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An In'dep'en^ieiit Paper 13?evoted.- to
iTiteveBt? ol tlie People,
"*'"'" "" ' " " 1 11 " ' " 11 ' T' ' ' 1 1 ?????? _,_;_
Tho Wandering, pbw once said to mo, . J il
I vtweod tnr?Sl?u lu'e city* in the cool-of - tho
year; -
A raan iu tho gardun?lrto??Tr!iit from a tree.
I asked, How long hau too city been hero ??'
Antf^tn^e'rSdrjnOj arid ?o plucked hwhy, J ; i
' ^j!"* V^X8 It*?* ,,fh4relt?ahd?tblfoY, i j
Anxqb&eul r?llefeuiX:farwvf r and-aye.'"
Tfrlie.l'JnrJrid'ytani rolled by, and then
<J|wtfWKWtlie?Belf-Ba:nj6roaUagain; ? ? - ? J
No trace of a clty.thoro J found;
? ? A shepherd eat blowing his pipo alone,
His Hock wore qnletiy nibbling around,
agjftod. "How lour; im? this city been roiio?"
Arul U'oanawcrcd me, aud ho'piped away,
?? rho neV;?!!?? bloom and. the old decay,
This lo myi/asturo-gTOuna fop aye."-- .' *
Fivo hundred years rolled by, and then
I traveled tho eelf-sauio road again.
AiufcLcamo to Eos, and. tho wavee did rpar, ? . .r
Wm& a ?shorman threwhlvnet ont eWar, -1 1 ?
And,.when heavy, ladon, i\o dragged It ashore.
-?JjMkctt,- 't'How long has the sea boon hero
And ho langhod "and he eaid, and be laughed away;
!* As long or yon billowB have tor cod th?!r apray,
They've fished and they've flsned In this self-same
bay." ?
Five hundred yoara rolled by, and then , ,
11raveled tlio Bfclf-a>mo toad again;
?4? a/oreBt.iVfstjand free,. ? i ?, t; ? i . ?
o&Mia1 etopA id tho thicket near; I { ?
lalifltnjiafpAtdna tree. J / i- \i
i'e.Uovf long havoiho woods peon herb?".
ipWred', "Thesoiwooda aro'a covert, for
My ancestors dwelt here alway,
And tlio trees havcCbeen el?c? creation's day."
. give hundred yeara rollpd by, and then <?
Otfitraveled-tho self-same road agal?.'' '?" ?
And I found, there a city.'and far and near;
Hosonndod the hum of toll and glee.'
And I asked, " Haw long has the city been here,
Ami whero is tho pipe,.and tho wood, and .the
OB ?ca 1" ~~
And they anawercd:roo, as they mado their way,
"l 'rbbiga always have stood as they aland - to-day, ?
And so tbey wilt rtand for cvor and aye."
I'd wait five hundred years, and then
I'll travel tho aelfraamp road again.
Tii^iikBErsiisrWHK clouds.
burst upon tho wostern world a mag
nificent stranger from- f?r?igu parts,
v?0$ all liia traveling gloriv.h .on. % * Jt
was tho ?oat comet, of ,1850,^011 tho
grand touridti'th'o buivorB?.
It Boomed strange that, potty human
life oonld go on as usual, with its oat*
irjHttaudL armH?r^H^viUug, Utr.sJ&okj-rJg I
--Trtfrl^ToaBuring, whilo that V flaming
milH*tt.,r,,,^?u bin biUiohd?agued ?ir*
ouit, was preaobiug tlio wondors of in ?
ilnito immensity and powor, and the
nothingness?' oV earth. V -TU?- comet- no
longer ruus bis.kiudling race, liko .Vioh
Alpino's honohman, with his fiery cross,
announcing war and disaster.
? Uorald of battle, falo'and foar. (
' H?4s'V>h:'4itr< own 'business,' not ours.'
Under tho tail of this^ particular
^-*Kiuol^doubt'io?h mauy a talo of lovo was
told?in tho light of his swift splondors
Wmauv a tender look exohauged. The
astronomor coolly swept tho starry field
BBfith his glass, unawed by tho irrogulnr
night-guard patrollinc; tho heavens, and
tho robber and murdoror diadainud the
awful witness. Ho loft uh aa ho found
iui?joined to our mortal idols, Aviso in
our own conceit, weak, and worldly,
and wicked, but no castaways of the
??? universe after aU.
We romombcr that comet summer,
not so much for its great astronumioal
c vent as for two singular incidents that
more nearly touched our humnu sym
pathies, which will grovol in poor
earthly affairs, oven within Bight of the
most august celestial phenomena.
Ono' pleasant Saturday oftornoon
daring the oomet's appearance, an loro
nant,.afcor a proBiiorous voyago, do
Bconded upon a farm in tbo neighbor
hood of n large market town in ono of
tho westera stato3. He was Boon sur
rounded V/y a, ourious grouj) of tho
farmer's family and laborers, all asking
eager quefitions about the voyago and
the management of the balloon. That
secured by an anchor and a ropo in tho
hand of tho loroiiaut, its car being a
foot or two abovo tho ground, whb
swaying lazily backward and forward
iu the ovoniug air. It was a good deal
out of wind, and was a sleepy and inno
cout monster in tho eyes of the farmer,
' who, with tho owner's permission, led
it up to his house, whero, as ho said,
v 'ho could hitch it to bis fence. But be
fore ho had thus scoimd it, the three
children, aged respectively, ten, eight,
aid three, bogged him to lift them
" into that big basket," that tbey might
."t.it on those pretty red cushions."
While the attention of the icronaut
was diverted by more curioas ques
tioners from a neighboring farm, this
^rish father lifted Iiis darlings one by
ooo into tho cm. Chubby little Johnny
( proved the ''ounce too much " for the
serial camel, and brought him to tho
. ground ; and then, unluckily, not the
buby, but the eldest hopoof tho family,
. was lifted out. Tho roliof was too I
great for tho monster. ' Tho volatile
orehturo's apirit ioso at once, ho jerked
his halter oat of his father's hand, and,
with a wild bound, mounted into tho
air ! , Vain was tbo roronaut's anchor.
It oau;g|tv.t for a moment iu a fence, but
it toro away, nnd was oil', dangling
uselessly! a^?r tho runaway balloon,
whioh.?? swiftly and steadily roBo that
in a few minutes thoso two littlo white
laces,- peering over the edge of tho car,
grew indistinct, and thoso pitoous erios
of "Papal" "Mamma!" grow faint
f<: and faintor, up in tho air.
When distance and twilight mists had
swalloWed up" voices and faces, and
; nothing could be seen but the dark, I
;t cruel fihape, sailing triumphantly away, j
with its precious booty, like an jorial
privateer,- tho poor father sank oown
nolploes and speechless; but tho mother,
frantic with grief, still f-tretched her
yearning arms towards the inexorable
>; Heavens, and called wildly into the
nnansweriug void.
'% .Tho aeronaut Btrovo to console tho
wretched parents with assurances tbat
% the-balloon would descend within thirty
milos of the town, and that all might
bo well with tho cliilren, provided that
it did not come down in tlio wator or in
'deep Woods. t Ju tho event of its de
bccndiug iu u favorablo spot, iho
thought that 'the'older child might nte|)
out Joaving the youwrar-iil ?ho il^allop-^*
Their Wight' agai3*bisc arid continue
i IM Ah; no,";roplied the>mother/ f* Jen
cio would hover stir from tho oar I with
out Johnny in her arms."
Tho brdloon pnsticd dirJv^ljl over the
market town, and tho. children soeing
many people^ in, th? ?tree^.strotckoO)
but their faandd and called loudly for
help.' But .the. villagers.,though, they.
B4w tkb bright'}i(tle h>adb,Tlrtard! ?o!
Amazed at the strange apparition:
they might hare thought tho trau'dated
little creatures omail nugol navigators,
on some voyage of discovery, some lit*
tlo chembio venture of their own, na,
heading toward the'rosy bloiullinida and
purple islands of aunset splendor, they
sailed deeper and deeper into.the, .west,
and faded-away/ '1 1 sTT^A&l H ,.
; Some company they had, poor little
Sky-waifs i Something comforted them
and aljDtyenV.ffi?r.Cwala tori^i-^some
thing whispered that below the night
and clouds way homo; that above was
God; fhat wherever.they might drift or
claBh; Irving or'dteM; they wo'?ld VtilJ
be in His domain .and under .Hin care?
that! -th?ugn,'-'b?rna!:away' among the
Stars, they could not be loot, for His
love would follow them.
When tho sunlight all went away, and
the-great comet came blazing out, little
Johnny was apprehensive that the comet
might oome too pear -,their airy craft,
ana set it on fire with a whisk of ita
dreadful*tail. But when his sister as
sured him .that the fiery dragon was "as
much as twenty.miles a?ay," and that
uod wouldn't let him hurt them, ho
was tranqoilized, but soon afterward
said, r"T wiahfjtio^ronld /come~aiitt\e
nearer, bo I could wanin myself, I'm so
cold!" , (,
j Then Jennie took off her apron, and
wrapped it about the child, saying ten
derly, ?'This ia all sister has; to make
you w?rmj^ you
closo in 1)or nrins, and Wo wi 1J ay onr
prayers aud you;ehUlLg?'toslo?pyj ,: > .'?
4- Why, .hewleantl tiay my prayers be
lore J have my support" asked-littlb
Johnny. ,?.-'<'> r'] -"! k'i&<? ?
" Stator hasn't any .supper far yoii oj
for herself, but wo must pray all ,.tho
immensity anil tho. millions .of ;iinpity
ing stars, l\fted,i tuoir littlo olaHped
"hands,' aud sobbed out their sorrowiul,
" Our fathor," and that quaint little
supplementary prayer :
. Now I lay mo down to sloop,
I pray tho Lord my eoul to koop;
If I, li (in id dio bofore I \tako,
I pray tho Lord my soul to tako.
?? Thero I God heard that, caBy ; for
wo are closo to Him up hero," eaid in
nocent little Johnny.
Doubtless Divine Dovo stooped to
the little ones and folded them in per
fect peace?foi'Boon tho younger, seated
on tho bottom of tho oar, with his hoad
leaning against his sister's knee, slept
as soundly as thongh ho woro lying in
his own little bed at home, while the
oldor watched through tho long, long
hours, and the car floatod gently on in
the still night air, till it begun to sway
and rook on tho fresh morning wind.
Who can divine that simple littlo
child's thoughts, speculations, and wild
imaginings, while watching through
thoso hours ? Slio may have feared
coming in collision with" a meteor?for
many wero abroad that night, scouts
and heralds of tho great comet?or,
perhaps being cast away on some deso
late star-island, or more dreary still,
floating aud floating on, night and day,
tdl they should both dio of cold and
hunger. Poor babes in the clouds I
At length, a happy ehance, or Provi
dence?wo will say Providence?guided
tho littlo girl's wandering hand to a
cord connected with tho valvo ; some
thing told her to pull it. At once tho
balloon began to sink, slowly and gent
ly, as though some celestial pilot guided
it through tho wild currents of air, not
letting it drop into lake, or river, lofty
wood, or impenetrable swamp, where
this strange, nnchild-like experience
might have been closed by a death of
unspeakable horror ; but causing it to
descend as softly as a bird alights, on a
spot where human c?r? and pity await
ed it.
The sun had not jet risen, but the
morning twilight had oome, when the
little girl, looking over tho edge of the
car, saw the derr old earth ooming
nearer?"rising towards them," she
said. But when tho car stopped, to her
great disappointment it was not on tho
ground, but caught fast in the topmost!
branches of a tree. Yet sho saw they
wero near a house whence holp might
soon come,so she awakened her lirothor
and told him tho good news, and to
gether they watched and watched and
waited for deliverance, hugging cam
othor for joy and warmth, for they were
Farmer Barton, who lived in a lonoly
houso, on tao edge of his.own private
prairie, was a famous Blooper in gen
oral, but on thi*) part ciliar morning ho
awoke beforo tho dawn, and though he
turned and turned again, ho could Bleep
no more, So, at last, he said to bis
good wife, whom ho had kindly awak
ened to inform ber of his nnacconntable
wakefulness, " It's no use, I'll just get
up and dress, and have a look at tbo
The next that worthy woman heard
from her wakefnl spouse was a ha\ty
summons to the outer door. It seema
that no sooner did ho atop foith from
his houso than his ojos fell on astrango
potontous shape, hanging on a largo
pear tree, about twenty yarda distant,
lie could see no likeness in it to any
thing earthly, und ho half fancied that
it might ba the comtt, who, having put
oiit Iiis light, bad. come down thoro to
Sorch. In his fright and perplexity ho
irJ what every wiso man .would do in a
like extremity: ho called upon his
valiant wife. Reinforced' by her, ho
drew near tho tree 'cautiously reoon?
noitering. ? Surely apear' tsob never boro
such fruit.
Suddenly thoro doscendod , from the
thing a plaintive, trembling little voioe:
"Ploasa.tokn us down; ;We aro very
Then ? second 'little voico said :
"And hungry, too. Please take us
* *. "Why, who arc you ? And where are
you?/' .
The first little-voice said: " It's us,
and wo runncd away with a balloon.
Please take ns down."
] Dlinly comprehending th,e situation,
tho farmer, gotting hold of a dangling
rope, succeeded in getting down the
i He first lifted but'little Johnny, who
ran rapidly a few yards toward the
house, then j tinned round, and stood
for n few moments, ouriously surveying
the balloon. Tho faithful little sister
was so ? chilled and exhausted that riho
had to be carried into the house, where,
trembling, she told the wonderful
Before sunrise a mounted messenger
-was uispatched to the. Harwood home,
with glad 'tidings of great joy. He
reached it in tho afternoon, and a few
hours later the ohildred arrived, in
state, with bannors and musio, and cov
ered hay-wagon and four.
Joy-bell8'werd'mng in tho neighbor
ing town, and in tho. farmer's brown
houso, tho happiest family on tho con
tinent thanked God that night.
It would seem that this comet had
como occult maddening influence on
tho .balloons, for during its appoaranco
thoro occurred in another western Btato
an involuntary ascension, similar to the
ono I have related, but more tragical in
An roronaut, while, if I remember
rightlyi. repairing tho network of his
balloon, was Boatd'I on a slight wooden
qro'ss-picco suspended under it; theV'car
having been removed- a few feot above
tho ground;,by, merqly a . rdjip in the
hand of an assistant. From a too caro
Iciis grasp this ropo CBoopod, and in an
instant the gigantic bubble shot up
ward, carrying tho loronaut on his frail
support; a rider nioio holplnss than,
Mnzoppa bound to his "Okraino steed, a
voyagor moro holplcss than a ship
wrecked Bailor afloat on a spar in mid
Tho balloon roso rnpidly, but un
steadily, swaying and pitching in tho
evening wind. As long as it remained
in sight tho form of tho mronaut could
bo distinguished, swinging beneath it.
Aud as ho was kuo ? n to bo a man of
uncommon nervo and prosenco of mind,
it was hoped that even from his dizzy
porch he might manage to operato on
tho valve, or at least to puncture a
small hole in tho balloon, nud thus ef
fect a descont.
But such efforts, if be mado any, woro
vain, as for many days and nights there
was anxious inquiry aud pationt search
ovor a wide oxtent of country with no
result. Wo gave him up. Only wifely
lovo hoped on, and looked aud waitod",
At last, in a wild spot, tho wrook of tho
balloon was found, and that Was all.
Still, wifely lovo hoped on, until, a
mouth or two later, some children nut
ting in a wood, many miles away from
whero the balloon was found, discov
ered, half buried in tho ground, a
strange dark mass that looked liko a
heap of old clothes, but there was a
something, shapeless and fearful, hold
ing it together.
It was thought the roronaut parted
company with his balloon by loosening
his hold on the cords above him. in
desperate efforts to open the valvo ; but
ho may, after whirling in swift vortices,
or plunging and mounting, through
"cloudy abysses of air, have become un
nerved by the awful silence of tho up
per night, by tho oomet's fearful com
panionship, by whelming immensity
and infinity, and Wearily let go his hold,
to drop earthward.
Private rieft Culture.
Mr. Both Green, tho well-known pis
ciculturist, states that ho has invented
a now method for transporting and
hatching nearly all kinds of fish eggs,
by which spawn can bo carried for 130
days journey and can be hatched in any
room in tho house. One million oggs,
it is also said, can bo hatched by using
a pail of water daily. It is believed
that fish culturo by private partios can
be rendered a lucrativo source of in
come, provided it is followed with tho
same care as is exercised in tho raising
of poultry or any other live stook.
Hundreds of farmers have streams and
ponds on -their lauds now of no value
save porhaps as watering places for cat
tle in pasture, and yiolding a few worth
less perch and cattish, porhaps an occa
sions 1 trout or piokerol. If Air. Green
has solved tho most difficult part of tho
problem, n anoly, tho successful trans
portation of the eggs, tho mode of
stocking the waters aud the rearing of
tho fish, are not diffloult subjects of
which to acquire an adequate knowl
edge. One speoies of fish in particular.
I whi'.h is little known, would probably
prove especially remunerative, The
land-looked salmon is a distinct speoies
of the fish, though so closely resemb
ling the ooean salmon as to suggest the
idoa that, at some remote period, a
quantity of the latter fi*h, being by a
convulsion of nature barred from re
turning to tho sea, had propagated in
their land locked quarters and eventu
ally developed into a separate variety..
Tho habits of the land-locked and ooean
I salmon aro cioseiy similar.
Aut; notes or Sir Walter 5 colt.
["Bom 6, Old Liters/ in Btfribnor's for
'Marek . on by a hitherto unpub
lished llffiHpi of HLr Waltor Scott, by tbo
celebrate > artist Ollbort Stuart- Newton. Iu
thia-lnataiirn'snt of ,l Old Letters" wo Und tlio
folio-..in;, .t?ecdotoa: of tho author of-'AVa
vorloy :"J
?? At ^1tSf*past six Ivo-went to diiio
with tho Fergusaohs. Tho doctor was
quito ill vith a cold. Sir Adam Fergus-?
son,-Sir Walter Scott's intimate ft**^M
cohfiden&il friend, dined thero; our
selves, WtJa.'Jj.t and one of her daugh
" Wo had a very charming dinner, for
Sur Adatr^ltas tho most marvelous pow
er? of do ic riptioh. He made us laugh
heartily, i.ud told us, too, a'great many
interesting anecdotes about Sir Walter
Scott. E ia ? very remarkable person
himself. Vie w the original of Dugald
Dalgetty. f Thin is all I find in the old
letterB about the dinnor, but I muBt toll
what I can recollect of tho account H
Mrs. X. ;.\;v? mo in later years, SirH
Adam, sin: <;nd, was a tall, gray-haired
man, witlvHx broad .Scotch accent. He
described how one early morning,!livH
Sir Walto?.dcott*a library, when ho and I
Sir Walter . vied to make tho firo of peat
burn, and, .ftor many efforts, succeeded
I in some de'; reo. At this moment ono
of .the dog -, dripping from a plungo in
tho lake, h<: ntohed and' whined at. thb
window. }U\ last Sir Walter let the H
"puir cre. 'n.in", in, who, coming up
before the ? Sile ilro, shook his shaggy
hide, send ig a j>brfeot shower-bath
over the tiiv and over a great table of
looao mam ???ipls. Sir Waller, eyeing
tho scano w.?h hin usual seronity, saitL.I
slowly: "()? ! ;!.ar, you've done a great
deal of mi: . Yi/' It raminds us of
the talo t . t.) of Newton. On tills B
same oe< tho dinner, Sir Adam B
Fergusson ?iki of traveling with Sir
Walter on f ? continent and going to
boo tho troop - on donkeys, and ho per
formed bo:! donkeys and' ridor? with/
his fingers cm the tabio until his audi
ence was in rm agony of laughter.
"FergusBot passed-the evening with
'ue, and wo Lvd Homo music. I asked
him, as ho vis so fuud of libteuing, if
ho didn't bii' f'u Ui?r himself.
toll you loto ot H/r iya!ii?r.
Scott;'. Gttid K \, 4 that will aboWor your
question. <!' io night, when
ing at AbbnSnforu, Atini"^ vtv;:dt had
boon singing U) tho au<-^^^^HHB
-tub crroiuii."^hic\v*nifc^Mamiea^KSi
saying in a strong Sootch accent:
I "Noo, Fergneson, gio us a howl.'"
"'Duringono of my visits there,'
I continued Dr. Fergusson, ' among other
B guests was Hogg, "Ettriok Shopherd."
BI heard a horriblo noiso in an adjoin
ling room, and, after listening some
I moments to it, becamo alarmed, and
I said to my host: " What is that roise ?"
B " Oh " said-he, " it's Hogg?just Hogg
I composing his verses. Ho always sings
H thorn as he writes thorn."
"Though he likod somorudo strains, I
I Scott could well attune his ear to softer
I music, nnd was very fond of Mooro
I song X. sings, that ends :
B " 'Short as tho Persian's prayor, his prayer at
c!oB6 of day,
H Should bo each vo.v of love's ropoallug.
M Quick let him woreh'p boauty'a procions ray,
lU'on whlto bo kuoola that ray is Hooting.'
" Ho UBed to soy, 'Come X., let mo I
Bhavo that Persian's prayor;' and ho
I would listen with great delight to the
Bsinging of it.
H "They recalled nu amusing story of B
Ian old Bervnnt who had lived with Scott
I for nearly n lifotime, aud booamo very
Imuoh spoiled. Sir Wnltor at lost, out
lof pationoo with his eins of omission,
" 1 Donald, I think wo must part.'
" ' Part I why ? Wiioro's your honor I
? going?'
" Of course peaco was mado, and I
HDonald remained.
"They told sadly of the dear old I
man returning from Italy (where ho
I wont for his health), with Iiis memory I
I impaired. Mrs. Arkwright, who hnd
Hsot his 'Pirate'sFarewell to Minna ' to
Bmunio, sang it to him. ' Those are vory
H pretty verses, said Sir Walter. 'Who
I wrote them?'
"Charles Scott, Sir Walter's second I
I son, is a very el over, agreeable man. I I
BBee a good deal of him at tho Loclf
H harts', hero and elsewhere. Sir Walter I
B was most proud of his eldest son Wal
B tor, who is rather a dull fellow, but
B large and fine-looking. His father
Bused to say that it was enough if a boy
Hknew how to ride and speak tho truth; I
B thoso wero the most important things.
" Charles Scott msde mo laugh about I
Btho visitors at Sir Walter's house and
BMolroso Abbey. Seo tho Abbey by
Hmoonlight they must, because of tho I
" ' If thou woulel'Bt view fair Molroeo aright,
do visit it by tbo palo moonlight."
"' And many a limo,' said Cbarlos
HScott, 'when tho moon was not con
Bveniont, I took a lantern to produce tho
A Lock of lliur.
Almost every ono hns at loust one
Block of hair cut from tho head of ono
Biiow dwelling iu that ?ilont loud whence
Hcome no messages, no lottere, no tokens
Bof any kind to tell o? iovo or of remem
Bbrance. Every ono knows that strange
Bemotion, half joy, half woe, with which
B the tiny relic of so much that was ouco
dear can thrill 11 e soul. Only now and
B then do we dare to take it from its hid
H ing place, hold it in the palm, press it
B to the ohebk, and use it as a talisman to
B recall all that we mu?t perforce forget
H in the work-a-doj world for the Bake of
B strength to do ite battlo.
H Wo do not know whoso hair that
B which yon trensuro may bo ; whether
B tho llossy curl from a baby's head, the
H dark lock from tho brow that once
B mado your breast its pillow, a parent's
B t$ray tresisi, or ft young lover's suuuy
curl. Nor does it; matter, for all lcve
in its essence, in that pari of it that
outlives death, is alik'o and equally
pure, but woknow thafc there is nothing
like it to you anywhere. There are no
.werde for the thoughts it brings. Thoy
niook language. As you touch it, and
-gaze-at it, you havo nothing^to. say.
You feel the thorns of your dead rose,
that iB'oll, and the wounds thoy make
bleed., ____
Snail Culture in France.
Frogs Jiu-Jrses, and snails?the first,
are an pad but toothsome dainty, which
epicures, in this e?iuitry'as well 6a ?isc
whero, dearly prize; but horses, and
especioly snails?these are articles of
diet which the enlightened Ameriean re
public has yet to be educated to relish.
Hippophagy, we havo repeatedly ex
plained, is as common in Paris, or
noarly ho, as the eating of beef ; and
the worn-out steed finds his way to the
abattoir as readily as the miikless cow
or stall-fed ox. Hence,, as a mere
bonne bouohe he has palled on the
Gallic taste, educated by swollen geese
livers or decayed salmon roes; a now
the basis of the industry which the
production has developed is snails.
There is nothing peculiar about the
mollouso. It is tho every-day slimy
little object of which one finds thou
sands in gardons, vineyards, and the
woods. ' Switzerland and tho provinces
of Burgundy and Provence are tho
places of its cultivation. Throngs of
women and children scour tho country,
collecting the snails in immense num
bers, and depositing them in little
tracts of laud, inclosed with Bimply a
trail of sawdust. This lost tho snail
dospises; ho cannot orosB it, and avoids
its vicinity ns a matter of proforenoe.
Thorefore, for his confinement it is as
good as a stone wall. Aftor incarcera
tion for two or three days, ho is per
mitted to starve, and then the plot is
laid out in patches. of turf intersected
by paths of sand. Abovo boards are
hung to servo aa ehelter for thb snails,
which instinctjrvoly gather in largo
groups. Tho food provided consists in
aromatic plants, such as mint, or let
tuce aiirr^c7?w>ment3 ' of vegetabloaj
This is fed to them threo LiszcB ft day
? in enormous'quantities- At -
eight days, the snails beoomo qfaNT]
olioffo, mid beaidfla havo attained, a very
succulent flavor. Thou oomos another
period oi' starvation for several days,
aftor whioh transmission to market fol
Gourmands, it in said, prefer tho
snail when taken wild, so long as the
capture is modo at a particular period.
After tho eggs are laid in May, tho
molluscs conceal themsolves under
stones to avoid the. autumn frosts.
There thoy bcocome perfectly freo from
excretions, and, drawing themselves
into their whells, close up for the win
ter. It is whon they are collect cd in
this stale that their flavor ia said to bo
In Paris, when tho sun goes down
and honest pcoplo get to bod, queer
things take place. Whon tho gas is
lighted, and tho plaoes of amusements
open in full blast, curious sights aro to
bo seen. A correspondent, who has
evidently been doing his duty conscien
tiously, skirmishing around the dark
cornors of tho city, has found some re
markable dancing-halls, where Terpsi
chore evidently delegates somo of her
distant relations to preside over the
festivities. " wne of the most extraor
dinary of these balls," ho writes, "is
that hold in a blind alloy, and opposite
the shed whero tho guillotine is
housed; the habitues are mostly tho
grave-diggers belonging to Pero St.
Regnoul, Pere La Ohaise cemetery, the
tombstone men, and the undertakers'
assistants. The proprietor of the place
is a Spaniard, and his ability consists
in imitating the weeping of mourners,
and the orations delivered at civil inter
ments. There is a ball that charges no
admission fee, but all who partioipato
in a *con(re dansc' have to pay two
sous each ; tho proprietor, on the con
clusion of tho dance, encircles tho
dancers with a cord, and who pay tho
fee to bo liberated, and whioh also
serves as a noose to drag out reoaloi*.
trants. Polkas, waltzes and mazurkas
aro gratis, and short. The 'Monsters'
also have their balls in the Ruo des
Flandres; it is hero where infant prod
igies and all human phenomena meet;
daneing is as goneral as quarreling, and
jealousy of each other's /-^perfection
is tho badge of all the tribe. The
'.Skeleton Man' indulges in a can-can ; I
a man with a 'oupalo head' waltzes with
a woman bearded like tho pard; iu a
quadrillo a dwarf has for vis-a-vis tho
woman with 'fish soaleB' instead of skin;
a kind of iMilly-Christine united mula
t reuses drowns or drown care in a polka,
tho 'Oaoutohouo Man,' has tho power of
developing a dromedary hump, as he
enjoys a mazurka with a Newfoundland
dog. A Cyolop, with his diamond eye,
note as master of the ceremonies."
GRAPHS AN? BlTjJO?BNESS. ? (irapcs
aro recommended as a onre for bilious
ness. Tins fruit, by its agreeable acid
ity, so acts on the svstem as to relieve
it of its bile, and thus removes tho
cause of the symptoms enumerated, and
that in "eure." The immediate cause
of all the discomfort is a "confined"
con ;ition of the system ; the seeds of
the grapes sot as an irritant aa they
paes along the alimentary canal and
oause it to "water," just as the eye
"waters" if a hard substance touches it.
This watering dissolves the nioro soli.1
matters containol in the intestines,
"washes" them out and tho man is
well. Tho covering of the grapes
should b? chewed but not swallowed.
Parisiau Balls.
?"?ooD many children I" echoed a
Missouri torracr as a. traveler counted
up fourteen;";?*I justwish, yosi'd como
up to tho graveyard with rno !"
" My looturo," said a California or
ator. " will he hriof." A turnip hit'
him on the "divido" at that instant,
and ho announced: "Tho meeting
stands adjourned: "
ConHEr?s hayo been the destruction of
art. ? Thera are no good models now-a
daya, says the sculptors. "When Powers
made his Greek Slave ho worked it out
of sixteen different models, and then he
had to go back to tho antique- for his
CAttiiYiiE, Ruskin, Tennyaou, Brown
ing and some other distinguished Eng
lishmen are reported to have aiga?d a
memorial protesting against tU* horri
ble cruelties too often perpetrated un
der the pretext of scientific vivisection,:
Don't tell us any more about the
good women of old. An observer who^s
wrote hundreds of years ago said:
" Woman is a necessary evil, a natural
temptation, a desirable calamity, a do
mestic peril, a deadly fascination and a
paintod ill."
"I?EEvory little of you,'* said an
old gentleman at a Louisville ball to a
young iady whom ho had not mot in a
longtime before. "I know it," was
tho artless reply, '.' but mother wouldn't
allow me to wear a very low-neck dress
to-night, the weather is so cold."
A good joke is told of a residonfc of ~
Providence, R. I., who, failing to get
his UBual supply of water, concluded
tho pipo was frozen, and spent nearly
a day in endeavors to thaw it out. Hia
feelings may bo better imagined than
described when ho found that the water
had been shut off for non-payment of
water rent,
Seventehn years ago a LoiuByiilo
woman was told by a clairvoyant that
sho was destined to marry an auburn
haired young man with blue eyes and a
heavy moustache ; that ho would soon
be rich, and that they should have two
childron?a boy and a giri. Sho did
marry the auburn-haired man. They
have five childron now, tho auburn hair
bus disappeared from tho husband's
BHfW^S^^I^- Setting fifteen dollars a
"Iii! Samuel, has you moved yit?"
inquired one colored man of another
whom he mot at tho market yesterday.
" No, l'se Btill in do old place," was
the answer. " But I war' told dat you
war* gwine to got out ob do neighbor
hood," continued the first. "Wall, I
did make up my mind to, but you. see
de family noxt door, and do family on
do corner, and de family 'cross de street,
have left dero wood piles out doors,
and I doesn't desire to change"
A bchooij teacher in Umatilla country,
California, had a pretty girl of sixteen
aa a pupil. She entangled hia heart,
and then cruelly j ilted him. Thereupon
he aought rovengo. Catching her in a
alight infraction of the rules, he swung
hia birch branch aloft, and commanded
hbr to Btand up and bo whipped. She
ran out of the door and like a deer .
across the fields toward homo; but her
fleetness was of short duration, and tho
angry schoolmaster's hand soon grasped
her arm. Her courago had gone with
her wind, and sho offered then and
there to kiss and mako up if ho wouldn't
whip her. He declined to compromise,
led nor back to the school-house, and
flogged hor until blood came through
tho back of her dros'j. Her hour of
exultation come when sh3 saw him fined
$50 for assault.
A farmer called at tho house of a
lawyer to consult him professionally.
" la t'Squeer at home?" he inquired
of the lawyer's wife. Ho waa answered
negatively. After a moment'a hesita
tion a thought relieved him. " Mebby
yourself oan gi' me information as well
aa t' Squeer, as ye're hia wife." The
kind lady promised to do so if she
found it in her power, and the other
proceeded as follows: "Spoaze ye
were an old white mare, an' I should
borry yo to gwang to mill with grist on
yer baok, an we should get no fardor
than Stair Hill, whon all at once yo
should baek up, and roar up, and pitch
up, and kneel down backward, and
break yer darned oid neck, who'd pay
for ye ? Not I?darn me if I would I
The lady smilingly told him, as she
closed the door, that as he had himself
settled tho case, advice would bo super
Greece is about the size of Vermont.
Palestine is one-fourth tho size of New
York. Hindoostan is more than a hun
dred times as large as Palestine. The
Grent Desert of Africa has nearly the
?resent dimensions of the United
t at es. The Bed Sea would reaoh from
Washington to Colorado, and it is threo
times as wide as Lake Ontario. Tho
English Channel is nearly as large as
Lake Superior. The Mediterranean if
placed across North America, would
make sea navigation from San Diogo to
Baltimore. The Caspian Sea would
stretch from New York to lh\ Augus
tine, and as wide aa from New. York to
Rochester. Great Britain is two thirds
the size of Japan, one-twelfth the si;-.o
of Kindest an, one-twentieth of China,
and one-twentieth of the United States,
the Gulf of Mexico iB about ten times
the size of Lake Superior, and about
as large as the sea of Kamtohatka, Bay
of Bengal, China Sea, Okhotsh, or
Japan Sea ; Lake Ontario would go in
either of them more than fifty, times,
The following named bodies Of water
are nearly equal in size: Germon
Ocean, Black Sea, Yellow Sea; Hudson
Bay is rathor larger; tho Baltio, Adri
atic Persian Gulf and J-Egoan Sea half
as large and somewhat larger than
Lake Superior,

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