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??&*t?red a^t?e Pott Office at- Sumter S
: Second Oatt Mutter.
B. J. Chandler-Ocr' Suits.
__Jenkins Bros.-New Home* Sewing
^ W. P. Baskin-County Summer
"--JP5*?*0: of Br. John E. Furman
- ^W- vB- Burns-Longman & Martinez
gMSss Daisy Scott has returned from
FreanMellet was in the city
i^arSsto3^ ^fco?i>^e^>e"1 gone to
? Alice Stubbs has returned from
gp&arlesion. , ;. .
K^Dr. W. B. Alford has returned
g^pm Charleston. I
????3^ J. C. Scott, of Charleston, was
; in the city Monday. I
(?J^i- >nd Mrs. Abe Levi, of Man
Igning, are in the city,
ipi Br. George Bick returned from I
i^^Cabtarieston Thursday. j
?^Mrsv M. S. Burgess went to
IgC?haxleston yesterday. . j
^^3kfr. Ashleigh Mood is spending a j
~ few days in <3harleston.
;Mr. W. J. Young, of Remberts, j
ga^nt Saturday in town. " j
W?0&&-& R. Creech, of Bishopville,
: ^: was in th? city Monday. j
ff?&k and Mrs. H. M.. Stuckey arriv?
ed in the city Thursday. j
s Mrs/ T. H. Bick, Jr., of Columbia,
i?vwas mthevcitry last week. * fl
Mr. T. S. Stuckey, of Lee County, j
spent Monday in the city. I
f Br. R. Y. McLeod, of Bishopville,.
?prcas in. the city yesterday. j
0> -Street Commissioner H E. White j
ghas gone to the Exposition.
: Mr. Pat Gallagher has returned I
- from a visit to the Exposition. I
Rev. W. J. McKay,, of the Brick
g^phurch, was iiithe city Thursday. j
f-i /Mrs, Tu. B Durant went to Charles-1
: ton Saturday morning for a week's!
f--Mr. E. T. Windham returned Thurs
||gay morning from a visit to the)
^p??essrs. L H. Moses and L C.
g^fcranss left last night for Old Point
Comfort, Ya. j
v ; .Mrs. G. H. Hurst and children j
went to Charleston yesterday to spend
f several days j
:? Mrs Marie C. Baker and children j
Ixave'returned. to their horne in Abbe- |
f ville County. j
Mrs. J. S. Cunningham, of Indian
town, is visiting her son, Mr. B. W. I
p^Ouimjn^i?m. j
g ' Br. BeLorme and Rev. H. H. Coving?
ton attended the Docesan Convention j
fin; Georgetown. . /
Miss Alene Smith, of Whitesville,
?0$.- C., is in the city, visiting Miss j
^Marnie Brinkley. j
^Mr:C. G. ^Rowland went to Charles
*p?on " yesterday to spend ?a few days, j
/seeing the Exposition, :
I-J'/ Br. J. W. Babcock, of Columbia, j
f was in the city last Thursday. He I
Ifeame to attend Capt. White's funeral.
???Mr. Jos. C. Scott, of Charleston,
^passed through the city last week on I
IgMs way to his plantation at Wisacky. j
:/'f Rev. Shirley Hughson returned
f last Friday to Westminister, Mary- j
f land, to resume his evangelistic work.
Miss Katie Eddings returned to her
home Sunday, after a week's visit to I
? the family of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. j
j- Hough.
Rev. H. H. Covington has returned]
;v ?rom Georgetown where he has been I
-attending the Annual Council of the j
^Diocese. I
f Miss Hoyt, of Greenville, who has
' been the guest of Mrs. C. L. Stubbs I
^*;for two weeks, returned home Monday
morning. j
Br. S. C. Baker went to Comm
bia Monday night to attend the meet
i ing of the State Board of Medical I
^Examiners. i
I Miss Hattie Sanders and her sister,
: Mrs. Loyless, and several child ren of j
:p. Mr. Sanders, of CoUeton, are visiting
?.-?Mrs. lowry. j
? Col. J. Harvey Wilson passed through j
the city yesterday for Columbia, to at- ]
tend the State Democratic Convention I
which meets today. I
? Mr. W. L. Moise is in the city for
?;& few days stay. He is connected with
Bradstreet's Commercial Agency, with
headquarters in Savannah, Ga. j
f- Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Green have l
gone to Asheville, N. C. Mrs. Green
f has been sick for some time and the I
" trip is for the benefit of her health.
Miss Gartrel?, of Atlanta, who has j
1 been visiting the family of Mr. M B.
Randie went to Charleston Thursday, j
9 from whence she will go to Atlanta. j
I Mr. J. C. Dove of Dovesville,
spent Sunday in the city. Mrs.
V Bove, who has been visiting here, re- I
turned home with him Monday morn?
ing. _ I
Messrs. G. W. Bick, J. H. Levy,
i H. L. Scarborough, Altamont Moses
i and J. M. Knight have gone to Green?
wood, to attend the annual meeting of
the Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias.
The friends of Mr. Burdette Booth
who came home recently from Clem?
son College sick with typhoid fever,
will be pleased to learn that he has re?
covered sufficiently to leave the in?
: Dr, R. Sidney Cauthen, of Kershaw,
r is in the city for a few days stay.
Br. Cauthen has many friends in this
city, where he lived for several years
when connected with the Atlantic
Coast Line.
Miss Moneta Osteen entertained a
number of her young friends Monday
evening in honor of Miss Nell Weigle,
of Augusta, Ga., who has been her guest
for the past week, and who returned
to her home yesterday to the regret of
many friends that she made while
t here.
First Lieutenant Georsre E. Rem- j
bert, of the Governors Guards^ Co- j
lumbia, has been elected Captain to ?
succeed Capt. Beal who resigned be- \
cause of change of residence. \
Mr. Robert Jones, who has been an J
invalid for several years, died last ;
Thursday morning near the Factory. J
He leaves a wife.and two children.
Miss M. A. Doyle, a relative of
Mrs. O'Donnell and Mrs. Tuomey,
died last Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Annie P. Monaghan, where she
has been living. The funeral was Held
at St. Joseph Chapel Thursday after?
noon at 5 o'clock.
Funeral of Mr. White.
A large and sympathetic congrega
tion assembled last Thursday to 'pay
the last tribute of respect to Mr.
Anthony "White. Beautiful, earnest,
and ?ouching was the pastor's dis?
course, "Arise ye and depart; for this
is not your rest, " were the appropriate
words chosen.
A long . procession followed the
.remains to the cemetery. The floral
offerings were exquisite and abundant,
and completely hid the mound.
The pall bearers were, active : Messrs.
J. L. Havnsworth, W. M. Graham,
B. G. Gibson, R. D. Lee, E. L
Manning, and C. G. Rowland.
Honorary : J. J. Bossard, W. F. B.
Hansworth, E. W. Moise, John Reid,
W. J. Barrett, D. R. McCallum, M.
R. Wilson, W. J. Anderson, J. B.
Roach* and D. Jas. Winn.
Mr. Willis Sanders .Shoots Himself
Through Chest
Mr. Willis Sanders made an unsuc?
cessful attempt to commit suicide last
Friday night. He went into the Sumter
Pharmacy about 10 o'clock* that night
and a few minutes afterwards shot
himself through the chest with a
revolver. His purpose was to shoot
himself through the heart but the
bullet was deflected by a bone and
missing the heart" passed through the
body and lodged in the back where it
was found and removed by the doctors.
The wound is quite a serious one. but
as the bulleMn juxed none of the large
blood vessels of the chest it is thought
that he will recover in time.
The reports from Mr. Sanders have
been quite favorable, and he is now
thought to be out of danger.
The proposed series > of meetings at
'Bartlette Street Church this week
have been postponed. Rev. W. B.
Olivers, who was to do the preach?
ing, is detained because of the ex?
treme illness of some of his members.
The prayer meeting will be as usual
on Thursday at 6 p. m. Pastor.
Revival services are being held this
week in. Magnolia Street Church. To?
night at 8.15 o'clock Rev. Jas. W.
Kilg?.will preach.
Col. Wallace is in the city today.
We regret to learn that Mrs. N. W.
Edmunds is quite sick.
Mr. T. B. jenkins, Jr., left for
Charleston yesterday afternoon.
Dr. Haskell DuRant, of Bishopville,
is in the city.
Mr. Julius Xi. McCallum, of the
First National Bank, went to Charles?
ton yesterday afternoon.
Mr. C. G. Rowland is now occupy?
ing his handsome new residence on
Broad Street
Mr. .A. Heckhiemer, the ; "Pants
King, " of Baltimore, is in the city on
business today.
Mrs. W. K. Greenfield, of Colum?
bia, is visiting her brother, Mr. F. A.
Tradewell, who is quite sick.
Among the visitors to Charleston
yesterday were Mr. W. H. Seale, Dr.
A. J. China, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett,
Miss Law and Miss Lucile Hughson.
The friends of Mr. Sheppard Nash
will be pleased to learn that at last ac?
counts from him at Asheville, N. C.
he was improving rapidly.
The Trails O/owded Yesterday and To?
da /-Many More to Go.
The.ci~ -'dp *re already moving on
Charleston ic Wagener Day. Yester
day afternoon tue trains were crowd
ed, every train carrying several extra
coaches, filled to their utmost capacity,
and tonight and to-morrow hundreds
more will leave this city for Charles?
This morning 160 tickets were sold
by Ticket Agent China, and the Ben
nettsville train brought in more than a
hundred passengers from up the road
who joined the Sumter crowd and
went on through to Charleston. The
Northwestern R. R. also brought in
a large crowd from Camden and the
upper part of the State. If all sec?
tions of the State send as many visi?
tors to the Exposition as Sumter and
the tributary territory there will be
gathered together at the Ivory City
on Wagener Day the largest crowd
ever assembled in the State.
Among the number who went to
Charleston this morning were the
following :
Mr. George D. Shore and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Grenville DeLorme, 'Mr.
and Mrs. D. W. Cunningham, 33." R.
Sanders, C. E. Stubbs, Jr., B. ' G.
Gibson, J. McF. Spann, J. D. Craig,
Robert Keels, Misses Bessie- Keels,
Maggie Bradford, Maggie Bradham,
Annie Kennedy, Nonie Blanding,
Addie Auld, Theo. Gregg, Mrs E. W.
Hurst aud children, Mrs. Clara Rey?
nolds, Misses Helen Willeford, Annie
Stubbs, Katie Reid, Mr. H. T. Edens
and family.
Wagener Day Souvenir tickets to
the Charleston Exposition have been
placed on sale at Osteen's and
Knight's book stores and the commit- i
tee consisting of R. 1. Manning, N. j
G. Osteen, Altamont Moses and J. M. j
Knight also have the tickets for sale. ;
All who are planning to visit the Ex- j
position on Wagener Day shonld pro- j
erne a souvenir" ticket before leaving ?
home, and those who do not expect to j
revisit the Exposition but wish to j
have an artistic souvenir of Charles- \
ton's great show should get one of the
Wagener Day tickets.
The Program of Events of Commencement
The Sumter Military Academy and
Female Seminary will have the first
annual commencement on June 1st to
4th. Handsome souvenir invitations
have been issued and the friends and
patrons of the institution are looking
forward to the exercises with a great
deal of pleasure.
The following is the program :
ll a. m. Commencement Sermon,
Rev. H. H. Covington, Sumter, S. C.
4.30 p. m. Joint Meeting of Y. M.
C. A. and Y. W. C. A.
Address. Hon. W. D. Upshaw,
Atlanta, Ga.
10 a. m. Elocution Contest.
11 a. m. Declamation Contest.
4 p. m. Military Contest.
8.30 p. m. Annual Celebration of
the* Gagner and Timrod Literary
Address, Hon. Thos. F. Brantley,
Orangeburg, S. C.
10 a. m. Ready Speaker's Contest.
11 a. m. Contest for the Brown
4 p. m. Annual Class Meeting.
8.30 pi m. Annual Drama and Con?
cert. - -Y,?
10.30. a m. Graduating Exercises.
Address, Hon. S. G. Mayfield, Den?
mark, S. C.
3 p. m. Reception.
Graduates Literary Department :
Capt. C. Capers Smith,. Charleston,
S. C.: Capt William M. Smoke,
Aiken, S. C.
Commercial Department :
Stenography, Ben D. Edwards,
Or?ngeburg, S. C. ; Miss Eva McClain,
Sumter, JS. C. ; * Miss Lyn Nettles,
Florence, S. C. ; Miss Lizzie Smoot,
Darlington, S. C.^
Bookkeeping: Walter R. Mathis,
Clarendon, S. C. ; Julian D. Wilder,
Sumter, S. C.
A Lawn Party.
The Timrod Literary Society of the
Sumter Female Seminary will give a
lawn' party at the Seminary, Wednes?
day afternoon, from 5 to 8 o'clock.
Light" refreshments will be served, in
the interest of the Society.
The young people of the city are
most cordially invited to be present.
Meeting of U. D. C.
Mrs. Agnes Bogin will have the
next meeting of the U. D. C., at the
residence of Gen. E. W. Moise on
Wednesday, May 21st, at 6 o'clock
p. m.
Gold Medals Awarded by Charleston
The Telephone Mfg. Co. of Sumter,
S. C., (old company) receives one
gold medal for "Telephone Instru?
ments," which of course includes
every part of the telephone, such as
transmitters, receivers, generators,
hook switches, lightning arrester,
wood work, finish etc, . one gold
medal for Switchboard and Appli?
ances, and one medal for Protective
The Sumter Telephone Mfg. Co., re?
ceives one gold medal for Transmitters
and Receivers, and one for Switch?
board and Appliances.
These awards speak exceedingly well
for these two competing companies,
and Sumter should indeed feel proud
of two such progressive and money
making enterprises.
The Laundry Closed.
Owing to the inability to dispose
of the waste water from the Steam
Laundry, Mr. O'Brien, the proprietor,
reluctantly decided to close the
laundry from and after last Saturday.
The waste water has been discharg?
ed into a large dry well, but the ground
having become water soaked, there has
been recently a constant overflow from
the well. There being no sewerage
system for carrying off the water and
as the rules of the health department
forbid emptying any kind of waste
water into the open drains and ditch
es. Mr. O'Brien had no other alterna?
tive than to close the laundry and dis?
continue business.
The many satisfied patrons of the
laundry will regret the closing, and
will hope that Mr. O'Brien will decide
to remove the laundry to outskirts of
the city where there is natural drain
age and will resume business in a
short time. The removal of the laun?
dry from the city would be a distinct
loss, and even if another laundry
should be established in the near
future it will be difficult to find a man
to manage it so satisfactorily as has
Mr. O'Brien.
in your blood ? Physicians call
it Hala rial Germ, lt can be seen
changing red Mood yellow under
microscope, lt works day and
nigh t. First, it turns your com?
plexion yellow. Chilly, aching
fsensations creep down your
backbone. You feel weak and
will stop the trouble now. It
enters the blood at once and
drives out the yellow poison.
If neglected aod when Chilis,
Fevers, Night-Sweats and a gen?
eral break-down come later on,
Roberts' Tonic will cure you
then-but why wait ? Prevent
future sickness. The manufac?
turers know all about this yel?
low poison and have perfected
Roberts' Tonic to drive it out,
nourish your system, restore
appetite, purify the blood, pre?
vent and cure Chills. Fevers and
% Malaria, lt has cured thous
.jj ands-it will cure you, or your
i*' money back. This is fair. Try
;j| it. Price. 25 cents.
gog Best Coujih Syrup. Tastes Good- Use fgg
tS in time Sold bv drocjiists. KB
fyfe; fcS*<
A Somier Boy Chosen.
At a recent meeting of the athletic
association of the South Carolina Col?
lege, Mr. R. 1. Manning, Jr., of Sum?
ter was selected manager of next
season's baseball team. Mr. W. L
Cogburn, of Edgefield, was elected by
the team as captain.
To Address the Juniors.
Mr. J. Frank Pate has received and
accepted an invitation to deliver an
address before the Junior Order of
United American Mechanics at Brook?
land, the thriving little town across
the river from Columbia, on July 3,
on which occasion an elaborate cele ?
bration will-take place. -
A fish'story from Lee County is that
on yesterday Mr. W. W. Hearon
caught in a trap in Lynches River 365
fish, all large enough for use, and
some extra size.
Summer Resort Folder Southern
Railway-Much valuable information ;
mailed free to any address upon ap?
plication to Agents, Southern Rail?
W. H. Taylde, Ass. Gen. Pass.'
Agent Atlanta, Ga.
, R. W. Hunt, Div. Pass. Agent,
Cahrleston, S. C.
Will Reduce Rafe of Interest.
Rock Hill, May 20.-The National
Union bank of this city with Mr. W.
J. Roddey as its president is an up
to-date institution. It' proposes to
lead the State of South Caroilna in a
reduction of the interest rate. Mr.
Ira B. Dunlap, the assistant cashier,
leaves in a day or two for a ten days'
trip to northern cities where he will
visit leading banks and study their
methods. A rate of 7 per cent, will at
once be made by this bank, and the
management hopes within 12 months
to bring the figures to a 6 per cent,
The County Summer School for
teachers will open in this city on
Monday, June 2nd.
The chain gang will complete the
work on Cemetery avenue within two
weeks, s
Some of our citizens are talking of
buying the miniature railway now in
operation at the Charleston Exposi?
tion for the purpose of establishing a
suburban railway line in'this city.
There are six petitions on file at the
Post Office Departmnet for the estab?
lishment of Rural Mail routes radiat?
ing from this city. Several if not al
of the proposed routes will be establ
lished this summer or early falL
Notice- to Telephone Subscribers.
Subscribers will please add to their,
directories the following numbers :
255 Barwick, J. M., Res. E. Liberty.
257 Bradwell Jacob, Meat Market,
Dingle, near Main.
47 Kennedy, T. B., Res. Magnolia.
252 Sumter Drug Co., drugs, Main
and Liberty.
256 Whilden, J. E. Res., Church.
The Sumter Telephone Co.
The cards of candidates for county and
State offices will be inserted in this column
countinuously until the Primary Election
for Five ($5) Dollars, payable cash in ad?
We present to the voters of Sumter
county at the primary election the name
of S. Dwight Cain for the office of County
Superintendent of Education. Mr. Cain
is thoroughly qualified, and has been con?
stantly engaged in teaching in this, his
native county, and Richland, the past six
years. Friends.
Estate of T. B Fraser, Dcc'd.
AU creditors of T. B. Fraser, deceased,
who have not already filed their claims
with me, will please do so on or before
May 27th, 1902.
May 7-3t.
Master's Sale.;
BY VIRTUE of a Decree of the
Coura of Common Pleas for the
County of Sumter in the State
of South Carolina, in the case of
Andrena Moses against Robert J.
Melton, Levy J. Melton, Emma
James, Jeannette Melton, Felicia Mel?
ton, Virginia Melton, Manson Melton,
John Melton, Frank Melton, Levy
Melton. Jr, Cora Lee Melton, Hallie
Q. Melton, Marion C. Melton, Ona
Belle Melton, Robert J. Melton, Jr.,
and Marion Moise, I will sell at pub?
lic auction to the highest bidder at
the Court House in the City of Sum?
ter, in said County and State on sales
day in June, 1902, being the second
day of said month, during the usual
hours of sale, the following described
real estate, to wit:
"All that piece, parcel or tract of
land with three buildings thereon,
situate and being in- Swimming Pens
Township, in the County of Sumter,
State aforesaid, containg sixty-seven
and one half acres, more or less : and
bounded on the northeast by lands
now or formerly of the estate of J.
W. Rembert: on the southeast by lands
now or formerly of Alex Favor: south?
west by road leading to Sumter, S. C.,
and northwest by lands of Martin : the
said tract of land being fully repre?
sented bv a plat thereof, made by J.
W. Nichols, D. S., Jan. 9th, 1874. and
recorded in the office of the Register
of Mesne Conveyances for Sumter ?
County in Book V. at page 514. "
Terms of sale, cash. Purchaser to j
pav for papers.
Master for Sumter County.
May 12, 1902.
I ?ur -Salts}
M are undobtedly as good, or even
^ better, than any we've ever sold
4^ at the same prices. In blue and
^ black Serges we have a large va- ^
^ riety : full-lined, half-lined, and ^
^ unlined.
^ is the blue or black half-lined
? Serge. Our Serges from Ten Dol- - j?
lars up to Sixteen-fif ty are guar- j?
anteed to give perfect satisfac- ^
tion. Regular, Slim and Stout J?
jj] cuts. Sizes 33 to 44 In Regular ^
jj* cut, 34 to 42 in Slims, and 37 to j?
jj* 46 in Stouts. Serge 9oa*s and
S Vests unlined $4.50 to $7.50. %
vi ?|? ?i? 4* ^ 4* .j* *|* 4* ??. ?j. 4* *f* *f* *f* *f*3^
MAY - 26, -
At Our Store.
.?Afc ^ . -^-.?1. fi
^^^^^^^^ 2 ?
Ak Buttons can be Torn off riihsr i* " *?
Wearing or IVashin?.
- . W GQ
TT.c Moth?'? Friend doe* away entirely hmd
?rich the scwinjj oo of Suttons. I: it <upp::oJ LU
.aih aa ldjiisWile belt, which w oj.-nly taken p? .
Off when the wai?t JI wa>he?l he button* arr C*
riveted on the nett. cooo?uentty cm no: ba
fora O?. either >:> ?or.ai w*?thiil? o.' irjii'?ij#
Is the original detachable-belt Shirt Waist.
You wash the Waist brit not the buttons.
Best Bovs' Waist erer made.
in Boys' and Girls*
Bring the

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