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The watchman and southron. (Sumter, S.C.) 1881-1930, May 21, 1902, Image 8

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^?3L". Xe^end of the Laad of the Czar?
^^^;'1Hi?B,t-;-I^??Li Witt Ma?ic. Love and
?/y\ Happ?ne?? and One Rena?t of the
fatal Feminine Tonfne.
?||^One .warm' Sunday afternoon the vii?
J^^t?ge maidens assembled to bathe in the
jg^ver.Tftey toot off their kerchiefs and
?#%3?enr:c?r? se?tedtbem
|gg^st?ves.on the bank to cool off and be
^p^gan to gossip. One maiden alone sat
^^??ent; Pr?sya, an orphan, poor, bat
^g^??aot^^^t&vfair' skin and eyes as
^^p?tie as. the gentian, which the Rus
Ig^ans call "the night of the falcon." So
|jj?|j^ to tease her:
^^^Oav? yon no dearly beloved friend,
^^^^b^^:;Wno, is he, where is he? Is
^?feha[ndsbme, is hench?'
^^f;if*Where should a poor girl get a rich
^^nd: handsome-young, lover? Yonder
^?ild??risiny husband." :
-Ko, sooner had she said this than all
^^^e; maidens cried, with one accord,
^^adderf* a&t took to. their heals.
^??^lnpon her kerchief, which Frosya
behold, a
?jp?Rge^ She cried
|g|?^invfear7Butthe ?d&ar beat its tail
g'^Ji^pbh the ground and was transformed
?t^Jnto a wonderfully handsome young;
^^ma? /There he stood before her? with
^^*^lden cap upon his Sowing curls, his
^^^?s^f?asn?ng nrei and honeyed words
^0^Didx you mean it when you declared
^pl&at y?u were: ready, to marry the ad
^^g^is^JiffWc not what reply to make.
^p^;?a2ed at him and thought to h?r
Ipls?f; **Whence came such a wise and
^^?sa?som? yout?T* An?/he^: ^Tining '
^^?e?thoughts. repHed to them,/*T am no
^^icbmmou man* but the czar-of th? wa- :
?Ipier^ in
^^^?teep poo l on gol den sands.*'
heread in her: ey?f that she con
|||jcri^ grasp
^pgeSjerj-theysankdown into the deep
^Matotpt the waters. ,
/Great was Frosya's happiness. She
Ippj^d'."not believe in it. He was. so
^pg?b^^so wise; she had never seen such
^gl!^1^^-.and there is none sncb any-.
^pH^e^ as the czar pf the waters. But
>?'?H?os?y?v was-foolish. Seven years did.
^?eidvrell with him in th?.deep pool in
^Ms^'i^Iace of crystal,; and the seven
Jp^ears passed as one day, and there
^?ie?d. -?QOt -have been any end tb her
^^SE^^^^^tand a boy tad been born
^^t?hem.r Then, all at once, without any
^^cause^^she became sad, longed for the
|^^afc-vtp; behold her native hamlet; and
^ oncer more- So he let her
^i^SSOiiwith the children, for, three, days
Jir^after'/.having exacted a promise that
;^n^l^er^;she nor the children, either by/
^word or by hint, should reveal the
f^^a?s^.yof. her husband or where she
^CHsri??L And ali this she promised, with
^?fearfcl "oaths. Then her husband es- -
/Tieprted her to the dam. At the end of
^ibree days she was to come to the same
IpjBppt ?nd'cry i'Cuckoor thrice, where?
in ^poh he would swim at once to meet
/vher.r- '
T ^^he. kept her oath, but her friends
coaxed and questioned the children.
p?1Ehe boy to all queries replied simply.
dop*t know/':_But the girl told ev-'
^/-er^h?ng. This was all the envious gos?
sips wanted. They ran and told all to
/their husbands and brothers, who im-,
immediately ran to the dam and uttered
i?/tte- magic words. And when the czar
: appeared they beat him to death. But
/ oerbre he died he contrived to say to
?|?5>r^Dsya: "I have to thank thee, my dear
i^vife, that i am now come to my death
. /through thee and my daughter. Hence
-^forth. fly thou ever as a gray cuckoo
and repeat thou ever my calL *Cnckoor
fS?n sadness of heart fr?ci early spring
' :? Peter's day,
#^une?){Ju?y 12. O. S.)].-and from that
.-day^orth may every bird, both great
Sand sinaB, beat thee and pursue thee.
And mayest thou, my daughter, my be?
trayer, be turned into a nettle bush,
and may that weed, the fiery, forever
inn*n thine eyes wheresoever thou may?
est be, that thou mayest weep forever,
j-emembering thy father's death. But
to my loyal son, who kept his father's
: command. I make this bequest: That
he shall be the bird beloved which
dwells and sings in .gardens and amid
shady groves for the joy of happy peo?
ple, for the consolation of those who
weep, the nightingale."
And from that day forth the Russian
people have called the meadow orchid
cuckoo's tears.*' [it is also known
-?s "the cuckoo's sh'ppers."!-Isabel P.
Bapgood in New York Post
NV ' / Breaking Off.
""Yes," said the ingenuous giri hero?
ically, **1 have decided to break witli
Horace for good and alL"
~Why, then, are you sending him
^our; picture ?"
**WelL I am sure that is the' least 1
?an do. He refused to take back his
Sifts, and I wanted to make some re
turn, so I am sending him my photo
^rapa."-New York Press.
Music- and Pams ton,
**My daughter." remarked Mrs. A*
-*%as developed a perfect passion fot
?1 wonder," observed Mrs. B" who
resides next door., "if it's as strong a*
the passion your daughter's music de
*ek>ps in my husband?"
They meet as strangers now.
Reversed Hi? Decision.
Stern Father-Didn't I tell you not
So call again, sir?
Suitor-I know. But I didn't call to
see your daughter. I came on behalf ol
our firm about that little bil!"
.Stern Father-Er-er-call again, will
A Real Bereavement.
Kate-What makes you Jook so sad,
Bertha? Surely it cannot be Fred ha*
broken his engagement with you?
Bertha-It's worse than that. Some
fcody has stolen Fido -Exchange
The Ingredients of Firework*.
The chief constituents pf all fire?
works are gunpowder and its ingredi?
ents. Iron and steel filings and cast iron
borings, free from rust, are used to in?
crease "the brightness of the display
and produce the Chinese fire. When the
rocket explodes up in the air, the bright
and varicolored sparks are produced by
these filings as they ignite in the oxy?
Copper filings and copper salts are
used to produce greenish tints. A fine
blue is made-with zinc filings. A light
f greenish tint with much smoke is made
j out of sulphuret of antimony. Amber?
resin and common salt protected from
dampness produce a yellow fire. Salts
, of strontia make a red light A green
light is also ma/ie by the salts of bari
1 um.
Deserted at the End.
William the Conqueror was a man of
very gross habit of body and at the
siege, of Mantes was hurt by the rear?
ing of his horse, the pommel of the j
saddle striking the king in the abdo?
men and causing injuries from which
he died in a few days. Bief ore his
death he was deserted by all his at?
tendants, who stole and carried off
even the. coverings of the bed on which
he lay. The body remained on the floor
of the room in which the king died for
two days before it was buried by char?
itable monks from a neighboring mon?
Typographical Errors.
American authors, no less than Eng?
lish, sometimes .suffer for the sins of
the printer. A line of Mr. Aldrich's
which originally read :"A potent medi?
cine for gods and men"- was misprinted.
"A patent medicine." etc. And Mr. Al?
drich's equanimity was upset on an?
other occasion! because in a serious
mood he wrote in one of his poems
"Now the old wounds, break out afresh"
and was horrified to read that he had
said "Now the old .woman breaks out
afresh' \ v v* .
- ? ... 1 ???? 1 ~ ?>
Replanting tlte Seed?.
Nubbins (shouting across the garden
fence to his next door neighbor)-Ht
there! What are you burying in that
hole? -
Neighbor-Oh. Fm just repa inting
some of my garden seeds.
Nubbins-Garden seeds, eh! Looks
to me very much like one of my hens.
: Neighbor-That's all right The seeds
are inside her.
A Kins*? Miserable Encl.
Louis XL, after: having by open mur?
der or secret assassination rid himself
of the most powerful nobility of France,
died in miserable fear, begging his phy?
sician to do something for him. During
his last days he sent for St Francis of
Paula and offered him untold riches to
intercede with heaven for a further
lease of life.
_' ' ? . ,
'. ~~'~ ? " t*receden?, ~ ^V5=- .
A clever answer in court was that
given to Chief Justice Coleridge years
ago, when he was defending a lady who
had become a Sister of Mercy and was
expelled from the convent for refusing
to obey the rules.
She had brought an action for expul?
sion and libel. In the course of the
trial Coleridge nssumed that breaches *
ot discipline are trivial, contemptible
and should never be noticed.
"What has .Miss Sa win done?" he
asked Mrs. Kennedy, u mistress of
''Well," said the lady, "she has, for
example, eaten strawberries."
"Eaten strawberries? What harm is
there in that?'
"It was forbidden, sir," said Mrs.
"But Mrs. Kennedy, what- trouble
was likely to come from eating straw?
"Welt sir;" said Mrs. Kennedy, "you
might as well ask what trouble was
likely to come from eating an apple,
and yet we know what trouble did
come from it" ^ t
That closed the discussion. ?
Too Much For the Sheriff.
An Irish widow with a quick wit one
day received a call from a sheriff who
had a writ to serve on her. According
to the story, the widow saved the day
by some rapid fire courting which took
the sheriff by surprise when he called
at her house and began in formal fash?
"Madam, I have an attachment for
"My dear sir." she said, blushing,
"your attachment is reciprocated."
"You don't understand me. You must
proceed to court" said the sheriff.
"Well, I know 'tis leap year, but I
prefer to let you do the courting your?
self. Men are much better at that than
"Mrs. Pbe?an, this is no time for fool?
ing. The justice is waiting."
"The justice waiting! Well, then, I;
suppose I roust go. but the thing is so
sadden, and besides I'd prefer a priest
to do it"
A Useful Woman.
"Blennerhasset," said Mrs. B?iggins
as he was about to start down town,
"can you let me have a little money to
run the hmise with today?"
"You can have just 50 cents." he
growled, flinging the coin at her and
slamming the door behind him as he
went out
"By the way, Bliggins." said a friend
who dropped into his place of business
an hour or two later, "will you go my
security on a note for $5007"
"Shortleigh." replied Bliggins. "it is
an inflexible rule in my family that I
must never do anything of that kind
without consulting my wife."-Chicago
Troubles of the Rich.
Mrs. Parvenue-The reason we stay
!onger in the country, my dear, is be
anse your papa is beginning to make
?o much money.
Georgie-Say, ma. do you think we'll
ever get so high toned that we will
have to-stay in the country till it's cold
enough to freeze you?-Smart Set
Full of Snap.
Greteben, the daughter of an old Ger
man named Kruegel, had been serving
as domestic about two weeks in the
household of Judge Vaughan of Kich
mond, when father and employer met
on the village street.
"Veli, yoodge," said Kruegel, "how
you like dot Gretchen by dis dime al
"Like her?' returned the judge in hia
blunt way. "Why, she's just great)
We never had any one in the house in
her line that entered into work with sa
much spirit. Sile's full of snap all the
Kruegel turned ponderingly away,
and, meeting his frau at his home por:
tal, he sorrowfully said: "Teresa, some
ding must goed wrong mit dot Gretch'
en. I yoost dit meeted Yoodge Vorgang
und he saidt dot she vas full of
schnapps all de dime." .
Wliat thc Dentil Mast Sliows.
The value cf a plaster cast as a por?
trait of the dead or living face cannot
for a moment be questioned. It must
of necessity be absolutely true to na?
ture. lt cannot flatter; it cannot cari?
catur?. It shows the subject as he was
or is. not only as others saw him in the
-actual flesh, but as he saw himself.
And in the case of the death mask par?
ticularly it shows the subject often as
he permitted no one bot himself to see
himself. He does not pose; he does not
**try to look pleasant/* In his mask he
is seen, as it were, with his mask off.
A Sure S ism. f
little Dick-Papa, how does thunder
sour milk?
. Papa-It is not the thunder, but the
"How does electricity sour milk?'
"It works certain chemical changes
in the constituents of the fluid, which
result in the formation of an acid."
"Of course. But hoyr ?"
"I don't know."
. "I thought you didn't, or yon wouldn't
have used such big words."
Christians and Jeers. 3
When Charles Lamb was berating an
enemy, some one said to him, "Why,
you don't-know him." Lamb replied. "I
don't want to know him for fear 1
should like him."" - *
Christians and Jews make ignorance
of each other a claim for judgment and
seem to be afraid to become acquaint?
ed for fear that they might like each
other.-Peters' "The Jew as a Patriot"
Spectacles and Moisture*
-Wearers of spectacles are frequently
annoyed by the glasses becoming dim
from a deposit .of -moisture upon them.
An .easy way to prevent this is to wash
the glasses every morning with soft
potash soap. The glasses should then
be polished, bot an invisible film will
remain which will prevent moisture
being deposited on them.
A -Painter's Troubles.
The desire of the Bank of England
officials to discover forgers has some?
times led to curious mistakes. On one
occasion the painter George Moria nd.
in his eagerness to avoid his dons, re?
tired to an obscore hiding place in
Hackney, where his anxious looks and
secluded manner of life induced some
of -his neighbors to believe him a forger
of notes then in existence. *
The directors, on being Informed; dis?
patched some dexterous detectives to
the residence, *ut Morland's suspicions
wore aroused by their movements in
front of the house and. thinking them
bailiffs, escaped from the back to Lon?
Mrs. Morland informed the visitors
of her husband's name and showed
them some unfinished pictures. The
facts were reported to the directors,
who presented Morland with two twen?
ty poond notes by way of compensation
for the alarm.
Cn i a tie Tablecloth.
When a sootheast wind is blowing,
the visitor to Cape Town is treated to
a peculiar and interesting natural phe?
nomenon, for under such conditions
Table mountain, in the language of
the natives, **puts on a tablecloth."
In other words, the thin line of
fleecy cloud forming above it descends
until it rests fiat upon the mountain
top. with its edges drooping gracefully
over its sides.
It is really not unlike the article ot
household use which gives it its name.
Northwestern Railroad.
In effect Sunday, April 13. 1902, at 6 a m
Between "Wilson's Mill and Sumter.
No 73 STATIONS No 72
pm am
300 % Le Sumter Ar H 45
3 03 Summerton Junction ll 42
317 Tindal 1110
330 Packsville JO 45
4 05 Silver 1020
i S Millard ]??J
5 00 Summerton 0 30
5 45 Davis 017
6 00 Jordan 0 05
6 45 ? Ar_Wilson's Mill_Le S4S
Between Millard and St Paul.
73 75~~ STATIONS 72 74
pm am am pm
415 0 35 Lc Millard Ar 10 00 4 40
4 20 0 40 ?Ar St Paul Le 9 50 4 30
Between Sumter and Camden.
Southbound Trains. Northbound Trains.
69 TT~ STATIONS 70 68
pm am am pm
6 25 050 ?Le Sumter Ar 0 (0 5 45
6 27 0 52 NW Junction S5S 5 43
6 47 1012 Dalzell 8 25 513
7 05 1022 Borden SOO 4 5$
7 25 10 32 Kemberts 7 40 4 43
7 35 10 37 Ellerbee 7 30 4 3S
7 50 ll 05 Sou Rv-Jonction 710 4 25
8 00 11 15 *Ar Camden Lc 7 00 415
(S C. & G Ex Depot)
TD O.S. WILSON. President.
Trains leave Sumter, S C, for Ring?
ville, etc, daily except Sunday, No 80, 6 40
am ; No 82, 10 20 am ; No 84,3 30 pm.
Trains arrive Sumter from Ringville,
etc, daily except Sunday, No 81, i) 10 am ;
No S3, ll 45 am ; No 85, 5 00 pm.
Close connection at Ringville for Co?
lumbia and Charleston and intermediate
points, trains carrying through sleepers
Ringville to New York, via Columbia,
Charlotte, etc. Ringville to St Louis, via
Asheville, Rn?xvilleand Louisville.
City and County Depositary
Capital stock paid ic, . . $75,000 GO
Undivided surplus, . . . 16,000 00
Individafll liability of stockholders
ir? excess of tbeir stock, 75,000 00
Transacts a general bankin? business: also
baa a Savings B?nk Department Deposite cf
$1 and upward received, interest allowed *t
ice race ot 4 >ei cent, per annum, payable
W. F. B. BAYNSWOETE, President
Vice-Presider? t. Cashier..
Jan 31
I take pleasure in giving no?
tice to my friends and the pub?
lic generally, that, having re?
gained my health, I have re?
opened my shop, and am ready
to do any work in the
line of Guns, Locks, dewing
Machines, &c. Prices reasona?
ble, work done promptly and
satisfaction guaranteed. Shop
on Liberty street a few doors
east of Main.
I Send model, sketch, or photo of invention for <
'freereport on patentabffiiy.": " For free "book. <
Apposite U. S. Patent Office
Life of T.. Dewitt Talmage,
3?AGE and associate editors of Christean
Herald- Only book endorsed by family.
Enormous profit for agents -who act quick?
ly. Outfit . 10' cents. Write immediately
Clark & Co- 222 S. 4th St., Philadelphia,
Pa. Mention this paper. April 23-lm
Atlantic Coast Line.
Fast Line between Charleston and upper
South Carolina, and North. Carolina.
uomg West
In effect Nov.
24. 1901.
Going East
No 53
am pm
6 40 ITT Charleston ar 9 20
?20 Iv Lanes ar 7 40
9 42 Iv Sumter ar 633
1110 var Columbia ' Iv 4 40
1229 ar Prosperity Iv 2 24,
1242 ar Newberry Iv 210
125 ar Clinton Iv 1 25
147 ar Laurens Iv 12 55
325 ar Greenville Iv 1110
330 ar Spaitanburg Iv ll 00
pm - am
713 ar Winnsboro Iv 1018
9 20 ar Charlotte Iv S10
p m a m
611s ar Hendersonville Iv 9 02
715 ar_ Asheville_ Iv 8 00
Nos. 52 and 53 solid trains between Charles?
ton and Greenville. S. C.
H. M. Emerson.
Gen'l Passenger Agent.
J. R. Kenly, T. m Emerson.
Gen'l Manager. Traffic Manager.
of South Carolina.
No 35 No 57
Lv Darlington 7 55 am
Lv Elliott S 38 am
Ar Sumter 9 IS am
Lv Sumter 4 00 am
Ar Creston 4 52 am
Lv Creston 5 45 am
Ar Pregnalls 915 am
Ar Orangeburg 516 am
Ar Denmark 5 55 am
Ar Augusta 7 55 am
So 56 No 32
Lv Augusta 2 30 pm
Lv Denmark 4 35 pm
Lv Orangeburg 510 pm
Lv Pregnalls 10 00 pm
Ar Creston 3 50 pm
Lv Creston 5 34 pm
Ar Sumter - 6 40 pm
Lv Sumter 6 50 pm
Lv Elliott 7 50 pm
Ar Darlington 815 pm
Nos. 56 and 57 daily except Sunday. Trains
32 and 35carry through Pulman palace buffet
sleeping cars between New York and Macon
via August_
Condensed Schedule.
Dated April 13, '02. [ No 55 \ No 35~j~N?"51
pm am
Leave Wilmington *3 45 +6 00
Leave Marion 6 40 8 45
Arrive Florence 7 25 9 25
pm am
Leave Florence *8 00 *330
Arrive Sumter 915 4 33
No 52
?m am
15 , *9 25
Arrive Columbia_10 40 ll 05_
No. 52 runs through from Charleston via
Central R. R.. leaving Charleston 6 40 a. in..
Lanes 8 35 a. m.. Maiming 8 57 a. m._
No 54 1 No 53 I No 50
am pm pm
Leave Columbia *6 55 *4 40
Arrive Sumter 8 20 613
No 32
am pm
Leave Sumter 8 20 *t? 19
Arrive Florence 9 35 7 35 +7 40
Leave Florence 1010 815
Leave Marion 10 53 8 54
Arrive Wilmington 1 40_"Jl30
?Daily. tDaily except Sunday.
No. 53 runs through to Charleston. S. C.. via
Central R. R.. arriving Manning 6 53 p. m.,
Lanes 7 35 p. m.. Charleston 9 20 p. m.
Train No. 53 makes close connection at
Sumter with train No. 59. arriving Lanes 9 4.->
a. m.. Charleston 1135 a, m.. Tuesdays. Thurs?
days and Saturdays.
Trains on Conway Brandi leaveChadbonrn
12 Ol p. m.. arrive Conway 2 20 p. m.. returning
leave Conway 2 55 p. m.. arrive Chadbourn
5 20 p. m. leave Chadlwmrn 5 35 p. m.. arrive
Elrod S 10 p. m.. returning leave Elrod S 40 a.
m.. arrive Chadbourn 1125 a. m. Daily ex?
cept Sunday.
Gen'l Pass. Agent
J. R. KENLY. Gen'l Manager.
T. M. Emerson. Traffic Manager.
Just received a fresh lot of Crepe
paper 8c. a roll. H. G. Osteen &. Co.
Flower baskets to suit ali. H. G.
Osteen & Co.
Digests what you eat
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instantrelief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation of gason the stom?
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dietingunnecessary. Pleasant to take.
It can't help
nut do you good
Prepared only by E. 0. DEWITT&CO., Chica??
Toe $L bottle contains VA times the 50c. size
Onion Sets-leading
Also assortment of Garden
Havana Segars.
Large line of fine Havana
Toilet Articles.
A choice line of Toilet and
Fancy Goods to which atten?
tion is invited at * r
DeLorrae's Drug Store.
Land Surveying,
I will give prompt attention to all calls
I for surveying, platting, terracing bill sides,
draining bottoms, <fca
Oct 19-o Catchall, S. C.
OAPITAL?STO0K - $25,000.
Does a Savings Bank business. De-,
posits received from 25 cents upwards.
Interest computed quarterly on the
first days of January, April, July and
October, at the rate of 4 per cent, per
ann am.
Deposits maybe made by mailor ex?
press" and a bank book will be prompt?
ly returned.
Call in and see the Home Savings
Bank. This is something new and
will interest you. We lend it to you
free of charge, the only condition
being that you have a deposit of $L00
with us. Try one of these Banks, and
the amount you can save will surprise
HORACE HARBT, President,
I. C. STRAUSS, Vice President,
G. L. RICHER, Casnier.
Horace Harby, I. C. Strauss,
Marion Moise, J. M. Knight, D. J.
Chandler, G. A. Lemon, B. G.
Pierson. fyl2o
ML Cania ni GeroE?
I81SM R. I Coman?.
-^bedale No. 4-ID efect 12.Ol a. m., ?J
June 15, 1901.
Camden 8. C.. and Blacksburg, S. C.
Read down Baad cp.
?3t> 33 Eastern time. 32 *34
a ni pu? STATIONS. pm ? ?
8 20 12 50 Camden 12 25 6 b.
8 50 1 15 Dekalb 12 02 4 bi
9 20 1 27 Westrille ll 50 4 3'.
10 50 2 00 J?erehs* ll 35 4 1?
11 20 2 12 Heath Springe ll 20 3 !.'
12 20 2 37 Lancaster- 10 55 %Z1
12 40 2 PO Riverside 10 40 2 0.
2 30 310 Catawba Jonction IC 20 1 3G
4 00 340 Rock HM 10 00 12 IC
4 45 4 02 Tirzah 9 30 9 5?
5 20 4 18 Torkrille 9 15 ; "10
5 45 4 34 Sharon 9 00 8 60
6 05 4 50 Hickory Grove 8 45 7 30
6 20 5 00 Smyrna 8 35 7 C:
6 50 5 26* BIftcbsbttrg; 8 15 7 CC
pmpm a tu ?a
Blnofcsbor* 8 C.. R'd Manon. N (
t?, n noowu_._Read op
.ll 33 flaatern nwt. -32 12
am pm STATION ? am v
6 45 5 25 Blacksburg 7 48 6 4?
7 32 5 49 Earls 7 32 * 2<
7 45 5 49 Patterson Spring 7 25 h U
8 20 $ 00 Shelby 7 15 6 0?
9 00 S 21 Lattimore 6 5'? 4 ? (
9 ?0 6 30 Moore? ooro 6^8 i *i
9 25 6 41 Henrietta 6 38 4 *.C
9 55 6 59 Forest City 6 20 3 ' (
10 30 7 15 JRutherfor?tor? 6 of. ' 3.-?
?2 00 7 50 jTnerroa? City 5 36 2 4f
12 25 8 10 Glenwood 5 15 2 2C
1 00 8 30 Marion 5 00 2 01
i> ra p m * m Ve
Gaflucy Divisioo
Rf H J down Rend nj
15 I 13
STATIONS. 1 141 te
p m a m a m t- ?>
1 00 6 00 Blackebore 7 50 3 0
1 20 6 20 Cherokee Falls 7 30 2 40
1 40 6 40 Gaffney 7 10 2 2C
pmam am p ir
.Dany except Sunday.
X 20 minutes for diooer.
Trains Nos 32 and 33 are operated daily.
Train? No? 23, 35. II. 12. 13. 14, 15 and 16
aro cperated daily except Sunday.
At Camden with Southern Ry; SA I* end
A C Line.
At Lancaster with L & C R R.
At Catawba Jct with Seaboard Air Line.
A* Rock H'il with Southern Railway.
At Yorkville with Carolina & I orth W
ern R ll.
At Blnckeburg with Southern Railway.
At Shelby und Kutherfcrdton with S A
At Marien with Southern Railway.
SAMUEL HUNT, President?
S. TRIP?. Superintendent.
E. H. SHAW, Gor.'i P^ecnser Ac*ut. j
V?rth-Easteni R. R. of S, C
Dated . No. No. No No
Jan 14,1901. 35? 23? 53? 51?
ft m p m s ID
Le Florence 2 34 7 45 9 40
Le Kingetree 8 46
Ar Lanes 3 38 9 04 pa lt 2?
Le Lanes 3 38 .9 30 ?45 il 20
Ar Charleston 5 04 10 65 8 30 1 CO
No. No. No. Ko
78? 32* 52* 60?;
a a pm an? pm
Le Charleston 6 33 4 49 7 00 400.
Ar Unes 816 615 832 5 3?
?e.'Lane* -S 16 6 15 5 3*
>Eicg8tree 8 32
KT Florence 9 25 7 25 7 05
am pm a m . pm
.Daiiy. tDaily except Sunday.
No. 52 mr 9 through to Colombia Tia Cen
I yraiR. R.of S. C.
Tralca Nos. 78 and 32 run ria Wilson and
?ayetteTi?le-7-Short . Line-and make cloie:
?ncection for all pointa North; Y
Trains .on 0. k D ~R. IC leave Flcraoce
lai'v except Sunday 9 50 a ?, arriv? Barfing?'
on 015 am; Ear ts ville 9 15&m,'Cher? w
Ll;30 a rn, Wadeaboro 2 25 p vL?M?eeef?
?loren?e daily except Sunday 7 55 p c?, ar?
rive Dar^^ton 8 20 p m, BsnnettaviHe;/9.17;
p m, Gibson \9 45 p m Leave .Florence
Sunday only $30 a m^-arrivs Darlirgtcr
10 05 am ? \ -, . / ?
Leave Gibeon \da?y/except Snn^y 6 0?
a m, Becoettsvill?^H?O a ai,amyeDari?s?'
toa 8 00 a m, leavo Darlington 8 50 ft"mV: ar
rive Florence 9 15 'a m. Leave W c?s&boT??
iaily except Sunday 3 00 p m, Cfcefaw 4 4f
p m, Ha"rt8T?ll?'7 CO'a rn, Darlington ? 2jPh
? ra, arrive Florence TOO 5 Leave Dar Y
iogtcn ' Sunday only 8 CO a m, arrive Flor
'nee 9 15 a in .
Gen'l Manager. ' V Gen'l Sup*
H. H. BMBBSON, Traffic Manaor Y '
T. li. IMIfffcSON. Gen'j Timi- Afft?t
Published in the United States for Demo
: vcrats andf?r aU reades5?isvthe
The equal of many dailes and the .'supe-,
rior of all other semi-weeklies or Acelajes:/
Issued Wednesday and Saturday. ; 104
copies a year, and you get it for only;
$1.00 A YEAE.
The Wednesday issue is devoted Ho News.
Matter, the Saturday issue to Home Matters
A liberal commission to agents. Sample
copies cheerfully sent free to all who wpt
ask for them. Write to t
Louisville, Ky. :; :
By special arrangement you can get
Both one y ear for only
This is for cash subscriptions only- Ali
subscriptions under this combination offer:
must be sent through the Watchman anet
Southron office, nov 20 ? ? ?".
Paid up Capital 75,000 Oft
Surplus and ProSte .... 25,000 00?
Additional Liability of Stock
'holders in excess of their
stock - - 75,000 0Or
Tota? protection to depositors, $175-000 0t>
Transacts a Generai Banking Bueiocss.
Special attention given to collections.
Deposits of $1 aod upwards !*eeivecL In
tereat allowed at the rate of 4 per cent- per
annan, on amounts above $5 And not exceed
iog $300, payable quarterly, on first days of
January. April, July und October.
R. L. Enarosns, President.
I am offering Eggs
from a yard of extra
fine, large, pure bred
Eggs in season $1.00
per sitting of 13. Or?
ders filled promptly.
Sumter, S. C.
Feb 5
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica?
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest aeency for securing patents?
Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive
special notice, without charge, in the
Scientific flitiericait
A handsomely illustrated weekly. I^nrest cir?
culation of anv scientiflc Journal. Terms. f*a.
vear : four months, $L. Sold byan newsdealers.
Branch OiSce, 625 F SU-Washington. D. C.

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