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MELLICH AMI* & KDWAKllS, Proprietors.
Terms of ?UDfSCi'ipt.ioix?
One Copy our Year.$1 00
" Six Month. T?
Rates of Advertising.
One Square \st Insertion.$1 00
I'ach Subsequent " . 00
Notices inverted in Local Column at '20r pa
All Subscriptions and Transient Advertise
ments to lie paid for in Advance.
B?','" We ore in no way responsible for
the views or opinions o' ttir Correspond
Fitiday, ?TitlE in.' 1 sib".~
The Club Meetings.
Under the call of our County
Chairman the various Clubs of the
Democratic party in our County will
meet on or about the 1st of May to
reorganize the Clubs by the elect ion
of oltieers, and to send delegates to
the County Convention to meet iv*.
Orangeburg the second Saturday in
May. These Club meetings arc very
important because they arc the lirst
meetings in the campaigns, and much
will depend upon the action taken at
them. OUlcers will have to be elec
ted by each Club to se ? ve for the next
two years, and it is . cry necessary
that active, zealous and faithful
Democrats should be put in these
places, as upon them the vigor of the
campaign to a great extent depends.
Delegates will also have to be elected
to the County Convention, and, as
this Convention has important mat
ters to discuss and deckle, it is very
proper that our best men should be
sent to the front.
The kind of delegates to soud up
are strong-minded men who have
independence of character enough to
think for themselves, and don't re
quire leaders to think for them aud
tell tbeni bow to vote aud what to do.
The best security against the evils
which have been complained of is for
the Clubs to turn out in full numbers,
at these meetings, and for each man
to realize the importance of his vote,
and to think well before he casts ii
Indifference wont do in this mailer.
Tt is folly to soud i\p any man who
happens to get up and signify Iiis
willingness logo to the (Convention.
There should he a regular electiou,
and not a mere appointment I>y the
President. There is no other way of
getting a fair and free expression of
the wilt of the people. Let every
Democrat he out and do his duty.
Thoughts on Ihc Canvass.
As the campaign is about opening
in Orangeburg County, as well as in
the State, a few stray thoughts on the
subject may not be inappropriate.
There are in the County a number
ofolllees to till, and. from the indica
tions we already see, there will cer
tainly be a greater number of candi
dates than there are places.
To all such we would say submit
yourselves entirely to the wishes of
the people. Don't press your claims
by undue intluences. Rethem her it is
unbecoming and unworthy of a t rue
citizen to electioneer. Legitimate dis
cussion of the merits of candidates is
proper on the part of friends and op
poucnts, In!*, the candidate himself
should he silent and inactive. What
ever may be the practice, i> is ivronif;
The olliee should seek the man aud
not the mail the olliee. Whouainan
seeks an nil lee. it i.-. an evidence that
be is not the proper man for it.
The usual mode of inlltictieing
voter-is also wrong. The voter ought
to be. left to his own free choice. Ali
lie wanis is to linderst and the issue,
and to have lbe facts laid lie lb re him,
and then he should be left to liimsvif
to do as bis conscience die tales.
Again t he praet ice <>i" I lie combina
tion of dill'ereiit elements and the
score! making up of tickets is alto
?feiher wrong. I he w ill of the people
x-an never be obtained in Ibis way.
All siieb practices an- unworthy of
good citizens and should be condemn
ed 1>\ i hem v. herover found.
We do not make those remarks
because we suspect tiny such practice
in oiir County, bill merely as a warn
ing to evil doers, arid as ? hint to
good eiti/ans to be awake to the
interest < if I heir homes.
The National Aspect.
So far as matters stund at present
the indications are thai Grant will
be the Republican noininee. and Bay
ard the Demoeratie nominee for
President. Most (if the Bepublican
Slab- Conventions have sent (leant
deh'.gates to :he National Convention,
In spite of Grunts unpopularity with
conservative Republicans, ho is the
choice of the extreme Republicans,
who want a man whom they suppose
will have the effrontery, like Hayes, to
take the ['residential chair whether
he is elected lo it <>r not.
On lite Democratic si?le Bayard is
the favorite at present, 'there is no
doubt thai he is the embodiment of
honor for which he is respected nil
over the United .States by friends and
With Graut and Bayard there is no
doubt that the lines will he most dis
tinctly drawn between the military
and the civil phases of government,
between peculation and plunder in
olllce on the one side, if we may
judge from Grants previous terms,
and honest and economical govern
ment on the other side.
With such au issue and such
standard bearers opposing each other
there would be something to work
Who Shall Be Governor I
The contest for Gubernatorial hon
ors liesat present between Gen. Gary
and ton. llngood. The latter is the
Conservative candidate and as such
we prefer him. We regard Gen.
Gary's sentiments as entir ly incon
sistent with true Democracy.
What effect the old song of "up*'
and ''low"country will have upon the
choice, however, it is hard to say.
Wc cannot sec why the selection
of Governor should be confined to
two men. We believe that there are
many other men who would fill the
ollice just as acceptably and ably,
and we believe too, that the harmony
of the party would he advanced by
hiking up .'i third man. But if i;
must he either Gary or ".Iuguod, we
prefer the latter, both ima man .?;;."! :>..*
a Co:. iTvalive.
Gen. Uarj.
Ai r<hs, writing in the "Nt ?.- au 1
Courier" of Wednesday, makes a
glowing and forcible presentment of
the claims of Gen; M. W; Gary for I
Governor, and we freely admit the
correctness of the statement. (Jen. j
Gary has done some excellent things,
and when we look at his public re
cord wc tire "almost persuaded ?
but not rptite. We believe him to
be honest, faithful, moderate, far
sight*: 1, and deserving of our grati
tude, hut his utterances are not Dem
ocrat ie.
No man who takes the exclusive j
ground that he does should represent j
tin Democracy of South Carolina, j
The Work of the Pistol.
The unfortunate affair in Edge
field or. Monday, an accou nt of which
appears; in another place, is but
another illustration of the evil of
carrying deadly weapons.
\\ c don't believe in compromises
of any kind. There must either be
law or no law. If we arc to cut,
slash and kill, and take our protec
tion in our own hands, what is the
use of nil tin? expensed!'law; but it
we pretend k? be a law-abiding and
law loving people and are burdened
with die costly machinery of govern
ment, why don't thai government see
thai ih citizens are protected. This
protection cannot lv given if the
citizens are allowed lo carry the
weapons of protection w hich should
alone ho in lite hum!.-, of the govern
ment. There tire few men w ho are
so beastly and cowardly as to kill
ntiot her with deliberate purpose.
Most murders tire committed on the
spur of the moment, and in the heat
of passion, or under the inlltienec of
whisky. In either cose, if the pistol
was not present, no harm would he
j done.
I .. . . . . . ,
j hvcry instinct el humanity and
justice prompts the enforcement of
j the law in rufen nee to carrying con
Coaled weapons. The safely of the
1 columnilily depends upon it.
J it is unfortunate for Edgollold
that so ninny of lliese ugly occur
rence!? should Hike place v. ii bin Its
borders. We fear that some evil
influence is working upon the < om
miinity which it will require the
sharp asid decisive Condemnation of
the hotter classes lo remove.
Tilden Out of tlicJVay.
It bus been reserved for a corres
pondent of the Boston Herald to an
nounce that Mr. Tilden is no longer
a candidate for I he i'n aideney in the
coining" election. Mr. Tilden says
! to ihe interviewer, "I do not liiiiid
' telling von frankly thai the lime has
I now COIUC when I don'l care a conti
ncntal penny for cither polities or
This will be joyful news to the
consolidated Southern opponents of
tlie sage of Gramerey, anil we hope
J that Iiis ghost will never rise again
to give them uneasiness.
Bloodshed in Ettgeilcltl.
At the municipal election in Edge- j
field on Monday a bloody riot occur
red, in which Dr. Bland and Mr.
Clisby were shot in the h.?weis, sup- |
* . -
posed mortally, and Mr. Glover was
shot iu the thigh. The iillhir grew
out of a dispute tis to the manage
ment of the election, Clisby having
coalesced with the colored people, to
reduce the lax on whisky, and the
straight-out Democrats putting up
an opposition. It is an unfortunate
ullair, and has thrown the communi
ty into considerable excitement.
The Ways of Politicians.
The Abbeville Medium and Mr. C.
II. Moise of Sunder, who is a self
constituted candidate for Comptroll
er General, have charger! Gen. Hu
good with taking Insurance fees,
which should have gone iuto the
State Treasury, and putting them into
his own pocket, by taking an undue
advantage of a Radical law.
The Columbia Register undertakes
to answer the charges and set Gen.
Llagood right. The Register pays
that the law is on tin- statute books,
ami that it is a Democratic law and
that Gen. llagood has a perfect and
legitimate right to the fees.
Surely the ways of politicians are
oast finding out.
The ."Medium is for Gary. Moise
is for Moise, and the Register is for
llagood. We confess we don't alto
gether relish this fee business, but
wo suppose Gen. llagood is not un
like other men.
The Cotton Factory.
OitAXGEBUltG, April 13lh 1.^0.
Editor Orongeburg Timrs :
It is lo be hoped that the silcuee
which precedes the Factory meeting
advertised for the second Saturday
in May is a propitious omen of a
.storm of material success which will
then burst upon our County.
With the statistics- beftfreVs, it is
bard to see how any one who has any
amount to invest can fail to .->eizo the
opportunity of benefiting both
himself and the community. It has
been clearly shown by the articles
published in the News and Courier,
which have since been published in
pamphlet form by the State Agricul
tural Bureau for free dist ribution, that
from Ks lo per cent, have actually
been realized by the Factories al
ready established in South Carolina.
What better exhibit do we want V
Any man whocau gel lOpcreent. on
his money is doing well. So much for
the matter as a successful private
business investment.
But again wc must leok to the
benefits in a general or public way.
Dr. Cooke's address before the Agri
cultural Society, in which he de
monstrated how the prosperity of
Massachusetts, naturally poorer than
Souih Carolina, was built up by its
factories,should eonviecall.
Here lie- the key to the future sue
cess of the South, 'l'he North has
prospered because every thine; i>
made at home aud the money is kept
there. As soou as the South realizes
this truth, and establishes her own
manufactories, prosperity is sure to
follow, ami with public prosperity
comes private prosperity also. They
arc one ami inseparable. There is
no County in the State that enjoys
greater advantages for a Factory than
Orangeburg. The victory is half
Bet us strike while the iron is hot.
Let every one come up to the meeting
ill May prepared to say how many
shares he will take. Wc want action
not talk at this meeting.
- .mil ???m.-'
[For th*- Orangchur? Time?.]
For Prohute Judge.
Editor Times :
Allow us, through your columns,
to nominate .Mr. 15. 1'. I/.lar, of
Brauebville, for Probate Judge of
Orangeburg iu the coming election,
lie is eminently qualified and alto
gether deserving of the olllee on ac
count of his record, both as a citizen
and a soldier, and we trust that the
people will not hoar to Iiis declina
tion. Many Voteks.
Never expose your disappointments
to the world.
Tilt! great interest in a certain
j variety of corn and also of a certain
j variety of young men is whether it
I w ill pop or not.?-McGregor News.
? p-4
? rH
New Di
ess Goods,
w White Goods,
New Millinary,
New Cassimeros,
New Straw Good
New Clothing,
Now 11ata,
New Children* Suits,
New Ladies Suits,
Now Shoes,
New Slippers,
now opening the LA.EGEST aud most SELECT
STOCK. cvcr exhibited. An early inspection invited.
enry Kohn
Stop and r< fresh yourself, and then carry sonic home in a neat little patent Ice
Cream bag, lor your N ifc, Sister*, Cousins and Aunts, and Sweetheart included.
Ice for R'ilc in any quantity. Send Hope or Hag to save expenses.
1 am ."-till keeping the finest assortment of
Oranges, Lemons,and Nuts of all descriptions, cheaper thin anywhere else.
Sometkiaag STow^in Ho-uselseepiag I
Dcntcatcd Cocoon, also fresh Kaisin*, Currants, Citron, Cannid Good*, Fine Cigars,
lid Smoker's Articles. Call once and you ?viil cdl again.
?tos. ir.iios,
At Driggmunn's Old Stand,
one book west oe
Kespectfully informs the PUBLIC in general, th it he has opened a
Which he will keep SU1 rLIKD with the REST GOODS that can be had
in the United States. All of which I propose to sell at the LOWEST
POS-] hLE PRICES, nud guarantee satislhctioii to all who favors me with
their patronage. apl 9, 1SS>?6m
r(ivi:i:i,\ iiorsi;.
A first-class Hotel, located in the very
hear! of Charleston's Fashionable Promen
ade, King fclri-ct, nearly opposite the Thea
Ire, and couven eat to business. Terms
S- per day.
GKO. W. SULLIVAN, Proprietor.
F. B. ItEVii.i.r, Superintendent.
P<y instruction* from the County Chair
man, a meeting of Lyons Democratic Club
will lie held at St. Matthews Academy on
tin- first Saturdiy of May next, being the
first day df the month, at ?? o'clock I'M.,
for the following objects : To reorganize
i?>r (he Campaign, to eiect Delegates to tin
Countv Convention, ami to attend to such
otl er husim-s? as may be determined upon.
The mem1 crs aru earnestly repueslcd to
attend punctually.
OnAKQKllURO, C II., S. C, March 01st 1SS0
Notice is herchv given, that I,hv myself,
or Deputy, will be at the following named
places on die days specified, f?r the purpose
of collecting the TANKS of the fiscal ycr.r
commencing NOVEMBER 1st IS79.
Office hours from (J A. M. to 2 P. M.
Br.mehville?Saturday May 1st KS80.
Lcwisville ? Monday May 3rd.
Furl Motte?Tuesday May 4th.
Connor's Store?Wednesday May 6tlr
Avers' Shop ?Thursday May Gth.
Uowesville? Friday May 7th.
Cedar tirove?Saturday May 8th.
.7. II Felder'??Jfonday May 10th.
S. 1". M ells'?Tuesday May 1 lib.
Avingcr's?Wednesday ,Vav 12th.
W. .I. bonder's ?Thursday May 13th.
Dr. Tom K. Keller's - Friday A/ay 14th?
Pine (irove Academy?Saturday M:>y \?.
Win'. F. Phillips'?il/onday .*?/ay 17th.
K S (ileatou's?Tuesday May 18/h.
Coonshoro'?Wednesday Afay Huh.
Wilkcs Sawyer's, Thursday d/a.v 20th.
Col. Daniel Livingston's, Friday il/av 21.
Oregon's Old -Store, Saturday May 22.
Kastcrlin'a Mills, Monday May 21th
Joseph DSmoke's Mills, Tuesday May 25
Zeigler's Store, Wednesday May 26tll.
Knotts' Mills, Thursday May 27th.
Treasurer, 0. C
(.' (j Dantzlek
ajir'I ?.l
Attention Orange Light Dragoon3!
You are hereby ordered to assemb'e at
Company's rtudnveut* at Or*.ngeburg, on
Saturday, April 1 Ti 1? 1S O.lat lOu'cluck A
M , sharp, lor drill, in fid'J uniform. AH
members who receive sabre-* or v ho know
where they can ho found, are ordered to
bring or report them. Injresponse to the
request of our Solicitor Col. M. 1. brown
ing, tltc Adiuiant General has sent on the
fir.-t instahncnt of sabres and belts. '??hieh
will lie delivered to ihe Company on that
day. A large attendance i*. earnestly
requested Itv Order of
N. N. II.VYbEN, Captain O. L. D.
apr" 1 - 3t
Photo and Artist.
I las opened a Gallery in front of Meron
ev's Hotel, where the public cau have Pho
(ographa taken of first class and artistic
finish. Nothing but lim class work done
this Gallery. Call and examine samples
at Gallery. All wishing good
work done can have the chance without
having the expense of going to the City
for the same. Call and see me. All work
cash when yon mi.
apl 'J ? tf
~k otioe.
Notice i? hereby given that the under
signed, with such persons as may he nwo
ciated with them, will after the expiration
of thirty days from the dato thereof, under
the provision of the Act of General As
sembly of the State of South Carolina, ap
proved February 2Uth 1874, and the amend
ment then of, entitled "An Act to provide
for certain Charters," apply to Georg3 Holt?
ver r.sq. Clerk of Court of Common Picas
for Orangcburg County, to grant them a,
Charter lor a "Corporation," to he located
in the Town of Orangeburg, S. C? and to
be known as tbo "Farmer's Mutual iLid
W in. S i/arton, J II Felder,
W F HobinPon, F H Gramling,
Kirk HobinPon, Jas. Stokes,
W F Barton, A K Fehler,
K W Hrantley, Jas. M Mow,
J J Fid rev, * T F barton,
Paul F Ulanding, W \V Culler,
Z K Gramling, W F Hartley,
Juo J Sallcy Jr., John C Holraan,
W T Muller. H itiggs,
W A Mackay.
mar 19 lm
A Honso with 4 Rooms and Basement
with Firo Places Piaua with n large hot
57 ft. Front by 300 ft. deep; fronting on 'A
Htreets; healthy location. Terms oasy.
Apply to
T. 0. HUBBELL, Auetlost**.
Rrnpretful!y informs his customers and
tlie public generally, that he ha;. ju*t re
ceived a full stock of the very best Mat>
rial and Latest Stylos, jnst suited for
Spring and ?Summer, which will be made up
in any >ly!e at from 53 ?? to 1 50 for Shoe*
and Gaiters, Boots from $7 up.
Repairing done in the neatest manner
and on tho shortest notice.
I also keep constantly on hand a full
stock of Leather, La<ts, Pegs, Awln,
'1 bread and all oihor Material used in this
Having manj y??rs experience in the
busin'.-.v, I guarantee satisfaction in my
work and prices. A trial is Hol'ictted.
fob 27 1 v
W. F. Robinson,
And Jeweler,
OrsHge&urg, H, C
LANDRETH'S SEEDS have been on tho
tho Market since 1784. and stilt keep
the lend. I have the LARGEST quantity
and collection ever brought to Orangeburg,
whfch I warrant to he fresh.
Purchase your SEEDS in time, and as I
Peas, licans and Corn
by MEASURE it's to your advantage, and
you can net a look at the Seed before bay
ing. ALMANACS, with valuable informa
tion, free to customers.
1 now selling off my FALL STOCK of
I At LOW RATES. ANo will order Rings,
I Jewtlry, Silver at d Plated Ware below
j Retail Prices, and attend to Repairing of
all kinds in ray line.
_W. F. Robinftv>n.
Notice of Dismission.
The undersigned will file his final ac
count, as Trustee, under tho will of Murray
Robinson ?tr., with the Hon. Probate Judge
of Orangeburg County, on the 28th day of
April next, and ask for Letters of Dis- ^
Trustee. ^
March 2Cth 18S0.
mar 26 4V
The undersigned would respectful
ly inform tho citizens of this and
adjoining' Counties, that he has given
up merchandizing in order to give
his wl ole attention to
Will arrivo the coming week a
Inrgc lot of fine Harness and Saddle
HORSES which will bo offered at
very reasonable prices.
Having many years experience in
the above business I feel confident of
giving full kUit-faction to every ono
who favors tue with their patronag?.
At the Old Stand.
Dress-Making &c.
The undersigned respectfully informs the
public that she is prepared to do all kinds
of Ladies and Gentlemen? Sewing. Patron
age solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed.
Drosses made in the latest Styles.
Over Store of P. O. Cannon, and next door
to Dr. Dukes' Drug Store.
Orangeburg, S. C, March 23, 1880.
mar 2t> tf
All persons indebted to the Estateo
Capt. Murray Robinson, will make payj
ment to tho undersigned, and all having
claims against tho .-ai l Estate, will hand
them in, properly attested, for settlement.
A ilmin im rat or.

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