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Question of Offering Inducements to 1
tblnrabia Female College to Hove U
Somier Discussed Friday After?
noon-Committee Appointed.
A goodly number of citizen's met
the Opera House Friday afterno
a? 6L?5 o'clock under call of Ci
Council to consider the matter of offi
ing inducements to the Columt
Female College to move to this city.
Mayor Stuckey ; called the meet!
to order and stated its object. 1
spoke earnestly of the advantages th
would accrue co Sumter from t
establishment of such an ??stituti
here, and expressed, the hope that
strong rand -suited effort would
made to secure it;
The meeting was organized by -1
?;'f- election of Mayor Stuckey as Chai
man and John M. Knight' - Secretar
. Kev. J, W. KilgOv Secretary
Education y i?r^ theSouth - Carolh
Ckm?ere?ce, was asked:, to address t)
; meeting'aad made, a strong, and- fore
g ? . He .speec?i. He stated that the Colui
bia Female College was not compel?*
to leave Columbia on account of ai
~ lack ^ of ^patronage ? that the ?ollej
now is foll to overflowing. More roo
is impejativ^ely needed, and. the colley
must be enlarged in Columbia or moi
elsewhere. All the ground owned ;
that city is fully occupied, and mu<
more could be- used to advantage
- : -Mr.- Kilgo said-he "could pass over t?
% monetary advantage to the city of ha'
lng the college established hen
though that was a very1 important coa
s?d?rat?on, and one not to be "despiser
The -higher consideration; of the ia&
euee of such an institution in tl
> commnm
> it would bring here, a large unmix
" ;v \ -of , whom would move-here for the ?pst
pose of educating their darighteis, WJ
emphasized. ^?'
The college is not going begging i
; ahy:means. .
. io take it. However^ Aiken, and Ban
; b?ig. a for it and ?offe:
; ing inducements to the Trustees 1
locate with, them. But, Mr. iKiJg
insKted by t every .cbnsiaeratiotn, th
-. '.^llege.slionld come to Sumter. -Sun
ter's health is excellent, her water hi
^ almost a national reputation ior ii
>:. xparityi, the cltyCis growio? a?d pw
r Agressive-?not amushreom g3x>wth, bx
a solid, steadyand substantial -one-ri
e has no superior jin Jth? S?aG??s a ?rai
road centre, and ail these advantage
make it a most desirable location ic
a college." Besides nearly all the . coi
leges of South Carolina ar? located i
the northern and northwestern -part c
the State, and Sumter swould < be a
ideal place, for .the patronage of th
belt of counties. in the s?uthexn an
: eastern sections.
;:>. Mn . Eilgo said, that ?ae property c
the college, in Columbia was wort
from $65,000 to $75^)00, and.this mean
the establishment of a . plant her
"wofth at least that much.
' "Mr. Neill O'Donnell.-asked Mi
Eilgo what would be expected of Sum
; " : ter in the way of inducements. Mr
^ Kilgo answered, giving, the ? off ers e
other towns, and suggested that.. ?
committee be appointed to wait on th?
Board of .Trustees at its ?oming meet
ing on June 2nd and let them kn?v
that. Sumter will make effort to secun
the college.
o??':; : 'Son."^ch'3.-1' Manning endorsee
the. suggestion of . Mr. Kiig?, anc
thought we should do, everythins
possible to. bring the college to Sum
. ter. ; .. . . -.
Hon. T Altamont Moses thought i
well. to appoint the committee, am
moved that >it consist of the Mayo:
jgg^ and"six other : citizens, ithese gentle
> : ^ men to meet the trustees in Columbia
? Mr. C. M. Hurst, Jr., ipoke as tc
the duties -of the (committee anc
.. thought i t would be well -for them tc
look out for a site, <?e~, and-see whai
inducements could be offered thc
Trustees. He suggested ?that they ap?
point a sub-committee of othree to gc
to Columbia. -
- "Maj. H. Frank WSson ?fchought the
whole committee should ^o, and thai
it should be a live, earnest and work?
ing bo dy.
Gen. E. W. Moise ?as called for,
and made a capital speech. He said
it would be a very fine thing for Sum?
ter to get that college or amy othei
college. The presence of ?nch an
institution would be elevating ito - the
city. It would tone ap the miora!
? sense of the community and .set high
standards of character and conduct
among our young people. Whether it
is practicable or not to secnie it is
another question. We owe it io our?
selves and to the community in which
we live to use every effort in oui
power to get it here. -Gea.! Moise
.spoke warmly and his remarks were
. generously applauded.
Mr. Moses's motion was adopted and
Mayor Stuckey announced that he
would appoint the committee at his
The meeting then adjourned.
JMayor Stuckey announced his ap?
pointments of the committee to meet
the Board of Trustees of the Colom?
bia Jfr'emale College on June 2nd. In
attiring up the committee the Mayor
sadd ?hat he had taken the li cedri?
to increase it by the addition of two
The following is the committee, the
Mayor being Chairman, he having
been elected by the mass meeting:
A B. Stuckey, W. M. Graham, Kev.
J. W Ejlgo, Jno. M. Knight, Kich'd
L Manning, E. W. Moise, Neill
O'Donnell, H. F. Wilson.
The Mayor requests that any of the
above appoint?es who are unable to
serve will notify him that he may
make other appointments. It is highly
necessary that every member of the
committee should be in Columbia on
the date set
Honston, Tex., May 19.-The latest
reports rforn Goliad state that 98 per?
sons Vere killed and 103 injured by
the tornado which passed over that
city yesterday afternoon. The prop?
erty loss in the city and surrounding
country will probably reach $200,000.
The storm swept the city from end to
end and demolished " 150 stores and
residences, many of which cannot be
Fine stands of cotton, the best for
several years, are reported in all parts
of the county. Corn is also fine for
the season and the crop outlook as a
whole is said to be unusually good.
A Statement of Facts by Health Officer,
! Explaining Attitude of City Authorities.
Editor Item : The general impression
that the Board of Health and City
Conncil ordered the Model Steam
Laundry closed down is erroneous. On
the contrary, both of those bodies have
been ?nd aire still doing everything
possible to devise some scheme -to
assist Mr. Charles O'Brien, the pro?
prietor, to dispose of the waste water,
and he has not been interfered with
or requested or ordered to close his
laundry. Mr. O'Brien, on the other
hand, - has done nothing to solve the
jproblem of disposing of the waste water,
because, as he said, "that it would not
pay him to lay a line of pipe to any of
the city ditches so far away because the
patronage received from the city of
Sumter did not warrant such an
"expense and that he received nearly all
of his business from outer places."
He also said, and I think from ex?
perience he is correct, " that digging
another "dry weil" would "do no
good," and taat "he would shut down
before he wouid spend a cent or do
anything." .
By order of Board of Health I wrote
to other places, requesting inf ormation
as. to disposal of the waste water from
steam laundries, but the information
received did not solve the problem here, ?
because Sumter has no sewerage sys?
tem and because the Sumter Steam
Laundry was placed in the worst.possi
bhe place becau se of there being no
citydraiixs or ditches near to carry off
-the watex, <evan if this was not prohib
.i4ed;% ordinances. .
Mr." O'Brien was fully aware; of the
???S?cmlfcies .existing and complaints
made before he purchased the steam
laundry, because I served notice on
him,-as Manager for Suinter Hotel,
; to-4iba*e the nuisance. He could have
>conf??ued to run his laundry un?
molested., nutil such time as City
Coimci'i;decided what to do. As a
;matter of iact; it was not the. business
-cf <crty ^authorities * to- show Mr.
O'Brien how to abate this nuisance,
but -his busin?3ss to do so. "However,
-being actuated by a desire to help him"
and to "keep stu important enterprise
from leaving Sumter, the municipal
authorities :. interested - themselves to
.the extent me tioned above and in the
^meantime did not worry.him except
:to^have' a committee of physicians in?
vestigate the ?iU?ged nuiasnce.
Br. C W. Birnie, who has a house
-next to the . laundry, appeared before :
"the Board of Health to complain, andi
other citizens, white and colored, in j
that; : section complain daily of the j
-offensive odors from the stagnated, !
filthy water. I warned Messrs. Barr
& King, the .first proprietors, before
they had their building - half con?
structed that they would have the ;
trouble now experienced, and that they
were building in the worst possible
place in Sumter.
I mak? this statement in justice to ;
'City Council a.nd. Board of Health be- ]
cause I know that parties not. at all
interested are creating the impiession;
that Council and Board of Health '.
?and Health . O fficer have unnecessari?
ly arid unwisely worried Mr. O'Brien !
until he decided to close down the j
laundry, whereas he has beea treated:
with all kindr ess and patieace and .
assisted all that was possible.
E. L E?ardon, j
Secretaiy and Health OSicex.
- ni? > . . . mm - ,
The Prize Money Raised-Oa?e Feted F*r ?
June 24-25-Big Prizes Offered. *
. The mass meeting ia the Oourt:
House last evening was not largely at-|
. tended, but the re were present a ma- '
jority of the firemen andqniie & mum- ;
ber of citizens, who are thoroughly;
interested' in the Firemeii;'s Toatma
Mr. Neill O'Donnell, Ohaarmam, ;
called the meeting to order and ?asked j
the conmaittee appointed to collect i
funds for the tournament t? ?hey werne
ready to report.
Mr. Altamont Moses, Cfcairmaa of ;
the committee, reported thai 3820 had
been subscribed, and of this $3(5 j
had been collected, largely through i
the indefatigable efforts pf Messrs. W. !
B. Boyle and Edgar Skinner, who had!
done the greater part of the work for:
the committee. He stated also ' that :
at least ?800, the minimum asaanatj
said by the firemen to be necessary;
to insure the success of the tourna- !
ment, would be collected, and that the!
money being in sight the arrangements <
for the tournament could be proceed- ?
ed with immediately.
Mr. Moses- suggested that the
Chairman appoint a committee cf five'
young men to solicit contributions;
supplemental to the' amount already
raised by the original committee. The:
committee had solicited contributions
principally from the business and pro-:
Sessional men, and there were many;
men whom the committee did not see j
that he was certain would wish toi
eoufcr?bute something toward the;
tournament.. The committee suggest?
ed'could see these persons and obtain
?quite a large sum to supplement the
amount -now on hand. The suggestion
was adopted .and the Chairman will
appoint the .committee suggested by
the firemen.
A motion was made and carried that
the necessary committees to make all
the arrangement? for the tournament
be appointed by the Chairman, on
the suggestion of the firemen.
Foreman W. S" Graham, of Delgar
Reel Squad, stated for the firemen
that after consultation it had been
decided that June 24th and 25th would
be the most soi table time for the
tournament, and these dates were
thereupon agreed to.
The firemen have discussed a pro?
gramme and the main features have
already been decided upon, but until
the- committee have been appointed
and organized the official programme
will not be made public.
The prize list will be an attractive
one, the purses being larger than
heretofore offered in similar contests,
and teams from every town of any size
in the State should be present and
take part in the tournament.
Hollywood Camp, W. of W., will
have a picnic and barbecue on July
4th and at the last meeting of the
Camp a committee was appointed to
make all necessary arrangements for
the outing. The committee will en?
deavor to make the Woodmen's
Fourth the-greatest celebration of the
kind ever held in Sumter county,
City Council held a regular meeting
last Wednesday afternoon at'6 o'clock
with the- following members present.
Mayor A.' B. Stuckey, Aldermen W.
B; Boyle. D. J. Chandler, G. F. Ep?
person, W. H. Epperson, P. P. Finn,
E. W. Hurst and J. A. Schwerin.
Minutes of April 24th were read and
Mr. H. L. Scarborough, Supt. Sum?
ter Water Co., appeared and informed
Council that his company had granted
their request of March 12th, to extend
the water main in South Washington
Street one thousand feet, on condition
that Council take one additional fire
hydrant, and with the understanding
that this concession shall not. be con?
strued as a modification of the existing
contract. At a later stage of - the meet?
ing the Clerk was directed to: ask
Mr. Scarborough to postpone arrange?
ments or his extension until further
consideration be given the matter.
The Committee of Public Works ad?
vised leasing the Opera House to the
highest bidder and the Clerk was au?
thorized to advertise for bids, Coun?
cil reserving the right to reject any or
all bids that may be submitted. They
reported that arrangements are being
made with property owners for laying
new brick sidewalk on liberty Street
between Main and Sumter. The May?
or suggested -that artificial stone pave?
ments should be laid instead bf brick,
as they are much more, durable, and
but little more expensive. On motion
of Mr. G. F. Epperson, Council
decided to send the Supt. of Streets to
Columbia to learn the process of mak?
ing such pavements.
Health Officer E.. ? Reardon, cam?
in and announced that the Board of
Health'was in session and desired to
consult Council in regard to a laundry
in Sumter Street, reported' as a nui?
sance. The board was invited to im?
mediate conference and the regular
corder of business was suspended. Drs.
S. C. Baker and J, C~ Spann and Mr.
W. M. Graham came ia. Dr. Baker,
President of the Board, stated that the
proprietor bf the laundry in question
had been running waste water into a
Idry well wMch is constantly overflow?
ing; and that pools of water are about
the premises, "from which there is an
unpleasant odor, and which is some?
what of a menace to the health of the
neighborhood. The Board advised that
Council should require the proprietor
to lay a drain pipe to con vey waste to
some large open ditch by which i t can
be carried out of the city. This ap?
pearing to ' be the only possible solu?
tion of the difficulty under existing
circumstances Referred to the Com?
mittee of Public Works to eonisder
and repost.
Mr. Geo. "F. Epperson suggested
that as a necessary precaution for the
sq??imer months, the city should pro?
vide disinfectants to people unable to
buy them, and require their use. The
suggestion was adopted.
Mr. Schwerin called attention to
the unsanitary and offensive condition
Of open lots in business part of the
city, and on his motion the Health
.Officer was requested to post them, and
abaie nuisances which are*so common.j
Dr., Archie China was reelected city i
physician :for the present muncipali
terni. ."vj
Mr, Finn called attention to facts'
recently -published concerning the!
removal of Columbia-Female College!
and expressed the opinion that the
citizens of Sumter should make strong I
and conited effort to bring it to our,
city. He'.thought this a highly imper-;
ta?? matter, and on his motion Cone-.
eil decided to call a meeting of citi- ,
zens <at ?the Opera House on evening of.
16th -inst., to discuss the questiom;
and^ come to some decision as to;
the inducements to be .offered. ?
Mr. Schwerin asked reconsideration:
of the-action of Council of the last;
meeting in refusing to pay for repair-:
lng policemen's bicycles. The ques
.tioas. was discussed and on Mr, Boyle's;
motion referred to . the Police Coas.-;
mitfcee jfor;advice. ^
A letter was read from Mr. O. E. i
j Bostick protesting against being re- \
i qaiined ?to .pay j license for the privilege ;
j. of selling irait from cars ; and asking ?
that three (dollars collected from him!
hy ifcfee Ci ty Clerk for such license be ne- j
funded. The request was refused, as:
i the ?ax is a proper one under the>
Li cease-Ordinance. j
Communications were received from j
E. L Reardon, Secretary Board of '
Health, inviting city officials to attend ?
? Sanitary .Conference under auspices ;
of tbe.State Board of Health on 27th ?
and iS??a inst, in Charleston, S. Ci
The Mayor and Health Officer were!
elected to represent Sumter at this j
conference. 1
On motion of .Mr. .JTinn the: Clerk !
was directed to refund-nine dollars to j
Mr, Edgar .-Skinner, which was paid i
by him to ?an attorney for prosecuting ;
a ease in the Mayores court which
proseco-tioa resulted .in conviction and
payment of ? .fine ,of fifty dollars. !
Messrs. Haast, Schwerin and Chand?
ler were opposed to the claim, on "the
ground that it -establishes a bad prece?
A letter from Health Gffieer Rear?
don advised that. .the- .-sand traps at
comer of Main and Xii berty Streets be
filled ap, and. that :the ca&y ami te with
the county in cleaning out Socks
Branch, Referred to Committee of
Public Works.
On motion of Mr. Finn ?the Clerk
was directed to correspond .with the
Gamewell Fire Alarm Co., relative to
prices and terms for the installation
of their system in Sumter.
."???Report of Clerk and Treasurer for
April, and several claims against the
city, were referred to the Finance
I Council then adjourned to ?meet j
again on evening of 21st inst
A Boy Lost.
George Lewis, a little negro boy |
about ten years old strayed from the |
home of his mother, Dolly Lewis, on j
Council Street. Sunday the 11th, and * ?
although every effort lias been made to
find him no trace of his whereabouts
has been discovered. The boy had ;
been in the habit of spending a good '.
deal of the time at a neighbors and '
when he did not return home Sunday :
evening his mother was not uneasy,
thinking he was spending the night at <
the neighbor's house. On Monday 1
she made inquiry and learned that the i
boy had not been seen since Sunday, i
and she immediately began hunting <
for him. No one-has been found who <
knows anything about the boy and he ?
seems to have disappeared as complete- <
ly as if the ground had swallowed him, <
Closing Exercises of School-A Success?
ful Session.
Wedgefield, May 19.-Brief exercises
in the Auditorium this forenoon
marked the close of the 1901 and 1902
session of the Wedgefield High ScohoL
The scholarships medals in Prof. W.
P. Weyer's room were won by. Misses
Bessie Aycock and Nan Mellett. The
former was delivered with appropriate
remarks by Rev. L. J. Bristow and
the latter by Prof. Weyer.
The prize for penmanship and
orthography was won by Miss Aretas
Bradford ; the one for attendance and
deportment by Mr. Harry Mellett:
In the primary department the schol?
arship medal offered by Miss Evie Wil?
son was won by Manlins Aycock. His
record for the session was exceptional,
for he was not absent or late and did
not miss a recitation during the- entire
Prof. Weyer leaves for Charleston
tomorrow, to spend a day or two at the
Exposition before returning to his
home in Warrenton, Va: As has been
previously announced, the regular exer?
cises were dispensed with, on -account
of the death of Mr. Soule Mellett.
Miss Willa McMichaeljJof Woodruff,
S. C., is visiting friends in town.
Hagood News Items.
Hgood, May 18-Oats- and all small
grain - are. well in the head, some
slightly turning ripe. Cotton is up
and the stand is fine. Corn is grow?
ing off well, and all look promising.
There was a joint day and Sabbath
school picnic given in the grove; of
Mr. Wm. Mellette on last Saturday
that was well attended and well enjoy?
ed; Speeches were made by Prof.
Langtry, Rev. W. C. Smith and H.
C. Bethea.
The health of the community is fair,
if we except Mrs. J. .L. Jackson, who
continues feeble. Hagood.
Railroad Connections for Davidson Col?
lege Commencement May 25-28.
On May 2oth a new passenger train
will be put on between Davidson and
Charlotte,, making close connection
with the morning train on the S. A. L.
from Eastern Carolina, as well as
with all morning passenger trains
reaching Charlotte via the Southern
from Columbia, Atlanta, and . Salis?
bury. This train leaves Charlotte for
Davidson at 11:30 a. m., .and return?
ing reaches Charlotte at 5.05 p. m.,
majking connection with the Seaboard
evening train for the east. Beginning
with May 25th, ' this will give three
regular passenger trains daily each
way between Charlotte and Davidson,
besides the mixed train leaving
Charlotte at 3 p. m.
Fom Asheville dose connections are
made both morning and evning at
Statesviile, whether coming from Dav?
idson -or reforming, and from Winston
the afternoon train coming to David-,
son and ifoe morning train leaving
Davidson carry passengers through
without delay.
?Thus from all directions, on both;
railroad systems, railroad connections
towards *n<i from Davidson College;
are all that could be desired, and this,
with Senator Money's address on the;
57th, wa?, doubtless ?ead"to a far larger'
attendsKce at Connnencement than;
Golden flair and * he Three Bears.
This charming opera as rendered,
by pupils of the Sumter "Sdhool of
Music ?t -the Opera House last Thurs?
day night was a decided success.
"The ?chorus work "by the little :girls
was -eseellent and "reflects much credit
jupon their instraetors. Their grace?
fulness ?nd self possession was ^remark?
able, particularly as so many of tthem
?.re ??tt?e tots from four "to eigfrt years
.old. The eostranes were beautiful
aird appropriate. .
Mass Mary EweSl,-of iNorfolk, Va.,
?was the 'Queen. She is a professional
singer, ?nd the audience was delight?
ed with -her ?cperb soprano. Miss
Bessie Saigram, wno has a -sweet voice,
.samg a-so lo, and received an-encore.
Miss Karie ?efoorme as GcSdenHair
acted *we$l ber patt, and captured *the
Mr. Thomas Walsh in *the -character
.of the amoientt bard, -was decidedly
good. The Th ree Bears were -favorites
from iiheiff-Srst appearance on'the-stage
?m?l tthey ?made irbe final expt
fit will be hard for Messrs. Wilder
and Folsom to persuade -their tffi ends
that -Chere were no bears an their
fam&ies mamygenesstion since. Alfred
DeLormewafcs an amusing little'Cub.
The -only 'drawback to -the whole
performance w?s -the long waits be?
tween acts, bat that was -unavoidable.
Changing -scenery asd^stage-settings,
and arranging thirty or forty children
for their petitions and part6 rtakes
time. CSonmdering aM things, the
evening mas a delightful-one, acd we
have heaid nothing brat praise 'Ixom
those who attended.
Lee County Candidates.
The following candidates' cards are
published in the Lee County Leader.:
For Treasurer: G. F. Parrott, C. B.
Rhodes, H. E. Mooneyham. W. H..
CrosswelL For Supervisor: J. O. Du-:
Rant, Jno. J. Shaw, J. F. Matthews, j
J. P. Kilgore. For the Legislature : .
B. Frank Kelley, C. J. Rollins, Le
vander Elmore. For Coroner: L. H.
Stuckey, W. E. Notfacutt, J. T. Wat?
son. For Sheriff: J. M. Smith, T. ,
S. Stuckev, N. Bramlett. For Audi- '
tor: C. W*. Woodham, A. B. DaBose. '
For Probate Jndge : H. D. 1 Corbett
For the Senate : Thos. O. McLeod, ?
W. A. James. For Clerk of Court; .
L. A. Moore, W. R. Shaw, W. P.
Baskin. For Connty Supt Educa- ?
tion : McDonald Davis, R. W. Mc- j
^ Guv, " the philosopher of Wee Nee,
Lee county, who stepped over in the
city last week on a pilgrimage to the (
Exposition,furnished the first plausible
explanation of the overwhelming vote 1
in favor of Lee county polled in the ]
recent election. He says that as the c
campaign draws near it is leaking out v
that a very large majority of the male
inhabitants of the Lee county terri- 1
tory are already avowed candidates for i
Dffice or have "aspirations. The crop s
Df candidates is luxuriant already, t
find those who are hesitating over
entering the lists this year hope to get a
office before long, ?
Contract Let at Price of Nearly
Million and a Half Dollars.
The movement of Southern coal to
the seaboard, with the increasing
demand for it in commerce, direct and
indirect, which has become of such
importance to; Baltimore, Newport
News, Norfolk, Pensacola, Mobile and
New Orleans, will be accelerated by
the completion of a couple of proiects
reported in this week's issue of the
Manufacturers' Record. For quite a
while the water facilities at Southport,
N. C., have been considered in con?
nection with plans for handling foreign
bound Southern products, especially
ccaL The contract has been award?
ed by the Cape Fear Terminal Rail?
road Company to the Southport Con?
struction Company, of - Wilmington,
Del., for the construction of a railroad
thirty miles long between Wilmintgon
and Southport, with large. coal and
freight piers at the latter place, the
contract price being $1,450,000. The
awarding of this contract and at the
same time of a contract for the con?
struction of forty miles of the project?
ed Rutherfordton, Hickory Nut Gap
and Asheville Railroad, running west
from Rutherfordton, N. C., toward
the Tennessee line indicate the tend?
ency to openrthe mineral regions of
the Southern Appalachians by addi?
tional railroads and to increase; the
facilities at Southern ports for hand?
ling traffic to come out of the moun?
tainous section.
The Defendants ar? in Special
Quarters in Quebec Jail.
Quebec, May 20.-Col. Gaynor and
Capt. Greene are prisoners in Quebec
jail. They were committed to his
prison this afternoon, where Sheriff
Langlier had prepared special quarters
for them. Mr. Taschereau, counsel
for Messrs. Gaynor and Greene, noti?
fied the court today that in a few days
he will move for a writ of certeorari
for the transmission of the record of
the arrest of his clients from Mon?
treal to Quebec.
The next step to be taken by the at?
torneys representing th.e United States
has not been disclosed, but it is said
they are not disconcerted by the pres?
ent situation. They are confident
that ultimately extradition proceed?
ings will be successful and that Greene
and Gaynor will be forced to return to
Savannah and stand trial on the
charge of defrauding the . United
States government in connection with
harbor contracts.
The prisoners were at first returned
to the Cheteaau " Frontenac. Later,
after a . consultation between the
sheriff, police magistrate and attorneys
for the prisoners, it was decided
that the prisoners would have to go
to Jail, and at 5 o'clock CoL Gaynor
an Capt. Greene, accompanied by a
guard of detecives weer' remove to
their quarters in the prison. This
move was deemed necessary to protect
the prisoners against any further at?
tempt to get them away from Quebec
It is the intention of Mr. Taschereau
to move that the proceedings before
Magisrate Lafontaine of Montreal be
quashed,, and that evidencei n the ex?
tradition proceedings be heard here.
Terrifying Inhabitants of Fort de
France Who Flee to Ships in
Fort du France, May 20.-This
morning at 5:30 a thick, heavy cloud,
lit np by flashes of lightning and the
rising sun, rose from Mont Pelee. The
people of Fort du France at once be?
came panic-stricken and in scant attire
rushed excitedly jthrough the streets
of the town. Stones from the volcano
as big as hazlenuts fell in the streets.
Many of the inhabitants hurriedly
embarked on the vessels in the harbor
and it was with much difficulty that
they were eventually reassured.- At 1
o'clock, however,.the excitement was
over and the people became calm.
The phenomenon of this morning
was similar to the eruption of May 8,
but not so severe.
Castries, Island of St Lucia, May
20-2.30 p. m.-It is reported here
that a. volcanic eruption occurred
back of Fort du Franec, Martinique,
at 5 o'clock this morning and that the
residents were then trying to escape
to the shipping and the men-of-war
in the vicinity.
New Orleans. La., May 19.-A spe?
cial committee, appointed hy the recent
?egro mass meeting to suggest some
)lan by which the excessive death rate
)f the negro population of New Orleans,
vhich is twice the normal, might be
.escued, has presented its report. It
ecommends special sermons on health
md the care of the body, from time
o time, in all the churches of the city,
md lessons on hygiene in all the color
id schools.
rai SIJMTBK WATCHM AN, Kitabliihed April, 1SS?.
Swated Aug. 2,1881.
"Be Just aid Fear not-Let all the Ends thou Aims't at, be thy Country's, thy God'slandBTruth's."
THE TB?E SOCTHKON, Established Jon? 1*6
New Series-Vol. XXI. No. 42

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