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Current Events in the Palmetto
State Laconically Recorded.
?Columbia has another ice factory
in; operation.
jS ?Barnard B. Evans is farming very
sue<^fully in Edgefield County.
?Work is progressing rapidly on the
new dam at Portman Shoals, Ander
son County.
?Many farmers throughout the
State are experimenting with velvet
beans this year.
?Nearly all the farmers in the
Anderson section have conquered
4 General Green. ' '
?The Dillon hosiery mills recently
: filled an order from a neighboring
town for 3,600 pairs of socks.
?Elko boasts of a farmer who in 30
years has never had occasion to buy
corn. He produces all the consumes.
?Crops generally are in flue condi
tion and the prospects are all favorable
for an abundant harvest all over the
?The annual reunion of the surviv
ors of the famous regiment of Orr's
Birles will be held at Due ' West on
August 12, 13 and 14.
?A scholarship of the Philadelphia
Art School"has been awarded to Miss
Anna Heyward Taylor, of Columbia,
through the' College for Women.
?The-defunct lodge of Odd Fellows
in Florence is in -process of reorgani
zation, new life being infused into the
?J. Dudley Haseiden, of dispensary
and breastplate fame, announces bim
se! r as a candidate for the legislature
from Marion County.
?The proceedings of the Senate
were closed last Saturday with eulogies |
on the late Representative Stokes.
Speeches were made by Senators Till
man and McLaurin.
?The farmers of Marion Count;
are already curing tobacco. One farm
er cured a bam in less than 60 days
after transplanting. Tobacco is un
questionably a quick money crop.
?The other night thieves broke into
" e postoffice at Pacolet and blew
the safe. They secured four dol
rs in stamps and some registered
_ for their trouble.
Winnsboro is considering the advis
ability o? issuing bonds to the amount
of $10,000 for installing an electric
Bpght plant. An election on this cues
ti?n will be held July 8.
?Chester is going to build another
ischool house, the present one, built
in 1S92 at a cost of $12,000, being in
sufficient for the accomodation of the
?E. Brooks Sligh, who was former
* ly prominent in South Carolina Re
publican politics, has been appointed;
to a position as a law clerk in the:
Treasury-Department, Washington.
?The new Mehodist Church at
' Hodges will be dedicated on the fourth
Sunday in June. The* dedicatory ser- !
mon will he preached by Bishop W.
W. Duncan.
?In the present State campaign
there is for once no declared opposition
to the dispensary, all the candidates
for governor and other offices endors
; ing the system.
?The storm of Monday night, the
16th instant, near Bennettsville, blew
down the smokehouse, a bam and
jjfjthe kitchen end of the dwelling house
of Mrs. H. King Odom.
?Sam Blackwell shot and danger
pausly wounded Howard Pinckney at
> >ihe funeral of Manuel Pinckney, a
. brother of the wounded man, at Mc
* Cormick. The row occurred over a
gambling debt Blackwell escaped.
- ?The' Johnston Cotton Seed Oil
' Company has been incorporated, with
a capital sf;ock of $50,000, most of
which has alrtady been subscribed.
The building is now being built and
f the mill will be ready for fall work.
2 ?Th e ?i ken Democratic executive ;
V- committee is trying to undo one of the
provisions of the present Democratic j
platform?the exclusion of the dispen- ?
ser and-the county board of control;
rom those to be voted for at the pri- ?
s mary. This, will be done by provid- j
ing a special box for the purpose.
?The faculty of Wofford College has !
-organized ,under their new president, i
-, . . Snyde.r. They will generally!
remain on the campus this summer, j
. except when at summer schools or
visiting friends in the interest of the \
^college. Mr. J. A. McColloeb, of
Greenville, was elected trustee, in
> . place of Major D. R. Duncan.
?The irrepressible G. Walt Whit
man,, of Uni on, comes forward at the"
last moment with the following an
nouncement : ' * I have filed my pledge
with the executive committtee as can
' didate for governor, with the state
ment that if elected ^will give $1,000
to the esecutive committe expenses.
\ This is the best I can do. "
'?Violet Collins, an aged and re
spected colored woman of Camden, was
^ aceidtntly burned to death at her
home on the 9th in st. After having;
been jriven her breakfast that morn
ing, she was ledit alone awhile'. When
her husband and daughter returned
they found her dead and her clothes
I burned off of her.
?At Scran ton, the other day, Mrs.
I Jake Casselman was partially
paralyzed by lightning. The bolt
struck a post in the yard from which
a clothes wire ras to the column post
Vof tbe piazza. The lightning was con
-- ducted by this wire to the house. The
shock felled Mrs. Casselman to the
^oor and set fire to a broom which
stood in the comer of the house.
?The commencement exercises of
the Citadel, Charleston, will be in
augurated Sunday, June 29, when the
baccalaureate sermon will be preached
by Rev. John G. Beck with, graduate
>oi* the Citadel, class of '92. The com
mencement exercises take place the
following day, at which Rev. Dr.
-James A. B. Scherer will deliver the
annual address to the seniors.
?The inimitable Editor Bacon, of
the Edgefield Advertiser, thus
acknowledges the receipt of the invi
tation to the Winthrop College com- j
mencement : "The invitation is in book
shape and very elegantly printed. Its
cover, however, is utterly a new de
parture. This cover is of soft, thick,
pliable, smoky-looking, mouse color
ed leather, emitting a leathery smell.
It is not pretty, but we supiese it is
stylish. At all events? as regards
commencement invitations?if yon
would be "in it" in the future, you
must be smoky-looking, mous? color
ed, and emit a .strong leathery odor."
?Gen. M. C. Butler has recently
made speeches in Augusta, at the
Charleston Exposition, at Raleigh,
N. C, and elsewhere in advocacy of a
public awakening on the good roads
?The couple of companies of candi
dates now making the grand rounds of
the State will put some money in cir
culation. It is calculated that the
most economical will have to spend at
least $450.
?Prof. John Gadsden, a distin
guished teacher of Charleston, is
dead, as the result of a stroke of
paralysis, aged 69 years. One brother,
two sisters, four daughters and two
sons survive him.
?After an absence of 30 odd years
I an old man, Allison Black, has return
ed to his home in YorkviNe neighbor
hood and has been received by his
wife and child, the later now grown
to manhood's estate.
?Mr. Whit Watson, of Batesburg,
has a lot of silk worms at work in the
room in the rear of the bank of which
he is cashier. It is an interesting
sight to see these worms devouring
! Mulberry leaves by the thousands.
?Next week is court week in
Marion, and there is not a prisoner at
present in the county jail. On Friday
morning of last week two negroes, the
only prisoners in the institution, broke
out and made their escape.
?Jack King, colored, who killed
Tom Odom, also colored, in Robin
son's circus tent at Bennettsville, last
October, has been convicted of murder,
with recommendation to mercy. He
goes to the penitentiary for life.
?Mrs. S. L. Wright, or Columbia,
the head of the firm running Wright's
Hotel and mother of Messrs. W. C,
Robert C. and Geo: . Wright, died
June 16, after a long illness. She was
about 7S years of age.
j ?The Florence water works system
I is nearly completed. With the excep
tion of a few valves and Attings,
everything is ready for the turning on
of the water, 3nd if the belated parts
arrive within a day or two tnis will
be done next week!
i The friends of Judge Mclver will be
delighted to learn that he is rapidly
improving under the treatment receiv
ed at the Savannah, Ga., hospital,
and it is stated that he will return
home in a week, ready to resume his
duties, in the Supreme court.
?Four stores, with their contents,
were burned at Cross Hill, one night
last week. These were owned and o'c
cupied by Robert Nance & Son, P. H.
Madden, Hill & Wheeler, a'nd the
fourth was occupied as a dwelling by
Re'v. Thos. Campbell. There was very
little insurance.
?The outlook for tobacco is very
encouraging for the season, says the
Manning Farmer. The crop is fine up
to date and the prices that are likely
to prevail makes the prospect one to
gladden the heart. The effort will be
made to let this be the most success
ful year in the history of the town as
a tobacco market.
?Rev. Robert W. Barn well, a well
known Episcopal cleryman, now located
in Columbus, Mississippi, and Miss
Melinda McBee Branson, of Florence,
were married in the Epicsopal Church
at Florence on the morning of June
19. by the Rev. Harold Thomas.
?"Cal." Caughman is announced
as a candidate for the House of Repre
sentai ves from Richiami County. He
was an original reformer, but is now
a geniune Columbia reformer and
took an active part in the last city
election in the cotton milL diserict.
?The case of William Kibler against
the Southern Railway for damages has
been decided by the Supreme Court,
and Mr. Kibler gets his 5400 for being
put off the train between New berry
and Helena because he refused to pay
10 cents, the distance being one mile,
and 25 cents excess.
?Mr. A. A. King, a very prominent
old Confederate veteran of Laurens
County, is SI years of age and has
lived at the same place and in the same
house for 42 years. He served in the
civil war and lost anjtrm in the bat
tle of Gettysburg, j?e is very stout
and cuts ail of his wood with one
hand. ?
P?In the Barnwell People Mr. Frank
H. Creech has an elaborate argument
against small counties, in which he
says: "Knowing that the county ex
oenses of some counties of Georgia had
to be paid by the -State ^government,
I wrote the State Treasurer of Geor
gia, and he informed me that out of
137 counties in the State there were 17
that had to receive aid from the
State government, in ordert to meet
current expenses."
?The tobacco market at Lake City
has opened up for business. J. T. Eady
sold a barn of tobacco last Saturday
for 6 and 6% cents per pound. This
was Mr. Eady's first curing of the year
and was what is commonly called
primings. Monday J. J Eaddy sold
another barn of tobacco, for which he
got an average of 5J? cents round.
This was the first curing also.
?Near Greenwood, the other day,
Prince McClintock, a nergo boy, and
May Edwards, a negro woman, were
walking ? from church, when the
woman started to run, saying that she
wanted to catch up with some one in
front of them. The boy commanded
her to halt and upon her refusal pulled
out his pistol and shot her?fatally, it
is said. The boy fled and at last ac
counts bad not been captured.
?At the Florence railroad shops,
the other day, Edward R Hines nar
rowly escaped getting both legs crush
ed by? steam chest cover, the weight
of which was 250 pounds. He was
hoisting the heavy iron onto an
engine and it fell back to the floor.
Luckily, Mr. Hines was standing to
one side, and although he was knock
ed down and his legs pinioned to the
floor, he escaped the full force of the
blow. He was considerably bruised,
but went to work again the next day.
Gen. Bonham Very ili.
Anderson, June 19.?Gen. M. L.
Bonham is desperately ill and it is
feared thai he cannot recover. He
was attacked with erysipelas suddenly
on Friday and now blood poisoning
has set in. His condition is despe
rate. He has been unconscious all day
but was reported as resting easily at
9.30 tonight. Unless there is a speedy
change for the better he cannot recov
Dr. Agassiz, of the Harvard mus?um
of comparative zoology, is now pre
paring bis report descriptive of his re
cent journeys in the Indian ocean, off
the southern coast of Ceylon.
Albert W. Payne, of Banger. Me.,
has practiced law continuously for
sixty-seven years, having been ad
mitted to the Penobscot county bar on
May 2S, 1835. He is the oldest lawyer
in point of continuous service in New
The sale in New York of the famous
library of John E. Burton, of Lake
Geneva, Wis., recalls the fact that it
was Burton who some years ago traded
his $100,000 hotel in Hurley, Wis., to
a letter carrier, Byron S. Ross, of
Chicago, for a collection of 3,000,000
George Robinson, of Cleveland,
Ohio, who is believed to be the oldest
man in that city and the oldesir Odd
Fellow in the world, celebrated the
one hundred and second anniversary
of his birth last Sunday. His wife,
whom he lost about a. year ago, lived.
to the age of ninety-eight.
Senator Mark Hanna writes to a
friend that he must insist that he is
not to be considered in any sense a
candidate for the presidential nomina
tion in 1904.
Booker T. Washington of Tuskegee,
Ala., held a lengthy conference with
President Roosevelt-Monday upon the
subject of southern appointments.
An observing farmer says: "There
are some curious things about corn,
and one of them is, where do the red
and speckled ears come from when
you do not plant any but white corn?
And another is,' why c?n't we find an
ear with an odd number of rows on
it? You can find a four leaf clover,
but you never saw an odd row on an
ear of corn yet. It is always fourteen,
sixteen, twenty or some other even,
number, and we would like to know
about its mathematics, and what ob
jections nature has in these instances
to odd numbers."
Henry Cole., one of the oldest real
estate men in Denver, will enrich the
Methodist Church of that cijfcy by a
gift of over 8350,000. This 'amount
will be invested in a new corporation,
and the interest accruing is to be
divided as follows : Fifty per cent to
evangelistic work, 25 per cent for
buildings and improvements, and the
balance for charities.
For the first time in the history of
the United States the honorary degree
of Doctor of* Jurisprudence was confer
red Tuesday, at the August ini an col
lege of St. Thomas at Villa Nova,
near Philadelphia. The recipient was
former President Grover Cleveland,
who has already had the degree of L.
L. D. conferred by Princeton Univer
sity. Previous to the conferring of
diplomas ex-President Cleveland made
an address.
The St. Petersburg correspondent
of Le Matin of Paris, writing of Presi
dent Loubet's visit to the Cazar, says
that when the Russian peasants pass
before a bust of the French Republic,
they make the sign of the cross,
"thinking that Russia's ally is the
Virgin Mary."
S. Holden Howie of New Zealand,
the originator of the carrier pigeon
postal service in .that country, now ?
making a tour through the United
States, is thns quoted in the Kansas
City Star: "My carrier pigeon ser
vice would not be satisfactory or neces
sary in the United States or any other
place where the telegraph is used for
the transmission of messages. In
New Zealand there are many small
islands where telegraph lines are un
known. For many years the residents
of the smaller islands have had no
means of communication except by
slow boats. I established a carrier
pigeon service that is under the con
trol of the government. It is a
success in every detail. The rate for
pigeongrams is 1 shilling or 24 cents
in American money. I came here to
purchase American homing pigeons.
I expect to visit all the big lofts in
the United States before I return to
New Zealand."
One of the fire chiefs in Chicago re
marked recently that the day of the
fire engine as a necesasry adjunct to
a fire department in a big .city was
nearing its end. This is a very strong
statement. And yet it is based upon
practical tests soon to be inaugurated j
in Chicago. In the business section
of that city the municipal authorities
are having pipes laid through which
water will be forced at a presure from
40 to 200 pounds. The high pressure
will render the use of engines unnec
essary, it is claimed, as the water will
be forced through the lines of hose
in as great volumes as at present by the
engines. It is the intention to ex
tend the pipes into the large buildings
is such way as to have each floor pro
tected. When a fire occurs the ? water
may be turned on from every floor, if I
necessary, without waiting for the
arrival of ? the fire department. The
fire department will be reorganized ;
into hose companies and the men will j
make couplings to the pipes instead
of to engines. Otherwise their duties !
will be in no way changed. The ex-1
p?riment, for that is what it amounts
to at this time, will be watched with
interest by other large cities.
In the recent gun practice of the ?
North Atlantic squadron the battleship
Kearsarge made a world's record. Her
gunners shot the big guns, eight to
thirteen inch bores, at a target which
was about the size of a small sailing
ship from a distance of more than a
mile. The record was seven hits out
of eleven shots. It must be remember
j ed that should any warship be hit
seven times by projectiles of that size
she could hardly escape destruction.
After study of Rio de Janeiro, its
position and topography, of the mos
quitoes, their anatomy, life and cus
toms, the epidemics of yellow fever in
Rio de Janeiro and San Paulo, its
relations to meteorological conditions,
its transportation on sea by rnosquitoes,
and the recent experiments in Amer
ica, H. de Guyea thinks that yel?ow
fever is not transmitted directly or in- '
directly, since the germ, as yet un
known, is only found in the blood of
those affected ; that it is propagated
by the mosquitoes infected by sucking
the blood of yellow fever patients:
that the prophylaxis against yellow
fever is the same as that against mala
ria and filariasis, namely, the voidance
of mosquitoes. Mosquito nettting,
scenes, etc., the isolation of all yellow
fever patients, living away from the
haunts of the mosquitoes, inhabiting
the upper floors of well-aired houses?
these are all necessary,, and ships
should not be permitted to anchor in
infected ports from which the wind is
blowing. Oil should be employed to
destroy the mosquiteos, fish should be
placed in the ponds, drainage and em
bankments should be built, and ships
leaving an infected port should have
sulphurous acid introduced into their
holds to kill all the mosquitoes present.
Ready to Yield.
ui used DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve for
piles and found it a certain care," says S.
fi. Meredith, Willow Grove, Del. Opera
tions unnecessary to cure piles. They al
ways yield to DeWitifs Witch Hazel Saive.
Cures skin diseases, all kinds of wounds.
Accept no counterfeits. ?. S. Hughson &
Co. *_
Such Like Expressions Heard on the
Streets of Columbia.
The Sumter firemen's tournament is
going to be a real live affair, and great
sport is in store for all who attend the
"Are you going to Sumter?" "Meet
me in Sumter, " and like expressions
are commonly heard on our streets
nowadays, and that is evidence of the
fact that a large crowd of Columbians
will attend the tournament.
Columbia will have six teams in the
contests?three horse wagon and three
hand reel teams?and the team that
defeats them will earn the prize. It is
natural to suppose that * - ifs' ' will take
a prominent part in the tournament,
and some of the Columbia teams, may
have an attack of the epidemic after
they return home next week. "Ifs'
is a chronic trouble among firemen
when they compete foi prizes, and
Sumter'will furnish a quantity of that
undesirable disease on the 25th and
26th. A fireman with the "ifs" is
amusing, to say the least; and a per
; son can always find out the cause of
any team's defeat.
The local teams are going to put
"ginger" in the tournament, and they
will give their competitors the best
they have in stock.
Sumter promises the firemen a fair [
and square deal, and there is no doubt j
about that. The Game Cock city fire- '
men will make it pleasant for the
visiting teams, and the Columbia boys
expect to enjoy their hospitality.?Co
lumbia Record.
Women and Jewels. x
Jewels, candy, flowers, man?that is the
order of a woman's preferences. Jewels
form a magnet of mighty power to the
average woman. Even that greatest of all
jewels, health, is often rained in the stren
uous efforts to make or save the money to
purchase them. If a woman will risk her
health to get a coveted gem, then let her
fortify herseif against the insidaons con
sequences of coughs, colds and bronchial
affections by the regular usev of Dr.
Boschee's German Syrup. It will promptly
arrest consumption in its early stages and
heal the affected Jungs and bronchial tubes
and drive the dreaded disease from the sys
tem. It is not a cure-all, but it is a certain !
cure for coughs, colds and all bronchial
troubles. You can get this reliable remedy
at DeLorme's Pharmacy oi Sumter Phar
macy. ^ ^
The heated term affords a good
opportunity for mental resistance to
discomforting conditions. The man
who can make himself believe at 3 p.
m. that he feels no unpleasant warmth, '
and that a cool breeze is playing
through his whiskers, is very much in
advance of most of his fellow-beings.
Filthy Temples in India.
Sacred cows often defile Indian temples, \
but worse yet is a body that's polluted by
constipation. Don't permit it. Cleanse
your systsm with Dr. King's New Life
Pills and avoid untold misery. They give
lively livers, active bowels, good digestion,
fine appetite. Only 25c at J. F. W. De
Lorme's drug store.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the Sjpf
Signatars of C&&?y? T<!?&?t//Z?
isn't as enthusiastic a Longman &
Martinez Paint iran as the fellow
who used it on his houses for
twenty years. It takes hini ten
years to appreciate its true econ
omy and wearing powers. The
first gallon he uses, however, con
vinces him that Longman <& Mar
tinez Paint is cheaper than thin
paints or white lead. You should
hear some people talk about its
good qualities. Glad to supply
color cards.
Sumter - S. C.
Land Surveying.
I will give prompt attention to all calls
for surveying, platting, terracing hill sides,
draining bottoms, &c.
Oct 19?o Catchail, S. C.
I take pleasure in giving no
tice to my friends and the pub
lic generally, that, having re
gained my health, i have re
opened my shop, and am ready
to do any work in the
line of Guns, Locks, Sewing
Machines, &c. Prices reasona
ble, work done prompt y and
satisfaction guaranteed. Shop
on Liberty street a few doors
east of Main.
Men 5 R. 8. BRAD WELL.
||j ?c^eteblePreparailoriforAs
| ? st?ila?ng ?ieFoodandfiegula- '
I ! j lir.? iheS?Oia?cis ai?dBoweis of
For Infants and Children.
id You Have
! Promotes B?gest?oaCheerfur
111 RsssandRestContains neither
| | Ophim;Morplt?ne norMos-a .
il Narcotic
Jtcipe ofOte?rS?lfUELPlTC??ER
PtO?ip?cat Seed'
s?ix.Sainii *
RorKolh Sulis
Ihspenr?Hb -
S?Cciiotw?AScdc? +
C?aril?ad Sirgar
A perfect Remedy for Cossiipa
fion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Wornis .Convulsions ,Feverisn
ness and Loss of SlEEP.
Facsimile Stonature or
ai'kyw;jii inveii ?szs
We took ill a lot of
or ?
Which' have since fattened up, and being
acclimated are really more fit for present use
than fresh ones.
The time approaches when planters are pre
paring for the next year. Gome and see them.
They will be sold worth the money.
Dec 8
(Successor to C. P, Poppenheim.)
363 King Street, Charleston, S. C.
. ?Agents for?
Buckeye lowers, Srioley Plows, Sliver Gled Plows.
GEORGE A. VTAGEXER, President ; GEORGE Y. COLEMAN. Vice President; L G.
BALL, Secretary and Treasurer.
Correspondence Solicited. Jene 11?3m.
South Carolina,
Southern Summer Resorts.
Open from June 1st to October 1st.
Electric Lights, Electric Fans, Elec
tric Bells, Baths and complete water
and sewerage system Pure air, free
from malaria, free from mosquitos
Still in the lead for the Liver, Stom
ach, Kidneys and the Blood.
For further information apply to

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