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??????? ?. ,, ? ? ^_
DeTreville & Heyward
?roaffcbnrg ?. II., 8. ?.
?|T Will practice in the variouii Courts
? State
W. J. BeTrerille, James S. Hcywnril
June3_L_ _tf. _
Will attend to patients :it their rc?idcnty
either in Town or Country. Address
through Post Office or call on me at resi
dent Concr Ru&icl and Tread wed 1 Street*.
Prompt attention will be given and u:itis
faction guaranteed.
nor 3 1v
Knowlton & Wannamaker,
OrauReburK C II., S. C
Alf. B. Knowlton, P. M. Waiinamaker,
Orangeburg C. If. St. Matthew*,
way 5 1S77 tf
thomas ray".
(Rnsaell St. Opposite) llarley's Corner.)
All manner of Smith work and llor-e
idioeing properly done.
Fancy Sen 11 work. Hailing for Grave
Lctf. A trial solicited.
?ept i tf.
So tho most Roninl bulsnm over imeil by
?nffrreri from pulmonitry dlsciucn. O
It la compoaitu of hcrbnl products, Irnich
Jiave a spcelQo effect on tlio vhrout and
unjrn ; drtnrhrn from the nir erlitt nil Ir
rltotinrr matter; cuukc? It to b? expecto
rated.itnctstancet-lincks the inunmmntIon
wbleh producai tho couuh. A ?liiulo doho
relieve* the most distres^ln?: imroxynn,
?ootbes nervousnena, anil enables tlx; KUt
fcrorto?njoy qulot rest at nlulit. ?rlni; n
pleasant c-ordln.1. It touts the ?enk stoiu
aah, snd Is specially recommended for
children. q
t others savaboiii
Had Asih?ia Thirty Years.
Baltimore, February 3. iS7$.
" I hare bad Asthma thirty years, "'"1 iicvcrlound
> sssdifine thai had eurh a haiVv r fleet."
W. F. HOGAN, Chartoi St.
A Child's Idea of Merit.
N KW Ohlians, Jiovember 11, 1S7G.
"Tutt'sKxpecloraiit is a f.imili:ir name in my hous?.
Sly wife thinks it the best medicine in the world,
end the children *av It Is ?niorr than molasses
cudy."< NOAH WOODWARD, 101 N. Poydraa St.
"Six, and all Croupy."
"I am the mother of six children ; alt of lliem hnvo
ticsti croupy. Without Tutt's Expectorant, 1 don't
think they could have survived sumc of the attacks.
It Is a mother's blessing."
? MARY STEVENS, Frankfort, Ky.
A Doctor's Advice.
*' lr? my practice, I advise all families to keep Tu! I'.
Ilxpcctorant, in sudden emergencies, for iuu;;li .,
scoop, diphtheria, etc."
T. P. ELU8, M.D., Newark, N.J.
eVM hy ?II druagttts. Prtc? $t.OO. O?ict,
SB Murray Street, Jfrw York.
??Tatt'sPllts are worth their Weight in polcl."
REV. I. R. SIMPSON, Louisvillo, K>
"Tutt's Pitls are a special blrsMntj of the nin ?
ttcnthcentury.1'?REV. F. R. OSGOOD, Now York.
"X have used Tutt's Pills for torpor of t!ic liver.
They are superior to any medicine lor biliary dis*
orders ever made.*'
I. P. CARR, Attorney st Law, Augusta, Qa.
"I hare used Tutt's Pills five years in my family.
They are unequaled forco*tlvcncssaiid biliousness."
F. R. WILSON, Georgetown, Texas.
?'I have osed Tutt's Medicine wilh preat beuefit.''
, . W. W. MANN, Editor Mobile Register.
"We sell flay boxes Tutt's Pills to five of all
ethers."?OAYRE & CO., Cirtenvillo, Ga.
"Tutt's PUls have only to be tried to establish
their merits. They work like ma^ic."
W. H. BARRON, 86 Summer 81., Boston.
" There is no medicine so well adapted to the cure
Ctf bllions disorders as Tutt's Pills."
JOS. BRUMMEL, Richmond, Virginia.
?ol? by drugalatt. 25 er? fa a hor. Office
SB Murray Street, JS'cw York.
high testimony.
I bat neon madu by i)it. Tt'TT, of Neu-Vnrk, I'
ll which restores youthful beauty to tho linlr. ! i
? That eminent chemist lias succeeded In M
? producing; a Hair Dye which Imitates B
? nature to perfection. Old bachelors muy |9
? now rejoice." q [ j
H Prtott $1.00. Office SB Murray St., i
Bj Jfew'York. Sold by all druaglnt*. ?
(May 6 1877 ly
A house and lot at Jninifion'ri Turn Out
bounded on the East by tlie S. C. Kail
Road* Will bc,soJd cheap. Apply to
ang 11 ? ? ; tf.
Saur Kroilt Hold Low Down
The Great Remedy for all Diseases of tlie I.ivcr.
The Great Care for Dyspepsia and I.iver Disease.
The Great Cure for Indigestion nnd I.iver Disease;
The Grcal Cuic for Constipation and I.iver Disease.
The Groat Cure for Sick Headache^: I.iver 1 tiscase.
flic Great Cure fur Chills, Fevers and Liver I 'isrr.se.
The Great Cur? for Uilious Attacks und I iver Disease.
take JLHL&iJrJ&JL&L**
For Sour Stomach, Headache and I.iver ?isease.
take HEPATINxl
For Female Weakness. General Debility anil l iver
A itatc of the ^ tu-tiach In whit h
itsfuuctioii*nrcdi;titrb< 1. oitMi
without the presence Ol 6th< r
diseases, nttended with loss of
appetite, nnt'sea, heartburn, sour stomach, rising of
food after eating, sense of fullness or weight in the
Stomach, ncrid or fetid eructations, a fluttering or
sinking at the pit of the stomach, palpitations, illusion
of the senses, morbid feelings and uneasiness of vin i
ous kinds, and which is permanently cured if yon take
Constipation or
Oostiveness ?
A state of the bowels in which
th- rvficuatlossi ? no! take ??!.;? ?-?
as designed by nature and arc inordinately harrt1 and
expelled with difficulty, caused by a low state of the
system, which diminishes the action of the muscular
coat of the stomach. This disease is easily cured if
you will take
A condition of the Stomach pro
duced by inactivity of the I.iver,
when the food is not properly
digested, and in which coudi
tion the sufferer is liable to become the victim of
nearly every disease that human flesh is 'icir to?
chills, fevers and general prostration. It is positively
cured if you lake
Sick & Nervous
It was atone lime supposed that
the scat of the brain was in the
Stomach. Certain it is a wonderful sympathy exists
between the two, and *vliat effects one has an imme
diate clfect on the other. S > it is that a disordered
stomach invariably is followed by a sympathetic ac
tion of (he brain,and headaches all arise trow this
cause. Headaches arc easily cured if you \. ill thke
Sour Stoznacli?
KeE-rttmrai ?
The former is the ;>rim iry cause
of the latter. A sour stomach
creates the heat and burning sensation. The Con
tents ot the stomnch ferment and turn s.v.tr. Si-.k
often occur. *?'
When the skin is yellow, T AK ZTJ
W *!
When the tongue is coated, TASrr!,
For bitter, bad taste in the mouth, HT*/V TiT T?T
i?o"A tcaspoonful in a wineglass full of water, a;
directed on bottle, and you never will ho sick. '1 his
is saying a great deal, but we
A. C. Dl 1 S, DriiKfti?t ly
may 19 1877
Will euro or provont Dlncaso.
"No IIonsK will dlo of Coi.iot Potts or Leva Fa
Vkr, It KoutzV I'OWdcrS0X0 used In time.
Foutz'sPowders will euro and prevent Iloo Onoutn*.
Foutz's Powders will prevent tiATKd IJf Fowi^c*
pee hilly Turkeys.
FoutzMPowders will InrrcnFn tlin minntlty of mil*
Ir.d cream twenty per ceuu, und umko tho butler Arm
unl sweet.
Foutz's I'owders will enro or prevent nlmoet ?' ml
i'i ]:am: Mutt lloiTi'-s und Cattle aro heir to.
Foctz'b PowiiKHMWiLiiuivx Batibtaotios.
bold everywhere
DA VXD K. FOUTZ. Proprietor.
Sold l)V ?r. A. (' DTK KS.
Ai tl Dr. J. ? WAN NAM \KKK.
mav Iii ' 1S77
at Tin:
[GKO. Ii. TOM Ii APD & CO.,
And Machinery off Kinds Made and .lie
oet 27 1250J 52
I^icklcri I'igR Feet and Fulton Market
Beef. First of the Season. Sold hy
A. F18CI1KR.
Charlie's Kiss.
I nm suro nobody who sees my
placid husband now would believe
that lie was nuciy one of the most I
jealous-tempered men in all Eng- j
land;' and, us the way in which I I
cured him ot his folly wiw very ?im nie,
1 will relate the means pursued by
me,, for the sake of other victim.* to
the absurb mania, be they male or
My parents died while I was quite
an infant, Staving me to the care of ,
my maternal grandmother, who did
her best to spoil me. and was most
successful ill her treatment. The first
eighte en years of my life were passed
wit Ii lew trials or troubles. My
grandmother and I lived in a cottag e
at Ibixlnn, the prettiest little .speci
men ol suburban architecture im
aginatde, ? lio only drawback in which
was a large .-tone portico. Granny
was very proud of this ungigh ly
thing; 1 bated it, not on account of
its inappropriateness, but simply be
cause it intercepted my view of the
garden gate, So that from our silting
room window we could not catch even
., ? I!.?? _ ..: -
.1 giiUipct >?? ? ? is?iiOF.
Although my grandmother was
ra her old, she was so full of life and
fond of making young people happy
that I never felt dull iu her society,
and made her the confidant of all my
little adventures, and she entered
into them with all the zest of a girl.
One day the even tenor of our
lives uns disturbed by the arrival of
an invitation from my aunt, who
lived at Scarborough, asking me to
spend some weeks with her. At first
1 refused to accept it, for this, my
oili's near relative, was almost a
stranger 10 me.
'Yon will go, my denr Eva, to ob
lige nie,' (-aid Granny, cnaxiugly;'I
v.'int to have the cottage thoroughly
done up, inside and out, and this will
be ah t-x eel lent opportunity.'
1 vent, spent three months very
dclightfi.Hy nt r^nborough, and rjg
turnctT^h?mo^ t'nvffg my heart in lllc
safe-keeping of Claud Anderson. I
lovtd him ven dearly; hut n certain
bar which 1 bit lor him prevented
that perfect lo\c which would have
made me quite happy. During the
month we were engaged, before I left
the North, scarcely a day passed with
out one or more little '.snarls' taking
place between us. I know the word
1 have used is a vulgar one, but n o
other will answer my purpose, seeing
that t laude and 1 did not positively
quit rrcl.
There were a great many nice
young men am) lads in ami out of my
aunt's house u|! day Lug; lor she wa.s
most kind and hospitable, beside be
ing the til ther of six very pretty
duughts. These male bipeds were
constant sources of jealousy on the
part of Claude, who iu all other re
spects was sensible, clever, and I
might say almost perfect.
I uns unusually lull oi heal tu and
spirits, also I be himself told me) very
pretty and charming; so A brought
me a bouquet of roses, K a box of
preserve iruits, U a pug puppy; in
fact, the whole alphabet, assented bv
my six female cousins, conspired with
me to tease poor jealous Claude, un
til positively I believe he felt glad
when he put me into the train and
sent me back to London with a gold
guard-ring on my finger and a doubt
ing, selling heart.
Of course, when I readied homo
al} my doubts and fears were confided
to dear Granny's sympathizing ears .
tiho listened to my talc of love and
woe; then said :
'He must bo cured of this folly be
fore you becoino his wife, my darl ?
A week after my return homo came
a letter from Clnude, telling mo thai
he had received a very lucrative
government appointment in London,
and was now in n position to ask for
Granny's consent to our early mar
Ho came, and ma le himself so
agreeable?there were no 'letters of
the alphabet' to teaso him?that Gran
ny thought I had exaggerated his j
weakness; but she wus eoon convin -
c?*d of her error.
One afternoon Claudo came as
usual; business t ml gmic wrung with
him,,and he was rather cross. Graud
mc'her went upstairs .or her after
unut] imp. and Claude began to read
aloud to me?a most unfortunate
proceeding on his part, for it hap
pened that I was obliged to listeu for
tht stret t-do.ir hell, and wished tJ
i on ecu I the fact from my companion.
'.I never did cure much for poetry,
tbut that day I quite abhorred it. In
i hu midst of n Kentimental piece
which Claude was reading most
beautifully, 'ting, tiiig' went the. bell;
irf* I jumped, and with a muttering
'i-.xcu.se me' left the room.
The same interruption happened
ugain, and a third time. I became
so nervous, that I left the sitting
room door open, and this w.u the un
lucky speech which met the ears of
ray offended companion :
'Don't, Charlie dear! Leave mo
atone, sir; I will not allow you to
kiss mo, although I am very fond of
lien; folowel a scuffle and some
suppressed laughter. ?
When I returue:] the silling
rooiu , Claude stood looking the very
picture of indignation.
'Pray may I ask who Charlie dear
is? Probably only a boy,'said he,
1 'No, be is not a boy,' I auswered,
with a careless laugh?this'only a
boy' was a sneering allusion to a lad
? ?f sixteen of whom Claude had once
heeu jealous, and to whom I had
justly applied the term.
'Then 1 must insist upon knowing
what man dared to attempt to Kiss
you,' exclaimed Claude, fiercely.
'Would you like to see him?' I
risked, tauntingly. And then we had
a sharp q uarrel, which terminated in
his saying :
'Eva liavubam, I give you twenty
lour hours 10 eon-hier whether you
criUtell me the name of the imper
i ineut rascal~wm)iu"'you^i^n^iTl^it~rrJ~
take such a liberty without properly
rtesenting it If to morrow night you
persist in obstinate rerun! we must
part then and for vcr. I cm pardon
frivolity, but liotdeceit;'
I "covered my face with my iian I .
and ?aid in a low tone :
,^'I can no:.'
; In a moment he dashed out of the
rojion, ami left the house, bau^iug the
street door ho violently that Granny
ran down a'ar.ned ior thu plate bask
et, and found me?laughing im
# * * * * *
jThe next evening came, and with
in Claude, looking so pale an I wretch
ed that I quite pilied him. Immedi
ately on his nrriva' Granny left us
td'one and lor- a low minute.- silence
foAheved, which was broken by his
sab ing in a uiu*t ?(?vor? tone :
Have you made up your mind to
ti.'ljl the truth. Eva, ortomukeu9
bo'jh miseiabl? for life V
?;l am not miserable; nor would you
be'if you were not such a f ?olish dolt,'
I a'ns we red.
'Heartless coquette!' be began,
when a ring at the d-mr hell caused
me to leave the room hastily, for it
waH Charlie come ngain. Of course
I expectod Claude to follow me?but
be was not mean, dear fellow !
Very soon I returned, followed by
Charlie, on all fours. Yes, the of
fender was only a large fat terrier,
blind of one eye, and old enough,
even bad In) been a bipud. not to
awaken jenl ?iisy in Claude's breaaC
ATever slid: I forget Lhe expression
of humiliation on poor Claude's face
at tlhe discovery of his unknown rival.
The cure was more than half com
pleted, and dear Granny finished it,
for .'-he preached such a beautiful little
sermon about the folly ofjtolousy
that it made ine cry, and Claude's
voice was quite husky when next ho
Alfter it was nil made up, and mat
ters jWcrc pleasant again, I said:
'Now, Claude, I will tell you why
d^Hbcll bad such a disturbing effect
I . n mo yesterday. Our only domes
tic had gone out for die afternoon,
ami I, from a weak-minded pride,
wished to conceal the reduced condi
tion of our establishment from you.
First cnme the baker, then the post
mau, and, finally the milk woman,
who is a great friend of miue, and
sole proprietress of tho wSending
Charlie. I am vory fond of the poor
old dog, but could never allow cither
him or any other auimal to lick my
face; hcuce tho expostulation ou my
part, and our recent quarrel, which
has ended so satisfactorily.'
Claude looked at the matter so
good-naturedly, and owned his foil y
with such unflinching candor, that I
determined never again to flirt or
teaze him, I have kept my resolution,
with one exception. Sometimes I say
'bow wow' to him, and to this very
day it makes him gnaw his moustache
with impatience, for he is thus led to
call to mind the?to me?somewhat
droll incident, of 'Charlie's Kiss.'
dr. Sans Dissimulation to Miss
Hary Moderation.
Madam?Worthy of estimation,
after long consideruitnn, of the great
reputation, you posse-)* in the nation,
I have a strong in- lination, to become
your relation. On your approbation
of tins declaration, I shaM make pre
paration, to remove my situation to a
more convenient stau m. to profess
my admiration, and if such ohhttton,
is worthy of observation andean
obtain commiseration, vi 11 be an
aggrandizntinn, beyond all eacula
tiou, of the joys ami exultation.
Yours truly in lovetation ,
Sans Dissimilation.
miss Hary moderation to Mr. Sans
Sir ?I lionised your oration with
much deliberation, and a li .tie con ?
sternatiou of the great inf.ituv ion of
your weak imagination, to show such
veneration on so slight a foundation.
But af cr examiuntiou and serious
contemplation, i suppiise~yonT" rtiTnil*-"
ation was the fruit of recreation, or
had sprung from oetcntation to dis
play your education by an odd enu
meration, or rather multiplication of
words of the termination, though of
great variation iu euch respective
signification. Now without disputa
tion so tod'mus an occupation deser
vos commeudation, aud thinking
imitation. I am without hesitation
) ours truly iu flirtation, #
Mary Moukration.
The Methodists.
The following is an epitome of the
statistical and financial reports mode
in the Annual Conference of tho
Methodist Episcopal Charc'a, South,
in this State: Whole number of
members, 42,196; increase over last
year, 1,450; local preachers, 145;
children baptisoil, 1,934; adults bap
tised, 1,387; Sunday schools, 481;
officers ami teachers, 2,788; pupils,
19.301; number of Churches, 557;
number of parsonages. 82; val ue of
church property, $749,953; collected
for support of pastors, $04,500.49;
collected for presiding elders, 89,026.
00; Conference collections, 84,190.15;
collected for foreign missions, 82,120.
05; collected for domestic inissious,
84,377.00; collected for education,
82,050.31; collected for bishops,
8701.00: collected for Sunday schoo's,
83,842.38; collected for building
churches and parsonages, 820,724.07;
collected for other benevolent objects,
80,904.00. _
Farmers are full}' alive to the idea
that as the consumption of corn by
Americans a# a substitute for wheat
is rapidly increasing, the quality of
tho corn must be improved. This is
especially so in regard to tho South
ern States where corn is so universal
ly cultivated. Georgia farmers arc
agitating this subject, as well as the
one that the ^outh will inuko her own
pork, nnd not lose the freight from
Cincinnati or St. Louis.
'Jane, it is eleven o'clock; tell that
young man to shut tho door from tho
A Noted Lawyer.
A noted lawyer of the Oxford cir
cuit had a case in hand in which,
among other things, he wished to
prove thnt his client had no money;
and to that end he cross questioned
one of Iiis opponent's witnesses as
You asked my client for money,
did you not ?
Well?yes sir.
Answer promptly, sir, let us have
no hesitation. You asked him for
money, now what was his answer ?
I don't know as I can tell;
Hut surely you remember.
Yes, sir.
Then out with it. What was bis
ans iVer ?
I'd rather not tell.
Ho! ho! you arc on that track, aro
you? You will not tell ?
I would rather not, sir.
But you must, and if you do not
auswer my question truly and prompt
ly, I'll call upon the court to commit
you for con teal pt.
Well, sir if I must tell tales out of
school, lioro you have it. I asked
him yesterday if In* could lend me
half a crown, and he told me he could
And you believed him, did you
not ?
Yes sir, for be said you bad robbed
him of every penny of his ready mon
ey, and it he didn't get put Of your
hands pretty soon, his wife and child
ren would come to -.
That will do, sir. You can step
Potatoes frequently becomes rough
skinned, and consequently unsalable;
this is caused by a minute maggot,
which destroys the skin of tbe potato
d?riug its growth.
Have you ever met the school-teach
er whom you threatened, when a boy,
to lick as toou as you got big enough ?
If you have ten to one you didn't
think you were big enough yet.
When a yoringTuatToTweld
wishes to remember something pa
ticular, ho turns down one corner
his hirdi shirt collar.
Every farmer should raise a small
patch or carrots for horse fee I. A
peek a day ted to a horse through the
winter will give bim a sleek, glossy
coat and prevent illness.
A barrel contains forty gallons, or
uino thousand two hundred aud forty
cubic inches.
Raising, Layers, Boxes and Quar
^jurrants, Almonds, Gelatine*
Utron, Pecans, Ilronia.
Chocolate, Orange?, AppBcs,
incc Heul.S hi Buckets and by the
Fancy Gift Cups and Saucers
and MugH.
JjMre Crackers, Gilt Edge Butter.
Achoice lot of Fancy Confec
Burnt Almonds, Marsh Mal
^ocoa Strips, Jelly Work.
Choice Family Flour,
(~1rushed, Powdered, A and Yellow
?J Sugars,
John A. Hamilton,
Next to Geo. H. Coniclson's.
The undersigned respectfully informs tho
('itizena of tho Town and Conuty that ho is
prepared todo up and make Mattresses on
the shortest notice. Also will conduct an
Upholstery business. Prices will ho as low
as possible. Orders solicited.
jnna 9 If
Dr. L. S. Wolfe can he found at
over Esekiel'a Store where he is
to oxecuto work on toe moat
styles, at short notice and at
prices1 All work guaranteed.
in no 30
Ugar 10 lbs for $1 at

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