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J&- Pape*- rfov tlie I*ooplie>.
,OJ^ux?pl* Directory.
Metfiodist.?Rev. O. A. Derby, Pas
tor. Services every Sunday morning at
lml,f-pastl? o'clock and at night at half*
Sasfc' 7 o'clock. Prayer Meeting every
Wednesday evenlug at half-past 7 o'clock.
Sabbath School everv Sunday morning
ut 9 o'clock. Children's Meeting every
third Suuday.
Puesuyterian.?Rev. J. A. D^B/OWll,,
Pastor. Services eVery Sunday morning
at half-past 10 o'clock^ and In the after
noon at half-past4 o'clock. Prayer meet
ing eveiy Thursday afternoon at half
past 4 o'clock. Sabbath School every
Sunday morning at half-past 8 o'clock.
Baptist.?Rev. T. W. Melllchamp,
Pastor. Services every third and fourth
.Sunday morning at half-past 10 o'clock
jajrid at night half-pant 8 o'clock Sab
bath 'School every Sunday morning at
half-past 8 o'clock. SuNdy School Mis
sionary Meeting every fourth Sunday.
Lutheran.?Rev. J. F. Riser, Pastor.
Services every Sunday morning at 10 1-2
.?o'clock. Sabbath School every Sunday
morning at 9 o'clock.
Orangeuuro, S. C, July 25,1879.
For a good, cold glass of soda wa
ter call on Dr. J. G. Wannatunker.
Policeman Cannon shot and killed
a mad dog in our streets on Tuesday
morning last.
Since the article in another column
"Was put in type the Governor has ap
pointed Judge T. W. Glover to the
office of Master. *
We tender our thanks to Mr. S. A.
Reeves for a sample of fine scgars.
"When you want a good smoke call at
bis store and you will bo suited.
A laborer in the employ of Mr.
John Richards killed a very large
rattle snake near Stilton last week.
The reptile had seventeen rattles.
? i
Our grateful thanks are due Mr.
D. C. Uimer, of Middle St. Mat
thews, for a fine lot of his best varie
ties of grapes, which we enjoyed as
only newspaper men can enjoy a treat.
Mr. E. P. Ilaigler furnished us
with a basket, of choice luscious
peaches, of which we made an old
fashion pot-pie for the good of tho
Democrat, on Sunday last. Thanks,
Mn. Dan A maker, while out hunt
ing, shot and killed a very large rat
tle snake in Hull Swamp last week.
Mr. J. G. McKewn also killed quite
a large rattle snake near town last
Man is the fish ; woman,**! the line;
TTfefarflstte tue llo?tTilW kiss the bait;
love is the hook, and marriage is the
frying pan. Some how or other the
men all try, to get into the frying pan,
? ? . :? ?? i
We arc glad to learn that Mr.
Charlie Brunson, who" has been so
long painfully ill, is slowly improv
ing. We trust the means used for
his restoration to health may be bless
ed with abundant success.
_ ,;
Cattle Creek Camp Meeting is
now in progress and we understand
that many of our citizens propose to
attend on Saturday and Sunday. We
hope they will have a nice time and
return wiser and better men.
Office hours on Sunday at Dr.
Wannamaker's Drug Store are from
8 to 10 A. M., .and from G 1-2 to 8
1-2 P. M, In cases of emergency ac
cess can bo had to tho Drug Store
any time during the day or night.
We have been pained to learn of
the death of the little child of Mr.
M. Salley, which occurred during our
absence. Our sympathies are with
the patents and trust they may be
comforted by an implicit faith in Him
who does all things well.
We would call the attention of our
readers to the aduortiseuient of Mr.
Z. J. King, dealer in foreign and do
mestic liquors. He has Just received
a full supply of pure and fresh moun
tain whiskeys, which he sells at prices
to suit the times.
We learn that our energetic young
townsman, Mr. Albert E. Glover, has
gone to Augusta, Ga., as agent for
the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Ma
chine Company. We wish our young
friond every success his enterprising
spirit may demand.
We heard of a young man the other
day buying a melon for five cents
and paying ft hoy ten cents for carry
ing it home fo,y him. We need re
form right along here. If you are
ashamed to carry your melon home
after buying it, give it away.
Two of onr young friends left town
under very suspicious circumstances
last Monday morning. When a fel
low visits bio old home, taking his
"best friend" along, it looks as if
something is going to happen. We
feel assured, however, that friend
Ribble \{\\\ sec friend Thompson
A nnrty of young men left town on
Monday last to spend a few days an
fishing, frolip and fun. They camped
near Shilling's Bcidgerund had a roy
al time, catching many of the tinny
tribe, and, as proof of their success,
brought a fine quantity home.
Nothing Like It.?That Corn
Whiskey at Jos. Van Tassel's. One
.can't, help thinking that it never was
sampled i>y the Revenues, when he
compares it with other brands offered
at the same price. We've tried it in
a medicinal way, and pronounce it a
No. 1. *
A young man by the name of Bur
nett, who has been in Alabama ever
since he was one month old, is now
on a visit to his relatives on Bull
Swamp. Young Burnett is about
eighteen years of age, and, of course,
is a perfect stranger to his kindred
and friends.
The attention of our readers and
of all those who are interested in
"Ye O'de Folkes Concerto" is called
to the notice of Obadinh Primrose of
a meeting at the Lecture Room of
the Presbyterian Church on the 25th
of the present month. A full attend
ance is desired.
Ofii medical friends of the county
will see notice in' another column
calling a meeting of the profession
with a view of organizing a "County
Medical Society." This is a matter
of great interest and should meet the
approbation of every man of the
medical profession. .
We learn that a son of Mr. Hess
Andrews, who disappeared when the
Yankee army passed through Orange
burg in 18??, returned on Tuesday
last in search of his father. As a
stranger he stopped at the hotel and
made inquiries which lead to the hap
py meeting of father and son.
Wte were presented last week with
a fine lot of choice vegetables by Mr.
?. W. Crook, of Middle St. Mat
thews, for which our grateful thanks
are due. Such favors are especially
appreciated nt a time like this when
gardens have failed almost every
where and vegetables (are exceeding-'
ly rare.
"JVe learn that Mr. John English
left town on Wednesday morning in
search of remunerative employment.
He is a line clerk, a most excellent
book-keeper, and possesses other com
mendable qualifications which will
not be long in securing the work his
industry demands. We wish for him
abundant success.
We direct the attention of our
readers to the advertisement of Mr.
W. F. Robinson in another column,
and as the time for planting turnips
and early spring vegetables is ap
proaching, a call at his popular store
will savo both time and money.
Watches and clocks are also neatly
repaired by him at reasonable rates.
D?RING the past week Policeman
Henry Washington arrested "Jesus
Brown," a suspicious character whom
he found prowling about town. Upon
enquiry it was ascertained that he
had been driven out of Columbia by
the Chief of Police, consequently Po
liceman James Cannon was instruct
ed to drivo him out of Orangeburg.
A difllculty and personal encounter
occurred at Fifty-eight, South Caro
lina Railroad, between Messrs. Pink
Berry and - Elkins, the last a
hrother-iu-law of Mr. Berry, in which
both of them were wounded by knives.
Mr. Beiry was barely convalescent
from his wounds when he was strick
en down by typhoid fever and died
last Friday night.
We regret to learn that Lieut. L.
H. Wnnnamaker has resigned his
commission of Third Lieutenant of
the Edisto Rifles. His skill in drill
and known public spirit will ho a
serious loss to the command, but wc
trust the members will secure the ser
vices of some ono who may fill his
place creditable in performing the du
| tics of so important an ofllce.
Orangeuurg, S. C.| July 22.
j Messrs. W. M. Sain & Go. :
Dear S.'iis?I take pleasure in in
forming you that the Elevator put
into my well by your Mr. Meroncy
gives entire satisfaction. It has im
proved the tasto and looks of my
water very much. I can recommend
the Elevator to nil needing a good
water elevator. Theo. Koiin.
In Salem, N. C, the blackberry
crop shipped from that place during
the present year amounted to the
very respectable sum of $30.0,000.
Why may not Qrangcburg, where
this berry grp\ys as abundantly as
anywhere else, do the same. A
small trafllc that amounts to such a
huge sum should not ho despised.
All that is needed is a spirit of enter
We learn through our subscribers
of Sunny Plain .that the ,D,e.uocrat
does not reach them until the Friday
uftes date of publication. We regret
this inconvenience and would .sug
gest tbat tho mail carrier leave St.
Matthews ?fter tho arrival of the
morning train from Charleston. This
will enable them to receive tho paper
the eveniug of the date of publica
Tue attention ofl our vcadoru is in
vited to the advertisement of Mr. S.
L. Morgan, in another column of this
issue. If our citizens desire beef of
the best quality, and to have a good
market in their midst, let them ob
tain beef from Mr. Morgan and sup
port bis market. Such an enterprise
cannot be maintained without a liber
al support, and Mr. Morgan ought to
get it.
Tho Methodist Church, South, at
this place will be closed on Sunday
next in consequence of the pastor be
ing called to another part of the Dis
trict. On next Wednesday and
Thursday ulghis, however, Ih'ere will
be preaching at the usual hour as in
troductory services to the Third
Quarterly Meeting which will begin
by a business meeting on Friday
The following officers wore install
ed at the last meeting of tho Lodge
of Knights of Honor at this place:
Henry Kohn, Dictator; J. S. Alber
gotti, Vice-Dictator ; J. J. Street, As
sistant Dictator; Rev. O. A. Darby,
Chaplain ; F. DeMars, Reporter ; C.
R. Jones, Financial Reporter; Theo.
Kohn, Treasurer ; It. H. Wiles, Sen
tinel ; W. A. Edwards, Guardian ; II.
G. Sheridan, Past Dictator.
We had the pleasure of greeting
and welcoming to our home Miss E.
H. Van Lew, formerly an acceptable
and successful teacher of our county,
but now the principal of a flourishing
school at Ellenton on the Port Royal
Railroad. Miss Van Lew looks as well
as in the days of yoro and soeras as de
votedly attached to her professed life
business, teaching, as ever. Our
best wishes accompany her through
The engine of Mr. R. H. Rlley
near Jamison's Turnout, hursted on
Saturday evening last, blew out the
furnace, passed through the side of
the gin house, broke off the breast of
the gin, blew a nogro man about fifty
feet, scalding, him severely from the
thighs to his feet, and another negro
man was slightly injured by the acci
dent. The engineer, Mr. John Rich
ards, was stunned for a while but not
seriously hurt.
Messrs. D. J. ami A. P. Avinger
return their sincere and grateful
thanks to their old comrades and fol
low survivors of the Edisto Rifles for
the kind hospitality so cordially ex
tended to them on the 1th of July.
They will long cherish the memory of
a meeting which brought them once
more in contact with the familiar
faces of companions with whom they
struggled . shoulder to shoulder
through the hardships of limes that
tried men's souls.
The challenge to the AthleticDase
Rail Club of Aikcn from the Orange
was accepted and next Saturday ap
pointed as the day to play a match
game, but it being inconvenient for
the Oranges because of business rela
tions they had the game postponed
until some day next week. In an
ticipation, therefore, of tho contest
next week practice games will be
played on to-day and Monday next.
We predict a brilliant victory for our
We make the following corrections
in the roll of the Edisto Rifles pub
lished on our llrst page :
For A. Champey read A. It. Chain
For Charles Barley read Charles
For Henry Barley rend Henry Bai
For Sultan Myers read Luther My
For Louie Shuttnight read Lewis
Shultnigiit. '
For W. P. Law road W. P. Lar.
Wk learn that our onterprizing
townsman, Mr. J. P: Harloy, is en
gaged in shipping shingles to Lcwis
ville. We take pleasure in, roaming
(his nolo because our swamps nnd
forests abound \\\ tho host of timber
in sufficient quantities to supply the
demands of every accessible point
along tho lino of rnWroari and
river, and our citizens owning this
timber, might make a profitable busi
ness of it during this, dry season.
Members of loafers' club can stick a
pin here. Employment for you, gen
tlemen. ?
For Mayor.
Editor Orangcburg Democrat;
As tbo tituo for our town election
is near, I deem it not improper to
write you a short communication in
regard to the candidate of the peoplo
for Mayor. All will readily admit
that the chief executive officer of our
town should he a man respected by
both races of our citizens; one. to
whom all may look for exact justice
in the administration of public af
' He should be a nuan of nerve and
decision, not fearing to net when the
public good demands action, and car
ing nothing for ephemeral public
opinion, when,adverse to him, so long
as he TlHoius that ho is right. Every
community has not such a munasj
Orangeburg is moro fortunate than
mauy others are, she has a raau who
possesses every qualification for mak
ing an eflloient, acceptable and up
right Mayor. Messrs. Editors, we
have reference to the present incum
bent, Hon. J. W. Mose ley. We write
this without having ever spoken to
Mr. Moscley in regard to the Mayor
alty of our town.
Wo know that it is not in unison
with his feelings to be the incumbent
of any public office, but we hope that
he will again do, us he often did in
the past, sacrifice personal interest**
and pleasures for liio public good,
and serve us for at least another
term in the capacity of Mayor. W.
Wants to be a Martyr.
Editor Orangeburg Democrat:
It is not surprising that the indig
nation of the people was so generally
aroused by the recent letter from Or
angcburg to the Tribune ; but some
think it would have been better to
pass it without notice. TJicrc arc
men who come here with the determi
nation to be made martyrs of in some
way. There are so many such at
home, men of small calibre, that the
chances of being made notorious arc
few and far between. But this is a
fruitful field. A page or two of mis
representation is gobbled up by the
many enthusiasts there, and the quite I
ordinary man becomes the Lilliputian
giant at once.
The citizens of Orangcburg cannot I
do'the author of that letter n greater
favor, or please him better than to
keep such matters before the public.
If Grant or some other Republican
should be elected President, there is
no doubt this man would fill some fat
office. The poor ni?rtyr of Orange
His evidently chosen position here
uow, puts one in mind of the old lady
with life preserver on hoard the
steamer during a gale, "Do some one
blow me up ! prav blow mc up." B.
As we predicted in our last issue,
it has been a busy lime with Mr.
Korljohn. Having received a large
consignment of Notions, Dry Goods,
Bools, Shoes, Hats, tfce., he threw
them on the market at unpreccdent
, ed prices, consequently large crowds
were in attendance, and largo sums
of money changed hands as the bet
ting men sny, but this is no game of j
chance It is true this store receives
most of the cash money spent in the
town, but buyers receive the value
therefrom two-fold. Strange must be
the piece of humanity who visits this
busy mart and goes away dissatisfied
with goods, prices, proprietors or as
sistants. Mr. K. has a full stock and
receives daily new additions. It
would bo impossible for us to predict
what next will be ode red at this
place, when huge family bibles as
sold by traveling agents for twelve
I and flfteon dollars uro ottered to you
at $2.00, nnd long whale bone buggy
whips at 40 cents, black cashmere atI
180 cents, worth 75?butwc will leave j
Dick and his prices till next issue.
Market Report.
Corrected Weekly uv J. C. Pike.
Middling.116?. 11 1-4
Low Middling.10? 10 1-2
[Ordinary to Uood.10$) 10 1-4
country i'roduck.
It Ice, rough.1.si 45
Oats, per ewt.,.GO
Potatoes, sweet.50
Butter, country .15
Eggs. 8 10
Poultry.15(.r> 20
Contract Work!
IRespectfully inform my friends and
the public lliat I am prepared to con
tract to do Carpenter's Work of any
kind cheaper than other contractors in
Orangouurg County. Work solicited,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
March 7-3mos. J. R. TUCKER,
B)EV. ?. T. IIALLM?N is prepared to
IK FRAME PICTURES of id! sizes in
the neat'1* ty!o of the art, nnd at jowcr
roles, I'm- cash, than can he done' else
whprc pi tbo county. Picture Hangluga
also fUrnlshcd on the most liberal terms.
All parties desiring work doi)0 in the
above lino would do well to?j;ive him a
call at bis house in Lyou's Township, or
at Dr. S. A. Reeves. Satisfaction guar
anteed. April U?3nios
0)Y A LADY" of several years' exporl
W) ence, a situation as teacher of (lie
English brunches in a school or family.
The best .references given ami satisfac
tion guaranteed. For further particulars
address Tun Ohawkbuiw Democret.
April 4
Offo Sontag?
No. 34 Wentworth otrect. near the Old
Artesian Well.
Gents' Coats Vests and Pauls nicely.
Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed. Faded and
Moulded Clothing Renewed with the
greatest dispatch.
Brick I I
Brick! Brick!
for Bale at the Orangeburg Brick Y ord.
For particulars enquire of A. M. Izlar at!
the Yard or JAS. C. BELL.
May 2.1?2mos.
For ?K.le
A fresh supply of Landreth's Turnip
snd Cabbage Seed. Give mo a call and
save money. Also Watches and Clocks
neat 1 y repaired at reasonable rates.
Orangeburg, S. C, July 11?3in
Instate Notice.
ALL persons having claims asrainst the
MAN, deceased, will present the same
at once, properly attested, or they will
be debarred payment, as I am about to
close my administration of the Estate.
All persons indebted will make payment;
Administrator of the Estate of Lewis
II. Zimmerman, dee'd. July 4-4t.
138 Meeting St. Opposite Pavilion Hotel.
Cheapest House in the South.
WE have a large and well assorted
STOCK, and receive large invoices
by every steamer direct from the facto
ries in Massachusetts. Visit us when
you comb to the city. We enn soil you
anything in the HOOT and SHOE line as
cheap as yon can buy in Boston. Our
goods the mime as sold by any other
wholesale house hi the city, and our:
prices are from Jn to '-it) per cent, lower, i
Liberal time to parties giving eity accep-'
tance. April 18?2mos
FERS for sale a full and complete
stock of Groceries, Hardwaro, Ready
Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats,
Caps, and Trunks, and a tine line of Dry
Good.0 of ail descriptions for Ladies' use
and v ,?ar ?also?
A full ,u f of Foreign and Domestie
Wines anil I r, "?ts, Segars an ,v?l?'lCCO,
&c, &c. if sepu o,
To the Public.
THE undersigned respeel fully an
nounce that they have purchased the
exclusive right to sell the justly celebra
ted l,New Virginia Feed Cutter" In the
Counties of Orangeburg and Barn well.
In this Cutter, cheapness of construction
minimum of power and rapidity of exe
cution have been fully attained. The
commendations of the many who are
using this Cutter render it unnecessary
for us to say anything relative to its
merits. We only ask a trial and feel fully
confident that satisfaction will be given.
For sale at the store of Mr. J. C. Pike,
Orangeburg, S. C.
June 13-3mo
Greatest Medical
Discovery .of the age.
Cures by Absorption, no
Nauseous Drugs to
swallow nor poisons to
injure. It never fails to
benefit. It seldom fails j
to cure. Its value is at
tested by all. Thons
amis of leading citizens'
endorse it- We cbal- TRAUE mark.
lenge any Remedy or Physician to show
so large a percentage of Cures. Do you
doubt? We can put you in correspond
enco with those who esteem It as they do
health, happiness, even life?It means
that to them. Circulars free.
Regular Pad 32.00, Special 33.00, In
fant 81.50.
jQf-Bewnre of cheap and worthless Iml
For Sale by Dr. J. G. Wnnnamaker,
May 30 3m Oraungeburg, S. C.
stuck of Dry Goods, Boots, Shoos,
Hats, Notions, etc., to make room foi
fall goods. We guarantee all the abovt
goods, also our whole stock of Gro cer
ies, Crockery, Tinware, Hardware, To
bacco, Cigars, Whiskey, Imported
French Brandy and Holland Gin, Do
mestic Brandy, Cin, Rum, WIucs, etc.,
lower for Cash than the snmo articles
can be bought for In any honte In town.
Whiskies and Tobaccos wo mako a
specialty, and It shall ever bo our aim
to give you the worth of your money.
We have just received a line lot of
Canned Sausage, put In 5 lb. cans, full
weight, at 12 1-2 cents per pound.
Is now completed and you can get a
Javge Jcp Cold glass of Reer for 6 cents.
An examination of our stocfc is respect
fully solicited.
Orangpburg, S. C. June Of tf
For your Family Supplies In the way o
audSE ARS,
FRESH LAGER always on draught.
EGGS always on hand.
Country Produce bought at ?the highest |
market price.
At Midler's Old Stand.
At the
Stock consisting of
To be sold at
Chewing Tobacco,
and you will use no other, for cheapness
and }ts lasting qualities can't bo surr
passed. For sajo onjy by
Russell Street,
Prangeburg, S. C Juno 27-tf
American and Swiss,
JLateat Styles^
Of Now and Elegant Designs, and Ex
quisite workmanship.
As well as less costly sets, In great jrAri'y
In Freah and Beautiful Patterns,, espe
cially adapted for Wedding Presents,
Tea Sets, Walters, Ice Pitchers, Butter
Dishes, Cups, Goblets, Ac.
Preach Clocks, Bronzes, Fino Table-Cut
lery, Opera Glasses, Fine Glassware.
The Beit Goods at tbo Lowest Prices.
3m $07 Kino Sxueot
Dealer in'Ctarotiy Produce,
FOWLS, per doz.3.25*3.70
Chickens, per doz.?...2.00a2.fi5
Ducks (Eng'b) per doz.4.09
Ducks (M'c'y) per doz.5.00
Geese per doz.COO
Turkeys per doz.12.00*15.00
, EGGS, per doz.II
PEANUTS, per bushel.75al.l0
POTATOES, Sweet.1.25al.50
PEAS, clay, per bushel.65a70
*? Mixed ** .60a65
RICE, (Rough) per bus hol.. 1.10a 1.20
BEESWAX, per ib.?22
HONEY, " .10
HIDES, Flint, per lb.10
" Dry Salted, ".8
SKINS, Otter, apiece.25a2.50
?? Coon, " .5al5
" Fox, M .10a40
" Deer, peril).
" Goat, " .,.?..S
Highest market prjlc.es jobfolncd for all
goods consigned to ?je. Returns made
promptly. Coosi<xuiuenls solicited' If
Offers bU services to the public as
General Auctioneer and Collector.
Charges moderate, and all business
I promptly a.ti-"iu>.d to. Feb 14
\ql weffc in your own town. %S
?outfit free. No risk. Reader
If you want a business at
which persons of cither sex
can make great pay nil the Horn they
i work, write particular* to II. Hai.lktt

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