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Sj)* a&atebmaa at? ^oa?ljron.
^??B?????S^ 1901.
The Sumter Watchman was rounded
in 1850 and the True Southron in 1866.
The Watchman and Southron now has
the combined circulation and influence
of both of thc old papers, and is mani
esr.'y the best advertising medium in
The congressional race is still in a
very nebulous condition and it is still
difficult to name the candidates, to
say nothing of picking the winner.
In Sumter County, many have been
spoken of as candidates, but only ene
has formally and positively announced
that he is in the race.
Orangeburg . County furnishes two
"bona fide candidates, Senator Thomas
F. Brantley and Dr. Starkie, while
others are mentioned as possibilities.
Lexington county may have several
candidates, but none has put a card
in the Leixngton papers thus far.
Colle ton County will probably have
one candidate. Mr. Howell, but at last
accounts he had not fully decided to
-enter the race.
After the State Executive Commit?
tee meets on Thursday, the 25th inst.,
the candidates may be expected to de?
clare themselves, and out of the many
mentioned as possibilities it is but
. .reasonable to suppose tnat few will be
left to toe the mark.
Judge Buchanan, who has been a
nominal resident of Sumter for a few
years by reason of his election to the
judgeship of the Third-Circuit, is said
to be quite an active candidate, and
his eagerness to be elected to Congress
is believed by many to be due not so
much to an ambition to sit in the hall
of Congress as to avoid the inevitable
that he sees will follow the election of
judges by the Legislature in Decem?
ber. He has, it is true, a congressional
ambition and has had for some few
years, but his ambition did not go so
far as to hazard a contest with the
late Dr. Stokes and he held on to- the
office he had. Now that this job is
about out and there is to be a general
scramble for the vacant seat in Con?
gress, his ambition has taken fire and
he enters the arena full-armed with
hope for the fray. It is hard to esti?
mate Judge Buchanan's strength, for
in no particular county is he said to
have a 'strong following. In Sumter
County he will be snowed under by
any other good man, identified
with the district, who may run. It
will not require a Sumter County man
io defeat him in Sumter County, un?
less we are greatly deceived by the re?
ports received, although we have heard
that he is to receive a certain meas?
ure of support from those who give as
a reason for supporting him the desire
.to get rid of him as a judge. This is
the status of the only avowed candi?
date who claims Sumter as his resi?
If Mr. Altamont Moses and Mr. E.
D. Smith both enter the race the vote
of the county will be badly cut up, and
with the candidates from the other
counties to divide the vote in the bal?
ance of the district in almost the same.
manner, the race at present does not
seem to hold out any particular en?
couragement to any particular candi?
date. Until the candidates are thinned
clown to a strand it is anybody's race.
Charleston will eventually have to
enforce the dispensary law and the
city authorities may as well recognize
this at once. If the proper efforts
were made by the city authorities, and
the police acting under their orders,
the open violation of the law could
be suppressed and the wide-open liquor
saloon driven out of business. Of
course liquor would continue to be sold
surreptitiously but this would not be a
drop in the bucket to what is now sold
openly and without a pretense of con?
Having about made a finish of the
benevolent assimilation of the Indian
lands the time is at hand for the ex?
tension of the same practice to the
Philippines. When the land boomer
gets to work the Filipinos will long
for the easy time they had when the
greedy and grasping Friars were in
Col. Harvey Wilson, who is a candi
' date for Secretary of State at the next
election, has some "friends," not in
the Seventh District, who have been
remarkably eager for him to become a
-congressional candidate. Will they be
~as zealous in his support in the next
' election when he needs votes to be
'-elected Secretary of State? We think
uwst, for there is such a thing as kill?
ing a candidate by putting bim up for
another office.
The Appelt-Hoyt feud is settled and j
no one need anticipate a bloody d??
nouaient of the recent bandying of j
-epithets. The fire-eating Senator from
Clarendon has returned the soft an?
swer that turneth away wrath.
It is strange that we have heard <>f
no commercial democrat applying for
the Sumter Postoffice. Senator Mc?
laurin assuredly wants support in
Sumter and the postoffice here pays a
pretty fair salary.
2 The State pharmaceutical society
is prosecuting druggists in whose
shops prescriptions are copounded in
violation of the law. A dispensary con?
stable was assigned to the task of
working up the cases and a number of
drug store proprietors are now unde/
indictment. It is the case that drug?
gists who are licensed and authorized
to practice frequently employ unskill?
ed apprentices to compound prescrip?
tions. The law is severe on such par?
ties, declaring : "That it shall be un?
lawful for the proprietor ofany phar?
maceutical shop to allow any person
not qualified in accordance with the
provisions of this act to dispense
poisons or compound thej prescriptions
of physicians. "
It is stated that some of the candi?
dates will oppose the entry of Dr. L.
J. Sturkie in the Congressional race
in this district on the ground that he
is not a resident of the district and,
therefore, not elegible. The facts are
that Dr. Sturkie is a citizen of
Or-angeburg county which he former?
ly represented in the Legislature, but
is now holding an official position at
the penitentiary in Columbia.. The ob?
jection to Dr. Sturkie seems to be far
fetched, puerile and not worthy of con?
sideration except that it shows that a
candidate or candidates fear the oppo?
sition of Dr. Sturkie. If we are not
mistaken in our recollection there are
cases on record were men have been
elected to congress to represent dis?
tricts in which they had never resided
and that they were seated and served
out their terms, but this precedent
is not needed to establish the eligibil?
ity of Dr. Sturkie, for there can be no
reasonable question of that. We do
not know Dr. Sturkie and probably
would not vote for him if we did, but
we are opposed to any attempt to
arouse prejudice against any candidate
on such flimsy grounds. This is going
to be a great race ,for congress, and |
the more candidates the merrier it will j
The State Board of control has very
properly withheld the dispensary
profits of Charleston and will employ
additional constables to enforce the
law in that city. We have never been
a friend of the dispensary law and do
not now approve of it as a system, for
many satisfactory reasons, but we do
believe in respecting and enforcing a
law so long as it is on the statute
books and this the people of Charles?
ton have never pretended to do. Th?
saloons have been run as openly for the
past few years as they ever were before
the enactment of the dispensary law
and we do not believe, judging from
the view point of an occasional visitor
to the city, that an earnest effort has
ever been made by either the State
constables or the municipal authori?
ties to enforce the dispensary law in
the city of Charleston. The blind
tigers, so-called, have been too open
in the conduct of their business in the
past tc admit of the belief that they
feared any interference and we arrived
at the conclusion, from observation,
that whatever raiding was done was
all an understood and prearranged mat?
The Best Bemedy Fer Stoaaca and
Sovel Trouble.
"I have been io the drag rosiness for
twenty ?ears and have sold .most all the pro
prietary medicines of any note Among tbe
emire list I have never fou: d aov thing to
eqTal C?aorprlain's Co?c, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy for all stomach ?od oowel
focb'.es,1' e?yj ? W. W8ke6e!d. of Coiuoa
bos. G-i "This remedy ?cured two severe
cases of choiera morous in my family ar.d I
h*ve recommended and sold hundreds rf
bottles of it to c y customers to their entire
satisfaction. I* -Mord? ? qu?ck *T d sor*? cure
in a p'.MSant fo m F jr g.le by D- A J
The attitude of the McKinley gov?
ernment as to Sampson and Schley is
one of free and unmixed corruption and
injustice. The public fully under?
stands the really rascally conduct of
that Yankee Secretry Long, who rich?
ly deserves the contempt and detesta?
tion of every upright American citi?
zen. The new medal just made by or?
der of this infamous fellow recognize
only "the man behind the gun,*"
while giving no sort of credit to the
great hero who commanded. Rear Ad?
miral Schley. the modest Marylander.
A profile of Sampson appears on the
West Indian medal. If Sampson were
half a man, much less a hero, he
would not allow the completion of
that detestable infamy. A Washing?
ton dispatch to the Baltimore Sun
says: "The friends of Admiral Schley
will possibly resent the fact that as
second in command their is no thing
on either side of the medal to indi?
cate this fact, and all the glory ??roes
to Sampson, whose name as well as
likenss. appears upon one side.'*-Wil?
mington Messenger.
The Alabama Constitution.
Montgomery, Ala., July li).--Thej
Constitutional Convention this morn?
ing after a short debate reconsidered ;
Section 27 of the Legislature report !
adopted yesterday, which confines the;
appropriating power of the Legisla
ture to estimates of the Governor and ;
auditor for four succeeding years.
Judge Coleman moved an amendment
That the Legislatur?* may appropriate
a surplus and provide for capital en
largement independently of estimates. !
Judge Coleman also presented a peti- ;
tion from the citizens of Birmingham,
representing 81,"XK),000 taxable proper
ty, protesting airinst the improvernen 1
bond issues authorized by a certain .
section of tin- artic!'* <>n taxation.
The articles on local legislation and '.
on State and county boundaries were
read the third time and passed. The,
latter leaves the county boundary at j
600 square mi lev. !
Weekly Crop Bulletin.
Columbai, July 53.-The averge
temperature for the week ending S a.
m. Monday. July 22d, was SO decrees,
or practically normal, with a mini?
mum of 66 at Greenville. The average
sunshine was below normal, and more
sunshine would have been beneficial in
the north border counties. High winds
broke down much corn in a few coun?
ties on the 14th.
The rainfall ranged from less than
half an inch to over five inches, the
former in the central portions of the
State, and central Savannah valley.
The larger amount fell in Marlboro
and Newberry counties, while over the
eastern, northeastern, northern, and
extreme western counties the rainfall
was generally excessive, and damaging
to crops by flooding bottoms and low?
lands, and by preventing much needed
cultivation. A few points had insuffi?
cient rainfall, and there crops are
suffering and did not improve, but
over the larger portion of the St?te the
weather was favorable on growing
crops, causing a general and in places
marked improvement in their condi?
Cotton improved throughout the
State, and, while still very small, is
growing fast and in most places is
fruiting satisfactorily. In a few sec?
tions it is heavily fruited, while some
young cotton has not begun to bloom.
The outlook for this crop is decidedly
better than heretofore, although some
fields remain grassy, and all cf it
needs cultivation, but over the eastern,
northeastern, and portions of the
northern counties the ground was too
wet for cultivation. Sea-island con?
tinues to blight in spots.
Early corn is a failure in many
places, and, although somewhat im?
proved, is very poor generally. It is
maturing rapidly in the eastern por?
tions of the State. Young corn, espe?
cially that planted on stubble lands,
looks quite-promising. On river bot?
toms, where usually the finest corn is
raised, the crop will amount to practi?
cally nothing.
Tobacco shared in the general im?
provement, and in places has started
new growth that will delay cutting,
but cutting and curing made fair prog?
ress, and some has been marketed.
Sweet potatoes look promising, some
slips being set out, while in Charleston
County some fields are ready to dig
and market. Rice is excellent, but
caterpillars are destroying upland rice
in Hampton County. Peas came up to
good stands : some sections report more
than the usual acreage sown, others
less. . Sugar cane and pastures are
good. Melons are generally poor.
There is widespread complaint of
peaches-and grapes rottting.
Denmark, July 20.-Wash Jamison,
who attempted rape on Mrs. George
Hutto, in Orangeburg County, and
only failed in his purpose by the ar?
rival of field hands, who, hearing
screams, came to her assistance, when
the nergo Jamison ran off and escaped,
was traced and caught at Woodbine,
Ga., and brought to Denmark on the
Seaboard train this afternoon. While
on the train Jamison grabbed a pistol
from one of his guards, and attempted
to kill A. D. Pearson and J. J. Fogle,
who had him in charge. The conduc?
tor of the train had to come to their
assistance, beating the negro over the
head with a club before he could be
overpowered and the pistol taken from
On arrival here Jamison was placed
in a buggy and in charge of four men
was starte'd through the country for
the scene of his crime, but after going
several miles they returned to Den?
mark and placed him in the hands of
Magistrate Ray, who immediately
swore in citizens to protect the negro
against any lynching party that might
come from Orangeburg County.
There was never any danger of
lynching, because very few knew of
th-? crime or his subsequent arrest.
Denmark citizens are indignant a the
report going to the Governor of any
threatened lynching in our town.
Sheriff Hunter, with his deputies, and
also the Bambers: Guards arrived on
the 8.30 train from the county seat.
Jumping off the train, they double
quicked to the town guard house, to
find all quiet and guarded by Denmark
citizens. After a thirty minutes' rest
the command was given to fall in and
with the negro in the lead the line of
march was taken from Denmark to
Bamberg jail.
It is now midnight and no signs of
any lynching party, the town being
quiet and peaceful.
? Fireman's Close Call.
"I stuck to my engine, although every joint
ached anj ererv nerve was racked with pain,"
writes 0 W Beliamr. a locom >nve fireman, of
Burlington, Iona. '-Iwas weak and pale, with?
out any appetite and ail run down. As I was
about to give np, I go: a bot'le nf Electric Bit
ters and, a'"ter taking it. I felt a? well as I ever
did in my life " Weak, sickly, run down peo>
p;e al ways gain new life, strength am vigor
from their u-e. Try them Satisfaction guaran
t-ed by J F W DcLorm- Price 50 cants. 2
West Point, N. V., July 20. - During
th*- funeral of Gen. Butterfield lien'
today, '2~, or 30 cadets fell, overcome by
th?* heat and fatigue A sufficient
number of carriages which were at
iii?- cemetery conveyed them to the
hospital. The victims are mostly of
tin- new class. Thc cadets were sub?
jected t?> a long practice march in the
hot sun during thc forenoon and upon
their return to West Point, without
food, were ordered immediately to
change their dress and fall into line
for tin- fuiieral. At the cemetery they
were required to stand in a constrain?
ed position for a considerable time and
this ordeal was more than thc fresh
recruits could endure. None of the
cases are regarded as dangerous.
WORD that word is
lt refers to Dr. Tutt's Liver Piiis and
Are you constipated?
Troubled with indigestion?
Sick headache?
ANY of these symptoms atad many others
indicate inaction of the LlVFP
_You BTo?c3.
Tott's Pil
Take No Substitute.
Mill men who have need for babbit
metal for renewing bearings can
obtain old type from the undersigned.
Type metal is much more expensive
than commercial babbit metal and is
much superior as any one who has
used it knows. I have a lot of old
type on hand which will be sold as
babbit metal at a price that will
make it cheaper than babbit.
May 30 X. G. OSTEEN.
Au eximioaiion tor 'be 3?bolar3hips m 'be
Peabody Normal Coileee announced scm?
rime ?20 wi?! be held nt tbe fcllowio? places:
Columbia, Scar-rtD^ure, Greenvil e ?nd
Crjar!e3'oo. T?e que-lion? w;h be furnished
by the Pe-ibcd/ Norm il Cohere Committee
at Nashville. Thev will b* sent to tfceSt^'e
Superin'endent of Eiuratjon who will send
.hem to 'he varions commut?es. Tbe ques?
tions w.il1 oe answered bv the apic-cums in
the pr?sence or rh? co r-itteeand the papers
all fcrwradfc TO the central committee in Co
looiMi, woo wi;i deirrm?ne the successful
Tberf ?retour ap* cinrcoerits to be made.
Tbe scbcla-?n-ps arr good for two years ned
are worth 51 CO *nd tbe stuieuts ra-'roe-d fere
to Nashville and return Af'er 'be first year
the amount maj tie r-duced frcm $100 to S 0
Tbe e^aTiina'ion ^ tli nfgin ar 9 o'clock,
Tuesday. July 23i Toe following commit
tf-es wi'l nave coarse (f 'ne ezan ioations at
'be various points. Co urr.bia, Professors A
G Rtmr-ert *nd C W B^in ; Gre-n/ilie, Mr U
B \U-tin and Prof B E G<-er ; Spartanbur-j,
Mr ? C Elu-ore and vr Geo S Briggs;
Cr.arles'on, Messrs W K Fate and Claude L
Io8tructione b'*ve bet*n received from Mr
John Vf Ba*?s, Secretary of tne College, that
; the appo n'ee tjhall be required to make an
average per ceot not lower mau 65 per ceot.
The State of South Carolina,
County of'Sumter.
By Thos. V. Walsh, Esq., Probate
Whereas, William Smith made suit
to me to grant him Letters of Ad?
ministration, with Will annexed, of
the Estate of and effects of ?Winter
Pinckney, Deceased.
These are therefore to cite and ad?
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditorsiof the said Winter Pinck?
ney, late of said County and State
deceased, that they be and appear be?
fore me, in the Court of Probate, to
be held at Sumter C. H. on August 8th,
1901 next, after publication thereof, at
ll o'clock in the forenoon, to show
cause, if any they have, why the said
Administration should not be granted.
Given under my Hand, this 24th day
of July, Anno Domini, 1901
Judge of Probate.
July 24-2t.
THE COUNTY Board of Commis?
sioners will let outj Repairs of said
Bridge, on August 3d. prox. Plans
and specifications made known at that
time and place. Right reserved to re?
ject any and all bids.
W. H. SEALE, Co. Sup'rs
Thos. V. Walsh. Clerk.
Julv 24, 1901.
We Have Added to
our Milling Business
new Outfit for mak?
ing pure
?Send us your
For samples and further in?
formation address or apply to
Dwight & Go.,
Wedgefield. S. C.
July 10
The State of South Carolina,
County of Sumter.
By T. V. Walsh, Esq.,Probate Judge.
Whereas, Jas. E. Mayes, made
suit to me to grant him letters of
Administration of the Estate of and
effects of Nelson Brockington, dee'd.
These are therefore to cite and ad?
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said Nelson Brock?
ington. late of said County and State
deceased, that they be and appear be?
fore me in the Court of Probate, to be
held at Sumter C. H., op July 20th,
1901, next, after publication thereof,
at ll o'clock in tht* forenon. to show
cause if any they have . why the said
Administration should not be granted.
Given under mv hand, this 10th dav
of Julv A. D., 1901.
Julv 10-2t Judge of Probate.
co Pi SO'S CURE FOR to
i -linn 11111 y ni u 11 mnBi 1
The opportunity you have long looked for to
get a desirable city lot at the
Big Auction
Of Lois in the Hughson
JULY 25th,
At 9.30 a* m.
This is the healthiest part of the city, being 18 feet higher than
the level of the city and right near the Water Works.
Only One-quarter cash, balance in twelve
equal monthly payments,
j * : One JLot Free ! % % i
To the lucky winner. Everyone attending the sale has an
equal chance on it whether you buy or not. The steady
growth of Sumter is bound to continue, the large manufactur?
ing as well as tobacco and plantation interests insures it.
Free Carriages
Will convey everybody to the grounds.
Do you realize that houses are scarce and small investments in
Sumter realty are bringing large returns.
Don't miss this chance-Thursday, July 25f
at 9.30 a. m.
On Friday, July 26th,
We will sell the
Lots on corner of H arvin
and Liberty Streets?
Terms-20 per cent cash balance to suit pur?
For further particulars address,
JOS. H. Phillips* Pres. Brunswick, Ga.
Or L. K. Phillips, Representative, Hotel Sumter.
DeLorme's Pharmacy
Removed across the street opposite
O'Donnell & Co's.
New Store, New Fixtures, New Stock ;
Everything new and fresh
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded by
Experienced Licensed Druggists.
Complete stock of Toilet Articles and Sundries.
Joly 13
Ramsey & Co.
Palmetto State Chill and Fever Core.
A Guaranteed Cure.
We take great pleasure in placing this sovereign remedy
an absolute antidote for malarial poison-before a suffering
public, and feel safe in asserting it will fill a long-felt want.
Will cure any and every case of Chills and Fever, no matter
whether it is the product of Malaria, Mal-aqua or the Mosquito.
All we ask is that you give it a trial. Don't wait until you are
broken down in health, but begin right away and see what the
wonderful remedy will do for you. We will gladly refund the
purchase price, -50c for any failure to cure when the directions
are strictly carried otit. Mail orders a specialty.
Yours to serve,
Julv 24-3m Wedgefield, S. C.

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