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Orangeburg times. (Orangeburg, S.C.) 1872-1875, January 02, 1873, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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V. i i ji u ii m in ii i
n?y. vlUuoO ho* :4Bb?^a'^?to<s | ^i*i? tri?*?
ffliflf **** Xi l^ta'?hco^-' ***** *rfa.,rf
?aus 4i ?ibnM^i ;*cH*anw.tI^N(is we m0ve indicium* n^r; O^nSD katuhf. did y" h?* itM*
jlfeavl .<^gj?'o ? I? n>?*mfl* yjkyn::'T y:.:}v?ra -l^rt'T { t
hoxi Jitntl lo 1?!io"w fi^'j ,blio/* two
YTH?Oj ^HT ^tSf-AWVAlffCB.
4irlTo ?>i;i?d -j -? - ?
(?"?tis ? ?*
hiio.:-1 li
00| 1? 00
00! .18' -'
? ... j_13 ooi_q.v
J ' ix'i&ciijnios'ji
_ a year, IB advance?Sl
in its
30" 00 -4? 00
. 33 00 <G7 00
:60 00 76 00 |
jwoTWt Iii *
f?r fix months; ?
F. IxtAB. K Pinnt-TVi
mclr 6-1 fr * *t(
#ttR IS
Ii joks, Music and Stationery, and Fanov j
?m<dt '* \ .
..aduatc,. lmhimoro Collog, Dental
Surgery. ?
0#r*, MrirL*l drftt, <hrtr FtvrtpfJ. A. lUwiVvn
lei* ?
W. ?. BeTreville,
A T T O Ii JC K Y A t L A W.
Olnce at Court 1 louse Square,.
OranRfLurfc, 8. <-'.
m.l.i:j-1rr iltocJVv!
.-?n-1--r-??--ht4?-?.fatmd i
At ternovs At I,.iaV,
()RANojjau?^,fC. H., S^CL..
Mai^oi.m I. Itnowxtxa, A. F, Bhou sixo
mehtUfvr' > >T l-AH
_ __. V . --j>?
RusfcII Street, Ornngeburg,, So. Co.,
Han' Just Received a fresh supply of
French Candies, .-*?>?-*-?/
Fine Candies,
Nuts, allsorpi, ,
China Ware,
Baskets, ' WoM
Large and ?mnll Fancy
? Pickle?, <Jce, Ac -
Abo Fresh Bread always on hand, and
supplied to regular custoWrs tvery'day
nt their doors.
In my cr.ke department you will tftml
Fruit Cake;',
Fancy Cakes,
always on hand and fresh.
Fine Bridal Present.-.
Fresh Pies constantly on hand.
Wedding* supplied with all kinds of
('aUcs'nnd Confectionarioa at thc a>drto9t
The above goods cannot be excelled in
l uality and price,
A il work warranted to give satisfaction.
July 16,1872 23 tf
ftOR'Vh;Aft;ANTIC Wjj AUF,
Charleston, 8. CV
^Lobnts ron r.
.Moro rhillij a" Amnioniated Carribcan Sea
JfiX* ff. V f Xd t l\ff
?*?Jl baa ?waiaW owT aia
Ii? v>
61 %}<d ni ba%%d \<* ?jn >? O^4-1 Jooj
jb Hasfift ?toroi?uad cansteuy y. flc?riyiugr
q?aliW'or price.- F&?kdV'ipoctitiWof
?f} iii I cm hrrt>'($f:uu ba* bo:Jfth| ?i 113% &\
awffUp^lP^ePMhi^ T*i bmiaiaxa a<f
,V> ia^tfa c\? et i! ..-*ss
kwn.vj r).} troinavof mL 1? wjji'mh
jtw "?pUga.r?--rf -??Hl 5nitl*iw ha* Attm ia*
71 Vy^jJ in **d ata 3bU\ s
Kwoa4 ?fflet/cynT .X%?ueaC1
^TJiba^who want^aycouly^to cjjd^qm}
$fP$arfviBcecltsFrtbe'lrrw'prices;^ ,??? rvd
_?' . ? Uli; ? J
Jan 1-ly
sxvorjqe?y ,ti*ttn?w tbatW vi atniavj irid?
TTcm JWTSXPEyED ti WtsV ami fine stock
IdMbj itateat &vlcs'an<l PatrcrW "An5 unu.ua!
opportunity for aelecliou.
A | compel*
Watch Ohaln?j Jtiadles' Watches
! and Ol$n$, Loqhets,
?t??!} Charms, Btc.
Elegant sets of
1 ? . i ?KUOC HKS an.: EARRINGS
I English, Swh* mil American WATCl I KS.
?oid! and 'Silver? cvo.y W?TfH warranted
' AMKlUr AX? -LOCKS of every description
i SPE? TA( "LttS and EY ERLASSES to; suit
all Ages.
!M tmmie, Odd J3cjlkwa aid i^onieQf Temper
ance jl^^tiJ^ ,*d );.??> V owJ s*
IvLTAlillK? Promptly and Well DONE at
'j r.* Una^^l'^EKIftlUjBt booi
hi ok or Tin-: urc? watch.
The ?atixcnp ?>f Orancahuru nre notified that
jJI W?HLERS hnvopentd
i?'l a*5a^i4af 'J ot ;v*Ji
Firrt eis** LIQUOR STORE ru?l Drinking
Saioo?fiiAewRi?4rtiUittBiya wfo +i ? JT
To ^u^?^tjtcflnfWT>ral^ff4??r^7;B,?,Jll'/JN J?
lll)UQh& XhtrAJiX, ?ve., that can.he ha
in Orahgctnirg. DON'T " * " ' 1
Ott jhat tho'ENTEHPlSE id ;?. firrt-vla*?^^
luon,i conducted on the inc*t improved plan,
and a place where loafcra are not permuted'1
to congregate, and where no di>-<nndons nrd l
hurgnguoa arc allowed. Aprewiug invitation
is c^hmded fo ' '
atoVjr .a?>j>oJ*J?' i tm boa ai Ha.) J<l
. .xo?a^ovH
I To call ahd ?xunetlu? my. *toek, before going
j jul 10 ,t;^i a A t<t?a*-?< <yr
I Geo S Hacker
Boors BmsIi, |SHaa
U^n'j " ->as !rtf?
jl a factory as there is in the South. All work
manufactured at the factory In thiacity. The
only hou?c owned and managed by a Onrolln
laalnithu city. ' Send for prieo lht. . Addre- *
? rtlKO.flt HAGKER, taeff)
PoiitofficcBox 170, Cliarlim?l^i9r ,
l-actoryand WnrerootneonKing ?freet opno
?w Cannon street m Wb? i&fJ?Ny BiBlwayf i
ov. 13 *i amjjisc a.XAa?.to.ti^
tea:oHe *?r^0JC
^.v^ moiJ*?y. 131 Ivm iei m>?.
? J ,<r->n?ltadO
a??fi -t:-?d> Jlia *coi*J
tJJjrlftiiijr, away?3rlfungl5w1vy t~J
MB Ulk\ mfo&u Wrtgyfltof, ttyifi ?Ma ?
bailing Ant in ih*,trctlcherou*t<!^?} til > n
Where /ho- h^Uilft ghv^'jof,w9m.aivi^V%i ?il
te^c^pboor^le^ {tat*
irht twlncth a rfiadj*, le.-*,
mgnt twuictn a Htiaue, ic.-*, -ur
r&eyqir?tl-nourVipplc^:d3^'tftjlrdSjn* -J0
Baby, riJt?U^tt4ftttiqt 8*ajtfj}*i h*
^a?jifewlt?^^ ?*
.4&pfo true strokes of thy rirvjcBltppcd.XHtr ;>>
^Euatjbaok to my cehoon ra?mory?a-*liorc.
I Wonderful words ?an the dnuity lips Hay,
i Wb'nd<Wtt> t^rftfifttn/Wkrft?a'ti??0U ,m
W?hderftd jo?^aoye go XiMjf^4h\Q'jtsb; ,Xii
(5Te?> 0?? difthoiir'rlprucptuav: afte r dar.
ltabvj ruf tfiur?n^lT^lhv^AISBf1!'u' :1 w
teifigaway^ 1
.Stee}iifefa/?uJ||iOn'f|le #|^erpuf ff^ .^foG
, VVhe>(e t h e bright iriorie* of w?>rano-ii fe bo? ^ j
i"tc?,on the honr-^ppioS; fUy aTicy^Jr' ^^V
pajbyj my darling, tsdiifturg airajrl ? JA7/ .3
?Kud j OUK mSHINGTON LbtT?t , ?
j iuo ,wt~?dV*arj|i el ?*?: T?wd'-;
,-1? did* M 4~JP*?Um edl ha.*M?t?f
tj fkom our dw.v t'OIlKlJsXV.?Nl>K>'t.
? Was?inot? ?n, l>r?r}^bfrt8, 1*72.
TruijibuU stands with regard to theUraU!
alndnhdralion. His urraignmoiit ot'ih ?
President (br not fotlucing the number 0$
in'ci;::?! revenue distriets.-grcally in-uh .1
& fiiipio, ami a g^^^STXQrVo;..V
ami desire to pitch into him was mani
fested, but it,was lofuto thin John Slier-,,
man to defend" his master. ?Donator Cjis
sct'ly's intimation that.Grnsu's neglect-.of
duty in the case Was due tu politico,
brought I'thin John" to his .loot again,
and instead of a hectoring touc^ he whined
out n. remonstrance against connecting
the President? natu?: with politics in the
matter. Th?r, far, in the Senate there,
has beep a studied avoidance, of conflict,
with the opposition -by..the .administra
tion' ?wiftt?i^v Avh'tch. when the super*
cillipusness,of sdjnjp,-aad! Jth.c .bitterne^|
of oihers, a?d the desire to;crow over iho!
WVfc^uisbpd Xpbcrai^ is takeu: into ?:onr
'slderation it.wopld.^eeiu as if a, p^?l??fuj ]
jine of;policy hpd; been . agreed tUj)on by
the Radicals, From the indications tlwy
Wi 11 'nn^ l?\-pmm i*>r^Hftm^iflp^V ?n Und,
lincjvcry long. ^VikuA hwQJt?d ?cd *i ten
The bill wi.ici;pa.^oa- tWf??oW9^
tcrday, proVulihgV far)ex'cHahging rcgi=
tcrecl for "cettpon bonds, is as foU?lv?
-The Secretary :6f'tho Treasury is nuihor
jr.cdito make the exchange, "Providcft:
ihairtn*?1 e^^stf'of ^feMsMK- of mkI.
bonds shall bo paid hy the owiicr thereof,
under il^hj^e^l||i(Dt<|ftQltol?c^cfii4'*
shall prcscrihe." The appeals made l>y
Messrs. lloliuah itrf(.'ox lo protect the
Government and not extend the powers
of''*t|tu Sccrctorj ^Voro unheeded. The
hill met with* general approval, but the
attcihpt to confine the power of Seefetary
Roiitwollin certain limits was'-'looked
upon ?s a reflection on the whole army
'ofth'o faithful, ami was scouted. Thiu
every m^uxc tha^t (is jpossed in some
hhap'e or fyrm. enlarges tlic po\ycrs of the,
Jj'cdoral oflicew.: Whether thin is the re
sult of a eystcmatic plan to > gradually
takchll power from flic p?oplc and centre
it in the administration or is caused hy
the madn^ofjljcjt
out* previous concert, .matters (but .little
??*h(! cH'eet it precisely the same, play*
lug directly into the bands of the new
and i^dvnnced parly who desire a Presi
dent for life, a party in power and in
n^t^ccfrot'tfl.bo despised. I
\f >Juorliia^!^^S^^4^^^^f0Vlvv
^AYcster^lly -the supremo Court heard
the argumenta of Hon% Philip Phillips
and Mr. VS^^|rA-tornpjL Mineral <d
liouisiana, ..n ounau oi'.i Jovenjor ">Var-:
mouth of thatjfla^^u^^r^^sj^fj
^ ^1 j IU od*m bam 2? et banairai ?x
I la boa ,vttT> *i* \o ?timj
dV.ad no rra^it rhhc} a*4T
~s4t>fi > / -mm 11
gtfeMA jcould njt have bcejn Jjoutemplated
by Qnh'rv?s? rla; the paWRgd of JXJiO cu-'
^rcelne?f tfcV afePttH?i ^6r^Jr^?/Ji
i o urge upon this point, i have no 'doubt
4M >uU wortf^^
InE). U>c rnforcunent- acta. who -japvur.
^xm^icd Buch pVTfPOw:^x?trs^gqti by
^udgc Duroll, ^?8^0^ by ^ivcii jtqL the
jp^fntl courts, hut' au<%r^a^lt|t9 .de^giy
?yf, thp framcjr?ot.the -ISill/ aYicVeuj/h-WilP
$P}t# 'cftciou ' i?n. Ca^ j,lL')^lifn^|?^
^gAPr was elmply a suit between private
tfrgV&s- The recognition of Piuchback
a a^^c^
*rwwegt,4?Iye^grf ifo^tfs&cUo^n to \)jfer
!^hat ne has acted solely in odjedience Jfe
^V&tial broduduW^KJft^irtWtnV acna
L4drel^p, nno! Graffs 8yropatlii<&MTi:Km/
.th^.blam^^it? ?WMf^<S9r&^c
toAA?a'dical ? scheiacfd tclra passed
the eruur^eB^\l ^R^ana ^^j^SSif^l^
' tAblie^QiGimcnil Grau^ ibjs^utUigbn ae-.
rWdancc with them-, -eTinmf?they~<lo fit
His hand sb nicely ad:to elect Iii? brotln. r
in Hnv tO'tho'tTirifctl Htatea? fyniatfiK-'iIi\
.Cjeneral Graut wuB'cnrrfoP tho origia^.&i?S}
jDf^lio enforcement latwthc^easeHs-vrry
ditVfrertr:',t^': *' *9twhteTi***+^la*rj aali i?
S ' 1*f331BSYNI)ICATK.
The,>Vny.s and Means. Committee do
.not peem disposed to accept Secretary,
4SoulwelP8 piatL.of?jiygAl,iaJ;uig_.thc re
^nuiodcr of the new five>por cent loan,
und .have decided by the advice and.con
sent of the;Secretary t() invite such bank-,
pers'aH Messrs. day(Juokb^^yaifus.Hutch,
| Ilemy .Glow.*, and cthVi leading, liiinu-.
Hc'?r^tkj^^ie?Vvi? on . Iii? vnbjm,
?\ftor which they wiil come to .some de
termination on the qucs'ion. It is auid
i that a number ol German capitalists
I combined, offer to negotiate the entire
i loan if allowed a clear commission of two
and a half per cent. If the Secretary
finds the committee disposed io haggle
1 jng over the matter, ho saj'ft that he will
negotiate the loan under the existing law
which pr-?babiy metm? the aete.J ft ico of
tho.Iiothschild'a afteiyimado ovcrr aJyear
ff iL?! ^iV^jAj?AKV. juh f
The X.udiana, f.ongre63ional delegation
cnllod upon tho President and urged tlto
name of Gen. J. ?.. Fofctex, .chairman of
?fhe IuJia.ua: $t?tp .KopubUeau Commit-.'
tec for tho mission to Switzerland. Grant
complimented Gen. Foster, but said that
A^eeont* there' was '.no ^vacancy, and
under the" civil 'service rule, He could
not nVak?*oim \Vithdut;tate?{ ^hc HrflfV
j atsians'did not malte Judy's of themselves
pas did tho Pennsylvania delegation wHert:
their* mouth? wero stoppctV-with-tho-civil
'servieo rule*, but uttered siictU-prayers^
not loud but deep,, on behalf of that mc el
uncivil monster that is nursed and cared.
?o tenderly for by tin* President. That
?bete noir well 'breed trouble yet among
tho fcaafrui brethren. **! ^
\\o itdb ->d Ailtl?th blood* ;i .nfwirta
Z/nJii; eToibftlderable t?nm1^ir-rf^6 ^congre
gating in tho capital. .(.The ilanicof Mt.
Walter Ingalls has juBt^beeii-added to
the art circle.T*Thhy ^n11enian,8*'?S>fkat
were 'great lv'adtmred tn" ItbintP li^ -Wie
Pope, who sat to hint 'fhKhisi' p*orfruTf
This was quite a eomplirhenf to tho
American urth>t as ITovaco Bernet was
i tho only ono who previously had painted'
hR^Mf.IngallsliS^^?lTVllM^ the
! portraits of ? number of prominentgcntle:
jnen here; the portrait of Prof. Henry, t?f
thoHmithsonidn Institute, just finished
; lrko iUelf, and very much admired.
I ialif ti ' *"atiY?l * LoAd'na fctw ttrr\ti-.
cn&iVF Moiin.iElr.
l'j .ludgo Pollard's eommitteo f6'investi
gate tho charges of bribery ngainaVcer
tain congic^8men met yeatcrdayV.hot did
not examine, any witnetses. Hon. Oakes
Ames and counsel, Hon. John T.
his counsel, Hon. Jorro S. Ulack, lion. .7.
B.'Alloyand*Bbnpa? axWillfeW,
)y? pJPi?enti .Speaker JJlamo Appeared'.
[ia|^t 'O^'l.djMMfjjiiM'^ unb<^piirmttflr
against him. )Vjf ^^^l^omb.wit-lyja.^a
? ^ *h\ ml bfooo es >;>oVid bee A%***
^?F|>rpvtuc tor tho construction of ton in
stead. bT8&<keQf^<<MW, 'as **^in
4fec orf^Mltn&^^CH'^^ dis^
J&tu-fl?? fldthc^hBH/Scei^i^ilQfft^e
?iaai ih?dJ qt; dva? hj aikpvn
sol it
,4? id** jootHL. rtias?M xrfl '?jot tooil
Gcrmafl, orCiifcmnatt, lias invented
tho ejeVc$Wt<>d'^^
its (Icst-riptipu?into cb-morn, fcniplicatccki
^Woie/vjb} WB-^c^qOi^ie^ijiteijr^
kW B?aWft fij^^t^pla^ST 111?
i firsk fetory and nine f> ~ 1
tury and nine feet high. The move
pcndJuifiift ii-Th? second story consist* of
lAv? itpwerdike? pieces*?.,on. the-duocs oJ&
fu*nb*,4to dWctry^b^
the portnh /Whori din" 1 cioeK mark* the^
first cpuitrfecr, jl>ts.dooif.oltheJciVwot^)?f
the seconder/ J3#Mf,^ tLj^ijd ^cft
from, tb^e [background, comes forward to a
little bell,*gives 'it 'onb bW\ a'no! tnon
disapf<cnteI,li'!A?,itWr secbW^quSfteAj^
yc uth lappWe'??AflPlte!#d|h?' bell ? ? tw"cV;
and disappear*; At; thc/rChlrd Itlmrc. cornea
favwjjn4.il hfe l^^^iljB?qrtk?ft^C
a to?er^ngjphj^hianr leaping on a ft^L
who striked thof bell four times. Each
time the (loot cToses**of Itself When the
hours arc full, tho door of the right picie
of tho second aw*y" opens, and Death; aa^
a skeleton, scythe in hand, appears: and ;
marks the hour by striking a bell. , But ;
j it is at the twelfth hour that vojnwe the
grand''spectacle* in tho raprttbiitation of
the day of judgment. kTben, whcn Death
has struck three, blows on the little bell,
?tK^c^ek-^r^helop pf^h^i t^f*jf^tn^)p^
Haps his .\ings, and ^#fijh{^
tonej and,, iifter Death bath iunrkcd the
twelfth 'hour wfth'Tiis hnmindfl no''crons
again twieev n, r31** ?''??, ?"","?
i1 Immediately thrct-^ngels/Vrlioiftincl as
guardians in n o^nlral posi?16n,iraL*oth('iT?
^trumpet* with their right lnlnd /itr th?
1 it tlicgr.^ol^Jf^9(^X>AH^^IIV'ia'^ml
't?waH each ojf>,*j)ie<,#}ur quartos, of
earth. At tho last blast the door offlL
tower opens, and the resurrected children
Of cart If: nppeAr,s *^?"lc tits' fle^SvlnV
angel sinksoui of eighth "Tlien, suddenly,
Christc<|es(.'ends, ftunyuuded <by abgehv'
On his left there is.an . nngcl 1 who diohfs
the scales of justice; on his right another
farcies the Book of Life, whk^^peiijs^to
show the alpha and omega?the^e^ifi
"mngUtft- theVtadi*: ?nri*f -waves IrtslStffid?
und instantly the good arcong the rcsur
Tcctetl are,separated from tho wicked,the
former going to tho right, tho latter to
the left. The Arch'angnl Michael salutes
the good, whilo on '"the oilier sido stands'
the'devil, radiant with fiendish delight ?
he Can hardly1 waif for the 'ntiarsentence
of those tvho fall to him,vbuti.iuobodienco
to the ciramand ?f tlm.central-figure, he
its hand again, with a threatening mein,
and the hecuree'd 'sink dojfip" to |bc re
alma of his satauic mnjosty.^ !T!ien'CnriHlj
"blessca thc chbseft-fewfAvlio ;dra.v ne?r'lo
him. Finally we hoar .1 cheerful chimo
of bells, during w hich Christ jri^, ^ur-.
rounded by his angels, until ho di^ap
pears and the portal closes.
A complete drarta ft heVe^pr^chied^
without the aid of a human liana, * The
movements aro steady, calm and noise
less, wjUhJhp, exception o? thu thfeateu-.
ihgf 'gestures of Ijucifvc^bn,^^ acrc^
the scone witli lightning ninld^ity. Of
course? tli e-phc^o^nw^ctloh *orlhWe *tihy
figures id Intentional on- thb patt of the
artist, and ndd* greatly to tab ellbot.; 1 . 1
d r^as iaS iidlofc O'U ?o wlnl V y.c??if >* V>
IqphI 1 .lya&O yfi -rttyfii 00 llt? t ,x
h-n? - ?* *3<iiis? ,nhJ*ih aid**
fr6m Afe|MNWf^<WiV ffjft'1, tl.-1? MToTib ?tih
Wrjw, leave it, iih<^^^ W'?S&?* f1
jitUjfP^ iKtet,^H&*&^
?ort *?nii>uwted^|^, *
unft'tVftjMfltn ?IIA? A i?*?at1l.-_
??et fcfft ^he|irJUfVv.ME?u|4>8ey^ tkt&k ?f ro
cnB*thing jdefrrnBr numo
?Aitiftsplf, it tfkca aaMVitMjR :?aft'. scoop*
'fresh places. A man nover couaes to fall ?T
W&U TTh^ajbar^ ^nlft # tarns,,Qej* ^;
l**?*?*?)^ Wto*"Jfciirm MP Wfeflk?
something it cannot upset. It i^thomos^^;
no man is secure with ouo unless he has,;
[itdw^. on something, Aftthcelborrowhgs.
' iL, usc.=, without doubt, ;hut indtt ieisuio
'moments it is the greatest blighting curse
r^*t^^j^JaOis^iTha-,io Jxybn ?
]Sever;mqmro thoi^of the editor,%r
'fMPaews, for behold it ivlm business 3$. r.
iptlt' asking.
W hen thou dost c-nipr hw pffice^Aa^a.
heed unto thyi-elf that ppu do.U.uotlooit
afe vrhat^may. be ...faying open ai d cenc$iv .
[otjt theo ftot, forA^tjinftftist.
^^mtfffmfk Kill erfr to* iofi
^Neither cxomlno thou the J#oof ehc^4}f
\TCnrH Is not ready td meet thine eye,that
thou mnyc*t understand?0 f "'
: r Prefer thinu own town paper to *?y'
other, and subscribe fof it immediately;i*w
|jjj^dy tCT;iHtt advance,;it snail Be r"
welljurith thee and thiue. ? ]
"'Never sendest tb?? ati article for pi?P'\
licatiou without giving tkoi editor thy
Saint, fur tlr^-n'ambAoftfltf^fil^'ree'|n]lll^',
cat too to worthless articled.
* jjtyver do thou loaf about, ask qu??
'lion*, drknoek down Wp^.-nr* ffc*f
Body's wift love ymi like they do ubade^
trees.?when? you leaveth.
Thou should?t never read the copy on
' the printer's cas?,'or'thesharp end hook*'
^(J.-oontainer Uwrcof-or-dieTiray knock
tjpeeUo^t.'^i . ?/J ??*>?f-. ?
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firm .which h'ns demanded gn^
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bound: ;\Yhat L*tiy>lM;comb of io*^'V?iM'
after ycar; :t}in*o carpct*ba*gtsin has ibe*
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1 Wit; Fr-pra ajbond? Oeut of $0,000^
000 wc IiaV^W^ r>ablic^a' clchVtir^il^
OOf^OOO- Froti^an antfjh! cix^chdituru
of |40(^00,:vro ffavo^bw reached the
'mngbi6cc4tl *um of 6;>,000,000.
T< *Fd ^bp thing gpc?. | Ycarj | aAcj:.. tjjeer 1
nothing to shower it. This is our, great t
complnirtt against the Rep:ubllean'party.
They msU- entirely \6ti' ircUch mdncy and
they do not applyjt 4o: the proper object* 1
of governmental :.care. ' The taxes have '
4b?eh. i^cr^^d, ^tyro; thousand por ccgil^
and more still, the rqaeala ere notJiapjiY,^
"Sliey want mif.?Chrolim'au.
Hokkibi.k AccrottXT ASl> DsAiit^4
The Greenbrur (\Xps%, Va.) Indepeu-.
dentPaysi^ j ( , , /, ;o*t,f
11 Mrs. Wm. B. .Kehl,, who Jived ncer
l^nuikfort, in this coupty. JSPt a?
accident .on Friday mornipg, v.hich re
snlttd in her,death tnosamc evening. It
l'icHm9 ttiat snb ? ItaadlThg a Ininp be
fbr^ llftFtW; and in turning tho chimney '
1 down ?a r- quantity, vras spilt In tho fire,
which sc?, her clothes; ablaio, bumiUghor
in amosf lnvriblo maun. r, causing h 1?
deatl| as above at^c4^t ^)>p w?? a woman
of relaltvca and fricitds to moilrtt her 1A
t?jnelydcttH?^^-i: ? :
?V? *>a ?1 lud ,wrLj^'

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