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Cht Sucintan a? j? witem
ta* Sumter Watchman waa founded
in 1S50 ?ad the Trne Sm?hron in 1866.
The Watchman and Somtkron ?ow has
tat combined circnUtion amt influence
if Mb of tte papers, aad is man i
festly ino best advertkieg media m io
Members of Dem ocratio Clubs should
?ot toe sight of the feet that ail ciaos
must meet and reorganize ou Saturday
April 9th.
The German Parliament has been
dissolved sud tie Emperor viii endeavor
to untangle the snarl toto which he with
tile ?sstsfeeoeef parliament,has put Ger
tami psKtjao. The press generally has
?erpresset tte hops that he will be more
e*ccessful than ha has been heretofore.
The wretched Russian Jews have
beei^rbj^den to pass .through German
territory and are forced to remain in
Russia from which they were fieeiog.
The reason for this order was the preva?
lence of typhus fever among the fugi?
tives, and the German authorities feared
the spread of-the pestilence, if intro?
duced into Germany bj the Russian
The Bishop ville Eagle screams no
more: With the last issue that journal
discontinued' publication and for the
present, at least is numbered with the
things that wero. The suspension of
tba Eagle will be felt as a loss in Bish
Cfville and vicinity. A paper is a
great addition to a community and is
not properly appreciated until it is lost.
We shall miss the Eagle from our ex?
change table? for by it we were always
entertained and often highly amused by
the rare wit and humor of some of the
We are reliably informed that a large
???ber of farmers on the line of the
Charleston, Sumter and Northern Rail?
way have planted truck to a greater
or ?ess extent. There are large num
bera of farmers who could plant truck
aa a aide crop, but have not done so; we
would again urge upon them the neces?
sity of diversifying crops, and call their
attention to the profit derived from
truck farming. The average net profit
from truck per acre is put dowr it
$30. It is not too late to plant some
kinds of vegetables, and cotton will be
lover this fall than it was last fall.
The House Free Coinage bill has oot
jet come up for a vote and it is not
probable that it will. The bill has
boen practically defeated by the failure
of the Rules Committee, of which
Speaker Crisp-is chairman, to report a
rule preventing the opponents of the
bill from fighting the bill by dilatory
tactics. Doubtless the bill would have
passed bj; a majority of ten or more had
a direfct vote been obtained. The free
coinage*^ silver is a wide and intricate
qoeat?$nJ^w?i> which we are not entirely
familiar; rot*vith our present under?
standing of it, we are io favor of re?
storing silver to the same position it held
previous to 1873 on an equal footing
with gold.
The Colombia Register, the successor
of the defunct Charleston World as the
Tiilmaoite organ is a success. The weak
ta* w?l&Bg organ .(owned by a mao who
?ia the beneficiary of, if not a party to,
ibo owtfert fraud ever attempted in this
State st nee the dava of good stealing,)
has been strengthened by the acqisitioo
of Col. Larry Gantt, a native of Sooth
Carotina, bart a galvanized Georgian,
?nd noted in that State as a demagogue,
?od porn ?cal acrobat. Never an ad?
mirer of Larry,.or eren the Harry and
Larry editoral combination, while one of
bsa reading constituents in Georgia, we
are now thoroughly disgusted with the
doughty Colonel aud his socialistic dem?
agoguery. Talent the editorial exponent
of Till maoism undoubtedly has, but
he bas sold it and is using it for a base
purpose when he endeavors to array
?lase against class in this State. The
Register is an organ and nothing more.
A complete report of the proceedings
of the convention held io Columbia on
last Thusday, March 24th, ie given on
another page. The report is condensed
from the detailed reports that appeared
io the daily papers, and is accurate and
entirely reliable.
The convention was a notable one
in its constituents ; no'mora earnest coe
eervative, patriotic or solic body of
citizens bas ever assembled to consult
together Tor the good of the State.
The members of the convention were
men. in the prime of life, good citizens,
respected in their own communities, and
men who were not in the Convention for
the purpose of personal benefit, but were
there for the purpose of consulting
together and in the hope of taking some
action that would result to the good of
the whole people, irrespective of section
or position, and to the good of the entire
Io this convention there was no
thought and no mention of class ; it waa
so assembly of South Carolinians, com
moo citizens of ? common State, to
whom any honest man, Tilling to live
?ad jet live, and. with the interest of the
State at ht ^ t, was ss honorable as any
other, regardless of occupation or posi
. tton. The eueeaberebip of the conven?
tion waa apportioned among the
occup?t ions aa follows: farmers 172,
farmers and merchants 15, merchants
2& lawyers SI, doctors 6, editors 7,
general 32 ; aod che eomposntion of the
meeting was a good index of the senti'
i?i?ct of the coureottoo, that ?hilo con- '
side ri Dg so partie rilar class; represented
The convention was harmonious,
united and conservative, and unanimous
in opposition to Tillmanism and deter?
mination to bring about its defeat, bj a
right within the party.
The work of the convention speaks
for itself. The platform adopted and
the ticket nominated are snob that all
those who are dissatisfied with the Till?
man mode of administering the'affairs
of the State, can get apon the plat?
form and by their votes and personal
influence support the ticket without fear
of reproach. The platform is strong,
broad, liberal non-partisan, and the
men nominated are all men of honesty,
ability and patriotism and to oar
knowledge, against whom nothing
detrimental has ever been charged.
While the men on the ticket are not,, in
several cases, exactly those we wonld
have named, yet it is a ticket we Dan
and will give oar heartiest support to ; as
we are firm believers in the wisdom of
the verdict of the intelligent majority as
expressed in this convention. It is a
ticket that would merit the hearty sup?
port of all Carolinians at any time, and
when compared to Tillman and bis
followers, much the more does it deserve
the support of ?every good and true
For several years the merchants have
been accustomed to close their stores at
6 o'clock in the evening, daring the
summer months, beginning with May
We understand that there is a decided
sentiment in favor of commencing the
early closing earlier this year-about
April 15th.
. We hope the sentiment will gather
strength, and that all the merchants
will decide to close at 6 o'clock from the
middle of April.
When the several County Treasurers
of the State, acting under instructions
from the Comptroller General, refused
the tares tendered by the railroads on
the original assessments, it was given
out from headquarters that the railroads
would be forced to pay all the taxes
levied upon them by the Comptroller
Genera], and that all or none was
wanted. A change has taken place in
the mental attitude of the Administra
don, and they want badly that which
was so recently refused. So they have
employed legal ability, fcigh priced
ability too, to get them out of the bole
in which pig-headed ignorance had
placed them, and they appeal to the
courts for an order requiring the rail
roads to pay into the county treasuries
the amouat heretofore tendered and re?
In response to the application Judge
Simonton of the United States District
Court has rendered the following de?
cision :
**It is ordered, adjudged and decreed
that the complainant (railroad) deposit
with the clerk of this court, within teo
days from the date of this order, a cer?
tified check, drawn upon a solvent bank,
payable to each county treasurer defend?
ant herein, the check to such treasurer
being for the same sam of money here?
tofore tendered to bim by complainant j
as the sum admitted to be due. That
the said clerk deliver to each of said
defendants, or to his attorneys ia this
case, this check so drawn. That apo a
delivery of such check, the bank upo J
which it is drawn remaining solvent, it
shall be received and accepted as of the
day of the original tender, with the
same force, effect and operation, to
every intent, purpose and inference
whatsoever, as if the money was actually
received on that day. AU questions as
to the costs of this receipt and delivery
are reserved."
This order merely permits the rail?
roads to do exactly what they desired
to do more than a mooth ago, and has
no effect, one way or the other, on the
suit of the State against them to enforce
the payment of all the additional tax
on the increased assessment. Thin
phase of the suit will be decided
in doe coarse by the courts. The only
result of the refusal to receive the taxen
when tendered, has been to keep the
State out of the money for about forty
day?, and to pile up a fine lot of law?
yers fees to be paid by the taxpayers.
The injustice nf the attempt to force
the railroads to pay taxes on the full
value of their property should be ap?
parent to every one, wheo the facts of
the case are considered It would not
be justice to force one person to pay
taxes on thc full value of his property,
and allow his neighbor to pay on only
one-half, or less, of the value of his
Throughout the State it is the custom of
a majority of taxpayers to return their
property at a great deal less than the
real value, and such being the unchal?
lenged custom, it was a gross piece of in?
justice, nearly akin to tyranny to force
the railroads, by an arbitrary increase
in the assessment, to pay on full value.
lu Sumter County property is return?
ed at above the average of other coun?
ties, in fact the average was so much
above the average of other counties,
that several year* ago the State Board
of Equalization reduoed the assessment,
so as to place tue taxpayers of Sumter
County on an equal footing with those
of other counties. And here in Sum?
ter Coanty horses and males are return?
ed for taxatioo at aa average value of
not more than $40, and other personal
property at the same rate, lt is safe
to say theo, that property is returned in
this coanty at not more than two-thirds
value, if that.
The true value of real estate return?
ed for taxation is more difficult to arrive
at, but in our opinion that the values ?
found on the Auditor's books are farther ' 1
from tue true values than that of per
soDal property. For instance : land io
Bishopville township is returned at $5
per acre, on an average, and some of
the identical land returned at that value
could not be bought for $25, $40 or
even ?50 per acre ; in Stateburg at $6 ;
in Middleton at $5 and so on. This
shows how individuals return their prop?
erty, and there eau be no doubt but
that some of the very persons who are
raising a howl because the railroads are
fighting against paying taxes on the full
value of their property, while others
pay on but one-half or one-third, have
their property returned at far less than
market value. The next time any of
our readers hear a man talking about
the banks, railroads or other corpora?
tions defrauding the State by not pay?
ing taxes on the full value of property,
they had better drop into the Auditor's
office and see how the talker pays tbs
State what he owes.
We maintain that alt property should
be returned at full market value, and
then all would obtain justice ; and the
taxes would be no greater, for the levy
would be reduced in a ratio correspond?
ing to the increased value of the prop?
erty returned.
??M^tst be avoid?
ed, or you buy at
your own risk
anything purport?
ing to be Doctor
Pierce's modi?
fy cines, sold by un
f\ authorized deal
\ I era at less than
--JUL the regular prices.
CP ' ^ ' V* Too risk the get
?U ting of old bottles
Railed, dilutions
of the genuine mecTioines.. imitations, and
? To prevent all this, and to protect the pub?
lic from fraud and imposition, the genuine
guaranteed medicines of Dr. R. V. Fierce
are now sold only through druggists, regu?
larly authorized as agents, and at the follow?
ing long-established prices :
Golden Medical Discovery (for Liver, Blood
and Lung Diseases), $1.00. Favorite Pre?
scription (for woman's wei dm esses and ail?
ments), $100. Pleasant Pellets (for the liv?
er), 25 cents. Comp. Ext. Smart-Weed, 50
cents. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, 59 cents.
Dr. Pierce's remedies are the cheapest
yon can buy, for you pay only for the good
you get They're guaranteed to give satis?
faction, or yon have your money back.
ADVERTISEMENTS of 5ve hues or less
will be inserted under this head for 25
cents for each insertion. Additional lines
5 cents per line.
FR SALE-Plantin); lands io ali sections
of Sumter and Clarendon counties.
Small farms and large plantations, city lots in
all parts of the city. W. H. ISORAM,
October 14._Broker.
S?MTsa, S. C., March 24, 1892.
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
AU liabilities of and debts due the firm will
be settled by H. Harby.
FUMTBB, S C., March 24, 1892.
conducted by Epperson & Co., will be
continued by me at my stables corner Liberty
and Sumter Streets. H. BARBY.
March 30
Plants and Flowers.
OTTO GARHARDT, Boristand landscape
gardener, has tor sale a variety of
Canbage, Tomato and other vegetable plants
ready to set out. Also Roses, Geraniums and
other flowers.
He offers his services to lay out and attend
to gardens.
Also will take charge of lots at the Cerne
tery and keep them in condition for a mode?
rate charge.
Apply at the Cemetery Lodge, or leave
3rd era at the store of W. H. Yates.
Mch 30.-10m.
against the City of Sumter, will please
present same for payment on March 31st,
Clerk and Treasurer.
Sumter, March 29,1892.
SUMTER, March 29, 1892.
NOTICE ie hereby given that on TUES?
DAY, 12th day of APRIL 1892, there
will be held an election for Mayor and War?
dens, for the City of Sumter to serve for the
ensuing two years. Polls will be opened on
MMn Street in front of the Court House in the
City of Sumter at (8) Eight o'clock in the
morning and closed at (5) Five o'clock io the
afternoon. The following have been appointed
to conduct said election:
By order City Coucil of Sumter, S. C.
W. ALSTON Pringle, Ja.,
Clerk and Treasurer.
March 30.
Drug Store*
Fancy Articles?
J. S. HUGHSO'N & 00.,
Monaghan Block. MAIN STREET,
Mch 30._SUMTER, S. C.
State of South Carolina.
By T. V. Wahh, Esq , Probate Judge.
WHEREAS, E. G. DcBOSE, made suit
to me, to grant h:m Letters of Admin
stration, of the Estate of and effects of
BUTLER B. DUBUSE, deceased.
These are therefore to cite and admonish
all and singular the kindred and creditors
of the said Butler B. DuBoselateof Claren
don County in siid Stale deceased, !hat they
he and appear before me, in the Court of Pro?
bate, to be held at Sumter, on April l4:h,
1892. next, after publication thereof, at ll
o'clock io the forenoon, to show cause, if any
they have, why the said Administration
should not be granted.
Given under my hand, this 30th day of
March, Anno Domini, 1892.
March 30-2t Judge of Probate.
Estate ol' Josiah Hayasworih,
CCREDITORS of the Estate of the said
j Josiah Haynsworth nre notified to render
au account of their demauds, duly attested,
to the undersigned ; and all persons indebted
to the said deceased will make payment to the
undersigned, the Executors of the Will of said
deceased. J COHEN WILSON,
Sumter, S. C., March 30, 1892. 3t
Estate o? Mrs. Isabella 1). Moses.
ALL PERSONS having claims against
aforesaid Estate, will present the same
duly attested, and those indebted in anyway
lo said Es ate will make payment without
March 29, 1892. t>-i?tiificd Executor.
Palace Dry Goods Em?
And believe in them, is evidenced by the immediate responses
you give them. We invited you to participate with us in
And saw that we had not said too much. Our Grand Spring
Opening is a thing of the past, but
The realization far surpassed the anticipation of every one. In
fact the ladies declared the store with its wealth of
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A Dream of Beauty not Easily Forgotten,
All the New Styles and Colorings for Spring Wear, now brighten
Dress Goods Department,
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Chevrons, G-loriosos.
Fancy and plain Bedford Cords, Etc., Etc., Etc.
The most beautiful line of Trimmings to match all the above.
The Popular Chiffons,
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We are ever Willing to put Our PRICES IN
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1892. -AAA
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Dress Goods % Trimmings.
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S I'M TEM, S, C.

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