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T??SDAY? ?UT?E 1?.
fc Entered at the Post Office at Sumter, S.
., as Second Class Matter.
"We request each of our subscribers to ex
^^R?jne the address eu his paper, and particu
larly "to* observe the date upon it. This date
. .shows the time up to which the paper has
teen paid for. Many of our subscribers will
thus see that they bave paid in advance ;
bst there are many others who will discover
that they have not.
Good News?McLoy, Rice & Co.
Sumter Barber Shop?Removal, J. S. Net
Notice of Dissolution?Trainer, Wire& Co.
Notice?John H. Furman, President.
Examination of Teachers?J. D. Wilder,
School Commissioner.
Money Made?B. F. A very & Co., Louis
rille, Ky.
>~ ~Op?om and Whiskey Habit cured?B. M.
^"Woolley, Atlanta, Ga.
Joyful News?Ephriam Brown, Lowell,
Mass. "
Mr. Arthur Baker has been very iti.
lira. Sol Emanuel, of Georgetown, is visit
ing relatives in town.
Kiss Madge McLanrin from Wedgefiel d is
isit?ng friends in town.
Hiss Virginia Ingram, of fanning, is visit
ittg Miss Nina Graham.
Ber. Mr. Garriss was installed pastor of
Tirxah Church last Sunday.
Mr. A. C. Dick has gone to Fort Mills and
Davidson College Commencements.
Miss Manie Hudson, of Magnolia, is visiting
the family of Mrs. E. A. White.
Miss Sue Anderson has been quite sick for
sereni weeks, but is on the up-grade again.
Mr. J. D. Witherspoon, of McLoy, Rice &
Co., is in tows on a visit.
Mr. George Murray, of Fort Motte, is visit
ing friends in town.
Mrs. Geo. F. Epperson is on a visit to
friends in Columbia.
Mrs. Willie D. Blanding has gone to State
hnrg with her children. The youngest is
quite ill.
Mr. David E. Trainer from Philadelphia,
of the late firm of Trainer, Wire & Co., gave ns
a short call yesterday morning.
Mr. W. F. Cook, of Manning, was in town
last week. He has been on a jaoct through
the South and has been mach improved there
by. He gare ns a brotherly call.
Mr. Henry and Miss Ella Whilden, of
. Charleston, accompanied by Mrs. H. W.
Smith, of Newark, N. J., are visiting Dr.
China's family.
Mr. Horace Harby and Mr. A. J. Moses, of
Sumter, worein town on Monday. They are ?
fine specimens of physical development and
Tigor, of the old:^*game-eock county."?WtU
HaxAsburg Records
. Mrs. R. J. Dick, has returned home from
Wadesboro, N. C, where she was in attend
ance upon Mrs. Gee, who was quite ill. Her
return was hastened bj the illness of her
daughter, Miss Pauline, at home. We are
pleased to learn that both are improving.
Mrs. Gee has recovered sufficiently, since Mrs. ,
Dick's return, to make the trip to Sumter,
and arrived last night.
Mr. Joel E. Brunsen and family from
Kicgstree, have been spending some days
with relatives at Mayesville, and he has, in
the meantime, called to see ns. We are always
gl&d to see Mr. Bronson, and to know that he
is doing well in his new home, but will be
still more pleased when he comes back to.
Sum ter to live.
Mr. A. White, who in the midst of a busy,
practical life, never neglects the higher
claims of the mind, left yesterday morning to
attend the Commencement exercises of David
son College. Mr. White isa member of the
Board of Visitors of that flourishing insti
tution. He was.accompanied by Mr. Anthony
White, Jr. *
Mr. Thomas Kirke, a pleasant gentleman,
who represents the firm from which Council
bought the new street lamps gave us a call
yesterday. There had been some trouble with
the lamps after they had been put up and Mr.
Kirke came over from Atlanta to fix things.
He soon found the trouble was in the oil, and
now everything is lonely. The lamps give
general satisfaction . Mr. Kirke is agent for
vapor cooking stoves as well as lamps.
Mr. Stabbi new house is about finisbed. j
Mr. Carr has made a neat job of it.
Mr. C. T. Mason has bought one of Mr. Solo
sons' fine Jerseys. He paid $200 for her.
There is a great deal of sickness in the sur
rounding country. Most of the cases are
doing welL
Four of Dr. W.J. Pringle's children have
been quite ill the past week. We are glad to
bear they are better.
The tree trimming frolic is Still going on,
and we suppose will not stop till the last tree
in town is put in ship-shape.
Miss Mattie Phillips has our thanks for in
vitation to the Commencement Exercises of
Columbia Female College, June 21st?24th.
The compositor turned the name of the well
known Solicitor, Sim Fair into Jim Fair, last
week in J. D. B.'s article. He did not
mean it.
Isn't it hot? Some of the farmers who were
sighing over the cool nights of last week are
doubtless satisfied with the present torrid
A nice little runaway happened on Mill
Street last week. One lamp was smsbed, and
% wagon dislocated, but the damages were
not serions.
The M t. Pisgah A.M. E. Sunday School
will gire a calico festival at the Armory Hall
to-morrow evening. The school and teachers
expect a nice time.
The Directe -s of the Building and Loan
Association will meet to-night with tbe
Stockholders for the purpose of loaning the
money paid in on the first month's subscrip
A brilliant meteor was seen last Sunday
night just after ten o'clock, in the Eastern
sky.. It was very large and bright, and
moved slowly from tbe zenith towards the
We have received an invitation to attend
the closing exercises of Lynchbnrg Academy
next Friday, and also the public debate in
the Ciceronian Literary Society. We should
be glad to attend.
The tree-trimming bee is still progressing.
If suggestions were in order we would say
that a ?ai? would be better than an axe fot
that work. The jagged ends of badly cut
limbs always disfigure a tree.
A essa!! and select party of fishermen spent
several day ? last week on Black River and
retnrned with tbe most wonderful stories of
success. We had most indisputable evidence
of the fact that tbey caught 6sh.
A near neighbor of onrs is quite willing to
testify that a Texas pony was not made for
riding purposes. He may be good for many
Other purposes but when it comes to playing
the part of a saddle horse he is a flat failure.
There is no doubt but that the said animal is
asacces? in putting his rider in the fepce
:?-?Sy Rev. H. F. Chreitzberg, Sunday June
*4th, at tbe residence of Mr. W. M. W indir?,
near the Factory, Mr. Frr.nk Ward to Miss
Mattie Thames?all of Sumter.
Hard at "Work.
Most of ourCouoty correspondents, all of
whom are farmers, have been too busy the
iast week, fighting General Green to gire us
their usual budget of news. Our readers will
miss them.
The Weather.
6 a.m. 12 m. 6 p.m.
June 8?79 34 81 Rainy.
Jnne 9?79 87 79 Cloudy.
JuDe 10?63 64 66 Rainy.
June 11?59 80 79 Clear.
June 12?64 85 81 Cloudy with light
Jane 13?78 85 81 Clear.
Jone 14?77 90 81 Clear.
Sumter Boys.
The following Sumter boys in attendance
upon Fort Mill school have come home for
vacation : Messrs. W, A. Stuckey, Jos. Coop
er, H. Cooper, A. T. Shaw, A. W. Shaw and
Willie Scafife.
When we get our High School started, this
heavy drain will stop.
Base Ball.
A young man in town bas received a com
munication from a Camden base ballisi asking
if a contest could not be arranged between
clubs of the respective Counties. Why not?
Our Hagood correspondent made some sugges
tions in that line some weeks ago, which if
carried out wanld afford much pleasure to tbe
lovers of the game.
Henry W. Mackey
Has organized a sprinkling cart, and is
trying to lay the dost in the street. This is a
most praise-worthy undertaking and. as he is
not doing it for fan but to make money, be
wants pay for it. In looking over the names
on his subscription list we see nearly every
firm on Main Street represented, and we have
no doubt that those who have not subscribed
will do so as scon as they ascertain whether or
not the sprinkler is a success.
Ho I For Smith ville.
The Merchants of Sumter will give an Ex
cursion to Smtthville, N. C, July 1st, good
For ten days?price for round trip, $3.50.
This will be one of the most enjoyable trips
of the season. Tbe Committee have made
arrangements for reduced rates of board.
There will be boating and fishing in abun
dance. No one should stay home who can
Any information can be had from B. A.
Brand, A- J. Moses, Alex Morris, or Alta
mont Moses.
Sumter Cotton Mills.
The Directors of the Sumter Cotton Mills
held an important meeting yesterday, at
which, among other things, they increased
the capital stock $20,000. A large portion
of this increase was taken up by the members
present, and it is believed that all of it will
soon be sabscri bed. It is the intention of the
Directors to put in one more section of ma
chinery. We are glad to chronicle this act
on the part of those who best know the work
ing of the Factory. It shows in the strongest
possible manner that they have abounding
confidence in its fatare prosperity.
A Word to the Wise, Etc !
Tax Payer. Town of Sumter! Have you
made your returns yet ? What returns ?
Returns of property in the Town of Sumter?
To whom ? To tbe Clerk and Treasurer at
his office.
When ? During tbe present month, June.
Sappose the returns are not made? Then
20 per cent, will be added to your assessment
for neglect.
By what authority ? By the Charter of
Town of Sumter.
Is that so ? Yes ! Don't forget it.
When are Town taxes payable? Next No
Sappose the taxes are not paid in Novem
ber? Then 20 per cent, penalty will be added
to your taxes for neglect.
Why do yon tell meso? To inform you
and save you tt e penalties.
A ride through a portion of Concord Town
ship last week gave us a glimpse of a varied
assortment of grass, and some very fi ne crops.
The corn was down on the swamp and out of j
sight but was said tobe good. Most of the
cotton on the road was' well worked and
looked well. The Messrs. Jones bare fine cot
ton. Mr. J. I. Brogdon could brag over his
crop if be were not so modest. Mr. J. G.
White has bis crop in fine order, as he always
has; Mr. Wilder's also Jook.-^ well. The
farmers are complaining of too much rain,
and are sighing for dry weather.
Oar friends dcwn that way all seem to be-v
lieve in the utility of geese in working cotton
?almost every Seid having a large bunch.
One gentleman, however, said that since tbe
rains had given the grass such a start his
geese had become thoroughly demoralized,
and had stopped work, evidently believing it
a waste of time.
A colored infant child in Concord Town
ship was found dead in bed, Monday morn
ing, 8th instaut. Its death was supposed to
fcave been caused by being overlaid by its
mother, and it was buried near by. Friday
afternoon the Coroner was informed of the
occurence and be visited the neighborhood to
ascertain the facts, and from the neighborhood
talk, it was evident that some foul play was
suspected. He therefore held an inquest Sat
urday which resulted in the verdict of acci
dental death.
We will say jor,t bere that the burial of a
body, where death has occurred from other
than natural causes, is a violation of law,
arrd subjects all engaged in this violation :o
indictment, aad there has been so much indif
ference to the law in thi3 particular that we
think the Coroner will be compelled to bring
such violators of law to punishment.
Those who know better ought to inform
their more ignorant neighbors in this matter,
and thus save a heavy expense to the County.
Thanks for a nicely gotten up card of invi
tation to tbe Anniversary celebration of tbe
Thompson Literary Society, which is connect
ed with the Manning Academy.
Thanks to tbe Sumter Institute for an invi
tation to their Commencement Exercises to
morrow evening. Seven sweet girl graduates
will be sent fortb from their Alma Mater;
but we can teli more about them next week.
W. C- Benet. Esq., of Abbeville, will de
liver the address to the school and graduates.
One of the cutest of A B C books is the j
Household Primer. Each large letter has an |
amusing picture and a pretty verse. The j
whole ?3 daintily printed in brown : and, j
best of all, is mailed free by D. Lothrop &
Co., Boston, on receipt of a 2 cent stamp.
Mr. G. A. Brown has a fine garden. Those j
who doubt can d^est the followincr figures : ;
Long Blood Beet 20 inches ia length and uiae j
in circumference. Flat Dutch Turnip 20 lu
ches in circumference. Much obliged Mr.
All communications intended for publica
tion must be accompaniea vvith the name of
the writer. Some of our correspondents
neglect this important item and hence the
employment of a waste basket?or a waste
box, aj one of our correspondents calls it.
One of Our Needs.
The Court ITouse Square needs work, and
we think it ought to have it. Standing in
the Post Office last Wednesday morning while
the heavy rain storm was falling, every path
leading out to Main Street was flooded. There
was no possible chance of getting to the street
dry shod, and it occurred to us then that
some improvements might be made by the
County Commissioners which would add to
the appearance and convenience of that
A friend standing by suggested that a raised
side walk commencing at the Bank should
rundown the South side of the square, an
other should pass in front of the Post Office,
while the necessary one should lead directly
out to the street.
We will make no suggstions how it shall
be done, as we are perfectly willing to leave
that to the Commissioners. It is very evident
that raised walks leading from the street to
the various offices in the square are badly
While talking about the square we will
again refer to the great need of a well in the
rear of the Court House. It is needed as a
fire well, and also as a supply for drinking
waterl We suppose the Town Council wonld.
meet the expense of such a well, as the Com
missioners would have nothing more to do
with it than giving their consent.
The Normal.
We would call the attention of teachers to
the notice of the Normal Institute which
meets in Charleston Jnly 2Jst proximo.
The rates of travel are cheap and every
teacher who can de so should attend.
Winburu made eome nice photos last week,
and can make more this week.
The Local Paper.
The following from the Keowee Covrier is
good reading :
"You may be able to get a large city week
ly, filled with murders, scandal cases, cock
fights, etc., for the same money that you pay
for your local paper, or less, bat these city
weeklies never advertize your county and
make your property valuable. They do not
help along your schools and churches ; they
say nothing of you and have, no interest in
yon. A local paper is a great advantage to
any town or community. Stand by your
home paper, for it is ever on the lookout for
your interest."
Nettles' Barber Shop is very comfortably
arranged in his new stand, and he cannot be
excelled in the attention he gives his patrons.
- ? i mm
Dunlap's "Champion" Stylographic
A person who has never used a Stylo
graphic Pen, cannot possibly know its value
or convenience, or he would certainly pro
cure one at any price. We have used a Pen,
presented to us by Mr. L. E. Dunlap, of Bos
ton, Mass., for over two years, and we now
intend to send for one of the/ new "Cham
pion" Pens recently patented by Mr. Dunlap,
as we are advised that it contains valuable
improvements; one of the improvements
being a compound spiral spring formed from
a tube of hard rubber, while other Stylo
graphic Pens have fine gold wire or metalic
springs, which soon rot and corrode.
This newly invented Pen is unanimously
endorsed by the trade as giving perfect satis
faction to their customers, and maay say, it
is the only Strlographic Pen worth having at
any price. *
In order to snccessfully introduce to the
public this new and valuable Pen, the manu
fatta rers, Dunlap Stylograph Co., 296 Wash
ington Street, Boston, Mass., offer (for a
short time only) to send by return mail, to
any address in the U. S., a Champion Pen, 6
months supply of ink, and a beautiful gold
mounted pencil, on receipt of tbe price of the
Pen, which is $2.00 each for plain, and $2.50
each for gold mounted.
The Champion Pen is the same io style and
finish as' Pens sold everywhere at $3.50 and
I James Clements, a conductor on the Tybce
Island Railroad, while leaning from the plat
form of a backing train, June 14tb, was
struck by a tree standing close to the track
and instantly killed.
Can Be Had if Wanted.
"Haveyou any malaria here?" asked a
lady who was looking at a rural boarding
place for her family. "We1!," said the land
lady, "we hain't got none jist now; folks
haven't asked for it; but we'll get it for your
family if you want it." Most folks get mala
ria without wanting it. To get rid of its nox
ious effects, use Brown's Iron Bitters. Mrs.
S- R. MacDonald, New Haven, Conn.', says,
"I suffered from malaria for nearly six year3.
Brown's Iron Bitters cured me completely."
Sumter Post Office.
General Delivery open daily (Sunday ex
cepted) from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m.
Mail via Central R. R. open daily at 10:15.
Registered Letter, Money Order and Postal
Note Department open daily (Saturday and
I Sunday excepted) from 9 a m to 4 m.
Open on Saturday from 9 a m to 12 m.
[ Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western
mails close daily (Sunday excepted) at 9 pm.
Mai7(v?? Ce?TraHe: R.} l'or Charleston. Sa
vannah, Florida and intermediate po?nm
closes daily (Sunday excepied) at 6; 15 m.
Also, (via Florence,) at 9 m.
Mail closes for Columbia and Northern por
tion of State, at 9:15 A. M.
Sunday Hours:. General Delivery open
from 10:15 to 11:15 a m. All mails close at
6 pm.
D. J. AULD, Post Master.
An Enterprising, Reliable House.
Dr. J. F. W. DeLorme can always be relic j
upon, not only to carry in stock the best of
everything, but to secure the Agency for such
articles as have well-known merit, and are
popular with tbe people, thereby sustaining
the reputation of being always enterprising,
and ever reliable. Having secured theAgency
for the celebrated Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, will sell it on a positive
guarantee. It will surel}' cure any aod every
affection of Throat, Lungs, and Chest, and to
show our confidence, we invite you to call
and get a Trial Bottle Free. 1
An Answer Wanted.
Can any one bring us a case of Kidney or
Liver Complaint that Electric Bitters will not
speedily cure? We say they can not, as
thousands of cases already permanently cured j
and who are daily recommending Electric
Bitters, will prove. Bright's Disease, Diabe
tes, Weak Back, or any urinary complaint
quickly cured. They purify tbe blood, rep?
late the bowels, and act directly on the dis
eased parts. Every bottle guaranteed. For
sale at 50 ceais a bottle by Dr. J. F. W. De
Lorme. 1
"Miss Ethel (innocently)?Why Mr. Brown,
how sober you are to night."
Brown (in some alarm, absent uaindedly)
?To-night, yes; but?recovering himself,
and with much dignity?have you ever seen
me otherwise. Miss Ethel?"
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Sake in the w^rld for Cuts, Bruis
es, Sores Ulcers. Sal? Rheum. Fe?"cr Sores,
Tetter. Chapped Elands. Chilblains, Command
all Skin Eruptions, ami positively cures Biles,
or no pay required. It is guaranteed to cive j
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded, j
Brice 25 cents per box.. Forsale by Dr.. J. F. j
W. DeLorme. o
? - ? -?
Poetry, a waxed moustache; mystery, long
hair and a sweet voice will often make a wo- I
man fee! as if there w.is only a sheet of tissue |
paper between heaven and herself, but it is tbe j
man with the wart oh his nose and six figures j
in his bank balance who wl?o scoops her iu j
and makes her happy ever afterwards.
W anted.
An energetic man, woman or youth in
every town and village iu this County to so
licit subscriptions for the C"!umOi'i Register,
Daily, Tri-Weekly a:id Weekly. Twenty-five !
per cent, commissions allowed. A good :
chance to make money uow and keep on mak- j
iug it. Sainpie copies sent on application. ;
References required from those wishing to act j
as Agents. Address. I
Columbia, S- C. ?
Mayesville Items.
MAYESVILLE, S. C.; June 14, 1S85.
Mr. Editor: We have nn abundance of
refreshing showers and warm weather. A
buggy ride around Mayesville showed me
some fine crops ;n pretty good condition.
Messrs. F. J. Maye?, Harry Corhett and
J. E. Atkins on this side of Black River and
Mr. W. D. Rhodes on tbe other have crops
that are very good.
Can't ''Poor Farmer" com? over and take
a bird's-eye-view of* our crops? He might
see something that will please him.
Our sick folks are getting on very well,
though several colored people have recently
Dr. L. G. Corbett and his entire family
were taken suddenly ill last Saturday?it is
supposed from poison. The cook was affected
in a similar way, so that it is hardly suppo
sab?e that she had anything to do with it. I
am glad to say they have all recovered.
Mr. J. E. Brunson and family are visiting
the family of Dr. J. A. Mayes.
Mr. Eriitor, those tiger skins which meu
ioned in my last as having been sent off. have
been stuffed and sent back. Too bad! too
bad ! They are more vicious in their dispo
sition than ever. One got loose Tuesday
night and reared around extensively nntil
collared and led off by one of the officials.
There is one coon and two tigers in den nnm
ber three, and they are of the mixed breed.
Some persons have become jffended at tbe
expression "mixed breed," so will explain.
Mixed breed consists of whiskey, turpentine,
tobacco juice and some other ingredients.
One party got angry because he thinks I said
one of the mixed breed fell out of thechimney.
I don't think it reads that way ; but even if
I had said so, it would have been true for it
w as half negro and halfbuckra. The of
fended man got mad for nothing, and if he
had not advertised himself no one would have
known that he was in the crowd.
Please tell J. F. M., that I will answei his
question next week. I have already written
so mncb that. I am afraid the Watchman and
Souihron man will get mad with me and I
don't Wiitit to quarrel with him.
There wiil be an excursion runniog from
Mayesville to vTaccatnaw Lake July 1st at
12.20 A. M., returning at 4 o'clock next
morning. Tickets for round trip $2.
Rev. J. H. Carpenter has gone to Louis
ville, Ky., on a visit.
Clarendon Hews.
Mr. Wolkoviskie has ripe peaches. .
The May collection of taxes amount
ed to ?1.525.
The two county papers are mutually
crowing over their increased subscrip
tion liete.
Rev. Mr. Garriss was installed at
Summerton, Sunday 7th instant, as
pastor of the Presbyterian church at
that place.
The Mann?Dg Academy will have its
exhibition next Thursday, 17th instant.
All School Claims in Clarendon
County bave been paid in full. Good
for Clarendon.
Deserved Bebuke.
Abbeville Press and Banner.
The Greenville ?cics, we think, ad
ministers a deserved rebuke to Congress
man Dibble for the unbecoming man oer in
which he recently treated Mayor Courte
nay. The action of Mr. Dibble does
Dot sound to us like the manners of a
dignified and honored Congressman.
We leave it for others to say if it does
not sound more like the manners of a
certain class of newspaper scribblers
who, in the absence of the necessary
ability to meet an adversary in a manly
and honorable discussion, may be com
pelled to resort to cowardly insinuations
or to the utterance of baseless assertions
in a shameless attempt to substitute
braggadocia for argument, and who may
perforce act naturally the role of the
bully, rather than to make the effort to
assume the character and manners of
the dignified and courteous gentleman.
Cure for Piles.
Piles are frequently preceded by a sense of
weight in the back, loins and lower part of
the abdomen, causing the patient to suppose
he has some affection of the. kidneye or neigh
boring organs. At times, symptoms of indi
gestion are present, flatulency, uneasiness of
the stomach, etc. A moisture, like perspira
tion, producing a very disagreeable itching,
after getting warm, is a common attendant.
Blind, Bleeding and Itching Piles yield at
once to tbe application of Dr. Bosanko's Pile
Remedy, which acts directly upon the parts
affected, absorbing the Tumors, allaying the
intense itching, and effecting a permanent cure.
Price 50 cents. Address, the Dr. Bosanko
Medicine Co., Piqua, O. Sold by Dr. J. F.
W. Del.orme.
Keynote to Health.
Health is wealth. Wealth means indepen
dence. Tbe Keynote is Dr. Bosanko's Cough
and Lung Syrup, the best Cough Syrup in
the world. Cures Coughs, Colds, Pains in
i?:? Ohes* T>'"*T';':i!^ and Primary Consump
tion, ijne dose gives renel in vtcry c?se.
Take no other. Price 50 cent3 and Si.00.
Samples free. Sold by Dr. J. F. W. De
Lorme. ' 2
Several Richland County negroes who
went to Arkansas last year have come
back disgusted with the West. . They
are content to stay in South Carolina
Dyspepsia Can be Cured.
There is perhaps no disease so prevalent as
dyspepsia or indigestion, and one too, that
up to the present time, has baffled the skill of
the most eminent Physicians. Two-thirds of
the chronic diseases have their origin in dys
pepsia. The symptons are loss of appetite,
loss of flesh, a feeling of fullness or weight in
the stomach, occasionally nausea and vomit
ing, acidity, flatulence, "dull pain in the head,
with a sensation of heaviness or giddiness,
irregularity of bowels, low spirits, sleepless
ness, sallow skin, deranpement of kidneys,
and not unfrequcnily palpitation of the heart.
If you ars sii??ering with any of these symp
Will Cure you.
For sale by Dr. A. J. China. Physicians
are invited to call and see formula.
?hsduteiy Pure.
This powder never varies. marv?? of j
puritv. strength and whules?mcness. Meie '
economical than the ordinary kinds, and can- j
not be sold in competition with thy multi lude ?
of low test, short weight, alum or piiosphatp j
powders. Sold only in nrns. ROYAL A - i
LN'G POWDER CO . io-? \\ .-ili . X. Y. ?
Items from the Fork.
FORK, June Sth, 1885.
Mr. FALor: Farmers, in tins section hare
commenced to gather their oals, and they are
furnishing a far b?lier yield than v.'c ever antic
Miss Maria, the youngest daughter of
Mr. J.E. ifcott, of Manning, has been spending
the last week with her aunt, Mrs. W. P.
Montgomery. U e will be sorry to see her
leave for Manning.
I am glad to hear that Mr. J IT. McFadden
is home from Charleston, and is doing well
since he has taken out an eye.
The boys nt Mr. Montgomery's robbed some
bees, a few nights since, with the assistance
of a negro named Daniel: after thoy had fin
ished, and Dan. had eaten a little too much
he said to one of the jonng men. "Boss, I
don't think there are many niggers in heav
en." He was asked his reasons: "because
niggers don't like milk and honey much : but
if you s?nd 'urn to de oder place, whar dare is
plenty of fire, and dey can roast potatters,
dey is alright." -
Crops arc in need of some rain, since we
have gotten them nearly void of grass.
Respectfully, X.
Winbnrn has established his reputation as
an excellent Photographer.
Mr. R. F. Boyt is still sole agent for the
Pratt Gin in Sumter County and will be
pleased to take orders from farmers in want
of same.
Planet Jr., One-Horse Cultivator, Peerless
Engines, Presses and other machinery. Call
and see him for anything needed. I
THE UNDERSIGNED is pleased to inform
his friends and former patrons, throughout
the Eastern section of South Carolina that he
has connected himself with the bosiness in
terest of the well-known and reliable Hat
House of Messrs. E. T. BROWN & CO., of
Charleston, S. C, and will hereafter represent
tbem in the section above mentioned. All
orders for Fall Stock, reserved for him, will
receive prompt and careful attention.
Formerly of J. S. Fairly & Co.. Charleston,
Sickle, Hiller Sc Co., Baltimore.
-1 I I ? -
The journalist who is courteous and
considerate of his brethren in the pro
fession is on the high road to prosper
ity.? Texas Merchant and Manufactu
Browns Iron
The craertion has probably been asked thousands
of times, "How can Brown's Iron Bitters cure every
thing?" Well, it doesn't. Bat it does cure any disease
tot which a reputable physician would prescribe IROS
Physicians recognize Iron as the best restorative
agent known to the profession, and inouiry of any
leading chemical firm w?l substantiate the assertion
that there are more preparations of iron than of any
other substance used in medicine This shows con
dab, rely that iron is acknowlec&od to bo the moet
important factor in successful medical practice. It is,
however, a remarkable fact, that prior to the discov
ery of BROWN'S IKON LSlTTERSnoperfect
ly satisfactory iron combination had ever been found.
headache, or produco constipation?all other iron
medicines do. HROWN'S IKON BITTE R S
cure* Indigestion. Bilionencxe, Weakness,
Dyspepsia, Piafarla, Ch?ls and Fevers,
Tired Feeli affienerai Dcbility.Pnin in the
Side, Back or?imbs?IIcadache and?nral
ffia?for all these ailments Iron is prescribed daily.
t?m?t6- other thorough medicine*, it acte
slowly, when taken by w-n the first srmptom of
benefit is renewed energy. The muscles then become
firmer, the aigostiou improves, the bowels are active.
In "-?vien the effect is-usuall more rapid and marked.
The eyes begin at once to brighten : the skin clears
up: healthy color comes to the check*; nervousness"
disappears ; functional derangements become regu
lar, and if a nursing mother, abnndant sustenance
u supplied for the child. Remember Brown's Iron
Bitters is the ONJLY iron medicine that is not in
jurious. Physicians and DrvggiAU rtamm-nd it. ~
The Genuine has Trade Mark and crossed red lines
oa wrapper. TAKE NO E .
Attorney at Law,
j. Bo CARJR,
Contractor and Builder.
Plans and specifications furnished on short
The undersigned has on hand a large and
tine assortment of lumber, comprising
A fine lot of
A large lot of Cypress Palings, trimmed and
dressed, besides a large assortment of
Of all size3. Anything not on band will
be promptly ordered.
Feb 24_J. B. CA RR.
. .Especially for Ladies,
And respectfully "su?ci? ?-?iG ^S?POH^e of the
public. I trust that my efforts"-? ^
to keep open a
will be appreciated by the public. My long
experience in the business is a guarantee
that I will give satisfaction.
Orders for family parties, weddings or pic
nics will be filled at short notice and :? 'iver
ed in any part of town. Price3 5l) to J ? cts.
per quart.
I will deliver daily from ice wagon to cus
tomers, ice in any quantity, at the following
prices : less than 50 pounds, 2 cents; from
50 to 100 pounds, li cents ; over 100 pounds,
l\ cents per pound. Special rates lo regular
Remember that I am the only one in town
who keeps ice at all times, and I ask the pat
ronage of the citizens to enable me tu keep
my ice house open all the season".
Anril 14_
^Ipy^^ 31 ILK COWS,
^iS^^^^^i?^ H. R. THOMAS,
May 10 m W'edgefield, S. C.
Esta?e o? Dr. Swcpson H# Sander^
PKlJl? ATE for Sumier Comity cm she ??
day of July, 18S5. fur a Final Discharge
as Executris-uf a??.?n-s;iid Estate,
June *J- -"it. Executrix.
\CiT010E FARM of Sevenry-tive Acres j
?ti.oiii :; miles North of Maycsville. nil :
joining lands of J. 11. Wilson, G. Ii. An, |
drews and others. Apple to
It. 1). LEE.
. ?; 17 Attorney for Owner.
Clerk & Treasurers OSce, !
SCMTEK, S. C. Jim? :>. !$?$">. !
I}il>S for i??iilig up :wid ?evrlrri^ Sijitwalk, ?
^ So"th s:>ic of Liberty street, liC-rworii i
Marvin and a? ti Streets, with chty. are in- ;
vited. i\*rsu?s desiring to l>i<i for ,
?he work, :u<! j 11 - ~ ?-? t to h:?nd in j
proposals tu Clerk a ? Treasurer by J'jrh j
instant, for.c?'i'isidrr:tti?in O! t."?.>iii!<-i!;
Right reserved to reject :u?y . ,?1 nil 1<?iIs. j
f?y order u! Council. 0. M. I It'K.ST,
June ?? Clerk ?un! Tren s. |
Minore money than :it anything !.??.? by j
taking :tn agency for the best s?-l!?ng j
book out" Hcirinuers sneered ?rrand?v- 1
LIME, (a fresh car IcsT.)
A full assortment of
Both double and single, also
Mar 2
SPRING. 1885,
Attractive Line of Genuine Bargains
Stock of Spring Goods.
LST DRESS GOODS, we display
Combination Suitings, also all the leading shades in
Armures, Albatross Cloth, Pongees, Tricot Cloth,
Henriettas and Plain and Chenille Dotted Nun's Veilings,
Elegant line of white and colored
Embroidered Dress Robes,
Beautiful line of Summer Silks, in plain and fancy,
from 50 cents up.
IN WASH GOODS, we have
Lawns, Muslins, Toille Du Nords, Seersuckers and Ginghams,
from 5 cents per yard up.
Largest line of White Goods of every description, ever shown.
Ladies', with shoulder brace, made of fine Coutil, double stitcbed, ?3.00
Ladies', without shoulder brace, .---*- - - "1.50
Young Ladies', with shoulder brace, - -?-?- - 2 00
Misses', 10 to 14 years, - - - - - -? ^ 1 1.50
These are recommended by ail the fashionable Dressmakers and most emi
nent Physicians in the United States. Every pair warranted.
We also still keep
The Celebrated Juno,
Which we bave reduced to 90 cts. :-?.
We add a new Corset, THE "SENSIBLE SIDE CORSET," at $1.00.
Best ever sold for the money.
Largest Line of Lace and Emjxroi^enes
Ever Shown, consisting of All Over Lace, il?mburg and Swiss Embroideries,
from 40 cents to ?3 per yard. \ ... ?.
Towels in endless variety from 5 cents up. An elegant Damask
- Towel, 24x40, for 25 cents.
Our Hosiery Department,
As usual, contains ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES for Children, Misses
and Ladies.
Large Line of Plain and Fancy Mattings, from 15 cts. up.
and the prices will be found cheaper than ever. ALL SHOES WARRANTED
We are prepared to show the Best Assorted and Nobbiest Line of
Gents' and Youths9 Clothing,
needs no mention, as the prices and goods speak for themselves.
Cal! early and make your selection, ere the stock is broken.
Samples sent on application.
NDOM, General Agent,
Rock Hill, S. 0.
Steam Engines, Separators, and Saw Mills,
Gins, Feeders, Condensers, and Press,
If "ou want an Engine. Boiler, Saw Mill, Grist, Mill. Cotton Gin, Cotton Press, Thresher,
Reaper, Mower, or Twine Kinder, write to us anil we will mail you prices and terms that
cannot be beat. We also: put all -machinery up free of charge, and: guarantee satisfaction.
J have "sample machinery on hand which I will he glad to show to my friends and the public
generally. We ?e? ji carefully seleccd line of (?inniner and H arrestine Machinery, and ca.ii
put out the best and cheapest Threshing and Ginning Outfit in the Market.
All orders by mail promptly attended to. W. E. BRUNSON, Agent,
April 7 S'umter. S. C,
A. J. CHINA, ?
Drugs, Medicines and
s iu i?giiflT!Ni
F^?V- -' -'- M - ^ F V xc?IJ ^ i;; ^ 10 ^^ense d.r?ng tbe warm season
Amici. ?^. isE-c?lD SODA WATER.
PAIXTS, nus, VjryrSrrZS A.\D j :in combination with ali the
JfYE STUFFS, GLASS. 1' , .ye. ' -?
Meo'* Crea* So^ot, j mb POPULAS SYSUPS,
Which for furitr, strength and lwahlifiilncss ! and t0VII? Palrona?e
"stands alone, j HAS IN STORE A FULL STOCK
In?tt ?atoat Star Lz?gy I ?0F? *
Giving a light .iju.-vl to :> or. 4 ordinary lamps ; E VOIT ti 1? l? ? Pcrta?l??Wff to tllC
Hn.l :s pr. ft-vily Sale. I .
Znickcrcoclicr Shelter Sr^ccs, j Vni? ?usinera,
For ladies and geni?.. K -.Iv adji^'fed and : Including
Full s:>pi>h/ of Frrsh Garden S.ras. \ Pfi???SO? f, T??Sl Q?l?? MCJ GM|
April 'j
five ?U??h ?l?^fci?:/':'?::,'"'"""< w?% <'<?>?!-? .
_?.y_ j "i, wait ' i':)$;o!ii?r?s a; , tine, dav
M?RKiNQ m* CLOTHES I^??^'."
_,v|T(j_ I April ?: V?'. ??. MA KT I.V.
52?<IS*5Svf? STAiwH a write for
KUK SALE KV w - 5 ~
At Watchman atul Southron Olticc, ; QEO. H. C. NEAL.& SOft,
sumtkk. s. C.
jf?T Ini: Warranted lach il ?ble.
Kalit mere & 01 II Any Streets.
ffew Advertisements.
made et ," ' ? ' < ;
- hathaway, soule & harrim6t0*. ,
??if-w roods are made.In all the L'ea'dl ajr Style*
android Everywhere by nm-clw'oe?Iera. W*
Use rlrst-ciaes stock and employ none bntikfile4
workmen. As we have had. ta ore and longer experi
ence in Goodyew Welts than any other man ci a??
turersof FIXE SHOES, it Ls jfctnbwjedeed by
all that we take the lead. Ask tout deateWor ch?
you are looking for a good article at a medium price.'
Rose Leafjine Cat
Navy Clrppinjs
and Snuffs.
War now seems imminent
between ? .
Eut what is more in t?rest?
ing and comes nearer home
?S that . .,?;'- - -ry
has declared war against .old
TIME PftlC?? ,<
antis-now'sei?i?g goods at ~
ever known in the history of
the people: -, ?* ' ?s
Remember 'tis the, nimbl^
sixpence that soon runs into
pounds, and in these., bard
times people should look, at
his goods before they buy, as
a penny saved is a penny
made.. He does not offer
shoddy er, mean .goods, but
first el?ss in quality
and measure. Tbei
|Jtuj^liere ,you can s#r? mo
ney? Remember that if you
take care of the cents thef d?W
lars will take care of them
selves. -
He is now receiving a Beautiful Lot:.pf *
Calicos, Lawns ?nd' White
Goods for Spring end
: '??. Summer wear, j
Just;tEe;???Y'??il^ST SU?TS
for the inen, bbih young
and ro?ck S:
. On quills, io all col?ri./ Just what the ladies
need, and a great improvement on
the old style of skeins.
have YOU seen ths > ?
10 Cent Tin Counter1?
It is having an immense ran.
If a friend is .. "
to be married., it is here that yon can ge;
a lovely wedding present, an<l-..here
the young couple ca?. bujr:iheir
. Groceries eheap to'start
housekeeping, , .
FLOUR $4.50 per Barrel. ; - ;. ?? - ' *
LIGHT BROWN SUGa? ?C potiuds for &
dollar. , , . ^
GOOD COFFEE 12* cents per pound.
Have you tried'our Sugar.Cured Meat?
Oh! what elegant Hams and. such..nic?.
Bacon, direct from the West. The people are
now baying at home as .it is cheaper t?an.?
buying in Charleston. . ....
We c?old go on enumerating, the goodr
things, but the Watchman end Southron can
not spare any more of. their valuable paper
to him. In Fertilizers h? has
soluble PACIFIC GUANO. >
ckescent bonjl-g^EEgJ^OS-.
^^Fhat?t. -
i ^ pomona guano.
\ iSemember' to cal? at 1 * ?
\z . E. Corner Main and Liberty Streets;?r
March 17 _ |^?g
APUTTI1 ^? a six n?s f?r. p??^
I JUJxiJ2l.and receive free, a costipS'oT of
goods which will help .you to. more ?*:oneyf
riffht away than anything.elsj& iik.thls world.
All, of either sex, succeed ?rom first hour.
The broad road to fortune- opens before th<??
worker*, absolutely, ser?. At once address^
True & Co., Augusti, Maine.
Are you failing, try Wells' Health Ke
kewzh, a pure, clean, wholesome
For Brain. Vcrvrc. Stomach, tivcr. Kidneys,
Lu"-*. An UncquaJed lnv^rorant. Cures
Headache. Fever. Azno, Chills,
Nice to take, true merit, unequaled for
IE. S. Wells, Jersey City, N. J., UTS. A.
\sBassssasBssss& tasanaa?
j TCcirjp.rfcnMo Cur*?sof Catarrh of the
! Bladder; Initairiraatlon, Irritation of Kid
! neys a?:<l Bladder. Stone or Gravel Dis
j eases o? the Prostaio y land. Dropsical
! Swelling. Ferna!?? Diseases, xneontin
j enee o? fj?ne. all Dise.vscs of the Genito
i Urinary Organs in either sex For Un
i healthy or (Innatural Discnar-res use
also '*chaj>i?*s ?aie<r??n ?eurj?' each $L
for S.'P?i?MS. either conti-? oiod or.
hereditary ra ini , urc CJiapia's Constitu
?s?; nip. ?i ?? ?*i\% 1 -' . by r.vpr??S on
pwipi. of Sio.'ioy or at j?t?i"v'."?<!.
'. Vi?tL}?. -k'i^OV ' 41??. .{., TJ. S.

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