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A. Paper lbr -fclio People,
Pontofllco Houvh.
Open froui hidf-past 8 to 10 o'clock A.
M.. and from half-past 10 A* M. to 4 P,
Columbia nwdl closes at 10 A, M. ami
ibe Charleston mail at half.past ? P. M.
:On Tuesdays nnd Fridays a uiuii for
frekJervllle, Vances Ferry and Holly mil
<closes at Jiolf-pn6t 7A.M. 1
On Friday* a wail* for Ifnott's Mlllsj |
Witt's Mills ?nd Riehes' Store closes a,
Jialf-past 2 1>. M, '_
.OnA.koeuuugt S. C, january 10, 1880.
NoTiCE.-r-We have made arrange
ments with the proprietors of the
Jtfiwa and Courier to. club lheir mam
moth Weekly with the Democrat at
.$3 per annum, for both papers., cash
in advance. ..... .
lli Mb. D. 1*ou\s is putting a substan
tial fence around the house and lot
purchased from'the estate of Dr.
The missionary meeting of the
Methodist Sunday School will be held
next Sunday afternoon. The Rev.
Dr. ,E. Cooke is expected to address
(the society.
Health the poor man's riches, the
rich man's bliss?is found in Aycr's
Medicines, after a fruitless scaich
among other remedies. A word to
.the wise is 'sufficient;
I Marrieu Nov. 20th, 1879, by Rev.
1). Z. Dantzler, at the residence of
the bride's father, Mr. E. L. Culler,
of Oranggburg county, to Miss Hatlie
U. WilliaroB, of Barnwell county.
Married Jart. 11, 1880, at the res
ideucc of Mr. C. F. Gehrels, by Rev.
W. R. Parier, Mr. Wm. P. Wieland,
of Little Rock, Ark., to MrsR. Hoc
nick, of Orangeburg County, S. C.
No cards.
On Saturday night last Albert Cur
ry, colored,stabbed Georgia Williams,
a colored girl in the back between the
Shoulders, indicting.a painful and per
haps serious wound. Curry has not
been arrested.
Mit. ?v L. Moorer left, town on
Wednesday night to visit Ida wife
who io .at rtlu* point of ,death near
Macon, Ga. We hope Jier friends
here may so?n receive 4nteU-gence of
her j^ecovfjry.,. .
\. > _. ? *
We are requested to .state Ahat the
first of a iuontb.lv series of lectures
will be given at the rooms of the
Young Men's' Christian Association
on next Tuesday, week by the Rev.
J. D. A. BroWrU.
A water famine is bei.ug pretty
generally discussed throughout the
county. Wejlfl and Btrcams are eve
rywhere .drying up, and many persons
find it extremely difficult to get water
for ordinary household purposes.
We wore glad to meet Mr. John
C. Reeves, Intendent of Branchville,
in town on Wednesday. He gives
quite an encouraging repoit of the
rapid progress our little sister town
is making in improvements and busi
We had hoped that the mad dog
plague, was ended, but it seems that
the number of these animals is fear
fully on the increase in many sections
of the county. Better kill every dog
in the county than have this terrible
.evil to increase further.
Rev. O. A. Darby is now deliver
ing, on Wednesday evenings at the
Methodist Church, a series of lec
tures on the history of Methodism.
These lectures will be full of interest
to everyone and especially instructive
to the young members of the congre
We regret to hear of the death of
the wife of Mr. J. S. Livingston,
which occurred at her home in this
/county last week. She was the daugh
ter of Jacob Wolfe and a lady of
most' excellent traits of character.
We tender our sympathies to the be
reaved family.
Just after dark Monday evening
the alarm of lire was given and our
citizens ran pell-mell in every direc
tion hunting for the Gre. The confu
sion grew worse confounded until it
was discovered to be a chimney burn
ing out in a negro's bouse In front
of the jaH,
We call the attention of our read
ers to the change in Mr. Geo. IL
Cornelson's advertisement in this is
sue. His experience as a merchant
is extensive end bio energy knows no
limits as may be witnessed by his ful)
and well-selected stock of merchan
dize adapted to every want of our
people. In addition to his usual
stock he has ju9t received a lot of
splendid wagons, manufactured espe
cially for the work of our farms. An
examination of stock and wagons is
only necessary to Induce a purchase.
Cynic Yourself; Take- Hall's
Hepatic Panacea for Dyspepsia, Indi
gestion, Sick and Nervous Headache,
and all diseases arising from a torpid
Liver. It is puroly vegetable, and
satisfaction guaranteed or money re
funded. Price 50 cts, per bottle.
For salo by S. A. Reeves.
Has our County Commissioners or
Grand Jury ever considered how cru
el ii is too keep prisoners in an open
jail, without sashes or shutters to the
wiudows, punishment loses its power
whon reduced to inhuman cruelty.
.Cannot some inprovemcnt be made
to warm the prison rooms of our jail.
Srb change in the advertisement of
Mr. J. I. Sorentrue in this issue.
Hejjis making preparation to supply
his customers with every thing need
ed in his line. He is no less skilled
as a lamp repairer, than experienced
as a bUCCCBsful merchant. Call at the
California Store before you Jcavc
Cor.. -J. G. Vose is now traveling
for the well-known grocery and liquor
bouse of Stephens & Werner, of
Charleston, S. C. Col. Voso is an
airable, courteous gentleman, and
Messrs. Stephens & Werner arc for
tunate in securing his services. We
commend him to the merchants of
our state.
Marriaoe mcaus renunciation as
well as acceptance; it means giving
as well as receiving; it means patience
ns well as hope; it means submission
as well as being submitted unto.
It means, in short, that the wedding
day is the beginning, not the end.
How few there are who take this
view of this important matter.
Prof. Henry Morley, in his recent
lecture on "newspapers" said that the
newspaper was the mirror of Society,
and that it was of no use for people
to break the mirror because they did
not like the look of their nose ; but he
trusted that none of his hearers de
sked to be the editor of a journal that
gave .publicity to the moan concep
tions .concernjng life, or was a mere
medium for small talk.
TilK-new act to extend the time for
the redemption of forfeited lands pro
vides that all lands heretofore forfeit
ed to the State for the non-payment
of taxes, may be redeemed by the
payment of one half of the simple
taxes of tbeyerro 187G and 1877 and
the full amount of the taxes, costs
and penalties of the year 1878, pro
vided that such payment be made on
or before the 31st May next.
Our immediate Representative in
Congress, the Hon. M. P. O'Connor,
requests us to announce to his con
stituents of the Second Congressional
District that those, who may desire
to receive Irom the Agricultural De
partment farm or garden seeds will
please address him by postal card or
letter, at Washington, D..C, giving
postoflice address, and stating the
kind of seeds they may desire.
Years ago when the middle-aged
men of to day were boys, Horace
Greeley wrote: "It is a great sou reo
of consolation to us, that when the
public shall be tired of us as an edit
or, we can make a salisfrctory liveli
hood at setting type or farming; so
that, while our strength lasts, ten
thousand blockheads, taking offense
at some article they Jo not under
stand, could not drive us into the
poor bouse.*'
Dr. Dubois, from the north has
moved into his new and handsome res
idence next door to Hon. C. B. Glov
er's on Russell St. Dr. Dubois is
quite an accession to our community,
and we wish him all the happiness of
a Southern home and all the benefits
of our delightful climate. Orange
burg delights to greet and wel
come every northern gentlemeu of
this type and we wish a thousand more
would come.
Regulations have been issued from
the Postoflice Department, by which
gold and silver coin may be sent
through the mails as fourth class mat
ter, at one cent per ounce. To secure
greater certainty of delivery the same
may be registered for an additional
fee of ten cents for each package.
This system will bo a great accom
modation to the public, especially in
shipping to points where there are no
money order offices.
Our citizens throughout the coun
ty have taken advantage of the pre
sent cold snap to butcher their hogs
which remained on hand. In consid
eration of the large number of hogs
slaughtered, we hope the season will
continue long enough to convert eve
ry pound of meat into sweet bacon.
Those who were unfortunate enough
to kill before Christmas have lost a
large portion of the meat intended
for the year's consumption.
Our citizens have enjoyed quit can
exciting season of amusements and
business pleasantly blended. Tbc
agents of Dr. Flagg's Liver and
Stomach Fads huvo furnished their
full quota of fun in comic songs and
street lectures ; Prof. Stookey in rope
walking and fancy antics ; while the
dignity of the Court has not, in the
slightest, been disturbed or its atten
tion diverted from the business of the j
The high prices, at which cotton
has been sold duriug the present sea
son, will, wo fear, induce many far
mers to increase their acreage and
purchase of fetilizers at credit prices.
It is almost a certainly that cotton
cnunot sell at the present prices next
fall, and if low prices prevail the
same cry of hand times will be ex
perienced then as heretofore. More
caution in planting and less wild
speculation in fetilizers is the better
Foil the Teeth.?Many of the
powders and pastes now in the mar
ket contain ingredients like pumice
stone, charcoal, &c, which ought
never to bo used for the purpose.
The Saponaceous Tooth Powder is
warranted to contain nothing in the
least injurious, and has no equal for
Its purpose, as its llavor is pleasant,
is perfectly soluble in the mouth, and
contains nothing gritty or rough for
the teeth. For sale by Dr. J. G.
Wannamakek. "
A Whale.?A few days ago one of
these monsters of the deep was dis
covered within the bur of Charleston
harbor. Steps were immediately taken
to capture the Arctic stranger, and
were executed to the complete satis
faction of all concerned. The animal
is about half grown and measures
forty feet and four inches in length
and ten feet, two inches through the
body, and if properly managed ought
to make about seventy barrels of oil
and eight hundred pounds of bone.
Vick's Floral Guide.?This work
is before us, and those who send live
cents to James Vick, Rochester, N.
Y., for it will be disappointed. In
stead of getting a cheap thing, as the
price would seem to indicate, they
will receive a very handsome work of
100 pages, and perhaps .000 illustra
tions?uot cheap., but elegant illustra
tions, on the very best of ealandered
paper, and as a set off to the. whole.,
an elegant Colored Plate that we
would judge cost twice the pi ice of
the book.
Hill's Hepatic Panacea. ?The Liv
er is the king imperial organ of the
whole human system, as it controls
the life, health and happiness of man.
When it is disturbed in its proper
action all kinds of ailments are the
natural results. The digestion of
the food, the movements of the heart
and blood, the action of the braiu and
nervous system, are all immediately
connected with the workings of the
liver. To keep the liver in a healthy
condition take Hill's Hapalic Pan
acea. Only 00 cents per bottle.
For sale by S. A. Reeves.
The many friends of the Rev. W.
R. Richardson in our community will
he pleased to learn that he has mc'
with a warm reception in his ne?v field
of labor, Darlington, S. C. The
Southerner, in speaking of him, says ;
"Our new Pastor for 1880 ( M. E. C.
S.) Rev. W. R. Richardson, was at
bis post on Sunday lost, and preach
ed to his new congregation with the
case, earnestness and vigor that usual
ly belongs to ministers of riper years.
The new preacher ccrtiainly give3
much promise of usefulness and suc
cess in the years before him. Wo
trust he may meet with great encounr
agement in Darlington."
Dr. Flagg's Patent Liver and
Stomach Pad.?Dr. Flagg's agent is
now stopping at Mcroney's Hotel,
and wili be there for another week.
Consultation and advice free to all
that may give him a call. The Flagg
Liver and Stomach Pad is a certain
euro for all diseases originating from
a diseased stomach and torpid liv
er. Such as indigestion, kidney
complaints, rheumatism and dyspep
sia, or in fact any ailment in the sys
tem. F'or fevers of all kinds it has
never made a failure. 'Tis the Great
Blood Purifier. For female weak
nesses of all kinds it is pronounced
infallible. No drugging the system.
No internal medicine to re taken.
No doctors to see. No medicines
to iiuv. Call and see it. Also Dr.
Flaggs' wonderful Pain Balm, the'
Great Absorptive Liniment for all
aches and pains, internal or external.
Immediate relief given by one appli
cation of the Rain Balm. Every fam
ily should keep a bottle of Pain Balm
in the bouse. Come with your aches
and pains ami be cured nt once.
Come to Mcroney's Hotel antl see
Dr. Flagg's remedies. a I
Court.?The Court of Common j
Pleas was reconvened on Monday
morning last by Judge Pfesslcy and
since thon the business of tLe term
lias progressed rapidly. The follow
ing cases have been disposed oir up
to V*io hour of goiug to press:
Alfred R. Tnber vs. U?nry Mc
Phcrson. The Judge instructed the
jury to bring in a verdict for the
plaintiff for 8223.50.
I D. B. Gilliland, assigneo^of W. C.
j Courtenny & Co., vs. James I). Trcs
vant. Verdict for $39 fur plaintiff.
Martha A. Blumo va. E. and J.
Forest. Verdict of 899.21 forplaintiff.
D. D. Antley vs. Andrew Myers
and Margaret S. Myers. Verdict for
8102 for plaintiff.
Dukes vs. Colson, et ah Verdict
for defeudants?
P. S. Felder vs. Dukes. Verdict
for plaintitr.
Barton vs. Phillips. Verdict for
plaintiff -834.04.
"In Maiden Meditation, Fancy
Free."?We learn that two young
ladies who, to while away the time,
amused themselves the other day by
coming down to figures to see what
their chances were of catching a hus-j
baud in Camdcn. First of .all they
didn't think any of the fellows around'
here were wo: th catching. However,
they were enumerated?both sides,
ladies and gentlemen?and they stood
as follows: Young men, 26; old
baclielors, 17; widowers 10?total
53, Young ladies, 48; old maids,
53; widows, 13?total, 114. Thus
it will be seen that they more than
double the number of meu. These
figures disgusted them, and they are
now thinking seriously of taking ad
vantage of leap year. The above,
which we clip from the Ctmden Jour
nal, certainly indicates a bad state of
affairs in our sister town, and the
only remedy we can sec is in immi
gration?to Orangeburg for instance,
where the men outnumber the ladies
three to one.
Blaine may have fits in the Pine
Tree State because his party was
thwarted ; ho may rave and foam at the
mculh ; he may swear himself hoarse ;
but the fact still lcmains that C. D.
Korijohn keeps on in the even tenor
of his way. Undauuted by the pres
sure of hard times ; undismayed by
the predictions of the chronic grum
blers that surround us, he continues
to order goods and sell them at half
their value. Others may wear long
faces, but C. D, Jforljohn and his
right bower, Mr. .J S. Albcrgotti. the
courteous and polite gentleman, have
ever a smile for all they^feeet. Why?
Because at C. D. Korljohn's store
the}' know that mnuy hearts are daily
made to rejoice with exceeding joy.
They arc conscious of the fact that
no one, no not one, has, or ever can,
undersell them'. What would Orange
burg be without Kortjoha's auctions?
And what would the people do with
out Ins magnificent store? Shake
hands with Mr. K. befoie you leave
Prof. Frank Stookey, of the tight
rope and fancy antic persuasion, vis
ited our town on Monday and Tues
day, and exhibited hisskill as a rope
walker in the costume of a woman,
u in?u, and with his feet incased in a
cheese box. Quite a crowd of curi
ous people of all colors and sexes as
sembled on on the ground, where an
inch and a half rope had been stretch
ed from the top of the Courthouse to
the top of Mr. D. Louis' store. The
distance was about fifty yards and
the height about forty feet. The
performer appeared on the top of Mr.
Louis* store at four o'clock Monday
afternoon and with nothing hut a bal
ance pole in his hands walked the en
tiro length of the rope. On Tuesday
evening the same feat was performed
in a woman's costume while the wind
was blowing briskly. The crowd was
also treated with various somersaults
and hanging by the neck and other
tancy antics in mid air, artistically
performed we suppose, but certainly
an outrageous trilling with life and
the Providence of (Jed. Our bet
ter feelings deplore a state of society
that can unblushing tolerated, much
less enjoy, such an exhibition of fool
bardiness and applaud it.
The Presbyterian congregation held
a special service for their Sunday
School children on last Sunday after
noon at half-past three o'clock, to
which all the schools of the town were
invited to attend. Alter prayer by
Rev. Dr. E. Cooke, of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, and a beautiful
song appropriate to the occasion, the
Superintendent, Capt. John A. Ham
ilton, caused the bible class to recite
the creed, and another of little, boys
and girls to undergo a most searching
examination in the catechism. Anoth
er song introduced a class of live
girls, of about twelve or fourteen
years of age, who recited t}iirty-one
pages of printed matter, the whole of
the Westminster Shorter Catechism,
without more than hesitating for an
answer. Some Christian gentleman
at the North, feeling the importance
of this series of qnestions arid an
swers to the j'oung, promised to pre
sent any child, who might master it,
with a beautiful copy of the Bible.
Superintendent Hamilton will report
the dames of these fire little girls as
having performed the task. The en
tire recitations by the children were
most creditable ami reflected becom
ing praise upon their affectionate and
worthy Superintendent. Rev. O. A.
Darby closed the exercises by an in
structive talk to the schools upon the
great Importance of little things.
Our Presbyterian friends have a fine
Sunday School and are evidently
molding characters that will wield a
powerful influence upon the church in
the future.
Market Report.
CoRKECTEO Weekly by j. C. Pikk.
Middling.12 a 12 1-2
Low Middling....H 1-2 a 12
Ordinary to Good.?. 30 1-2 a 11
j Rice, rough.91 :>i)
I Fodtier.y....75
Oatg. per cwt.,...k.............73
I Potatoes, sweet.Li.75 j
Butter, country.25 '
Eggs. 15
Poultry.15? 25
ISsttite Sale.
HPRE lands of Ihc late'W. M. Ilutson
JL ran be treated for at private side on
a liberal credit. They consist of the
which will be sold as a whole or in par
cels to suit purchaser.
on Russell Street,'with out-buildings.
TWO Lois on same side of Amelia
Street and fronting it.
ONE Lot on opposite sidc.of Amelia
Stre? t.
Rev. .L D. A. Brown, at the residence,
ami W. F. Ilutson, at the Olilce lot. will
give every information in relation there
to. ? JI. M. HUTSON,
Sept. 20-1 f Executrix.
The Weekly News*
1S80 F?U 18SO
With the first issue in January, 1880,
T H E W E E K L Y N E W S,
Enlarged by two additional pages.
It will then bo a
Nine long columns on eaeh page 1
The length and width of the columns,
and the style of type, give
A larger quantity of reading matter tbau
any other paper ever published hi South
82 A YEAR.
By Southern Authors.'
Edited by I. E. Orchard, Esq.,"
The Chess Champion of the South.
Selected from the best Agricultural
Periodicals in the United States.
Children's Stories,
Written expressly by Southern Authors
for Southern Roys and Girls.
A Rtcord of the daily life of the City of
Charleston, such as no other
Paper can give.
Ci.un Rates:
5 Subscribers 1 year at 81 85 8 0 25
10 Subscribers 1 year at 81 75 17 50
15 Subscribers 1 year at 81 05 21 75
25 Subscribers 1 year at 81 5U 37 50
Something New!
In addition to the large and elegantly
assorted atock of 'Dry Goods, Boots aud
Shoes, Hats, &c, &c, also
of the best quality, cheaper than can be
bought any where else. The finest und
best stock of
The prices of which have just been re
duced 25 to 50 cents per gallon.
Have tinted up their tip-stairs, aud laid
n a stock 8r?.000 of the finest, best and
cheapest assortment of
to be found between Columbia and
Charleston. If you arc in need of a suit
at nny price, Pants, (,'ont or Vest, ilon't
fall to see them before buying. Just re
ceived, 150 barrels of
Which will bo sold eheapor than the
same quality can be bought in Charles
ton, make room for
2O0 Babels
to bo In by the first of November.
The Best
on hand.
Oran^nburg, S. C. dune 27 tt
Grand Invitation!
We are opening every day New Goods.
Just in
Beautiful Cashmeres in Black und in all
the New and Fashionable Shade*, Taf
fcttas. .Silks, Satins, Diagonals in all tlte
leading colors.
In Neck Wear by every steamer.
The latest, styles and patterns in all
?roods. You can secure more elegance
and excellence and yet practice more
economy than ever before.
Beautiful Dress Goods at 12 1-2 cts.
Notwithstanding the heavy advances
In Linens and Long Cloths we are selling
Cosmopolitan Shirts
at the old low figures.
For old and young at the most reasona
ble figures.
In large variety and low prices.
Come and take a look at the
Lightning Sewing Machine,
The cheapest and one of the best Sewing
Machines in the market.
(also always for sale, also Needles. Plat
ters Attachments, Oils, &c., at Factory
lteliablc. Patterns for Fall and WJuter,
received and far sale.
I invite all to call and examine my
immense stock and low prices, no fault
will be found if you do not buy. RE
Orangoburg, S. C, Oct. 10,1870.
has not been favored with propitious sea
Hons it is true, but there will nevertheless
he sufllcient made to produce'peace atid
comparative contentment in our land,
and also allow our <;ood matrons a mar
gin for pocket change. In viewxtf this
fact I recently had my already capacious
store renovated and enlarged, and am
now receiving the
ever offered for sale in Branchvillc in.the
line of
I have a complete assortment of Ladies
Dress Goods. Alpacas, Worsteds, Calicos
Homespuns, lileuchings, Linens, Hand
kerchiefs, Hosiery, Shawls, Collars.
Laces, ltihbons?in a word, every thing
that tin; most scrupulous taste could ex
act, or the most inquisitive mind con
ceive of. In the Genta' Department my
supply is at once superb and complete,
consisting as it does of the most thorough
selection of the kind ever
Such as Coats, Pants, Vests. Rata, Gaps,
Moots and Shoes of all styles and prices.
In addition to the articles already enu
merated, I have every kind of
hardware; cutlery; crock
ery AND tinware
to be thought of. Also Lamps, Shades.
chimneys, Ac. In the Grocery line, I am
j determined not to be blirpassed, and am
I olleriug unprecedented bargains ill
butter, HAMS, SIDES,
MOLASSES, &c., &c.
I kcop also constantly on hand Harness.
Saddles, Bridles, Girths, etc. But it
would tnkc a column to mention all 1
have for my customer?. Come one and
all and see for yourselves. Don't spend
live cenjs until you examine my stock.
i No trouble to answer questions or to
j bIiow good?.
Paid For
Thanking my friends for past favors, I
shall continue to strive to merit a COUtiu
tinuance of the same.
4. F. H- DUKES,
Sept 20-2tn
DEV. S. T. IIALLMAN is prepared to
m FRAME PICTURES of al! sizes in
the neatest style of the art. and at lower
rates, for cash, than can be done else
where in the county. Picture Hangings
also furnished on the most liberal term*.
All parties desiring work done in the
above line would do well to give him a
call at his house in Lynn's Township, or
at Pr. S, .\. IJeeycs, Satisfaction guar
anteed. April .'l-dmos
Corps of Teachers.
Wm. L. GLAZK.1st Assistant,
In charge of 2nd Grade Room.
MISS K.J- MAC KAY.2nd Assistant,
In charge of ist Grade RoonFand Girls.
rpids School opens on the First Monday
Jl in September annually, and contin
ues uninterruptedly until the last of Juue.
First Grade* beginners.02,00
Second Grade, Grammar pupils. 2.50
Third Grude, advanced English.. 3.00
Latin. Greek, and German each.
extra. 60
IHrst Grade.?Alphabet. Spelling, Rud
.imentary Arithmetic, Writing and First
Steps in Geography.
Second Grade, Spelling. Reading,
Writing, Arithmetic, Seeoud Step? lit
Geography, Grammar. Written Compo
sition. Latin, Greek and German.
Third Grade. Spelling, Heauing, Writ
ing, Arithmetic completed. Geography
completed, Grammar eouipleted, Compo
sition, History, Philosophy, Rhetoric,
Logic. Book-keeping. Algebra, Gcome
try. Chemistry. Latin, Greek, German
aud Written Composition. . < >
Elocution Is taught in each grade*
Miss Mackay has charge of the girls.
Students mny enter at any time during
the ter.o, and aru charged only from
date of entrance.
A liberal deduction made when threu
or more children attend from (be suuiu
Hoys and girls are prepared for the
Sophomore Class in any College or for n
successful business life.
Neatness of person, polite manners
aud a high sense of honor are considered
of no less importance than the branches
taught, aud are therefore inculcate^
with unremitting assiduity.
Hoard may be had hi good fumllka
near the school at ten aud twelve dollars
per month, including washing and lights.
Boys aud girls are kepi separate and
no intercourse allowed.
A liberal share of public patronage Is
respectfully solicited.
Dealer in Country Produce,
FOWLS, per doz..3.2503.70
Chickens, per doz.2.00a2.55
Ducks (Eng'h) per doz.4.00
Ducks (MVy) per doz.5.00
Geese per doz.G.OO
Turkeys per doz.12.00al5.0O
EGGS, per doz.14
PEANUTS, per bushel.,.75al.lO
POTATOES, Sweet... 1.25al.50
PEAS, clay, per bushel.65a70
" Mixed " .60a65
RICE, (Rough) per bushol.. 1.10a 1.20
BEESWAX, per lb.ft22
HONEY, ?? ;-:...^;;v.;;;.-.-;.-.-IO
HIDES, Flint, per lb......10
w Dry Salted,44 .8
SKINS, Otter, apiece.......25a2.50
*4 Coon, 44' .~.5al5
44 F'ox, 44.10a40
44 Deer, per lb ....1.15
44 Goat, 44...S
Highest market prices obtained for all
goods consigned to me. Returns made
promptly. Consignments solicited, iy
is agent for tlie sale of the celebrated
the purest brand In the known*world'
and sample for Once in your lives a pure
It Mas no equal. Also on band thechcap
est brands of
in the market.
A full line of Staple and Fancy
Cheaper than the Cheapest.
Give me a call and be convinced that
this advertisement is no humbug.
Ac Y\ oiler's Old Stand.
No. 31 Wcntworth street, near the Old
Artesian Well.
Gents' Coats Vests and Pants nlo>dy
Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed. Faded hihI
Moulded Clothing Kuuewod with thu
greatest dispatch.
Established about 1S30
Rcsucitated on the European Plan for
Gentlemen only.
Rooms each person per day.50
per week...$3,00
per month...:; and Old
According to location of booms puid
hoard terms:
Board and lodging.?1 30 per day
Board and lodging.(i "i0 per Wet k
MRS. M. J. ARCHER. Pproprktre*s,
21) George st. eorncr Mug.
lip 371? Charleston, 8 a

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