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Now that the holiday season is
over and everything has gone pros
perous and happy; every one better
?IT, and a bright fertile year ahead,
at no period in the history of our
business lifo have we been so thor
oughly prepared to meet the wants
?f the trade and the requirements of
the people, as wo are now. We shall
continue to place upon our counters
fron? day to day, bargains in every
dcpai tment at
and eh all al\vays'kbe found using our .
best endeavors to prevent extortions
and uphold the CASH SYSTEM.
Our entire stock is now oll'crcd at.
We ask j 6u to call and inspect our
We guarantee to please as to
quality and price.
Look cat (fully over this li.-t of u
few articles mentioned :
Gents 2 Hose, white, fi und 10 c.
" striped 12*
solid colors 121
double heel & toe 12i
Ladicfl ho.-e, white, 8, 10, 12A.
?* striped, 10
" solid colors, 12*>
" hrilbriggan, 15
u " lines! quu'i
ty, 25
( hildrch'S hose, colored. f>, 8, 10, 12'
Ladies Ununtlcts, dark eo'ors, !J0 d.
'? Berlin gloves, embroidered
bucks, 35
" kid gloves, 4 buttons, "best
makers, 75
?ComIb buck.-kin gloves, lined 75
" driving 30
Derby suiting, 10
figured, 12 J
Cash mores, beautiful colors, 103
Merinos, beautiful colors, 16
Flannels, red, white and blue, 25 to
85 cents.
? i L c i v pretty,*30 c
1 adies Hoods, new si vies, -10
Looking Glasses, bureau size. SI
" j extra la rife (1.50
" oval Ira nie.? ami
SO cents
Silver plated lea spoons, SI 25.
Table " 1.75
" Forks 1.75
" Knives 3.75
Glass Setts, handsome, -1 pieces, 50
Glass Preserve Stands, 60
Goblets, 75 et per doz
Tumblers, OOJet per doz
Lamps fro hi 25 to 75 els
Large assortment Ladies, Geht?
and Children's Shoes from the lihesi
to tho cheapest,
Men and Boys Hats, -10, 00, 75, I 0<;
1.2i t? $3
Men and Boys Caps from 25 to 50
Eancy Box Paper, Envelopes and
Agent for Hie Largest Tobacco
Factory .in the United Stales, \\c.
oiler bargains in this line.
Agent for Manufacturers of Soaps
and Conceit rated Lye, we defy com
We have the Largest and Cheap
ost Stock of
in the Market.
Agent lor the Celebrated Town
These Powders have stood the Test
by the best Chemist, and pronounced
PURE, when bought in cans. Prot.
Molt, the Leading ( hemist of the
"World, says the worse adulterations
occur when Powders a lqsold loose or
in bulk. Remember this and gel
TOWN TALK from Headquarters
Your attention is asked to the re
duction in our CARPETING, phi
down to 25, 85, 10 cents.
Pocket Knives from 5 els. to S2..
Buggy Whips, 25, 50,75 cts., SI,
$1 25 $2.
ours respectfully ?
? . Always notice this COLUMN
-n- iON
of tlii.s School will com im nee on the
Boys are prepared for College
or Business, and young ladies given
a I'inishko coritsi:.
Renewed efforts will l?e made 16
make this School even more accepter
hie and ellicieid, if possildo, than it
has been during the past Nim: Ykai.-s
of its successful and uninterrupted
progress. No pains will lie sptireel
iu t he thorough training, nioriilly and
iiiteilectually, of every pupil in at
' All the F.nousii I'uAXciiKs, he
sides Latin. Greek, and French are
regularly taught.
C'.'' Boole-Keep i 11 Li\ Pen
hiiinsliip iuul die Jiitliics? ?1
I i 11si 1 K.'rr.-1 receive special attention.
The aim of the Principal is the
IIkaiit as well asjtlie ."\Iini> of the
pupil in t he cultivation of correct and
ennobling moral principles.
TKIOij* i'kl! MONTH :
Primary and Intermediate.$2.00.
Adv.Mii.-i-.l English.*:2.r?<>.
L.ntin, (.!reek, Krciieh and Book
Keeping, each, extra, .">() els.
Liberal deductions made where
more than one pupil nitoiida I'roiu a
Hoard can be obtained at from H
to 1 '1 dollars per mbnl h.
For further pari icubirs apply to,
?rangHihrir. S <'.. Au?r: l. \WV. \
rniiH finest hivd Stallion ever' hefi re the
JL public in Orangeburg L'ounlv, um now
I?' found at
\V 3?. yt ? S.ViX 'S ST A v, JjK .
??5H? ItKW.lKli
Over n mil
i o n of I ro 3
tiui line lie's
'reneli K idiiey
'uls have Mi
iidy keen ?ohl
i this country
id in France;
every one of
liieli has giv
ii pei feet sat
isfaction, and
nave performed
eures every
lime when
used according
to directions.
We now n. i.ie alllicted and doubting
ones that we will pay the above reward
for a single eiuc of
That the Pad fails to eure. This Grea
Beiricdy will positively and permanently
cure l.innbago, Lame Hack, Sciatica,
Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy; Blight's Bixease
wf ihe Kidneys, Incontinence and Retell*
lion of tlu- Urine, I n llama i ion of the
Kidney*. Catarrh of the Bladder, High
(-olored Urine, Pain in the Back, Side or
Loins, Nervus Weakness, and in fact all
disorders ot the Bladder and Urinary
Organs whether contracted by private
disease or otherwise.
I.ixticM, if you are suffering from |
Female Weakness, Leueorrho-.i, i?r any
disease of the Kidneys, Bladdei, or Urin
ary Organs,
Without swallowing nauseous medicines
i>y simply wearing
A.-k vom- druggist for PRO Fi GUI L
take no oilier. If be has not got it, send
.^?J.(lt> and you will receive the Pad "by re
turn mail.
Wi 1 positively cure Fcvel and Ague,
Dumb Ague, Ague Cake, Billions Foyer.
Jaundice; Dyspepsia, and all diseases ol Hie
Liver. Stomach and Blood. Pricu SI 50
hv mail. Send for Prof. Guilmette's Treu
lisc oii the Kidneys and Liver, free by mail,
.\ dtl ress
'l'o'e<lo. Ohio.
For sab? by Ur. J. (i. Wannam*kur
Oangeburg, C, Fl.j S. C,
rn\ay J'.?, lfctil ly.
Country Schools.
Kmstu Fouic, Sept. 1st, 1881..
Editor (Jriotyvhury Ti>n<:x:
If you have spar:-, will you allow
me to go again, in a small way over
tin* ground of Country Schools.
I clider from Dr. Newell ami Mr.
Baldwin so much, that I I hirik these
schools should he made as uiueh like
Colleges as possible; arid if the stand
ard of these should reach loo near to
those, could not Colleges raise theirs
some higherV
If children can-be taught as much
at home, in the country, would there
not be economy in not sending them
oil' to boarding schools to lie educal
led? Is there not reason for"toaClr
iitg as if going to (JollegeV when so
few. comparatively'; gel to attend
these Institut ions? 1 think child
ten cannot lenro as much without
books as with them, the most ap
proved ones, with a teacher too, who
is well tip with the growing necessity
61" I lie times.
1 grant that extremes meet. If
the parents are hot able lo pay for
the itccessary books, could they hot
be rented uI a reasonable rale? 1 do
no! like many "I'ictbrial Reader.-.''
After the age of tea, take l he little
"Dict ionary" as a base <?t" a pyramid
composed of "somebody's" best j
"(.Jraminnr,** A rithmeiie, Geography; |
Iiist?ry and Natural Lhildsbidiy nl
i^iis .T.ll they area o t two:; y ij.e a
an; so many whose education lias ,
been delayed Then let them lake
the IJig Dictionary with Physiology |
Logic aiid si'oil. taking care to mix j
as much Latin its.possiblewith title
continued stilt!v b> Kngii.-di (.'.ram j
There is some authority for saving
thai a teacher o|'really line taste is
known by her select ion of the boh-. I
net she wears. I)o not know bow it I
applies lo gentlemen*:* hats.
It does sect:1. io me Iba! after a
period of sixty years, Ibi* improve
merit, and in an age of progress, like
this. 1 It:iI '.here may be something;
hotter than our obi "hitihjhack
friend.': !
As lo haying "meins" in order,to1 j
"follow tiie fashion.'1 1 think tha; I
nonsense: for with the same amount :
?d'ihbney. mw may s?:ty either in <>r !
on I of tii' fashion, incoming (?> last'.- i
fir inclination. It", "whor.i lhere i-- a j
will, there is :i way be a irtie ttiax- '
.m. could H U till acquire sinnet hing j
d'a fashionnb'e odheidipn? Kyi*:i ?!n
"supposed widow can at! >r<l io scud !
her cji.i jdrc.h to's liool at least haii';.!:. .
ilmci.y she hcl;? id''.he l'ttblieiScbd:d
fund. I think '..'lining a', the miaui*' j
just l he t!iiiig. si) i ha1 may nidivd
cerlaiiilv reach hear Mio vhoriy.on." j
And persinialy sis lo tin- rule:; of
eoinposition?j-iItiidi il an importani
siudy. arid :'ts a Country school leach
er inten it:i give it a eUtei'lil review;
If tin schools are kepi up duriti.i |
the eutiiv scholastic year (liihe ?r
foil lui.uiihs) arid the aitcri la rice a
regular as jn'ght be; i lie sq-eii'don ;
One Sttidy Plan is; in my estiiiiati m l
iiest. Inii a-i ii is >o uncertain .t ? j
not. in inosj places, 1 do me. titi ti-. ?
eo'uh'l well ili vi ie I be titne a?s thai re i
quires. 'JMiai plan is, take tine jir i !
cipnl si nily for ii Seel ion oi" live week ?.
wit It daily spelling; reading and wril .
Strengthen the mind with as niuc'i i
ineihcmntics as possible?if "Math
iriatics is the foundation of odue-' ?
t'on." a id til i memory by roeii : Is
of the best American and IOnglioi j
Literature. Am so much a "stickler
for thorough education" that I shy i
children should lie kept in school for |
a period of at least liftceii yoni'S. !
attending about bill' 1 be
time, as 1 maiut.iiu they can. I lave {
seen one of'l be ??Soiitlierii Pirio wood"
botli as teacher and pupil, aiid be
lie.ve I ohn siiy what lias, been, ami
what may be shown in such localit ies;
As to learning grammar by i!:<:?
??pleasant easy process <d" reading lie
papers Of tlie day,'* why many child i
?.endo not see a ne\ spa per only by 1
accident. The parents of t hose ehihb j
rih sidd>?m speak "pure Latin/*' riiv
Kiiglish either, now bow are they to
speak correctly, or with any degree
of eonliilerice; unless it lie; through
blissful igi>o:?nco? 1 feel soiuneli
interest in I he can so of education in
tin' country, is why 1 say all this. 1
truly feel my own im perfect ions ami
my earnest wish is to improve daily;
Why become a great awkward hoy
or girl who would stare; or hoot at
the words syntax and prosody, be
cause it may require a somewhat ma
ture'.en pa idly Yf As before stated,
having the money is not the prin
cipal thing. I'i.xccptious admitted,
children can live on plain food, dress
in not line clothes, be very m ar in
the fashion too, and take along about
nil the usual studies. No necessity
for starling at A every session, even
with a little regularity. If more is
allowed in M r. It's pa per than many
Southern boys have" it is not be
est use it lias been impossible for them
to havego: toil more, hill because their
parents or giiardiniis did not will that
they should have itiorn, ami persevere
till they hit-' act)uirod more.
KCKUll Kit.
jbon?;. iiig.
Dors: the young man who persists
in Being :i loa tor over reflect li..?>
hutch icf-s it would cost to be a de
cent, respectable manV Does he iin
aginc that loalcrisin Isjhiore ceo ho i
cal ilian gentilityV Anybody can be
a gentleman, if hu chooses to, wiili
out much Cost, but it. is mighty ex
pensive bring a loafer. It. costs time,
in I he first, place; days, weeks and
months of it; in fact; about all the
time be lias, Cor no man can bo ii lirst
rlnss loafer without devoting his
whole time Iii ii. Phe occupation,
well followed; hardly nffor/ls liniu for
eatiing; sleeping, did?we had almost
s iid drinking, but on reflection, we
will except t hiit. The loafer finds time
to drink whenever invited, at the
ensl uf IVic ids. On Co fully embark
ed it:i Ihe seil of lilOjii tiiel you
bid iarifweli to i-verv friejidlv'suil
ilsa! I' ii:i i--r h|?Jje>t :::;?! legiti
hiate1 i'.tg. Your! eoiiiviHs w ill only
Ik; ??.:r,r:M!'."-is of ieiy. \{ rosts
nttbicy; for t!:0" ? b li e j^nfe)* iiiityinot
i?:?rii a rod! Or |, \vo ??'.! ? for ihotr, h$,
the tin: ? I ?:?! intght have proe-;:e<i
hi in iiiv.ell n:>i:ev. if d-.-yda- ! t.i i::
d'lStiv i:i-'-: d Of *!?.l!ii. It er.Ms
lici'isb, vi;; ??. e..i;tS:;.\ a)l ill- true
pb :i -.:r.-s .?!* ii'vVttg, M'iib|\ (?l/pIv.
sei f-r: s.>: nib I lb1' l":-p ?<?! Of tibi
ri of ?. ;,;:;.; :;!i-i;| vviieh '!(:i'l.
A ?<;t. rC CiJKlie:;! <?o.;<5.
("i V. ::- \\:'y.-'\ who t .ok .t
pr ir.itp-ni pari ib I'adivh! politics in
Siiitili't'aioliM'a?!uinig the ilni'li day*
iVo'lii '&> to "Til died i ? i.i k :?[ -ill
Km iiiol. near li. .info-The <b
ee... e>w:;s lui i: i:. ( ;iaHes!oi> ! < 1 t.
and \\*:s lit l!?r < oilfe bir'.iie servici
.tui-ing tili: war; ?Ti.e,- H- wt-r l.i
:i!iir l > i:ii: elf w'.t!:.! hi' iJ.; it- :il party
.lie! fr'?Siiri ii.'iU i-...; a,-.' v.S
r.I n l.:-Vcr of ' ?!;. !?!,?,t \ (.Vm-rnl j
Bh-ki s. If*- W;l- Ml! -e i'len'A ehe
:<? i a :ne.:.b r of tm- if,.u-.r"nf l.V
i-ii Ul' v. :?? :i ,!.,?? t :t:??;.i":i i
Si-::-:ioi ? mumi u i.e.- ol t inUtjo.u j
.? .\\h \ .?;{ .. ti ids l-rm. lie ;
wji^tieti apjibiiU- .1 Ti".-'.-ifei- ofCd- i
t ms j|biiiii.y; fl-.triiig his ( oitrtbii
? ii :i ib-.v'.-jiiipei-: asid beeaine ipiite
uotoi'iui'- by |)er-.?sten! ehnrges iif
gross i in i':o-:il:,: v Mo-?-s. the'
ilpldirr (ii>v?-i-jiiir. :\Viii-ir t h* I )eiiin |
ih-ti fyiiii t'ollrtfui to ef-c'ape prosi;t?u !
i ion f?r defalftr ion in oil ire. At the !
t inie jf his ile.it h b- was iissistaht
li?ih't|'(>ueo keeplfr hi Hilton Head.?
.1 ?:/,!/.! S "
Tb-so '.'.v.- ingreilirnis in ihr (iii?n
ei.il : s'ltcrcess of ittiiividtiuls
:i.i?t in.unit i s i<enrra!!\ go to
g ib-.-. A wi-ll er>t.ildi.sli(-.l (?liairw.'ter
for i: i.e.-! y tilid fair dealing will
briiKei edit, if no! abused, will bring
pro.-| ii y. .More i-specially is ere.t
ii ;ii. cuiiiartbr \alliable to the poor
ihaswTIi;-*, .in- bis st?.-ik in trade,
an i iihoiii Ilii'iii lib is poor indeed.
Ii i.* --..el thai ei re ii instances some
linn--iii;ia ? Uii-ii dishbnest. They lu
ciiiil'.'i.'ivOlvi- j lii'vond the hope of
rei??vi-y, und gtyi- lip tlie light, and
i-oii-i: to do things hot '?*'I together
iio;i.-:. iiiul [dead; i:i extetiuaiiiiii; the
iit-f i;-il ii-s r?f i hi* case. Thlit will mil
lib. I'tters.-ierilici-ybur l.-i-.t dollar
ihaii i.tir good uaiiti*. Ii" fortune is
gonei iii:i\ In- ri'cnvcre<i:u'iih creilit,
indii ry .-in.I e?-oiipihy, litii when
bom is ios! ere.Iii and the boor ol'
i'ei-b'iy goes with ii. Honesty i> the
liCJti policy; even as :i matter of
?li-i'gard to i be iTesidont's health
at ll I i mehr was won tided tlie pub
lie Is erred in Aujiposiiigt hat he;was
pfiyially in first ratt;.cotiditioii. On
! be -lit i :iry, ii \\ a-; quite bud. To
list lioihej\ phrase, lie was Like :i
Itor.-in :i pastun-. lie bad been
sulllii-j from dyspcpsi-i as weil n<
froi lirinorrlioids. and had lieeti
eOnidlcd to iihdi'/go an Operation
for 1 ilia. \V it h t be }?rc:it niriital
stra inciilriit to the 1'resiileiiiial
eiii! 'il-':i aril llir subseipK-nt cares
of (ii-e. wen; .".Mel anaiixiety on
ace ni of his wife's illnrss, which
thoublic hiisuevci* known.-?N. J*.
1. on w.-iut liiwyers to work with
:i vl give tlieni a wili to work with,
espially where the estate is large
autlic heirs quarrelsouie.
lie Kind lo tue t.ivi?g.
Wc live in .'. world where nothing
is sure To-day our friends are
about us in the freshness .and bloom
of health and spirits; to-morrow we
bend in anguish over tjieir still forms;
and iL-is well if no hitter regrets
mingle with the tears we shed upon
their white faces. Oil, life is inse
cure, ami the brightest and most
promising of all our treasures may,
perhaps, soonest droop aud fane.
.\ mi when one dies how anxious we
arc to do him homage! We speak of
his virtues, we excuse his faults, and
spread the mall tic of charity over his
vices, which, whiie he lived, we had
no patience with. I f we only had, we
might have won him to a hotter life.
Mad we exercised toward him a little
of the lb rhea ranee aud kindnes; with
which we now speak of hi in, hp had
had fewer faults, llow often his heart
fie tied ami cried out for human sym
pathy? for our sympathy?we may
j never know, and if we could, ii is too
late to undo the past, too late to
soothe ami benefit huh. We may not
I lake up the broken threads of life
j that are goiic and weave them into a
I web of hope andjny!; hut Iowa ri 11 hose
who are still left to us, who have
i ear.- Id hear, and hearts to throb with |
pain and grief, we may i?e generous
and jitst, forgiving, loving and kind.
Do not wait i ill Hie faithful, devo
ted wife, who has tried so bird to
make vour home pleasant and com
fortable] is dead, to show her kind
ness. No funeral pomp, no costly
monument with loviiig words in sc rib
cd iheiebil, will make up for past
neglect. ( oiilil the fond kisses that
are how imprinted on her cold lips,
aud the murmured words of endear
in cut that fall tin heeded upon her ear,
have been hers while living, there
would have been no woman in all Ibis
wide world fonder or happier than
Do hoi wait till tin: hands of the
tired, patient mother are folded over
tin: heart that has so often thrilled
with Joy* or ?honten wildly with pain
on your account, to do her honor, l'y
the memory of all the loving ofliccs
\\ hich she iias performed foryou trom
infancy 'till t he wa\ up to manhood,
or womanhood, keep your love for her
deep and ardenl, dutifully respect
ami reverence her, repay wiih ihier
est i he lender love and care t hai she
!:es lavi-hed noon yon. and strive to
make her Ihsl days restful, happy
and peaivful.
l".e especially kind to the little
ones. The world will deal harshly
enough with thoiu; it is a rough
world at the best. Surround theiu
with an atmosphere of love, and in
stil into their hearts noble feelings
anil principles while yon may; for
sotuter than you think, other and less
holy inlluonces will be brought to
bear upon them.
lie kind to tie1 sad. the sorrowful,
the tin fori un.'tte, the erring '*nd; rhc
lullen. Kind words and kindly acts
cannot hurt them, and may do them a
World bf good.
Tender JLovc.
A touching s'.ory of tender love
comes to us from a town not many
miles from l Iiis place, hut which must
be. under the circumstaiices, name
lesss.- A beautiful young girl became
engaged to a gallant Union otileer.
A l the (dose of the war he went to
California to seek bis fortune. She
ignored all advances from scores of
suitors and patiently waited his re
turn, feeding confidence in his keep
ing true to her. So the years passed,
ami even a few gray hairs began to
show themselves among her brown
tresses, while her friends no longer
pitied, but ridiculed her for refusing
all advances from other desirable
sources. Lately her fidelity was re
warded. The lover of her girlhood
has returned from California, bronz
?d, bearded and a millionaire with a
ivifo and twins.?livening Wisconsin.
?Sixcd Metaphor.
A colored preacher, after listening
o the sermon of a young thcoiogue,
?tiered, in reverent and beseeching
ones, the following remarkable poti
ion: "?li, La wad bress de young
?rudder diluent ly. Feed his soul
vid nnet ion from on high. Quench
iis lliirst wid de balm of (Jdead and
le lily of de valley. Anoint his head,
)li, Law I, till il runs down like de
?card of Aaron?a.mint him wid de
Isle of Patmds and fill him wid all
minner of concupiscence;'*
"How could you think of calling
tuntie stupid/ Go tohor immcdin
ely and tell her you arc sorry." Fred
lie goes to auntie and Aiiys, "Auntie,
L am sorry you are so stupid."
Keeping Ihe? .Patient <?ui??l.
'lie .seems to he much worse to
day,' said the doctor, as he contem
plated the patient. 'Did you keep
..iin perieciiy quiet, as 1 directed,
'Suites a massoy! of course I did,'
rcpiicii the nurse. 'Goodness gra
cious! lie hasn't moved all night.'
'A hything going on in the house to
disturb Iii in V*
"My sakes; of course not. They
had a little dancing party in the par
lor, and a jig'lit up stairs, anil some
burglars got into the basement, and
the servant git 1 set lire to her bed,
aild the fat boarder fell down the
second night, hud the man in the
next room licked his wife, and the
water-pipe busted on the Hour below,
and the gentleman in the back parlor"
gave a little supper, sind there was
ioino music in the third story, and
the cats got on upon the back fence,
and there was a baby born iu the
second iloor front, and the little girl
Up the third pair died in the night,
but he never moved, liless your
in-a rt he was the quietest man you
ever saw!'
'Quito right; quite right; did }'ou
give Iii ill I he pillsV
'My gracious! I forgot the pills,
but 1 gave him all the powders, and
all the quinine powders and the mix
tures, three of 'em, and all but the
?Just so. Did you change the
bandages on the head?'
'It, wasn't any use. He wouldn't,
keep "ein on. You never saw any
thing like him. I put four pillows on
his head, and he kept still as mice
after that.'
?I see. Was he delirious during
the night?'
'Oh! wasn't he?but he hasn't hol
lered much for two hours. He's been
pretty quiet since be fell out of bed.
Hcforc that he was restless.'
*Of course, naturally. Any of his
friends been to see him?'
I 'There were ten or a dozen here all
I night, playing cards and enjoying
I themselves. Hut he paid no atten
tion to them.'
?I suppose not. Hnsu't asked for
anything, has he?'
'Not for a long time. He's doing
well, isn't he, doctor?'
'Yes, yes, as well as could be ex
pected. As near as I can judge, ho
has been dead about twelve hours*
You needn't continue the medicines,
.lust keep him quiet and don't let
anybody talk to him. What he wants
now is rest.'
A ml t he doctor certified to the relia
bility of the nurse, and departed.?
llruuhlijn JUtiyle,
' Xotice to Consumers of
"X70UR attention is called tea IcwTiranuV
i JL of my fine smoukiiig and chewing
1 obaeeo's, also Segsirs lit id Cegarettcs, which
1 make a specialty: ( hewing?Celebrated
buzz Saw, the Golden liar, Corn Cob,
Mi quo, Jiarly bird, Capt. Jm:k, Aurora
Pan Cake, Roozl, Wohl Unowned Mill*
VI on fine Cut, and many otherbrands
wldeh are not mentioned here, always
i.h bund; Stnoking: W. T. lllokwclls & C?e.
Durham, the only genuine, Blorkwell*
Long Cut, for I'ipeiiand Cigretffl, Morburg.
ItroBi Melrose Curly Cut, Smokers Truest
Friend, Liirillord Solid, put up in tin foil,
11. W. Gail & Ax celebrated Crown Ilrand.
Segar*?wirabelia, Private Stock, Quecie
Utile Loren?, l)ona Sal, Omato, Mack
Hoop, Favorite; k) mm pre State. Cigarettes
- -Lone Finhcrman, Pride of the North,
Litt e Joker, LlaekweU's Durham. All of
the above are guaranteed to be first cIubss
tiiye me a call ami be convinced that i
keep the best Tobacoo'd in the market
Look for the Line A'torc.
Jeweller, Orangeburg S. C,

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