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SHAI?TING anctolts
AT Til G
machine woeis,
|GEO. K. LOMBARD ? O >.,
MILL i! I 'A III N <.
And Machinery off Kimls Made and I '
oct 27
la Sill
No. 12 N. Eighth St.
St. Louis:, IVIc.
Who na* bud grratrr CxprrUtlCO In We In I ?.. ill
ftxttal trouliles of both iiiui? iuul l.i' .;? limit i
In the Writ. Rlve? Iii? r??nlt? of Ins Im ? m I ... ,, lul
practice iu bit* tu? new worl?, Juit puuilshi J, entit! .1
Tho P RI VAT E M ED-CAL AD V i 3 F- It
Books that nrc rr-nllv flttldr? sad HrlMmtrarton In nil nmt
trr? nri-tnining In M ,nl.I mill WiifiiimhiK.il. nm1 - < .n'v
vent long felt. They ore bi miUfotlj IIIu.Im. . in
lai.jruage, enilly umk-rsltHxI. The !-.?! ? lul
p?Ke?, ami contain ?alnahli Infirm illim forhittli mnri > : mil
tJngI?VwhnaUthen>centimprov.'uit'nt<!ii nit ill-rrlti
Itcadwhatourhiimeuu|ii .-..av ! !.-...* ? i,, Inu
Jn Dr. Kntu* new works li 111 in, v tiy uf .iar
aetrr, but It anmrtb ? thai nrryi. . . .. ., I..,,v. 11,,.
Tooth, the victim of) ariv ? return: IIa V .i,.fi ... ?
pcrfratly hralthy may' .tint with wanne: ia ili.i.rin ?
of lift), ami th<< Woman, In Inlnei >r? ''t Tr,""xf*-:c~"?
fmra th? many III. hi snx i. I,. .,t e.i J \ 5 r.i ft r{
to."?St. Louis"
npr'l 27
ro n rnt;
That largo imd roinnindimis I!
formerly oiviniit'd l?y Mr. C. i'- .loin ?
Eor terms r.pplv i?>
nutr 11 i f.
S 'uf'i''^ \\ lift .....
A Noted .'
They a-vc
ft? Tf n
' - , ) O
worth their
wetgni id got it*
Dk.Tutt:?I".< :n Sil: Porten years I have been
n martyr to Dyspep'-iin, Consti; i.t'u'n, and Pile!. Last
"-ririiig your mils wire rccmninemied to me; I used
them (lint with little faith). 1 itm HOW :i w< It man,
have good ttppvtitc, dij'i stion perfect, rc:;iilin mils,
biles gone, und I have ?'aim >i forty pounds solid fle&h.
l'hcy arc worth tin ii wi Itiht in gnld.
Uev. lt. I-. SIMPSON, Louisville, Ky.
TUTT'S P?LLSi ??"?'33
I iiiciln nietlnrtv years, i
i l'u::: t|ni\ was demon,
slrntorof uimtomv in the
Me licnl College of Gciir
iriu, hence persona m ini?
!ii> Pills have the guaraii
t.e i If*, they are prepartal
.1:1 t-ciuniilic prineiolf?,
mid re freie f i bin a 11
qti ickery.
1 lu has s-no.- ?I'ded in
coinliiiiiiif* in thein tue
her? i' lore antagon'iMic
qualities nf :i s/> rt.^i/'it u
i ??/,'. f<itrffative,QnJ(ifur'
if VlKfi tonic.
Their t'.rst ntipnrcnt ef
fect in to increase the ap
petite hy catmint; the t>u>d
to ] iroperly a ssi mi I a t e.
Thus the system is imur
isln d, lind by tin ir loiiic
action on the iiij'esttvc ?>r
gatlS, rei?uhir and !:t .ilt!?^'
evacuations are produced;
The nijiitiity with \\ Uli ii
persons title on /?'<??//,
while mulct the ilill li ? I
<il the e pill'., nl it?i It ill.
dicates tlit ir adaptability
to nourish the body, and
hence theireflicacy in< i ?
iltf> nervous debility, Ittel?
am holy.dyspepi iu, wast
ing of the muscles, slut'
pUhncss of the liver,
chronic constipation, and
Imparting health ami strength to the system. Sold
everywhere. Office, 35 Mir ray Street, New York.
CTRK Dvr.rr:r: ia. j
Cny Hair ran 1 ?? clinnccd to n
clumsy black liy a single upplicatlon of
Dr.Tut-r'!". I l.n'r Dye. It acts like magic,
and is warranted as h irmtcss us water.
Price $1.00. Office 35 Murray St., N. Y.
What is Queers Delight?
React ?3.C iinsKicr
It Is n plant that Rrows in the South, and is spe
cially adapted to the cure of diseases of that climate.
Entering at once into Ihe Mood, 1 > pi llir.g all l-Crof
ulous, syphilitic, ami rheumatic iifleclions. Alone,
It it a scarchintralterative, but when comhiiicd with
Sarsaparilla, Vclh tv Dock, and other herbs,it forms
Dr. Tutt's Sarsaparilla
and Queen's .Delight,
The mor-t pnwi rful Hoot purifier known to medical
science tor tin: cure of old ulcers,diseased joints, foul
discharges I roin the ears and nostrils, abscesses, skin
<liscaEes, dropsy, kidm y complaint, evil effects of
secret practices, disortlerctl liver and i plccn. Its use
Btrchgthens the nerv.ee- system, imparts a fair com?
plc.xion, and Imilds up tin- t ody willi
As an antidote to svpltilitic poison it is strongly
recommended. Hundreds ol ease- of the worst tyi?:
have bei n ntdlcally curetl by it. Heing purely veg?
etab'o its continued use will ih> no harm. The best
time to take i'is during the summer and fall; and
instead of debility. Ill idache. lever and UgtlO, you
will enjoy robust health, Sold hv all dru^)'ists.
Price, $i.oo. Office, Murray Street, New York.
May 6
I v
arrtnt.t'il IftiiilS ?uly I2j c
per 11). ijold I'V
Lost and Found.
A Uoal Itonuinci'?Trnlli Striigcr than
i id ion A Mother's Dilemma.
Tliorc lives in the cily of Augusta
a poor, respect able woman, who has
a drunken husband ami an only child,
lc.?s than five yea rs of ago, which she
had not seen since the child was bare
ly ihre:' year.; did, the worthless bus- !
band having descried bis wile, carry
ing < Ii' the child to parts unknown,
nun was last heard of" in Memphis.
Tenn., where it is "opposed lie goi
into a ".ambling scrape and deserted j
the child, leaving i; with his washer
woman; who eared for ii without';
knowing what had bccoioRol its par
cuts. Nothing more uns beard I'roui
the little girl, whose haoie ?s,"Min- j
hie," uhl il i he distress -.1 ino: hur :
learned her child was in Now Orh'itns, ]
but IV?i* wont of nivalis 'd i! I i-a- i
nothino more definite us to her
w hereabouts^ until a few days ago th ?
I oor woman was in foi tiled ihat a
child rcscnddiiig liiir"1?, wirh' lihb.vk, j
iS'- y hair, dark. Sparkling eve-,
lair as a lily mi I a perfect beauty, ;
!? lowering to the name of "Minnie,'
was .-i en in Aikon.hJ Cti where she
imim iialely repaired, alter some
difficulty in prpeur ng suflicioul funds
in del ray her expenses, with little
hope of a siieoos-ifui liul to her
inn.T/.enn nl she Ibiin I her ehi'd hau l
?niiiidv itttin?d, in the possession of
Mr. and Mr?.-, a lady ami j
gentleman "I fortune fr o New Vo'r.U. '
who have no luinilv,nnd had adopted
ill" litth: stranger in the city of
Men : hi.-, while there ?>u a visit, with j
the intention ol making ;t heir Vi a
million or upwards, 'flic child im
mediale')' recognized its natural
ino.bcr, ami the recognition was
mutual; hence the adopted mother
entered into a lull cxpluu ation and
gave the \vholc story, which is about
*!ie .!.?.?!b?\V* > v . - -" ..i_- ? - ??? ?
On visiting Memphis she remarked
;?) In r washerwoman that she had
.??lit: desired to adopt some handsome
idtil I, when 'Minnie" was a! oneo
suggested ami brought to light wit h
the story as to how she goi possession,
owing to the sudden exit ol the tin?1
faithful father, etc., without any
knowledge as to what had become of
either lather or mother. Kulliee it to |
say, Mrs.-was highly delight- j
ed with the appearance oJ the inter- !
? sling deserted child, and look im
ni diaifc possession, when the hupp)
pair, with their adopted daughter,
put ?au lor New Orleans and thence
to tlx ir home in New York city,
i.a-t fall they returned to Aiken,
where they had purchnscd an elegant
winter home, and are ther'3 now with
their adopted daughter, "Minnie,"
whom they im; willing hut reluetan
to surrender t<> her natural mother,
und negotiations are now pending to
what shaf bo:ihe result, viz. : whcilt
er the chibl shall remain ami he
taughI to know a > in >th -r <>iU >r :Si in
lite adopted one and to bo weaned
from its natural mother for all t i111<?
to conic, who eau hear only from it
through others, without being per
mitted to have any intercourse as a
pareiil or other blood re ation T he
poor mother is in uiptumlury ami at
a loss to know her duty ami In?'.?' to
decide the destiny of her ofl'-pring.
Slie .-ays the strangers have treated
her with marked kindness in best w
ing presents und oi'leriug to aid hor
in various ways, pro' idei! she will
consent to abandon her child and
surrender it to their keeping on the
stipulated conditions re ferro I to,
which places pooi- liumani'y in an
awkward dilemma ? between uhj set
poverty on the one hand for herself
ami child in an uncharitable world
for all time to come, ami aflltiencc
and relincmeiit on (be other hand for
her offering, which she is to virtually
disown for its well-being; ami remain
ill her poverty, solitary and alone,
llow .-hall she decide??Auf/tisttt
Chronicle, ami Constitutionalist,
Silk stockings arc now iho stylo,
embroidered ones arc only 810 per
pair. We advise out- holies to stick
to stripped one- yet awhile.
Awako from a Trance.
A recent llichinoiul (Va.) dispatch
to a Cincinnati pnpi r is to the follow
ing effeei : Severni in uithsttgn Mrs.
Marion Hi II it/., a highly respcotnb'e
und wealthy Gorman lady, was taken
I ill and, in order to receive proper
! nursing and treatment, was removed
I to Ihe Hospital of tire Little Sisters
of the I'oor, in the western part of
ilic city. Sim was very p iji'd ir with
j the inmates of that institution, an I
I during her stay made many friends.
Ahoul two weeks since Mrs. lliiliu,
who had heen in had health, grew
suddenly ijuitc ill. During hoc ill
no >. she received every attention j
from the good Bisters, and all that
1 medical aid could do to allcviato h ;r |
j sillier iig Was done She grttw worse, ,
! however, and some id'the physicians
! eathe to th ' ebuel .-'on that shy roitl I
not live iiidch longer.
i n i Sat in day night Sirs, llillitsc
lh-'d. Tills body was, according to j
ilic custom, shrouded and laid out. in
the parlor of ihe institution. The
? isters, who had >\ niched by bei' l?u I - 1
I side so biithfully, were gathered by
the side o du corpse at mil.tight
when thoeb?*(i ?um k uvalvft. S id
letrly, as they looked upon her face
still in death, t: e striken eves appear -
i etl to Hash, the blood came b ud; to
the faded cheek, ami, im though un
I luted with superhuman energy, the
I dead holly rose up fioiu its resting
place, which was draped with black
i pull, emblematic of mourning, and
' spoke to the affrighted watchers, say
; i? iir, "I am m>t dead yet, but 1 will
j die soon. " The old lady thei] danced
around the room, sung, and shouted
in a loud, ringing voice. The inmates
I of the hospital were thunder-struck
j and pura!y?id. As soon as the nurses
j recovered from their fright they plac
ed the >'old lady in b'l, w hore she
I lingered until about nine o'clock,
when she again apparently died. The
ulfair has created the iiinslintense
excitement, and to-day tluutsaii 1- of
p erson - visit ? d i he Ims pitiil.
Wo Use Tryirg.
Vesteithi; forenoon a ft or an express
wagon had delivered a bw.v on I'ark
street, the woman of the li aise called
to the "heal boy" of I e family, who
was , laying marbles on the walk :
' lie rv, you come in here and car
ry mit this box. Leave it on the
veranda with the 'CO. I).'tin ned to
the street."
"It's awful stylish to get a box by
express marked '0. O. I).;' isn't if?"
ho asked.
"It is Henry," she answered, and
be soon had the box in place:. He
stood around to watch the elf et on
pedestrians, and it wasn't long before
be had a bile A boy caine along,
saw the box, and in n contemptible
tone, he called out :
"C - () I)?soap! Well, I didn't
know that they bad a soup factory
here !'?
The b iy of the iiotisn winced a
It t * 1 - -. but had fully recovered when
an old rag shuilL'd up and leaned on
t he fence to hau l out :
? [>_()- (j?doctor! I'm old and
dirty ami fugged, but if J couldn't
spe 1 better than that I'd ta'.c my old
chicken coup of a ^ign iino the house
ami smash it.''
Ho had not moved thirty foot be
fore the boy rushed into t111! yard and
drugged the box off ttiu sloop and
kicked ii around, calling nut:
"We hain't upper-crisl folks no
how, and ma might just Its well lake
down them two shilling lambrequins,
sell her opera glass and he lower
crust and feel natural.? Detroit Free
The billowing was sent us by a
Mississippi correspondent us a matter
of news but we have a faint suspicion
that, it is a I? ittlo exaggerated :
"Talk about your running vines !
Why, there's a grapevine, down hero
that runs so fast people have to chase
the grapes on a licet horse in order to
be on hand w hen they ripen." ? 6V?
vinnati Breakfast fable.
[For the Orangeburg Times.]
Holmes Co., Miss., May 15th 187?.
J//-. Editor :
' We arc now having a lino season
of rain- Owing to the cool night??, tho
rotton sind corn ij n >t as forward as
they might have hcen otherwise.
KU a llrown, a molasses colored
dtitnsol of about 25 summers, had a
fight on a street in Lexington, (our
county seal;) the other day, with a
woman of the same hoe, lor which
she was urrigned before Mayor Cross.
Ainong the witnesses who appeared
in behalt of the pro-ecu! ion, was an
cboned hucd dame, of some 50 win
te-s; and generally known as"Aunt
Klla, us is usual with her class,
had a great deal to say in oxplana
t'u.u of the circumstances of the ease,
to his honor, and to .some assert ions
n side by her, WIrs. Isabella replied,
?you area liar." KM , avowing thai
she would not take the lie tcom her
or "any other man," flew at the trulh
loving Issahelia, and grasped her
with the strength of an Amazon; and
itj:.? tloubtf.ll what Lhe result might
have been, had nit. his Honor,
the deputy sheriff, ami others separ
ated the antagonists. Of course
iwl* . ..... I
both parties were tineu lor conteai]>t
of cojjrt.
m mo it a I..
If a pe rson tells a lie in court you
mU8t take it
Mr. Smith the proprietor of Cast.il
liau Springs broke one of his little
lingers, (the left one I think) a few
days ago, whilst playing Hase Ball
in Du rant.
The board oi' supervisors iu this
county is having quite a lively lime
now- Tl>f v (the members) are being
ha missed by some bridge harpies. 1
would give particulars, but space
The Cast i I li,i ii Springs opened
dOors today Ur the reception of
TTiSfe^.'h.^. - - ?
Moni: A xox.
South Carolina Amenities.
Ctuitliimt Curlun's ('and id Opinion of
K.vtiov. Scott.
"Mr. Corbin, did you see v.hat cx
Gov. Scott had to say to the hist
about yon a few days since?" said
one oi its reporters yesterday to the
claimant for Senator Butler's seat.
' Yes, I read i*,1' said the adipose
Corbin, as he wiped his lips with a
vim indicative of anything but pleas
ant remembrances of tho carpet-hag
ex Governor of Smith Carolina.
'?Well, what have you to say about
it?"modestly remarked the Post.
"Say V why, nothing at all. I
wouldn't dignify that scoundrel by
noticing anything he says about me
or any Olio else. lie is (he most no
totiotia liar that God ever permitted
to breathe. Nobody' in South Caro
lina be ieV' S a word that he says, and
it would he a work of supererogation
to deny any oi his statements. The
mere fact that he gave these utter
ances is enough to stamp them as lies
wherever he is known," said the
embryo Senator, as he waddled
wrath fully awiiy.
A Pauai.i-.l Cask.?A ragged,
shivering, middle aged man called at
a house and asked lor foo l, but the
lady of the house called out ?
"Why don't you work for food?"
"1 would, if] knew where I could
find work," he promptly replied.
" There's a place down town where
you vjin saw wood and earn your din
nor," she continued.
That seemed to stick him for half
a minute hut he finally said with
great solemnity :
"Ma.lam, let me state a paralcl
case. Then: is a place, in Heaven for
you, but you don't want to die until
y iti are illiveil t<> it."
She pondered over his philosophy
for a few seconds, and then called to
the cook to pass out hall a loaf of
bread and some meat.
A Mayor out West has determined
to kill half tho dogs in the city, ami
tan their hides with the bark of tho
othor half.
Two Young Heroos.
Most knightly deeds are recorded
of two hoys- One of the boys lives
at Hay City, Mich., and is named
Kindcrman. He hns lost his right,
arm, but he did heroic work with his
loft. He and a brother were fishing
the other day, on Lake Michigan, in
a small boat which a passing propel
ler upset.
Young Kindermon seeing that his
brother was 1 ikcly to drown, seized
him by the hair with his teeth and
struck out for shore, lie swam with
hi> b it arm, until u?hoat which had
put out Irohi the shore picked him
The other young knight lives in
Springfield, Mass., and attends the
high school in that city. While
walking the other day, he sa^v a dog
making straight for a live year old
boy who was playing in the street.
ihe dog apparently was unad, for it
held its head low and frothed at the
Stepping at once in front of the
ehihl the young hero, as soon as the
dog came up, kicked it e ver, '.i hen
throttling it with one baud, be potiu
ded it? head with a stick until he kill
ed i'..
In the terrible struggle, the dog so
bit him on the wrist a.- to leave three
tooth-marks, These, when the dog
was dead, be cauterized by coolly
holding 1 hem over the (lame of Light
ed matches. The child was uninjur
Some lifty years ago all Kugland
rang w ith the praises of Thomas Po
well Btixtoii?afterward Sir Thomas
?for catching a mad dog, which was
making toward a group of ladies, and
bidding it until chained. Huxton,
however, was a stalwart Englishman,
with the strength of a llereulos. The
Springfield hero was but a boy, who
risked bis life for a child.? )'??!'.'/,
~Ct'r.lH(i A'ttjii' ~" ^ ??
. -?? ? ? ?
Traisa Your Wife.
Praise your \vif?', man: for pity's
sake give her u little encouragement ;
it w- ?ti'i hurt ln r. She made your
home cotuforlabie, your heart bright
and shining; loud agreeable; for pity's
sake tell her you thank her, if nothing
more. She don't expect it; it will
make her eyes open wider than they
have done these ten year-;, but it will
do her good, and you too. There are
many women to-day thirsting for
words of praise, the language of en
couragctnent. Through summer's
heat and lb rough winter's toil, they
have drudged uncomplainingly, and
so accustomed have their fathers,
brothers and hu bands become to their
monotonou s labors, that they look for
and upon them as they do the daily
rising of the sun, and its daily going
down. Home every day may be made
beautiful by an appreciation ofits
holiness. You know, if yon can take
from your drawer a clean shirt when
ever you want it, that somebody's
lingers have ached in the toil of mak
ing it fresh and agreeable, so smooth
ami lust roiis.
We arc hanging up pictut OS every
day about the chamber walls of our
hearts that we shall look at when we
sit in the shadows. Then, summing
up ill, only Christ can make, any lifo
young or old, truly beautiful or truly
happy. Only ho can purify that sin
ful fountain within us, our corrupt
nature, and make US holy. Would
you have a beautiful and happy old
age? Would you look back from
amid the sluplcws of sweet satisfac
tion and forward with glorious hope ?
You must begin your walks with
Christ in Ihe golden days of youth.
Then the decay and wastings and in
firmilies of old age will be as "the
land birds lighting on the shrouds,
telling tho weary mariner that he is
Hearing the desired heaven."
? i m ? ??
A young lady correspondent (po
etic) desires to krow if we have scon
anything sweeter than "A Chaplet
Alone." Certainly, we have seen a
chap let a girl kiss him, which was
ever so much sweeter.
The Way Ke Served His mother
In- Law.
The Yii/.'io Valley F-'ajf published
at Greenwood, Missisippi, has the fol
lowing :
A. novel matrimonial dilemma
developed in oar county last Wed
nesday. Mr. I). W. Thompson ap
plied for and obtained a license to
marry "Miss M. A. Roberts/' and
Kcv. A. W. Wilson was secured to
perform the marriage service. With
in a few hours after the ceremony,
Mr. Wilson was informed that the
lady contracting party was .Mrs. M.
A. Roberts, and (sustained the rela
tion of mother-in law to the said D.
W. Thompson, he having previously
been married to a now decease I
daughter of Mrs. 11. Upon ascertain
ing the facts Mi. W. immediately
wrote a note back to the couple that
under these circumstances the mar
riage was morally and religiously
void, On the following day?yester
day?the law was examined and
found to prohibit and declare "in
cestuous and void" marriages betwt en
parties thus related. Of this fact the
parties \\i.re also informed, and we
suppose will themselves conform their
conduct to the statutes, either by
holdi g their mutual affections in
abeyance, or by emigrating to some
Slate where* such ma-riages are per
m it ted. Whether by accident or
design of the applicant, we do not
know, hut we are assured the license
was issued and the ceremony part'orm
ed under a mi-apprehension of the
fact ???
- ? i ,u> - - ? ui ? i ii ? ?
A mistake recently happened iu a
church at Syracuse, K. Y., which has
been much a til ic ted in its two las*,
pastors, one of whom has died and tho
other become so delibitoted that lie
has gone .South to pass the winter.
At a prayer-meeting one of the breth
ren; ~ Wii'i iuvT" jT'Vf. H'Coiven a -CUei*"
from the absent minister, arose to re
port, bet by a singular infelicity got
the deceased pastor's name into the
jdaee of the debilitated one, and re
marked : "He says tho w rather is.
w ry warm ?indeed, unusually and
incotufortably warm in that locality
There are few who can receive the
honors of a college, but all are gradu
ates id the hearth. The learning of
the university may fade front the re
collection, its classic lore may mould
er in the hall of memory, but the les
sons of homo enamelled upon the
heart of childhood, defy the rust of
years, ami outlive the niaturer but
less vivid picture of after years.
-? ? ? -
"Captain, we are entiroly out of
ammunition, said an orderly sergeau|
to his commander on a hold daj.
"What! entirely out of ammunition?"
exclaimed the captiau, "Yes, entire
lv out," was the reply. "Then ceaie
firing," peremptorily said the cap
Two Girls of fashion entered aa
assembly-room, at a time when a fat
citizen's wife was quitting it. "Ohp*
said one ol them, "there's beef a la
mode going out." "Yes," anrvvered
the object of ridicule, "and game corn -
ing in."
A raining favorite?an urnbrojjp.
Most disinterestedly good?Good
for nothing.
Wear your old clothos rather than
go in debt for anew suit.
Vice-President Wheeler, it is saide
never smiles. He has no small vices.
A thorn in the bush is worth ado-teh
in the hand.
Waiting to be whipped b themoet
uninteresting period iu boylwoa. ?
Josh Billings,
A Louisiana pi.per is called th$
Sugar Planter; but it has no 'lasses QJTJ
its editorial staff.
Never take a bull by the Hosgjtv
young man, but take him by the teil*;
then you can let go when you W?ft|
One of the surest ways for a fcVLK
to be robbed ^of his good natuo is to
put it on his umbrella.

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