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...v L'trjJiJi* !<>?? Hei? 1,<?oi>Io.
II. G. SllKlUDAN, 1 ,> . .
. T 1 } Proprietors.
Jam ks L. Sims, ) 1
One Vehr.tfcJ OO
Si\' Months. * ?O
? ' ?o?
advertising iiatks.
First Insertion, per Fuuitre.1 OO
Kayh Subsequent Insertion.?"?0
Orangeburg, s. G.
OltANGKUUKO; S. (.'.. 1)R0. 17. 1880.
Out and In.
The readers of the Democrat were
informell two weeks ago that it was
the purpo.se sf Ceo. Boliver lo bold
the ofllce of clerk of the court, not
withstanding the verdict of the peo
ple, as declared in the late election,
was overwhelmingly against his. In
deed he had so long been accustomed
to ride here that he began to think
the ofllce, fixtures and profits were
his by possession or some title which
even the people could not annul.
'Hence to defend that right his hist
drop of blood and cent of money
?stood pledged. From this bold posi
tion assumed by Boliver and these de
fiant threats the people expected war
to the knife, and Mr. Robinson, the
clerk elect, fortified himself behind
the liest ofsuritiesand the Governor's
?Commission before making the de
mand for the surrender of Bolivev's
stronghold. Preparations being com
pleted, the demand was made on Sat
urday last for the unconditional sur
render of ofllce and contents. This
was refused, or a compliance, evaded
by a request for time to consider as
to his best action. Nothing more
was heard of the matter until on
Monday morning, about 11 o'clock,
Mr. Robinson with his chief clerk
Mr. L. H. Wannamaker, and a few
friends, finding the door opened,
walked into the clerk's ofllce,, told
?I. G. Boliver and Dr. Malone, who
were writing at their desks,, that he
had come to enter upon the duties of
the oUicc and that he had no use for
them or nccd>of their services. This
was a bombshell in the camp, sud
denly exploded and effective, and
these gentlemen, taking in the situa
tion, at once retreated, leaving Mr.
Robinson master of the field. The
work of making nn Inventory of every
thing in the qfilce was immediately
beg'un und finally completed. During
Hie day a notice was served on Mr.
Geo. Boliver personally that Mr.
Robinson had assumed ? the-manage
ment of the otllce and was ready to
give a receipt for the property.
This was answered b}* a long, point
less aud aimless protest which served
only to excite a pleasant smile upon
Mr. Robinson's features, because
he knew Boliver was out und he was
in. Every thing necessary to conduct j
the business of the ollice successfully
was found except the soul which is j
locked up in the safe, the key of which
Boliver refuses to surrender. This,!
however, does not materially matter
as the general routine busiues can be
performed without it. Mr. Robinson
is now ready lo wait upon our citi
zens who may have business in bis
Thice young colored demons, two
hoys and a girl, aged respectively 15,
10 and 18, murdered Mrs. Ada Ken
nedy of Claiendon County on the lib
instant in a most brutal and horri
ble manner. A sboit while after Mr.
Kennedy left home to secure the pres
ence of bis mother with his wile
during a three days visit to Charles
ton, these fiends appeared, demand
ed money and, being refused, hiutally
attacked Mrs. Kennedy wit.i hoes
and finally killed her by cleaving her
skull with a hoe. One ol the boys
having been arrested, confesled the
cr me and told who engaged with him
in committing the deed. The ether
boy and girl were forthwith arrested
and by a vote of one hundred and
fifty white men and fifty colotetl men
aud women, the young murderers were
lynched and hung to a tree until they
were dead.
We tue no advocates of extreme
measures und ceituiuly not of any
mode of piocedure which takes the
life of a fellow being ; but liiere nie
ei reu tu stances and occasions when
the slow pioccsscs of I he law do not
meet the emergency and, to save so
ciety from panic, it becomes proper
and necessary to deal summarily
with ollendcrs against its peace and
sully. This seems lo be a case, the
circumstances' of which evidently
justify the menus employed. The
[same course would have been follow
ed in any community of the North
against the safo'y of which the same
crime had been perpetrated. Wo de
sire to sco our society free from even
the apprehension, ol such outrages,
but'this can never tie while contem
ptible political leaders, such as we
have, are suirered to poison the very
elements of that society by exciting
hatred and enmity between tho races.
Kid our country of these political vi
pers and wo will hear of no more
such crimes as the Clarendon and
Branclivilie outrages.
The Legislature.
This body continues at work and
notwithstanding the purpose to ad
journ before Christmas are cutting out
new business every day according as
each member thinks best for the intcr
i est of his county and State. Among
tho matters perfected and passed is the
bill introduced by our Senator Gen.
J. F. Isslar to lix the bond of County
Commissioners at 82,000 instead of
SoOO as beretolorc. We suppose the
Commissioners lately elected will be
required to give this bond. A special
bill for certain counties, among which
i is Orangeburg, bus passed to its sec
ond reading prohibiting the buying
of seed cotton, except for manufactur
ing, in settlement between landlord
and tenant and under process of law.
It is likely now that this bill will be
come a law unless it be killed on
passing its third reading which is not
usual. A bill has been inlrodeced to
?inend an act io prohibit persons
from living together in adnllury.
i We hope its previsions are sufficient
ly defined and severe to put a stop to
the evil und that lite bill will pass.
The bill lo utilize the labor ol prison
ers in jail was rejected. Two peti
tions : one from 5000 ladies of Char
leston and one from 3000 ladies of
Audcrson, asking for a low pri hibi
ting the sale of liquor in the Slate,
were unrolled in Use House and meas
ured respectively 30 and JO yards in
lenght. These petitions were referred
to a special committee of which our
representative, Dr. Summers, is a
member. The bill prohibiting the
carrying of concealed weapons has
occasion one or two hot discussion
but has not yet assumed a form to
allow cn opinion of ils finial result.
The appropriation and supply bills
; arc being perfected rapidly and their
provision indica'e about the same
tax levy as last year.
Our Legislators.
Among the important matters in
troduced and likely to become enact
ed laws by our legislature are the
following, measure. A bill by Gen.
Isslar creating a public guardian to
iull such minors as inherit property
j not under a will and constituting the j
Master as such officer; also a bill to
make the ollice of Master genet a)
throughout the counties o!' the Slate ;
I also a bill by Dr. Summers lo limit
j the sale of intoxicating liquors inclu
ding bitters or other drinks with alco
i hoi as the base ; also a bill to provide
[public scales at all points of trade
j where heavy products are weighed.
These ate all iralters of general
;and local interest and look directly to
I the benefit of the State. Some of
them we heartily endorse and hope
! they may be pushed successfully
! through. We are glad lo sec our mem
bers moveing forward in such mat
ters making a history for our countv
? and a reputation for themselves.
Judge Kershaw.
The General Assembly has again j
j elected Gen.,!. B. Kershaw to the po
sition of circuit .Judge by an almost
unanimous vote. Judge Kershaw is
one of the purest men In South Caro
lina and the General Assembly hon
ors itself and the Statj by his clec
I i
j lion lo this position.
An occasional Wushington Corres-1
Jpondent of the Louisville Courier j
Journal writes thus: "It Iis not pro !
j liable that Kellogg will I e turned out.:
J It is certain that he never should have
been turned in. He was no more en
titled ton seat mi the Senate, us an '
original proposition, Mian Hob Inger-1
s.dl is entitled loa seat beside the
angel Gabriel."
Somk one says that "memory is the .
most valuable attribute with which
divinity bus endowed man." Memc-j
ry may do very well in some things,
but when it comes to running a news
paper on time we vole for hope every-!
lime. We hope those owing us fori
their paper will sec the point.
Call at once.
B. Frank Slater.
Dec. 10
IMCnettoi^H Ss?l??.
In compliance with tho orders of the
Court of Common Pleas, I will sell 'he
several tracts ol land mentioned in the
following eases, at 0:angchurg Court
House, on tho lirst Motiduy in January
next. viz.:
1. Charles G, Dantzier. administrator
of (lie estate of Florence Glover against
Margaret Glover and others. All the
right, title and interest of the late Flor
ence Glover in tho following tracts of
laud :
1. One tract containing two hundred
and two (let es. more or less, in the Comi
ty of .Orangeburg and State of South
Carolina, hounded on the South by tract
No .'I, and marked No. I in a plat made
by L G. Innbinct, a surveyor, March
!?0, 1874, situate in Amelia township on
High Hill ('reel; and branches of R^ck
head, waters of Cong? reo river,
2. One tract situated in the county
I and state aforesaid, containing seventy
six acres, more or less, and bounded
'Southeast by lands of- Haue, and
; Northwest by lands of D, McKcnsie.
Terms?Cash; purchasers to pay for
; papers anil recording.
I 2. John C. Pike. Trustee, against Jo
jsiah ?. Smoak and others. Ad that
! tract or parcel of land, containing two
; hundred and twenty acres, more or less,
j situate In the Fork of EdistO and County
of Orangeburg, bounded on the North
i by hmds now or formerly ol Paul A. Mc
] Michael, East and South by lands now
lor formerly of the estate of Sylvester
I beach, and West by lands now or form
! erly of.losiuli Itnllzcgar.
I Terms?One third Cash, and the bal
j ancc payable in twelve months, secured
I hv a bond with interest from the day of
sale, payable annually, anil a mortgage
; ol the premises. If the purchaser shall
. lail lo comply the premises will he re
sold, at his risk, on the same terms, on
the same or on some other convenient
jsaleday afterwards. Purchaser to pay
' for papers and reeoiding.
i .">. J. E. Steadman, administrator, vc.
I John S. Tyler anil others A tract of
' land situate in the County of Orange
I burg ami in Hie Fork of Edisto. contilin
I lug four hundred acres, more or less,
; and bounded on the North by lands now
j or formerly id C. T. Howling, on the
East by lands of A. A. (inc. on the South
! h\- lands ot K at el i lie Walker, and on the
j West by lands ol A. E. Howling,
j Terms?One third cash, and the bal
j ance payable, in twelve months, secured
by a bond, bearing interest from the flay
J of.salc. payable annually, with a IUO&
gage of the premises, in cn>o the ptir
; chaser shall lail to comply, the premises
j will he resold at his risk, on tin; next
; saleday, on the same terms. Purchas
j ers to pay for papers and recording,
4. John C. Pike against Jane It. Ste
phens and Richard llnrtwell. That cer
tain plantation or tract ??f 'and situate in
the county of Orangeburg In the Fork
of the EdistO, containing six hundred
and seventeen acres, more or loss, and
hounded now or formerly on the North
by lands of Dr. It. II. Knotts. South by
the South Edisto River, East by bind-* of
the estate of John S.Jennings, and of
Sarah and Mary Graves, and on the
Wi-st by lands of Dr. H.H. Knotts aiid
John F. Picken.
'I crins?Cash. If the purchaser shall
fail to comply the premises will be re
sold at his risk on I be succeeding sale
day on tho same terms. Purchaser to
pav lor impers and recording.
Dec 10 Master.
\mmm nil,
Manufacturers of and dealem in ?11
kinds of
MANTELS, &e. &c.
Polished Granite "Worlc.
At the lowest possible prices.
Correspondence solicited with those in
want, of anything in the above .inc.
Oet 1 ?lyr
The City Mills of Nashville, Teuii.. is
represented in this County by
fcuP"The best Flour by the ear load for
(he least money of the following brands:
Express, Helle, Royal Gem, Spray ami
M iignolln.
Attornoy and Counsollor at Law,
Corner St. Paul and Church Sts.
April 51?3mos.
Office of County Treasurer, i
Orakokuuiio County. >
oranokiiuk?, S. C, Doc. 1,1880. >
In nccortlnnco with section 3. of the
Aet of Assembly, No. 255, 17th Stut
utc, entitled "An net to provide for the
payment of the Indebtcdncssof the school
districts of the county of Orangeburg," I
hereby ccrtif) that 1 have collected for
.School District No. 1?Vances.$43.40
School District No. 2?Poplar.70.27
School District No. 3?Pine Grove...75.99
School District No. 1?Amelia.204.15
I School District No, 5?Providence...51.77
School District No. 0?GoodbyH'.04.30
School District No. 7?Lyons.143.04
School District, No. S?Cow Castle..G3.8U
School District. No. 0?Middle.109.S1
School District No. 10?Orange....000.00
School District No. 11?Caw CaW7.14l.40
School District No. 12?Branch vMol02.51
i School District No. 13?New Hope..72.S(i!
! School District No. 14?Elizabeth. 115.19
School District No. 15?Edisto.55.52
j School District No. 10?Union.r.8 48
'School District No. 17?Zloil.70.12
I School District No. 18?Willow. 89.91
School District No. 1!)?Liberty.
j School District No. 20?Unndhind.129 95
I School District No. 21 ? Hebron.53 75
I School District No. 22?Pocky Gr,ve29.41
Total amount collected.$2,434 77
POUT. COPES, Treasure! O. C.
! Office or School Commissioned, ")
Okakgeiiuro County. >
; orakoeduug, S. C, Dec. 1, 1880. >
I All persons haying claims past due
are hereby called upon for sealed bids
for payment from the said fund atji dis
count to be Specified on such bids." The
j said bids to be tiled with the School
j Commissioner ul the said County within
' thirty days from the lirst. advertisement.
I All persons are notIlied that all bids
? made in compliance with the above aet
' will be opened at the oillce of the School
I Commissioner in public on Saturday,
' January S, 1881.
! All persons interested must take no
tice Hint this udvertismeut is dated De
cember I, 1880.
D. L. CONNOR. School Cui'r,
D. lt. RARTON, Co. Auditor.
RO?T. COPES, Co. Treasurer,
School Claim Board ol Orungeburg Co.
Christmas is Coming!
Now is the lime to btiVfefrom
JE m p o r i u m.
All styles of Shetland Shawls and
Sacks, also Cloaks and Dolmans,
a large and line assortment of Children's
: and Misses Cloaks.
I Also, offering Extraordinary induce
ments in all styles of
etc., &C, &C, &.C.
j . I have added largely; to my stock and
inj) now offering the finest assortment
and Largest Stock ever exhibited in Or
I The attention of all Parents is called
to tnv line selection of BOY'S AND
YOUTH'S CLOTHING,comprising both
Dress and School Suits. Also, Elegant |
OVERCOATS for the present cold
, weather.
! Prices lower than ever. A call in so
licited and satisfaction guaranteed,
j .Men's line CLOTHING at prices that
I will please every body's views.
for whom I am the sole agent. All sixes
and qualities of Children's. Misses. Roys,
Ladies, and Gent's Fine Shoes and Poots.
The light Running
Also Needles Attachments, Parts for
nil the dinercnt machines for sale.
In conclusion would state that I am
now ollcrlug inducement* in all of my
different departments. I shall be pleas
ed to have you call and examine stock
and prices, and are confident that you
n ill be convinced t hat
lias I he largest Selection, lowest prices,
and neatest styles at the Great
Dry Goods Emporium.
Office of county Commissioners. }
Ohangeuuuo County. >
OllAKOF.nURG, S. C, Nov. 24, 1880. )
In accordance with section 2 of an act
ol the General Assembly of the State of
South Carolina entitled "An act to pro
vide for the past due indebtedness for
I Orungeburg County.'' ratified December
23, 187!', all persons having past due
claims against the county of Ornngcburg
are hereby notified lo tile with the Clerk
I ol the Board of County Commissioners
for said County on or before the 27th
I day of December, 1880. their bids upon
the same. Such bids to be sealed and
endorsed. "Bids on the past due claims,
iCc," and shall specify the discount
agreed lo he taken by the person so bid
That the Board ofCoitnty Commission
ers will meet lit their oillce Oil the 28ill
day of December. 1880. lor the purpose
of opening and noting upon the bids tiled.
That there is in the treasury to be ap
plied lo the past due indebtedness the
sum of two thousand four hundred and
Ilfty-Six 77-10?) dollars as per treasurer's
report. Xiit". 15. 1880.
By order of the Hoard.
Nov 2G-5 C. B. C. C, O. O, S. C.
Christmas is Coming!
The Lates Novelties in Dress Goods,
A full line of Colored Cashmeres,
Black Cashmeres, Silks, Sat
ins, Brocades, Nomic
Cloths, Tnmis aud
Crepe Clothes.
Grand Display of New Goods at
Henry Ivohn's.
Bought after the decline in prices.
New Dtess Goods 20 percent, lower
than opening of season.
Novelties in Trimming 25 per cent.
New Zephyr Goods, cheaper thnn
New Opera Cloaks in Zephyr from
75 cents to 83;00.
Nsw Cloaks and Dalmans.
New Hats for Children?Nobby
New Hosiery for children, for misses,
for ladies, for gentlemen.
New Buttons, New Buttons?all
New Traer Kid Gloves, 2 and 3 but
ton, every pair warranted.
Our Globe Corsets?a mammoth
stock?all prices.
New Cassi meres and Jeans.
But Henry Kobn has the Clothing
Store of Orangeburg.
Overcoats, Overcoats,
Overcoats, Overcoats,
Overcoats, Overcoats.
Business Suits, I
Business Suits,
Business Suits.
Drc39 Suits, Dress Suits,
Dress Suits, Dress Suits,
Dress Suits, Dress Suits.
Now is your time, as wc are selling
our Big Stock f*?t.r
Everything in the line of
Boys' and Gent's Wear.
We handle the Celebrated Baltimore
Pine Shoes to bo sold at a bargain.
Cotton and all Wool Flannels,
Bugs, Blankets,
Keutucky Jeans,
&c, &c.
Wo respectfully invite you to call
and see our
Elegant Christmas Goods,
Fancy Boxes, Toys, Dolls, &C,
and lnst, but not least, if you want to
make the ladies happy get a
Sewing Machines.
Christmas!! Christmas!! i
PRIZE BO^ES? i . J ' r.
Ac, <t., Ac,
Everything In theChristmas line. Uq
heard of bargains. Come and ex
amine my stock so that you may knew
where it in best to invest your money.
I have also a fh.e stock of
At prices which defy competition.
? Polite and attentive gentlemen to a ho v.
j and sell you goods.
Could nny one stay away.
In county, state or town,
I don't think they would.
So cull around?yes, call around.
Suppose you should stay away,
The truth is simply tin's,
The bargains that others get
You'll bo sure to miss'.
Dec 10 Champion Gnocun.
all at the long established
and get
Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Pies, ?&c,
Raisins, Currants,
Citrons, Nuts,
And Canned Good:}
Of all kinds. Ac. &v.
A fresh lot of Confectionery now on
hand, nntl a full assortment of Christ
ians Goods, viz.:
Cups and Saucers, Vases.
Tollet Set?. Dolls, Teasels.
Mug*. Children's Chairs.
Tin Toys, all descriptions,
Rocking Home*.
Wagons. Ac, Ac.
Call at once and get what you wane
for Christmas.
Parties wishing articles for Christmas
Trees will do well to come now whllo
the}* can make a good (-election.
Don't fail to call at
And be convinced that Santa Claus
will Mioii be bete. Dec 10
J. C. 3? I Iv IE ?
New Goods
Is now opened and offered to the people
of Oranjreburg at such reduced price as
will convince them that I regard their in
Occupies the entire eecond floor, and
consists of Men's and Youths1 Suit* iu
new styles and cuts.
The interior of my Store has been
greatly improved and the capacity en
larged by the addition of shelving ren
dered necessary to place the extra large
I purchase in every line of goods.
was purchased with great care, and the
selection of colors and material made
especially for this market, This line of
goods will bo shown to the ladies by
gentlemen of taste as to selection of
trimmings and experience in dry goods
are displayed in a large new GUst Hat
; Case at prices to suit everybody.
Is stocked with full lines of Chairs, Bed
steads, Crl'u", Cradle*, Sofas, Lounges.
Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room
Setts. This is a separate store.
I am prepared to pay the highest
I have au
in my store yard, which Is at the servlco
Of pcrmViia With iCRi'dS ircUitunuig i? MJWU
over night,
I wish my customers to know that all
of my good?*,waa purchased by my sei
with car? in order to get the host quality.
I think I have succeeded and invite all
to comoaud.examine my Stock of Goods.
Especially my assortment of SHOES.
Hotel For Sale.
The elligibly located Hotel, containing
23 rooms, known as the "Meroney
House," Is on>red for sole on reasonable
The new Cottage, containing live
rooms nil necessary conveniences, on 1
Broughton street, between the Meroney
House, and Mr. D. Louis' residence is
offered for sale on accommodating
terms. Apply to
Oct&-2m W. A, MERONEY.

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