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The Sumter Watchman was founded
io 1850 and the True Southron in 1866.
The Watchman and SoHthron now has
the combined circulation and influence
of both of the old papers, and is mani
festig the heot advertising medium io
Attention is directed to the article
explanatory of the service of the
Weather Bureau, which is given in
another column.
Remember to send men as delegates to
the County Convention who will vote to
instruct delegates to the State Conven
tion for the right man for President.
We anderstand that the idea of closing
Ihn eteree at 6 o'c?ock after tbe 15th
Instant, is gaining i a favor. Now is the
time tor some one to take the initiative.
The fight agaiosi: Tillman must be
made on the'record of the past two years,
and not npon class prejudice ae the
Register and other administration organs
would have it. The opponents of Till
man will use facts and reason, and the
people will be the jury to decide the
Every man should decide for himself
before the campaign opens, that be will
%ave no part in thi unseemly yelling
*and howling down that characterized
every meeting of the last campaign.
Listen to what the candidates have to
say aed then decide as rational men
sbowt? do.
The first number of the Palmetto
Teacher has been received. Percival
?. Rowell of Lexington, S. C, is editor
and proprietor of the new educational
journal. It is printed in neat pamphlet
form and contains about thirty pages.
The Teacher will fili a deficiency in tbe
educational field of the State, and should
be liberally support?e, by the profession.
The Legislature has passed a law
making it a misdemeanor for any news
dealer to offer for sale any paper or oth
er publication containing an advertise
ment of a lottery. There seems to be
a determined purpose all over the
country to pat down lottery gambling.
Perhaps the time of the great American
game,-poker, will come next.
The Watchman and Southron has
always striven to give to its readers tbe
fest paper in the county and has spared
no effort to eonstantly improve its ser
vice. With this week we begin the
publication of a weekly cotton report
horn the firm of Price, Reid & Adams,
the Charleston agents of the great cotton
?rm of Hubbard, Price & Co. This
tepori will keep oar readers informed of
the condition of the cotton market, and
we trust will meet with tbeir approval.
Secretary Blaine has recovered from
h is recent illness and is able to be at
his desk at tbe State Department.
Simultaneously with this announce
meni, it is given oat that the negotia
tions with England concerning tbe
Behring Sea fisheries have reached a
State where an early aiad amicable set
tlement can be foreseen. Blaine does
sot tolerate jingoism when it is being
used to give another a presidential
Tbe Alliance of Georgia has gone
Sxxii?y over to the Third Party. Out of
1600 sub-alliances only three have not
?IwHareo, in favor of tbe Third Party.
This action of tbe Georgia alliance is
mo surprise. Eighteen months ago we
aw thai the tend of tbe Georgia alli
an<%. was toward independent ism, and
<be course of the leaders of the alli
ance was such as to beget a spirit of
dissatisfaction with and distrust of the
Democratic party, and the result is their
followers have left the party.
The United States Supreme Court, on
/Monday, affirmed the judgment of the
^United States Circuit Court for tbe dis
trict'of South Carolina, in favor of the
.State against the Coosaw Mining Cooi
-paoy. Thie decision finally settles that
the Coosaw Company has not a per
petual and exclusive right to mine in
the Coosaw river. Tbe Coosaw Com
pany will now, no doubt, make appli
cation for a license to mine, and if it is
granted the State will soon begin to re
ceive a revenue that was cut off by
The election of oScers to whose care
the affairs of the city will be confided
for the next two years wi'l be held on
Tuesday next.
Tbe election is important, and a voter
in casting bis ballot should not east it
for a man who will not place the good
of the whole community far above any
personal consideration. A. ballot should
not be cast for a man who will not use
his influence to advance the interests of
the erty and carry on the improvements
already begun. The next two years
should be an era cf rapid improvement
to Sumter and with progressive aud
prudent men at the head of affairs it
can be made to be.
We want no backward steps. We
must ad vanee and that rapidly, or other
towns cf the State will pass aed leave
Sumter far to the rear iu the tnareh of
When this paper began to agitate tbe
questionai a system of electric lights
there were (es supporters. The plea
of expense was *rged, and many said |
that the old oil lamps vere good enough, j
So with the Graded 8?heoi system.
We 4*are not yet forgottee the
stir that was made by the ee*
- m rtion that tbe eld publie school was
a disgrace to a place of this sise, j
,Stili the assertion was true and tbe
intelligent people of tbe community
saw it. The result is the excellent, sys
tem of Graded Schools that Snmter
now possesses aod the handsome build
ing now nearing completion.
Is tbere a man in Sumter who would
bare ns go back to oil lamps s?s a means
of lighting, or have the Graded School
abolished ? We believe not.
There are other improvements that
the city needs, and no manflshould be
put in office unless he will aid in mak
ing those improvements.
The Revision Committee completed
tbe work of purging the club rolls Mon
day evening, and made a report of the
work to County Chairman Keels. This
report should be, and is, in our opinion,
public property, yet Captain Keels has
not given the report to tbe papers for
publication and refuses to do so. We
anticipated giving tbe full report to our
readers, but we could not obtain it,
although the public is clearly entitled
to it. Upon application to Captain
Keels for tbe report of tbe committee
he furnished us with the meagre infor
mation which is given in another col
umn. We neither ask, nor expect
favors from Captain Kaels, and when
we asked for the report it was for the
public, as a public purveyor of infor
mation that the public expects, and has
a right to demand of us.
It will be observed that be gave the
membership of the Sumter Democratic
club and of the Mechanics and Laborers
club, and yet does not feel authorized
to give tbe report. It is plain to any
clear-seeing person, that if Captain
Keels was authorized to give the num
ber of Barnes on the rolls of two clubs,
he was authorized to give the number
of names on all the ctub rolls. We
know from Captain Keels himself, and
from other sources that be has given
copies of the report of tbe committee
to two individuals, and yet he is not au
thorised to give it to tbe public. We
maintain that if he has authority to give
this report to individuals be also has au
thority to give it to the press for publi
cation where it would be accessible to
every individual who does not happen
to be favored.
We have entire confidence in the
members of the committee and feel as
eared that they performed their duty
fairly and fearlessly. The doty per
formed, however, was a public one and
tbe public bave a right to know bow
that duty was performed, and the re
sult arrived at.
Captain Keels may have good and
sufficient reasons for refusing tbe
publication of tbe report, but if so, he
failed to State those reasons to ns.
We have performed our duty to the
public in attempting to get tbe report,
and with the consciousness of having
done so, we leave the'matter as it stands.
Tbe Greenville News has made a
suggestion that is timely and sensible.
It is that the campaign be postponed ?
on til late in the summer after crops are ?
laid by, when everybody will have
leisure, and will feel more like taking
time to attend tbe campaign meetings.
We regard this as a suggestion to which
there can be no reasonable objections.
We do not believe tbere will be any ob
jection .unless incited by a spirit of pure
contrariness. There is nothing to be
lost by either faction and everything to
be gained. The campaign of educa
tion can be vigorously prosecuted by
both sides through tbe papers, and the
people of every corner of tbe State will
be more effectually reached than by a
stumping campaign, begun now and
continued until tbe general eleetioo.
Without tbe aid of the press to spread
abroad what is said from the stump the
campaign would amount to little, com
TJie Watchman and Southron will
publish, if possible, all the legitimate
campaign literature of both sides, for
we bave nothing to gain by' holding
back anything. We shall give all tbe
facts, all the argumente for and against
either faction ; and all those who do not
care to read what their opponents have
to say, need not do so.
We have no doubt other papers will
pursue a similar course, guaranteeing
fairness to .both sides. If so, there can
be no objection to the suggestion, for
evety one knows that few people can
afford to neglect their farm work from
now until the crops are laid by.
Some weeks ago we published, in all good
fejfh, the twelfth plank of the St. Loots
puttorm concerning pensione. We thought
then as we know now that we were right in
our statements, and were ero*Z"d to find any
one denying the existence of the pension
plank. Wc give below the statement of two
eye witnesses :
Livingston say?: "I will show by the
sworn statement? of any number of delega'^
that the sold erg' plank w? s read and
adopted as a part of the platform "
Congressman Moses.Fays: ''Thecor nittee
on platform brought in th'-:r demands, and la
gan wi:h plank one and reati on without a
break fading with the Union soldiers' p?ar:k.
Then there was a j ell and demands ihat the
platform be adopted ag a whole. This wag
done, and it was correctly printed in all the
newspapers in ?he coun-ry, including Polk's
p;<per and tne Knights of Lahor Journal.
The Economist arknowleriges that the divi
sion of the platform was done here by them
after adjournment of convention. Jerry
Simpeon sax g bere openly thai it is a part of
the piatform."
Those who deny it have never been r?*h
enough to swe^r oa ir, ?-s it would he a- ? isy
matter to prore that they swore falsely Will
the tfeird party sheets' which have been deny
ing the pension planjk. do th<? i>emocra:ic press
the kindae-se-to retract such har^h statements
as "liars," etc , afrer <his showing. And if
they don't tike the proof furnished, will tbey
please write to some reputable third partrite
who was there and get his sworn statement,
and we feel assured thar he will bear mit t ur
statftneB-ts.? True Ci>rzm, Waynefboro, Ga.
The Watchman and Southron also
(published the pension plank of the
Third Partf., and commented editorially
thereon at the time of its ??optio?.
The next week we stated ti at the Uotlu/i
Plant denied the adoption o? that plank,
and as the assistant; editor of that paper
was a member of the Third Party con
vention, he doubtless knew. We gave
him credit for veracity.
If it is trae, and we believe it is,
that the Third Party has a platform, a
portion of which will catch votes in the
Sooth, and another portion to deceive
the voters of tbo North by false prom
ises that it will be impossible to fulfill,
then the Third Party deserves to be the
party of all the unprincipled rascals of
all sections of the Union.
We would respeotfully ask the Cotton
Plant whether it is Democratic in pol
itics or is it of the Third Party in pol
itics, but Democratic, for profit, as far
as State politics are concerned ? We
would also ask whether the assistant
editor of the Cotton Plant is ready to
swear that there was no pension plank
io the Third Party platform ?
We merely want to know who is
handling the truth carelessly. If the
Cotton Plant is not willing to enlighten
os we shall oot feel hart.
In oar political course we have always been
upheld by tbe coescioosness of acting upon the
highest principles and bare been animated by
an earnest desire to be of use io our day and
generation. Some however, have suspected
and even intimated that there was something
of the demagogue about us. Admitting for
the sake of argument that there wns a touch
of deraaeoguery about us, we bave been so
completly cast in the ebade of late that such a
charge against us will no longer be pressed.
AU over the State the malcontents who got
optbe Thirteen Conventions ave beeo "swear
ing by the seven Jupiters" that they are
dead In love with the farmers and will do
every thiDg for them. The Convention itself
"slopped o er" about them and a great
transformation has taken place in the Ring
The simon-pure demagogues are at the front
now and those who bave been merely sus
pected of that inclination will be lost sight of.
?Abbeville Medium.
Gen. R. K. Hemphiil, Senator from
Abbeville county and editor of the
Abbeville Medium, is one of the shin
ing lights of Tillmanii m, and stands
squarely oo the platform written by
Tillman. The above ie given not on
account of any merit or evidences of
ability perceptible in it but merely to
show our readers the class of campaign
literature tbe leading Tillmanites are
producing. It cannot be called cam
paign argument as there is no argu
ment discoverable in it.
In the days of good stealing this
same fellow, Gen. R. R. Hemphiil, was
"check by jowl" with the ring leaders,
and in a letter to Governor Scott said that
he (Hemphiil) stood squarely on the Re
publican platform and could be counted
on. Scott appointed him a Trial Jus
tice. Hemphiil in thanking Scott for
tbe office said, in effect, that small
favors were thankfully received, and
that in filling the vacant judgesbips he
hoped to receive consideration, as he
possessed tbe ability and necessary qual
No doubt bis position, squarely oo
the Republican platform, was the main
necessary qualification.
???? ?? ? - ?
A dispateh from Vienna, dated March
25, 1892. says: a decree issued to-day
by tbe Minister of Commerce announces
that from April 1 next a direct post
office money order service will be estab
lished between Austria-Hungary and
the United States
Taken in time,
even Consump
tion yields to the
wonderful effects
of Dr. Pierces
Golden Medical
Discovery. It
won't make new
lungs?but it will
make diseased
ones healthy
when nothing else
wifl. There's reason for it, too. Consump
tion is Lung-scrofula. Por every form of
scrofula, ana all blood-taints, the "Discov
ery " is a positive core. It's the most potent
strength-restorer, blood-cleanser, and flesh
buflder known to medical science. For Weak
Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Asth
ma, Catarrh, and all lingering Cougfis, it's
?a unequaled remedy. It's a guaranteed
iIf it doesnt benefit or cure, you have your
money back. You've everything to gain
from it?nothing to lose.
It's especially potent in curing Tetter, Salt
rheum, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Carbun
cles, Sore Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Neck, and
Enlarged Glands, Tumors and Swellings.
Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal under its
benign influence.
For the quarter ending March 31, 1892, pub
lished in conformity with the Act of the
General Assembly.
Loans and Discounte, Si 76,356 99
Cotton drafts, secured, 465 64
Furniture and Fixtures, and vault ? 1,975 1
Due from Banks and Bankers,
and cash on band, 33,471 61
$212.270 15
Capital stock, $75 000 00
Deposits, 89,775 81
Uoe to banks and bankers, 99 45
Unpaid dmdends, 60 00
Rediscounts, 29.312 75
Undivided profits, 17,422 14
$212.270 15
I, W. F. Rhamk, Cashier of "The Bank of
Sumter," do solemnly swear that the above
statement ie true, to the beet of my knowledge
and belief.
W. F. RH A MF, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
2d day of April, 1892.
L. S CAUSON, (L.?.)
Notary Public S. C.
Presided, ! ... , ?
A. S. BROWN. Directors.
April 6
ic Ei.
ScMTXB, S. C, April 5, 1892.
To The Preti lenti Democratic Club? of Suin
ter County.
Gkstiy.ukx : Your club roll, ai compared,
revised, and corrected by the Committee on
revision if herewith returned to you which I
truat will bsfound satisfactory.
I beg to cull your Attention :o fie fact lhat
the Committee on revision, wherever they
found the gaine rrnnses appearing on two or
more club r?>Ma, in the absence of certificates
signifying the intention of the parties as to
which club they wished io Itlong, bave
eresed *?cb names from all the mils, nnd
hared referred the matter back to the*cl?be
to t*e arf??g-'d and adjusted among them
as'ves. f>. K. KEELS,
J?. Mix? Pittj, bounty Chairman,
?ectetajy. 1
Palace Dry Goods Em
And believe in them, is evidenced by the immediate responses
you give them. We invited 3^011 to participate with us in
And saw that we had not said too much. Our Grand Spring
Opening is a thing of the past, but
The realization far surpassed the anticipation of ever}7 one. In
fact the Jadies declared the store with its wealth of
?-lovely goods to be
A Dream of Beauty not Easily Forgotten.
All the New Styles and Colorings for Spring Wear, now brighten
Dress Goods Department,
Making the possibility of pleasing you a Foregone Conclusion.
Here are a few of the new weaves in Dress Goods
of which we have full lines :
Elephantine, Cr?pons, (Fancy & Plain.
Crocodile, Crinkled Cr?pons,
Chevrons, Gloriosos.
Fancy and plain Bedford Cords, Etc., Etc., Etc.
The most beautiful line of Trimmings to match all the above.
The Popular Chiffons,
In large variety of colorings.
We are ever Willing to put Our PRICES IN
PRINT. Note the following:
All the best Calicoes in fancy* dress styles, Mournings and
Shirtings, only 5c.
2 cases Fancy Challies, (equal to silks in colorings) at 5c. and
7c, worth 8 and 10c.
75 piece? Dress Ginghams, beautiful styles, at 8 and 9c.
65 pieces double-fold White Nainsooks in Stripes, Checks and
Plaids, at 5c, sold usually for 8c,
Silks Mulls (50 in. wide) all shades at 45c.
Embroidered demi Flouncings from 25c up.
A BIG DRIVE in Ladies7 Silk Taffeta Gloves. All colors and
black at 25c
60 doz. Ladies' Undervests at 10c worth double.
Large line of Mattings from 15c. up.
Lots of Other Bargains,
Space prevents mentioning this time.
We Promise to Please
Very Respectfully,
Dressmaking and Millinery our Specialties.
Eclipse and Dow-Law
Cotton Planters,
Acme, West and Ely
Fertilizer Distributors.
Dixie Boy and Georgia Ratchet
Plow Stocks*
The largest line of
Plantation Implements and Farmers' Hard
Still leading on best brands of High Grade Fertilizers,
and Pure Imported
German Kainit.
Will keep on hand during Spring and Summef a full line
of Groceries and General Merchandise. Get our prices, ?nd
save money. We will not be undersold.
Leading Brands of Tobacco:
Shell Road and Twin City. Try Them.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers and General Merchants.
ml svkim;
Attractive Novelties of latest designs in
Dress Goods \Trimmings.
A Complete Steck of Notions.
Ladies' ?NDBRYESTS in Great Variety,
Silk, Wool and Cotton. From 10c. to $2.00.
We ask your Special Attention to
Our Stock of Handkerchiefs. From
3 cents to 50 cents.
Our line of Ladies9 Summer Crloyes.
New Arrival of Thompson's Glove Fitting Corsets.
Is in full blast under the efficient management of Miss
McLean, formerly of London, who has both a for
eign and domestic training. Fit guaranteed.
SVJflTER, s. c.

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