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A. Paper fox* tlio People,
<Dliii**<jln Divoetory.
Methodist.?Rev. O. A. Darby, Pos
tor. Services every Sunday uiornJug at
liAlf-past l? .o'clock and ?L *i tialf
past 7 o'clock, prayer Meeting .every
Wednesday eyeniug at ludf-past 7 o'clock.
Sabbath School every Sunday morning
at 9 o'clock. Children's meeting every
third Sunday. j
Pjiksbytkrian.?Rev. j*. A. D.iBrown, |
Pastor. Services every Sunday tnornjng
at half-past 10 o'clock, nlid ilf? llle.after
?won at balf-pust4 o'clock. Prayer meet
ing eveiy Thursday afternoon at half
past 4 o'clock. Sabbath '-School every
Sunday morning at^MC-past ? o'elook. |
Baptist.?;Rev*. T. yf. Jlelllchawp,
Pastbr.' Services every third -anil fourth
Sundhy tmorhIn?;at' half-past W o'elocfc
and at Vngliu half-.na.st S o'clock Salt
bath School every Sunday morning at
laiif-0i?t ? o!<;!i>ck. SuNdy School Mis
JjionHry Meeting every fourth Sunday.
I utiieuan.?Rev. J. V. Klser, Pastor.
Services evevy Sunday morning at 10 1-2
o'clock. Sabbath School every Sunday
uiorntng at 9 o'clock.
Orangeourg, S. C August 1, 1870.
Man wants but littlo hero below,
wherever he may roam, and when he
calls for lager-beer he wants but lit
tle foam.
Our thanks are duo Mrs. F. Liv
ikgaton for repeated favors in the
way of garden vegetables sent from
time to time.
The dual party which left town
last week have not yet had need of a
surgeon, but aro amply supplied with
coffee j.nd biscuits.
The regular quarterly meeting of
tb^e<Qrangeburg Agricultural Society
will be held at the Fair Budding ,on
.the 9th of August. Jlernhcrs are re
quested jio bring their arrears.
We notico Dr. P. F. Stokes of
Blackville, a son of our fellow-citi
zen, Mr. Thomas Stokes, in town on
last Wednesday. Dr. Stokes is on a
visit to his relatives in our count)'.
We notice the wagons of Messrs.
Bull & Scoville are bringing in large
quantities of bagging for preparing
the maturing crop for market. Their
numerous customers will make a note
of Jbjs,
Through a citizen at Williston we
learn that the cropB of Barnwcll
County are excellent in every section
except the extreme Eastern part
where the drought has been disas
_The City Council at a late meeting
decWed^thttt the new street lately
opened between Judge Glover and
Mr. N. Austin Bull's residences
should bo known by the name of "Or
Cait. John A. Hamilton mud others
of our citizens availed themselves of
the low excursion rates and arc gone
to the mountains. "We wish for them
a pj.easy.nl trip and a safe return
Tpp statistics of a leading New
York commercial house prove that
the value of bread stuffs exported from
the United States during the present
year exceeds that of cotton exported.
This |s a fact worth knowing.
Office hours on Sunday at Dr.
Wannamaker's Drug Store are from
8 to 10 A. M., and from C 1-2 to 8
1-2 P. M. In cases of emergency ac
cess can be had to the Prug Store
any tj/ne during the day or night.
As an evidence that the drought is
ended we will state that the branches
and creeks are once more filling up
opd running, that the river is rising
and that the fishermen of Orange
burg are again happy.
The fino residence on New Street,
belonging to Mr. J. W. Patrick, has
been sold to Mrs. McNamara ; also
the store house on ?roughton Street,
belonging to Mr. W. T. Muller, has
been sold to Mr. J.ames Van Tassel.
Mr. W. R. Davis, near fort Motte,
while trying to ride an unbroken
mule on Tuosday last, was thrown
.nnd severely injured. His thigh is
badly fractured and may require am
putation. Mr. Davis is about fifty
^flve years of ago.
"^MPnvB. Frank Slater left yesterday
for Indianapolis, Ind., to buy a lot of
horses oftd mules for this market.
He will return about the 25th instant,
when UiohS in need of good horses or
mules wil* have un excellent oppor
tunity ai[ purchasing.
Wk ^ommend the following touch
ing lin<ea to the careful perusal of
those yo>ung mon who insist on show
ing off Cihoir "fine looks" in front of
the door? of the different churches
every S^n'day morning immediately
after^orvicc: "Oh! why should tho
spirits of mortals feel proud, when
sta/nding In front of a churoh in a
?rowd to stare at the ladies like frol
icsome mules, and tho ladies exclaim,
?that's a fine lot of fool I'"
Ok Tuesday last, the team of Mr.
George H. Cornelson, whilo entering
the gate at his farm, took fright from
an approaching vehicle, ran.fl/Uj? up7
setting the wagon on a .mqquro heap
painfully injured .colored driver;
The wagon .and .toam was uninjured.
sW..? notice that Judge Glover has
commenced building up one of his
lota on Ci lover Street, antl learn that
ho jproposcs \fO qrecl a nie? dwelling
upon it. This is destined to Jbo the
.favorite part of our growing;.tow," and
.ought to be built up only v,;ith neat
Don't forget to stop at the popu
lar storo of Mr. J. \V. Moseloy, at
the corner of Railroad Avenuo and
Russell street. Fresh supplies of all
articles in tho line of geneial mer
chandize are received weekly and
sold at as low pricco as can bo pur
chased elsewhere.
Mr. A. F. II. Dukes, of Branch
ville, is preparing .to enlarge hi? store
and otherwise arrange for a largo
stock of fall and winter goods. Mr.
Pukes is evidently one of the most
enterprising merchants of our sister
town and is determined^ to keep
abreast with the times.
"Uno" writing from St. Matthews,
under date July 30, says : "Mr. Win.
Shumakcr, who has been clerking for
Mr. J. W. Buycke, of our town, died
of typhoid fever at his father's resi
dence, about thiitecn miles from tho
village. He was a member of the
Lewisvillo Baptist Church."
We are informed by Mr. Webb
Bull, agent for Mr. Hess Andrews,
that he has sold from the fourth of
July to this date about 2,817 water
melons at an average price of tCjii
cents per melon. Two hundred and
eighty dollars is no mean sum to be
realized by one wan from the sale of
such a crop,
Our enterprising young merchant,
Mr. A. B, Walker, invites the.citi/.cns
of our county to call at his place of
business on Russell Street and they
will hear of something advantageous
to themselves and families. Mr.
Walker keeps a large stock of family
Groceries which he sells remarkably
A Memphis paper announces the
fact that a beautiful young lady, the
only daughter of wealthy parents, bad
eloped with tho editor of a country
newspaper. We feel better since read
ing the above, as it indicates that the
young ladies have at last recovered
from the coachman mania and aspires
to the nobility again,
Ojjr friend Theodore Kohn's Dry
Goods' Emporium has become so
well known and popular that even
the beasts of the field know of its ex
istence, as was attested on Wednes
day morning last by a visit of a calf
to bis store, whether in search of a
companion or dry-goods tho Demo
crat is unable to say.
The Hampton and Junior Base Ball
Clubs hnd another fciendiv tilt on
Thursday, tho 25th ult., in which the
Juniors were beat by a score of 20 or
18 in favor of tho Hamptons. The
game was hotly contested all the way
through, but the fates seemed to be
against the Juniors and the Hamp
tons came off victors as above stated.
At the last meeting of tho St.
Paul's Sunday School Missionary So
ciety, Messrs. Willie Stokes, of Ten
nessee, and Fred Dibble, of our town,
delivered effective addresses before
the children. Mr. Stokes has since
left for his homo in Tennessee, where
he will enter upon his duties as teach
er of the youth of bis adopted State.
The Rev. Wm. Chaplin after ser
vices at Ebenezer Church recently
drove to his destination and left bis
buggy under a tree. During dinner
a streak of lightning went for tho
buggy, and after making kindling
wood of one shaft went into the
ground. How would the Reverend
gentleman have fared if ho had not
Oya thanks aro due Mr. A. Jour
oaln for a fine sample of his varioties
of grapes, including the Concord,
Hartford Prolific, Isabella, Delaware
and tho Perkins. We pronounce the
latter the best table grape, thin skin,
tender and delicate flavor. Mr. Jour
dain, wo learn, has quite a collection
of grapes, fruit trees and flowers of
tke most improved varieties.
We deeply regret to announce the
death of Mrs. C. C, Wightman, which
occurred on last Thursday night at
tho house of her relative, Mr. S. R.
Mcllicuamp. We learn that Mrs.
Wightman was an invalid for some
time and was on a visit to our town
with the hope of restoring in somo
measure her health. Her remains
were carried to Charleston for inter
A match game of base b#ir,ff.as
played last Saturday afternoon be
tween the AtfjlaVic Club, pf Aikcn,
and tho fOrango C,lnb of opr town.
Tho Athletics gained an.easy victory,
as our boys wcro.uppracticed, and be
sides, several of ;tbe .best ,mon on
their nine were ftbjjcnt. [Under the
circumstances wo think they did very
well. The score stood 34 to 20 in
favor of tho Athletics.
Photographs.?Mr. F. A. Schif
fley will again open his photographic
,t.ent in our town in about oue week
or ten days. He has made a tour
through the Santec section and from
thenco to Georges' Station in Collo
ton. Our pcoplo will take due no
tice of bis return in our midst, and
those wishing good photographs or
ferrotypes had bolter avail them
selves of the opportunity.
yfji nto glad to ,bo able to inform
our farmers that the sugar refinery of
Mr. Geo. II. Cornelson is well on its
way to completion. A part .of the1
machinery is already on the ground,
and the balance will arrive next
week. Mr. Cornelson assures us
that he will be ready in full time for
the maturing crop. Wo hope this en
terprise will receive the patronage it
deserves. Thorn arc un.told benefits
in it for the farmer.
The following gentlemen constitute
the Board of Health : Dr. A. S. Hy
drick, Chairman, Messrs. Jqjin Lucas.,
John A. Zoigler, F. B. Livingston,
W. II. Perryclear, J. J. Str.eot, J. M.
Brunson, T. C. I;Iubbell, and Dr. T.
R. Malonc, Clerk. An immediate,
thorough, searching and rigid inspec
tion will be had at once and it be
comes the duty of the citizens to
.clean up, and bo prepared for a favor
able report from the Board.
The "young folks'' of the town had
a "sociable" the other evening at the
residence of Captain Jeffords, and we
understand they had a delightful
time. A representative of the Demo
ckat tried to get bis name on the list
but was promptly ruled out by the
managers of the affair as being too
"old," and lie retired consoling him
self with the fact that "Ye Okie
Folkcs" would have a concert soon,
at which ho would be entitled to a
full hand.
We copy the following paragraph
from the Greenville News; "Wo un
derstand that Messrs. llowell &
Wicnges, of, Fort Motte, S. C, have
patented a combination or detacha
ble hoc, rake, &c, which is said to
bo very unique and tasty in design,
surpassing anything of the kind ever
brought out. They are arranging for
their manufacture, and expect to have
them on the market soon. They have
styled their invention tho "Dixie," a
name wo love. We wish them suc
cess in their enterprise,"
Another large consignment of
goods received at Kortjohn's Bed
Hive Store on Thursday, and as usu
al a genuine rush took place, every
one being anxious to got the first
chance at the bargains offered. We
were amused at tho general confusion
and mixture of these consignments,
and wonder how and where Mr.
Kortjohn's agents pick up the novel
tics shipped, and the difference in
the style and oharncter of the goods.
For instance, bibles and novels come
in one package, cashmere and jeans,
tinware and dress goods, crockery
and ribbons, glassware and clothiug,
ladies' fans and ink, pistols and
hymn books, but by the master hand
of Mr. Kortjohn and bis assistants
they arc 60on arranged in their differ
ent department, and out of appalling
disorder come many things of beauty
and great bargains,
One of the most melancholy deaths
it has been our painful duty to re
cord was that of Mr. Irvin A. Till,
which occurred at his home in Or
ange Township on last Saturday.
While roaching a mule a few days
previous ho took a chew of tobao2o,
and immediately after be felt a prick
ing sensation in the throat. Soon
the glands of the neck began to en
large, and a low form of inflamma
tion insucd, followed by Septicaemia
and death was tho final result. Mr.
Till was about forty years of age and
up to the circumstances mentioned
was a strong, healthy man, The fun
eral services wore performed by Rev.
S. T. Mailman, who preached a sin
gularly appropriate sermon on the
occasion, He was buried in tho fam
ily grave yard with Mnsonio honors
in the prosence of an unusually large
concourse of bis friends and neigh
bors. Mr. Till leaves, a wife and
several small children to mourn their
loss, but, being at his death a mem
ber of the Knights of Honor, with
tbo certainty of a competency suffi
cient to keep them from want.
-;Tho;1VIunjQlpal JEieojipn.
.OuANiiKiiuau, S. C.,. July 28.
tEdftor. Qrangf!ibiir? J?emQcrat :
Having Been in the .Orange:burg
JTimes last week a communication
proposing the re-election of the pre
sent isc^ni?siitfi of the offices cf 2>?a**
or and Aldermen, aud being one who
opposes tbeir re-election as a whole,
with your permission will give a rea
! son for objecting. Of course what I"
say I do not ,ii}te,?cl as personal, but
to refer to tfiem ps public servants,
whose actiob? I feel at liberty to.crit
icise. By law we aro entitled to one
Mayor and four Aldermen, but it has
been the practice with the good peo
ple of Orangeburg for the last six
years to content themselves (for
what reason this Deponent ,sayoth
not) with, one Mayor, three Aldermen
and one ?gurc-head. It's true these'
figure-heads have been respectively
an Abraham, a Washington, and a
Charles I; but they have retrograded
in intellect and aro not what their
nnulcs years ago would have signified.
This is my first and greatest objec
tion to the re-election of tho present
Council. I am fully persuaded that
it will lake five good heads &o run
this government of ours, and the;
lack of one for the last six years may
account for the complaints against
Council. We, therefore, suggest that
we have no moro Jigure-heads on the
Board of Aldermen for policy sake,
but that we be prompted by principle
and place men in nomination with
bxajrm ajud experience capable of dis
charging the duties of the cilices.
Let us run straight in by running
"straighout-out," which is the "re
deeming Southern policy."
We want a Council more in prncti
eal sympathy with the Fire Depart
ment than any we b^rc bad for years,
and one that will radically change
the present police system .which we
view as a practical failure. Strang
gers characterize the town as the
"noisest they ever visited." Where
the fault lies exactly we do not know ;
it must, however, bo with the Council
aud policemen.
We want an Alderman for the mid
dle portion of the town, which is not
represented, aud has no one whose
duty it is to have the laws executed,
there being at present tbreo al the
railroad end and two at the Brough
ton-street end of town.
Jn short, wo want a public-spirited
Council, one that will perfect and
keep in order pld and good enter
prises before undertaking now ones ;
sec that the Fire Department pros
pers, and give us a police system
that will insure to decent people the
use of their piazzas at night. We had
hoped that the truthful wail of "Sam
Sloppy" would bring about a reform ;
but alas 1 poor Orangeburg, always
"behind time."
We agree with the correspondent
that the nominations should be made
by the Democratic Club, out he
waives party principles when
he proposes that the Democratic
Club nominate the "present incum
bents." Joe.
-1-1? r\~....?., Coin
Editor Orangeburg Democrat:
It is high time for our farmers to
prepare for our next Annual County
Fair, to be held in Orangeburg on
j the 20th, 80th and 31st days of Octo
ber next.
With tho farmers and stockholders
of the Agricultural Association rests
the suocesB or failure of the exhibi
tion, and it may be added, the chief
I benefits of the highest success accrues
I to them. Thoso who have sufficient
interest should hasten to order prem
ium list and regulations by which
they may bo greatly aided in their
endeavors to promote tho uscfullncsa
of the Fair. With suitable effort the
exhibition of 1879 may be made Ibe
grandest and most profitable in re
sults of any previously held in the
county. The Directors of the Assc
elation are exerting themselves to
make the coming Fair an honor and
p-' lo to our county. Let us hope
then that tho farmers and citizens of
our grand old county will second the
efforts of the managors of our Fair
Association by preparing for exhibi
tion the products of the farm, garden
and orchard, to attend themselves
and to urge their neighbors ?o attend ;
also to bring their wives and chil
dren. Let us have a grand gathering
from every corner of our county;
and at tho same time we want our
iriends of our neighboring counties
to come and see what we arc doing
in Orangeburg in advancing the ag
ricultural and material interest of
our county. Premium list can be ob
tained by applying to John L. I leid t
man, Orangeburg, S. C.
W. F. B^kton.
At a mooting of tue City Council,
held on tho 30th ult., tho Board of
Health was requested to thoroughly
re-inspect the yards and promises of
the town and report to the Mayor on
'next Monday. The .petition for a
Marketwas referred to Messrs. Albert
gottj, Sain and Izlar to ascertain the
(;prpbable .cost.of erecting a suitable
structure and the. purchasing of a lot
for said purpose and to ascertain
whether the ta-x-na??r? .of .tho town
would recommend the additional .tax
for that purpose. The trees in the
middle of Railroad Avenue between)
Russell Street and the depot were or-'
dcred removed. Managers of eiec-j
tion were appointed,, due notice of
which >\ill he given at the proper
time. {The town pump tjvas ordered
to be repaired or a new pump obtain
ed. The County Commissioners it
was thought should have an elevator,
or pump in tho weil/Qn the.Court
House Square.
Wii: think the management of the I
South Carolina Railroad by Receiver f
Fisher is most excellent, and if those'
most interested would keep him at its
head after it passes out of his hands
as Receiver, wc think the road would
soon become valuable property in"
stead of dead capital as it now is.
Mr. Fisher is a ?rst-c-l&as business
man, and understands ,the manage
ment of railroads thoroughly.
Market Report.
Corrected Weekly dy J. C. Pike,
Middling.11? 11 1-4
liow Middling.10? 10 1-5
Ordinary to [email protected] 10 l-<
country produce.
Itlce, rough.$1 45
Outs, per cwt.,.UO
Potatoes, sweet.50
Butter, country .15
Kggs. 8 10
Poultry.15? 20
?ojrjract Work!
IRespectfollj- inform my friends and1
t|ie public tbutj Hm prepared to con
tract to do Carpenter's Work of any
kind cheaper than other contractors In
Orangeburg County. W.oijk solicited,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
March 7-3mos. J. It. TUCKER,
H)KV. S. T. HALLMAN Is prepared to
m FRAME PICTURES of all sizes in
ttie neatest style of the art, and at lower
rates, for c#sh, than can be done else- j
where in tho county. Picture Uaugiugs
also furnished on the ?aoat liberal terms.
All parties desiring w.ork done in the
above line would do well to give him a
call at ids houso in Lyon's Township, or j
at Dr. S. A. Reeves. Satisfaction guar
anteed. April 3?3mos
D)V A lady of several years' ex peri
If) ence, a situation as teacher of the
English brunches in a school or family.
The best references given and satlsfac- j
tion guaranteed. For further particulars j
address The Orangeuurg Democret.
April 1
Otto Scmiag,
No. IM Wcutworth street, near the Old
Artesian Well.
Gentr* Coats Vesta and Pants nicely
Cleaned, Dyed und Pressed. Faded and
Moulded Clothing Renewed with the
greatest djspatch.
Brick I I ~
Brick! Brick!
1 K1 Aflfl firs T-CLASS OR
lOl ,UUU asgeburg brick
for Bale at the Orangeburg Brick Yard.
For particulars enquire of a* M. Izlar at
the Yard or jas. c. BELJL.
May 23?2mos. ?
For Stilp
A fresh supply of Landreth's Turnip
and Cabbage Seed. Give me a call and
9avo money. Also Watches and Clocks
neatly repaired at reasonable rates.
Orangeburg, s. C, July 11?3ra
13S Meeting St. Opposite Pavilion Hotel.
Cheapest Iloiisc in the South.
^HJLTE have a largo anil well assorted
W STOCK, and receive large invoices
by every steunier direct from the facto
ries in Massachusetts. VKslt us when
you come to the city. We oan sell von
anything ;:: the BOOT and SHOE lino as
cheap ud you can buy in Boatou. Our
goods the HUino as sold by 11113' other
wholesale house in the city, and our
prlcufl are from 1U to y() per eent. lower.
Liberal time to parties giving city accep
tance. April 18?2 mos
FERS for solo a full and complete
stock of Orocerlos, Hardware, Ready
Made Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats,
Caps, Mid Trunks, and a Hue line of Dry
Goodr'Sf all descriptions for Ladies* use
am' v jar ?also?
A full /u ^ of Foreign and Domestic
Wine;; und I tk its, Segars at* ^?^ceo,
&c, &c. *u sept, o, *?>.
A. B. Knowi.ton. A. Lath hop
Attorneys and Coungollors,
Attorney ity Councilor st W
(Cor. Church & St, Paul'? Street,)
Deo 13-tf
>t" j M ??*i..
For your Fatally Supplies la the way o
audSE ARS,
FRESH LAGER always on draught.
EGGS always on hand.
Country Produce bought at 'the highest
market prlco.
At Muller'a Old Stand.
Stock consisting of
dry goods,
segars & tobacco
To bo sold at
Chewing Tobacco,
and you wjll use no other, for cheapness
and Its lasting qualities pan't bo sur
passed. For sale only by
Russell Street,
Prangeburg, S. C. June $7-tf
?-0 _ .
American and Swiss,
Latest Stylus.
Of New and Elegant Designs,.and . Ex*
qulsltc workmanshrp. k
.' . i t
As weUas less costly sets, In great varl'y
In Fresh and Beautiful Patterns, espe
cially adapted for Wedding Presents.
<i'e? g?*a( yr-Uerg, !es Pitchers, Butte?
Dishes, Cups, Goblets, Ac.
Prench Clocks, Bronzes, Floe Table Cut
lery, Opera Glasses, Fioa Glassware.*
The Best Goods ftt the Lowest Pri??s
3m 307 Kino Stb&bx.
Pealer in Country Produce,
FQWXS, pej doz 8.25a8.W
Chickens, per do#..?.O0a2.55
Pucka ^Eng'ni pe? 4oz.4.0t
Ducks XWti'y) per do*....5.00
Geese per do*..6.00
Turkeys per doz..?,,,,,}?4#aj?<00
lEGGS, per doz..?.>,*?*M
\ PEANUTS, per baahel.75*M0
I POTATOES, Sweet.1.25nl.50
PEAS, clay, per bushel.....65a70
" Mixed ?? .60a65
RICE, (Rough) perbushel..l.l0al.20
BEESWAX, per lb.a22
HONEY, M .10
HIDES, Flint, per lb.......10
" Dry Salted," .8
SKINS, Otter, apiece.....25a2.50
** Coon, " .......5al&
" Fox, " ....I0a40
?? Deer, per lb.??.15
? Goat, ".
Highest market prbjea gained for ?U
goods consigned to me. Return* mod*
promptly, consignments solicited. If
Offers his services to the public as
General Auctioneer and Collector.
Charges moderate, and all business
I promptly attended to. Fob H
rf? f~bi~l* week in your own town. #5
%tr\r\ouU)tfr00, -No risk. Reader
?IT\ w\ IIf you want a business at
^^wwhloh person* of eKher ssx
can make great pay all the Um? they
work, write particulars to H. Hallutt

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