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rangcburg Democrat*
JSl l'Mpel* fox* Iii?? People,
One. Year...,.4.i#l ??<?>
Six Months.1 <><>
.Ministers of the Gospel.1 OO
IJTmHn^rHlnnVpr^ sqiinre ........1 OO
Each Siib^qnent lii^eiUom...
*jgf**"Lib?>l?l cnntrtielM made fur Ihre?
>noiit,hs ?oij lon?vr p?;viod8..'. '
JM '^n^.lv'it. advenUeeienls mu?Ji be
paid for In advance. . t ,
Marriages ijml Notices pi Deatbs. not
mbkin?r i'ov<-v oiie .?dpiure, diift-erttd free,
'ttiuv.i- n ?.:????: ' pi
j. ,.-0^,1 ? tu
aro noi. i i;>j)onsible, for the
in- L\n respou^ynts.
vComUMuueytions. Lett<t.
eiidnn, nud Older.* tor Snlisciip:
? Well as ttlV 'Advel tisements,
be nddre'JUMl to ?
i jj ?.,'? . Oiaii<febuiKi S. C.
jUjjjj _? --? - j < ^ .1 i ??-r*???f*-~~
0uAN<5i:iu:i:r,. 8. Ojj .Ian. 1870.
4 Tho Out-Look.'
Tbo close of i bo year 1878 leaves
to Orangehunj and her people highot
hopes of the 'liftlire than any pciiod
since the end of the war ; and the
upon these well founded hopes, bids
uS kick fid-ward to a prosperity we
ct?r?fl not dreain of'three veaia ago;
jit. the bey inning of tips' |K:riod the
people of South Carolina, in their csl
lectivo capacity, determined, to make
?a declaration of political principles
liberal enough for every cititeu v?Jh
in her bounds to adopt as bis creed.
The election of'76 proved bow wisely
our i leaders, so far as the State was
?concerned, counselled. Oraugeburg
then failed to take her position in
the advanced rank with her sisters :
at the beginning, however, of the last
campaign she determined to put in
the Held a ticket with the names of
?eutleinen on it who might be con
exponents of die principles Uiey had
adopted for the political guidance o|
h?r people, and who would carry the
banner of Orangeburg Democracy to
a final and a successful issue, even in
the face of that terrible opposition
which is always indicated by a com
pact combination of forcce. In this
instances ifw'as not an honest or a
Jf^i'^ui?ic ..(,?)...'.'>ui? ?v?t'art'tmfiii &i
a brave foe, hut an illegal organized
band of plunderers who cuiicuRsed, in
tho' night lino and skulked about
with Cjosed doois in the day
? tln/e, that "secretly, Ihcy might cou
snmale their infernal purposes. Be
sidc8!.this there was as dangerous an
element to contend against, develop
ing4 itself in our midst in the s'u.ipe
of Indepcudentism, from disaffected
Democrats and Fulnry-loving ollice
seekers?men who arc ever ready and
willing to transfer their allegiance to
any party that would divide the
spoils without consulting the honesty
of the ncasure or the principle in
Such were the forces in the field
rgainst which Democ racy had to con
tend, and such was the bush-whaek
ing policy the enemy adopted to de
feat the honest intentions of the citi
zens of this count}*. How they fail
ed? ignominiously failed, and how
gloriously Uic battle was won by the
truo Democrats, white and cMorcd,
the records of the last, election will
certify to the .rJtfridT'
Undje'r'vn'e leadership of our noble
cf^hty chairman, Gen. fid at, and the
strong snpport of the executive com
mitfre, the pnr^y of the peoplu wou
the field and forever established the
Fiiprcmacyof right over might, intel
ligence over ignorance and honesty
over dishonesty. To-day finds Or-'
ungeburg occupying her proper posi
tion in the line of Democratic coun
ties and her people enjoying the
rights and Immunities of a govern
ment they ought to control.
Well may it bo said, therefore,
that this is a promising period for
Orangeburg county, as weil as for
f^outh CaroHnn. Every department
of the government feels the pressure
of ibis success: instead of having a
erenturo whose hands are deeply
stained by crime' to sit in tho chair
once honored by Calfioun and \Ie
Dullle, we have the embodied wisdom
and purity of the people in the person
of Wade Hampton to representthem
in the halls of the Federal Congress;,
instead of having Chamberlain, with
his heart corrupt by ollicial perjury
to sit in the executive chair of this
honored commonwealth, we have the
people's choice in the person of Gov.
Simp8ou to control our Stnte affairs;
instead of a bought and fold judicia
ry to judge the law ami to reward,
crime, wo have the honor and the
dignity of our society upon tho bench
in the persons of our judges save t wo ;
instead of a mob of ignorance, vice
and low political cunning to pit in
the chandlers of our Slate capita! to
legislate in the interest of crime and
dishonor, we hnvothe J^roper^ repre
sentatives of the da<Wvl^ saw eight,
to legislate f(fcty? v'4?t?tJL\ti*&
interest of human society and ehris
tian civilization ; and instead of a le
galized bands of theives at our county
court bonnets to prey liho vultures
upon the hard earnings of our impov?
eiTslied tax-payers, we have honest
citizens tyoiq.-'ntnong our own neigh
bors to manage countv funds.
Indeed,,this, js a period of revolu
.\u/* am to euntatiu?r *
lions. I he Orgean stables have been
ele;(nsed, and the filth and eprrnpCjpu
whicp' was sOjlong a^tench in thc-iioBj
Lrils of decency, lmvc<b?en stemo-vell
to Jthoir proper receptacle n'tfdcfr'tbc
supervision of C?l. LliijC'ombfjr trhiis
pAVtcd beyond t^ie rotomae, wfycre
they will lw) , offensive, ;to nobody's
sensibilities* In a few moro- year*
lite few that now 4'remain under the
2i\ii?e of Democrats to p^oifmti, our^sfij
eiety, Will have .rtyd, and yiir people,
while aipl colored, lwjll then bt^erft
alone to^-pursue the even tenor of
their'way to a material prosperity of
which they have not dared to dream
' for fifteen years. May--we see, in
. these things just reason for unity ol
pjurpOsfe and concentration of effort,
and, encouraged hy them, abide our
time until the will of II? aven be man,
ifcsled and ike rights of a Bpjvjngaici]
, but brave people be once more vatab
lished-throughout the land'. v:' - /
The.-Gencial. Assembly. 01 u?v
True to the resolution adopted at
tho beginning "of,' the Session, the
Ocncrul Assembly adjourned sine die
ou the 23rd of December, thus meet
ing an imperative-demand of the peo*
pic, jet without leaving any impor
'jtaivt measure unattended to. The
work of the body was performed
much alter the manner of the oidoii
times and commends each member
' 'o the gra'itude of those he represent
... j : ? ?. ? ' ... . ?? v?4
1 eu. / Great wisdom was hUuTku <tn un
dcrtaking-. fjiw-ncw measures, and
? maong them none were more judl*
ciously considered and acted lipon
tbau the general appropriation and
supply bills; the former are much
1 smaller than heretofore, n,ud the lut-,
' tcr calls for & much lower [general
1 tax than we have been in the habit
1 of paying since the war. The Di
' voice law, which was u disgrace to,
5 the Stute, has I?oen repealed, and.the
l' Marriage compact rests whferC- it did
[, ;wh^Ti^?uThrt^olu^
for their purity and virtuous integrity.
No man or woman can get a-dlvoree
from hence for. UiJQ Theorcdlt of the
State has been maintained by killing
cvefiy eifoit made to abolish the Bond
Court,- and Ilms again pledging the
faith of the'St'ule to the settlement
perfected last,winter. The .Phosphate
question, which.excited ? ao much bit
terness during the summer, has been
settled by the enactment of a general
law which gives the right of digging
rocks under certain restrictions.
Persons committing assaults upon
tho thoroughfares and streets wili
hereafter be visited the severest'!
penalties. This law Will go far to
ward the protection of the person and
property of our citizens. A law to
prevent unjust discriminations on the
part of Ra Ironds has been passed
and also an act creating a Railroad
Commissioner. These two acts alone,
if properly executed, will be of incal
culable advantage to citizen1* of every
C'-iss along our lines.-?T RailroadjT
/roy^ipn Juts J)vefi inude for redeem
Mng lauds forfeited by tl)c . non-pay
ment of taxes. Tins is magnanimous
Land at lite came time a merciful pro
vision. The Stalec^u weil nllont to
otfer licr poor citizens a,chance to re
j cover their homes lost thither through
i misfortune or Radical oppression]
In view,-therefore, of these wise
J general cnnctmenls and the many
j laws pf local interest to.tho Reveal
cotr'lics, and among them Orange
: burg, we say to our delegation, "Well
done, good and faithful servants."
The-. Oranijcburg Times,.
llaviqg purchased of Mr. James L.
Sims a half interest-in what was once
known as uThe'Kdlslb Clarion" it
becomes neecssury' for me to make
the following ?'lnlement;of facts with
reference to my connection with the
"Ornngeburg Times:"
In Deceniher, 1877, I bought of
Mr. George Roliver the "Ocangeburg
Times," who then claimed it ns Ins
individual property. It was a genu
ine sale. When this was made 'pub
lic tho News Company sued out an
injunction and stopped the publica
tion \if the paper, alleging that the
material-upon .which the Times was
being primed belonged to the said
[News Company. Iii January follow
ing the Court removed tho injunction
and the paper- was*again issued. I
agreed to continue oil-the Times ns
editor provided Mr. Bolivor would
guarantee me tho titles to^tlje paper
when the suit should be ndjtiste<l,
which he promised, to do. UponMjm
faith of 'his promise tho Times wnV
regularly issued as a truo Democrat
ic organ during, the year. f.
"When Mr. Sims purchased the Cla
rion bagreed with him to consolidate
tho two papers, and thus givo the
county ono good paper.. But, in the
meantime. Mr. Sims, liaving heard
p -V'TL'1.11 \s Ci it) M . j _ ? . .-?? -,v
iiom a iniiiun: source mat mr. uun
vor had circulated a slanderous re
port about him, snubbed Mr. Bolivcr
by .dVidinihg; niKintrrfduction to him
on the street.. Because of this cir
cumstance only Mr- Boliver refused,
upon application, being made, to sign
the/-necessary papers; until the matter
between hihis?'lf and Mr. Sims could
bej adjusted. Such an event not being
likely, ns Mr. Sims' positively refused
Jo' apologize or, make, any ?tatoment
,tO(jWr.. lioliyer ,in reference to the
matter ; between-'them, I closed . the
bargain for i a Half interest in the
Clarion and nhandowd my claim on
tue Times. I, therefpip, take pleas
ure.in informing the 'public that
henceforth the1 firm of Sheridan &
Sims will isjuo Tiiic Oraxokbuug
Dkmockay, a weekly, county paper,
to meet, .a.1? far as possible, in every
respect, the demands of our people,
without any nfiihation, directly or
indirectly, with Radicalism.
.' TJuoo G. Siikkidan.
' ' : mo ' '
; . ;> Ch(istmas;Treo.
ST-iiMAirrni ws/Dcc. 28, 1878.
Editor Onxiujiburg Democrat:
I had the pleasure of attending a
Christmas Tree Festival yn Christ
mas eve, at the school house, the pn
rons of which are Dr. W. C. Whet
stone, Messrs. J. Hi Arant and Win.
Panlling. The teacher, Mrs. A. R. Z.,
suggested the festival to the patrons
only a few dayn befoie ; and, taking
into consideration the short space of
time together with the ages of the
child)en, it was surprising to^ali who
attended how great, a success the af
i fair proved 16 be. The Tree, 'brill
iantly [illuminated with minature can
dles and literally groaning beneath
the weight of dolls, books, gloves,
neckties aud other articles too numer
obs: to mention, presented n sight
well calculated lb please the visitors
as well as the children of the school.
The exercises commenced at G
o'cldckvlV Mi, with music by Mr. J.
M. W.', and a charade, "Welcome,"
by Edna W. and Mamie A.' ,Tbis
was followed by an extract: spoken
by J. Syy^yext came ? chf^dftiff
Essio W. and Sue A., which pleased
the whole audience.., Sarita Claus wo?
next' rendered 1 by Master R. 1). Z.,
whose oratorical powers, if cultivated
will not have many superiors. Buz
zing Bee, by Emma W., and Court
ing Babies^ by Edith P., biought
forth such applause as to shake near
ly all the prizes from the treo. Last
and best of all, there was a Spelling
Bee, which ended in Master lt. D.
Z.'s getting an' elementary speller
and Mamie A. the first prize as she
was the last on the stage.
' The part of the exercises that glad
den the hearts of the children most
came at last, which was the distribu
tion of the articles on the tree. The
teacher called a few friends to her
aid and soon stripped ,the treo of its
precious burdens, and in a short time
every scholar in school was loaded
with Christmas gifts. The teacher
'deserves great credit for the manner
IM i "'. i
in which she has advanced her schob'
ars, and for the love and kintHy'feel
ing tlfat existttmoug-thc^pupils.
The Washington Post says: A
person by the name of Hayes writes
[a message ot (Congress, ?e which we
lind the following ; "It is the right
of dvcry citizen, possessing the qual
ifications prescribed by law, to cast
one unintimidalcd ballot honestly
counted.' And if that right hadn't
been sold out by fifty-seven thieves,
whose names we could give if we bad
the space, and bought by Rutherford
B. Hayes, a gentleman by the name
pf Saumel J. Tilden would be send
ing messages to Congress, which
this same Mr. Hayes would be read
ing at his (juiet little home in Fre
mont, Ohio.
The trustees of Mount Sinai Hos
pital, (Hebrew,) New York, after
!turning the matter over In their
I minds, have concluded not to accept
Mrs. A.' T. Stewart's donation "as
proffered ;" that Is to say, they will
not accept it through Judge Henry
Hilton. The latter will find that the
large nnd influential class which be
so causelessly insulted a few years
ago will not condone his olfenco for
the sake of a few dollarB aud cents.
Senator Hampton.
Tho last reports from Columbia
slates that the improvement in the
condition of Senator Hampton is gra
dual and satisfactory. His friends
are in line spirits and the citizens
throughout, the Slate share this grati
fying news with them. We trust I
that these brightening hopes may re
shlt in his early restoration to health.
. SimJsp/u has appointed Ex
ov. Rpnhofp Railroad Connntssion
u. Lipyptnb Superintendent of
enif?ijtiarYfcnd Gen. Anderson lu
spector o
No 1
into a
and 1,
b thousand pet
lit .? '/l/tjlnf uauli
ing a pri .j of
one can get it,
Iiis dollar. A,
0 into collecting j
useful information,
and p
and offers t<> every one of 2,000 per
soha'wjho ccffkribale;} a dollar or so,
a printed tl of the results, so
that each cM; may have the entire
benefit of wluki has 'actually coat over
$2,t)00. Itf?jfc- th\a better than any
uncertain chance ^scheme, full of
blank ticket*? / This applies to Tiik
OhANOKBCHQ I jkmooh AT. If you ill
vost 8,1.00 in
tee yon a
we guaran
issue no
ijreWral decline in
the prlcqptf cotton and other produce,
wo have co?tfiuded to put the price of
our' popup-^?wn to ONE DOLLAR
ANlif.iKl'i&y CENTS per annum,
thus!placing'it within the reach of
nil. ,'Scnd'in your names at once.
?pocsil Notioe.
Any person who will get us up a
Club^of;jejftC?sb'!Subscribers at 1.50
per annunjL,.w<ll receive Tu? Drxo
cuat one fear free. Go to work at
once, andisecuro your Club. \.We
know you oan do it if you but half try.
Send to th s office for specimen co
pies, whicby wili be furnished .[on ap
(Ph December, 1878. at tbc
tbo bibb: s father, by Rev.
idenmhv.Mr. It. D.jKrmu-i.i
M. Hoffman, both of Or
lunty, S C.
Ith December. 1878, by tbc
immmkman. at the; residence
lather Mr- j. W. ZlMMKlt
:'lifcI(l.'County. S. C, to Miss
iatk?, ol Urangeburg Coiin
On tbc
residence o
j.;r; n. st?
and Mi-.'- ft
angeburjr C
On the
Rev.J. H.t
of the brio*
maw, of E(
Magoih L.
ty. S. C.
ThoJHye man of the Northwest will boll
one carload of Top'jmd.Open
B if & G I E S,
JAN. Q;'mp'i
^^"Onefof tbo best Rubles In Ameri
ca for the. i^oney.
J. P. SX
A. J. CREIG'li,
I General Manager ol .Sales.
'DER, Salesman. Jan li
Office o|School Commissioner,)
') r ak?ebu ro covnty. v
OitANOKSUiso. S. C, Jan. 1: 1878. >
3. lire biroby notified tl/t they must
report foth's office oh or before the llib
Instant the'iamc.s of teachers employed,
and avenues at tcnda.ice of children in
their rcspeillve \h>tri?l8 ler November
and December, 1878. sepeftltcly.
^ehool^Commissioner O. C.
i Noli Jo. ^
Office o^Scuoof^ommissionku, ~>
tUA^ffu:nuiui JCocnty. >
OraWOKVOuO, S. C . Jan. 1. 1870.)
ffjj^bfefft1 Pay < crtilh-Mtes will on
ly be^ieli\>.red to Trustees or on their
[-Written orifcr. D. L. CONNOR.
rcliooi Cutmnjssloiier ?. C.
January 2-u ?
office t'OUNTY CoMMISsioNKKS, >
()rak?ebuk<i CoONTV. ?
I OrANOKII ;ur.. S. ('.. Dee. :il. 1878. )
11 Sealed Proposals for the Bellt of
the Poor Kann near Orangeburjr, on the
Old Cimrie>tiMi Road, will be reeeiv? d
by the Board until ilie First Monday in
January next. up<'ii widen day the bids
will be opened ami the Rental awarded
lo the highest bidder. Each bid to re
ceive nrtenflori must be accompanied
wirb the halites of at least two good se
curities. The Board reserves the right
to reject any and all bids.
Sealed Proposals will be received until
the First Monday In January next for
the position of 'Physician to the Poor
Home ami .laK who will also be required
to furnish Medicines for the same. The
bids will he opened JhHilary 0, 1870, and
the position awarded lo She lowest bid
The Contract for Rental and Physician
to Poor House and Jail to continue until
December ilUl. 187?.
By order of the Board.
Jan .1-1 Clerk.
Otto ^oi?f&g,
No. 84 Wentworlh street, near the Old
'Artesian Well.
Gents' Conts Vests nod Pants nicely
Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed. Faded and
Moulded Ctotblnpr Renewed wdtb the
greatest dkmatch.
iMssolji&tio? oi' tr<>"i>urt-!
Tvrorioi is nkitiiKY giventhat
?S thoTPurtiit-rsliip between .JOHN C.
dissolved ion the First Day of .January.
A. D. 1S70, by mutual eminent. All
dubts due to tlie Paid PartneriiKhip are to
be paUl.to, nmtt hope due from tl>v saun?.
tRLjiHirjv^.fj *2y''ao!ty. ISr.'i'.'KB,-w\?.0\vii
continue T the business at the old stand
under bis own name.
Oraiigeburg, S.-C., Dec. 2, 1870.
,-(-, ? j
XSuil Rqaa.f3eUedule8.
ChAhi.ksnox. H. Dep. 13, 1878.
On and after .Sunday next, the 15th In
stant, tiie Passenger Trains On this road
will run as folloWs: i' i
(Sunday morning excepted.) ?
Leave Charleston' ats.'??..J.45 a m
Leave:Charleston<at...'.....7 80 p in
Arrive at Augusta at......1 30 p m
Arhve at Augusta at......0.ilO n in
(Sunday morning excepted.) . ?:
Leave Charleston at.1.6 45 a in
Leave CharloMhn at....8 30 \> in
Arrive at ColumbU nt.,1 15 p in
Arrivti at Columbia at.7 25 a m
(Sunday morning excepted.)
Leave Augusta ar.3 30 p ni
Leave Au^'sta St.....7 45 p m
Arrive ut Ctm'i k-stoii at.10 10 p in
Arrive at Charleston at.....-..H 30 a m
Leave Columbia at,.'...;C SO p'm
Leave Columbia at...v....S Ut) p :n
Arrive, at Charleston at.'..~.10 10 p m
Arrive at Charleston at ...........5 30 a in
' ? (Daily,* exfcspt Suiuluys.')
Leave Clus i lest or).7 10 a nt
Arrive at Augusta....;.........8 15 p rti
Arrive at Columbia..;.7 00 p in
Leave Augusta..5 15?iim
Leave Columbia.P. W a tit
Arrive at Charleston.7 U0 p tu
These trains from Charleston. Colum
bia und'Augmta eotmtcts.it Branuhvllle.
i- ? (Sunday's excepted.)
Leave Camdeu at.';.1 00 p m
Arrive at KiugvUle at.4/ 00 p m
Leave Kinxville at..ii....'.5 10 p m
Arrive at Catuden at.8 00 p m
I This jtralu connects, at Kiugvillc with
I the Up Accommodation Train for Colum,
hia and Down Columbia Passenger Train
lor Cliarlestou. ?
Grtouville and Columbia Railroad con
nects with Night Traius from and to
Spnrtankurg and Union Hallroad con
nects daily at AM on.
. Laureus Railroad connects at Kewber
ry on Tuesdays,. Thursday* Satunh^-s. .
lilne Ridye Railroad connect* at An
d/+sou on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat:
liidays ffoiug up,'and On Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays coiuinjr down. '
Charlotte. Columbia >tud Augusta Hail
Road connects at crossing near Colum
bia with the Coluiubia Day Passenger
Train up and down .
Gem ral Supi-riiilentlcnt.
8. B. ITCKENS, Ueu. Paas. Agent.
The following is n list of tins claims acted
o?) by tin; County CpranilwUmors ?f Orange
burg County during the Fiscal Year1 end
ingOeioberrSIati 1878: " ?iH -4
Books, Stationery a/d. Pbinting.
A ime of Amount Amount
Chimed. Claimtd. Allowed.
Walker, Evans and
Cogswell..$148 75 $148 75 paid
do Uo. 33 60 33 50 ?
do do., 35 CO 36 .00 unpd
do ? do'...... 28 80 28. ?0 *?
do do. 17 00 17 00 '
do do...... 63 00 53 00 paid
do do..:... 163 82 103 82 '*
Jus S Hoy ward........ 66 60 05 60 II
Jno II Livingston...' 12 00 12 00 unpj
.Ins S Hey ward. 77 60
Orungehurg Times... 54 50 61 50 paid
.Inn S Hey wivrd:.14 00 7 00 "
T Kohn...... l 00 1 00 unpd
T C An<lfew?. 31 60 15 75 paid
Orangeburg Times... 61 00 25 50_
,pa8t indebted?
EJM" liouser.
J \V Sellers. 10 2t
.1 i\ Buyck... 10 30
J W Sellers. 8 7?
Gabe Hurt. 9 60
Henry Silkins. 8 80
WIE McMiclmel. 4 50
.Ino C S'uley. 1 90
Jtfo H Livingston... 45 60 disapproved,"1
Wheeler Golden....... 12 40 12 40 unpd
J) Louis. 2 80 2 80 "
Hit Rush. 7 00 7 00 ??
Kirk ?tiobiosoii. 9 50 9 50 "
Jus S Hey ward. 32 00 32 00
0 C McMillan. 7 40 7 40
Albert Simmom. 9 70 9 70
M Jureky. 4 30 4 30
N R fiavia.....'. 4'CO 4 GO
J D Trezcvant... . 7 50 7 50
Eddie Mots. 11 90 7 45
Intrant Williams. 7 40 5 70
A C Norton.;!. 44 G!i 29 23
J A Long. 2 70 1 70
J F My ere. 45 00 46 00
Colinis Cockley.,.. 10 80 10.'80!
I) Louis & b l>toble~ 69 31 69 34
F F Felder. 7 20 7 20
8 A Jones. 7 20 7 20
J E Jones. 7 20 7 20
J J Hocker.. 3 GO 3 60
Klliutt Darby. 6 60 0 60
0 F Thompson. 16 60 6 66
Aoam Rbeips.- 7 40 5 96
BG Shaffer. 626 00 G25 00
C 8 EUwardB..... 4 50 4 50
J II Livingston. 16 30 12 00
DJ Carrol. 1 60- 7160
D J Zoiglsr. ... 8 60. . ? 60
Paul Livingston. 9 60 9 60
Carolina Thomas. G 30 6 30
OBRihy...... 10 70 10 70
Wesley llarpin. 9 80 9 80
Gco Boliver...... 6 09 4 00
Past Indf.bt'ednkss.
Geo Boliver. 45 00 45 00 unpd
E Smith.u 4-60 4 50
Abial Lathrop. 9 00 . 9 00
John English. 9 60 9 50
Sol'Fehler... . . G 10 6 10
Clay McKelvoy. 9 ,50 t? 50
CS Bull. 600 00 disapproved, '
8 D Guess. 4 20 20 00
M ? Snlley. 42 60" i
J H Doughty. 221 87) 223 87J
We certify ibat the above is a correct
list of the Claims acted on by the Board
during the piscnl Year 1877 and '78,
E. T. R. 8MOAK,
iTplIE office of School Commissioner for
jL Ornnjrebur?; Comity will be open un
til further notiee for the transaction of
business on every Friday and Saturday
ol each week. Ofllce hours from 9 a. in.
to 3 p. m. D. Ii. CONNOR,
Dee 20-if School Commission Kit.
attorney and Counsellor at Law
(Cor. Church &'St. Paul's Street.)
Dec 13-tf
Attorney and ?oun3ej-lof\,
Dec-13-tf . ' '.
Teeth Extracted "Without
[Graduate of t'ho Baltliporo College, of
Dental Surgery. J .
OFFERS Ids professional services to
the people^ of- Ora??ebiirg' Und sur
round big country. Tenth extracted with
out pain, by,meauK of Nitrous Oxide
Gas. Olllee, Dr. VYolle's stand, next
rdoor*'t? Alber^otll's Bakery. Dec20
[MLtiMtcur't* Sule,
W.; A. MACK AY, Auctioneer.
Slate of South Carolina?County of Or
angeburg?In thy Common Pleas.
By viriuivof Judgments of Foreclosure
and Sale and Decreutal Orders In the
causes below stated respectively, I will
poll by public auction, before the Court
' lion? *!, hi the town of Orangeburg, oh
the First Monday In-January, 1879,
during the legal hours for- SherftTs".
. sales, the several Tracts, Lots and
Paroela of Land below described, all
situate in the County of Orangeburg
and State aforesaid, vie:
By virtue of a Judgment of Foreclos
ure and Salts io the case of Whte Brotb
?cm. A^otgnecBi-vs, .Cyrus Gloves, Caleb
Davis, and Er^Ui Miller, ?II that'i Tact
of Land situate In tftw CaW TVw'rYsbliJT
contaiubig three hundred aud eight
acres, more- or less, bounded on the
North, by elands of A. Davis and S.
Wright; on the etat ,uy lands of the es
tate of John F. Rifcyipu the south by
lauds of B, Cower, and on the west by
lands ol Elizabeth Jackson. '
Terius of Sale?Oue-lialf cash; the bal
ance on a credit of twelve months; the
purchaser to give bond, bearing interest
from day of.Halo and a mortgage of the
premises ?qUI, to seenrethe credit portion
of the purchase money, also to pay for
papers and the recording of both title
and mortgage.
By virtue of aJudjimt-nt of Foreclos
and Sule in the case of Daniel McKenzie
vs. William Wise, all that Tract of Land
situate in Amelia Township, containing
?-'? acres, more or less, and bounded
by''Preference Plantation; and lauds of
Daniel McKenzie, T. B. Wliuley and ?
Myers* -
.terms of Sale?Cnsn; purchaser to
p;iy for papers.'
also, ,
By virtue of a Decretal Order In the"
ease of David >\ Spelgher, adm'or do
bouts uon, cum testo annexe, of John
R.,Paulliug, et al. against John, \V. Sel
lers, cx'or of O. M. JDuntzlcr, deceased,
et. al:, all 'that Plantation or Tract of
Land in the county and State aforesaid
containing six hundred and twenty acres
more or less, and bounded by lands of
Dr. William L.Pou.S K. Logare, J. A. j
. Mts. T..Reeved, and Dr. G, lt. j
r, and other*.
b:ilam:e in one and two years; the pur
idiasnr jio/iglye. bond bearing iutevest
from day ol aale, payable annually, and
n 'tnnrt ^n^i' nf the property sold to 8c
eure the credit portion of the purchase
money, and purchaser also to pay for
papers and the recording of both title |
and mortgage,
By virtue of a Judgment of Foreclos
ure and Sale in the ease of Morgan J.
Keller, ex'or., and Frances Keller, ex'ixj
of Joseph A. Keller, against James Van
Tassel, Patrick, Doyle, and C., R.
Jones administrator of J. McNamara
all that Lot or Parcel of Land
situate In the town of Oningebnrg in the
(tonntv and State aforesaid, on the North-]
ern side of Kussell-strect, fronting mi
said street forty feet, and running Oaqk
from the old front line on said'street one
hundred and three feet, and bounded dn
the Northeast by lot of Air*. Bertha
Hieb; on thu Southeast by said street,
5 by lauds, formerly of
?Cash, or for 'oho half
balance on a credit ol
secured by bond of the
-chaser bearing interest
sale, and u mortgage of
i plaintiffs counsel may
er to pay for papers and
a Judgment of Foreclos
ca*e ol Alva Gage, plaln
izabeth Urowu, defendant,
tion or Tract of Tract of
ng about twelve hundred
less, situate In the Fork of
the county of Orangeburp
and State^Horesaid; bounded on the
North by. Ccepcr 3%ruiup; On the East
by lands formerly of Jacob Woife, de
ceased ; on tJh(T,'South by South Edisto
River', and the West by lands now or
lately of John 11. Millions. John O. Rowe
and the late J. E. Qiiat tiebau in Said
tract of Laid being the Suukc Swamp
Plantation of which the late Dr. Rowe
died sle/.ed lind possessed.
Terms of Sale?Cash enough to pay
the sum acljWtrily due at the date of sale,
and the balance on a credit of one and
two years -the purchaser to give bond
bearing interest; from the day of sale and
a mortgage of the property sold to se
cure the credit portion of tbo purchase
money. Purchaser i\ho to pay for pa
pers' and the recording of both title and
mortgage. W. M. HUTSON,
Dec 20j-3 Muster,
i I i i i > . . ,.. -?_______
W Esinblished about 1830
Resucitaled on the European Plan for
Gentlemen only.
Rooms each person per day.50
per week.$3,00
per month...8 and $10
According to location of. Rooms paid
n advance.
j board tekm8: "
Hoard and lodging.81 50 per day
Board and lodging........0 50 per week
MRS. M. J. ARCnER. Pproprietress,
2!) George st, corner King,
Sep 27 ly Charleston, S?.
Brick! Brick!
respectfully announce to the citi
zens of Orangcburg County, and the pub
Ho generally, that she has opened a
iiRfCK YAKD, where can do purchased
firs', class brick at lower rates than from
llAMBURBor AUGUSTA. Apply to
At the Brick Yard.
Or to A. FISCHER, at his store
Aug 30 ly
For Sale.
very desirable house and lot, on
. Rail Rdnd Avenue near Die] depot;
further particulars apply to*
IT, 3c MUS. ?. C " EGARE.
Ijt" the People's Bakery,
iVho Is still ready and wllliog to
akes; .
of idl dcecilptiOn?.
. N Gt. .,E R"'S
by the barrel or box.
i er mcetlugs ;at-short noHeer?
any tha'
. :hmi
which'Will be sold aa low aa
be bought' in Orangeburg.
jri.be patronage of my
te public 1 st Hi solicit a coiv
elr custom. ; . j
US3BLL street,'
tj door to Mr. J. P. Harlcy.
Orai>Kef >*??? &pt 13,1878 . . ly J
bdin & m^ f
rs IN , I
stock of Groce?
Made Clothing.
Caps, and Trunk
Goods of ail de
a?Ki wear.
A full line o
Wines and Liqu
&c., &c.
u full and complete
Hardware, Ready
and Shoes, Rate,
tine, lino of Dry
for Ladies' use
and Domestic
8 and Tobacco,
ept. 6, 1873
American and Swiss,
) ^ I^testtglylcs.
Of New and,'Elegant, Designs, and
quiske workmanship.
As well'as less costly sets, In great viirpy
'R WABE*/ \
B^et3fiyai'- ? > -
In Fre?h a
Tea Sett Walters; Ice Pitchers, Butter?
Rashes, .Cups, Goblets, &c.
Prencb Clacks, Bronze?, Fine Trtble Out-]
lery, Opera Glauses, Fino Glassware.
?ThefBeftf Goods at the . Lowest Prices;]
3m 1 .;3?7KimoStuket.
t 1 310 KlNG-ST,
' vioODWARti, . ROPE,
GUNS,. &g. Also, Agricultural Steels,
as follows): Straight and Turn Shovels,
Scooters, <Bj1I Tongues, and Sweeps of
all kinds, 'suitable for the wholesale andj
retail tnujle.
Lf Mer'cb anta would do > well to call
and oxanlinc nur ?iock before r
chasing elsewhere. I
Char lesto^, Sept. 27, 1878. ; 3mo
roTiciT ~
Is hereby g&eu that application
bo made at thflLsilt^'-tf of Ute Lcglslut,
of Soutl?' CaroiwV*, a charter.
Steamboat Com?:i?}y, kuown^
mer's Sajitee Ste^robodt.Gompany* /
( Byordey /
President ?^f Board of Dlrccic
S. P. WELLS, Secrotary.
For you:l Family Supples*In the way
FRESH bAQgB always on
A FirfNClasa
Where you ?an get Fresh Qys|
an; F-1hing else In tlie Eating Li:1
. ? . t?
served up on shortest notice
y EGGS always on hand.
Country Produce bought nt the hlglnj
market priori
At Muller'sOlda atnk

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