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Orangeburg times. (Orangeburg, S.C.) 1872-1875, February 28, 1872, Image 1

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Vi ?mt-tm m| ..??..?tu-; :>.y^-i Uerl ^tt?nnlq '
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id Iii v i 'r V'
/H -Iv! !' ) I |/A'> ' ,.t. -4.;,
If .oD -OUMT!--.? .V'j Mi ._
.(..< hfl? frifatjrrta *ir* ."?????; : -v..;..- n\\ m iTTrfl ???:
p f m, '.nullit., ?'? U lli ,i?->l.ol
.. Ii.' vr* I.;n. J ? li'iji-i vi.!'> o.v UiJ? , ? -. ii '1"
iill_- " '_?_ .^dl?_Ii_L_LI_
! .< ' ???!'.;' !
G.v TJSMyvi.ii! i ?;
idt Jn ./ishol
brutr.l . ? -ri'H J-m.M il
? JL'!i::'ff'^LB
lr? J>)4jv <>? Ol - - ' ' i
\ .i.?iM-o I? rn;] tu'J fi^IuioJni eihij-in !!/
?jo /Hwiriu-i tfdt maflH!?--'itrii.','.onOi.i(..IV?.b ! ? "? '": . ' Uv ''
?:$2,^R ANNUM, J-??"-?>.?.-vr . i
no . yioilwonH .Jl tuj-waid-. v.mmuT. i " " *"
'*?".?! i^rrri:n^ii.y ???i;r7 l-n^i -'.'i'Mf ? ;? iTT
' "Ott wb move ikdissoluuly
bly fxrk; ''?od ?nI) 'NATijriK bid tue SAJ?.^ | ^,'"t '"^ IN ADVANCE
W^u?. ?rd? r.^^u.'yio?A SOUTH CAROLINA, WB?NESDA^j, 0;FtEJB?UARY 28, 187%lwrinjA
_I? published every ('1 ?>??
'AV'fffN'E'S b' A Y ,
AT i""
J BrMcnirTio^'iiATra:^'
n year, in atlvinc?-^-St' for!'i^x/.rnonf,hp.
I JOU VKTNTIN(1 'in all Stja1 departmentP,
ueatly executed. Oiv'e
1 .j?,-l^iJ - 4-{^., T .j - r
., ;?.,.?9Jim^wrL
1 Waitiiig iri'Wn" ^, ?
.'l./ dztd'A' JUL.T .rtoiUmitil ./ ?
An! acre I, stand beneath the vinos, j
1 l4iM KkirnuthiiigTempts m\?kbw to ?iy
?VI wi th.lt J wasdead.1'. '! 1'
For I have Watelibtfflic twilight stars
t Shine ih"\l|e c^udlcis blue. ? \ r i J
Night after hlghtj?lCV ncAjer fail?
1 ; Thev conic-?whv wilLnot you,?
" >r i ''i ..
I stand and wait in trembling shade,
Hut wait, ahn ! iu vain. .
The perfumed flowers look down and, hoc
The tears that fall likclfaiiu < >
Knmethhe they'shed thbir dew-drop tears,
As if in sympathy
>I.-H.I ? M
I've trlcdn/i tAieii my'Iieart. to ijdii| ,
They're weeping then \vltilVje. .
Weep on, ?*wect Uftm-'F"?/! Ui-fjJ -nfitr tears?
And stars?your bright eyes cth?s<,
A gJoouj has. cr^tjni^mj \m&.~ it.
. Thar.e:u:h.day da* km-.growr. . !
11 ,! ' ,?/ >dt 'tWl?' ?iliKTl^
In one fehlte^t^
?tiL-o^gii^y^i^?ii'^Kdu unrv hi>rjt; j
ing, a window stood open tin the draw*
'iiig-rdulh ' tlbov??so' wide bjion that the
railing* below, t^pjfXtid^jthei.pertutnij oi
ltyaeiu).hs bursting their bulbs, ami hehl
time, with tloury s.hoc.-i -..to?thc>nnfes pi"a
wild and plaibtjve melody, -wniring from
the pianoKute within -- bn:! ^ "
Though a delicate little hrvikihsiV
sr-rl'lbft hsM not'})et'been remodel tfoiwi
its spjiler-leg^edjtnVde, the, perform'1' J?f
the iiistrijnmiitalready hatted a nil
habited lor a, ride. Hor whole hehit,
nevertheless- .seemed.to bo in tkutiftti ot
her lingers whiles she*--played, drawing
from the keys stich sighs of piteous"plaint,
such sobs of sweet seductive' s'ojTOjiy,. ns
ravished the soul of the baker jjftlow,
creating a strong; desire to,scale the win
dow sill, and peep into thomoin. i Ton hi
ho have executed such a feat,') this is
what he would havt* seer..
A woman of twenty-live, tall/'slin'i 1
waisted, with a wealth of blue-blnejy hair,
nil made fast and coiled nwav lumoath
her riding-hat in shining..folds, massive
as a tluee-iiudi rOable/., ,A cWoman <?f
gnitajful gesturti?, undulating/dike, a ser
pent; of u shapoly figure,' denoting rather
the graces of action than the beauty of
r6j)o?(!4, lithe, self-reliant, full of latent
? nergy, betraying in every movement an
, inborn pride, taimdcss though kept down,
and incurable as Lucifer's beioro Iuh fall.
Thou white liaVid?'proving so dottly over
thft keys we re" strong RftW nervous, With'
large1,bitte Veins and taper lingers; such
^^WWiS^ strilve with
,otit pity, und hold with tomieious grtisp?
Mioh Imnds ab mnrty^a-iotty head 1ms
hnwMiti'ptftle to- klsii,' add thrtttght no
hhame. Lower'and lower, shc Wmt over
ilic.rn while she played?softer and softer
sank and swelled, anu\., died n\\xxy, the
sad suggestive.notes, bursting at last into
a peal and crash of harmony, through
which there enmc a short iiiuck gasp for
brbath like a sob. Then she shut the
pianoforte yvith'u bang, and .walked to
the glass .over the fire-place. It reflected
a strangely-fascinating face, so irregular
of features that women sotnotimes called
it "positively plain ;" but on which the
other box felt neither better nor'wiser
men when they looked. The cheek
bones, chin, and jaws were prominent;
the eye-brows, though arched, too thick
for feminine beauty, the mouth too firm,
in spite of its broad white teeth, and
dark shade pencilled on the upper lip,
in spite even of its saucy curl and bright
bowildpring smile. But when she lifted
her flashing eyes, fringed in their long
black lashes, there was no more to be
said. They seemed to blaze and soften
.dune and swim, all in one glance that
went straight to a man's heart, and made
him wince with a thrill akin to pain.
Palo women protested she had too
much color, and vowed she painted ; but
no cosmetics ever yet concocted could
have imitated her deep rich tints, glow
ing like those of the black-browed beau
ties one sees in ?Southern Europe, as if
the bloorl ran crimson beneath her skin
?r-as if sho had caught warmth and
vitality from their generous climate, and
their sunny, smiling skies. When she
blushed, it was like the glory of neon
day; and she blushed now, while there
came a trampling of hoofs in the street,
a ring at the door-bell.
Tito color faded from her brow, never
Ijudcw-Uiiit'ove i\ man'i'A.-!cr.:dweK-hcavily.
on the staircase; and her visitor was ush
ered iuto the room as "General St. Jos
ri "You are early, General," said she.
giving him her hand with royal cbiide
'iicelision1; "?early, but''welcome,' and?
and?the.horses will, be round in (iye,
minutes. Have you hud any breakfast ?
I am afraid inv coffee is quite cold." Gen
orul StP Josephs know ' what it' was to
starve in the Crimea and broil in tjio
?Mutiny; had been shot at very often by
guns of various calibres;' had brought
into discipline one of the worst ?Ir'.iled
regiments in t he ; service; and was a dis
tinguished officer; past forty years of age.
What, made his heart beat, and his
.hands turn cold? Why did the blood
rush to his temples, while she gave him
?'Don't hurry, pray !" said he; "I can
wait as long as you like. I'd wait the
whole day to* you-,-if that was all!"
He spoke in it husky voice, as if his
lips were. dry. Perhaps that wtis the
reason she seemed not to near.
Throwing the window wide open, she
lookc.d down the street. Taking ntorc of
that thoroughfare than was convenient
by advancing lengthways, with many
plungbTund lashings out, and wViskings
of her long square tail, a black marc
with a side-saddle was gradually ap
proaching the door. The groom who
led her seemed not a little relieved when
ho got her to stand by the curb-stone,
patting her noso and whispering many
expletives suggestive of composure and
This attendant, though gloved, booted,
and bolted for a ride, felt obviously that
one such charge as lie h:ul taken in hand
was enough, lie meant to fetch his own
horse from the stable, as soon us his mis*
trc.s was in the saddle.
A staid person, out of livery, came to
the door, looking up and down the street,
with tho weary air of a man who resides,
chiefly in Iiis pantry. Ho condescended
to remark, however, that "Miss, Douglas
v*?g a-comin- down, and tho mare's coat
had a polish on her, same as if she'd been
[varnished !:>
While tho groom^wdnked iu reply,
Miss Douglas appeai^m^lie pavement;
nnd, the baker, delivering loaves three
d?ors oft, turned rouudjtp wonder and ap
. "May I put you "Pjf" ?*id the General,
meekly,almost timid!.-.
How different-tho tone, and yet it was
the same voice that Jyid heretofore rung
out so firm and clear in stress of 'mortal
danger, with its stirrjAg order?
"The light Brigudo will advance!"
"Xo, thank you," said Miss Douglas
coldly; "Tiger Tim does the heavy busi
ness. Now, Tim?oilo?two?three !"
"Three" Janded he?'lightl) in the sad
dle, and tho black a mure stood like a
sheep. Ono turn of*lier foot, one kick
ofher habit?Miss Douglas was establish
ed where she lookcdfdier best, felt her
best, and liked best to be in the world.
So she patted the black mare's neck, a
caress in r favorite '.acknowledged with
such a bound as might have unseated
Bellerophon; nnd followed by Tim, on a
good-looking ehesnut, rode off with her
admiring General to tbo Park.
Who is Miss Do?glaS ? This was tho
question everybody^lted, and answered
too, for !hatmutter,:j>nt not satisfactorily.
Blanche Douglas, stich was the misnomer
of this hb.ck-browodfelady, hud been in
London for two yeara, yet given no ac
count of ho'r antecedents, shown no vouch
ers for her identity.' To cross-question
her, was not a ploiwnt' undertaking, as
certain v,-;ur2t^A^4.i?agMl to their
oo^'lVv^a^ "The Black
Douglas," indeed, out of spite, till a fem
inine wit aild genius of the brightest
lustre gave her the nickname of "Satan
el la," iii\W its Satanella she was hence
forth known in till societies.
Alter that, people seemed ' ni?re re
assured, and discovered, or possibly in
vented for her, such histories us they con
sidered satisfactory to themselves. She
wns the orphan, some said, of a specula
tive naval Officer; who had "married the
cousin of a peer. Her father was drown
ed off Te'neriHe; Her mother died of a
broken heart. The ni l was brought up
in it west-country school till .-he came of
hjjje; she had tt thousand a year, and
lived near South Aidley-street with her
mint, a person of'icak intellect, like
many'old women dffioth' sexes. 'She was
oddish'herself, arid rnlier bad style; but
there was no harm h her.
This was" tho gbid-naturcd version.
Tub ill-natured one fas the above trav
estied. The father ad cut his throat;
the mother ran away Vom him, and went
mad; and Mio wost-cuintry school was a
ho aunt aild tho
French convent. '
fltdusnntl a year wer
She Wit's loiid, bold,
(jlibcVj and where tin
that kept the little
A\tdley-street and eiabled her to carry
On, goodness only kn<4
men fell in love with
equally moulqus.
horsy,' more ' than
money came from
house near South
Si ill sh<- held her own, and till the old
her. "My admir
er-," she told Mrs. f?llender, who told
me, "are romantic?
nlso, a faire pleurer
my dettr, i.; touchit
Mrs. Cullender
old Ibtxton would
?pry, und rheumatic
The combination,
g, but exceedingly
fiber affirms that
inve married ami
m'ade her ii peeress, (id she but held up
Itcr linger, and dechu s sho saw Counsel
lor or (Vamp go duVn on his knees to
her, falling forward on his hands, how
ever, before ho coul get up again, and
thus finishing his dot aralion, as it were,
on nil fours.
But sho would h<vo none of these,
inclining rather to ntu of firmer mould,
and captivating cspccjilly tbo gallant de
feudera oi'their couup'by sen and land.
Ad mi raid uro all'?U8c\ept^).f3i uiero or'less,
and,, fickK us . thp wiu'dft.they; recor&ih'
their. iogTwO?ka. - So shescarceTy allowed
thorn tu count iU her score; butat'binS
time she' had1 Heven' geneVaboftic^r^'tfti'
the list; with "colonels and majors in'pro-'
Her lrt.H conquest was St, Jbsephs-^a
handsome lhan, aiid a proud, cold, reserv
ed decp-noarted, veiling under air icy'
<lemcanour a temper sensitive as agffi'ls.
How many women would have delighted
to lead such a captive up and tlown thfe
Hide, and show him oft* as the keeper
shows oil' his hear in ilsehriin! IKoW
nmny.'-would have paraded their sov
ereignty over this stern and quiet, vefertm,
till their own hearts were gone, and Uvey
longed to change places with their vic
tim, to serve where they had,thought on
ly to command! <<', 1 ' '''
In February London begins to awake
out of its winter sleep..,' .Some of the great
houses have already got their blinds up
and their door-steps cleaned. AVell
known faces are hurrying about the
streets, and a few equestrians, spot the
Itide, likef early Hies crawling over tt
window-pane.' The black 1 jnare lashed''
out at one of these with a yiolonce thht
brought his heart into, the soldier's
mouth, executing thereafter eomo half
dozen long and dangerous plunges. Miss
Douglas sat perfectly still, giving the
animal plenty of rein; thou administered
one severe cut with a^stiff riding-whip,
that left its mark on the smooth shining
skin; and iniving thus a9sertedTherselt,
made much of her favourite, as if she
loved it all the better for its wilfulness,
"I wish you wouldn't ride that brute jfj,
said "tho General, tenderly. "She'll get,
out of your hand'sonic ofthese days,'and.
then there'll be a swash !" "' M '
"!Not ride her!" answered ^t?? I)ouglas,
openin.?fHrer black'eyes wide. "Xotfirjc,
my own beautiful pet! General, I should,
deserve never to get iuto,a side-sudqTo
again 1' . ,
? 1 it
"For the sake of your innds,^ urged
the other, drawing very close wjth_(A]
pressure of'the leg to his own horses side;
"for the sake of those who care for you;
for?for?my?sake?Miss Douglas!"
His bund was almost on the iuarc!a<
heck; his head bent towards its rider. If
a man of his age can look "spoony," the
General was at Unit moment a lit subject
lor ridicule t? every Cornet in the Service.
Laughing rather scornfully, with a
turn /if her 'wrist she nut a couple of
,1, .i .*'?'i'?d iw.'fl?
yards between them.
"Not eVeii for your sake, General, wilj.
I give up lay datliug. Do yon Iriihjvi^i
haveno hea^nn?'i oT 1-ui
His brow clouded. He looked very
stfern., andj s>u|, but gulpedidbwii what-J
eyer,)Aie;,w'43;igo*ug to say;, and asked j
uistead; "why are you so fond of that
mare? She's handsome enough, nu
doubt, and can go fast; but still, she is
not thq.lea.it what i call a lady's horse."
'?That's my secret;'' answered Miss
Douglas playfully ; "wouldn't you give
the world to know ':"
She had a very winuing way, when
she chose, all the omro taking from its ,
contrast to Jierj ordinary manner. Hgi
ii-li it.s influence now. <n -
"1 believe I would give you tho world
if 1 had it, and not; even ask for your
secret, in exchange," was hU reply. "One
more turn, 3diss Douglas, 1 entreat, you
(for bbc was edging away as if for home. )
It is not near luncheon-time, and 1 was
going to say Miss Douglas?I was going
to say?"
"Don't say it now!" she exclaimed, with
a shake of her bridle that brought the
mare in two bounds close to the footway.
"I must go and speak to him! 1 declare
;il to knows him again. Ik's got anew
/umbrella*;! There heJsT/k; tr&iri
uy'/VOion u vcn.' .-. \\\ \ iht'f
) h iHVfhy i'Daisy !V< p^?nt?! > fit! 1
^.["IW-miDaiayri'^saidil^o.General, and
r??o moodily out of the -Park*:, < f
. i .i . i r. Gaiilcn^^fajfazinc.
? i / ?:rji [i: .?? ' il ii- ? i i? d
Thb jGueat; , Missjok ^Y^n.?
Groat indeediisf t)te task assiguedjto wo
man !' Who can elevate it^digujty,? Not
to make laws, not to lead armies, not to
govor^'empire^'j4 'bui to form .tjjoso by
whoui^ Jjaws aro fyode, armies, Jed, and
empires' governed ; to guard against tho
slightest taint jO^jbojljly infiu^jly the
up less tJian^^^al bemg|mu.^|bo de
rived from Jier; to,^itispir.0. ttltp^o prin
ciples, to inculcate, /[tnp^l.dp.ctjr|nesf to
animate thoae spntjraeu'a wjiip^genera
tions. yet unborn, nud nations yet un
civilized, will jearn, to.: bless; tp-soften
firmness into mercy, and chasten, honor
into refinement; to eiaJ^enejcas^ty into
a virtue with a.soothing care; to allay
tho anguish of the mind; by her tender
ness to disarrn pa^pn.; by^er purity to
triumph over gujlt.jito,chfjer/ the scholar
sinking under hjs toil. is;her vo
cation. Tho couch die .^o^tured
sufferer, the prison of tho deserte^^iend,
the cross of the rejected ?aviourr-rtheao
are theatres on which her greatest
triumph^ havo, been achie.VQH^;: Such is
her destiny : to visit the,?prsa}ce, tp tend
the neglected^ jvJwi?jrnQUflurchs aband
on, whn^^nn^4Jofji^ntrap, when justice
persecutes, when brethren and disciples
Hce, to remain unshokeu. and unchanged,
afld' tb exfrililt to thislpwer wor|d a? typo
?f *that' ^^e/^ontstnytj^^^an^ ineffable,
?which ih' anothe^'Nye .are taucht!to be
H'c^ the t&t'of'mtk'1?*1 *
Don PiAtfsayl'!1'?^Va^oAf
with a fat
latt says 1 was, once in loyo
girl; she was very fleshy; she
VapeWormdii^l'h?t tho'^ou^reo of* my true
\?ve caViie to grfof.^wa^^
in the dim twilight ?no eyeiiing. I wasscn
ThrfcntaljI&Ua many tfof\things^ Iembrac
ell paWto1S^ She
Tretiue'ritiy turned her lovely head from
me. AtlastTfhi
fellow'cAuVting her on tfie .jefl side. I
vrHs**"- vit?itt*iiji ft. i-fi. .f<fo, smffi'1 ,
thought I heard the murmur
the Otner side. ( X arose and
htf "anu theni Ifo?.nd another
as if she were not big enough to havo
two lovers at once. ,
di mv Tt?>ut tnw "; ?
' - A rftotV trf 'iflW'' oF'a rustic youth and
a buxcmtx*mntry girl whVsat facing each
other?nt -tf-Wuskiflg '? ptfriy. Tim youth
isnutteii tt'ltli thWchAffiiS fcf the1 bcautful
anafden^on!y^-(intn'reVfafSiyi6ok, and now
? uhAthentbVltfhWg t*arfy^sTooi'wider tho
table. The girl determined tb!make the
youth o^tiresswhtithcarip^rcd^lywdrmly'
to feid^mr?-'with thft*?' advances a little
while in' silence- wlfeh ^-mo erfed out:
?"Look'here, if yo? loVo iHc/say'io, but
don't dirty nry stocking^." [n
It is not enuugh lluit you arc praised
by thc.good; you hav.eif*iled?omtAvhero
in your duty if yoil are not dureediby
thg.lny].r. nidiiqVwj iwuu ?tOttto ?On/w
<l I^aro^f?'Hetttuteri?/ue soul, wjucU
keens' the heart and mind di "the Christian
Ihfbugh Christ Jesus. , , ,
man* ? : - > *?'' 1 ||,:
We suffer moro from anger and. grief
than from tho very thinga for which wo
anger and grieve.
-it ? w-~
How a man hates to bo seen sitting
down on a slippery Bulewalk.
A Windsor, Canada, man raffled off
his family Bible at ten conti a shake.

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