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Tlie Orangeburg Times
L O C J? Tu
Colds seem to be fashionable.
What is the cause of the rise in
provisions? Is there any cause?
-i im ? W -
Another consignment of shoes in
at Kortjohu's.
Balmy spring is beaming upon us
Rev. W. S. Richardson, of the
Methodist Church, is in town.
- ?? . - ? ? ? -
Straw hats, straw hats at Kort
The growth of Orangeburg is*
marked and stead v.
Homespun at factory prices at
. ?> ? -. ? -
The communication signed "Aes
culapius" came too lato for this
issue but will appear in our next.
? ??i> ? - ? ^??
We regret to hear that Hon. ?I. \Y.
Muscle}' has been stillering again from
a severe spell of sickness.
T.C Hubbcli, Kstp, is leplcnishing
his News Emporium, opposite Post
OlUee, with illustrated papers.
It is reported to us that the small
grain crops of the county arc not
doing well.
? -?r-j> o mm -
Beautif?l corsets and corset skirt
supporters at Kortjohu's. (.'all be
fore they arc sohl.
A number of new street lamps have
been put lip by our wide awake Town
Council to light up our dark places.
The trees around the Court House
are looking green and beautiful.
They should In-boxed and protected.
i<n - - ? ????- -
Pocket knives, pistols, shears sell
ing oil' at Kortjohu's to close con
The Rads will have a rich time
harmonizing in ?rangcburg. There
will be some tall quarreling before a
love feast takes place.
- - ? m mm - - -
We understand that .Mr. C. B.
Glover has purchased Mr. Jas. S.
Hey wards residence opposite Mr.
? ??i? - - ? <??
If you want a lino straw hat go to
I). K. Smoak A' Co., and ask them to
.show von their stuck w hich they keep
up stairs. Prices low down.
If you want to gratify the inner
man go round to A. M. Izlar's restau
rant, and yon w ill be satisfied, lie 1
docs up eviuythiug in No. 1 style.
If you want to avoid chill and i
fever keep a bottle of the celebrated
German Chainoinile Tonic on hand. 1
For sale by Dr. .1. (!. WanuainaUcr.
If you have one or two hundred
dollars to spend no to \). K. Sinoak
A- Co. and you w ill be sure to get its
A very interesting address was de
livered last Sunday by Prof. W. II.
Lawrence before the Foreign Mis
sionary Society of the Methodist
t .'hurch.
- bm ? . mmm -
The dwelling house of Mr. A. Ih
Sehachte in our sister town, Bam
berg, was dest l oved by lire at mid
night Tuesday, the act of an incen
diary. ?
. mal ? - m ? ? -
W. learn that a negro house
on the plantation of Hon. John S.
Bowman, near Rowesvilh?, was to
tally destroyed by lire on Sunday
The Rads of Orungeburg have
started. John Thompson, precinct
chairman, has called a meeting of his
precinct for the purpose of shaking
up the dry bones.
Spasmodic convulsions are fre
quently caused by worms gnawing tit
the vitals; ihcroforc, at the first indi
cations of worms, Shrinors Indian
Vermifuge should be administered
according to directions.
Sugar, eoil'ee ami Hour arc goin^
down, still D. K. Sinoak A- Co. arc
fully 10 per cent, below the market
on these and all other articles in their
line. Try them if you want full
salisfaet ion.
- -???mo? ? - . 4?? .1 -
The cold snap and frost has done
considerable damage all over our
county. The gardens generally have
been badly injured, and it is said
that the fruit crop has beim somewhat
-fH . - ? ??
Mr. J. H. Fowl es is having his
Durham place, in the suburbs of the
town, put in repair, under the direc
tion of Mr. John I.turns, who is al
ways thorough in all that he under
The best fatiey family Hour cheap,
at Kurtjohn's.
"A stitch in time saves uinc." One
buttle German ChamomilcTouie will
save n doctor's bill. For sale, at Dr.
Read advertisement of dos Eros in
another column. He will be ready
ready with ice cream at his fashiona
ble saloon on or about next Saturday,
lie is doing everything to please his
customers in catering to their taste.
Mr. A. C. Dibble, of Hamberg, is
about moving into town for the bene
fit of the health of his family. Wc
hope the bracing air of Orangcburg
will have the desired restorative
So great has been the increase in
the nombers of the Elliott Hook and
Ladder Company that an order has
been sent on for an additional supply
of equipments, and a portion of the
articles have aircadv arrived.
We hope the Committee on the
Cotton Factory in Orangcburg is at
work canvassing the county. The
public meeting will .soon take place
now, and if the people (hin t take
some definite action a blow will be
struck tn the enterprise.
An out Ionise on the place of Mr.
A. E. Davis, below Orungohurg, was
destroyed by lire rei .Monday. It is
said that the lire was caused by little
children who were plnvini? about the
? *
premises with burning paper und
Still improving. Mr, John A.
Zoiglor i- painting and renovating
his residence on Amelia.
Col. ftl. 1. Browning has also made
considerable improvements to his
dwelling ami fencing near the Court
House square.
The Soulhern Comic Opera Com
pany performed at Masonic Hall on
Monday night to a moderate sized
audience. Hie Comic opera of > <>x
and lb 'i created coiisidorablo aiuuso
meat, Mr. Del.at.o performing his
lari with much humor.
We call attention to the advertise
ment, in this issue, of the Wavnrly
House, at the Read of King street.
It is :i Hr.* I ei.'ss hotel, and a popular
stopping place for Ohingoburghers.
We reeomiiK ml it to visitors to the
city during tho coming e>:i ursiou and J
anv other time.
We understand that Messrs. W. B.
Thompson and R. V. Thompson have
bought out Mr. Moseley at the Kail
road corner, and I hat there will soon
ben new linn under the name <?!
Thompson A Thompson at this point
i:i our town. Success tu the enter
Mr. Sox, living a few miles east ol j
Orjingeburg, was found dead near
his house (.!? r'rhlay morning. The |
day before, which was very cold, j
stormy and boisterous, he was up in
town, and it is supposed, <>n his re
rum ln>ie.e alur (tight, he became
overpowered with the cold and froze
to death.
I _ .
Mr. G. M. \"an Orsdell is now
ready to lake your picture in the very
best manner, lie is a Mrs! class ai'
ti-; and will, 1:0 doubt, give perfect i
satisfactionto those who putroni/.<
him. ( all on him at Meroiiey's
Hotel, with your sisters, cousins,
aunts, sweethearts ami grandparents.
Messrs. Evan* A* Co. have obtained
looms over Mr. Willcoek's store,
where they arc prepared to paint up
old pictures and take from life, on
reasonable terms. They also give
instructions in this beautiful art.
Call on them and examine these eon
vex pictures, patented dan. 7th. 1371C
.Many thanks to ( apt. A. Mclchcrs
for a complimentary to the Annual
Sch?tzenfest of the German Rille
Club which takes place in ( harlestoti
April 2(Hh, JTtli and 2Sth. This will
lake place during the Grand Excur
sion of the s. ('. Railroad Company,
and will be an object <d* interest to
visitors to the "City by the .sea."
The County Medical Association
und im Monday and held an interest
ing and proIItable session. It will
be learned with sadness, that Dr. El
liott, whose health has been very had
for some time, has found it necessa
ry to send in his resignation as Presi
dent. The robes of olllee have now
fallen upon the first Vice-President,
Dr. A. S. Hydriek, who, although
young, is active and experienced, and
will discharge the duties with satis
faction tc a!b
K?rtj?hn continues to lend the
market in groceries, tobacco, tfce.
If yon want u good clear eomf^px
ioii and feel strong and healthy, take
the celebrated Chainondlc Tonic.
For sale only at Dr. Wannnnntker's.
Mr. L. K. Marchall is canvassing
the County as State Agent for an
excellent rubber glass cleaucr. We
have seen it with the greatest satis
faction. It is a great labor-saver.
Mr. Kirk Robinson is authorized
to receive subscriptions and nil other
dues to the Times. Subscriptions
can be paid cither to him or at this
otliee as convenience may dictate.
R. F. Bryant, Secretary of the El
liott Hook A Ladder Company, re
quests us to state that at a regular
meeting of the Company held on
last Thursday, the following resolu
tion was unanimously adopted:
Resolved. That the thanks of this
Company be tendered the ladies w ho
so kindly furnished refreshments at
the late lire at Mr. Kohn's.
Mr. J. J. Street, the Chairman of
the Committee on the Steam Engine, ]
requests us to state that the Com
mittee is still behind in raising funds
j enough for the first payment, but all
the citizens have not yet been
visited. As soon as the can
vass is through the names
of all w ho have so liberally contribu
ted will be published.
The growth of Ornngeburg is a
subject Of note. The KOUIul of thi
plane and hammer is hardly ever
hushed. Improvements arc going on
everywhere, and new settlers arc- con
stantly comiug in. We hnv?? made
j rapid strides. The next need is food
I both for mind and body?a market,
j and a university for the whites as
well as the blacks.
The hail storm was very severe on I
1 Willow Swamp on last Tuesday. Mr. I
AV. II. Joiner's place felt the full
' force of it. All of his turpentine
trees, and nil of the tree-; in his yard,
and his fences were blown down.
One tree fell across his corn hoiTsc,
tearing up things generally. The
storm lasted three minutes, and
caused the family considerable cor.
slcruat ion.
I _
Wc arc informed that the Silsby
Manufacturing Company have shipp
ed ;<? the care of Mr. J. d. Street, for
tin; Young Americas, three handsome
photographs of the new cugine
"Uncle doe,'' substantially and neat
ly fiaU'Vtl. The .'-.ante company has
also sent a handsome trumpet to I e
used by the t hief of our Fire De
partment. This is doing things
h ttubomoly, as the Silsby Company j
knows so well how to do.
AI the ins?, meeting of the Kxreu- j
live Committee of (he Democratic
party, the matter of the resignation
of Mr. L. S. Connor as County Com
missioncr was considered, and the
Committee unanimously agreed to
request the Governor not to accept
his resignation. This wo regard as
a deserving compliincul to Mr. Con
nor, who has proven himself to be i
most excellent, cttlcictit and faithful I
billet r.
A merited rebuke was given in
Columbia, on last Saturday evening
by Mrs. Scott Si<hions, m a number
of young persons who were engaged
in "laughing, talking and llirting"
d.uiing the rendiug. The audience
a*as a brilliant one, and the sympathy
was entirely with Mrs. Siddons as
was elicited by the hearty applause.
Nothing is more unkind than such
behavior in the presence of one w ho
is reading, speaking or performing
in any w ay, and it will never be com
mitted l>y such as arc regard fill of
t he leadings of o'. hers.
Sine?; the rise in printing paper
many of the papers over the country
are making a corresponding rise in
their subscription prices, and some,
like the "News and Courier," are
rising on certain advertisements. The
TiMies does not propose as vet to do
anything of the kind. Our subscrip
tion price is only $1 per annum, the
cheapest paper in the State. All wc
ask is promptness of payment on the
part of our subscribers. We ask for
nothing more. Wo are trying to Im
prove the paper which requires mon
ey. Wc hope, therefore, t hat those
whom we have indulged will call at
this ofllec or on Mr. Kirk Robinson
! and pay up.
Dress goods and notions, recent
arrivals, Ml Kortjobn's. ( all early
and secure bargains.
The Grand Annual Excursion t<>
the "City by the Sea," will commence
on April 20lh, aud the timt of stay
will be extended to May 1st. Tick
ets can be bought at all the Railroad
Stations from April 20th to April!
28th, at the following low rates for
the round t rip from the places named
on the South Carolina Railroad in
this county: Fort Motte. ?2 ?O; St.
Matthews, if'-' <)<>: Jamison's, $2 GO;
Stillten, $2 .'.<?; Oriingoburg, $2 40;
Rowesville, $2 15; Braehville, $1 05.
This affords an excellent opportunity
for a cheap and pleasant trip. Tin1
Sch?tzenfest aal other diversions
will be en hotel.
The Kdisto Rifles, under the ccm
mum! of Capt. Dibble, turned out on
Tuesday afternoon for quarterly pa
rade, Mini went through with the
manual of arms and all the cvolu
lions of the soldier, with great credit i
to tbetiiscHes and t heir indefatigable j
commander. Tin Indies, who evince
great in'crost in the soldier boys,!
were out in all their beauty and love j
lincs? to give . hoer and encourage- j
meat t" the occasion. The band,
under the h adership of Mr. Owens, j
was also on: making a second appear
ance in public. We only express the
universal opinion when w - say "well
done" In their efforts. The playing
was equal to that of a long trained j
? i i ? ? ? i
hand, ami it is a source of gratifica
tion that we now have good music at
hand on holiday occasions. The!
youug men deserve great credit f<>r
their profitieeney and public spirit.
{ For the Oringeunrg Time?.]
ouaxoeolihj, April Otll, IfcSO.
Mr Editor :
I want to see published in your
valuable pa pet, the following ques
tion which is to he di -cussed at the
next meeting of the Oratigeburg
Missionary Union: Is it scriptum
for Christians to exact interest tvom ;
each other?
It is an intere.iting subject, and 1
hope (lie decision will alao be pub
A SrnscRiREn.
An .'. nt a, April 22 !. 1S70.
Gentiemeu? 1 have made a chemi- I
eal examination of biscuits made
with pure town talk linking powder, j
and no deleterious or unwholesome
substance is in the same.
Very res peel fully,
Wit. J. LAX.",
St*i- Chemist, and Member
American Chemical Society and
X. Y. Academy of Science.
Purchase this powder, fresh an.I
good, from tin. agent, (.'. D. Kortjobp. !
."?Jiirioii JucUhoii
Kespeelfu ly returns his thanks 'o> 1
hid many cu*t iiuers. for their past
patronage, ami hopes Lo merit tin
same in the future by keeping con 1
slnutly on hand fresh meats of everv j
kind at his old stau 1 in rear of (he j
Postofliee, during the present year.
A n. vn ( \, * >\., Feh. 10- is?'.*. |
Dr. Httlchiron <( / i<>. : vieii'.s - I have j
ii ied your "Neiiralginu" in several in<t
anccn,aud find ii li e l e t reimdy fur n't-ii* j
ralgin I have ever died. It relieve* the
pain and leaves none of diose unpleasant ;
ctfeeti due n> i :ire..tie< or other anodyne.*., i
1 hhall always keep it in my office,and lake }
much pleasure in rciommendinc it to mv :
i>.iilontr-. s.\; Hoi i.ani', Peiititt,.
l!l \\ iiitchall, Atlanta, Ua. |
apr'l 0 1 tn
Health ami Reality Cuuihincil Woman'- j
Kiwitts-'>?? who has long studied thin
Kiihjvct vow i resents the remit of his inves- j
ligaiions. He is hu| py to say that he ha* i
discovered ''Woman's liest Friend.It i
adupted especially in those e.i?e< where die
vroiulj is disordered, and will cure aio
irregularity of the ''menses " 7/rndficld's
female Hegu'ator acts like a charm in
"whiter." <>r sudden check of the "month j
ly coni.-es," from cold, trouble of mind or
like causes, bv restoring the discharge in
every instance. Jn chronic cases in action
is i rompi mid decisive, and saves the
constitution freni iutilities*evil* and pre
mature > ceay. Pre and by Dr. J. Riad
field, Atlanta, (Ja. For *.ile at $1.00 pel
bottle hy 1'r J. (1. Waumtmakcr.
July 1.1, 1877;
I have used your Female Itegulator < x
tensively in my pi act ice for a long time,
and 'lith entile sueee.s where (here was no
complication of disease. If it is noi a
specific, it is, in my opinion, the best known
remedy for the diseases for which it is re
couiendcd. J. 11. I?a\is, M. I?.
iijir'l 'J liu
Tilings change so rapidly that
much of our knowledge and skill
soon become inapplicable, aud is
rapidly forgotten.
T| 1st of Unclaimed Lollars
Hi Remaining in the- Fnst Oflice nt
Orangeburg C IL, Orangeburg Cbunty,
April 10 1880:
W r Arcy. Robert dbbles,
Edward Abtnu, Mr Uriine.-?,
MissMnrv Hunt, John Haerbon, cob
I) K Hobler, Alexander Hustif?,
!?: dmlan, 0 l' Jirdan,
Mis. Mnhiln Irvin, S L Klndard,
Stephen Montgomery, Miss Mulla 12 Murray
Mariba Norman, d M Price,
Alexander lmbhison, Mm 1? W Ra?t,
Mix Sarah Kobinsoti, MUs C M Zimuicrinan.
Market Reports.
Corrected every week by Messrs. Hui.L
Fjuoay, April 10, 18S0.
Middling. IUi*?
Low Middlings.H'|W
Didinary. lO^'lOJ
N'ew Corn .
lV.s. To
Fodder; ner 100 lbs._ 1 0J |
Hough Kiee.$ 1 !?5
cor xt y c:o.iim issioxers,
ORAN(iEBlJKG,S. C, April lOtli 1 -80.
The following rale per centum for Taxes
upon Itenl aud /'crsoiuil 1 roperty is, 11? y
an Act entittb'd "An Act to rai-e supplies
and make appropriations for the fiscal year
roimueiieing November 1st \b~'J. passed at
I ibe regular and special sessions of l'"7.J,
j IS?O. aid ratified the -lib 1&79,) levied;
: v;t.
I For Slate purposes, four and three-fourths
j ; 41j of one mills,
I ForSehced Tuxes. two 2,110':!.-.
j for Orangeburg County Tax, three {2(
For Fast Indcptcdness (Co ; three four tin
"{ ? of one mill. ?.
Also in nil School Districts bsving
j n deficiency for past due School claia?9,
i lliree-tonrtlis i*$) of one mill
1 Liberty Township is out ??flieht.
N. N. HA YPF.N. Chairman
I I'onrd of County Corxmindonors, Omago
1 lim g < mint} .
I L Ii Wanxamakei?, Clerk,
I apr'i 10 2t
OnAXOEBCno, S. C, March 29th 1880.
By mid with the advice of the Count}
Exccutivs 1 rntmititc I, Malcolm I. Brown
ing, Co tnly Chairman, do hereby call a
Convention of the Pemccratic Party of
' Orangeburg Couuty, to meet at Orangeburg
: Court house, c n the second Saturday in
j May proximo, being the eighth day ofthe
j month, nt 1 OA o'clock A. M., for the pur
ptnse of tr.'.ciu cling the following bnsiiiesi
? hen ami (hero tu be brought before t he
taid Convention:
first To elect six delegates to represent
the County ?.1 Crnngebnrg in ihr State
| Cctivention, to be holden at Columbia, on
j the first day of Juni next.
: Second. To express the sense of the Petuo
1 crntic Party of this County, upon the qucs
\ tirn "f ?'the repeal of the two-thirds 1 tile,
r.ow olforc? in National Convention*."
Third. To express the sense ofthe Party
in this County jpon the question,"whether
thtf noiuiuaiion of the State ticket ihould
he in.ele in the June ConvcntioiCor at a
Mibsequen: true."
Fourth. To elect a County Executive
('< maiit 1*0 to serve for the next two yean.
Fifth. To elect a Couuty Chairman to
seivef? rtl em me period.
Sixth. And to do und to Iran-act Mich
othtr 1 UMiie-f-s :is may properly bo brought
before ?nid Convention .
The basis of representation in said Cii -
j -cniion wi'l he one deletr, ?to for everv Club,
and an additional delegate for every twenty
five enrolled members. Fractions of twenty
j five will not be rntitbd to representation.
I I'ttiddtuts of t hi! s are hereby directed t
I call their Chsbs to 'neet rn or before the
fnFt Saturday in May, the fir?t day of the
I monthTor the purpose of olitcddg delegated
! to the tifor* said Coiintv L' nveiilion, and of
I re-organ 1 z ng their Club?, it is- urged npbii
] ike <"lul-.- to elect iitvdeUgates only thnsi
who ran and will attend ihe Convention. At
I duse meetings of ihe Chilis, tiny will pro*
civil to elect 1 a?ir o'.li ? ?:-> to-L-" w for the
I next Campaign, nil 1 also each Chib will
nominate a member of die County Evecu
I live Committee to le elected by tho County
Conventii 11.
The retiring County '"hair.'uari has rc
qcesied our local papers in publish the
'?Rules of the Democratic Party" so that
the Convention, the ( bibs and the people
may be fully and intelligently informed as
to the method of Organization. The plan
livingihii? furnished forth, life interest and
attention of all are invoked to it* details,
The Clubs will oiganize and elect their
officers as in the said Kule-.s is provided
Secretaries of Clubs will fiiuish to one of
tlu ir deb gates, the list of oilicers, dele?g uc*.
and member of County Executive Com
mittee chosen at thee meetings, aforesaid.
Lei this I'liblication of the''Party Kulea"
ami the t all for otgacizaiioii under them
Le the hugle-bbist, whose clear and cheery
notes will command attention I Full at
tendance and deep inteivsl should charac
terize ihe.st? primary mectiiigsof the Clubs
for there are I he primal steps, which, well
taken, g-> very far towardi! promoting satis
faction in (he weuk ahead of us, rhd to
wards assuring harmony tboughoiit tho
Campa:gn, and a cuccessful is-uc out of all
it? events !
County < hairman.
?I, h- IIr.iiiTM.vx,
Secretary to Executive Committee.
A neat Dwelling with 4 Booms, Five
1 Places, hiid Kitchen nttnehed, with a Lot
I '2 acre; in a healthy location. Terms made
I ^ n..-, , A ppy JO
T. C HvbbilI/, Auotionafr.
Hlglfc Scliool,
For Boys a*id Girls.
The former prepared for College or
Business; und the latter giveu a
thorough Course.
Terms per Month:
Beginners.$2 00
intermediate und advanced Eng
lish. 2 GO
Latin and Greek (each extra).. CO
Liberal discount made for two or
more from a family.
Session commences fetich year)
I September 1st., and closes (each
year) July 1st.
Music. Teacher.
Neve* 'mis II\kp.
CxJS tr. Mxl'K A.XY i'fT ;*):>(;: ii i'oilisD. I.a?t
Twice as l.oxo.
Cliiils ami Peter, 0&\ $3?%
liver foDflaiat, Wr^W <?tl
v i v PAD. ?.,*?-tiri^ Id fciS
KruraUjii, v?-??2&r ? SSI
Uhcomatism, Jfcm&m
Sid A N'ertoui f^ff4^^
Ifcadadi?. |gp *<&?i
Nosioui i>ii!?.ua?,i.i i. '- iu.r.M..
llltn tn-r:,. TT".e 5W.. n ? ? ? r ?tr?r i ?; h.l
ef Citf w .?..:?.) i' li. iMVctititf l??viu ;.????? t i i,
.i!<o t!ic ! v si ?! Ktnniflrli. A i-rt> V ??? .Ii i
Tonic lm,,*?rJ?.il t?lot! >'Cin--tlr: ? wi>.ft", RiiwlJ - I
: r. ii . :'"> R!? ? <1.??.- J '. ? r: ? .|
Kill is to i n'" r O'jttiti, rxit ?t-mjttVtiiinjt t^i
Stou ?.??:.' ? ?.!??;!-?? f ?M. I'm ! <?*? i'vSI tl
t.\ it. t-.ii.ii i.t all D.v.'o:t.-jr,vr sire.by Mvt
or ICxprc/j.
At-:. r-t.-.-- <! rt .?? i; II Nor.? a I :?: r"T
P..-.l-.! \i.m:j.. ? :.
SfcfcfcSy CURRE
^^p^ Hea..?cUc.
OR l.> \ ivi> Uli HE For all diseases of
j the liver, shin, bowels, stomach, and kid
neyn, it hah no equal. It is daily use by
tho usaiids, all over ihe country, who volun
tarily les'ify io f its merits. It is entirely
vegetable, perfectly harmless, and can bo
taken hy j erKOnsof all ageH. Try it once,
and you will not regret ir.
Sample botdes and package,'25 cents.!
Large hi ttlrs, Si; large packiige,,6U conlS.
.Sohl everywhere.
Bole Proprietors! Charlfston, S. 0.
For sale by L>r. J. G. Wannamakor.
apr'I D tiro
Respectfully announces his arrival
from New York, and tn?es pUasura
iu calling the attention of his frioadj
and patrons to one of the
Grandest Displays
Of Eres? Oood* iu all the lateat
Styles, all the uew Shades; and Colors
in Silks, Satin, Brocade, Bunting(
Linen un.l Cotton from tho Looms of
England, France, Germany, China
and America. Priesa to suit evary
body in want of a dress
I'ara-ols, Funs, Lace.'*, Embroido
rie.*?, Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Corsets,
[?i ibbon-, Trimmings without end.
ami prices all right
The latest Novelties of the Season
n Ladies Neck Wear, Fish us, Rush
s, Collarettes, Neck Ties, Jabots,
Bows, Lace Scarfs, of which, all I
; is for everybody to take a look
at, and make selections
A very nicely selected Figurod
Muslins,* Lawns, Picqucs, Calicos,
L'ereal us'Jaml Ca in t > r i es
Immense line of White Goods of
{every iniinnginuble description
Gents and Youths Clothing of tho
Latest Styles
Of Ladies, Gents, Misses, Boys and
Children Straw Hats
Shirts, Neck Ties, Scarfs, Bows, Col
lars, Underwear, Suspenders iu tho
usual great vaiiety
PATTERNS for Spring auil Sum
Sewing Machine
Machine Needles, Oil, Attachments,
always on hand
Goods shown with pleasure Give
me a call and [ am sure you will all
be made to sinilo
Fashionable Dry Goods Emporium
Agent for
-f'i"oo cj-ijo ?<> i#u|<tn*?
?ai|nh.| .j <> i i ???tu'.-i mn|<fo
0 ?> i i j y . SM a3

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