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A. Papel? ibr tlio Poople,
Church Directly.
Mkthooist.?Rcv. O. A. Darby. Pas
tor. Services every Sunday mornl?g at
' hair-past 1? o'clock and at night at hair-,
past 7 o'clock. Prayer Meeting every
' Wednesday cvenlug at half-past 7 o'clock.
Sabbath School every Sunday morning
at 9 o'clock. Children's meeting every
third Suuday.
PRK8BYTRRIAN.?Rev. J. A. D. Brown,
.Pastor. Services every Sunday morning
*nt half-past 10 o'clock, and in the after
noon at half-jp*st4 o'clock. Prayer meet
-uig .eyeiy Thursday afternoon at half
Ipast i o'clock. Sabbath School every
Sunday morning at hair-past 8 o'clock.
,Bavtist.?Itev. T. W. Melllchnmp,
Pastor. Services every third and fourth
Sunday morning at half-past 10 o'clock
and at night half-past 8 o'clock Sab
bath School every Suuday morning at
half-past 8 o'clock. SuNdy School Mis
sionary Meeting every fourth Sunday.
f jutukrak.?Rev. J. P. Riser, I'astor.
fiejwieee every Sunday morning at 10 1-2
o'.cloek. Sabbath School every Sunday
morjiing at9 o'clock.
Oranqeuu&g, 6. c. August 15, 1S70.
A car load of the best Horses and
Mules ever brought to this market
bavo just been received by Mr. B.
Frank Slater. Give him nn early
Mr. W. J. Murray, formerly a
merchant of our town, hut now of
George's Station, was in town last
Sunday on a flying visit to his old
Teachers will remember that Fri
day, August 22, is appointed as the
day for the examination of female
and Saturday following for male
Mr. B. Frank Slater has just re
ceived a car load of A No. 1 Hoises
and Mules. Those in need of such
animals should give him a call at
We are glad to see Capt. John A.
Hamilton on the streets giving his
usual attention to business, and hope
his trip to the mountains will make a
lasting improvement in his health.
We are informed that Mr. William
Clark, of St. Matthews, is complet
ing his new store, and will soon he
ready for the fall and winter trade
with a large stook of general mer
TjjR two pine trees which stood
Very nearly in the centre of Railroad
Avenue and was a dangerous ob
ctruction to vehicles by night, have
been removed by Alderman Alber
Mr. F. J. Buyck, of Lewisville,
gave us a pop call Yesterday morn
ing. Mr. Buyck is a rising mer
chant in our sister town, am] will al
ways, h? a, wclpqqic visitor tp pu,r
Mr. Henry Xohn has a bonanza
Printing Press which is a stubborn
opposition to the Hoc or even the
Bullock Presses. Competition is the
the life of business especially in sucli
big affairs.
Rust has made its appearance pret
ty generally throughout the Fork
ajid other sections of our county.
Leaves are shedding, bolls dropping
off' and the cotton, in some places,
will soon be bare.
The revival at the Methodist
Church is still progressing finely and
doing a noble work for the church in
qur town. The interest seems to be
unflagging and it is expected to con
tinue for several nights yet.
The Lodge of Knights of Honor at
this place, No. 14G2, has voluntarily
voted 60 cents per member to remove
the members of their order from Mem
phis. Other lodges throughout the
connection bavo taken similar action.
We lenrn with regret of the death
of the little son, aged three years, of
Mr. J. D. Betchman, of St. Matthews,
which happened on the 12th instant.
Tho family have our deepest sympa
thies iu this season of their distress.
Cotton is beginning to open and
if the weather continues favorable the
farmers will commence picking in
eight or ten days in earnest, and will
he kept busily employed until Christ
inas. We hear of a few who have al
ready picked a little scattering cot
We have received quito a number
of cotnmtinicalions from differont par
ties in answer to <cK.sculapius," only
ort,e of \yhich has been published,
Qur ^hanks ore due the authors fqr
their kindness and interest in the
Democrat, and we hope for their con
tinued support.
The Rev. F. Auld, of St. Mat
thews Cireuit, has been in attend
ance on the revival at this place and
preached some very effective ser
mons before our citizens. Wo trust
the need sown by him y?\\[ he produc
tive of great good to, the church and
entire community.
I Horses antX Mules just received by
B. Frank Slater. Now is the time
for the fawners to buy good stock.,
Call before they are picked over.
We not iced a train of wagons, be
longing to Messrs. Andrew Myers,
Smoke and others, passing through
town on last Tuesday loaded with
new home-made dour. This speaks
well for these gentlemen as independ
ent farmers and is a,u example worthy
of imitation by others. ? .]
Our thanks are due Mr. J. C.
Peers for a package of very fino
smoking tobacco, which he sells to
the trade at a very low price. In
deed his entire stock of groceries and
general merchandise is oiTcred at re
markably low rates to suit the time#
and necessities of the people.
Alle ye younge gentiemene are
expected to escortc you re faire sisters
out to ye Olde Folkes Conccrte to
nighte, and ye younge gcutleraene,
that ate bo unfortunate as to have no
3ister of yourc ownc, can escortc some
body else's faire sister, provided ye
olde folkes don't objecte.
There was a pretty general row in
the street between Dr. Wannamak
cr's and Mr. Smoak's store on Tues
day night last. Several heads were
broken, considerable blood spilt, a
policeman handled pretty roughly, a
Mayor's court Wednesday morning,
a trial and mistrial, a severe repri
mand or reproof and an adjournment.
The very best quality of family
groceries and provisions can be
bought at the well known store
of Mr. Charles Bull, on Russell street
near the Railroad. He receives bis
goods weekly and Is therefore able to
sell them fresh and at Uie lowost
prices. Give him a call and test bis
goods and prices, you will be pleased
and go again.
People will not behave themselves,
and in the best of communities there
are law-breakers which necessitates
tha!: very worthy class of business
men known as lawyers. If our read
ers should unfortunately need the
services of these gentlemen, the col
umns of Democrat will recommend
Mr. Samuel Dibble or Knowlton &
Lalhrop with confidence.
Rkv. T. S. Hallman, of Middle St.
Matthews, continues to frame pic
tures in thu Lest munucr .and with
the latest improvements. We have
seen some of his work and unhesitat
ingly pronounce it the best style of
the art. Persons in need of such or
namental work will do well to give
Mr. Hallman a trial. He works at
remarkably low prices.
If you want good and fresh bread,
rolls, cal>cs and pies go to that prince
of bakers, Mr. T. W. AlbcrgotU, who
is always ready to supply your wants
whether for wedding, oamp-mecting
or other occasjops. Fresh confection
ery, fancy goods and notions in end
1c8h variety and of the best quality
at low prices, await thp pceds of his
numerous patrons* Go to T. W- Al
bergotli'p, next door to Hurley's, and
I Mr. Robert Riley, whose mill near
Jamison blew up some three weeks
ago, has bought a twelve horse pow
er engine, and will soon be prepared
to do all the grinding and ginning
for the neighborhood. We admire
such pluck and spirit of enterprise.
Mr. Riley deserves success and wili
get it, if an indomitable energy and
industry counts fyr any thing in the
great struggle for material prosperi
ty- _
Quite a fashionable wedding took
place at Lewisville on the 12th in
stant. The contracting parlies were
Mr. S. Llocsser, of Louisville, N. C,
and Miss Fannie Redlick, niece of
Capt. L. Rich, of Lewisville, S. C.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Henry Steele, of Columbia, S. C, in
the Masonic Hall, and the banquet,
which was a superb affair, was serv
ed up at the residence of Capt. Rich.
I We extend our congratulations to the
I happy couple.
Ouit thanks are due the Rev. S. T.
Hallman for "A Form of Service for
Opening and Closing Sunday Schools,
suited to all Kvangelicnl Churches."
Tho pamphlet containing this form of
service is well gotten up, and the
service itself is an admirable produc
tion and will meet a demand long
felt in our churches. The opening
service contains but a few ideas, inti
mately connected and, adapted to the
child's understanding. The author,
Rev. S. T. Hallman, belongs to our
county and deserves not on.ly credit
for his work, but the. thanks of the
church. We hope the service will bo
adopted wherever it may bo. needed.
They are sold, very cheap by the doz
en or gross.
. <To?Sopghum Planters.
Ail parties desiring to mnko sugar
.out of tlioir sorghum are requested
to csa.ll on mo before cutting their
cane so as to get instructions how tu
boii, jas it needs entirely diifcrcnt
treatment, and also get chemicals. I
will also mafce sugar out of the real
cane. <G?:o. II. Coknei.son.
The noise .at J4*o negro engine j
house on Tuesday night last was be
yond all endurance. The whole
neighborhood was disturbed until 2
o'clock Wednesday morning by sav
age yells and dancing. We learn
that Alderman J. S, Albergotti has
informed the Board of Fireraasters
that if this nuisance is not abated the
charter would he withdrawn by the
City Council. This is as it should
be, and we hope it is but the begin
ning of the end of a terrible outrage
upon a pcacoable community.
Messrs. J. C. Pike, C. I). Kortjohn
and P. W. Hull left our town on
Tuesday last for New York, where
they propose to lay in larger stocks
than ever of general merchandize for
the fall and winter trade. We also
learn that Messrs. T. & II. Kohn will
leave on the 20th or 22nd for the
same purpose. We hope our enterpris
ing merchants will meet with every
success, and the trade of the approach
ing business season will be one of un
paralellcd success both for the mer
chants and farmers of our county.
We learn that there is a party of
gentleman, very worthy farmers of
St. Matthews, who have gone on a
visit to Charleston County with the
intention of purchasing lands on the
Northeastern Railroad. We regret
this step, because we need all the
good and industrious white citizens
we can get to develop the resources
of every section of our county ; and
wc fear they will regret it, because
they leave a home they know and
where they have done well, for a home
they know not of. It is always the
better part of wisdom to let "well
enough" alone.
We arc in receipt of a very neat
pamphlet containing the premium
lists, &c? of the Sixth Annual Exhi
bition of the Orangeburg Agricultur
al and Mechanical Association for
1870, which will commence on Wed
nesday, October 29, and close Fri
day, October, 31, 1870. These pam
phlets should be in the hands of every
farmer, gartlucr and mechanic in the
county in order that tho chorda put
forth by the Directors might be
crowned with abundant success. We
hope the patronage will be general
and the exhibition accomplish great
good both for the Association and
the public at largo.
We regret exceedingly to hear of
the death of Rev. Peter A. Buyck
of the Baptist Church, which occur
red in St. Matthews last week. Thus
another of the links that held the
present generation in close contact
witli the virtues of tli3 last, bus dis
appeared, and in this, as in the death
of every good man, wc are the sad
losers. Few men fill up the entire
period of their lives with more of
good works for their fellows than
Mr. Buyck, and the example of few
men shall bo regretted more deeply
than his. Hundreds of friends will
receive the announcement of his
death with sadness.
The circulation of the Democrat
has now reached a very satisfactory
number and found its way into every
section of our county. From the date
of its first issue to the present, every
week has made new accessions to our
list, and we expect to receive a large
number during this fall and winter.
We, therefore, offer L\ie columns of
the Democuat to the enterprising
merchants of Orsngeburg County,
with tiie assurance that liberal adver
tising with us wiii prove a profitable
business. Our splendid circulation
will carry their wares into the homes
of a large majority of the buyers of
our county.
The public will remember that the
exercises of Sheridan's School will
open at his rooms in the Fair Bui hi
ng on the first Monday in September
next, which will be the first day of
the month. The >? Principal, by cm
ploying a full corps of teachers, will
make an effort to meet every demand
of the public. Each pupil, however
small will receive a full share of at
tention. Ample time will be allowed
for instruction in every branch. The
blackboard, as heretofore, will be
used for illustrating and explaining
the principles of the languages and
sciences. Indeed, every appliance,
within the reach of tho Principal, will
be employed to make the acquirement
of knowlcdgo easy, interesting and
successful. Qerman is added to the
list of languages taught, see adver
tisement. A liberal share of public
patronage is solicited.
Bhanchviluk, Aug. 12th, 187}).
Editor Orangebxung Democrat:
Regarding your paper as the organ
proper, of the Democratic parly, I
beg for a ?mall Bpacc in its columns,
especiuMy as the subject which I pro
pose to discuss is one in which the
editor is deeply interested. To begin :
No one would imagine that there
could be found one man in Orange
burg County who would place himsolt
in opposition to a system which has
received the sanction of our best
minds. I have reference to our Free
School system. Ignorance has been
such a banc in the past that it was
thought all would be in favor of edu
cating the masses.
Who would daro place himself in
opposition to the plans of our accom
pjj*i?'jd Superintendent and his able
assistants? Who would try to stille
learning, and keep in ignorance the
young minds of our land, by making
it prnclioable for them to get
a house in which to learn their A, B,
C'8? Alas I for Branchville, it was
lefo for her to answer this question.
Recently it was ascertained that there
was a small amount of money in Hie
treasury coming to this township for
free-school purposes. Being without
a school house, a number of our best
citizens sought to procure a building
in which to put a teacher. Where
can we get it? the answer came quick
ly, the "Town Hall," of course, it is
idle, besides it is public property.
But to what better or noblor use
could it be put, than lo-dcvole it to
the instruction of the youug? Appli
cation was made to the honorable
Town Council lor the use of the build
ing ; with one exception the reply was,
"You can have It for three dollars
per month." Now the money com
ing to this township, or this school in
particular, is too small an. amount to
pay* teacher and rent both, so we are
forced to bo without a school, simply
because, by accident, men governed
by prejudice, have under their control
property which belongs to the public.
But this is not all, about this time ap
plication was also made for this hall
for "terpsichorean" purposes. The
Councilmen rented it at. onco to the
applicants, at two dollars per month,
and daily and nightly, note*, can be
iieard the violin and the stentorian
voice of a burly darkey?yclept
dancing master?ringing through tho
circumnmbiant air.
Instead of many budding minds,
catching objects yet p?w to them, in
this public edifice-, *he&..is a strange
negro leaching our so/iiie young men
how to dance, and leaching tbera the
graces of the gentleman. Shade of
Chesterfield, of Martin and all the
couitly knights of politeness gone
before, whither ! Oh ! whither are we
drifting 1
We arc without a free-school, Mr.
Editor, and as our people are anxious
to get one, 1 have been approached
to invoke your advice in the matter.
Can you make any suggestions?
It is the duty of the Trustess to
provide a school room when they
have funds in hands to do so.?Eoi
Ton Democrat.
Notes from Fori Motte.
Fout Motte, August 10, 1S79.
Editor Orangeburg Democrat;
Thinking you would like to hear
from this section once iu a while, I
have concluded to give you a few
"jottings." Our crop prospect is
very poor. Corn, that staff bo many
lean upon, is almost a total failure.
The wheat yield was very meagre.
There was a splendid crop of oats
harvested which will help tha farmers
a great deal, and remind them that
they must seed in a good acreage
again to help out the scanty corn crib
next senson. The cottou crop is fair,
compared with other seasons. There
will be two-thirds of a o op made.
These are, I think, tho finest cotton
lands in the State without doubt.
We havo some extensive planters too,
among them I will mention Mr. Fc
tcrkin, who owns the McCord planta
tion, known ajg ^Lang Syne." He
plants about three hundred acres in
cotton, corn, oats, &c, in proportion.
Estate of De Yeaux. (True Blue,) un
[der the supervision of Mr. Wienges,
ships several hundred bales of cotton.
Maj. W. C. Hano, J. K. Haue, Col.
Goodwyn, the Messrs. Bryan, ClarToy,
Trezevant and others who are practi
cal farmers.
Mr. J. C. Harmon has recently
purchased the Belleville farm and is
putting extensive improvements there
on, and will soon bo one of our most
enterprising farmers, n
Qf our little Fort I can't say much,
We are still under Radical rule-. Our
Intendant, a ginger-bread darkey,
claims to be a minister of tho Gospel,
professor and teacher, whoso igno
rance astonishes the natives who
placed him in bis high office. The
council wrangle and. twist each other
until the whole incorporation has the
??pr of "ole^cheese. Elect and resign
seen) to bo the order of the day here.
By the time this sees the light of day
in your columns this town will have
spent $24 for elections since the Olli
day of May. This way not seem ex
travagant until you learn the popula
tion of our "city," which stated in
round numbers reaches the enormous
sum of twenty inhabitants, mostly
white and black. But for all tins our <
metropolis improves. Mr. D. J.Car
roll, who lost his fine mill, gin, &c,
last winter by fire, nothing daunted,
has just completed a finer one, and is
awaiting the arrival of the fleecy sta
ple to commence the music. Other
improvements, such as building stores,
dwellings, &c, have gone on aud upon
the whole,the place does well enough.
We have about eigltteen Republicans
to convert to* the folds of the Democ
racy, then we will have a good gov
I see in.your issue of a few weeks
back a notice of the Dixie Combina
tion Hoe, Rake, cfcc, invented by our
worthy Section-iuastei, Mr. Ilowell.
It is without doubt one of the most
complete arrangement that could be
thought of and surpassess auy of the
late inventions I have seen. A child
can arrange it, and from the way the
inventor is taking orders for them we
premise it will pay him well. I un
derstand that he has orders for about
live hundred sets, and applications
for the rights of several counties.
He should let the people know of its
merits through your columns.
Wo are now having good Reasons,
but the weather is very cool for Au
gust. Wishing the Democrat a glo
rious future, I am yours, &c,
of ye SoNGES and TUNES
at ye Court House,
On *
Friday Evening, August ye XV, 1879,
BeneGtte of
Head Singer.Obidiah Primrose.
Organer,.Robin Gray.
Pianistc.Expei ience Spriggins.
Ye First Parte.
Java Marche, Alle yo players.
1 Ye Pinafore Chorus; Alle ye
men and women singers.
2 One-parte Songe ; Katrina Van
8 ''Olde folkes at homeMarga
ret Anderson and Choristers.
4 One parte Songe; Mrs. Jeremiah
5 "Sister Ruth Miranda Jonsing
and Obidiah Primrose.
G "Annie Laurie;" Mehitable
7 Yo Schuleraastcr; Alle ye lads
and lasses.
Ye Secokde Parte.
Gen. Smith's Marehe; Alle ye Singers.
1 Rcnndo. "Brother Jacob ;" Aile
yo singers, lads and lasses.
2 "What are ye Wilde Waves say
ing;" Patience Howe aud Katrina
Van Rensalaer.
3 "Ohle Blackc JoeSquire
Grimes and foure others.
4 "John Anderson, my Jo John
Miranda Cleopatra .lousing.
5"Jaunita;" Deborah Dorothy
Jenkins and Obidiah Primrose.
G "Thou art so fairePatience
7 Two parte Songe; Mrs. Jeremiah
Wiggans and Moses Hardcastlo.
8 "Cousin Jedediah;" Mrs. Corpo
ral Prodkins, Deacon Hardscrabble,
and alle ye singers.
"Auld Lang Syne Allo ye singers
and ye good-trained people in ye au
Market Report?
Corrected Weekly uy J. C. Pike.
Middling.11? 11 1-4
Low Middling.10? 10 1-2
Ordinary to Good.10? 10 1-4
country produce.
Rice, rough.$1 45
Outs, per cwt.,.GO
Potatoes, sweet.50
Butter, country .15
Eggs. 8 10
Poultry.?16? 20
B)Y A LADY of several years' experl
{*) ence, a situation as teacher of the
English branches in a school or family.
The best references given and satisfac
tion guaranteed. For further particulars
address Tun Oranoeruro Democret.
April 4
?tto Sontag,
No. 34 Wentwortti street, near the Old
Artesian Well.
Gents' Coats Vests and Pants nicely
Cleaned, D3*cd and Pressed. Faded and
Moulded Clothing Renewed w?h the
greatest dispatch.
IBrick ! !
Brick! Briok!
1 ?x1 AAA firs t-class or.
lcJijAJUl/ anoeburg brick
for sale at the Orangeburg Rrlok Yard.
For particulars enqulro of a. M> Izlar at
the Vardor jas. c. bell
May 2.'i?2mos.
? A*1}*
For your Family-Supplier* tu ilia ?*?jr w
nndSE ARS,
FRESH LACIER always on draught.
EGGS always on band.
Country Produce bought, at *tbe highest
market price.
At Midler's Old Stand.
At the
Stock consisting of
To be sold at
Chewing Tobacco,
and you will use no other, for cheapness
and its lasting qualities can't bo sur
passed. For sale only by
Russell Street,
Orangeburg, S. C. June 27-tf
American and Swiss,
Latest Styles.
Of New and Elegant Designs, and Ex
quisite workmanship.
As well as less costly sett, in great varl'jj
1? AiUt.
In Fresh and Beautiful Patterns, espo*
daily adapted for Weddlug Present*.
Tea Sets, Waiters, Ice Pitchers, Buttes
Dishes, (hips, Goblets, &c
French Clocks, Bronzes, Fine Table Cut
lery, Opera Glasses, Fine Glassware.
The Best Goods at the Lowest Prle*4.
3 m 307 Kino Stbkkt.
? From
late of u?w!syllk> s. 0.
Dealer in Country Produce,
FOWLS, per doz.3.25a?.70>
Chickens, per doz.3.00*2.55
Ducks (Eng'h) per doz.4.09
Ducks (MVy) per doz.5.00
Geese per doz.6.00
Turkeys per doz.I2.00al5.00
EGGS, per doz.14
PEANUTS, per bunhel.75al.l0
POTATOES, Sweet.1.25al?50?
PEAS, clay, per bushel..65a70?
" Mixed *? .60a65>
RICE, (Rough) per bushel..1.10al.20
BEESWAX, per lb.?22
HONEY, ? .10
HIDES, Flint, per lb.10>
" Dry Salted,".8
SKINS, Otter, apiece..25a2.60
** Coon, ?? .5sl5
" Fox, " .10a40>
" Deer, per lb.15
" Goat, ?? .6
! Highest market prices obtained for sll
goods consigned to mo. Returns njad*
I promptly. Consignments solicited. ' lj
Offers bis services to the publlo as
General Auctioneer and Colleetor.
Charges moderate, and all business
promptly attended to. Feh H
week In your own town,. 4?r.
^outfit free. No rl?k. Redder
fit you want a business s&
which persona of cHhan sex,
lean make great pay al! tits time they
work, write particular 1 to, lb HfMUKTT

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