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Ipbw Gen. John H. Morgan
l^iSlain and the Indignities Show
fe to His Body.
^/;-'AbMyine;Mediiim,-,pct. IO, 1899.
^^B?riaps nocavalry officer of the Con
^Sa^rate army was more popular than
gljS?n^John BL Morgan, of Kentucky.
p^B^ troops idolized him, for no one
?gP?n^ the
?coni?ortof Ms. ?nen. ?is. death and
^pfi^^pture of his personal staff at
^Err?envill^ Tennessee, on the 4th of
j . September, 1884, is a part of the his
|8f?ry;of the late war. On the 3rd day
^^cSe?tember Gen. Morgan; attended
Sgi^-Ms staff, consisting of Capts.
^^^rt 'G. Withers, Jas; : Bogers, H.
l|p????ay^aiid Maj. Garrett of the A.
mj^:M.department, started from Car
?Jster's/ station in command of about
^^QO^valry, 'composed m part of the*
&|r>;r?gades of Cantrell, Giltnsr and Eve
8?|gjj^"? and ? 'detachment f rom Gem
^^*as?ha5s brigade in command of CoL
^^radford, and a section cf artillery.
||^rje?nvill? was reached about five
^/?t>yclock?in the evening of fae 3rd. The
^?TO^r^re'ijixajrtered in and around
p&^vtown, with headquarters at Mrs.
<: Wiiliams's, whose residence was situ
^^edin the eastern portion of the town,
fy "CoL Bradford was ordered to. picket
P^alferoads leading in the direction dfj
^^r?Ps^ Gap, the stronghold of tho.
?|?neiojvas it was well known that Gen.
^gillam with about, three, thousand
^^ed?imounted men was at that. placer,
^i^waaithe purpose of Gen. Morgan to
^D?t?mr"at 3 o'clock on the morning of
|p&"4th' of September and x to attack
|l|?Bfenemyjas soon as he could reach
^ba^f but unfortunately at about lr
^^Clockon the morning of the 4th, a
f?&m?^ began to fall, in' : conse
|*?gj??iice pf whicb- Gem Morgan eounter
?'manded his orders to move at 3 a. m.,
g^^^^gc-backl ?^'tne night of the
^^ia^c4d^resident d? Green?vil?e came
||?^0ie;: souse of Mrs. Williams, ap
^^t?cb?d. Maj. Garrett and. Capt.
^Bogers, who were sitting ia the front
pipiazza of v the house, and informed
^?hem that the junior Mrs. William had
^^fe ?he' town. As it was kaown that
^^r?-?1insband was? with the Federal
l^mmand at Bull's Gap, he believed
^^^??ended to betray Gen. Morgan if
^General was immediately in
B^rined of this and at once notified
^?^^fficers in -Charge of ? the outposts.
3?3s- the moantime Mrs.' Williams was
p|?o^ed: after; and could nowhere- be
^?lratd^.;.^ in
l^ihe officers in charge of the pickets,
g^^iforgan. and. staff retired for the
gHgbfc^ As before stated, at about 1
^^^t^The couriers and orderlies, were
l^uartered in the back piazza or pb*-,
g^tco of .tho house. C?en. Morgan, ever
^mindful pf the-comfort Ms1 men, bad
^^^^dowiQ; stairs, and .moved the boys,
pl?fede the lower ha??: ~ " The house is a
^^3^e}^y^3^bri<?:. - building with four
^^^^Dtt'?ach; floor, the f?cond story
^^^^^&?^??rbj ? winding stairway.
^S^i^iralvoccupied;?the upper front
^^imljxi^he ?gut,; Capt Withers and
^S&^xG?reit tibie one' opposite, Capts.
^B^sy|and Bogers the one in rear of the
gg^feneral's room.
^^^g^iwas quiet until about day light
^i?^?ie 4th- when the writer was asked
^^^^anse of so much firing. It being
^yery unusual, I approached the 'back
^^ndow and found that the back street
^^d^back yard were filled with
|^?edftrals, who were having a regular
^?^i wit? the orderlies ; and couriers
p|?bw. No time was to be lost. I
^^p^out and towards the General's
larcom and "Camain collision with Miss
Ipiambough, a sister of the-Mrs. Wil
^^M^wbo had deserted and betrayed
??s the night before. Miss Bambougb
Wj$^^ing to Gen. Morgan's room to
^inform rum of the presence of the
f^afemy; No sooner done than the
gGfeaeral was up and partly dressed, in
^raapany of Maj. Garrett and Capt.
^Kogers,: left the house. We first . went
^>-a small church situated on the left
Pi|^;frontof the yard Finding that
^^.^c?uld not conceal ourselves, the
ggeuera? sent Maj. Garrett to the en
^s?nee from Main street to see if it
^|was possible to make ail exit by
:-: .-taat route. .
^giCapt.. Bogers and a Mr. Johnson,
^|?o was|clerk for the adjutant gene
{renjained with Gen. Morgan. We
pEDBSsed from the front yard of the
^premises to the garden of the1 old
^|iotel: building which occupied the
^buthesast cerner of the .square. From
pf?iere; we'passed in a small vineyard to
I??be rear: By this time those of the
Jistaff who had remained in. the bouse'
Swere captured, and the . whole town
ll^med alive with Yankee soldiers.
PfWhile in the vineyard we were sur
Spc^ded and Geri. Morgan was foully
^m^rdered after She . whole party had
^??rx?ndered The old Yankee " story
p?^t he fought unto death is absolute
^^untrue as none of the party fired a
^|Th? General's body was then thrown
^across a horse in front of a cavalry
?poan who- paraded the streets shouting,
ll?here's your horse thief, " etc. Those
got pas who were captured and the Gen
gSepl's body were , remo ved to the top of
Mil west of Greenville where we
?sras? Gillam, and his command. By
igthis the clothing, of the General
Shad* nearly ail been stripped from his
^body, and he lay like a hog in his wal?
low" covered with blood. Gen.
^.Gillam, however, righted this indig
? ni ty' as far as he could. He had the
-bodyiplaced in an ambulance and in
rehangs of .Capt. Withers, Clay and
Igjfegers, it was brought back to the
^Williams' residence, where it was
washed, dressed and left for removal
isp?, the Confederates. The officers of
? the staff were afterwards moved to.
Knoxville, from there to Chattanooga,
> and in transit from the latter place to
? 'Nashville, made their escape from the
cars, Capts. Clay and Withers going
to Canada, and Capt. Bogers joining
Gen. Hood at Florence. Ala.
James Bogers, Jr.
Saares Two From Death.
Our litt?o daughter bad aa alciost fatal
. iitack of whooping cough aad bronchitis/
?writes Mrs. W. K. Haviland, of Armonk. N.
TTn **but, when all other remedies filled, we
-{??ved her life with Dr. King's New Discovery.
Our niece, who had Consumption in an ad?
vance stage, also used this wonderful medi?
cine and today she is perfectly well/* Despe?
nte throat and lung diseases yield to Dr.
? King's N?w Discovery as to no other medicine
<a earth. Infallible, for Coughs: and Colds.
Ste and $IM b?t?es 'guaranteed by J. F. W.
DeLorme. Trial bottfes free. - 6
Official Returns of Congressional
Columbia, Sept. 27.-The official re
turas of the second Congressional pri?
mary in the Seventh District are as
follows :
H Lever. Brantley.
Colleton, 693 529
Orangeburg," 1,352 1,986
Dorchester, 305 434
Lexington, 2,162 419
Berkeley, 258 442
Richland, 32 38
Sumter, .787 497
5,589 4,345
Lever's majority over Brantley of
1,244, is considerably larger than anti?
cipated by his most sanguine support?
ers. Before the election they were
confident that Lever would win with
several hundred votes to spare, but
none ventured to predict a majority of
more than a thousand..
Congressional Election Nov. 5th.
Columbia, Sept. 26.-The governor
today notified the election commission?
ers in the counties of the Seventh dis?
trict that lie had issued his procalma
tion fixing November 5 as the day for
the holding of the general election
for congressman in that district. This
is the regular election day in Novem?
ber." **
Roosevelt Twenty Years Ago ;
Whiskey and Prosperity.
,i "The first time I ever saw Theodore
Roosevelt was back in the early '80's, "
said a man' who used to\ live in the
twest "I met;Mm on a sleeping car
-coming east, from Wyoming, where he
had been visiting his ranch on the
edge, of the bael lands. At that time
.he was unknown to the public except
as the author of a few magazine arti?
cles on western life, but luckily I had
[read them and they formed ;a Bridge
for conversation. I found him a> burly
?young man with a heavy brown beard,
which he had allowed to grow during
;his trip, and with manners that were
^nervous and abrupt, but nevertheless
very engaging. He was just recover?
ing from an attack of snow blindness
and wore large blue glasses, so he was
tpretty well disguised.. There were
eight or ten passengers on the car,
^representing the usual wide variety, of
i^pe to be found on the frontier, and i
remember that .Roosevelt easily took
the lead in conversation. His .versatil?
ity and the extent of his information
-were surprising, and there was a vein
of quaint humor that ran through his
italk and lent a certain sparkle to al?
most everything he said. Somebody
Remarked,for instance, that he- had
rec?n?y visited "a new mining camp
in the Black hills and had to pay 50
cents for ? drink of execrable whiskey.
*' 'You can always determine a
camp's-a^e, and stage of development
fty the price charged for drinks, ' said
Roosevelt, chuckling. * Four-bit, whis?
ky means recent occupation, unsettled
conditions and the presence of one
half barrel, which some fellow has
brought over the trail on a burro.
Two-bit whiskey indicates that the
regulation boom is on, that tenderfeet
are plenty and that regular communi?
cation with the outside world has
been established. The next drop to
three for a half is not a sign of a
slump, but merely shows that the first
excitement has passed and the town is
getting down to what they call a
* business basis.' Fifteen-cent drinks
mean that the business basis is reach?
ed, courts have been established, a
schoolhouse is being built, claim
jumping has become bad form,.plug
hats are tolerated and faro banks hare
moved upstairs. Any further de?
cline, however,' added Mr. Roosevelt,
'is a danger signal. Two-for-a-quar
ter whiskey is a sure?ign of deteriora?
tion, and 5-cent beer means that a
stampede has set in for the next dig?
gings. That's' the way "to read the
alcoholic thermometer of the woolly
west' "
Job Couldn't Save Stood It
If he'd Had Iteming Piles. They're terribly
annoying; but Bucilen's Arnica Salve
cure he *orst eas.: of Pil?s on- earth- Ii bas
ccr.'d thousands- Fer Irjuries. Pains' cr B-d
ily' Eruptions it's the b*st salve in- tee wor'd
Pnce 25c a brx. Cure guaranteed. Sold by
J F W D,Lorzne. 6
The payment of the funeral expenses
of the late president and his surgeon's
bills will' be made by congress by a
special act. Congress ' appropriated
857,500 in the case of Garfield, 335,000
for physicians and $22,500 for funeral
expenses. It is anticipated that the
expenses arising from McKinley's
death will approximate this figure.
While the surgeons' bili will not be
near so heavy, the funeral was more
Since the Russian Count Orioff
feasted his friends on steaks cut from
the flesh of a mastodon, which had
been found by some Eskimo hunters
embedded in the ice near the mouth of
the Lena River, there has been no
more eccentric banquet served than
that partaken of in Liverpool recently
by a couple of well known antiquaries.
Practically the dinner was a vege?
tarian one, consisting as it did, of
apples, bread, butter and wine. The
apples were at least 1,800 years old,
having been taken from a hermetically
sealed jar unearthed at Pompeii. The
bread was made from wheat looted
from a recently opened Egyptian tomb,
the hieroglyphics thereon showing it
to have been grown in the reign of
that Pharoah "who knew not Joseph,"
and who afterward perished together
with his armies in the Red Sea. The
butter, discovered on a stone shelf in
an ancient and lons-disused .well, dated
from the days of '4Good Queen Bess,"
while the wine was old when Colum?
bus was a boy and came from a vault
in Corinth.
San Francisco, Sept. 25.-According
to information brought from the Car?
oline Islands the German officers on
the island of Ruk are incensed at the
action of an unknown American
whaling bark hailing from San
Francisco in selling knives and revolv?
ers^ {the natives. A big gun has
been planted-on an eminence overlook?
ing the anchorage, and fifteen men are
in charge of it While the gun is in?
tended for general use against smug?
glers, the American whaler is\p_articu
larly. desi red to come wi thin rat?ge.
Roosevelt's Southern Blood.
______ - j
The following is from the Augusta
! Chronicle :
! Since the elevation of Hon. Theodor^
j Roosevelt to the high office of presi- j
dent of the United States, all his ut?
terance gained new interest and in this
section of the country we are especial?
ly concerned in those which indicate
his appreciation of his Southern ties.
"We publish below a letter from Gover?
nor Roosevelt, of New York, to Mr.
James E. Osborn, of Wilmington,
Del., a gallant Confederate soldier
weil known to many survivors in this
city. Dr. R. H. Land is his personal
friend, and to him Mr. Osborn sent
the following letter for his perusal:
"State of New York, Executive
"Chamber, Albany, Jan. 4th, 1900. Mr.
James E. Osborn, 1516 Van. Buren St.,
Wilmington DeL My Dear Mr.
Osborn : Replying to yours of the 1st
inst., would state that the article was
in the Cosmopolitan Magazine. But
the exact date I would not be able to
tell you. I have not got,a copy myself.
"You may not "know that I am' half
southern, my mother coming from
Georgia. One bf my uncles built the
Alabama and another fired the last gun
from her before she sank.. -
(Signed. ) Sincerely yours,
" Theodore Roosevelt. ' ' .
. President Roosevelt's ancestors were
southern people and Georgians. The
family of Mr. T. O. Stewart here in
Newberry came from the same ancestry
and are closely related to the new pres?
ident. Of this family are Mr. T.
Oswald Stewart who was a lieutenant
in the Spanish war, and Mr. Casper
C. Stewart who was a private in the
same, and their sister, Mrs. E. H.
The South is in doubt as to its treat?
ment at the hand of President Roose?
velt, but hopes to receive the same
consideration and justice at his hands
that was shown it by his predecessor
and former chief. The South expects
this much from him and if she gets it
she will be. satisfied.-Newberry
Herald and News.
too Athletic Embrace.
From the Baltimore Sun.
"You don't seem to be moving with
your usual sprightly agility," said
one young man yesterday to another
as the latter climbed gingerly on 'a
John street car and signalled the con
dnctor not to start the car until he
had-carefully adjusted himself in the
end seat.
"You'd be as decrepit as I am,"
grimly retorted the other, "if you had
been the victim of the same misplaced
affection.' jjjj
" Yes," he continued, "I went *to
see Spencer off on a Boston boat the
other afternoon. Spencer is a crank
on athletics, and he said he was going
to Boston to recuperate his strength.
He. felt he'd sort of lost his grip-lost
his muscle.
"I was bemoaning the ill luck that'
kept^me drudging instead of accompa?
nying him when the captain shouted,:
' All h?nds.ashore !' I prepared to step
off the gang plank when Spencer sud?
denly flung his right_ arm around me
and. gave me a hug which can only be"
compared to that of the redoubtable
Samson of Bible lore. When, gasping
for breath, I found myself released
and asked if he had designs on my
life, he said, 'Only a fraternal em?
brace, old man-a fraternal embrace, '
then waved me. off the steamer.
"Two broken ribs are the sequel of
the story. I mean to mail Spencer the
doctor's bill and tell him he needn't
worry over any immediate failure of
strength, and I also mean to make a
house-to-house canvass among the
girls he knows and advise them to
wear plate armor if their intimacy
with him ever ripens to a point where
a fraternal embrace may be expected.
New York, Sept. 26.-Six men and
possibly seven, were killed and seven
injured by the explosion today of an
oil tank of the Essex and Hudson Gas
company at Newark, N. J.
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 26.-Sheriff
Caldwell and 16 men left at-10 .-06 with
Czolgosz in a special car attached to
the rear of the second section of the
9:30 train on the New York Central.
The train is due in Auburn at 2:12 tb- .
morrow . morning but being half an
hour late may not reach there until
London, Sept 27.-The Daily News '
publishes an unconfirmed rumor that
Lord Kitchener has resigned the
post of commander-in-chief in South
Africa owing to disagreements with
Mr. Brodrick, the war secretary.
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 25.-The jail
at Shelby ville is being heavily guard?
ed to prevent the lynching of Anna
Field, a negro woman, and Jumbo
Field and Clarence Garnett, negro
boys. William Hart, a printer, was
found dying in a path leading to the
Field woman's house on Saturday .
night. The two boys have confessed ?
to the murder and all three have been ?
Washington, Sept- 25.-Mrs. Roose- :
velt, wife "of the President took up her ;
permanent residence in Washington j
tonight, when, as mistress of the i
White House she occupied apartments
there for the first time. She reached
the city about half-past nine o'clock,
bringing with her two of the Roosevelt
children, the governess and a house?
keeper. President Roosevelt met Mrs.
Roosevelt and the children at the
porte cochere of the White House.
Apartments in the southwestern part of
the building have been specially fitted
up for the new Presidential family.
Hanover. N. H., Sept. 25.-Dart?
mouth College today conferred upon
Booker T. Washington the honorary
degree of doctor of laws.*
New York, Sept. 25.-Seth Low an?
nounced tonight that he would accept
the nomination for mayor by the anti
Tammany forces and added that he
would resign the presidency of Colum?
bia university. This will probably be
when he is formally notified of his
Abraham Lincoln's Remains.
Springfield, UL, September 26.-The
remains of Abaham Lincoln were
placed today in what it is expected
will be their final resting place. The
casket was taken from its former
place in the monument to Memorial
Hall and was there reopened. It was
finally placed in the vault recently
competed by the Lincoln Monument
Association. It is undertsood the re?
mains were not in a very good state of
preservation, but were easi lyndentified.
In good condition she is sweet and lovable,
?nd sings life's song on a joyful harmonious
string. Out of order or unstrung, there 13
' discordance and unhappiness. Just as there
is one key note to all music so there is one key
note to health. A woman might as well try
to fly without wings as to feel well and look
well while the organs that make her a woman
are weak or diseased. She must be healthy
Inside or she can't be healthy outside. There
are thousands of women suffering silently all
over the country. Mistaken modesty urges
their silence. While there is nothing more
admirable than a modest woman, health ii
of the first importance. Every other con?
sideration should give way befors it. Brad*
field's Female Regulator is a medicine foi
women's ills. It is
estway tocureleu
corrhea, falling ibf
the womb, nervous- j
ness, headache,
backache and gen?
eral weakness. You
will be astonished
at the result, es?
pecially if you have
been experiment?
ing with other so
called remedies.
We are not asking
you to try an uncer?
tainty. Bradfield's
Regulator has made
happy thousands of
women. What it
has done for others
it can do for you.
Sold in drug stores '
for $1 a bottle.
A free illustrated
book will be sent
to all who write to
Atlanta, Ge.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what yon eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can: take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation of gason the stom?
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Bietingunnecessary. Pleasant to take.
lt can't help k
but do you good
Prepared only by E. C. IteWirr&Co^ Chicagr
The $L bottle contains 2& times the 50c siz&
ita MED. ul Cold znrtalUe boxM. aealed
wit* bin? ribbon. Tokes* other. Befase
Dmserona SabatftB tiona ?ad Imita,.
tiona. Bu j-of jonrVrogstat. or ?end 4?. ia
.tamp^for PartiealM?, Testimonial?
*n<l "Bolter fer Lm?f-fin Imm. by re
tani Hall. 10.OOO T?rfmoi?inl?. Soldby
tn Draatet*. Chichester Ch euleal Caw
M?*? toto j?par. Madison Sqaare, PIULA? pH
Tie Largest ?l 1st dflete
Geo. S. flaeker & SOB,
Moulding & Building
office and Warerooms, King, opposite Can
non Street,
.^Sfr* Perchas* our make, wbichwe guaranu
superior to any sold South, ?.nd
thereby pave money.
Window and Paney Glass a Specialty
October 16-o. ^
Paid np Capital - - - - - $ 75,000 00
Surplus and Profite - . - - 25,000 00
Additional Liability of Stock?
holders in excess of their
stock -.- - 75,000 00
Total protection to depositors, $175.000 00
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Special attention given to collections.
Deposits of $1 and upwards received. Io
tereftt allowed at the rate ot" 4 per cent, per
annum, on amounts above $5 and not exceed?
ing $300, payable quarterly, on first; days of
January. April, July and October.
R. L. EDMUHDS, President.
City and County Depositary
Capital stock paid in, . . $75,000 00
Undivided surplus, . . . 16,000 00
Individual liability of stockholders
in excess of their stock, . 75, 000 00
Transacts a general banking business : also
bas a SaviDgs Bank Department Deposits of
$1 and upward received. Interest allowed a)
the rate of 4 per cent, per annum, payable
W. F. B. HAYNSWORTH, President.
Yice-Pteflldeot. Cashier
Jao 31.
Levi Bro*.
We wish to return thanks to our many friends for the liberal
patronage given us in former years, and to inform them
that in our
New Quarters North of the Court House
We are better equipped to serve them than ever before. A
cordial invitation is extended to our former customers and the
public generally to visit our new store and inspect the large
and carefully selected stock of General Merchandise we are
now showing.
Dress Goods and Trimmings,
AKD A . --.y::!;
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stock of
Standard, Staple and Fancy Groceries, Caa
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The stock is kept fresh and new by frequent replenishing.
We pay the -Highest Price for Cotton^
Main Street, North of the Court House,
Sumter, S. C.
Sep ll-3m
Ramsey & Ca
Palmetta State CM11 and Feyer Core/
A Guaranteed Cure.
We take great pl?asure in placing this sovereign remedy- -
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Yours to serve,
July 24-3m Wedgefield; S. C.
Estates of Mrs. Frances L. Din
Mas and Miss Williametta Din
kins, Deceased.
? WILL apply to the Judge of Probate
of Sumter County on October 12th. 1901,
for a Final Discharge as Administrator of
aforesaid Estates. ROBT. B. DINKIES,
Sept ll-it Admins orator.
Vigor jjrMen
Easily, Quickly, Permanently He
HINDIPO, Dr. Jean O'Harra's (Paris)
Great Freocb tooic and vttaiizer is sold with
written guarantee to cure Nervous Debility,
Lost Vitality, Failing Memory, Fits, Dizzi?
ness, B ve re: ia, stops ali drains on tbe ner?
vous system caaeed by bad habits or excessive
cse of tobacco, opium, liquors, or "living
tbe pace that kills." It warde off insanity,
consomption aod death. It clears the blood
and brain, builds up tbe shattered nerves,
restores the fire of youth, and brings the
pink glow to pale cheeks, and makes you
young and strong again 50c, 12 boxes $5
By mail to aoy addres?. For sale io Sumter
bv Dr J F W LaDorme. 3
Land Surveying.
WILL GIVE prompt attention to all
calls for surveying and platting landa.
Oct 10-o v . Catchall. S^Ov,
For Casi, ox on Approved Tapers.
- 2 60 Saw Lammas Gins with Fee Jera and
X eo Saw Hall Gin with Feeder and Con?
I Extra heavy Winship Press, a fine one,
complete. .
, 40 feet of 2 inch Shafting.
AH in good repair
Apply to W. W. DESCHAMPS & CO.,
Wieacky, S. C..
Or to A. A. STBAC3S,
April 17-tf_Maycstrille, S. C.
A new aad complete treatment consisting of
Suppositories, Capsules of Ointment and two
Boxes of Ointment. A neVer-failing core fo
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a od often resulta in death, unnecessary. Wb
end are this terrible disease? We pack a writ
ten guarantee in each $1 box. No Gare, Ko
Bay. o03 and $1 a box, 6 for $5. S ?ot by
mail, ?t-mples free.
OINTMENT. 25c and 50c.
CONSTIPATION cared, Piles prevented
by Japanese Liiver Pellets tbe great Liver and
Stomach Regulator and Blood Parifior.
Small, mild and pleasant tc take, especially
adapted for children's use. 50 doses 2& cte;
For sale by J F W DaLorme,
Feb 5 a

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