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H. H. AUI.I., Hotrok.
We call attention to an article from
the Charlotte Observer in which the
editor quotes from a sermon delivered
by Rev. Dr. L. M. Zimmerman. pastor
of Christ Lutheran Church in Baltimore.
The subject was "Our Inheritance."
The church should be the refuge for
the weary and those who labor and are
tired, and it should be a plac-! where
people are happy and cheerful. and
where a word of welcome and a hearty
grasp of the hand awaits the stranger
and yet it is too often just the opposite,
so few to give a kind word.
The Elks had visited Baltimore just
the week before the sermon was deliv
ered, and in the course of his sermon
Dr. Zimmerman said that many f his
hearers may have jotted down things
against the Elks, especially the chronic
kicker and the man who can look at the
faults rather than the virtues of men,
for the world sees the Elks "only in
the rough exterior the burr and not
sweet kernel, the kind heart and spirit
of benevolence and charity. Not a few
of God's people might lea n from them
the power of a smile and the uplift
ing influence of good fellowship and
good will. The kindly spirit of "Hlello
Bill" might work well in some church-s
where there is a superabundance (if
cold formality aml unfriendli-ness, where
members of th,. tmlh chunrh pa-s each
other without speaking and whe? thI
stranger must wait and4 hunt for a
This was a high complill-mnt fr.-Im a
high source and a les.-on miight
learned from Ihis quotation frorn thi
preacher by. members of other cogr
gations thAn his own. The gos
which he preaches is thc gi)spel of !vt.
and the pity is, we do not have more Wf
this preaching from all pup 'fth-i
When Joseph Pllitzi-r gfts hi two)
million dollar sc hool if jwil nalim fai
started it wouild I in oriI' fo him t'o
spend a few more dollars in pay th,
exr.-nses of us Pc ir editors so tha' we
Could take a cour.Se. -.A . ). ' r) h- -
Why certainly, of course it ' t-i he
very strange if there weri oot Sofle
free schtlarshiop to be awar:l.n -
ptitive xm i t itltl sp ea fa
vor-ites. Surely .\lr. ivulitz'r wil hav
scholarships fri-. for tho, in n ,. of
tiaining and umnalbi to p1ay, the ixpn
Hon. ,lohn Me.\aster. a nieibler of
the legislature from Richland counIt;.
died at his home in (ilumbia o' Satur
day night after a brief illnits. Ie was
a son of Col. and Mrs. F W. M':Mas
ter and was .13 years old. lie was a
lawyer by profession and was servir,g
hiS second term as a mirber of the
le.islature. Mr. .\h-\lastor was ven
yopular among his associates in
legislature anld his prneinl tht- r-N
hollse wiil be sadly issed.
The Ilerald andi N.ws has pubilie-.
very full reports of the Tillman t ri:
att Le,x ington !.f(iausie we belie veel t ?
people wanted to readl it and] havin'
the su bstan,ce of t he to. Itininv on, ho'.
sides coulId forrn thei ownr concl usin
'We have been fortunat,.a being a!!
to have the rep,rt wh,' e'. we printi.d
w,ritt':j- e-;pif.ay fr Th H -Jera:di11('
lI' th: T.j I t..
What the~'
Umfnede-rate Soldiers.
Tlo t he des ti'.tt o' fe-dir-ato soli. -s
in~ N -berry (ounty: Tho u]ndrisgned
membr5 of the AuxiliaryhBoard of
the C.onfederate '-obiders Relie-f Asso
ciation of South Car~iolina hereby give
niot ice that they are prepaiiired to co-oler
ate with the said A ssociation at Ciolumin
bia, S. C., and that for the informatjin
and guidance of thme said assc i at ion
it iS dlesired that the nmb her and the
names and statement of service of all
soldiers of the war between the States
within this county who are homeless
and dlestitute lie s(ent before us before
the (endl of this year with proper evi
dences oif (lest itutioni.
W. G. Pi-:r:Rs(iN, Chmn.
R. 'T. C. IH UNT'rnl.
Letter to C. J. P'urcell, Newberry, S. C.
D)ear Sir: We ii-,anage to get so.no
fun out of paint. J. HI. Kohlmeyer,
Grove City, Pa, put-in D)evoe. Along
came a salesman of somebody else's
paint before ours had got there. Sales
man said ours was short- measure.
Koh'meyer weakened hung fire and
flopped; stoppedl ours andl took his.
It was our turn now. We emptied
our can into his and his into ours. The
shortmeasure was his, not ours; aind we
kept our man.
And, every since then, that paint
manufacturer gives full-measure; his
paint is not pure, but his gallon containis
four qJuarts.
Go by the naume; and the name to go
by is D)evoe lead-and-zine.
Yours trnly, &Co
F. W. D:voE:& o
P. S. The Newberry Hardware Co.,
sells our plaint.
Plrst Cost Not the Cheapest,
The first cost of an article does not
necessarily determine its cheapness.
For instance, a sack of "Clifton" flou
may cost you a little more than other
so-called patent flours, but it will be
cheaper toyou in the end. Why? Be
cause it will1 not only make more bread
to the sack, but will take less lard and
soda to make It. Order a sagk of "Clif
ton" and make a test for yourself. It
wvill prove the truth of this statement.
T. J. H AY8.
That is the Pading of the Coroner's Jury
in the Kiint of Raymond sizer by
Clarence Brooks.
On Saturdaynight at Vaughnville Mr.
Clarence M. Brooks the son of M r. C.
A. Brooks killed a negro by the name
of Raymond Sizer. An inquest w ,.as
held on Sunday an-l the jury says the
killing was done in self defense. That
is the story briefly told. Mr. Clarence
Brooks is only seventeen years old. IlIe
had retired for the night in the store of
his father where he and his brother
slept. The negro aroused him to make
some purchases. As the negro started
out the door he made an insulting re
mark to Mr. Clarence Brooks and then
made at him with a large iron weight
and Mr. Brooks fired with the result
stated, the bullet going through his
heart. Only three witnesses were
sworn at the inquest and their testi
mnony is given.
The inquest was held by Magistrate
J. W. Ropp at the written request of
Mr. C. A. Brooks and Mr. B. W. Good
The verdict of the jury is: "That the
said Raymond Sizer came to his death
from a gun shot wor.nd inflicted by the
hands of Clarence M. Brooks acting in
self defense.-or to protect his life."
The jury was composed of J. R. Scurry,
M. 1). Smith, Hi. B. Lindsay. Jno. B.
Seurry. T. R. Workman, M. J. Long
4hore. M. L. Connelly. S M. Johnson,
P'. S. Boazman. W. J. Sullivan, Henry
Workman, J. J. Amick.
A warrant was issued for Mr. Brooks
ANd he immediately gave bond in the
-um of t wo hundred dollars for his ap
pearanee at the sessions court to an
swer the charge of murder "if so
ieemed necessary by the solicitor.''
The following is the testimony of the
three witnesses sworn at the inquest:
Clarence M. Brooks. sworn, says:
Live at Vaughanville, Newxrry Coun
ty. On 10th of October. 1. waS here
-Seeping in store, was in . :d at 10.30)
Negro came here knocked at the door.
wanted to come in. I asked him who it
wVs. He said "Clarence. open the
door." I said, "that is not n:y name."
Ie said. "what is it then." I said,
"Mr. Brooks, to a negro.' He came
in and Walter got up and waited on
him, when he got ready. t,j go he said,
G --d d -1m, Clarernc ir s wants
me to call him Mr. Br. .:. bat I will
not do it." Then I said to him he had
better get out of the stor-.
I cane on up to the d<nr and told
im to get on out. Then he said, -You
(;-d d--n son of a b-- h, you must be a
fool" and I struck him vith a pistol on
the side of his left face. Then he came
%,ver with a weight, I don't know when
he picked it up. I told hirn he had bet
ter stop, he then made an->ther step.
My pistol fired. I shot him. He turned
%nd went out and droppced the weight.
He had it drawn ,ack in his right hand
this way (demonstrating. I shot him
eause I thought he w going to kill
ne with the weight..
I am seventeen yearsI old1, weigh a
ndrted and thirty-fiv'e rounds. Had
iifficulty' before. I did rnot know
mn andu had uiot seen him since he was
-mall. C. M. Brooks.
Walter Brooks, sworn, says: I am
i teen years 0old. Clarence Brooks, my
.r'th ., was in the store when Itay
rw'aind came in.
lie knocked at the door anid said open
th is door, Clarence.
Clarenice said, "' ' It call mue (lar
rnce."' lie said, " What is it thlen."
larence said, '"Mr. Brooks, to a no
I got up myself and opened the door
td waitedl on him. When he got ready
0 go he said, "GU d d n- i, Clarence
'ants me to call him Mister, but I will
iot do it." Clarence told hirn to got
utt of the store. He said, ''1 will not
Jo it, you G-.-d d ni son of a b--h.''
lie then struck (Clarence and Clarence
itruck him - with his pistol, he then
pickedi up a weight and was coming at
'larence and Clarence told him to stop,
hle negro would not stop and Clarence
ho,'t him, lie' had it dlrawn back this
wayin his right hand. Thlere was no
'e about, inside or out of the store
that I know of.
Walter C. Brooks.
C. A. Birooks, sworn, says: Live at (
Vaughanville, Newberry County, have
a store near my dwelling. TIhe store is
on my land, and was the house my sonsI
wer'e sleeping in at night by my dlirec-I
Knew ltaymondi Sizer. lie is about
seventeen or eighteen years old, aboutI
the same size of Clarence, maybe better
muscle, but not quite so tall. I heard
the pistol fire, andl came out right away.
The store is about, seventy-five or aI
hundred feet from my dwelling. I
found the negro lying on the steps when
I got out here, where it is now and my
sons in the store. The night was eles:
and nobody else was here, of if there
was I could not see them. TIhe boys are
accustomedI to sleeping in the store all
the time when they are at home. Clar
enee travels most of the time.
C. A. Brooks.
I(EJ"IsKI To nets'IIVK nloIy.
A strange incident in connection with
this homicide is, that while the negroes
made no demonstration, or gave any
evidence of disapproval of the killing
they positively refused to have anything
to do with the body. There wvas a negro
meeting in progress within a short dis
tance of the store, and It seems the
leaders of the meeting gave Instructions
so positive thateven the step-fatherand
mother of the dead negro refused to have
anything to do with the body. It must
have been In obedience to such Instrue
tions for the grave had already been
dug and the coffin purchased bur the
wagon was turned around at the church.
The mother of the boy came up to the
store after the shooting and some time
before the inquest. Why this proceed
ing was taken by the relatives of th<
dead negro is not known. The follow.
ing white men who were present impro
vised a box and buried the body in the
woods near by: J. W. Ropp, L. 11. Senn,
J. B. Boazman, E. C. Salter, A. L.
I)ominick, P. N. Bcozer, J. D. Boozer,
Cole. L. Blease, J. R. Scurry, C. J.
Albram., J. B. Workman, D. R. Scurry,
N. W. Workman, .1. S. Connelly, J. H.
Rudd, B. W. Stevens, M. L. Connelly,
M. D. Smith, A. A. Madden, A. M.
Smith, W. R. Keith, H. B. Lindsay.
Mr. Cole. L. Blease was retained to
defend the case and was present at the
coroner's inquest to represent Mr.
South Carolina W. C. U. Convention.
The Woman's Christian Temperace
Union will hold its Annual Convention
at Anderson, S. C., Oetober 15th to
18th. Delegates wishing to attend will
write at once to Mrs. M. E. Ligon 214
Whiten Street, Anderson, S. C. We
hope t:) have a large delegation and a
lelightful convention. Mrs. Unruh of
Portland Oregon, National Organizer,
will be with us during the entire con
vention. The convention will be wel
:omed on Thursday evening the 15th
:y Hon. J. M. Sullivan, Mayor, Mr. B.
F. Crayton, ind Rev. M. B. Kelly, of
'he Metho0 st Church and Mrs. R.
Bleckly of thv W. C. T. U.
Rev. W. 1. Herbert of Columbia, S.
will give a temperance address on
Friday night. Rev. W. Z. Hurchison
Df the Central PresbN terian Church will
preach a sermon before the convention
at eleven a. m. on Sunday. Mrs. Un
ruh will give an address on Sunday
evening. The other exercises of the
:onvention will be found in the printed
Reduced rates have been secured on
all roads. Tickets on 14th, 15th, 16th,
[-th with final limit October 20th.
Delegates see your local agents some
,lays in advance.
Mrs. L. B. Haynes,
President W. C. T. U. of S. C.
"iotice of Final Settle
ment and Discharge,
and call for Creditors
make a final se,tlement on the
e state of Frances A. Wise, dec'd, in
the Probate Court for Newl eri y county,
:>n Monday, 16th November, 1903, and
mmediately thereafter apply for a final
Jescharge, as administrator of said
estate. Creditors of said estate are
hereby required tp present their de
mands, duly attested on or before said
late. M. L. STRAUSS,
Adm'r of Frances A. Wise, dec'd.
Notice Bridge to Let.
Carolina, on the ?4th day of Octo
ber, 1 J3, at II o'clock a. m., to let the
:ontract for building a steel bridge
across Dur.car's Creek at said place.
ans and specifications will be on file
ni mv~ office after October 18th, until
~he oay of letting the contract when I
,.ill have them at Whitmire, South
2arolina. Hight reserved to reject aniy
mrd all bids.
County Supervisor.
Notice to Draw Jury.
L the undersigned, composing the
board of Jury Commissioners for New
erry County, State of South Carolina,
v.ill on the 23d of October instant, at
o'clock a. in., in the office of the
lerk of Court for said county, openly
ned publicly, draw thirty-six jurors to
erve as petit jurymnen at the Novem
ier term of Court of Common Pleaq for
4w berry County, November 9th, 10'J3,
'emnmig and continuing for one week.
JNO. L,. EP'PS, Co. Treasurer.
W. W. CROMER, Co. Auditor.
J. C. GOCGA NS, Clerk of Court.
October 12th, 1l'3.
Joseph F. Burton, Plaintiff,
Charles Cleland e t alI, Defendants.
h~erein, I will sell before the Court
louse at Newberry, S. C., at public
uction on saleday in November next,
iithin the legal hours of sale, to the
ighest bidder, all that tract or parcel
f land situate in the county andI State
foresaidl, bounded by lands of Dr. W.
). Senn, F"rank Boozer, J. F. Burton
ud the public roadl leading from New
Jrry, C. 11. to Belfast, containing One
lundred arnd Seventy-Six and F'our
'ifths (176 4-!) Acres, more or less.
Tierms of Sale; One-half of the pur~
base monecy to be paid in cash; the
alance on a credlit of one year with
even per cent, interest, the credit por
ion to be secured by bond of the pur
haser andl mortgage of the premises.
Purchaser to pay for papers.
Master N. C.
October 8th, 1903.
Real Estate for Sale.
A. in gdescribed property for sale on
terms that will enable persons desiring
homes to secure same:
Seven tracts in No. 2 Township, con
t aining ' res >ectively 147.33, 211. 13,
198.50, 192.7., 142.29, 217 and 186 acres.
'i'hese ar~e choice lots, highly productive,
well wooded and watered, with p)lenty
,f the b',st pasture land on each plce.
l'h'ere are two good dwelling houses
Lnd several tenant houses, barns cribs
tnd stables on two of them, goo<A well
>r spring watLer in plenty. Also one
riandsomie r'esidend~e in the town of
New berry, admirably constructed with
modern improvements, desirably located
m one or our main thoroughfares, and
in one ofi the most desirable sections of
our town.
In connection with this place there
are several handsome b)uilding lots
which we will dispose of at an early
For prices and terms appl to
Real Estate Agent,
Newberry. S. C.
LOST-A hunch of keys hav
.K beem left at this offic. which wer
pMcked up in (he clothing store of Sun
mer Bros. Ownier can obtrin same b
calling at this ofice and pal,ing for thi
j ESTAURANT Fancy Groceries
M r. John J. E arg le who ha,, bough
out the grocer-y store of C. W. Dougia
Will also continue the res"urant at th1
same place and you ca.in seeue a gov
meal cheap. le also has a good lin
of fancy and staple groeries at price
that are reasonable.
Paints --We have just added t(
our stock a complete line of harness
hardware and pants and are prepared
to serve your wants at lowest possibli
pric s. Anartment adjoining grocer3
store. Conic in and inspect our line.
Car nails just received.
How to Make Money.
Agents of either sex should todaN
write Marsh Manufacturing Co. 5&
Lake Street, Chicago, for cuts and par
ticulars of their handsome Aluminun
Card Case with your name engraved or
it and filled witi 100 Calling or Businesq
Cards. Evei y,bodv 'orders them. Sam
ple Case and 100 Oards, postpaid, 40c
'his Case and 100 Cards retail at 7E
cents. You have only to show samph
to secure an order. Send 40c at onc<
for case and 100 cards before some one
gets ahead of you.
11Y \-l' BUY T[HE B.:T
. Y n- fr('m1 Guy Dan
ek. Ev- r i a to bv had frim a
!a t: :!JeVLt. lt!~s Midt
Tlie Riser Millinlery Co
Wil ' I )l.-atdi a1 r)%how you their
n'l egat linre of Re.idy to Wear Hata,
Or l'-. rnar or n.m it 4i411.)1por1.
e I by 'linIary ciriitia.: will E
givon i hbesral qu:.:ity of tht-- L,o)ng
tun& 'aLrti:' z Pare i:nt' wEn~i.
Pver Ihny paint.
Nott-: Hauv do. sdm for tW enty
tsv'n year-i. S-de -: I. t of m1il
h ts f tt vi-d notrly t l
rfpllir.t if 11 t .0 -a t ry h
plaint w'ars for 1gr:,ds upl t(
ihtNyj .p * a' Li'l -ofd Oil muv
Ia 11 iltv A . 1 l! ''; I,.. Ill 1wt )
Newberrry Hardware Company.
Trespars t er.
A rtint to tresua' upon the
landis of th.- un]e rsi'lem by hunfing,
fiing o" othe-rwis.-, said lands being
ini No. 1) 'ownship. Newbirv countv.
Of fh 0 nii i f rX 0 U ll i aI Ba['l
of8108 Nc 'b jij p 'j:ji & 8 jj ).
I8sho1 ill QiifBi :Wi j:U l
Notesdiscounited..... . ..26,88 741
Safe and other fixtuar ......2.44 95
I)ue from bank s........50,559 58
Over dra fts. . . .555 t:i
Cash and caLsIb i tir:..27,564 (07
$!2,989 94
Capital stock ..........35, i(1
Dividends unpaid 500
Profits ..........
Due banks.. ......... 28
Re-DIiscounts. ....... ,)C'J0
Deposits.......... .. 181,4f5 74
$312,989 94
Personally apptar.di Iefore mn' ZA. F.
Wright cashier of the( abiove named
bank who swears hobt t he above state.
ment is correct to tlhe- be'st of hiis k nowlI
edge anid belief. ZA. F. WN luG(I lTI,
Cash i er.
Sworn to before me bhi 6thl d1ay of Oc
tober, 1903.
N~~ioiu Pub'iilic.
Jno. M. Kinard.
L. WN. Floyd.
W'. 11. Ilunt.
We have just received
a car each of
Hydralic Portlaid.
Roseilale CEET
Get our Prices before
n the tow
Whether the side walks are torn u
ness. If you can't get in the front
Here are the unmatchable values
large sales has made this store thE
5 bales 36 in. Lockhart Mills Sh(
Only 20 yards to each custon
25 pcs. Canton Flannel worth I Oc
5 bales 36 in. Drills, slightly soiled
50 pcs. New Fall Styles Calicoes w
50 pcs. New Fall Flannelette wort
50 pcs. New Fall Percales worth I
50 doz. Ladies' Undervests, WintE
12 l-2c each.
50 doz. Ladies' Undervests, Winte
24c each,
50 pcs. Table Oil Cloth worth 25c,
50 pcs. Apron Ginghams worth 5c
100 White Bed Spreads worth $1.
100 White Bed Spreads worth $2
50 White Bed Spreads worth $2.7
100 doz. Towels worth 15c and 20
200 Ladies' Walking Skirts worth
200 pairs Lace Curtains, 3 yds. loi
Remember These Prices Ho
About two hundred pieces New Fa
materials including Zibilines, Fai
ond 9Brnadcloths, These goods ar
ask $1.00, your choice of the big p
About one hundred pieces Black
your enoice for these four days onl
3 pcs. 36 in. Black Taffeta, the nei
sale 92 1-2c.
2 .cs. 36 in. Black Taffeta, worth
3 pcs. 36 in. Peau de Soir worth $
25 pcs Taffeta Silks, all shades a
this sale 39c.
One side of my store packed and a
and Children's Shoes. I have mor
re'st of the Newberry Shoe dealern
Newberry's G
Wedding Presents. The NEW
Cut Glass in the Newest Cuts.s
hita ',ts, Choco-A
lasets, afterd dinner WRHUL
cake pl;!'es, berry sets, Is ready to a
ornarnents or all kinds,:
jardinine, fern dishes, and issue
mirrors and pictures, 'same, which
all o& which make d e-1
irs.ble Wedding Pres- be obtained
ons We will be glad;
to aveyou call and THE NW
seour goods befo.re 1
buying, It will co.t
you nothing to look at W
themn-and we thin k H
we can~ make it of in
erest to you to buy of
Our goods are first Rast in I|
qua.it1y andl our rces; UUUIIi
are Bed Rock. THE WALTE
Book Store. For saletby
Noticoonrffiila l116 t 1118mDisc.hargo. Guaranteed
"N..OICE ",ER4 H " VJN satisfaction
o"n h 8zt o Vhma8 I.Wedmn C all on i
beryCutty . C,n rly Bonded Wa
o'lc h f"oreon a ndwl upon Win.
n. Be on hand bright and early.
p or not I am goiug to do the busi
wind your way to the back .r. a
. Our policy of short profits and
store of Newberry.
,eting worth 7c, for this sale 5c.
and 12 1-2c, slightly soiled 5c yd.
worth 6 1-2c, for this sale 5c yd.
rorth 6 1-2c, for this sale 4c yd.
h I Oc, for this sale 7c yd.
Oc, for this sale 7c yd.
)r weight worth 20c and 25c, now
r weight worth 40c and 50c, now
for this sale 10( yd.
yd., for tnis sale 3 7-8c yd.
60, for four days 98c.
.35, for four days $1 .49.
5, for four days $1.98.
c, for this sale I Oc each.
$2.00, for this sale 98c.
ig worth $2.00, now 98c.
Id Good For Only Fotr Days,
.11 Dress Goods-all the fashionable
icy Mixtures, Cheviots, Venetians
E worth 75c, 85c and some stores
ile at Mimnaugh's 47 1 -2c.
Goods worth 65c, 75c, and 85c,
y 49c.
rer split kind worth $ 1.25, for this
$1 . 10, for this sale 75c.
1.75, fon this sale $1.10.
nd black and white worth 60c, for
nd jammed with Men's, Women's
e Shoes piled under my tables than
i carry in stock.
reatest Store.
ISE CO.... Cout &H Dickert
itore Cotton Groceries, Fruits,
'cceptsforProduce, Etc.
reesfrRussell's Old Stand,
money cank Main Street.
Onl Notice,
oERRYiday Oco E 0 o'loc
ERRaYm.to cet the contraet tobr ei a
, aid place across Saluda river.idRight
0UE 0 . .sHSPervior.
Knights of Pythiias,
Nev'vberr'y NGodge No. 5'7.
4th OO s'O0uefy ngts of each mn
SA. WO O med. TIIO. E.F
ND RAKES crotcal hotea
me N
se figures. N<?C
to give Boardgof Ju
will on the 1
nine o'cloc
me at the of Courtf
rehouse, or eg
T. Gaillarc4. beryC

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