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Tlio Orangeburg Times
Fish arc getting plentiful.
There are tnlka of a spelling bee in
our town.
The communication of "Agricola'
will appear next week, r
The few delightful Spring days
arc cheering.
Neat sigu boards, with the names
of the streets, have been put up by
the direction of Council.
The Columbia VttffMer and the
Camden Journal were both in full and
deep mourning for the lamented
Rev. J. F. Kiser will be absent
from town ou Sunday in attendance
upon the installation services at Mt.
We arc tinder obligations to lion.
Win. 'Windham, of Minnesota, for a
copy of his excellent speech on the
"ship canal."
A colored minstrel troupe per
formed In our town too night? this
week affording groat amusement to
thoso who were out.
The Rev. Lark O'Neal, who is Well
known in Oran'guburg, where he
lived many years ago, died at his
home in Edgullckl in the first part of
the mouth.
Hamilton & Norris have just re
ceived a fresh lot of orange crimps,
egg jumbles, rifle nuts, cocoanut
drops ami wafers, spiced drops,
vanilla wafers, fancy crackers, and
canned goods of all kinds.
-?*=r^> ? - - ?m? - ?
The glass ball men were out prac
ticing on Tuesday afternoon, and the
club was divided into three teams of
live men each. The best shooting of
the afternoon was done by N. II. Hull,
1). .1. Sal ley; P. G. Cannon,
and I). E. Snioak.
Mr. S. II.'-Cannaday, while on a
short visit to our county last Week,
from his home in Cokesbury, was
strieken down with an attack of
paralysis, Crom which he.is now suf
fering at Jamisons. We hope he
will soon be out it gain.
Easter pic-hies wer?; all the go oh
Saturday. We hear of lively times
at Four Holes' Rridj*o, .lohn L.
Moorer's, Culler's, Easterlin's and
elsewhere throughout- the County.
All who attended any of these gath
erings report a most enjoyable day.
Mr. Pike's two handsome cottages
on Clover Street are completed and
? Mr. J. G. Yose has occupied one of
them. Air. Scovill is just a lib tit
starting two on his hit on the Maine
streit, antl thus the work of improve
ment goes ou.
.The sermon of Hev. L. F. Guf-rry
at the Methodist Church on Sunday
night is highly commended both as
to its substance and delivery. Our
Episeopal friends have in him a pas
tor in whom they should feel a just
. - - ??mi.'' - - ? <chct.
A couple of German Immigrants
of a new kind have just a:rived in
Columbia; They bring means and
board on the farm for this year with
the intention of buying ami settling
next year Let us have two thousand
of this kind in Crangeburg County.
-m - . ijw -
Mr. J. M. Garsh, of Atlanta, Ca..
a phrenologist of many year's study
and experience, visited our town this
week. lie. examined the heads of
many of our citizens ami delineated
their characters with remarkable ac
curacy. He literally made, us "see
ourselves as others see us."
Mr. Lawrence U. Marshall will
visit our county and town this week
in the interest of the Ho;:. .lellerson
Davis' hook, entitled the "Rise and
Fall of the Confederacy," for which
he is agent for this county. It will
be a magnificent and reliable work,
and everybody ought to buy one.
Read the advertisement ot I). lv
Sinoak A' Co. in to-day's issue. His
large and fresh stock of groceries,
clothing and farmer's supplies of
every description can't be excelled.
Goods never Huger on his shelves be
cause they always suit purchasers in
price and quantity.
The. installation of Rev. .1. F.
Probst will take place at Mt. Leban
on Church next Sunday. A number
of visiting ministers will be present.
The occasion will be an interesting
one, and, we have, no doubt, a large
crowd will be out. Orangeburg, we
are satisfied, will be represented.
The parsonage for the. Presiding
Ehler of the Methodist Church, has
been finished in workmanlike style
by Capt. JJell, the cont i actor, and
turned ever to the Trustees. It is a
neat and comfortable building and
an ornament to the portion of the
town in which it is located.
We return thanks for a handsome
ly gotten up card of invitation.to tin?
celebration of the Coyr pens Celebra
tion to be held at ?Spartanburg oil
May 1 Ith. It will be a grand occa
sion, ami will be participated in by
representatives from all parts of the
Union. Mayor Courteney is Chair
man of the Committee.
Secrets ought not to be told in a
corn field as they have, too many t'firs.
I want all the ears iu the w?fld to
hear that my ice crenm saloon hftft
been re-opened for the bcas?fi. Call
and refresh yourself at Jos. Eros'.
The cow roatneth at large bver our
streets. She reelinoth u?der the
green trees around .the Court House,
and there .quietly cheweth her cud!
She sitteth ou the sidewalk in the
way of the stranger, and moveth not
as he approaches, because she feaieth
not the ordinance on the statute hoik
of our .city.- ?
Wo-loarn that Mr. Frank Ri slier
will open the 1st of May in the store
formerly occupied by Mr. Win. M.
Sain, with a stock of the finest li
quors and groceries ever brought, to
thin market. Mr. R. is a youtigmnn
of rare business talents, and deserves
to receive a share of public patron
age. We wish him every success.
We underetund that all the land
owners ou the. In tie by Pilthau's store
arc willing to give two or three feet
on each side for widening. It is only
necessary for Council to take steps
and clinch the arrangement by an
ordinance. In connection with the
proposed street to the railroad, it will
be a great improvement, and, we have
no clou lit, will be a channel for con
siderable country travel.
('ol. J. II. Vance, one of the pro
prietors of the MeGimscy's Magic
So::p is in . town where he will sell
the rights. It is a home enterprise.
(The material for making the soap
i costs only 1.} cents a pound. It
cleanses more thoroughorly than any
soap we have ever used) and loaves
the most soft nnd delightful 1'ccling
about the llesh, or the articles Wash
ed. For cheapness aud thorough
ness it can't be excel Id.
A new street is about to he laid
out, under the supervision and with
the sanction of'Town Council, paral
lel to Amelia Street, aud extending
from the Railroad;between Mr. lio
binson's and the Depot, to connect
with the lane running by John A.
Zeigler's aud the .MethodiRt Church
from Kussel Street; opposite Mr.
Willcock's store. This will open up
a number of beautiful sites for build
ing lots which will be of great ad van*
tage to our town.
? Raster was appropriately observed
iu all of our Churches in town that
were open on Sunday. They wer?! all
dressed with (lowers and evergreens,
but tin decorations in the Episcopal
Church were particularly neat and
attractive, und the more so from the
fact that they were arranged entirely
by little girls of the congregation.
All the services of the day were par
ticuiarly shaped with reference to<
the celebration of the season of
Kastei. . -.
Th. and intelligence of the death
of Mrs. T. K. Aiaiouc at St. Mat
thews on Mi winy, will cast a
g!<v:r:i over her largo i irele of j
friends iu Orangc-burg where she
I:ks been to long and favorably
know. Suffering I'roin ill health for
a number id' years, she bore all with
that christinh meekness and resigna
tion for which she lias now ascended
to receive her crown of reward. She
leaves n large and growing family
who.have-.our heat':felt sympathy in
this their had and heavy bereave
There is good reason to believe
that the villain who assaulted Miss
Cunningham near our town, has been
caged at last, A negro has been ar
rested in Lichhmd, by the mime of
?Joe Jones itjjo,h the strong supposi
tion that he is the man. Mr. Cun
ningham, the father of tho young
lady, went up and finding the mull to
correspond with the description of
the folhnv who committed the deed
got out a warrant ami caused him to
be incarcerated to await further
Jones has been guilty of similar
conduct before, and ?t tho time of the
assault upon Miss Cunningham he
was absent from home, arid supposed
to be in Charleston. He has murks
of recent scratches on his face and
On Sunday afternoon very into
resting exercises were held at the
colored Presbyterian Church in our
town under tile pastorate of Rev; W.
L. Johnson in the interest of the Sun
day School of the Church. The little
church, which was dedicated in the
morning, an able sermon being
preached on the occasion by Rev. Jas
Grove, of Charleston, was filled to
overflowing at both the morning ami
afternoon services. In the afternoon
addresses were deliyored by Rrvs. Jas
Grow and w. I j. Colt?, who had come
from abroad to conduct the dedica
tion services, and by Rev.T. 11. Lo
ga re and Messrs. W. It. Thompson
and S. H. Mellicbainp of our town.
The music of the occasion con
ducted by the excellent wife of the
pastor, and participated hi by the
whole congregation, was inspiring to
Portions of scripture were recited
by a number of the ? young folks,
showing the training of the teachers.
These people are. certainly engaged
inn most excellent work, and should
receive the.countenance, support nnd
encouragement of all good citizens,
who desire the elevation of society,
which can only he accomplished by
the moral, religious and intellectual
culture of the youth of all classes.
Mr. Jas. Shepard, a hard working
farmer; of Fort.Motte, lost everything
he had, a few days ago, by the burn
iugpf his house while he and his
wlI'd Wore hard at work itt the field.
They saved nothing but the clothes
they were wearing in the field. Their
neighbors .are very kind to them in
their misfortune which appeals to the
sympathy pf tiie whole county, and
i calls for a substantial response. Let
us help our unfortunate brother on
life's rugged pathway.
After the late cold spell, believing
that the fruit were all destroyed, we
were constrained to .bid farewell in a
local to peach pies and apple dump
lings. We are, however, glad to be
informed that the fruit outlook fcs not
near as bad as we feared. Mr.'~J. A.
Fanning, our County ConimissToudr,
brought into our office la?t Saturday,
several peach limbs crowded ' with
the young fruit, in perfect condition
and assures us that he has a hundred
trees in his orchard unscathed by the
colli and frost. We have since heard
similar good reports from other parts
of the county.
- .i? ? - ? ?
We learn with pleasure that oc
casionally some of the visitors to the
SunnySouth, are so fortunate as to
linger for a season in Our pleasant
"Burg." Two gentlemen and theii
wives from New England, are for the
present making their home with us.
Rev. Edwin Hay of Hostoh is a local
preacher of distinction in the M. E.
Church, and a member of.thp publish
ing Association of Zion llerut'l, a
paper long published and well known
in New England) Mr. Hay has the
credit of being a good timineier. and
has .ostahlishcd^an enviable reputa.
tion in a long and successful connec
tion with the ('ohneetictit Mtttual
Life Insurance Com pally.
Austin Cove Esq., has long been
a successful Coal merchant of East
Boston. This makes" the tenth
winter he has spent in the South, and
thinks lie owes the preservation of his
life to the sanitary inlluenccs of our
Southern climate.
These gentlemen express them
selves as highly pleased with f)range
burg, as one of the pleasant est of
! Southern towns, and wonder that its
iutcrprising citizens do not more
highly appreciate their own ndvan
tages, und make more extensive
I arrangements to have this locality
favorably known as a desirable re
sort for those? seeking health, ploas
iire, and 'agreeable wilder weather.
j Thesegtuitlcmeii ami their wives are
at present making their hptnent Dr.
Webstei's. ...
Mr. Blaino, the Premier of the
Oariield administration, is breaking
down in health from over work..
"National Surgical Institute. 'One
of the Surgeons of this old and' no
table Institute will visit Branchvifle.
April 27th, at ('arrols IInte),' y?,tfd
Oimugtib'tirg, April 29tlt and f2Uth,
stopping at the Fairy House.
The object of this visit is to give
thefntilivted an opportunity lor ex
amination at or near their homes,
tlilis saving hopeless eases the' c-x-;
pense of a trip to Atlanta; A careful
cxamiuution will be made, and pati
ents eati learn if their cast's are bur
able or can be benefit tod, and wheth
er it will be necessary fof them to
visit the Institute. In such Cases it's
can be cured, or treatment begun at
home, arrangements cam be - made
with our visiting Surgeon, and treat
ment commenced at once. '?
Cases of Deformities and 'Chronic
Diseases will be examined, shell a
Club Feet, Diseases of the Hip. Spine
and joints, Paralysis, Tiles, Fistula,
(Jala rrh, Female atU\ Privale
Diseases, and Diseases of the Kyi',
Ear, etc.
Conic early, as the visit is limited
to the time stated. For circulars and
full particulars, address National
Surgical Institute, Atlanta, Ca.
Dr. J. O. Wannaihaker hah just
received the finest stock of cigars,
cigarettes, smoking and chewing to
baccos ever offered in Orniigcburg.
The Dr. never keeps anything but the
best of goods ill his line and wc take
pleasure in calling attention to these
goods. Co down and try them.
- ?-mi mm ? ?? -
If you want a extra line scgar at a
reasonable price, call in at Dr. .1. (I..
\Vanliamaker's Drug Store and we
guaraittciiyou will be accoiiimotWitcd.
Ej.j.okkk, April Oth 1S81.
At a meeting of Elloree Brass
Hand on the above date, the follow
ing resolutions were adopted:
WiiKitKA.s, In the Providence ol
God, one of our band has been called
from time into eternity; therefore la
R<W?W, That in the death of
brother A. IL Cnltino, we have lost a
skillful performer, a very highly
esteemed friend and companion, a
good neighbor and a virtuous and
valued citizen, " -
Kw//ii?/, That a page in our
minute book. be inscribed to his
R<W<vrff That a copy of 'diese
resolutions be scot to his bereaved
witlow as an expression of our deep
sympathy in her afllictioii.
RcxoiVm/, That these resolutions be
sent to the Orangebnrg Tistes, and
the Orange burg Democrat for publi
Done by order of the Rand.
J. W. Baih, President.
J. L. BooKHAlt'r, Secretary.
Market Reports.
Corrected every week by Mcriaru. Bull
? Scovill.
Fhidat, April 21, 1881.- ?
bow Middlings.1. 9^ ^ 10
Ordinary. 7C?, ? .
Corn.75?. 80
New Corn.???.
l\?a?. 1 25
Fodder, per 100 Ihn. 1 60;
Rough Vice. ?5
I hereby forewarn nil persons from hir
ing, or in any wire harboring Kilon Cruui,
(u miner)! l;ound to me until tdie bccoiueH
of age. Any person or persons hiring or
'harboring the mud * Ellen Cnun (a liiinorj
will bo dealt with according to law.
npr'l 21 lt.
11, SIE k CO
WJ I*' would renpeclfully auk the public
\f to call and examine our stock of
In endlos* vhrletv.
In nil tho Lulc?t ami iiiont Fashionable
S t vies.
Itoth Staple Kill! Fancy
The World JU'iio"\vTieCl
I? i. L 4'und 1 ll> package, guaranteed
Bent of ml or inouw-v rcluiidcd.
g? FLOUR! ^
Direct from the Mills, and we call particii
lar litten lion to two of onr Fancy braiidx,
Which cannot bo equaled in tlii* Market,
and which in within iho rcuch of the
pour Att. well as ihe rich.
A fid I and well Feiected ?loel, from $7 50
to 0U. pel -.sei.
From S2 to $12.
From the Heini Factories in Nurtli Carolina
and .Virginia, Low for Cash.
y ' (zoom
Tor I-ndics, Mir.no.?, Children, Men, Vonlhs
boys ill great variety.
rjUMK will not allow an to mention onr
I Entire Muck. Conn: nhll look and
vi,u will bo p enM-d Boy and you will he
satis lied. Kenpvel fully
1). E. SMOAE & CO.
A Valuable llldnovry
ant New lirpartur. n. \icT
l.ll Aclei.or. An ?nlirc'y
KcV IimI p"iltlrely rifrri'
Ire flcmrdr for Um ipttjf .
aui eermairnt Curr uf
bcmlual EmOalona a?
Impotency by ???? ?>? r
true \. iy, Tic Dire.I
Application 10 the pr o*
tipil s.at of l!it Mirale, acting lr At roi l?1 IlTCJ, ?aJ ??eil*
lr( i" >r*rint In/lornee rn I'. Ilcnilnul Vnluin, EJ..C
u'.morv Duels. Proatalo Oland, uJ Urei'ta. Tke
?I '.n Urnird. ii all?. Oed with no pain or idc ?.?eaieace, ?? 1
aoe. ael inir'ifii? ?ilit Ihr ordinary | unniii el lire; it ie
? i.irkl. irMoi i c 1 and ar.oo ubiorb?s, fi-dt-ci"? ?? itnme
ctato" ic..ii..n? ?rd rt.l<ir?llr? eiT.cl uprm Ihr Irian ilJ
nrrmui organic ?Moni vwccerif froni i-lf-ebuie and tsre-aeee,
?tnppine, Ibe drain Iro n 11.- ayi'mi, ecvloiiai Ihr mind >o
health inH ocui.il memory. femofiar ine Slmoesa >t
Sight. Nervous Liln/. Confusion Of Idoan. Aver
sion to Society, mc, etc., and the tppearaoce H pretn \
ture old are u.uatir acompanytpc: Iim. trouLI., im<1 ir?t->r>
Inf ptKffl Sexual Vi?or. i. bare il hai tcrti doimaMl if
jrt*ri. 1liH nnlr of l..ala.. nl hti rlo. .1 the ir.t tu r. 'j
?rvrre raara, and la nnvr x |.ronrnhCcJ aurcc.a. ^rtlaTS .r.
too mucn prrarril>rd in lhr?d luiutlri. IRj, at rai. I.rir
nil^ria !n, mth tul lillh If a y | cr:ninrnl c.oU. Tl.trr ia 10
Nen.rntr shnul l|,U Trr pariti..;i. I rarli:al <>tiet vall^i. eii9al.Sc ?
bi 10 peilliTel; tn?r.mi. j 11. it i> *ill (Its Batlstaotian.?
Durinf 'h. ?i??.i peart thai il Ina I er? in prnrral .a.. ?t hara
(hruiBii^a of Iralnnnaiala ai lu IIa talur, n.vl it il ??>?? ?nnre 1, 1
I 1 Die Medical I releaalM l> t.e I?? ? r>? >? >I rational fnram jel
aiiraeetejef rearbnai ai.ifirinc t'.ia ear* prc%aler,l tmtit.lr,
ILfti 11 ?eil kaniefl 1 1 be fie raLse of nnt*li n.i*rrp la lo nianr.
lad uro? a limn qnru*;:a rrry arilli tl.vir jarletaaAiiraaai aaJ
Mr fecn. 'I lit Heiurily ia put up In neat hsica, 0' Hirer il:r 1.
Ho. 1, fmoi.eli 1.1 latt 1 month,) S3| Mo. U. inuBei.it II
efli-cl n iNtrmahei t cure, MnUaa In 1, ?crr cut..) $3; No. .1,
('a.tmr vitr Itirre lunnlbf, v? ? ? I lion eraliaiui.e 1..) rr.lo-a
eiji r in tin: wnril .'aar. ) C'l. H#>n1 u mail, trilr.l. In plim
Krappr.i. i'.ill DIHtCi'IONt* lor uniua will boojui
pacjr I'.ACU BOX.
f.iend I 1 a Ucdiptlre rampl.lrt c'tlnf Amiemlealv
llluitritiom, Mhicli kill tthiriwer II.e niAll Ikrplir.l A
inJ A
that Hu
ran l.e >-.mo
irrfrrt n.aabi^rf
ma aa if rr-trr aAc
eel SealeJ Ul >iju. ? 10 an; oi.r. boli ONLY ?1 the
Markot a.td (Ith 6tt. ST. LOUIS, MO?
f lifei ?am'? ii tf n-lrr_a5rC?r.l.^
SiUUUaollB47 ?4iaM. 8th Stritt, SSeL?tTIS, ?O.
milC Pl.yiiclii.e.n cli.rce of ll.ii old ar.:l well known laill.
I lution an reialar iraduntra in n.rdirine and anriete. Tear*
or Ei;iertenre >n tin treatment of t broalr lil.va.r? hare niada
their itill and akililr 10 much aupermr In llill of tin nrdmiry
araetilwacr, that t! r> haaa aoi|iiired ? n.lronal lepaialioo'
Ihroueh llieir i.aatnirnl of complicated cairi,
Diaiuitt ti Si pblll^ lionnrrbe^Wrel. tllrlrlure, Urehlll*. all
I rfuarj Tn.ublra aaj ?j plilUU? Or 31rrri.rl.il atT.rliotia of Iba
Jamal, Mh or trvnn, Ireeir J ? t;b merrti, on eeieniifir ptity'
etplti. wlfheul a.rnr Mercury or other Foitonoui .Mtdirinri.
YO?MQ MEN lml-,h"" n"'1JI' m? ?J? ?'e
_ I? rinK from Mia eTTerfa of (Tpermalor.
rhra or iaaaUiM ilraLne?, Ibe mull of icll ibaie in ^oiilb
or eiflli In nialutrJ vear?, are perniarrntly cured. Tina die
#aie Srodjcri aome 61 Ibof illowmr ellrtu?einiiiioiii. Hotel ei,
rfmiucai, ncrvouinen, diniren of ilrbl. C'onBh, indifeition/
conilipalinn'. deapaindene]ra Cnnfnalon of Ida ??. Iferilon (o in.
eine, dcfrrliee irremnrr, ircual etlniiali.il', Impoienrv or loia*
ef mmll eicoe, erhirb :.i.f t. fbe ?:rr,n, f r Dttanle-i or mirriixe
periotial cm>>uliaiton N preferred, wl.icli II fllKE and Inttl.
1 J. Lilt of qmilioni ro be imwcrr J br pilrenlt da.lrlnf treat.
n.?ni mailed frre to any addrcai on applie.llou.
Cfaraaoi lulTerlaa; froea Htiplure ehoult] it*4 1 btlr n.Krets>
ind leara aoeaelolny In Ibelr a*ltantnge. It Ii not a Iran.r
Ceianttiuiiicatimia itrict'y confidanllal, and ihould L. aJdrraiai
Uli- Ill '1'TM, l'J S?rth Hth bt., St. Louies llo.
fully ilcienlird irilh Kienllfle mnrta
of cure. 1'rnf. Ilami* IllutlriteJ
pirapMrl aenl free on applieation.
11 KV.uiH RGMKDT vt\,
Saaf e; thrmMs ?*>> * Xarkel St..,
M. Luula. llo.
K?CHINGS," "":i ?? COL?? BET TES,
00 ? j. c. pj
J. C.
. J&n. Immense Stoclk.
Clothing, Hats and Shoes
P We invite every little Girl in the Town awl
Ls=L=J County to come and receive ? KAN free. Coino and get
one. Wc have planty.
J. 0,
ice cream saloon
I would respectfully inform my Patrons and the Public generally that I have ro?
opened mv lee Cream fcalooll^fur the .Season. Kecent Impioveinenta and the
Klvgaut Stylo in which it is titled up "lake it the 111 ?st Attr.iotivc und Coolest Place in
Town. Ladies visiting in Town or out shopping will find my Ice Cream Saloon a
Pleasant Resting niiti refreshment Place, Ice Wa'or and Iced Lemonade being alwaya
on Draught, to which the Ladies and my Patrons are always welcome freo of charge.
Proprietor Orangebvirg Zee EEous?.
Ice fo! sale in any quantity and at I-owest Market Rate*.
I would cull special attention to my large Display of the Finest .Candies and ArtD
ficialilics in Conr?ctioiicrica.
Fancv Groceries. Teas, Coffee, FrnitH. Nuts, Dates, Figs, Citron, Flrio Bnisins,
and lots of other good things always fr.di and at .popular prices.
Personal attention-giv-an-to all ordern for Ice Cream, and everything delivered
Freeuf Charge; Bespcctinlly, ?TOS- ICL'tOS.
npl 14?ly Proprietor Oraujtcburg Confectionery.
IS the place to go for all manner of (lood Things His store Is full of Family
Groceries ol ^very descriptiou, consisting in part of
Fusjar, I>ard,
Coffee, . < Hour,
Tun, ? Peach- ? " " Butter,
. fC*oh:MHftV" and lion y. Hams,
Blk Pepper, Ohl rbveet Mask Cbccae,
Mustard, Corn Whi-kcy, Cod Fish.
Nutmeg, Ol?! Kentucky Home, Mackerel,
Ginger, Old Velvet Rye,"" Deviled Hard,
?tarcb. fcbrcel Catawbit, Lunch Tongue,
Jinda, nil Hend Cheese,
*" Tens, giiiratiteed Salmon,
Lye, Pare. lobsters,
Matches, Try Ham Suusag?,
Tomatoes, tbom Hog .Sausage,
Sugar Corn, Candies,
White Peans, Prackers,
Tobaccs. Cakes.
Iii? <2> ANT T^T.*!:} JilOOM is entirely separate and distinct from tho Ortfocd
rv Peinu tnmit. and is Rocked with all the Purest Brands of Liquord, Wines, Tobacco
and Cigar*. Lager Beer Sotla Water, and Winger Ale on Ice.
apl 14 1881 1/
Sheriff's Sales.
Steffens & \Vef'iier,
v*.' '
B. Atllcr. '
Tty order of this Circuit fVmrl. I will sell
nl OrAiigcjiurg Ii.,-on the *-i"rd rlav of
April 1881, to the highest bidder for cash,
tLe following property to wit:'
Prv Goods, Boots. Shoes, Notions Arc.
Ac*, in the stnie on Unwell .Street, in the
town of Orange' urif* lately occupied by B.
Adler. Levied on under n warrant of
attachment Issued in the above ac:ion.
I *IU sell at Branchyilie, S C\. on the
UCtli day of April 18^1, the following pro
perty to wit:
blacksmith Tools, Gunsmith tool?. Jot
of old Iron ?tc , Household and Kitchen
Furniture Ac. l evied on as the property
of Martin A. Thomas, under warrant of
distress for rent in arear to me directed by
J. D I), Fairy.
By virtue of Sundry Executions *to rfe
directed, I will sell for cash, at Orange
burg Court House on Monday the 2ii(t liny
of May 1881, during the '.:sn:d hours of
sale, the following property to wit':
All that certain tract of hind situate in
said County, containing 161 ncres, more or
less, bounded on the North by J. T. Clay
ton, f-oi h by Mr>. Cricket, Fast by M. S.
Haddock, anil on the West by p. Clay
ton Sr Levied on as the property of
David J. Clavtun Jr., at the suit of Thomas
P. Smith.
AI??, one other tract of land containing
one hundred acres, more or less", bounded
on the North by A- Backen baker, Fast by
Jacob Smoak, South by- Antley, and
on the West be 11. 7, S.noak. Levied oil
as the properly of Barman Bowe, at the
soil of Ueorge ll. Cornelson.
. . Sheriff, O. Co., 0. iL, S. C.
Sheriffs Oflice, April 1!, 1881.
VOTIH'F, to A<liuiuiHtra<orH,
JLtI lOxortilor*, Ac,?Attention is
called to the recent act of the General As
sembly requiring AnnnaJ Jvitnni* to he
made daring the months of January and
February to this oflice. ? ?
Those interested should at once come
forward and attend to this matter, or liny
will be cited to do so, and twenty days after
such citation are subject lo a fine of Twenty
Dollars fur each und every day such de
fault may continue.
March 21st 18S1.
jjO?TIIKIIN^v'hTte Kraut at~
a I.so
Judge Probate ?. C.
Having contracted with Warsh Calrlwell
for the ?urviccH of hin Fon Adatrt Oaldwell
(a minor) for the, year 1881, I
hcrehy forewarn all |>e!Fon?fr?mieniploy*
ing ldiii or allowing the said-i Adam Culd
wcll to atav on their'premijeii.
April 9,1631.
aj.r'l 14 : i' ? ? 8t
j N?tiee to School Trilstods
i School Cmt miss ion ku'h Office,
I Okanoeiiuru, S. C, April 11th 1881.
j The nppnitionftiint of the school fund*
for the present ?Veal year being now made
known, 1 would respectfully suggest to the
school Trustees of auch school 1/istricU- of
the County whose schools have stopped
I from the withdrawal of the children to go
into the crops, or from other onuses, nnd
to whose credit, there may be a aurplns of
j funds, to use the name by reopcuing their
schools during the months of July and
AugiiHt when the crops are laid by, and
' the pnreiiin are more able and willing to
spure llieir children. Thin sugeorUion ap
plies to Fchooltf that havo stopped have of
not yet opened, and not to iho.se that are
now in successful operation.
. Kuspeofullr,
Stiles K. <M r.i.i.ic iiamp,
School Conimlssioncr O.C.
apr'l 14 3t
?'Regular anil Transient Hoarders can get
good and reasonable Huitr.l at tins excel
lent Boarding House which 1 hnze opened
to meet the growing need* of Orangeburg.
It x" located In a desirable locality, cor.?
venient to thc,l>u>.ii e s portion of the town
and travelling Jp'u di .
ninr 10 " 8m
The Finest Bred Stallion erer boforo
thy. Public*]: iu Onmgoburg
County, can now bo
found at
Hclow find l'edigrce of Jim Monroe, Jr.,
the Trotting Stallion. Jim Monroe wa.t
sired by Jim Monroe, he, by Alexander's
Ahdahih, and old Abdnlah by HandHonian,
dam' out of Imported Pickle. Jinx Mon
roe, Jr. is eight years old, bred bv John H.
Nutter, of Georgetown, Ky., and cm tru*
Iii? .mile in 2.40, niid also half brother'to
the fittest Stallion now on the Turf ,4Mo??
roc Chief," record;2.18.

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