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The Newberry herald and news. (Newberry, S.C.) 1884-1903, October 13, 1903, Image 4

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Mfr. Gorizales w:im:. d i sta u e d .wAo i
the street. 1,x/-ing a! me v-ry in
tentl y. I had my g!.n1 .1V my -ft
hatd; did n,,/t ' n- my rny
that flay at %11. and :r y vererat
wa, jutt, DOO. I d'u j ; n .
tir Tal bird haa a .. "r.-TJ -.ja a
all, It wah a onpTratv-. wa -
day, vot te. 'y wri
Wa':9 jr v '/-: t r: . Sr -
was talking. cjr,
and wa k-. ;
the nbtur: f y U r
rJust w r-, ,e -
long s: s r *::y Mr' r
was -(vr y : 'g:7 '-r:
hawd s in :- - ..
t a ) - ) fr)i , - rg -r -
- ,I'I..0: :
<<r2 yti Jx .
ryth i :t
ove: r - -. -
-- .r' r.--.
. -.. ................
A~ "J".
-2 ' 2 - y.
fil1 l I '2 i r2
'1 ,1332 - -3 - ,
I lid
Im S /
t31- ,- ' ;
S. r'',/,- - -
J ' / '5r nr-ij: I ,2 '
32n,e ' hn u - ' ,*:.: r7L
J' i iJ Is- u13'j
li .22 Ju Ilv i 1;1 -e,y il i:
lIi Ti'n
-Ih *If,,~ -ii up sI
II3?(* -I' Is ilu:, A
1th ll(l13 3 i- /2lIu i'
\A iei 13 u'e - , u' r~ I , . 1
watisHhov Ii Ii Cthm :e bJ/i3 --le i'
A. r.asl be. 'l:nyo,y (l IJi'd:
hel113 hurl b leen Ii I he Wt a .', li wlIl
itNI C lv ibr igh iJ3e, 1( U Wi.I
lit i rl but ne hut rt~. any 1(1 i13 11
h3istt rnony given (31 11ir 34 Mleans.
fllyt, who1I()! test3ihed sit to eedIbreat
W. J;i vtIihir, Il.o w ,te obir v11(, wh3
dayI ofei e Ibotaiut c lot y
W~lker, nth eh-erkl of imt theMuI
fveral whlea dosrten1Ie1t. w
* 'onetu bo.f tilliera ofwtin s,
swon that they WoId WA
tback'0 " tail.
SA7V*bAVS~ .Sftbg7zrX
On Staturday 3oruing the st
place.d n the stand about twenit
fixome of theM Mext d(yj
r-6ghtbrors to Hhnak, owr
tQat they wOUM nO. believe bim oI
'A'. B. Gem o the State, dtniet
e ver harjug told Victo B. Che.h.ir
t Ut Mr Gonz.ales was CirTying
1t ffpr TilIman,
Aj;f7ed Walamo Superjtendr
e C11Lmbia Street railwa: te
- bat Flowers had to.'ld im
fAbing about The trage''
tzet on, the i m pea,ch mL-rna
r -.raracter and the -ntradir.io
's oatt.uckintg 11tecerr
T Mi. 4tchell. who ,reta
TI zaem t-1 birm if T:'
~tted his eyes at bM r'n
- fA bim *ej full of je ,
rt tt at off ",z
-;S 'fUn in retta; ph1eL-'2
yjd a la r ge t mi--- U, w I.
r hak a1 w., 7<,9
'L ai tbty wt..uld 1/ji-' iT:. n
X),.K ~ 4 i''JI )~'3 '?~
- ng 1r ts-- * J -
7 V <
J1: I'A k1 v. (.'e ri -
- - /-- i
) V -, -- -
w i'd t P - r
i- .r h 11 b': r . a--rI
* . a; 1 ;)y (jf - I,
~~~~~ IVkA$l,,4
ii,'d-s.t'v be J he 'r!'rp,
~ jij-jl ~ h;s pis,',, s n s i
'iT sit u:i y j9i ''!a. i- ;
auiJ udi) ge < r
;lit t11h i': a i (. ute,- I j
lii- 41,1 re ar-4, je is s I 35.4 9 i Jj. ]*,gJ
-ui hiil Mr.~ ii -'ih,g Ifu
Ji. u' in 19 t994, w iV4 I <; ivjj
by'* V33>94.9 1-99 199 (., ! i:e1
14 ti 14ry:, (.114 W194,:: y f lJ u
aii Io9E-rst ood the t 1193 - t o, vrti -,
't r g i e lhs we1-k I 11:19,1 9 o
a'r t i e wor l 1&v4n-,'9 Slur j iy t i
la. TVtu Grbarn, Mr.i Adu, M)lrt
trd, Mipr.o ISharp, Mri. Wtiss fl. I
y. Ail ye heliter,- f'tit
large body iii out city helped to
make many for ibe time forget
their sorrows and turn over another
L of the sad pages of life to begin
wi new bope nd cbeer life's
f.truggles and battles Not a few
A God people migbt learn from
tbein ibe power of a smile and the
uplifting iufluence of good fellow
sb;p and good will. The kindly
!;pir -A 'Hello Bill" might work
iwe i S'-rnt churches, where there
is a r)peralsundance of cold formaj
ity ay.id unf,ieddliness, where mem
bers of tbe same cbu-tcn pass each
othtr witbout speaking and where
the stranger must wait and bunt
ima seat
J! were worth the visit of thf.
Eks o Baltimore to have this sen. i
timert for 1bem expres-ed from the!
pu.pit-a world of truth in one brief
paragratob, worded by a reader of
the human heart. It is evident
bat Dr Zimmerrnan did not look
f- AA;t be coujd Lnd bad in tbe
i as the chronic critic would
E '>drv d of men), bt that be
4ed for any thing good be might
Le able to see and he found "the
sweet kernel, the kind beart and
sp>rit of b--nevolence and charity.
Tie v'ry pre'-ne of this rlati of
rn'*n helped to rmake many JrJr the
t:it f,'rget their W'7Tojws and turn
OVer ar>o her of tibe sad pages of
Lf'- t.o he'ir witb :Jew hope and
'- e': ': strlggles and battles
TJbe writttr of this i not an Elk,
but be- knows th- Elks t/ T be ben':v
0't. ( harit able, ful of gryj ried
t''.h': kind of ro,n ta rnake
%,t ti.eir t/or( v..- and it
r that thil ualt,rnor: y-stor
who~ v-' idge, is a preachtr - the
of ove, has analyz':d th':m
ons the stan;>oint of tht grXj
ti' Tn " ello Bil I M ay your
b' )Yne:r'e and( saluttatins to
u, fr. ZirurJw:rrnan' M )ay youz
I t a ; ve.$y i t r rase.
A ttiruty stntra (unter bJdtc40 tha"t Cuj
drtn May Atttnd Scb.0) In A1rictA
Whvrt 'Uty Ixj Aut Atldt,
.' 'w-. ri'd ou i r
Coln i i, Oc-t o6(!. tj.--A ttorint-y
neral(11 IJtr Tendered as iijlpor
tnt otinion 1 thiS r1orlity, t the
rp'c s 'af ii,uprinstentlient oif Jylu s.
'iOi (. B)I, Martin, ri:garding the a
9 '''-f'Jjft'- f '.holj', chil'Jren, wbt11, o
S- m ()Y- diJ-% ri' t aij who ltt'-1d
c-'-e ;i:r bapr-, a .por ial tax l'-vy
I:'- 'ipinsion r:ads, a-- fro.P,'s
n your 'orninugsscationJ of the
th. ; yourij , rgj ar(it to b adli--ri ,
9 r'- h a-> tra,ssI rr,:. tr -.. to be
' ? t', 9po th f'ol r wing' oi : - ai
- i*-a J two 'i riea ft ro r I} i 1 i',
is n 'st ,i has tri -o rr;seJ al l hc- I:
b'sr '- v thoo ofi}i* th1 lia"orts
b-* t' e . h tl'. , t i w i biE Jhe
ate I'eas 1' -y-f'r er ''iIU'Aatyy Uf
the un'-qh 'if a s. ition to t}u rgo
9r'P. 't '- :has- o g -i l or vy is'- 'i,
ia ,,s r' , t'. I letI re of -.an: p .
Is * tir 1 f t.,h'- grea -/ e
t h- t L'r,i vf 'h' ai.i'io i:, ji
11/-s ir , - ' sa r hery wi,v
-a' hj(r,j y istr't a s all. Jo r ,, ,r,p for
wit 'ition / tla he-,u, v. ol h , 1:,'Md
wh b$ t h v, br/I XI in bt s- (ii ,ji t
'rgth ile trow I f thie a 'I - h-gltrti.
'sived hit )iirtItni in, the avbI-,oJ
It IathoughIet thyt reues w eiIL -
dihstriet: wh'rb4 thuia 'hr-n I1/
dI,s, lii nobe traneferredl tro the
whout o rtheconti o the -ir rd jg
w2ih whtich tero) trennet ie rnard.
')end orn te bitren of the neshoo o
hs lar the tnly lvwo taoter '
condition of eithiey district, snel
mction being binized only by th
condition that snch person mus: h
so situaIed as to he better accm
modated. and this comlition i,* de
ternined by the board of U4_tee
from which the persons are to hc
removed, it being mandatory ths:
the'trtistees of tbe adjoining dis
trict sball 'receive snch person.
Items of More or Less interest Conenc
Outside the State.
The Oriental s1it Uaticn see ms to be
more threa-e..ing.
There was a large increase in tbe
number of Neflow fever cases at
Laredo F iday.
Auditor Castle of the postoffEce
d&partmert. ba'. resigried bec1se ol
the . cadl.
An ., iet: Te grunboa ha sa"iled
fcr the An;eti: regions to search
i or ' be N,2 esk.ioJ ex pd it ion
Te rguietsinthe Alaskan
boundr eas': are a in. The
-3mmiso w; now delib,rate as
It is krned that the terms of a
r tray o arbitration have
iten ':'dded betw France
in" Gtreat Britain.
Tb;: A xe- n t Beni arnin
wa nal'n o;;he Pesca.
(ir ve of the p':rsens
5, r J,,hn % u yn: wAh(.) r$
97 1rtn:7 EEt'--r': iis 1: her
i,wijt ir.in Frar w n a rtrid
~h r 'My ' Kae*. Gr t , in LI
Chirm ha.2t h2t2t2 ign thu ieuu corn
re :,al t :-- woh theN;A~) un ig
N'ditiorkprtt in Ma:baJri* ar
pportJunity ,1jrt A bpr isi
p h h d ay% thf
w >~rdbi 'onet %Yj 1 ir i
' A ii'* 't, /, M )r i ;w, Iobie Itfj(5;~i t(Ji
dinJi fr7 lln auaiain
Th -jis~t rit in the m(retw o
tilthtn 10')ia si inade
9 MnOV(-t* vant Mal)(bmria
wd h'ast a ,r,a.t fl-rt off the oso
.'aw Yorki i Jw Fida har
r di by onii i le of the ii reet.ri
mounting' f:to th and of dol'ar.
aTh',l,:, hts ofte thme Cotfed.
: ho b-'t. e vi n't int )'gitlate
Jo ' r .N -h;, a i n J'j o t -r i' conx
Gordo y ft n1) ett5i , IC i ,, of
raly wound:d, hb,,i' 1e ;.r-.fu iien.
rt liu , wit a) :gun~. a9 fupore toj
/'). lIt' MuneI o b ra. I pt i. jstatedr
mi"> fint Rw -awrhipj,u Yzt h"ave,
le '4- Po r Anhor ao th"e corut ofI
/1 cr gws ent!Is.0W
T b Je preri,eI at0 in lt he), hrnet
n'I: y od,'il (-i, no; w on011 f ria at
wv old onl yt atnk' ft or l on v ct,o
1)r 'kin. 'Inthey d-cond egren.
M'lU iii( h e faitt. er hortd dridt
( ay whor hat4't lateyiaeati
'rr,ghftr- jtwish pner in)rulie,
Dorolbe the Mlr'h'the ei Bantelit
ari nthe pe iltenayt in aa
'iPJLJJIs41 H; s K d kmS
E are now doir
under the Cro
pensary, where we v
'old customers and f
If you are in th
Hardware line it will
We are headqua
BeIting; Guns, L(
We are aget
they are absolul
Thanking you for pa
you in the future. V
|ixim t11 Eato and Prescrijjj)[ ']' tubeicribe
for tho Payeiit of Town Taxes for The V
1he Year 1903.
0I JitiAlIN;I) IHY TIl
) Mayor anid Aidernrenof the '' T how hest
of Newbe'rry, in the St.ate oif South The beist
Carohina, in counicil annernleQ, andj by All the t
authority of the~ Harne: TIhat for the ne'wfl y(
puzrpone o,f rain~rg a re2venueii anid intthe, Keep up
'ex'r';i;O of the taxing poweor of naid the nail
.I'own, the" foluiowing taxesn are herebiy Ge~t the t,
irnponed for thIe fincal year endJing. J)e- lar for
earnbehr Bluit, J9O13, uprian all real and 'lTf5c 8EMI
>eri'onal property wi t}u the c orpiorate
irnits of unid TJown (excet af. ! IM$- in ja Tilli SEMI
exernpt fron iaxat.ion und er the('irnsti.. oukn
tiutioni and~ aiwis of thin Stte) uiji>i t}is YouW kn
val uIation th1e reof an anoner for tax a. Ne .T
Lion for County andl State, prauen or, pubhl
viz,.: ,wrou kcom
Hox:tion, I. TIhat a tax of nixty c'ents wekl a
(in eac:h onie hunudredl dollarn wo'rth of geso al
real and( pernonial property within~ tju aesal
corporato init'i of the TJowna of Now-"Tu n
berry, in the Stat. of South, Carolina 110 uL>Ar
(except uch an in exoirnpt from taxa
tionm undler the- Conittution and lawn ofbynca
thin State) in hereby levied for the pur
jsine of raining a revenue to defray t
irlhniary expenuen oif unaid town for tue
flucal year 'ndinrg J)ecemb er :1luit,, 1903.
Hec. '2. TIhat a t.ax oif three-fourthu o)f
i rnill on eh dollar'st worth oif real'and (' '
nr*r,onal proporty within the corporatekiit
Iirnits oft the town of Nowherry (oxcept .~?
suich anI in e!xem(pt fromg taxation uJndern
the Coinntitution and( lawn of t.hin State) !
in hereby leviedl for the purpouse of
aiung reenu indefray the bonudedI
Ilindefdn o wn for the Opera I hi
Sec,. 3. TIhat a tax of two and a half
mull on each doliar'n worth of rea lau ae toli
>iernonal property within the' c(ooa lte rtP u
imt fthe Towvn of Newbherry, (x
Apt uieh ai in Oeumpt fromu taxio ur
nuder t,bo Cson,ntitutin andl laws oif thin
4tate) ia beoey levied for the lii >bo Di
if raining a roven,uo to pay the jut ront ni b
in and croate a ninkinug fund foth
>oned-A inu'dinus of unid towni for
he Water Workus arid Edlectrie l,ight'
'Ian t.
Sec. 4, TIhat a tax oif onei( mill onl ea-h
lullar'n wort,h of retal and puonal
,roiperty within the corp>oratsiur imts of
he TCown: of Newherry (exept nuch n
o x4rIipt frorn Laxuation undIer t.ho Con..
t'ttiion anidlaso thin Stafe) in hern- r
, oi~v4fr tho purponsn of raining a A
'(g: in paty the mIutrent on amui ore- h RPM
il 5iking~ fundl for t,he bondIofI in..
e,jM of said town f(ir the He qer.
he i, 'tbst hatil f.ax',; herein imnponedsuel
I? lavfi euhille bnulad iA) uIIAd tivmn in
aw ful mne- (f t.he IIitA,d Ht iten, I t al WB
s4ween e t,th1d da' of d)eteor, 003 fo ,lO
LWI t.he '/t.h dasy of NIovembe)4r, (,
lind that affar thei' l'/th day ouf No p 'm- tWvon ty
wr, lH(% Hi a pEna if./ of tAn plur con) l. In ay
lertiy im:pon,-dI ui000 and shall be aode
o all tauxeu In arroarf.
thee. i. 'That u,xeution, lutuu nie 'ord..
ug to law for t,b collectionJ of aill ti$ xeIH
non or jenalItien pant dug anditn mti al 1 {)U
r)r TlhiriLen dlayu, atnd the costs ti said IflV
xecution.,I j
seal of said Town lthis Lihe 14th
dasy of $eptemnbnr, 4. '7. I1903.
Clerk uand Tlreasurer.
9AtM JFOR HALIC~.--Good glx t ,
LAcro F"arm near tow,frsl
tpply at this ofhesfo sl.
fwt,lirry ~
irwoe Co.
ig business in ti
twell Hotel, just
vill be pleased t(
Er market for a
pay you to get
rters for low pri
;add Shells,
its for the celeb
:ely guarantE
st favors and wi
le are,
ours truly,
I Hardwo
let the Best
WAmTy Herald and Ncws
1i-Worly Nows and ~ocricr. or,
teea andt newJr C am
>n, the State and ou eounty.a
a yoar' asubi r t th Pah
-Wpasci,Y II EnAr)> ANI) Nsews.
*WasKry NE~WH ANI COUJiEut, me]
iwa( at r 'beston l ar.
Sem- WeklNen ad Cor.r- ogar
he at klrat, S. nd Ia tehe n
ICaridba u g nerald arr 'aiw
arran gmt. Itpuiiiesn AI
sick, b
ror :n;
lpr i
4 or <
one of' our custom.. enib
us aJfew days ago
sing two bottles of'
Nerve Cut
and Weddi
lone Liniment, e
'onetrates without'
remnoyes soreness,
inflamiation, sw 11l
d iameness, heall ng "
and gtokly. Have ,
yson hand ready ~j
dents. Itcosts but~
vecents and may '
iu many dollars.
ie two stores
below the dis
> see all of our
nything in the
our prices.
ces on
INEiY, alld
)ed to give
shing to serve
re Co.
Newberry, S. C.
tal - - - $50,000
Stockholders 1,0
eo organization 2 i,000
Depositors in
ings depart
it since or
ization - - $9,200
an woirkin,g by thr da~y in pazid
" "jj, P"'IH ini a work, but
halt riDl Hin av14n a dollaJfr for his
absr it woirks for hi ma nights,
nis daiys; never iltyn (i on, ac
Lif had1 weaitheir iad ne4veir gets
ntl goes right on natrning him
')ILO- It'1 a nice thing to work
nfiy, buIt~ it 's mncih nieo~r to
iJAny working for youj Try
H n aavirngs aontif with usn
nt ;u~fonioy working for you.
'I'inoit- in the Halvingsn de
*n. tod1ny and1( liit it beogin to
r)r yoni. IIf,t.(interes to td ait
ont Jatnuary I ad July I of,'
er and Plate Ware,
Glass and Table Ware
ng and Birthday Presents
widing Watches
hanged to Stem
imr Schlf
r,wolor and Optician,

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