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u?rTJ* and 11wit par.
Ulddv Fiactte, ?>ave F?wtte,
I b-?w Fluclt j ime morning,
Anil preMy Flnotte sho was nursing her pet,
With airs or rebuke and warning;
Bhe carried her pet m her itatoored gown,
And -cclded at piURnrltb finger and frown ?
?'Ab, would you, pussy? Lie- down, llodowul
now pretty she looked that morning!
How pretty oho looked, tho young Finotte,
UVr woll-ael HmbB how llBBome I
- Thq atax and hand that nursed tho pet,
Wlmt would one glvo to Mbb 'em ?
But'Flnetlo looked rroes, aud this was tho cause:.
Fuw, the pot, was airing hor claws?
Aud then I thought or some old men's saws?
How lucky I did not ml?s 'em 1
I looked Bt Flnolte, soft, smooth Finotto,
As soft as down of tJder. .<
And I Haw that Finotto hsd claws llko hor pol; I
Aad yot, could I ever chide her ?
To a creature as Boft as tho eider down,
I never could baar. with Anger and frown,
. To tar, " Ah, would you ? Lie down,.Ho down!"
*" *dr watch' her about llko a spider.
? But if I.niarriod tho plump Finotte,
Tbat.Boon would be my duty;
?>F<>r pretty Fiuetto can sulk aud fret,
I??'Min A"-' thou what comrs of beauty ?
"' " Ah ! brauty in only skin deep, yon know.
And does not lan lon< (never mind IVEnclo?)?
Remember Da.i'au, Xmtlppo, and, oh, .
4 g ? . ooi>a.
ThWf mWh urn xtium, theso saws are pat,
Vul ho v.-.-nt aud married tho girl for all that;
Andaho very soon aired her claws, the cat I
Andlio grow thin as Finotto grew fat?
Don't marry a girl far her beauty.
jQar ^een mo3B (liiianuBin usueoides)
m "beVt and most quickly prepared by
being simply boiled for a short while,
then dried aud beaten to get rid of the
vogotablo outer coating. Prepared in
' this way, it is much oleaner than when
prepared by the common process of rot*
; ting in mud or in a hog pen.
It willinot diminish tho interest in
theBO plant's to know that one family of
thorn, thef?arr?cenia, is probably our
bost remedy for indigestion. If the
, root.be ohewod, or if they be put in a
bottle (dH much an can be convoniontly
got in) and then the bottle bo filled
with whisky,, or other ?pirits, and a
tnblcBpoonful of this tinoturo takon in
a litlfb^water, it will immediately re
lieve a lit of indigestion, without cans
ing any apparent notion of any kind be
yond tho relief.
From the disappointment of your
Orangcburg correspondent V B," I sup
poso lint ho must have planted his
crop ou dry, sandy land. I raised
plonty^of them on a clearod ovpreBS
pondjTaobut five miles below tho village,
during tho war. If bo wishes to grow
tholA^BUCcessfiilly, lot him try them in
,a jiob vdn,mp soil. say in his neighbor
hood, in a part of a oypreBS pond, whero
tho blnok gum- growa freoly, and not
dig until after tho tops have been killed
by tho frost. I am yory sorry that I
have nono to send him, as I havohoro
no land suitable for thoir growth.
. Boeto, currols und paranipa may bo
put in for tho main crop (in thin lati
tude) from tho middlo to tho lust of
this mouth (noxt month in tho middlo
and upper country), alBo salsify. Swiss
. chard, cross, muBtord, kohlrabi, etc.
IiOttnco, radishes, and turnips, for a
succession, may bo put in any tirao
during tho month. Sugar corn ma-yj*?
tried hero toward tho last of Jthe month,
- ten*, tVitrnrmrernpsTiouUl bo deferred till
March. Cabbage plants should bo set
out at various times dming tho month ;
and, as thoy begin to grow, tho Boil
should bo frequently stirred. Toma
toes and othor- tonder plants may bn
started in a hot-bed or a cold frame.
If ono iu disposed to tako tho trouble
.to protect then), a fow hills of encum
bers, squashes und melons may bo
planted. Bottar .loss boxes, ilftocn
(inches sqnnro, and six "or sevon inches
high, covered with oiled cotton cloth,
THOrvo admirably for this purpose end
coBt littlo. Aftor tho plants eomo up,
tho boxos mubt bo lifted off, or raised
at on-ftsido iu pleasant weathor, to ad
mit the air.
In tho hit it ude. of Oharlostou garden
peas uro planted wit? tho bost rosults
irorn tho 20t)i of December to tho mid
dlo of January^but thoy may bo put in
any timo1 during tho present month to
kcop up a succession^ A little further
north this is a good time to plant the
main crop.' Hoe frequently those that
uro advanced and set sticks for their
support. 5 Even the dwarfest ki?u? do
hotter in that way. Wo have recom
mcuded to plant, pretty thickly, but
thero may'bo a question what is to be
considered thick planting. Well, for
the dwarf kinds ono pint of seed to
from fif ty, to sixty feet of double row.
Of fho large growing kinds a pint of
seod should plant from eighty to ono
hundred feet of double row. Let the
distance apart of the rows.be about
equal to tho height the peas are ex
paotcd to grow, whether it bo one, two,
three or fonr feet. '
Irish potatoes are, doubtless, already
planted, in most casos, but they are
still in season, and if put in at once
may'mako as good orops as those planted
earlier. Choose, if possible, a good,
black, moist, but not wot soil, aud
manure liberally, avoiding, however,
too much crudo stable manure if you
doBire tubers .of tho best quality. Wood
ashes, ohip manure, rotten sawdust and
the scrapings of the houso-ynrd are ex
cellent for. this ciop. The Early Rose
is tho best varioty, so far as our experi
ence goes ;. in fact, it is so much better
than any other, that we would not ac
cept as a gift, for planting, any of the
older kinds, good bb some of them are.
Tho Peerless ifl said to bo an excellent,
and very productive varioty, and to bo
suited to our olimate, but wo have not
tried it.
Iu vi.o ilowcr garden there is plenty
of work to bo dono ; lily and gladiolns
bulks should bo planted, and, toward
the last of the month, the seeds of hardy
piivnninls and annuals, Half-hardy
aud louder annuals may be sown under
glasp, to be' transplanted when the
weather bocomes warm. Perennial
plante of hiat season's growth may now
be transplanted, dividing them in snob
esRos as permit thi? mode of multiply
ing specimens. Many of the early flow
ering bulbous plants will now be in
,bloo:n, and thoy should be carefully at
tended to and tied up to neat btafcea
-jwhan necessary. Always out off the
lowor fjtxms.o.s Boon as the flowers have
?Withered, nrtd in many cases a second
stalk" will spring up and bloom,
Toia is a "good time to fltriho cutting
of hnrbacoonR plants, such as geraniums,
heh'otropos, snlvias, aud colons, Of
these, young or unripenod wood nbop.ld
always bo tab?? ;'bnt it mnst not bo too
soft. When iv shoot will break on the
upper purl, on being bent, it will not
bo far from the propor otsge of growth.
Tho outt intm may bo from two to three
inohes in length and the leaves muBt bo
removed (cutting them oIobo to the
stem) from the part to bo inserted in |
the Boll. Ueo a poiutod slick for insert
ing them, and if set in pots place them
near the rides.
If insocte of any kind trouble you in
the garden, orchard, or olsowhero, send
epeoimens to our entomologist, Mr.
Ohas. lt. Dodgo, Washington, D. O,
with notos of inquiry or information.
A wooden maloh box is one of tho bent
tlxirgs to sond them iu. Do not send
them to u3 in Charleston, as some have,
heretofore done, but direotly to Mr.
Dodgo, aB that will save trouble and
one cause op southern poverty.
First, then, I asoign as one of the
reasons of our continned poverty and
want of progress the faot, that wo do
not produce enough of what we oat or
drink, and buy too much on cre dit. To
present-an elaborete argument in do
fenso of this position would require a
volume. One or two practical facts
will suflioo to prove my assertion true,
and the answer that every farmer will
give when applying tho idea to his own
case will corroborate these facts.
In 1859 lue B?nth produoed over 5,
000,000 bales of .cotton of 400 pounds
each, which sold at an averago of eleven
cents per pound, realizing lesB than
In 1869 the cotton crop, of the south
waa less than three and a half millions
of bales, four hundred pounds eaeh,
and sold for an average, of twenty-two
cents per pound, realizing over $300,
The cotton orop of 1878 readied con
siderably beyond four millions of bales,
and sold for legs I ban $275,000,000.
And this has been tho history of our
crop annually in the past; havo wo any
roason to anticipate that similar offeots
will not follow tho same course in the
future ? Then if the all cotton policy,
or a large cotton crop has actually
tended to impoverish ns as a people,
who will assert that the same policy
will not have similar effects upon in
dividuals ?
Qn paper it can bo easily proven that'
cotton, as a crop, will pay bettor than
any or all other products. But these
figures are far moro unreliable than tho
oft-abnscd labor of the country. There
is no qustion but that individual
farmers, having lands poouliarly
adapted to tho growth of cotton, can
net moro monoy growing cotton and
buying their breads tuffs and provender
than by cultivating a diversity of crops.
But it is an egregious error to think,
that A, B, or O, oan do so, therefore
every southern farmor oan pursue tho
Bamocoureo, anticipating thoBome result.
Throngh a series of yeaia, regardless
of tho prieo of cotton (I reitorato horo
what I have often astertcd before in
theso pageB), on ninoty-nino ont of
every hundred southorn farms, it is
cheaper to grow oats for plow animals
than to haul corn from Um? v-curooi
depot, bocaiiRo cuita will follow com
wnli no cost but the seed and harvest
ing, both of which can bo paid' for
every winter in tho mntton that oan be
fatted on I ho growing crops; it is
cheaper to raise all tho pork the farm
or's family can consumo annually than to
boy bacon at ten cents per pound ; it is
cheaper to grow a pound of wool, up to
a certain nutnbur of pounds, than the
same numbor of pounds of cotton; and
it is cheaper to grow anything that can
poBBbly bo grown upon tho farm thau
to buy it on a credit.
Fow farmors undor?tnnd proporly
what is meant by "buying on a credit. '
Thoy know thoy get the artiolo and pay
moro for it than if thoy paid tho cash*;
but thoy nover onco oaloulato tho pro
mium and percentage thoy aro paying
for this privilego of gotting timo or
orcdit. Lot mo illustrate The avor
ago farmor may raiBO meat enough to
do him till tho 1st of April. By that
timo ho has to bny; but having no
oaah, (hough good oredit, he goes to
tho store and buys bacon at 15 cents
per pound, payable 1st of November
following. He learns the cash price is
12j cents per ponnd, but necessity com
pels him to buy on oredit. Ho thus
pays 2 J cents per pound "for tho privi
lege of buying on a oredit, on'ono-sixth
tho prioe to bo paid, which in simply
162 per cent, per annum for the use of
money, But he buya in April, and has
to pay first November, only eight
months' oredit, and thus pays twenty
live per cent, per annum for the usa of
money. What farmer oan afford to do
this and live ? What is applicable to
bacon is equally bo to corn, hay, flour,
implements, mules, and every article
the farmer buys on a oredit.
It is estimated that the avorage in
crease of the agricultural wealth of the
United States is abont four per cent,
per annum The average increase of
agricultural wealth in any southern
state annually since tho war has not
been one per cent. Indeed, some of tho
states havo traveled the other road, and
aro now lost in the wilderness of debt;
and there is no moro potent cnuEO for
?his condition of things than that of
buying on a oredit the necessaries of
lifo to enable them to grow cotton, and
this, toOj very frequently at a cost that
exceeds its market value. There ia an
infatuation about this cultivation of
cotton that amounts to on halluoinatioo.
Can there be nothing invonted to so far
dispel it as to induoo tho southern
farmer to livo moro within himself and
less at the mercy of tho Shylook? of the
land??Cor. Rural Carolinian.
The official report of tho Austrian
government respecting musical Instru
mente at tho Vienna exposition, declares
the Mason & Hamlin Cabinet Organs to
bo "the most distinguished and praise
worthy instruments of their olans;
praising iu detail their power and reso
nance of tone, variety of combination
and solo effects ; fine power of expres
sion ; smooth, even and sympathetic
tonoB, and thorough workmanship.
They were awarded the first and hign
eot medal. Other American organs in
competition were* deolared to bo far less
meritorious, the tones and workmanship
being both inferior. In comparison, it
was said : "Judged leniontly, they do
not rifle above a respectable modioority."
This was undoubtedly tho most expen
sive, thorough and oompotont compnri
son suoh instruments over made. *
cke's Comet-?It? Twruty-thiru
Yifit Wear at Hand.
ucko'u comet io eoon to make its
twenty* first recorded vi?it. Dr. Van
Adlon has published hia ophotnoria of
tho comet for tho forthcoming return,
and it will reach its perihelion on tho
18th of April. It will bo ncare?t
tho earth about tho Ith of May, ap
proaching ub within a distance of about
00,000,000 miles. Tho larger telescopes
will bo able pretty soon- to detect tho
presence of tho celestial visitor.
Eaoke's oomet is not a remarkable one.
It.is a tolc?copio comet, and consists of
a circular patch of nobulns light some
what condensed toward the center.
Though usually only visible through
the telescope, it is sometimes seen with
the naked eye, as, for instance, on ? its
appcaranoein 1828, when it shone Lko
a star of the fifth magnitude. It is one
of the tailless comotB, although on rare
occasions a tail has been discerned ex
tending'like u faint brush toward the
Bun, and also a similar appendage
branching out in an opposite direction.
This little oomet is invested with a
speoial interest for terrestrial observers,
from tho faot that its period is tho
shortest a. oug those whose tune of
revolution have been ascertained, for it
is only three years and a quarter in
completing its course. It performs its
revolution within the boundaries of the
solar system, its perihelion being be
tween tho Bun and Mercury, and its
perihelion between Jupiter and the
Encke'a comet, insignificant as it is,
has been of nse to astronomers. When
at its nearest approach to, Jupiter tho
mass of tho huge planet was more ac
curately deteimined by means of its
"exoessive perturbation." In the same
way W?en io was nearest Moroury, it
was the means of detecting an error in
the computation of the mass of that
fiery little orb. Therefore, there will
be a warm wolcomc for., this erratic
member of the System on Its next ap
ftroach to tho earth. If wo cannot f ol
ow its oonrso among the stars with the
unaided eye, we shall be glad to trace
its steps under the guidance of those
practical observers who are ever on the
watch to imprison these Dying visitants
within teletoopio range, ? and always
ready to enlighten the world with the
resnlt of their scientific skill.
A Hero of Balaklava.
Scarcely the next thing in order, but
one of curious interest, is tho horo of
Balaklava, ono of the immortal Six
Hnndred who was in that fatal ohargo
of the Light Brigado, of which Tenny
son sings in such strains us to keep it
forever in our memories. This horo
who h ib lived to tell tho tale was a
mcro lad, a private in tho regimout,
and, resident now for some time in this
country, yields to tho desiro of these
who had hoard him in private conver
sation, to give & public "leoturo, or,
properly speaking, an account of his
oxperienco. A simple, -uncultivated
follow, though by i\o moans zudo in
language or manner, his description of
tho battle-Held, and 1 ho illustrations by
diagram upon thobloek-board, woreboth
spit ? ed - and - ?irnprepBivK? It1 didn't
-need muob oratory to tell that story
when tho speaker had had such per
sonal experience and subsequent con
tact with all that was left of the noble
Six Hundred. A cavalry saber, used to
furthor tho illustration, gave fierce
suggestion and dramatic cficot. to tho
whole. In tho courso of tho nccount,
Mr, Edgar?for this js' tho heron
name?read a correct copy, which ho
had obtained from England, of tho or
der from Lord Bo glan to tho Earl of
Lucan which was so strangely misun
derstood. Ho says that tho Light
Brigado numbered. 073 men "when it
wont down into tho Valley of Death."
Of this number 195 answorcd at the
next roll-call, though, including thoso
taken by .the Russians, 235 escaped tho
fearful carnage?413 being lost in tho
brief fight over tho Russian Hold
American Women.?It is a melancholy
faot, that American women have degen
erated in point of health and physique,
until they have beconio literally a race
of invalids. How sad i*- is to look
around us and compare tho frail and
effeminate looking lady of to-day with
the hale, hearty and buxom Udies of days
gone by. To all suoh the late discovory
of Dr. Walkor, of California, which is
known as Vinegar Bitters, is a priceless
boon indeed. For this class of diseases
it is certain and safe, and any lady, old
or young, can take it with entire confi
dence in the resnlt, and thus avoid
what to thousands is a stumbling block
never overcome, viz.?a consultation
with a family phytioiap. 'Tis true
there may be oases of years standing,
that will necessitate more powerful
treatment, but in nine cases out of ten
this remedy v.ill reach tho disease, and
after a little time effect a oaro. The
nnmber of iadies onred by it are num
bered by thousands, and are scattered
through every state in the union.
A Few Words to Feeble ami IJellc-nfc
By It. V. Piesce, M. I>., of tho World's Dis
pensary. Buffalo, Now York
Knowing that yon are subject' to a groat
amount of suffering, that delicacy on Your
part has a strong iondonoy to prolong, and tho
longer it is negloctod tho moro youhavo to on
duio and tho moro difficult of oaro your cano
becomoe, I, ats a physician, who in daily con*
Halted by scores of your vex, desire to way to
yon that I am constantly mooting with thoeo
who havo boon treatod for their ?Jloionts for
months without boing hanolUed in tho loa?t,
until thoy have hocomo perfectly discouraged
and havo atmoHt mado up tliuir minds novor to
tako anothor dose of modlcino, nor bo torturod
by any furthor troatraout. Tlioy had rather
dio and havo their Bufferings ended than to
Uva and suffer as they ha vs. They Kay thoy
aro worn out by suffering and uro* only mado
worto by treatment. Of anything moro dis
couraging, wo certainly oannot concoivo. aod
froro thoio no iuoro successful modo of truat
ng Hindi dinicnltioH than that, the prindnlos
of which teach ttio redlining and deplotiug of
tho vital forooH of tho syntcm, whou tho inrli ?
cations dictato a treatment dirootly thoieveree
of the ono adopted for them, their caees
would bo deplorable Indeed. But, tady Buffer
ei-H, there is a better and far more euccoieful
plan of treatment for you; one more in h?r
mony with the !*<*? and requirement* of u>m
Byctcm. A haish irritating camdie treatment
and utrong medicines will novor cum yo i. If
you would lino rational moaiiH, euch an oom
mon-sonsn Hhouhl diotato to ovory intelligent
lady, tnlio such modiolnfm an embody thn very
nest invigorating io.v.c; r.r.d norvmoi, oom
pounded with tp iclal roforence to your dolicat>
system. Such a happy ooml-iuaiiop yon will
dud In my Favorite Preecrintlon which 1ms re
ceived tho loudest pratao from thousands of
yonraex. Those languid tlresoroo bob *?tiona
canning you to ford Bcarcoly abla to bo o 1 your,
fcot or neuviiil a l'litht of stairs; that continual i
drain that in uapplng frem your systems alt
?our ffruier ^;!:liif.'..,i^,^ and driving Use bloom
from your cheeks: that continual Htrolu upon
your vital force'e that rendei? you irritablo and
fretful, may all be ovoroome and subduod bra
persevering qso of that marvelous, remedy.
Irregularities aud obstructions to the proper
workings of your eyntoina sro relieved by this
mild and safe mean?, wh'.lo periodical pains,
Uio oxiatonco of which is r. euro indication of
eerioiiB dltJOABo that should not be neglected,
readily yield to it, aud if itu nse 1b kept up for
a rouonablo length of lirno tho Hpecial cauao
of tboao ? iiaiiiH is permanently removed.
Further light on thouo eubjnote may bo obtain
ed from my pauiphlot on dtaeasoB peculiar to
your nek, sent On receipt of two stamps. My
Favorito Proscription la-.sold by druggistb.
Thb American Oroans, advertised in
another column, have the guaranty
which comes from twenty-five years of
successful experiment, and from the
well-known high character of tho manu
facturers. They now offer entirely now
atyles, unsurpassed in quality and
beauty; **
Motebrs, who havo dolicate children,
who aro subjoot to croup. When your child
goos to bed wbeozing aud coughing you know
not i oforo morning croup may set in, and be-,
f oi o you can got a physician your child may be
beyond tho roach of help. Allan's Lang Bal
sam should always be kopt in the house, and
bo givon imtnodi&toly whou tho fliM symptoms
appofr, which will remove tho mnens collected
in tho throat and aavo the lito of your dear,
obild. For salo by all medicine dealers.
EiiEOTBiorrx jsLife.?-All nervous dis
orders, ohronio diseases of. the chest, head,
livor, etomaeb, kidnoyo aud blood, aches' and
pains, norvons and .genera) debility, - otc,
quickly cured after'drugs fail by wearing
Volt a Electro Bolts and Bands. Valuablo book
free, by Volta Bolt Co., Cincinnati, Oblp. -
There are probably a hundred or
more persons in this and .neighboring- towns,
who daily suffer from the dietroBslng effectB
of kidney troubles, who do not know that;
Johnson's Anodynp Liniment is almost a cer
tain euro. In sovoro cocoa, great roliof may |
bo obtained, if not a perfect care.
We notice that the Agricultural pa-;
pora all over tho country recommend tho use
of Sheridan's Cavaiiy Condition Powders.-?
Farmorsand othorn in this section havo long
known and approoiatod tho advantage of tlicno
Powders ovor all others.
A FonTUNc; ron $1.?''The Wyotbmg month
ly Lottery is conducted on the square."?Slock
Journal. Sooadvorlieementinanothorcolnnui.
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est hair dressing in tho world.
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muleor female to sell an arilivo recently patented.
hQmethlugevery lamtly mttat have. Nocompeti.
tlou. R. H. Maycrn. 07 Jetlera. it nt., Lontsvlllo, Ky.
hnilI8 paper ii printed with Ink furnished by
Jl Charles Boeu Johnson * 0o.;S09 Ho. toth ku,
i'lillailclpbla. ami so UoH .-iroet New York. For
sj?Io in Id and 2.1 B> cans by faOUTHKRN NKWtv
P.iPER UNION. Kiv hviii.v Tenn.
TjpTT TJPOVor' VITS cured by the uae of Dr. Row'
DrUinrnl Epileptic Remedies. Trial package
i'iu:i:. For circulars, cvldenc** of anc
res? Kosh UnoTiiKKn Itlo.hniona.Ind.
A Week and rupenaea to alL Article*
row, ?Uni? ns Itonr. Sample freo. O. M.
LININd rON A imo.. N.Y. or Olilr.aBo.
a. MONTH ? .tRents wanted every,
wbete Buslno-s ii mdrablo and Mrst
clu.vi. Particulars i>eni tree. Address
wo KT 11 A CO. mi. J.oul!, Mo.
?5SNTS WANTED ?tt'?i
n rcnittrs nun mir ??tra terms ioagent<?. NATION
A I. PU BlilMH I NO COM PA NY, Cincinnati, Ohio,
or Memiibls, Tenn.
COO.OOO Grconhouso Planta. TJllVrV
Mailsnff Plants a Specialty. illiufiU
lllustratod Catnlonur. Pres. llVafBV
E.'ST. TEAS & CO. Richmond, Ind.
Au Interesting Illus
trated work of 'MX.
paves, containing
vatintble Information for those who are married or
ComtempliUo marriage. PitceUfty cents by mail.
Address ?B. BUTTS' DIHPKNHAUY 12 Nnrt
?1 - lull Mtf?*t.Ht. l..?.ilK. Me
WE will send o varieties pukk fix)W
kr hkkdh (> our choice from our Cata
loans.) for ? eta. All true to oame and
warranted. 30 fur tl. M-mi m eta. for a
--. !,> iviw'..;.- .if nur .V> >rr tr Dxcurf jriwjwt .1*
1* o Tver and our t :u u n ?:? .of i>ome?tlc and Jin
iiorted Hced-t for i:.v. Addreev
BONN F.I.LY A CO.. Rochester. N. Y,
a Book exposing the mystoriea of TjfftTT GOT
and how any one may operate anc- ilillili 01,
cessrully with n capital 01 SSO or 5 lotto. Com.
pletn ln<<trur'tlotiH mid lltiihtralious to i>nv address.
TUAIIIItlUtiSK A. CO. IlANKKiix and BnoKKHfl,
2 Wall ?treet. Now York.
>- . Will in.t Jin.t oe T.in\., llio
v>> Jloe ? \oma More.
s*' j?*fdwnre Dealern sell them.
S^op. coc.1 Compered Bi'rigi.
ft*0* 1 ToncB H?j, by tn3?
-JiRP'lpald. ClrouUra rsee.
y/if. W. mil A Co. DcoaturJU.
Karts." nTreatiaoon tho
Cnuse's, IliBiory, Cure and
lNcvintlioofPll.ES. Pub
llslicd br P NKI.istaf.l?.
TKIl a CO.,? W?lk*r Klreeu
Ne York. fenil'aRKioall
i>Mr.? bf ih? e 1,u.mi Btates so
reteipl or a Intel tUntp.
D. iA\r.ri.L>s msw AsrVHSAV
H.vliiK .lni;,-li il twenty* year* wiv?n Urs an?
dt*lh with AMTIIHA, 1 ox|>*rimtn<?d t>7 com
uuuudlDit riots ?in! licrts knilluhkllDg Diaitlfd
letnf. I lo:|iit>tilT dUcvTtrtd a womtfriul
remedy soil ?ui? curs for AUhnancJ Cturrh.
Warrioteil Inrrllevt lotUntly tht ritltnl cm
lie down to rf?t ?ns sleep comlorUU/. Druc
Irlit*sie tiirpllnt with tumpl* p.ckigtt for rui
(tutrlt.iith.n. Colt end get one, or addrets
i). 1.ASM**!Arplo Creek, oki?.
? Si.lil ty Diurci-t*. PiiU-also I'ackaft, \>y B>ali,|l.SS.
Tli a Ante Wenn \?-.vapnpcr Union Toirnben
iver l,H<>i)apam, separated into soveit swbillvi?
Inn?. Vor separata liat sand coat of advertlMog,
addrcia D, P. BAHB?BN, 1U MourooBt., ChlcuBo
Thomas* Sacked Qdaktetu,
Bauvbaoh's Oaoivkd"quartets,
r Buck's Motet Ccxi?ctich.
? Baumbacii's New Collection,
Buck's 2d Moiet Collection.
CntmoH ah? Home.
Haytkb's Ohueoh Music.
Tnwrrx CoLLEcmoi?.
Prlco of each boot, Board?, fIM; In Clotb;|2-7s.
By VftttttB IL Olaiikk. Pried $3.60.
Mr. Wm. H. Clarke, a distinguished orgnnlsl
tinrt composer, wasespecially fortunate in the com
pilation or this line wortc, which sprang Into pop
ular flavor Immediately on Its is-uo, has had re
marknbio success, and continues lo be the leading
method, contains, In addition to Instruction?, a
capita! collection or Reed Organ music
All books sent, post paid, for retail price.
Oliver Ditsou k Co., Chas. fl< Uibon & Co,,
BOSTON. TU Broadway? N. V.
For Home Use, arid for Churches
and Kails.
Oseaualefl in Tone^ and in Beanty of
The Sffll terican Orp Co.
Call attention te their Nkw List, with engravings
and .descriptions, ar.d aware trie public that In
iheee instruments are to be fonnd combined the
bent effects which they have made In. their twenty
hve years ot experience. Ho other Instrument so
exactly Imitates tho p|pe Orcan Tone.
Ll3ts sent on application,
1 have an IMPROVED RECEIPT for making a
purk BAKIBG or YKABT POWDER equal to
Iho best In tho.msrKet, with which i will sei.d a
b?oIr jtIvlnK -?Oncw nnd EXCELLENT METII
ODi for uslnir It in cook Inc. My Baking I'owder
can be made for 16 cents a pound; Why pay so or
fio cents per pound when you tan oa tiy mnkeyotir
own for 18 cen's? Price or my receipt ft js. It
will, however,bosentunonreceiptorti 00 uyham',
with dlrectiona (In English and German) for
makimo and iiHiHo, If the namr of the. njcwspa
. tea Ii gtvon In which thin :.d vor tl.soment In seen.
The cosr of tots KKcairr r? hsvko is jtyaar.
Timr.i: ro?.nds of powder made. Ingredients kept
by grocers and druggists every where. Address I).
yy'.'BBIGOS. Practical BrDgglBt. Chicago, III.
By T. -W. HIGGrnsr.SOlSr.
" It has a cloar title to superiority over any t Un
liar work"?Boston. Advertlur.
" A book where-there Is everything to praise and
nothing to condemn.' ?if. Y. TribuTit?.'? "
the style or tho book la admirable."?A". Y,
Xveniug I\>t'.. ." : rT-i-A ji Ji f ?
- Mr. Rijr.ilnsnn was well qualified to write such
a hliilnry/'-JSprfrip^/ft Rt\.\a>Uaiiu '
8q. lOmo., will, over 10) Illustrations. Price }l.5n.
Hem post-paid on receipt or the prlco. LEE ?&
4HKl'AItI), Boston.
A LITEBAIty JOURNAL for the family.
ONK YKAIt, ??.501 U -mONTHS, 91. MB.
ORB iT pr KMi UM offer.
Tbecbu'co or two beautlflil Bleel engravings, sire
10x24. ?BUCKsLING;!,' nnd 'THK HIMTJCRS,'
As a premium to each sutwcrlber for O months;
and 91 Worth of Choice Klower Seediior
both engravings lo each yearly aubscrlber.
Oil ?jknt?. For tbli smonnt we will send tho
" ATLANTIC" fur 3 months* trial, poslnge-pald.
Agents wanted everywhere. Address ATLAN
iO.WEEiay.,r? Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
f. & V.lUco&Vo..0rot(ri Bof
'tn',m' Ml'*'-" Yo.ir .*?'.):?. Foam
rW;tvcn perfect satisfaction.". It
* "Is excellent,
Cornelia A Mumrord, Uroccrt
Vrovldtnee, H. I., toy: ?<* Your
?Jo* Foam Is wonderful. Our
a?les sro Immense. Everybody
peaces lt.? :f
" it makes bread richer, light
er, whiter, purer, ?wecter, and
more wholesomo than any
other way "
Thegr?r\t(.".t thlnK lo rr-lt you
averssw. Bend at once lor clr
cnlarloGeo F. Gants A Co,
;ito ouano street, New York.
This new Trass la worn
with perfect comfort,
night and day. Adapts
Itself to every motion
of the body, retaining
ltupiuro under the
hardest exercise or tt
v*re?t strain until per
manently cured, bold
cheap by the
Elastic Truss Co.,
OSr. Broadway, New York City.
Bent by mall, call or send for circular and be enrod.
$R nifill*Qa tho N. V. SATURDAY JOUR
*PO UfiOn NAT., the great literary weekly of
America, for oae year for tho rognlar snbtcrlptlon
price, ?3, postage paid.
VI7* Namc-i entered impartially as received, and
' *5 ca*h sent at once lo every llftr? subscriber.
Clubs of a (at ?3 each) mav rftatn the ?tT This is
our " chrorao"?a cash premium of is io every Ofih
nuhserlber! The ilrm name is a cufllcleiit guaranty
of fulrnevt and fulllllment. Send money ordpr or
registered letter to BtCADLE A ADAM?. Publish
ers, OS William Strest, New York.
I Too Btyles, Friers from s5.o0 to ?1bo.0o
BENJ. O. WOODS & ?O. Mannfr. end
Send ttamp for Catalogue.
DR ? ?
JUM.V? V? as D0 vauuHiai||
NO-SliJ NnrthKlfthStreet, Bt; LonU. Ma; F?STAl)
L181IHD1SI7. CurcifllsolTm-rsuhhouttheujoor
AlnTounr. OhnrecA n-.-ownnlilo fees.
: t?r~?'r. B.'s "Trwitlse rrn Sf.u-tsl Diseaees," which
fully eiplnins tln> n?tnre, c*nw, ??.-uploni?, and nicsip?
to enro all forma nf Nprvnin Onldlity, all Diaeares eatind
by the ? Krrnrt of Yonth." and valnablo Information on
other delicate subject*, wnt s'lo Ip plain eeoled
FAMILY FA VOISITK. ^ 1 he Titles
rtKNFItAI. FA VOKITH, ) th" Uses
For full information lespecltng our Goodi. or
Asenclt-s fur oanic.BddrefSWREO sn.wi ma
CHImk COMPANY at Hartford Connecticut, or
our Branch OiBcesln leading title-..
Seed Time Comethl
Out- Flow? aiut Kitchen Uarden lltti?.
t-'^Ji*'1 D,1rrc,ory r?* ,8''fl (?hetwei.tv.suc^jud
EdltlOB). wlto Hnpp'eaent or ^rlve^tle^ and
Spe"laltlM If, HRF-rf-* "lid r?lh?r n?r.1<.n- r. M..I.I.V
tor the Season, is now being sent to nil eaM6in?ri
of last ye.r-and will be vent to oUiert FKKE on
application- Address. U. T. CURTI ?> a Oa* Hoi
ion. Mam. ,
With persons dealrlotr lo exchange Southern or
^eslern Lands, depreciated curporatloa i>o:?? or
debtn fany kind for wt. Loula n,opert>. Bargains
piocured for luvestors In ?st. LOOM pron?iy, and
full Information as to value arid titles Imported to
clients W>NTcm-T Hkhmam A RaiMKr. ounsel
ore. ate retained (oprcsecutoall llilgnllon pertain
ing to titles, corporations, etc. B. B Waudku,
Investing Agent, ?irt Pinn Mreet, St. Lonln Mo.
mAisKNTH W?.1T.!. K\
e.in.ii e,i in the world-*!
Inig?*t company In Am
kv kuvwi! i hk ?The
?Kliapiirn-rs' prirvs
.^merioa? atupln nnlnle
?piiaSfB everybody?l/idft intiea ln??bwv ln>
.lneemeiita- don't waste time-send for circular to
Robert Weils, ? Vescy St,, W. Y.; P.O. Box 1267.
I)r. .7. Walker's California
Pgar Bitters nro'a purely Yoget
preparation, made chieiiy from tho
the herbs found on tho lower ranges
tho Sierra. Novnda mountains of Oal
uht, the medicinal jircpcrtiea of vvt,
aro extracted thorefroin without tho
of Alcohol. Thd question in
daily asked. ''Whatia the cause of thd;?;
unparalleled success of Vikeoau Bit
ters?" Our answer is, that they removn
the cause of disease, and tho patiant re
covers his health. They aro the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Kenovniur and Invigoratotf,
of the syBtein Novcr boforo in tho;;
history of tho world has n medicine h?ift'<
compounded possessing tho . renutikahlo "
qualities of Vineoati Bittkrs in hcnliup tho.
sick of every disease man is heir to. They '
are a gentlo Purgative as well m a Tonic,
rolioving Congestion or InHammntion of
the Liver and Visceral Orgej??.' in Billons ,
Tho properties of Dr. Walker's
FineoarJJiTTBas.oxo Aperient, Biaphorof\c,
Oarmlnntivo, Nutritious, laxative, ]>imuf-'a,
Sedativa, Ckmnter-Irritont, Sudorific, Alt cr?v
Uve, and Anti-BluYraa.
Ii. II. McDONAldJ ?X CO.,
Droppl*!* andQcn. Agta., Son Francisco, California,
and cor. of Washington and Chnrllon Sts.. K. T.
Sold by all Druggist* nnd Settlers.
My atiMtru catalogue of Vegetable aim rtnv.rr
Heed for IST*, will r>e sent /?? to ell who npplv.
? nntomers of lest reaton need not write for lt. In i
It will he fonnd several valuable varn-tlpi of new
vegetable* Introdnced for tho ncr.t nm? thlss?i?on,
having made no* vegetable* a specialty for mhmj.v
years. Crowing ow a numlntt and fifty vnrtctlf
on my several f .rat, 1 would pattlco arly lovlto
tho patronago of market gardener* uud all pttat " >
who are especially ocalrowa lo lmvo tfcelr seed pi"-"
and trcsh.nndorfAr)rrrj/tirt<r<r?n?. ah ft
out from my establishment aro coveted hyjbr^o
warrants as given In my catalogue. JaMF.H j.
h. GKKGORY, Marntchend. Mms.
Established ISSH.
The best and cheapest Paint in tTtn'
World for Iron, Tin or Wooil. I'or salo''
by Herders bvcrywhere. PRINCES' JIKTATXIC
PATXT CO.. Minuft'rerp. 00 t'ctlar Kl. Kew YmU.
tSTCAUTION.-Fnrcbaceru will pleaset
sec that onr naroo arid trndo mark aro on each and
I every pocka^c-. Send for n < :ircnbr.
Wyoming Monthly
Ltgalittd ty A tit*erity */an act */thtLt/rittattirt.
Tlckett $1 each, Six for $5. Ono Chane? in every 9.
...... -? ?j ~?-Wi?.B,
1 Cash Prize of
1 Ca*>h Prize of
1 Cash Prize of
I Cash Prize of
61,026 Oash PrizeBamountingto$350,00O
Tb?- flr.t Ciiraontinsry Prsninc wj? Fititflfit OTtr by Cot.
Patrick, rr??'l r>f Ilnanl of'Trad*. Th? wtond by Oo.rroor
J?in-?. Third bv Tt*a?t Halfan- Tb? fonrlh fcr Ju-tp? H?t
ktti. eraa'tof tb*Striata. 0,aw? evory so Days.
A Finn wanted, I.lb.t.l pxy Fcr full parlkelir* it nit for
Circular*. Addrm th? St.ntrfr.
d. M. PATTEE, Lernml? City. Wyoming;,,
N. 11 ?t.?r?inl? City 1? on tb? t*nlo? r?elf,' UUiw.il, fc?-'
t*?.u Cblctgo tr.it O?d?o.
clo. 61? St. Charles Street, St, Loula, Bs,f
i-ntlaiir? to Ucat all emm of eb?ttct?? to n\?rH?M, t-rvA
.mcurlllt?, errry alteret er ?fctti?*? ?Mth rr?ut:? ftw?
m lljcruiim nr lispruii.nc?, with Bn?aralM*d ?OMeaK
lit. W.'i c?t?ll'.hr,-.?ut Ii charirrt? by UscBUIcH ?t>
?cur!, *a< fouwlrd ani bti b>?n tntubtl?hel to r?cirt
f>r?, eertalo and rrliab!? relief. Brlpe a iraciaatu ?l
tevi>ral ro?Ji:?l colloge?. an?l baring the ?Tr?u?rrA? h ??
l(?? anj ruc?a,.rul lir? In hl? ?ytcUU-'ci hoho t>?rf>rH*u)
r;?i ;;;; :tit ar: tOstixiz: in s? Hvm ?U
are b?lof trratrj hj m.il or ?xprm? iTtrtfkera Ma>
m?tt< r Ttno fril?!, c?? er ?rite. t'rcm (bt ircitt ftirv '
Orr of apptliatlon? Ii* 1? ?nabt<il to k?<i> U? tt.tfOt)
?ow. oO pogc?, el''''! full ?ymptoma, for tm ,>t??lic*,
MR(.?fa>, B.fAfotar betk ?tjlili ?hould r? rtkit *s ??
bf.1r Ko ?d?r,i?d p;!.-, nr parfoai eoattDlUtirt M
?l?g-, ran ?rfv.l tolo wltbont lt. It-v/utili.iib* irtiM
.^r .tum 01 tb!? tnhl?et, tb? raacJuor Dr W .
P"1T "?*r*r:?5rv7il:''^ tbAujlju fn.w tat? ^?r
Meeker s
i ih
j rno?
cettful remsdy of the present day. 6*nd fur Pf
on Opium Eating. P.O.Box <7
WIT?2? writing to udve?t Hers pleam
tho name of Ihlo paper.
Of any anu everyktn?l? 6cnd
?u?4 ITlaVal Works, rix X? au???? * A.

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