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What the Fleecy Staple Was Bringiag
Yesterday Afternoon In the Various
Portions of the County..
(Corrected by Nat Gist.)
Good Middling .. . . . . . . 9
Strict Middling . . . . . . . 8 90
Middling . . . . . . . . . . . 885
Mark6t steady.
"%, Prosperity.
(Corrected by J. L. and A. G. Wise.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . 9
(Corrected by John R. Scurry.)
Good Middling......... 895
- Pomaria.
(Corrected by Aull, Hentz & Co.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 8 95
Little Mountain.
(Corrected by J. B. Lathan.)
Good Middling . . . . . . . . 9
* Kinards.
(Corrected by Smith Bros.)
Good Middling........
Pipe Organ on the Way.
Thu pipe organ'for the Church of the
Redeemer has been shipped. The bill
of lading has been received and it is
hoped the instrument will arrive very
soon and be installed.
Election of Deacons.
At a congregational meeting of the
Church of the Redeemer neld on Sun
day the following deacons were elected
to serve for the next two years: Geo.
B. Cromer, S. J. Derrick, W. G. Houseal,
W. P. Houseal, Jno. C. Goggans, J. M.
Kibler, 0. B. Mayer, Geo. W. Summer,
and J. A. Blackwelder.
Small Fire Ir No. 9.
On lat Saturday at 3 o'clock in the
afternoon while the family were absent
from home the barn of Noio DeHart in
No. 9 township was destroyed by fire.
The cause of the fire is unknown. Mr.
DeHart lost three bales of cotton anb
all of his farm implements. The loss
is about $200. The barn belonged to
Mr. J. B. Stockman.
Special Court.
At the meeting of the Newberry bar
held yesterday morning it was deter
mined to ask for an extra court or
special court to begin the week follow
ing the close of the common pleas court.
and to dispose or only such cases as can
be heard without a jury. This will
make the special court begin on the
16th of November giving us three
straight weeks of court. The gentle
man learned in the law to hold this
court has not yet been appointed.
Ball Granted.
Associate Justice Eugene B. Gary
yesterday mdrning granted bail to S.
H1. Banks and his daughter Sallie
Cockerell charged with the murder of
Smith Cockerell in Saluda county a
couple weeks ago. The application for
bail was heard before Justice Gary
at chambers at Abbeville. We did not
learn the amount at which bail was
Y. M. S. L. Convention.
The seventh annual session of the
Y. M. S. L. convention, colored,- met
at the new Baptist church on Saturday
10th instant at 10.30 a. m. The presi
dent M. C. Scurry called the convention
to order andi op)enedl it in due form. The
delegates (.vere enrolled andl the follow
ing officers elected: M. C. Scurry pres
ident, C. K. Kinard vice-p)residlent, D.
E. Rice secretary, 0. P. Cooper treas
urer. This makes the seventh termn
for M. C. Scurry as grand president.
Prospering in Florida.
The many friends of Dr. ,J. M. Thomp
sen who moved to Florida from this
county some years ago will be glad to
know that he is prosporing in his adop
ted home as most all Newberrians do
who seek fortunes elsewvhere. HeJ has
been living in Ocala continuously since
he went to F'lorida. He has a son wvho
is following in the footsteps of the fath
er*, Dr. Tom C. Thompson. He gradl
unted at the University of Florida in
1899 and then studied medlicine .andl
graduated from the medical dlepartment
of the University of Kentuckey in 1903.
Young Dr. Thompson has recently
formed a partnership with Dr. J. L.
Romero of Jacksonvillc and will enter
upon the practice of medlicine in that
city under very favorable circumstances.
Dr. Romero has made a competency
and virtually retires from the active
practice turning over his practice to
Dr. Thompson. We are always glad to
hear of the success of any Newherrrians
wherever they may wander.
Special Judge.
Owing to the illness of Judge J. C.
Klugh who was to hold the regular
November court for Newherry county,
Mr,l H. J. Hlayneswotlth of Greenville
asbeen appointed to hold the court,
pboth the sessions and the civil courts.
The criminal court will convene here
on the second of November and last one
wee'., The civil court will commence
on the 9th and continue for one week.
Mr. Haynesworth is one of the leading
.lawyers of the Greenville har and we
are sure will make an accepta'le
the Best For the Asking.
ack of patent flour
ttell him to
flr", but
thurmond, Rembert, Elliott, Asbill, and
Johnstone Spoke Yesterday--Nelsbu,
Crawford, Croft and Bellinger
Speak Today.
(Special to Herald and News.)
Lexington, S. C., Oct. 12, 1903; 4.30
p. m.-Solicitor Thurmond this morn
ing made the opening argument in the
Tillman trial. He was followed by
Rembert, Elliott, Johnstone and Asbill,
these arguments consuming today's
session. Tomorrow Nelson, Crawford,
Croft and Bellinger will address the
jury. This will make In all five
arguments for the prosecution and four
for the defense. Judge Gary will
charge Wednesday morning, and the
case will go to the jury. The crowd in
attendance was considerably increased
today. J. K. Aull.
The Movements of Many People, Newber
rians and Those Who Visit
Mr. L. D. Wilson of Columbia spent
Sunday in Newberry.
Mrs. M. L. Spearman left on yester
day to visit relatives in Augnsta.
Prof. H. B. Dominick- of Fountain
Inn, S. C., was in the city Saturday.
Mr. A. D. Timmerman, of Green
wood county, was in the city yesterday.
Miss Blanche Davidson left Friday to
take charge of a school in Florence
Prof. Thos. W. Keitt of Clemson
college came down on Friday and spent
Saturday in .the city.
Mr. Thos. E. Epting who is with the
Bell Telephone Company, is home for a
few days in Newberry.
Editor H. C. Bailey of the Chapin
News gave our sanctum a pleasant
call yesterday afternoon.
Prof. J. B. O'Neall Holloway, one of
the leading educators in the State, and
member of the Staf 3 board of education,
was in the city Sunday.
Miss Marguerite Cromer has accep
ted a position as teacher of the fifth
grade in the Sumter graded school and
left on Saturday for Sumter.
Mrs. L. G. Waite of Greenwood
stopped over in Newberry the past
week on her way to Columbia to visit
the family of Mr. W. A. Fulmer.
Mr. Tom Swygert an alumnus of
Newberry college was in the city on
Sunday. He is now assistant casheir
of one of Union's banking institutions.
Hon. Geo. S. Mower will go to Co
lumbia today to attend a meeting of
the Sinking Fund and from there will
go to Sumter to attend a meeting of
the special committee of the legisla
ture to agree upon some plan to fix the
tax assessment on equitabe basis.
The regular meeting of the Newberry
lodge Knights of Pythias will be held
tonight in castle hall. All members
are urged to attend.
The tax books of both the county and
towvn will open on 15th. The tax col
lectors will be glad to receipt you for
the tribute you are due unto Cosar.
The protracted meeting which has
been going on at Mollohon for several
days l>ast will close on Wednesday
night. Rev. Mr. Burton was assisted
by Rev. B. Lacy Hioge of Jackson, Ga.,
and much interest has been mani
fested in the services.
The chain gang has Lteen changed
from the Belfast road to the Harp hill
on the Mt. Zion road. They have fin
ished the Belfast road to the eight mile
p)ost in front of Longshores Store.
Mr. E. H. Leslie has just returned
from Bishopville where he secured the
contract to build the graded for that
town. The building wve imderstand is
to cost in the neighberhc:)d of $10,023
Mir. Leslie will go over the latter p)art
of this week to beg:n work.
Death of Mrs. Dunston.
Mrs. Nancy Dunston who for some
time has been making her home with
her son Mr. John Dunston of the elec
ti ic p)lant dliedl at his home in Newberry
on Saturday night and was buried on
Sunday afternoon.
At The Bpiscopal Church.
A mission will b)e held at the Episco
p)al Church, consisting of a series of
services beginning Sunday 25th of
October and continuing th rough the
next Sunday. Services w ithi sermons
and addresses will he held twice a dlay,
in the morning andl afternoon. Ad
dlresses will also be made explanatory
of what this church stands for: andl we
shall be glad to have members of other
churches take this opportunity of learn
ing about a sister church. The pub ic
in gene.ral is invited and will he cordially
welcomed to all services.
W. S. HIocures,
The Bachelor Maids Club
Will meet with Miss Fannie Me
Caughrin this (TPuesday) afternoon at
4 o'clock.
If troubled with a weak digestion
try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver~
Tablets. They will oe you good. For
sale by W. E. Pelham & Son New
berry, S. C., and Prosperity Drug Co.
ieaitv. S.C.
Have the Go
Right A $51
Our stock is con
anything you w
and Shoes at pr
merchant in Sot
We do not SAY wh
we can do, and we
statement in this a
Our spa<
have, but we say
Clothing and Sh
Stock at
Our Shoe. cannot be excelled by
iiy (rin in the city. We sell the
leading and best mikes, best styles.
'Ilic Krippecndorf DilRman Co.'s
fine Shoes for ladies. NO 3ETT ER
MADE. The Val - Duttenhofer
Shoes for ladies, and the Wolfe
Bros. Shoes for ladies and children.
"SNOWN7" Shoes for men, the
"\Vash ington" Shoes for men,"Ex
celsior"and lloyt.Shoes for nen,and
"Battle Exe" every day Shoes for
men, women and children.
Shoes for Men
from $1 to $5.
Shoes for Ladies
from 75c to $3.50
We have an excellent line of
Hosiery for ladies, men and children
for 5c, ioc, 15c and 25 a pair.
$1,000 "ol
kind and the low
A full and coi
nishing good:
neckwear, gi
penders and
The Mos
All the latest sty
6 Barg
O pleased
ne half sat
you, we know ou
simply take our
self and be conv
ods and th
3,000 Stock
riplete. We car
int in Dry Goo4
ices that will c
ith Carolina.
at others can't do,
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in this pap
scribing a
this, don't buy :
oes until you he
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Dress Goods for "lessthan others
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25 pieces 36 inch wool Suitin
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io piece Grey Flannels, doui:
width, for 25c a yard.
25 pieces 54 inch lBroadclotih
black and all colors, for 98c a yar
50 pieces colored Hlenriettas f
25c, soils all over town for 4oc.
15 pieces black Peau-de-soi Si
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I children just
est prices.
mnplete line
3, shirts, coill
oves, handi
socks, etc.
it ets, furs anc
les. and very lov
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isfied. We will el
r prices will suit
word for it, but c
bie Htstle1
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ve seen our
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You sk.
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aind iurnil, sift it. , g sy onoi w.
of t.Iteso -Iga10t Sh.. . ok1' has . I
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V INit, oir Ir-s\VI, ;l,ilt)
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it-,ic f;ines. Thev
ti ti st 4 t't ,
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W tili )(nls.
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nervous ds~n'~i fua It las, ubestn li
ach orlivor 'lt s toktt tu-anIteed toi
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Plwr,tya 5cct.ittl( S. We.\1
hap eer owho ha isfaltG.'s Agsot
Fomeirothe cureOIt of lihton,
wypith andu Ther cToh- st'e ha hasty
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rieults cts or staech,.E fero
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anyIL troul cOnce with! the YsomA- hh
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youe adsnd cots onf our o i'ok frete'
of mulst. flou shee atrie oAgs t A il
somthrinf oratious appl tho Attero10
bae moue sa yer.opegular
3ize 5icets.tor thsae of W. E.JPeo
G.ls deceased, Wil eoodbur N.yJ. '
[ WaILL deSEL JR REN MY I,AN- said
2tato AdemlermiNewbtratrv oe
loor to ceiling
handise. You
asy shopping
qualities are
low,the clerks
rything possi
.o make it to
1 give us your
ie fact that no house
cheaper than our
was bought at very
have much cotton
undertoday's ruling
'Ofit of our fort unaito plilrhas8 H
m timr prosmit stock ho](1H out.
Ie-k at it. \Wo are the londtti n o
nd Silks.
w hm'". i i 'ur
flor your intorttti. Clot vour
ittlo gir ink at bouat,ful (1114k.
r all.
ior Thro ar ho1004 that se-'ll
are ido of the bost iatorial
guarantelled. What, mortiemonld
)r Women,
ht, 111ide like a manli 'tA, all 8tyl4
)ys and Girls.
A roeoived for ovory pmny yoii
* -
wear nu Sta Brnd Soesfor
Ve 011 this Space
for business,
fon intbi g driaiggists r(iist the 11(
~rs of M~IUltNA\ couPonii to bring~.
n, I ho rog'ihitr hiz/.. hot tle of t h'
PrepIari' oin, MUIJlt NA \VINE
r noah. only by ( Giber &S W\elk,
Batturd1ay during ae next 1(0 days
seive and rec >)t to the policy
rs of the F. M. I. Associjation their
smenIt, 10c. per' hiundredl to cover
le Hiuzhardt's~ toass and1 15c. per1
'edl for smiking fund. We have
somne of the iking fund money
nall losses andu wish to -irimbL,ur1e
'esur*y. F"or c'onvenienc~e I htave
arranigemnents with Mr. .J. C.
tt Pomarlitia, S. C. , to re(ceipta for
Traue F. M. I. Asso.
sal0 im lower section of Newberry
y and upper sectioni of Lexington
y. F'or further information as to
lands(1 apply to Dnvd i,1m

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