrouse expense....... ... 19 95
Material and repairs. ......... 496 31
Board of Health. .................... 26 52!
Police expense ....................... 19 85
Mayor's salary ............... 100 00
Abated tax (W. T. Davis & Co.
See County Auditor) ... ........ 13 13
Janitor's salary.. . ............ 70 00
Hlealth officer's salary.. .......... 135 00
W. T. Davis& Co., (plumbing) 551 00
National Bank (interest)......... 18 33
Stamps, stationery, etc....... .. 13 53
July coupons, 1903.. ................ 157 SO
Police salaries (regular). ......480 00
P. 0. Rox rent ...... .. .... ..... 1 00
Ss eial ........... 2 00
ee s ary ................. 105 00
C s:.>, T ny.surer's salary.. 150 00
S- . i .idvertising. ......24 00
ip.*y noll) 6,0 k3
tna..e.............. ......n1 o n
............... .......v L
T1wn o ew er. . ...adta. h
Thcls 0kvswr. 1 A \
t'ra,~ . r Tre-%s~uner of '4
T.-0 N e iv r-I S. C.. ant.i that 0.e
foregoing -':-ment of his account for
the, q uatr er.ding Septembter M m
as Clr I it Trehsurer afores. is
Ju.t and true Zc rt.e best of his know!.
vdge and belief.
Clerk and Trea-rer.
Sworn to before me this 7th of Octo
ber. 1t3. J. B. HUNTER, [.s.[
Correct Attest: N. 1. of S. c.
Chairman of Finance Committee.
OUR Physician's
Prescriptions and
~his instructions
are carefully fol
lowed. We don't
doubt his knowledge
by preparing his pre
scriptions to suit our
e selves.
eThere is no HAP
, H AZA RD in our Wdork.
We Are Careful,
The Sick one is Safe
utt straight, all teachers in the count
are hereb)y notifledl to bring in thel
'ed certificates at some convenient timei
the next few weeks, in order that sai
. ertificates may be recorded in ti
mofice. EAUG. 8. WERTM,
p- Co. Supt. Education.
' Warren White Sipher Springi
>st Variety of mineral waters. Elevatio
2,100 feet. One mile from station. Fou~
mails daily. Excellent table. Moder
buildings and equipment. Rates $j
the books of registration for the
rown of Newberry, S. C., are now
)Pen, and the undersigned as Super
eisor of Registration for said town will
keep said books open every day from 9
A. i. unt il 6 p. m. (Sundays excepted),
neludhig the 7th day of December,
iupervisnr of Registration Town of
Newberry, S. C.
September 7, 1903.
berry County will be open for the
2ollection of taxes for fiscal year com
meneing Jamiary 1st, 1903, the 15thday
3f October, 1903, and will remain open
without penalty until the 31st day of
December, 1903. Upon all taxes paid
aifter the 31st day of December, 1903,
Ind before the 1st day of February,
190., a penalty of one per cent. will be
uded; upon all taxes paid during the
month of February, 1901, it penalty of
Ml per cent. additional will be added,
a ' upon ll taxes paid from the 1st to
the 15th lav of March. 1901. inclusive,
an adlitional penaltyk of five per cent.
will be :,kiit d.
Follo.. ing !. tlhe levy:
For State pu poses . 5 mills
For ordiin Y co. urposes . 2 1-2 mills
For spepial o u't y tpui oses 3-4 mills
For schools . 3 mills
Totai 11 -4 mills
Except in he [ollowing localities,
where an additional railroad tax has
been lev led.
Townsip No. 1 . 2 mills
Townshp N. - . . 2 1-2 mills
Towt: N. 3 mills
An d x h. following school
dI-o . - : hool tax has
. No. I : n mills
No 2 mills
S mills
B C %- N.. - al
2 iills
2 mills
2 mifls
2 mills
1~\~ N2 mills
.2 mils
I d,.I,, a T r ay va\
a Wixtf,n do lar from
de 1-, 1'.C. until the 1st
<1ue Treasurer.
Harness and Saddlery
The argest and most corn
plete assortment in
the State.
Everything kept in an Up
to-date Harness Es
1617 Main St , Columbia, S. C.
lt I, v
deliberat shooter. Cllad x
uuinethemand b coniuedta
theyare he n-stgunseve sol fo
the mne\ n Newerry \\' hav
extr low pris on loae itshells,i
lstot andI ipoder.t Ism r
Chia tea- sts,oae hco
soet,o sladises
Hirr ad pictes
sreWedding Press
CutGlss Wnte willebe Cuts
Chinavtea sets Cho ac
lae sets,oute godneor
ornamnt ofll kcos
jardinotin fer dishes
thmosand pictures
al of canimak mak ofein
toeret you cal buyc
*seour goods arefors
qualityand our price:
.are Bed Rock.
Book Store.
Is ready to store Cotton
and issue receipts for
same, which money can
be obtained on
Best in the'World.
For sale- by me
at close figures.
Guaranteed to give
Call on me at the
Bonded Warehouse, or
upon Wm. T. Gaillard.
Teacher Wanted
School, at Pomaria, will be elected
on Tuesday, October 13,at 8 o'clock a.
m. Salary, $30 per month for four
months. Applications may be sent to
any of the undersigned trustees before
that date.
Pomaria, S. C.
A Girl's Little Brother
Sometimes "Sees ThingK." Cill to
14e us and we will h p4ltoo-d to
1how Von many "Gol Thinigs."
Try our 0 Sti Nie Cheese,
Pic Nic Ha,k
N#w Whito Fih,
New Carolina Rice,
New MlasHeH, etc
"If it's ours it's nie "
Counts & Dickert,
Rt,vow-l's Old Stand-lMain .Street.
A New S re
\\eare no0w ready to shiow thle
t rad(inig pulic the Best, Cheia pest
anid N\lost Up-J t o-Date hu ie of
IN Nl\ E\ViR R Y
.\lrs. I lair haLvinlg spent 2 weeks in
lihe Northern markets select ing
the stock by hand.
We Also Carry
\Ve sa get~ our Prices..
. . . .Blefore Y ou luiy,
111111 1 IlVIRIL
The Right Price Store.
Summer Bros. Block, Lower Main Street
A Con1pleto Natllral Manure,
VTCounty for Genuine Peruvia
Guano, which is a complete, well ba]
anced natural manure, containing th
p)rinlcipal elements of plant food in th
most suitable condition. All person
des5irinlf to avail themselves of the op~
p)ortunit to get genuine Peruvia
PGuano should p lace their order with u
for same before the first of Septembei
1903, as we cannot contract for an
after that (late. For prices and furthe
-information apply to
This is not a entle wvord-but whe
Syou think how i able you are not to pui
chase the only remedy universall
Sknown aind a remedy that has had til
. largest sale of any medicine in tI'
worldl since 1868 for the cure and trea
Fmont of Consumption and Throat at.
Lung troubles without losing its grea
t ouaiyall these years, you wIll I
thnflwe called your attention i
3 Boschee's German Syrup. There are
many ordinary cough remedies made I
druggists and others that are cheap ar
good for light coWds perhaps, but f<
severe Cough Bronchitis, Croup-ar
especially or'onsumption, whore thea
1s difficult expectoration and coughir
during the nights and mornings, the:
inothng lik German Syrup. The
cent size has just been Introduced tli
a Relular size 7 cents. For sa
Will be even
those in Septe
We bought I
sell and they r
You have
we have the g
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our goods al
prices before
For one week ONLY Oct. 3d to 9th
discount on every brush in our store
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we want to see, at this special price, he
Stime. It, will he worth your while to b
your tooth brush isn't entirely worn or
during this sale.
Euthymol Tooth Paste, is an elegant
nin mg andl preserving the teeth. It ist
9Ithat we have ever handled. This pai
~jscratch even the softest-enamnel It'is
jjmuch, or being too dry It is just rigi
8g&"Let '.' fill your prescrip)tions
~,it (done.
iii i111der 3
Particular Pharmac.ists,
cO'A.8'E! OA
This is
but is sir
buy your
B the
"We have placed in oul
\Ve wvill give a Key to this Hox F'
$l.Oo) or over. Two (z) Keys witl
over Three (3) Keys with every j
Onily I'llitEE Keys will opel thi
y out you may try your Key.
e The fitrst Key t , uniilock the I
0 The secondl Key to unlock thew
The ibird Key to uinlock thle b:
t No Key will be i ed unie,~s the tau
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advertise iin Ibis pa per whien alli
hou r sot ev erybody will have an ii equi
d D~FJon't lose the Tag - The Kt
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sty lish sh)oes thlit are man11)ufact ured
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:he Goods to
nust go.
the money,
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nd get our
you pura
!.COM pa&ny
RY, S. C.
inclusive, we offer a 20 per cent.
i.This includles .Tooth Brushes,
-shes, and all other kinds. Wer
in stock. Not that any of themi
he reason at all. We want to sell
we dlidn't buy them for any a thier
n than we are selling now, and
w many we cani sell in one week's
na stock of b)rushes Ev'en if
it, yiu had better get a new one
preparation for cleansing, white
he miost perfect tooth preparation
te is so smioothe that it cannot
a happy medium; not foaming too
it. Price 25c. per tube.
He do it as your physician wvanta
R[leeks, i
: Corner Drug Store, t
V, .C
ro gambling scheme,
nply an inducemrent to
SHOES from us for
-window a box which.
ree wit hi every j pir of Shoe
b every pa~ir of Shotes sol
air o)f Shoes sold at
s boxc. W\hen Is
>o)xI ~tke, TI''
boux I(tks SI
Ox taikesi ''Ol
g is attached.
hich key opel)
he keys are tI
~I chiance to
best gjiality .s.
of Leat her an

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