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k. ii. alu,i,f hditok.
We arc sending statements to all our
subscribers in arrears ami will bo glad
to hear from I hem. If there are any
mistakes in these statements we will
be very glad to make correction. It
would he a little remarkable if there
should be no mistakes, hut wo are always
pleased to make correction. We
hope our friends will respond promptly
to this appeal.
The Rock Hill .lournai is another enthusiastic
advocate of good roads and a
property tax as the right and proper
method of securing the money. It
should add that this would not be a tux
in the ordinary sense, but an invest
incm inai would pay good dividends to
those who would bo called upon to pay
it. hi fact they would got all hack
each year as it was paid. Wo arc glad
the Journal is on the right, side of this
question. Keep up the agitation and
we will hasten the glad day when we
will have good roads and the rural districts
made desirable as residence.
The .Journal quotes the following
from the Atlanta Journal which will
hear copying here:
Good roads, and it is improvement of
the roads which the act is primarily de- j
signed to bring ahout, are necessary to
the people of a commonwealth as are
good houses. If the arteries are the
life of the body, its highways are tin
life of a State. Remove its means of
intercourse with the outside world and
any community would become insular
m all the manifold meanings of the
word. Improve them, ,nd so make
material, intellectual and ... ial breadth.
Of what use are schools, churches
and other institutions which statu! for
the symbols of enlightenment if they
are not accessible? Good road.; are the
cords which bind together i he mental,
material and social life of the country
side. Without lhem, prosperity Ian
g'lishos. advancement halts, and the
hardships of primitive conditions make
narrow the enviromnenlsof the , .-ople.
The increased value of property which
they touch; the aecelerat ion of business
and trades ol all kinds, the facilities
for expansion along all lines these and
countless other benefits prove goad
roads out weigh any possible plea that
might be urged against them. The en/
tering wedge has been placS-. and ' he.
although therl- hl'm' s,n','K'.\1 .WV >vfr>-icT thnt
for Mr f^n. v .i ^oX room eoiulitioii;
?o Mr. .on/ales to ,?*sson the out I u-i. -
! What has bccomo of the retail groj
cers association which was to be organized
here some time ago?
The verdict in the Tillman case was
reached in Lexington at 10.30 a. nt.
' yesterday and at lO.'lO a. in. just ten
minutes later The Herald and News
I had it posted on the bulletin. The story
of the announcement is published in
another column. The Herald and News
has been to some expense in furnishing
an account of this trial specially written
f.m* this paper, but when it comes to
giving the news that is what The Herald
and News is printed for.
The Arguments In the Now Famous Tillman
1 ,ivtiurln? a ^ * <
>> v^., ucijner i i.? The
arguments in the now fiftnous ami soon
to bo historic e^se of Iho State aga:nst
.lames II. Tillman, the slayer of N. (J.
(Ion/ales, began on Monday morning
and were concluded shortly after noon
today. Judge Gary began his charge
at about half-past twelve o'clock, and
(Ik* case was given to the jury at J.'10.
Nine arguments were made, five for
the prosecution and four for the defense,
and for more than s'xteen hours the
walls of Lexington court house rang
uitli the eloquence of South Carolina's
loading attorneys and foremost orators.
During t he progress of the arguments
the court house has been crowded.
I.argo crowds have come over from
Columbia and there h?"s been a large
attendance of the people of this county.
Senator Tillman arrived in fji'xington
this morning and heard the arguments
and t he charge of the judge.
The opening argument on Monday
tnoining was made by Solicitor TluirI
m md, who devoted himself largely to
I a discussion of legal phpsesof the question,
and who made a strong and clear
presentation of the State's crs<v i v>a
Solicitor Thurmond w;-s
i Mr. Geo. yttbert, onjjfr' Aattorns^tmd
do I
r'^jaCte,r- Gary Attorney C
, owing to our 'peculiar dren M
s. a man in this Stn?e I
' Asbtll and Sturktc Attorneys for the State \
i in the Tillman Case Under Bond.
. 1
i Lexington, S. C., October 14.?Two j
of the uttorneys for the State in the j
j Tillman case are tonight under $200
; bond each, one on the charge of carry- ,
; ing concealed weapons and the other on j
tlu> charge of trespass after notice, and i
among the much extraneous mutter I
which had already come into this case ]
there has now been injected the charge i
of attempt to brib") witnesses.
Several days ago the report was eir- i
culated on the streets of Lexington |
that E. L. Asbill, one of the State's
attorneys and a member of the Lexington
bar, had offered to pay $2.00 to M.
C. Loriek, a witness for the defense :
and a resident of Irmo, if he would say J
that be was too sick to come to Lexing-1
tnn +
vcouij in nit; case. Mr. Asbill
heard the repoit and that it was originated
by a brother of Lorielc and Geiger,
also of Lexington. Mr. Asbill,
accompanied by Mr. T. C. Sturkie, also
a member of the Lexington bar and an
att >1 ney for the State in this case, and
who was a partner of Mr. Muller who
died just before the beginning of the
trial, went to Irmo two days ago to see
Lorick and Geiger and to investigate
the report and its origin. Mr. Asbill
says he went for the sole purpose of
inquiring into the report. Messrs.
Asbill and Sturkie saw Lorick and
Geiger, who said they had said something
about the matter, but thrt they
had not circulated this report, that if
they had it was incorrect, in the words
of t he gentlemen who went to see about,
the matter, they "eat their words."
Today Geiger ;<nd Lorick c;*me to
Lexington and swore out. before Magistrate
Jackson a warrant charging Asbill
with carrying concealed weapons
and Sturkie with trespass after notice
?entering upon the grounds of Lorick
or Geiger after warned not to do so.
After court adjourned today Messrs.
Asbill and Sturkie were arrested and
gave bond each in the sum of $'200.
.J. K. A.
-iiliiertuan! May your a(iditioua
o increase. Joseph
icneral Guntcr Decides that Cliil- new cabin
ay Attend School In nisfrirfc
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mmm and rakes
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Gu aranteed ^sg-r ^?<
opening of Tha
1 ports in Manchuria. ,cl
Chamberlain is losing no YOU
fcy to spread his fisea|
foh i) Uedmouc! says tlle
let will go to pieces.
9 lV/JL?IllIi A.O I5Kif.
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