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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, December 13, 1881, Image 1

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fifk pi s I I
7 / ^
M is m 1 ? ? ?8 I ?a 1 gi
?5 i a I ?fi iH M ig , 111 1 I ?
THE SUMTER WAT^nTJAN, Estab?-shci! Apr??, IS30.
Consolidated Ans;. 2, ?SSL]
"Bs Just and Fear not-I*et ail the Ends thor. Aims't r.t. be thy Country's, thy God's.
TJ??; TllVV: SCUTK?:0>'. K.>T:d>J?.she? .ir./jc-, 1856.
.(v ii ?~LS?*..**- V ?/2- i* ~? v/e ...V?
I I Published S?ssda^
I ? -
^^^WatcJiman and Southron PuhUsJiing
Two Dollars per annora -in advance.
Gae Square, first insertion.Si 00
E /erj subsequent i nsertieu. 50
Contracts for three mouths, or longer will
be made al reduced mies.
Al! conaracn?cal?ons w%icfc subserve private
nterests wi'I be charged for as advertisements.
Obitoaries and tributes of respect will be
charged for.
Marriage notices and notices cf deaths pub?
lished free.
For job vc-ork or contracts fer advertising j
address Watchman and Southron, or apply at ;
the Office, to S. G. OSTEEN,
Business Manager, j
FOR^S?WS?L?. j
DERSONYILLE. in Charleston Go?::ir, 1
eighteen mLes above Mooni Pic-as^ot. most j
desirably and beautifully situated on See j
"Wee Bay, v. iib a good landing for ves- j
sels of 4 to 6 feet draft. The place is quite i
healthy, wi.h fish and garas ir? abundance, j
and the soil quite productive, tiing adapted !
to both Cotton and previsions. The finest j
quality of Long Staple Cotton has been grown
upon it*. It contains between eight and nine j
hundred acres, a large-pa?t of which is well j
brooded and tinkered. The place is ia need 1
of repairs : but it has on it a dwelling house. :
in good condition, and son- out-buildings. .
To a good tenant; trho ?viii obligate to put !
the place in order, a favorable lease win be :
given ; or if preferred it will bs sold for a .
fair pries.
For farther particulars apoly to
Surr.ter. S. C. j
.? sevsn tniies from Sa na ter. Will be :
let to a good tenant at a reasonable rent.
Forfur-rer information applv at this office, j
Oct. '4
Practical Watchmakers and Jewelers,
Main-Street, opposite John ReicTs,
nEALKr?s ix
Watches, Oloc^S:
"Spectacles, Site? aa? F?t?? Wc"?.
Seizing Machine Needles, Gils, Etc
' General Repairing uouv at Cons-,
Give as a cai! cud bc- convinced.
Oct 25_
iAPT XJ -SL. B*r "3? j?h
SOOTH um?h Mimm
Special Excursion Tickets to Atlanta will j
be sold at the'ow ra*e o?8.&25 for the Round .
Trip, from al! Ticket Stations on ike Road as :
On each MONDAY, ti!; Bec. 2??h inclusive, j
from Charleston and :::! Stations on 1-\ tit: ;
Line ?nd Attgns'a D'.vi.-ic::. Tick'-:? -yod
going only on Train leaving Charleston at
10 p. m., and arri vj r.g ar August? 7.?o a. rr,.,
good to return within F1YE L'AY?Sfrom date
of issue.
Oaeach TUESDAY, till December 27ih. j
inclusive, from ail Tickei Sb-.tivus yr. Cor? m.- !
bia Division and ?aocen Brunei:. Tickets I
good going on'y on Train arriving at Angus- !
ta 3.20 p. m.. or 7.40 a. m.. good to return i
within FIVE DAYS from date of issue
Tickets are sold at Camden and Claremont. :'
on Camden Brunch. Parties can leave Cam- !
den at 3.50 P. M.. Camden Junction. 5.37 P. j
M., arrive ?J Augusta 7.40 A. M.. Atlanta:
5.45 P. M., on evening of nest day from Cam- j
den-say on Wednesday. They can stav in
Atlanta till Friday night, and leave at 8:301
P. M., arrive at Augusta 6 39 A. .'I . leave at i
7 55 A. M.j arrive at Camden Junction T.49 i
P. M., Camden S.4o P. M., on Saturday.
Thus giving them 2 s hole dys in Atlanta,;.!
or if they desire to stay i: Atlanta cac- day !
longer, they can leave Atlant on Sat a rda v .
at 8.30 A. M.. arrive at Augusta4;0C P. M".
leave A ogtrr ta at 7 P.M.. arrive ai Cam dim
Junction 11.10 A. M.. Culaden Lt-'; p.
on Monday, as ticke.s are ?roo-? t?i Mond ty,
inclusive to return. Should a s:;?;??; party
wish to go up to Atlanta, it xviii pay them ?"
take our Poad and Mr. Jas. Jonis, cur Ar?;.,
at Camden or R. M. Canley Agent Cbire
montj will be pleased to "nruish tickets on .
appHcatio; . * B. C. ALLEN,
General pr?ss. and Ticket Agt. i
Pl. i>J.:-KN ;"S OFFICE.
SOC?FTV nt:.?.. S. C: M.iv ?t. I ?it I.
ON AN!) A FT it lb :S i>A'iL, ?K/.IXS j
on those [toads wad a? i\ ?i o tvs.-every ?
except SumPy.
Leave ?VadesWo. .... S i'' n
Leave iieTmutPs. 'J 00 a :.,
Leave Morr?n. '.' I? :: :::
Laave 2fi cFar?an .-.. ?' it ? . :::
Lta;e Cnerav. . 1'' I ? ::
Le:?ve Society ?! ill . 1" ' ^ s
Leave Dartir.gtoa . i i '?'-?> :< ni
Arrivent Florence.?.. i'2 i:> p ai
Leave Florence. :2 j. ru .
Leuve I>arliugto:i. I 2'i n ::J
- Leav?; 5'ici'Jty lilli . 1' ?- :?i
Arrire at Cberatv. 2 ?>:> j. ::i
Arrive at Wadesboro. 4 ?? j, it.
The freight fraia vi ?il ?enve f lor?- ice a* J i*
_M every day except Sunday : ::;*fcitig the round ,
trip i<j Cheraw ?v-.-ry day. and to Wit':t,??>;.-c. a.
ofti.-a as rna; be necessary-keeping oat ol t?ie :
way ol" pasic-ap?r
">t h ?'i' '''' S'SND? Pn :.
located HOTEL btv!:;- bri, eatirt
renovated during th" past :'';:r;nier is nc
ready for the reception <d" .h-?travelir:^ pabli
Po'puiar prices S2 arv* s.j > per day
Special rates for Co: .-..j- rei a i Travelers.
C?ct25^ ^_ _ . P
TEE SMS? ??SS?S? n^r:;^
COLU dur \. Si c.
HAYING rensv.-e.i my Le-s: f--The?>:
Central Hotel Ibf :? :< rei o! yw
beg leave to inform the Public .ha* the
has been tborougi ly re-pair.tv?l. ; .. ? .. .
furnished with : w and i apr^v: ^ b: .t
Walnut Furniture, wire Spring
best Hair Mattress*^; Y?dyet and
Carpets. Electric A. ?to j: ia tor; ??
every room, and tuc I!-.* .! U ? ;??
through the Co!umb:;-. ?\d<: P . dc
with every promioeat :P ..
throughout the City. Tb' . v;r
competent atiendan t?, r..:.: *o ..
the travclin-' I'n'.dic a--..'.--d ace :..::?'. ?..?! >
as the Sentit afford.
JOHN T, WILLEY, Proprietor.
Sept 20 3tn
ON aaa after Nov. Otb. ISSI, ;i.e ion-wing
schedule v.-i i I i:e r*"i mi this Hoad:
(NaS. tl \V*S?t MBU -S Eil. . )
Leave WHrainj'torj.l? 40 p m
A:r'.o a: ?'ivreacc. 3 O?? :t r.:
Leave F' r nea. .. .. o 20 -\ m
Leave Sa LI ?.er. . A ?? a m
ArrT*."c o t G.?>I.uc:bia. <""--??; a ia
Leave Cputrnbia.10 00 .> n;
Leave S::ait:-r. .ii OS :t ta
A ?rive nt Fl-rence. I 36* a ns
Leay? Florence. t ;.;"> a :::
Arrive sit Wilmington. 5 20 >. ra
iii:.-- Trahi stops e-r.h a* BHakiey's, V?htte
v:]ic.T?ciiii:\trtor:. Fr.ir .{'uiF. Marion. Florence;
T:U!UV-???\?'.ie. IVJayesyi.lc, Sa tater, Camden
Junction ana Kastover.
Daily, except Sundays.
Leave Florence.ll 40 p ia
Leave Suxrer . 2 2S a io
Arrive at Columbia. 5 30 a m
I.cavo Columbia. 5 00 p m
Leave Sumter. S 20 p ta
Arr;vc at J: brenco ..ll 10 n ta
LoCvL FUEtcsT-(Daily except Sunday.)
Leave Florence. 6 00 a DI
Arrive at Samtec. 10 lb rt :a
Leave Sua ter.,.l t 40 ra
A.rive ai Culuiabia A.. 1 00 p ia
LestVe Columbia. 7 00 a ai
Arrive at Stunter.Il 15 a ir.
Leave Sumter...12 15 p o
Arrive at I l^rcaje. 5 10 0 m
A. POPE. G. ?. A.
JOHN F. DIVINE. Monera i Sup't.
ColtimHa and greenville Hail Scad.
COLUXBTA. S. C., August 31, ISSI
ON A S D A FT Kit TUUilSDAV, Septe-iibcr
1st, lc'S:. Passenger Tra?na wi."; run as
herewith in:i> ?n'c?, upon this ro.i.i and its
fcraaches-"Daily except Sundays :
N-i. 42 Up Passenger.
Leave Columbia (A).ll 2C a ta
Leave Aist-. n.-.12 2C : m
Leave Newberry. 1 21 p ra
Leave L!?'??ges. 3 bl p io
Liave l'ctiva . . i? ,!5 p ai
Arrive Kt'Green ville... 6 27 p ci
No. 43 Dawn Passenger.
Leave ft rec a vi. le at.10 ';?. a tu
Leave i*'U<.u. . .11 ;<7 :. rn
Lea-e Ko?!? s...... 1 ?2 p tn
Le:, ve Newberry.*.... 3 ?7 p ru
LoaV? Alston. . 4 40 p to
Arri ve.-i?: Co?ysubi.M (F). ? all pia
Si'At:rAXc::r.c. U>.:?S ?fc Con:: v.: A li. lt.
N.J. 42 Up Passenger.
Leavo Alston.!. 12 10 p ai
Leave Sparraabur^. S U ?fc O Depot {:'?} 4 i?3 p ai
Arrive Spitrtai-burg It ? D Dc-p'-it (K) 4 12 p lu
Nc. 43 Down Passenger.
Leave Spnrtaabarg K ? D Depot (il) 12 4S p tn
LeaveSpartanbar^S U & CDepot(G.,) I 07 ;? ai
Leave Va io*?. . 2 i. ia
Arrive ui, Alston. 4 3? p vc
Leave Newberry. 3 55 p :?
Arrive at L:?are:^ C !!. G 45 p in
Li ve LaTirens C. it. S ?/.: a ;:i
Arrive at Newberry.?? 30 a ss
Leave Ilotes. . S 50 p ai
Arrive at Abbeville. ?* 4-3 p m
i..:nvc Abbeville.12 ' 5 \, ai
Arrive Hodges. ! '?5 p :u
J?: CS P.:*>?E ft'. II. ? AXD:-:?:S??? B.TS v^c;:
T.- avc: j], it-n. 5 i1^ ;. :M
. e:tv ; Aa.i-;?i-n. .. .... 5 -i s?
t,:-'?v.;: Pc::?i?:?'i-?. !.. li' :. ?:l
..rave Se?piCfl ?4.')..'.... .... 7 ?(? ;. :.:
Arr?i . *V.:!i:::!?.i. 1 45 r
Leave Wssliiaiu:. i? 2-^ a tu
Lv-avc S rac-i. (Dj. {J 3 : u :.:
Leave-Petidietou. 'vJ a .;:
Lvuve A i:,:?-"S.. ? 12 :;
On :: ' er n.e.?ve -ir-.iv ;!;;*-?i;;^> :. r ?: wii: oe
rcji I: vt; Cvls?tvia uad ?frii'tUiwav?lJc v. :;'..
ou:; ^.;:?.;-.
A-*-;":-: S..-:: r;:-.. Jr:,;j ?..?;..? fr. ;.;
Cha-'e:;;: : .: V.'ll-.:^ <...}wA:..i ?'
g?:;.:; !l 'A \V::-.! :t-:.? a - :!
th : ? ?:srlo:.tt. C"?t:a:bi;: ?c Aup.???
it :ll fri-ra vi:::r?o:r.e ;::.? ;.wir?ts t?:
:;_^':<v Araevi:!c ? Sp rtutibur-? lia ii
Cor ?t??.a?? "i: ^V-j:er:: N. Ci
C-'V ;:, A. ? C. i--v. ll ? D. It. H; -ur ni!
p.'trr: S ".:iii n:>i U^?s?.
D-With' A;.'?,'J; Div. K i. D. ?v. ?L fri ta Ai
!:;ar r-niisl b:y?>*>'.L
ii- V. i i: A k C. Div. R. ^ D. lt. !t f.r:i!
j :-.t.- S :::;ii ;::..{ r.
F-V.'i:ii S'.afh Cs? ; T? is tl :?- a;? f.?r Char
!i:>- >:-: .-it ; ^'i.:-.:.i^:o:-. C ..i:;:ai.ia ?fc AiJ';-??:a
.?;t;. ic -.i i for Wi ?.a i:, rx. ?ja ats i ICort': : \?i ii
v -Iii rc. C--i-:;::hi:: A Vii?:r:a h.?il U-...:?.i t:;.
Gi.ariatte :;'?-i ri)-. .Tor:!..
t/ - 'A*;-! A"?hcvil!e &:.Sparr?t!ib?-rjj.Hail 5oa"3
; ii r.?er.-isitv?:!-^
si.- Vs:!. .?..?0. Div. It. ? D. R. il. fron?
Ci.;.?- ?'..?.v ? beyond.
Stais?ta?a time tisf.? is Vv*a.v:,".:;r;:<.r:. p: Ch,
nbich ii- li'iu II t:-.:^u:?.-s fsrsfer iliaa Col am Usa.
J. W. F KY. Sup':.
A. POrE. General Passe.'.^er A?c'.ar.
A ??us! Sn issi ----- ?;
South Carolina Railroad:
M<n AF'.rF:? 0;*T;::;i i: IS :.
Passeisi'or Tr.ri::? ?ia Catiaieii Era neil will
?"ari ;.? foilv'.V?-, ar.tis 'arther rm?iee':
Leave Gair.'Iefs . 7 ?DI :< .
Le:v- C.-saalcrs .lanetioti.... . '> :5 ?? ii:
A iii ve at C?>I?tai?>?;::...'1 'C'-> a rt'
v, :: T ; cs.' vu: .. - JT.V ?.:C. -::-? ..?:.?..?.,..?.
"...-ive C-4i:s-n;ia. 5 L5 a as... p as
^ !':.!?<IIT. t:. 1 ! IO a ai..: " -I:1 ?. ::.
Arrive a! C^tsil-n. i :a : ta... S -i" p ir,
CRAKL::S~ON A>'D A'(.tsr.v.
tDaisy e:;i.v| I Sasi ?ays;J
t.-.-ave Catadea. 3 i.!- p ;SJ
E?a-Ve Catsstleti .i?;ne'. 5 \?
Arrive :.t C??ar:csi a.!!! .> ?.
A ? rive at Au ?ts.?':?. 7 a as
WEST V"-r ca.Vi?LLSf?N ASli At'C'STA.
i except Mtis-Ltys ;
Leave Ch:.-!?.-.-... t . ti 2? a m
i '..v ? Ai?jr:is?--s. 7 WO p i-s
^::ive Ca aueri Jane'.!1 D' .. ta
r ri v.- at Caa.iltr?. 1 IO p us
Co?atnb?a rt o il Grecnviiic tiai!r?;r:'( h.'?a way?.
?'?I tili p'.ta-S i!l ':..::! il>>a t a%,.?l ?Tl T--!ft S:.;r
taa?isivjf. Fsrii.?; I Coiuashia ;'.!!.' Spar: riiouvp
aa-1 AiL*:tte Eniir-i-i.i<. sil.-o wi:.. :!:.. Char
s-'t-'e. :' ..'?ar'ii i i Ao^as?s !l.ii'r--.? ;.. ai ?s
fr as ai! poi .:s X>.r::i Ly rv-tisss i:-.* f.*:tiii i-.-!j
;:t 7 l:> :: si :?I arriver.;r nf S p tts.
C ir ae .:i- ri^ fi.s-ic as A'ii:'j-'a nil points
i;-"c>; aa i ^..!^.:l : also s.f Ci-, ir'--"vi vi:.1,
>r.o'?ai?.-rs f'-:- New V?>rk ::n-! F.ior:?'.?.-. oa \.v?
ECMiavs a*. ! ?::turtJ:;t s
0:. S .! ir irtys Ey UND T?-?P TiCKTvTS axe
:;?>: i to a?i'I fr?>.bi als r;:..t:-,r:~ at ?KSV li rs t els ss
fare ?or the rvu-.<I trip--tickets ?LI.?
Xiernlay s. -ai. re*i:r?. Exeur>r- a tickets
^...i-i fax ! ?I :l:iys sire l'ft^'i?ar?y ?-r: s:, e t-i :. ii. ?
friatii all s ta* i as ut o coats per mile t'r rouri'i
Ti: ItC!'GU TICKETS to ail points, cap bc
prnvhase'l by applyi^S tu James-Jores. A?3:11
Cata-?er?. '-j !>. C. A JJ.KV.
:i.e.i..fcK:i Pas-' o p-r ao i T?eVct A^rot:
JOHN ii. PECK, 'Jeaciat Sus:
Charleston. .-? 0
nmM&smn n. & rn,
jVri:7<JJ:7:Tti'$BSr3 ?'S OFFICE,
GffAKLKST.dX, S. C.. Nov. 26. IS?1.
';>:; atii? utter t?us das? lae f-.iiti? ?Sx-h-o
!.?e '.vif; ta- : a a j futida? -. ?.?^.istfit--: :
.. av ? .'i:.:i':e?!?u. Arr.v : Ivlv :"r.
;:-.o A. M.1
w : :
1-. y..V- ."-"> e >:.
P. ?.. i*
2 5 A. T.?. -' A . ...
;\ .1: F hit?.. . at l? A. ?5. V, :
: ? op scr wry pas^-.-.cr-.
.J . ! '. . ? . Y ! > K. fie;-* ! -UpTi
... ?.. OLnAPOE. <;<::..;. j":, :;;-! Atitlit.
?**(. ?. rivi
STA PS :>F A is V ?i :D
ru;? ?>r- C. P. OS?Ei N.
At the Watchman ai>d Southron Ulric.
? [For the Watch man and Southron.]
Messrs. Fallers :
l?as. genius prophetic foresight? It would
seem so from thc following free translation of
j Horace's XXX Ode, Ii. Ill :
1 Xot enduring brass, nor pyramidal pile,
Could so fix r.;c on thc role of never-dying
As the fadeless glories that entwine my poet's
name :
For these, like their own immortal mind,
Yield m^t to ruthless time, nor beating rain,
nor driviug wind,
Son orunix mr-riar! Oblivion's stream.
Whatever else it claims, must-leave untouched
thc poet's dream.
When you Capitol shall fail to own her priest
and silent virgin train,
My glory thc.' may cease to weave its ever
lengthening, ever-b nigh ten f?g chain.
Xor shall he who first taught Talia's mas? to
warbie Grecia's songs.
Though low of birth, be without a name
j Where wiid AufidJS plays its game,
j And thirsty Daun us seeks thc rustic hordes to
Indulge 0, Muse, my merit's boastful claim,
And crown me with Apollo's lasting fame.
-0- "
A Story rrii.h a Powerful "Kora"".
Let 35veryboc?y Read.
Once upon a time, about tho bo^-;::
ning ofthe year ISSI, th ero lived a j
lean and hung-!y cou;.try editor; Ail
through iiic year I-SSO he liad worked
hard, and had lived for the most part
on turnips, dried apples and herrings.
Thanksgiving day and Christmas clay
had come and gone, and on those oc?
casions the editor had worked off the
best Jukes Le could getup as to turkics
and cranberry sauce, lie got up these
jokes mainly for the purpose of making
the general public believe that lie din?
ed sumptuously on those occasions.
But the fact of the matter is, the only
change of diet thc editor had on each
of th ose days, was that he mixed his
turnips and dried apples together, and
called ihe mixture by a beautiful
French name. It is true that tiie
editor was not able to eat much of his
new dish, even after he hud given it
a beautiful name. But this did not
matter much. Ile calmly atc his her?
ring and congratulated himself that
this French delicacy of his was a dish
that few of 'his acquaintances had ever
tat do "vii io.
But we must go on with our story.
A.s we have remarked before, our nar?
rative c?mi?ences within.; beginn foi*
of tue yea? ISSI. Of oy-u-rs?, ii-at is
arloj'g.. lo::g orne ago; and of coursed
th? editor aboU'.s win,m wo arc now lei!- :
inti has long since died and gone to !
hoavt:n. But perdiaps some am-org:
our oldest readers may' have h ear? i j
the i- grandfathers speak . ! the vd* tirer :
of Le'SO uno ISSI. Hov. ii snowed :
- and btowcu a::d frozed, and then took !
j a f. oh start and frozed and blowed ;
j and suowedi How boats were frozen j
ap iti the rivers'-, and railroad trains j
blocked in Lite mi Jule of ioresls by in?- j
penetrable banks of snow, and the ;
' c:-Ltie upon a thousand hills compelled j
to -rai straw under the shed,-and yet;
it kept on snowing and blowing and .
freezing. There lived about tins thnc i
a weather prophet by name Ycnuor.
Many peuple, including the editor, be?
lieved that Vennor had rn-ti'tin".to; -do-j
wi.ih creating the miserable state o??? '
weather. V? nether Ven nor was re- j
sponsible for tho weather, or whether :
it might have more" properly been ;
j ascribed to Herbert Spencer's **ii::ici- ;
j eiiiiatiotsSiOf dciiuite, -Coherent bete ru j
1 genieixy* ' we are not able at this time ?
j to determine. Whatever may hayo ;
; been tho cause of the winier, we wiii
simply state that it was alt ?jost as bat!
as any that had ever occurred within ?
the memory of the oldesf inhabitant. ?
On the morning on which our story j
commences, the enlim was nilling !
moodily in his sanctum. The devil j
was endeavoring to make tv: are burn,
just as a weil int educed devil should;:
But the editor was mcdltu?hig. He
was thinking of the past, ol' the pres?
en}: and of ?lie future. lie had just
??niciied making out a long list of bills, !
and lie was thinking sweetly of ali ;
there blessed subscribers who had :
paid him in a iyancc, and ?-gatnst i
whom ile had no bids. And ko wa- ;
thinking mournfully, regreifnuy, ai-;
most bitterly of those who hadn't < -I
squared up. ' And y-A he was think?
ing hopefully of this i a Uer class, ibr it j
was principally upon them that he ?
depended for hr future rations. lie ;
knew there were lots and lots of good !
n Hows among them, who would not j
itt IJim starve to death while they
could raise one dollar and fifty cents.
The editor had spent all his advance
subscriptions keeping up his rent, in
buying his dried apples, his turnips
and his herrings, in paying for tho
material und other cost o? running his
paper and in feeding and clot h inn- his
devil. On this morning .as the editor
sat in nis sanctum, he was completely
bankrupted. That is; he was not,
completely bankrupted,-he had Iii' j
teen cents left. But all his turnips j
were gone, and he only had four ;
pounds ol dried apples and nine her- ?
rings remaining in [?is larder. Tho
editor took his pencil and made a cal?
culation. These four pounds oy apples
ho calculated, when boiled would ;
amount lo just lour bushels. A i low- '
mg bi msc M to eat a peck, these four
bushels would inst him just thirty
two da\*s. But as t ;e?ok him a her?
ring a day, the niue herrings would
only last him nine deys. T: is was a
gloomy outlook. The editor ;/..e . .'!
at his ?'.'?? an ! -a e ("t:;f his !??es .rere
<aviuuing io s.iow, ;..-d as ho ih.mgh;
o?" ?he cold \v-lh?'i .: ..!;). r.ubc-i :.. teat
im ought fo have a :?>::< pair of shoes,
id:ii I. :??;< 4h--r pair of "?' "! '-gs, .
a;- ester overcoat. As the editor
thought upon these th; ?es to r *
grow desperate. Jiejnu ; . ' r-p b tn
hm vivi, ? I "tu ck a thoa?ri'*a! attitude,
shed one eye and shook in's list at tho
devi! rP'?;-: scared the devi! almos
i-, .{fath, for ire thought ilse edi! -
had discovered atioJtci lyp'-gra.ph.ica!
errt#r in ib.- \-.t<\ issue. !*et v.hen he
b.ued ?Ita: Ho; editor was ? hiv aia-n?
'o t:--e;c ;> ppr-ech; he stood and lisl
e .< tl-, ius? as a well oonduel'*d devil
Snid thc editor- "llave ? not
worked flirt i?" fully .varirrg thc past V
j to collect all il:u news of iii'- con
and to COM'Jci?.?.'; into brief iori.3
prlncipn! newsof tho wiriitr-j for
be ii oil ? o? on:* readers ': *'
Thu devil said. "To the best of
knowledge and belief, 3*011 have."
'.Have I not,'*7 said the editor; "v
locals wore scarce., have; ? not sot 1
upon ibis venerable chair and invei
acc'deiits, md created leonis or
misty nothing V}
"The devil said that ho would
his chewing gum that the editor
the truth.
.'.'Have I not/' continued the edi
"used my utmost exertions to k
patent medicine advertisements on
omi; paper, and have I not alway?
fused to put in personal pulls un
they were paid for in advance?"
The devi! said, that ho was not 6
upon this last point that the editor
made. Ile thought the staten:
sounded very beautiful and very
quent, and he had no doubt but tim
was poetically correct,- out only p
i cal ly so.
'.iiave ? not/' said tho edi
"hunted up tit-bits o? scandal ? II
I nd prit-'d as much as possible ?
people's private a?fuirs for tile ben
of tho general public I-'
The devil grinned, and win"
knowingly at thc editor and said i
all this was tot.? true to be denied.
"And finally," sud the edi!
"have I not during t ? cold :
sleety weather, stood upon thc slr
corner, with my pencil in one In
and note-book in the other; and h:
I not watched the beautiful, beaut:
damsels, the airy, dainty damsels,
rollicking, jovial damsels, as ti
jauntily tripped over thc icy pa
merits. And when the dainty heel;
these jovial damsels had flown np ii
the air, and those beautiful dams
have come down hard upon the pa
mont, 'nave 1 not given a picturesr
and minute account of the scene i":
Thc d< "il was so much impress
with this part of the speech that
called the journeymen, and got 1
editor to say it over again. T
editor s.*id it over again word
word, and the devil and the joman
men said it was the finest piece
eloquence they had ever listened
They furthermore said that th
would swear before a court and ju
that ii was every word true.
Tiiis served to calm down the edil
very considerably, and he again to
his seat and engaged in coi J ter? pl at i
o! Iiis subscription bills. There wc
a gr?a* many fer only one year, a
these were si 50. There wore a lar
number .\>r two y^ars, and these wo
?3.00, and liiere were some that h
eve-! rna for three years, and th
;:i!!?i! io r-kJ^J - that is supposii
...?.a ..1 al1 xii'. :'.= re cases, only advan
raies ..eie chargrd Then he cast!
eye <iver his books, and in:ted tho
biassed subscribers who had paid
advance. T?rese .ho found to be mo
than twice as many as a!! the otho
together: bur, as we li we before ?
marked, the editor had already Spe
tiiese. Thomd; lu; gave them t!
best a??eci'ons of iris heart, he lui
appreciated that Ire could not look
them for his supply dried appl
and turnips through tho coming yea
iS ow ernies the iragie part of 01
story. The editor afterworking av?
ilis bilis al! day. we:.-: home io suppo
lt was nine o'clock when he sat dow
lr) his evening's moa!. This was h
osea! 'imo for sopping*. As we ha*
said before,'his turnips were al! gon.
and he had eaten his day's herring ft
ilnmer, so that iie only had Ihre
quarts of dried apples left i or jj:
Slipper. These ho peacefully au
seronely ate.
[Some may be incline I to think (li
quantity of food tire editor consume
is overstated-that three quarts <
dried apples was too much for Iii
supper. In reply lu i]>\?, we simp]
state, that editors have lo eat a gre::
deal more than other people in ordo
tu supply their brain power.]
Having finished his supper he pullo
his chair up to the lire. Ho ha
borrowed two bushels of coal th::
day, and therefore ?mia-' aa?o?cmoj
ly good lire. Having p dieu his chai
to tire ii re, he turned his lamp lo;,
down to save oih The turned dow
huon east a twilight shadow over th
room, and the weil filled lire east oe.t
comforting glow of heat. Tiiese twi
conditions, togetherwith the fret tba
tin; editor had ..mie-: a hearty supper
made 1 im foe) a Iii lie drowsy, rjo-m
he lapsed into {mst state which ma*
bc described as not asleep, and no
awake-a kind of nall-and-half con
The clock struck icu and eleven
and still the editor sat in the darkenet
room and enjoyed tie comforting
glow of the lire. The clock strucl
twelve-and as the mst chime die
away, there was a mysterious chang?
that came over the editor's surround
iugs. His lamp wont out and he we.;
left in total darkness. His stove ex
pamied ::ud son ad until it became 1
mighty iurnaee of glowing fire. Tin
ilames roared and blazed and fiashe?'.
until the editor trembled in dread
.Suddenly there sprang from the iii''; ;
mysterious personage; It was lin
devil. X'd tin- editor's own devil,
not tim individual who did ail tin
dirty work in the oilier, and who lia-i
; to bear all the blame fur bad epcli'njj
? and uiher mistakes that occurred
i the paper,---no, no, not this devil, bul
i tiie real, simon pure, bona lido devil,
j -flic same tim! held intercourse will
1 I>r. Kaust, sonm three hu nd red yearf
ago. I Thc ;-,-':;li:r's devi!, it will IN
understood. ;? o:!!y nu lui v.-.tor \JY thc
; iv:: i dev;:.] rh-- e?Ktior gmi.ecd al
: hi.-; eh/VVi foot, and mr med lately re
' cognized him
" \\ i. .t ai?... " pirase von want V
j askr-d il.-.- ,..f:
! *:Y< a ato :?... .." - aid th'4 du vii.
" i ?c.:, said th'- ed il ui".
j " Von have subscribers wini! won"!
: Day np,'* said lin* dr;vj.
"1 have,"" said the edi.:;-.
! '.'"Some ow( you $Hi>0. some, ow:
von mi am some owe you ? I
I sai-I tin: devil:
"Von slate 4 tie vase correctly,''' sait!
the editor
.''Yul would iii:-, to have all these
subscrip:ions.'" said l.!iO (b-yil.
"[ woUid/' said thc editor.
j Mou tvojld like to be rich.'J t?a:d
? i!:0 dov;!.
: "I v mid,'5 sait? tho editor.
I "My ?iiond,55 said tim devi?, "I
: will make you as ric!: as Jim Guidon
j Bennett, on one condition.5'
i "And weat is the Condition :asked
j thc editor.
j "Simply that yon will serve nie
. here, and hercatier/5 said ibo devil.
"Can't do it," said the edito:-.
Tho devil frowned al uhr. for throw
; mg- away such a good chance, bat
carne forward with another propo?
"Give mo tho influence of your
: paper during your lifetime,'7 said the
devil, "and I will guarantee you ten
: thousand subscribers who shall pay
' you np promptly the first Saturday in
j every January.
j The editor 1 evolved the proposition
j in his mind. He wondered whether
j the devil might desire to go to Cou
. gres-, or to the Slate legislature or
? whether he might desire to run for
i C'erk of the County or Sheriff. For
j one of l?jese positions he concluded
j that he would not be willing to sup- ?
; port him. Ile therefore respectfully j
. declined his offer. >
"Well," suid the devil T seo yon do !
i not know when 3*011 are well off. But
. I will make you a third and final prop
; osirion.'5
i "Go ahead with your proposition,"
I said the editor.
j "I will collect all these subscription
; bills on this condition"/7 suid thc devi}. ?
i "Yon are to put. thee; in a bag, ?
; shake them thoroughly, and draw out
! one at a time, lavery tenth bili is to
i be mine and the other nine i wit] col
j lect for you. You transfer one tenth
I of your bills to nae,-J coiiect the
I other nine tenths for you. Do you
! understand V asked trie devil,
j "I do,55 said the editor. ;
j "Do you accept thc proposition ?"
'? asked the devil.
j Tue editor reflected ""What do
you propose le de with your ten.h o?'j
; the subscribers!''7 ho asked.
"Ah. what,55 replied the devi!,
j "that's thc question. But chat's none
: of your business.,J
I can't accept,'5 said the editor.
'. You're a fool," said tho devil with
i which he disappeared in the furnace
The furnace faded away, The edi
j tor rubbed his eyes and there was his
! own stove, glowing willi a white bet',
j The clock struck one. ?le turtled tim
; heat off his stove, relit his lamp, and
j went to bed.
i Of course al! t;:is occurred a long,
j long time ago -in the beginning of
j the year ISSI, but editors are pretty
i mucli the same ref of dish-rrogs now
; that -hey were linn:, anti lim ab.;"?v's- i
, stury therefore teaches several ihn ga
i lt i/'aeims msi'y-that art edi.! .: !
would not sell his see] to the dov;: :
! for $20.000,000. it teaches secondiy |
; -tl tat he would not sm'! Ula innaerice
No the devil fir lon Durand e -.d. ;
i Soi^ciibcrs a yeal", ii teacm.-s tni-d I
; ly-thai tie would not !..-O:M"-.- om
j tenth of his back subscription bi!ht to I
; the devil, even though the tie vi; i
should collect the oilier ?nueoen'J.-s. j
i Should such a man as ties he :?l?.:.::?}. \
j to live on dried apph-s and ?n-.a i:.gs. !
i and to go all winter without a ne-j
j pair of shoes, a new shirt, and ta - j
ulster overcoats Can any subset*:b i
1 er who owes ti . ewsp-vper .man one
? year's subscription or three yea'r?'
! Kubsciipil o hs have tao hardness of
heart to withhold tho ann.nut :'
His Sn?vr.3 Story.
Fron: the Salt hake Tribune,
j 'I hate a mau who lies about snakes.'
i said au old fellow who has Hen listen
; ing for nearly au hour to snake stories
j around thc store at tim Overland b?nase,
i 'Perhaps you moan that wc all arc
j liars,5 said ono of thc mos-: loquacious
; of thc yarn spinners.
.Oh, no: I haven't, h es rd anything
\ from you fellows that astonished tac,"
i continued the stranger.
'Perhaps you know a fe tv snake sto?
ries yourself,' said ene of the group.
'Well, I do recollect a curious cir
I eu instance connected with snake--:-. l>p
: at Malad la>t summer 1 saw a ra ttl e
! snake going alona" the read '.-it!; ;!::.-y
; six* young snakes io tow.'
'?iust have been a polyg,' remarked
. a bystander.
j "Oh. that wasn't anything ; but when
; the big snake sav? mc coming it j st
I swallowed ?hose thirty-si>: young snakes
i cue after thc -'dhar.5
.Ob, be's a good one himsoif." saki
oue of the crowd.
'? don't seo anything surprising in
that,' continued th~ Malad man. 'But
what struck me so curions was that
; when ? came to kill 'hat snake, about
! two minutes afterwards, I could net
: ind a solitary young snake inside tho
; big one after cuiiibg it open'.
; "Holy 5??S8S ! what a whopper*?' they
I exclaimed Tn admiration.
'But still.' responded the story-teller,
' .] afterwards figured oat what Srst seewt
: ed almost inexplicable, iou see, after
I thc family began to realize its danger,
: eighteen of those young ones swallowed
: an equal number of tbL: others : there is
; so many out of the way, theu niue cf
those remaining swailc-wcd nine of
: the rest. You se it s no trouble to ex?
plain tlie.se things, if you only light np
. the mysteries of nature with tim I imp
of rca.- '0 and intelligence- Tiley kept
? right on di:nint>hiug the number in reg
; ular arithmetical porportion, un'll there
i was but one left.5
'What in tho d- uee oe ame of th.:' ;
one V tfocried ono -d'ila g .up.
'Ol), nov? you've got ? it's win:! '
makes my story sa? renia, kan! \ 1 dm I
not iud err opt you wit h u ;:.:.::> s.a. dc. .
(pierio:-, and ri-ink it \*< : imprdiu i?*
cross-fj nest in?i >. 'ha v.:u a
audre any shew ed a .-mire ry if ie -
int? r-.'od
Here bc waile d away, ' .'aviug the
common":']?lace. lbw. ?aie o? ali the
snake stories 'her '
The Kev .1. ll Fee], an Aim rh afc
missionary who was sent to orev.re a
.nc":v?irial to King dehn of Ai r. i d .
r,.:..,|-is his journey from Suakta
Hi"! Sea, to thc Ahvab.h u fr-eeior.
with twenty-three came!.-- la-kn ?! . \
with Bi bl es ia th- Ara'?'-- h-ag-a::
tie gives an uni: . :. -dd?;
tho ?lalo et tue Country.
"Ifyoa won't be paney i : ino. I
WOM> bo saucy to yon/' said little
Pb :':>.; w: ...! ?el mother reproved !:er
?br raaeiuess. Fanny'- mother, per?
haps liiid ?ever thought il.at a parent
C/'?h: !" g?.'.?l'j?y sauciness, but I
often bm;: < f ibo eb i'd's remark \vh."in
ekiidh-ii sp; ai?: disrespeetiuliy to their
parents, i '-an usually ; >.-?? that they
iiave brought it upon tnernseives
that more patience and gentleness OM
the parent's part vouid have pre?
vented ti:'1 hasty reply.
JL-areirts ccrtam'y sh-mid treat their :
children with respect. cv.-t as though :
thc children er o re their superiors, bat ;
as though they had rights xv!;?cn ail
\xmre bound to respect, a:::' feelings .
which the parents should regard, and j
tastes and preferences worthy nfl
reasonable consideration. Children so
treated will not be tempted to seri.-us
impudence. I bo not say that they
will never spank words that sound
smicy. Tin- only way io prevent that,
is to bring, them up in a state of con?
stant fear, so that they never speak at
all except bi wet'-considered weirds: ;
j J i" children iee! bee and easy a<id con- j
ildentia! with their parents, they xviii j
be apt to address thom sometimes .
; very much ns they do thmr playmates
! of their own ago, and sometimes tiiis
? wiii seem disrespectful when no dis
I res peu i is intended. Of coimso we
j should try to boich them good mam
| ?ors. and this inc!ados gentle and re
i spectra: behavior, but lt' we send ibmo
I lo solead, or allow them to play willi
j (heir Mule -neighbors, they wiii proba?
bly pick up expressions that we
cannot ad uri rc, and usc them in the
family. Fexv children of natural inde?
pendence or spontaneity have never
said won't*' to tin ir p.armiis. ?iii
often this means nothing moro than
an expression of preference-br too
vehement expnissnui, which should
certainly bo modbiad. But the child
expresses, the momentary feeling, and \
immediately repents, and intends no I
disobedience-FAITH ROCHESTER, in !
American Agriculturist ?w Novena
ber. __
Take the Pork.
A Quater, having been disturbed j
by footsteps aro ti nd his dwelling one j
night, arose bom his bed and cautious?
ly opened the back door to reemmoi
j tie. Close by xva,; au out-house, and
i under it a Ce o or; men' a window of
i winch was a man busily engaged in
' roccivina* the eOnicuts of his pork
j barrel from am Iber i : fib- ?-ein?",
i Tho (Quaker opp- act. .!, and ?he
i mae on ibo outside ii; d.i. ile stepped
' op tv the c.* ila" -.vin jew and r<;.:eiud
: tile p- rk fr-.;::: '.be rb.ief within, who
! aft "?- ?. I j ti le time ask.ai ida supposed ?
\ uccom: bee ia a "nhisner
i ?<\>\ we nd-:- ii -J' V The own- j
; - v . d'ibo pork said, s-a'.ly : j
i '-V-s. kakv il ab;,; avril the il?:..-: j
. ne: ?tm cn tho b dam a through lue j
: xe:;: ' xv. and llrva Came =..> bmiseiL-j
I I nmg;.?o bi-- co.- tier.; tcion wb.ea, in-1
sk'ad jf grce tina ids companiop. in j
crime, ho coubie-icd ile* Quaker,
ii o t?? xv?, re asl-.; dsimd, -br tho thief
! prov ai to be a nv..;' mbahb-.r, ob whom
j none w?-uid have suspected such co:>
; duet, ile pleaded bo- morey, begged j
him :-:>i to expose bin:, spoke ci the j
: bec?'.*> io?"noveriv, and promised I
i / .. .. *
!;r!? = fi- ?y :;VL i?- slea' again ?
I ""Jf thou hadst is... I mt: i*. r mee-, ?
it would Ivi.yc btCii ;;:x"e;i ?hee. ii
pity thy poverty and thy v .-akoess.
ann ma lbj ''amby, Thou arl for?
Tim thief was greatly ;:ej<>:eodF and
was about to d- part, when the (bucker ?
4iTake the pork, neighbor." j
'.No. nob' said the thiel*. "I don't!
waist, the polk."'
''Thy necessity was so great that it I
fed thee to steal. ?.ol' ibo pork ;
thou must take with ti.ia-."
Tim thief in isted bait ia, cona: not I
eat a ?varself of it. The thought ?-fj
the crime w abd m.dre it choke ibm. j
Ile begged tim privilege (d'lei ting it ?
alone. But tin; Quaker was inflexible, j
and furnished tim mau eui: a bag, put ?
?all the ptjik therein and laying it ?
upon his back, semi: hin- home with it. I
Ho met his neighbor daily for see- ;
oral yea::, amerward their iambics ;
visited toge'!'?;.-; but tee matter wn-mj
kepi a secret, hed ib.aurm in arter'
years tia' circumstance was mcnthu: j
ed. the mum? of ino d-.; limine::*, wan j
never made known. The punishment
wa : svvt-r" and effectual. It proba?
bly was his first-- it was certainly his
last-attempt to steal.
Had the mem been arraigned before
a court of justice and. imp riso neueibr J
die petty theo, 'now ?lift?rent might j
have been the result-his family dis-j
graced, their peace destroyed, trie:
man's character rubied and bis spirit ?
- American Birds.
Severn! spciumer.s ot native Aim rican '
hirds arc duding friends and purchasers !
across the A ri a ri Ci-in (.romany, ;
France, and ev? a &a gland, 'ibo '
pareil, far instance, one of car vcry |
!iar.d??cai?j>t bird-, ?*.*?'S so:!i. over to '
Kurcro last yaar lo tin; number of three '
thousanJ iiv:> ii andrej by oat- single i
liOUSO. Tile car-:i-.;a!, -V \'irj.'::da ririgiu
ingale. er \ irginni red bira, is li kew is:
malting thc grand :.-ar. Ov; r five thoa- j
sand of thc. <? e:irdiTia;s v.-ero vs p<)rtcd .
last ycr r fro a. the city ot* 2? aw i erk .
ile; l.:t* a. ?. or Am-??- an ide . I ir?i.
is likewise eu hi- W:Vvb- .b-. a.!. xvj^rre
au American . da ibo ivaiic :n-- ar?t
mir. . bl a xv? :dd - .bb- ! Kn-dar. . :: :
tire j rb-h. a rew.-.--baa y han! p,- .pl, :o ;
COUvb. . . !::,".. '.r.u'-i: . :5*e {;?.;. '. ?; a
bali. '.."tiuMlgli sile iii ii thru h is ibo
b-.u. ;ae -x, :?i.-r:.v i lr--xva tb.* ash is
]:.*. as g- "d
. - -?>--<-- .;
i vs tm : :*??!-i. * .'? ..tb-.nnn ?.?.: h
cd x.,rb b, p?evleew a.. . :.:.b n-rj
a e-w -ureai. e r : a-b dd
.: . aa b . ly xv ls er. da bis
r*. g:: i Ii; au; ana-mac- a;.n.; -.se. nr.; : *;{' \a ri
?; tam a trait y?u ar?: k-b :!;reat.. nea
tub. si '". nm.;; < \ b.a br::ki. .?ta:, thrown
: T: V'-ur poebe:-:.?...-.;: into von- \v;''"'s
lan ' Start fer JV-. -d :l :i bebb v.v,
EcoDcmy in Brc?,3.
A dress that is io poee?:ar as to bo
Strking, eithci from iis brilliancy of color
any .other cause, should be adoptede-dy
by a woman who bas many chau?res of ?
raiment, and so may wear it only ceca- j
atonally, or tho thought et ir becomes a i
boro, oven i: ar grst ir is interesting ?"roa:
its novelty. Tho werna a who has many
dresses can a?T-rd also io givo ir. away or '
con vat it. to some other usc before it is
worn, wiela rho u nobs tra? i ve dross j
easily leads itself" io some different ad- :
justmect, which gives it an entirety new j
A woman who has hut ono best
gown can "wear it with a diSerence."
like the rue Ophelia cf.'ers to ber broth?
er. ..? . . as to make ir. suitable to many
occasions, especially if the have two
waists, er "bodies,'' as the Khg
\Uh cali them. One skirt will easily
outlast two waists, and therefore tl.ir. is
a real r aving But suppose that there
be out one waist, or tho dress he made ?
all in one piece (than which there is no |
prettier fashion.) and it should he worn j
one day higa in the neck, with collar j
and cutis, on another day with the neck 1
turned in, and a lace or muslin fichu '
gracefully adjusted with bows or Saw?
ers -it'd a bit v': lace ;?L tee wrists, a pair
of long glove?, and a more elaborate
dressing of the hair, ic will bo scarce?
ly recognizable. 32ut the dress mast
ba of a Very genera; character, like
black silk, or some dark color, or the
pleasure cf the new impression is lost.
The wise person with a small capital
never buys any but a good aad lasting
thing. Each year she adds one cr twu
reully solid possessions to her wardrobe,
which, treated with care last her macy
years. Thus ou a really sinai! sum
she may dress very beautifully. With?
out a copitul one is often obliged to hr.y
w!;r* eau last but for a few months;
but lhere is choice even herc.
There is certainly a groat economy
in a woman's adopting fer occasions of
ceremony cue dress from which she
never diverges. It becomes her ehar
acteri.-tie. and there is even a kimi of
style aad beauty in the idea. The
changing fashions in color and material
pass without eifccling her. She is
heyer induced to buy anything because
it is new. She is always thc same.
The dress in this case must have a cer?
tain simplicity. It costs her little
thought and little time, and when the
??!<] edition, becoming worn, ?rives way
te ike new, ibo eua ugo is not per?
ceived, oor is ir noticed when the mew
ir, its trna become? md.
Such dre.- ", as this must of course lio
whela co rta ir limits. Suppose lt to be
.i black velvet, ic would last, with euro,
at leas: ?ve or six years. Sonrose it
to oe a wi:ito cashmere-a dies:: c!
-ned; east: it could, with caro, last twu
seasons : and then, clean e. last anoth?
er season or two* and the::, dyed, bc
turned ta tr- a v-Iking dress to la: t two
seasons mere.
If a dress is pat cn with grace. It:;
owner nar:o :s aware its defects, and
ir rs :-. t.:'o]noss te tia; spe-ite?er if she
ill V- op her own secret.
In "Fiance, and I believe also in Laly,
they hare a poetic faskiou of dedication j
for a certain rumker of ea;?> (ii ve, ten,
or twenty years, according to tho
parents' taney) young giris to the Vir?
gin. Icon ot li o o w i a w hat way '. h ey
demonstrare t!;is dedieardon except in
tie; cider of tb ir dress, which is al?
ways, for al! occasions, summer or win
no-, blue, or white, or white and bbre
mixed. Ties alfords more variety thar;
at srst thought it would seem to be cap?
able of, for any ?bade of blue may be
There is a great economy ie deciding
on a few becoming eolors in their several
shades, and confiniijg one's dress to
Leese. Choosing colors that harmonize
eaeii other, like gray. bh:ek, pur?
ple, blue, yellow, white, and never
buy tag any other colors, one may, in
mrking overgarments, usc one with
another so thar nothing is wasted.
it ls r.-so important to know what
r.alzt of dress to emphasise. For in
'.tanec. one may expend a largo fen cn
a gown, ned if thc tamp s are shabby; or
ill-made, the gloves worm and the bon?
nor lacks style, the gown is .er.-'Tcly
thrown awn}*. But thc gown may be
no longer new ; it nor-.* n >w be care?
fully brushed and well put on. ?ho
collar and cuds, or other reek rta.i
wris* t-i'Qimings. must he in pc-rfec*
order, thc boers well made and well
blacked, even if not new. li:? gh-e
faultle.-s. and the bennet neat and styl?
ish. The effect is of a welt dressed
woman t no man. and very few women,
perceive that Lhe dress is nota new ocr.
A Deceitful Burglar.
A Brooklyn young man. returning
home early in the morning-probably
from a meeting cf the Young Men's
Christian Association, or something
of timi sert-met a burglar, who was
;ust on i he point (d' braving the tmese.
lie seized him by tie: threat; when
the retiring burglar hogged for ids
life, dcclaiing that unable longer to
.?nar his starving chijdre!* cry for.!
brea.l. he had entered the iemse. in- '
tending it) steal the silver: that he
had never been guilty of crime before,
and that he would lead au honest iib: j
if released. Touched by his repent-j
ance and his want, lue young man j
not .ody n leased him. imf ?ulero 1 (
bim a silver dollar, which the burglar j
at i: st refused, on tie- ground that he j
Could not bea: ;.i iouc's Ike moue j cd'
One whom he rind in!,m ted te rob. !
lie: wa-; tinnily ?w-rsaa led ami went :
his way Thc next, moine.g the b :e [
eve! eat v-aing man's fath r d s coy- ,
: ina! .; l'ait ?' had walked away j
with Sr.* A vvs.uti. of silver, with which j
ids p ..e!:ei ; were stn HW! v. hen ha ;
r.-ves'-a ti:e dollar, lie probably
h.. '.nd r?ioru for ii. n was already so
heavy h .? bal a; to ?3 - ai ra td ?lia? no
e add.i t walk.
Th; w?id; d' teclaiuimg tier .?; \cr
:..*:.> le:- of I'! aida is being c?.c;i:-<- en
with rgy. cunt with a ike;.;mg pros?
per cfs eee--s. A atoan-e.- is working
the heado?hi 0ri -vr- a. :a kt .. Uiver,
..?..-ut-.'g a oil I from Lake Flirt te
Lal; : LJieiipoche. A drodge boat is
rapiddv ::?i;;i*t.av:":.ng completion at
(V-hir *Vevs. widen ??! lia ve ;.? eaoacUy
There wore 2^, OOO negro slaves in
England ia i70 :, .-ind lacy wore collars
like those put urana dogs
Widower Smith of ida. Iowa, married'
his stepdaughter, and hts disarproving
neighbors tarred : :.b feathered him.
Secretary Blaine has received a dis?
patch frota Baron von Steuben, "-hieb
says he has camed .his son, born last
Friday, ""iJiaiae Steuben."
Passengers can ride twelve miles in'
a Loudon underground railway for two'
cents :'o 'ess than H'0,OM,*00 pas?
senger;; were moved last year.
Two girls at Greenwich, Eci:., climb-"
cd ?ve fences, wrenched off a loci:, and'
plundered a house lately. If ibis goes'
on, mate burglars will have to su ike,
Viki the cigar men.
The voung lady attendants at the'
Court Theatre, London, are nov/ clad"
in a yellow waistcoat, navy blue swal?
low-tailed dress coat, erect collar, acd
black silk evening tic.
A minister preached an Lour; then'
he remarked : 'Another wide field opens,
from the subject in another direction.'
bast th er an obi colored saint ejacala-.
ted : 'Please. Lord, shut up de bars.'
A ?irting belle ot* Akron, Caio, bas'
caused a social excitement by having
ail tho love tetters she has received'
; bound bco'?soateiy in a morocco volume'
! for her parlor table, in place of ar. ordi?
nary autograph al bam.
The cen tour, ry cf iee abolition of
.'croom iu ?781 by tba Emperor Joseph1
?Ii. h* to be celebrated shortly with*
[ popular rejoicing throughout Austria,
j In particular, grand feres on a large'
*cam are bein? prepared in" Vienna.
'rOV Critter, len of Missouri employs'
convict labor in his household, a number
of men and women being detailed from'
thc penitentiary for that service. The'
Ge vernor ba?! a silver wedding, a few
days ago, and two of the f?lons very
nearly tueeeedod irr escaping with the
The pulpit was set outside tbsichdrclr
at Wiuslow, Texas, in order to give
I room for a stage on which to perform
.pinafore,' audi whoa again needed for
use it was missing. Several weeks of
search elapsed before it waa found in a'
gambling house, where it bad been al?
tered into a faro table.
Al a recent wedding at St. George's,.'
Hanover genaro, in "London, uve out of
six bridesmaids v;ore coherent colors.
This novelty was slight]? suggestive of
? a rainbow One wore blue, another
? red, a third violet, and a forth bronze.
j The two others, who were eh;!'"*en,
wore cream color.
A bulldog walked icio a colored
church in Memphis dering services,
marched quietly up tbs main aisle, as?
cended the pulpit, .''"light held of the"
ministe ami dragged Liai ?own stairs.
There was r.othhm: to account for tbs
dog's behavior, unless it was that tho
tuinbior was a visitor.
When a Tcxa.-; couple stood up to bc
married, tho m'mis'er saw the handle cf
v. pistol pro-reding from the bridegroom's
pocket and suggested that cat of respect
to the solemn ceremony, it belaid aside.
Thc advice was heeded. Then the bride
demnreh drew a dagger from ber bosom
au J tossed it beside the otlmr weapon
Some idea of tho wealth of the mice;,
on the Pacific coast may bo obtained
from the fact that in 1877 there was
$76,000,000 on deposit in the savings
banks of California. This is tho largest
amount cf money ever held by the banks
of the State at cae time, ami its accu?
mulation was thc result of the mining
prosperity that had prevailed for some
time previous.
The famous big trees of California,
359 to 400 feet high, and proportionate?
ly thick are on public land, subject rc
? i?try at ?i.2? an acre, and. may bc
bought up and destroyed by whoever
wishes to make such usc of them. The
bark has already been peeled from the
batt of one for a showman, who sots it
un at fairs asan exhibition, and another
ha3 been cut down in order io make a
dancing platform cf the stump.
Notwithstanding, tbs namerous disas?
ters to Alpine tourists which have taken
place of hue. thc aseect of 3Iont "Blanc
appears, according to statistics which
have just h-en published, to be a more
popular feat than .ever. More ascents
have, in fact, been made this seasoo
?han in any previous year. From July
to October se vcr.'.y-four tourists succeed?
ed in gaining 'he sim.toit. Ol' these,
seventeen were of English nationality,
one cf them being a lacy.
Very few people have any idea ef
the slowness the Austin street car is
capable of. Only yesterday a lady
with a 2-year old bey got in tho Car.
She paid lier own fare, sud asked
what was ibo charge for the infant.
''Ne charge. We only charge for thc /
adults.*" "Then i might a's well pay.
Ho w:_U-be grown up before he gets
therm Ibo going nve blocks.7'
! Terms Siftings.
The export movement of domestic
r-roduee from this country during the
past week shows no improvement as com?
pared with thc past, few weeks. The
tomi is ?0,090,074, compared with
?$,424.715 for thc same week last
year. Since January I<t, the aggre?
gate is rj;Ur?,2iO,7S.> against p?l,
t'21'.OoG tar the corresponding period of
?SSC -a decrease ot ?:2.C?0l xor ior.y
thrce weeks.
A Sharper i< m? thc way South v.bh
tee ''Ninety-five cents game.'" Iiis
m etliod of .toing-; business 'i's . s o enter a
store and ask for five re;.tb worth of aa
article; on rec wh.g it hctcader"a two
."ellar bi i in [ry...ea- : the change
given hie? by the st -rckct-per - en. vally
e.M'.sis'in-rrt -c a d liar tal ur s:?ver
'pieces cad nkm*v-tivc cents ?a sui's li
vein, he ?l'a<uls : b- bar b: his pocket,
and sm" ?adina a five caa: la that
rc-eptaele. apel.fe- making trou
i-b- o; v 'bag t'"C ieb ne:4, aa.) mae
:i:igib,eSvi cents ea he n i ne. y-ft ve rents
; :. i; towards - .c s;ore-keeper asking
for a dellar hill, savs he dislikes to
esr rv s ? much silver: upon thc unsus?
pecting storekeeper placing a dollar ou
?he evan ter tee sharper engages him iu
talking until he rae place Mb 'he
elm: ce tied the bib iogtubor. eben he
a? thc -b!::n to er., barr': thc -
w< dclhrbs-e.?i . .. e meer tor the two
? dellars ho had Originally given bim.

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