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Orangeburg times. (Orangeburg Court House [S.C.]) 1877-1881, September 22, 1881, Image 1

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Now that 'the holiday season id
over and everything has gone pros
perous and happy; every one better
off', and a bright fertile year ahead,
?at no period in the history of our
business lifo have we been so thor
oughly prepare! to meet the wants
of the trade ami the requirements of
the people, its we are now. We shall
continue to p'htfcc trpon dtir counters
from day to day, bargains in every
?depai tment at ej
and sii&ll aluaysbe found using our
best ciidofvYbrs to prevcuVcxthrtiona
and uphold the CASH SYSTEM.
Our en tiro stock i? now ollered at.
reduced rur'CEs.
Y.'e ask you to call and inspect our
Wo guarantee -to please as to
quality an 1 price.
Look cum fully over this list of a
few articles mentioned :
'Gents ?} Hose, white, 5 and 10 c.
" striped 12-J
Eolid colors 125
double heel & toe 122
Ladies hose, white, 8, Id, 12:.
st lined, 10
" solid colors. 12]
" bitlbriggun, 15
" " Yincst quali
ty, 25
'( niloieu's hosts colored, 5, 8, 10.12-3
?Ladies Gati-titlels, dark en'ors, !>0 c.
*? Berlin gloves, embroidered
backs, 35
" kid gloves, 4 bullons, "best
makers, 75
'Gents buckskin gloves, lined 75
kl driving '? .'-".?
Dei by suiting; 11)
ihgifrcd, 12j
'Cndi mores, beautiful colors, 1(>3
Merinos, beautiful colors, 10
?Flahdels, red, white anil Iruc, 25 to
35 cents:
Im I : ;. cry piVlly,* flO c
1 allies I foods, new styles, 40
-rooking Glares; bureau size, ?1
cx i ru la-rge ?1.50
" oval frames b'O and
?0 (tents
Kilver plated tea spoons, 81 25.
Table " 1.75
" Forks 1.75
Knives ?.75
'Glass Setts, handsome, 4 pieces] LfK)
'Glass Preserve Stands, 60
Goblets, 75 ct per doz
Tumblers, OOVt per doz
Lamps from 25 to 75 cts
Large assortment Ladies, Gents
?ami Children's Sbocs from the Ii liest
to the. cheapest,
Men and Hoys Hats, 40, GO, 75, 1 00
1.25 to $3
Men and Boys Caps from 25 to 50
J'ancy B?s Paper, )\n velopes and
Agent for the Largest Tobacco
Factory in tlio United States, we
oflfet bargains in this line.
Agent for Manufacturers of Soaps
and Concert rated Lye, we defy com
We have the Largest and Cheap
est Slock of
in the Market.
Agent for the Celebrated Town
These Powders have stood (lie Test
by the bc.-t Chemist, and pronounced
PURE, when bought in cans. Prof.
Molt, I he Leading ( liemisl of the
World, says the worse adulterations
occur when Powders me sold loose or
in bulk. Remember this and get
TOWN TALK from Headquarters
Your attention is asked to the re
duction in our CARPETING, put
down to 25, 35, 40 cents.
Pocket Knives from ? cts. to $2..
Muggy Whips, 25, 50, 75 cts., 81,
$1 25 $2.
our. rcspcclfuJly,
C. d. k ORT JOHN.
fi6>" Always notice this column
CHEAP goods.
HI ei BOH?QIi.
of (his'School will commence on the
S E P T E M BE R 18 8 1.
Boys arc ]>repsiijt<l for College
or Business, and young ladies given
a finish i;n counsR.
Renewed efforts will be made to
make t his School even more accepta
ble ahdclfil^oTit, if possible, than it
1ms been during the past Nim: Yf.au?
of its successful and uninterrupted
progress. No pains will be spared
in the thorough training, morally and
intellectually, of every, pupil in at
t endn nee.
All the Exd'LTsti 'IhtAXciifes, l>c
sides Latin. Greek, and French are
regularly taught.
ten?* 3i ooli- iveepinjr, Pen
un-Vtli-sship and the Kthics ?l
IjJCt-fc-iilCS's" receive special attention.
The. aim ot* the Principal is tin
II t: a tri as well :is the Mi.nd of the
pupil in the cultivation of correct and
ennobling moral principles.
t kit ms I'F.U month:
Primary and Intermediate.$2.00
Ailvsinced E hgl isdi.$i>0.
latin, Greek, Ereneli and Book
Keeping, en: !i, extra, T>0 cts.
Liberal deductions made where
more th:!-mi-.' ptipil attends from a
Hoard can be obtained <ii 1'roin 10
lo 1 ~2 dollars per iudiiili.
For further particulars apply to,
Oriingeburg. S. (".. Aug. -1, lSSl .
cALi. a r Tin-:
>?itS, ?:c.
.\!-<> Ibn-ins. Cmrants, Citren, Niits
and fanned liobdsof : !1 kinds;
A i'm -1. lot <>r i "on t'i'vi ioiiery now
on hand; and a Iiili a soitixcnt iif
Viz: f'ups and SiuicCr.*, Vases. Toilet S"ts,
?Dolls, Tea S?t-. Ninas, Tin Toys of ?\*
deseriptrbiis. Lamp Stands. Chil
droll's Chairs, Wagons, Hock
ing Horses, ?e , &is, Ac. ,
Call'at once and gel what yon want for
Christmas. Parties wi-hing eriiclcs for
Christ mas Trees will do well to come tiow
wldle ihej ran iv he a good selectio-i.
Doiit lad in ' f " :U
Ijnij p 1 jVfS-Thousands o
I \ V / I> 1-) Dil J graves are annually
robhril of their victims, livs prolonged.
Iiappines.?. and healtli iesiored by the use
of the great
German . i \ :{ it u
which positively and permanently cures
I in potency (caused by excesses of any
hind i, Seminal Weakness, and .nil diseases
that follow as a sequence of self-abuse, as
loss of energy, loss of memory, universal
la-situi'.e. pain .he hack. ilinmei's of \ i.sion,
premature old age, and many other diseases
iuat lead in insanity or consumption and a
premature grave.
.Send for circular!" w ith les?imwii.is floe
by mail. The Iuvig<?rator is sold at SI
per box. or six boxes for $?">. by all drug
gist, or will be feiil free by mail, securely
sealed, on receipt ?f price, hv ad Ircssing
Jb\ J. 4 SI KS KY*' Hruggisi,
1ST .S'mmii st. Toledo, Ohio.
Sole Agent fort tic United 6'lales.
may ID |y
~S HAYING SA Ll)().\ -
give hotieeto a.il my custom er
and citizens generally thai I hav
employed a FlltST CIMSS u VKJIKIt riioSl
coi.F.MiuA and made other improve
liients in my shaving saloon. Please
call and give us a trial, NEXT
Is. I uug?fi \y
Quit Conurlaiiiiug.
Editor Or ihgcbtirg Times :
It is high time for our people to
quit eomphiiiiing about the hardness
of the t imes, ii?d go to enquiring
after the enu.se which they, J nm
persuaded, will not have to g? very
far to find, as it licth (it their very
The thought of God s iYnwilling
lies or refusal to help those who do
not first try to help themselves, is a
fact which is based upon the free
and moral agency of man. Man, be
ing a free agent, he is endowed with
faculties of both moral and intellec
tual nature, and it is by the proper
exercise of these faculties t hat, he is
enabled to discover and utilize the
relations of cause ami effect or as
certain what is really embraced in a
given phenouonon. T.t is by the pro
per exercise; a lid development of
these faculties that, lie obtains the
ability to discover the ?'itfercuce be
tween right and wrong, and pursue
the oi'iC and eschew tileother. Nature
we must remember, does not give to
man these faculties in a fully develop- j
ed state, else there could be no
heathen, no error, and man would I
be perfect. But Micprocess of deve
lopment is b\ slow degrees, in lift
eiiccd nod controlled not entirely, but 1
largely by circumstances.
And thus the command is given to
train up the child in the way he
should go. Me who wisely said that j
the child is fat her to the man, opened ;
a big door 10 the store-house of par
en* ? I knowledge. Through this en
trance we find abundant knowledge
hoarded for the use of ag?*s.
lint how many parents, Mr. Edi
tor, who read your excellent .paper.,
are drawing from this chc&hatlst'iblu
fountain, if we 'are to "read their
history iii a Nations eyes'1 wii would
be forced to the solemn performance
of answering, hut few if any. Negli
gent then of this, one of '.he most im
portant duties enjoined upon man, j
have we any cause to complain of the J
present condition of our government '
and the hardness of the liuiesr]
When we complain, against whom is I
our complaint isstiedV Against the;
people. Hut who is the people, and j
of what is i he people composed? Of
individual responsible agents. J um
an individual responsible agent;
thereforejl am a constituent part of
this great body. Let fheh individual '
citi/.en of this broad bind then eon-:
shier that be is a factor, of "l hey.1'
and :is sneb let huh go to work and j
exorcise those faculties with which,
nature has emlowc.1 him inbrder thill
be limy not only be a factor but a
benefactor of thi' people, and earn
estly contend for the promotion and
establishment {)\' pure and unadul
terated, social, religio? s political
and educational principles, a nil in
this way, each individual etlbrl press
iny the same direction, propel 1c I by
the saYn-e noble spirit uniting nnd
blending together Would form the!
basis of a government, the duration j
of which could Only hi; measured i>y
the limits of time.
The whole hi>y of eihii s 's i um med
up in this one beautiful hmxuioi. I
namely: '?Kverybodvshoiihl pursue i
his own true and substahli'iii ftappi- ;
Now the \~e<vy first step, Mr. Editor. |
thattV.V! frtViHcr makes in securing
advances from lue merchant, if be
would just stop and think, exercise
those faelitiesa little, he would soon
discover that he has taken the wrong
path to success and happiness. When
lie surveys his pale, famish in g lands
which, perhaps, for ibe last ten bi
twelve; yours he has been robbing of
the'r vi t ic am; i:s influenced by sohl ?
well got ten Ii p circular or the ex
pericne ? of Dr. 4,so and so" or Cnpl.
"Hig Planter'1 to try tin? nCverfniling
Chemical Preparation, if he would
just pause for awhile and make in
quiry, the trees, the grass; the thick
et, forest and the falling leaf would
all in eager whisperings convince bin)
of the fact that the earth is .-elf sits
I lining, and inf idling and that be is
tar away from the path which load
cth to success hud happiness.
When lie is standing about on the
streets, spending his precious time in
vain and unbecoming commit idea
tions, or reeling to ami fro at the
mercy of tho brute creation, with his
brain swimming in lliu hellish bever
age, if he could but just iiupiire, be
fore his llnming eyes would appear a
little neglected house, perhaps not
far distant, in one corner of which
sits a ghastly form; I he form of a
woman, once a fair, lovely hiss, bill
now the subject of care and grief.
Near by is a vacant chair, surround
ed by perhaps four or Jive little child
ren growing up in ignorance, with no
one to instruct them in tbe duties
and object of life. Such a scene as
this should be silOlciciilly alarming
to cause him to dash the infernal
glass to the ground) itild plac
ing his feetlipon its crumbling frag
iner.tr;, firmly resolve never to plneb it
i to his lips aiiain.
j Thus Hi on, if Ivo would hhvp the
j lifo-blood of society purified, and bo
! conic a glorious, happy people, k!t us
1 all try to think more and talk and
*oom plain less.
f . A .vices.
TIse C'osj of Spavin Fences.
The American Cultivator directs
^attention to ii. most inviting field for
reform when it. says few realize bow
costly a fixture the farm fence is, and
it is only by the presentation of ag
gregated facts that, an interest ia
urouacli "u 'the matter and attention
I secured. Illinois is said to have ten
times ris much fence as the whole of
Germany, and it. is claimed that Dut
chess county. X. Y., has more than
all France, Germany and Holland
combined. A few years since, in
South Carolina, the improved land
was estimated to the worth $20,000,
00G\ wiiile the fences at the same
time lind cost !j?i(i;0|I?.00?; Theati
liiitil cost of rcplnc'cmcui ,s Hi least a
Menth of the Mrs! <<>-!. A calculation i
[inside soihe eight years since placed
t.lie cost id'the fences iii the I idled
[jilaies -it !i;i.:UH).(?00.t>t;(?. Moroihsiii
.i'lTty years ago Ni&hohis Pdddlo said
' iie fences in Piudssylva'riisi biid cost
l.r'IOO.OOO.Odt). in' Ohio they have
[Cost a still larger ' inn. wiiile in New
j York, only 'a t "'. yoars ?i'n'ei* the es
[uinate.l td ib ? Peaces was 81 I I.
;;;t:i"..Odo. -vvr.'ic tune hi tutiire
^fisiiiy tehees now iii use will disap
pear, ami boundaries will lie marked
by fruit an 1 siia.le troes<*r uOrd hedge
?o ws.
GI<??rjjin SicIij;iait.
The ViaN,well-Sun lists (lie follow?
iiig tb'siiy of t he behavior in church
?l' the people ill tiiiil village:
'?There sire So-:caUod < 'hfisiiaiis who
go to (Sod's Ionise and spit tobacco
juice over the ilobr so t hat si decent
maucanmii ki'.eol for prayer. 1 fyou
.were tb go . :?? i'.'-io-f.e of one of
?$'..; s;- inV.iieeo . :::.:::; :.:.<! s> it pttil
Mle.-"of fililiy ambia upon t he door h;'s?!
would put you nut of ids house hhtl
set t he dog oil yojti. Ho'those filthy
fellow.-, thi:;!; t'liOy wiuil ! bo admitted
iiitii II avcti with their pockets full
id'tobacco^ siinl he; siilowetl to squirt
the filthy it iii 1 mv'r the pearly gates
und: golden streets? If t!u_\ cannot
speh l one lionr without it in worship)
upon rmrlb. bow will they pass end
levis siges wi'li'iut it V 11 would be far
more genteel lo pull out a flask of
wliisky iii eFtireli and take a poll.
Aiiy msiii or boy \ylid spits tobacco
upon llie lidor of a church should be
kicked oui by sonic s'toVit insiii who'
wears No. lOJiosivy boots, hi id such
a kicker should be appointed at both
the Ihiplist and Methodist churches
ill IIstlTwcll."'
IiCKj*c<!l ^Yomesi.
There is nothing manly, my dear
boys in making light of women. For
your mother's s.ike, honor the sex
Never use si lady's naihe in an im
proper place, or at an improper time,
dr in mixed company. Never make
assertions sibdiit lief t hat you think'
are nut rue. illusions that you feel she
liersolf would blush to bear. When
you meet with men who do not se'rii
j pie to make use of woman's name in
I a reckless and unprincipled manner,
shun them, for li'ey are the very
worst nieihliofs of I he community?
men Idsi to every sense of hoilOl',
every feeling of humanity. Many a
good and worthy woman's character\
b.is liecii forever ruined and hciTicari
broken by a lie, concocted by an nu
principled villain, but believe 1 by
people of good principles who are too
ready to believe slander or eohdeinii '
imprudence hud;crime. Tlsii siuhll
lipsttiling derogatory. ('> n woman's
! character will lly mi the wings of the
wind, and m:ignif\ as it circulates,
until its weight crushes t he poor iin
coii-'cious victim. Keinember this if
you are tempted to repeat or listen to
a seamlaIons lie.
^Jiiilleniauly JLttdies."
In a railroad car I lie seats were all
full except one. which wsis occupied
by a plea>a.d looking liisbniaii. si ml
at one of the staii his a eon pie of evi
denlly well'-brcd and iii.cHigcul
young ladies came in to procure
Boats. Seeing none vacsinkey we.e
about to go i n t o the nexl car, when
Patrick arose lui'd ih a ml olfefed
them his seat wit 'i cvidciil pleasure.
l,Mut you v. ill hav e no seat for
yourself," responded one id (lie young
ladies with si smile, hesitating, with
true politeness, lo accept it.
"Niver mind that," aid the gall
lint 11 ibei nir.n; uTd ride upon a cow
catcher to New York any time for si
smile from stich jintlchlstilly ladies."
And be retired into the next ear
amid the cheers of bis fellow-pas^
seng? rs.
Life's liriKktCHt Hour.
Not longr/niee, I met a gentleman,
who is assessed tor one million. Sil
ver was in his hair, earn upon his
brow, and he slightly stooped beneath
his burden ot* wealth. We were speak
ing of the period of bis life he had
reached the most perfect enjoyment,
or rather, when he had found happi
ness to be nearest unalloyed.
'I'll tell you," saicl the million lire,
'when was the happiest hour of my
life. At the ago of one and twenty 1
had saved SfrSOO. I was earning $?OU
a year, and rny father did not take it
from me, only requiring that I should
pay my board. At the age of twenty
two 1 secured a pretty collage just
outside of the city. 1 was able to
pay two-thirds of tbe value down, and ,
also furnish it respectably. 1 was
married on Sunday?a Sunday in
June?at my father's house. ??>'
wife had come to me poor in purse,
but rich it, the wealt h of womanhood.
The Sabba'.h and the Sabbath night
we passed beneath my father's roof,
?and on Monday morning I went to
inV work, leaving mother and sister
to help in preparing my home.
'On Monday evening, when the la
bors of the dtiy were done; 1 went, not
to the paternal shelter, but to my
own house?my own home. The holy
?it-ofowMiere ot that hour seems to
surround me even now in the .mem
ory. I opened the door of my cot
tage' and entered. I laid my hut on
the little stand in the the ball, and
passed on to the kitchen?our kitch
en and dining room w< re all one then.
J pushed open the kitchen door and
\v:.s in?heaven! The table was set
against the wall?the evening meal
was ready prepared by the hands of
her who bad come to be my h el (.meet
in deed *s well as in haiiK?and by
?lie tea-table, with a throbbing ami
expectant look upon her lovely and
loving face, stood my w ife. 1 could
only clasp the wailing angel to my
bosom, thus showing to her the ecsta
tic, burden of my heart.
'The yours have pnssfjd?long
years?and woridy wealth has llown
upon me. and I am honored and en
vied?but as true as heaven?1 would
give all?every dollar, for the joy of
t hat June evening, in the long, long
?'1 g?-'?': u:c/i (i nyc.
. A Judge of (:laar;ic?er.
A few of tkc broad distinctions of j
physiognomy depend on th? forms of
the features, bill all its nicer shades
have far more to do with expressions;
and in this, indeed, the real char
acter is often seen where the confor
mation of the features seem locontra
dict it. There are Some general and
well-known rules for the determina
tion of physiognomical character, as
far s> it has to do with the shapes of
the features; the aquUiuc nose and
e\e, for instance, belong to the heroic
class, ti ick lips to tbe sensual, and
thin to the sellisii; yet these may all
be liable to many exceptions?the
first cert it tidy are; tor Nelson, Wolfe,
I'll feu lie, ami many other heroes had
nothing of the eagle physiognomy. It
is natural to associate beauty wi'.h
goodness and ugliness with wicked
ness; and children generally do this,
but an acquaintance with the world
soon shows us that bad and sellisii
hour's may be concealed under the
ha mistimes t fixtures, ami the highest
virtues under the homvliest; ami that
goodness may even consist with con
formations of lace actually ugiy. We
l hen begin to look for the character
in the expression rat her t hau in the
forms of the features, and to distin
guish assumed expressions from na
tural ones; and so we go on, and. as
we grow older, become better phy
siognomists, though we never arrive
at the certainty of judgment which
seems not to be intended we ever
The idea that obtains to loo great
an extent. North nnd South, that la
bor is disgraceful, is a n abominable
idea. The ditch digger deserves as
in lieh respect nst lie lawyer, and lie
ought to have it. When one comes
into the presence of a bard laborer,
be should lake oll' bis hat to-stich
hard laborer, feeling that he js in
I ho presence of one of his benefac
tors. God bliss the horny handed
in borers of the land, by whom indus
try, the fabric of society, is kept from
falling into ruins!
The. lluti. Geo. J). Tillman, of
Edgi'lield, says Jhat cane from the
swamp is an excellent substitute for
corn, lie says that a large armful
cut green is equal to ten cars of corn,
ami t hat a horse or mule can do tour
II fths of the work it would do if fed
with corn. It is not to be dried or
stored, but always cut green and fed
"Ye pays no more attention to me,"
said Patrick, "than as if I was a
dumb baste talking to yez."
EU?v/ to IJve lb on ff.
We have to a great extent, the
power oi'prolougirig our lives. Liv
ing by rule, aud obeying nature's
simple laws, may seem very irksome
to people at first, but doing so soon
becomes a habit, and a blessed habit,
and one that tends to happiness, to
comfort and length of oayS.
A great deal might be said about
the benefits of regularity in our
modes and ways of living. Asa
'proof of the beneliciality of regular,
living, the fact that old people who
have once settled down in a kind Of
groove of life, can not be uusettled
therefrom, even for a few day's with
out danger to health and life itself.
They may have, .perhaps, their regu
lar time for getting up in the morn
ing, certain methods of ablution, cer
tain kinds and qualities of food and
drink, certain hours for taking these,
certain times for rest, exercise, aud
recreation, and a hundred Other
things, which, taken separately, may
seem but trifles, but taken in the ag
gregate make up their lives, and they
know nnd feel that they must not be
unsettled; The wheels of life will
run long in grooves, but soon run out
over rough. Irregular roads. 11 ab it Sx
whet ber good or bad, arc easily form
ell whim one is young, but when one
gets up in years it is terribly difficult
ami ol'linies dangerous to set them
aside. Therefor*', study, if you would
live long, to be regular in your habits
of life in every v\ ay, and lei your
regularity have a good tendency.
Know One AnolhCf*.
Henry Ward Heecher. in one of his
sermons, discussing.the duty of the
members of a church to know one
another, jays that churches are like
hotels; cue If io'l'gcr has his own room
and calls for what he needs, and does
not feel hojiud to take care of any of
the other -lodgers, lie says better
that they are "spiritual boarding?
houses." The occupants of the dif
ferent rooms do not know each other
even at the table, Pew-holders arc
not acquainted with other pew-hold
ers, and those that go to the Lord's
Table do hot recognize neighbois on
the right and on the left.
But the best thing we have met
with oh this Subject is the saying of
ti Kosten in n on a sermon on "Recog
nition in Heaven." lie told the
preacher he would fpre?ch more to
the point if he would "preach about
ihn Vvcognhioh bj'-friehtls /icir." Sa.d
he: "1 have been a member of this
church during twenty years and 1 do
not know any of the members." Is
(ids the spirit of the Gospel of Je
sus Christ? Are isolation, coldness,
dignity that five/cs, pride of person
and so on the fruits of the Spirit of
holiness? What a curious "brother
boor' is t bat where each is stranger
to t he 01 her.
W ben \ ? : have tin inflamed eye, a
swelled hand- iVt d ecayed and aching
tooth, you do not take arid fill your
stomach with drugs to.cure it; but tip*
ply a cooling I J-it ion oi oiinc soothing
narcotic ditx\/.ly to the parts. So if
you have a weaKor lame back, sore
k idneys, profuse or scanty urine, or
the secretory system is clogged and
inactive, you should tise I rof. Guil
moite's French Kidney Pad; which is
a directly local application, which al
ways gives speedy relief ami always
?Hires the disease. Ask your drug
gist for it.
Said the auctioneer: "Cohie noVr,
ladies and gentlemen, these goods
are for sale. W ill somtbody give me
a hid? Anything, ladies and gentle
men AU 1 want is an oiler." "Alas!"
murmured an elder ly woman in the
crowd, *'thai's what I've been sigh
ing for all nYy life.*"
Nonci:.?Callers at. the School Com
missioners olliee will note that they
can't be attended to, after Sept. 1st,
outside of t he regular ofllce days, Fri
days 'Saturdays and Salesduys.
Pay Up.?Call on Mr Kirk Robin
son, or on the editor, and pay up for
the Timms out of the first hnle of cot
ton when y'?ni come in town.
- - - ? ? mmtM two* - * ? <wm ? -
?The following medical confection
cry to be found, fresli and reliable, tit
Jos r.ros, confectioner; Chlorate
potash, aromatic tablets, King's tar
drops, vermifuge confectionery. Cala
bria licorice drops, marsh mallow
drops, pun; maple sugar and a large
assortment of line candies. *
?The first lot of the largest assort
tricnt of.fine candies of every descrip
tion to arrive at Jos Bros1 next week
Call and look at them. *
The world of fools has such a store
That he who would not s<c an as-s
Must bide at home and bolt his door
And?break his lookiug-glass;

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