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Ta SUMTHK WATCHMAN. Established April, IS50.
14Be Just and Fear not?Let all the Ends thon Aims't at, be thy Country's, thy God's and Truth's.'*
THE TR?B SOUTHRON, EatabHabod June 2S66
Gosolidated Mg. 2,1881.
New Series?Toi. XXI. So. 49
Sfe&isb&d Sroy Wednesday,
-? -
3*3". C3r. Osteen5
SUMTEE, s. a
tesks :
$1.50 per an a a cu?io advance.
?. One Square first insertion..............$1 00
Svery subsequent insertion_... .... 50
Contracts for three months, or longer will
se made at reduced rates.
AH cocHaunicatioos which subserve private
interests will be charg?e forasadvertiements.
Obituaries and tributes of respects will be
. charged for.
mm IN E06EF?ELD.
Rowdy and Disgraceful Exhibition
at Campaign Meetiiig?Friends
of Taibert and tha Jim-Tili
manttes Responsible.
Edgefield, July 2.?The State cam
paign meeting here today degenerated
into a howling match between the
Jim-tillmanites and the supporters of
CoL Taibert. They howled and yell
ed until the speakers could not make
themselves heard. Altogether it was
a rowdy and. disorderly meeting.
It was expected by knowing ones
that this Edgefield meeting would not
be a solemn occasion In genuine
Edgefield spirit, long confined, and
non-riven asunder, it surpassed, so
. the old campaigners affirm, anything
ever seen in South Carolina. This
was occasioned by the mouthy and
most vociferous tempest war of months
o? noise between the rival factions of
Taibert and Ti liman. For exactly 43
minutes after Col. Tillman was intro
- dnced, this howling and yelling was
so persistently maintained "as to effec
tually stop even attempts at speaking.
Many times when the roar of howling
voices were at the utmost extreme of
frenzied .shrieking it was perfectly
patent that what was once popularly
supposed to have /'broke loose in
Georgia" had permanently established
headquarters in Edgefield court house,
South Carolina. The yelling began
immediately at the close of Ansel's
speech and for some time cheers ' and
counter cheers for Taibert and Till
man prevented Heyward, who was to
-follow, from speaking. He 'did
speak and when he stopped and said,
^iiY- honored friend Taibert come
to my town and spoke, so did my dis
tinguished friend Tillman, and ?o one
yelled for Hewyard?the cheers of the
house greeted him. CoL Taibert was
received; with most cordial enthusiasm
but the counter cheering for Taibert
and Tillman grew so turbulent and
confusing that not one word could be
heard before he stopped speaking.
Lieut Gov. Tillman was received
with Jong continued cheering and ap
plause. By this time, however, the ?
rival factions were wrought to such
frenzy that Chairman Rainsford, Tal- i
bert and Tillman could do absolutely j
nothing. No appeal had any effect.
The noise grew louder at frenzied
intervals and then decreased when
throats could no longer bear the
strain; to yell again when strength
came. For exactly 43 minutes CoL
Tillman fact*! the crowd and only
stopped when it became easily appa
rent that the rival factions had no
idea of stopping their hooting and
yelling. There were a- few drunken
men in the crowd, but not much anger
was visible, the reporter's chair and
table were upset when CoL Tillman's
friends rushed up with a crown of
flowers, put it on his head and bore
him in their arms out on the square.
The rivalry was so great that in a few I
minutes Talbezt's friends came up and
bore him ont in similar manner.
Your correspondent knows nothing of
the men who made the disturbance,
each side claims that the other packed
the hoase, both sides claim a victory.
Yonr correspondent saw a mob of red,
perspiring faces and wildly swinging
arms ; yelling mouths were wide open
in frenzy ; insane, distorted coun
tenances were wildly shouting. A
6tonn of incessant cheers, hurrahs
and ones for Taibert and Tillman were
heard with little or no cessation and
human beings presented the humil
iating spectacle of"eraze?l inebriates.
nominations that Failed.
Washington, July 2.?Following is
a list of- presidential appointments to
office daring -the last session of con
gress upon which the senate failed to
George R. Koester, collector internal
revenue, district of South Carolina.
Postmasters :
Kentucky?Samuel G. Hanson, Bera.
ISorth Carolina?Jonas W. Mullen,
South Carolina?J. P. Murphy,
Bamberg; Landrum Padget, Pelzer:
Jefferson F. Richardson,- Greenville;
George D. Shore, Sumter.
Louisiana?Frank E. Posey, Baton
Georgia?A. M. Smith, Brunswick.
There also was a large number of
army brevet nominations which failed
to secure favorable action of the sen
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Grateful People Give Kim an Ova
tion?Other Candidates Given
Courteous Attention.
Georgetown, July 2.?The senator
ial meeting held today was emphati
cally Elliott day. Col. Elliott, who
has done so much for Georgetown dur
ing his fonrteen years in congress,
came back and returned the talent en
trusted to him with an hnndred fold
increase and received the hearty
plandit of "well done" from the citi
zens of Georgetown. Now he comes
before them and asks to be judged by
his fidelity in the past and to be
elected to the' United States senate.
The ovation accorded him by the 150
voters present has never been witness
ed before on this campaign. Col. El
liott was visibly affected and his speech
was nothing more than a communion
of hearts which words cannot ade
? quately express.
It was a strange coincidence that all
the appropriations asked for, even for
the new government building, have
been .granted by the last congress.
CoL Eliott has worked untiringly for
his district and Congressman Scar
borough, upon whose shoulders his
mantle has fallen, will find it no easy
task to measure up to his predecessor.
All the other candidates were put
on their metal and they endeavored
to let the Georgetown voters see that
j there were o?her pebbles on the
beach. Thy were well received but
given to understand that CoL Elliott
is Georegtown's choice.
There were no tilts betw een Messrs.
Evans and Latimer, but it is under
stood the matter has by no means been
dropped. It is intimated that both
men have a reserve supply of fireworks
which will be used at a more conven
ient season. The conditions in
Georgetown are peculiar. The county
has never been^redeemed entirely from
negro rule. A compromise arrange
ment was made several .years ago to
divide the offices with the negroes.
This year the white people have deter
mined to make a fair and square fight
for a white. Democratic ticket at the
general.election in November. Hence
while the rest of the State is squab
bling over a choice between candi
dates these people will quietly select
their men and do battle at the general
election. The entire State, will bid
them God-speed in. their fight.
Wide Tire Wagons.
. ..One of the best ways to prevent, the
formation of ruts and to keep earth
roads in repair is by the use of wide
tires on all wagons carrying heavy\bur
dens. In most foreign countries they
not only use the four to six inch tires
on market wagons, but on many of the
fpnr-wh??el freight wagons, in.addition
to wide Irires, the rear axles are made
fourteen inches longer than the front
ones, so that the hind wheels will not
track and form ruts. Water and nar
row tires aid one another in destroying
the roads, while on the other hand wide
tires are roadmakers. They roll and
harden the surface, and every loaded
wagon becomes, in effect, a road roll-'
?r. The difference between the action
of a narrow tire and a wide one is
; about the same as the difference^ be
tween a crowbar and a tamper ; the
one tear up and the other packs down.
By using wide tires on heavy wagons
the cost of keeping roads in repair
would b > greatly reduced. The intro
duction fin recent years of wide metal
tires which can be placed on the
wheels o?: any narrow-tired vehicle at
a nominal cost has removed a very
serious objection to the proposed sub
stitution of broad tires for the narrow
ones now in use.?Southern Farm
Condition of the King.
London, July 2.?The following bul
letin was issued from Buckingham
palace at 7 pu hl :
"The king maintains his steady
progress. The local pain being less,
the days are passed with greater com
(Signed) Tr?ves, Laking, Barlow."
Women and Jew-els.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man?that is the
order of a woman's preferences. Jewels
form a magnet of mighty power to the
average woman. Even that, greatest of all
jewels, health, is often ruined in the stren
uous efforts to make or save the money to
purchase them. If a woman will risk her
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sequences of coughs, colds and bronchial
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macy. v
BuSi Fights in Oklahoma.
Lawton, Oklahoma, July 3.?The
first of a series of bull fights to be
held here came off today, despite the
protest to Governor Ferguson made
yesterday by John P. Haines, secre
tary in New York of the Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
The fight was witnessed by 5,000
! people. It was devoid of' cruel fea
tures and none of the animals was
killed. The fight will be repeated
every day until and including July 7.
"I am using a box of Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and find them
the bestjthing for my stomach I ever used,"
says T. W. Robinson, Justice of the Peace,
Loomis, Mich. These Tablets not only
correct disorders of the stomach but regu
late tb.9 liver and bowels. They are easy
to take and pleasant in effect. Price 2?
cents per box. For sale by Dr. A. J. China.
The New York San thinks it is pos
sible that Mr. Cleveland has resumed
the activity of politics, not from ambi
tion but from gratitude. It affects to
believe that he wishes to promote the
candidacy of the Hon D. S. Lamont
for Governor of New York, and the
Hon. Richard Olney. for President of
the United States, these two having
been of inestimable benefit to him dur
ing his career as President.
It is the custom now in polite so
ciety for guests at dinner to sign their
names in a guest book supplied by the
host At a recent dinner party at
which Senator Foraker was the host,
Justice McKenna was next in line to
sign the book after Mme. Takahira,
the wife of the Japanese Minister.
Mme. Takahira had written he* name
in Japanese characters and Justice
McKenna, turning to Senator Foraker,
said, "What is this? It resembles the
debate on the Philippine bill?past
understanding. " ' * Oh, no. ' ' the Sena
tor replied, "it more closely resembles
the Supreme Court's decision in the
insular cases."
Wood yarn, as now manufactured in
Germany, is stated to cost about half
as much as cotton yarn. It is supplied
in the natural gray state, and does not
bleach well, but can be dyed almost
any color. It is claimed to be well
adapted for a variety of uses, such as
linings for garments, bed-ticks, blinds,
crumb cloths, etc.
gaccijarin and other coal-tar pro
ducts are b^ing much used in place of
sugar for sweetening jams, syrups,
beverages, pastry ^d other food sub
stances Sbramine, cue of these sub
stitutes, is credited with 7<X) times the
sweetening P?wor of cane.gngar. Not
onlv are tQese sweet products not
foods, but Dr. de Lavarenne calls at
tention to th? fa.ct w*? their contin
ued use mav seriously derange the di
gestive functions Prof. Von Bunge, of
Basle, has reported that sachar?n af
ter being absorbed may reappear in
the saliva, causing a .persistent sweet
taste and interfering with the appe
tite. Dr. Pluggs has shown that sac
charin interfered with the breaking
up of food substances in artifiical di
gestion, and a gram daily of dulcin,
another of the coal-tar sweets, caused
the death of a dog in three weeks.
Fifty years of teaching in one insti
tution, without a single hour lost by
reason of illness, is the remarkable rec
ord that the close of the present school
year completes for Charles J. Capen,
master of the Boston Latin School.
The triumph of women suffragists
in'the new national parliament of the1
Australian commonwealth is their
greatest achievement thus far attained.
It confers the right tc vote for its
members on all the women of Austra
lia There are 4,000,000 inhabitants
in this commonwealth, and this act
enfranchises about 800,000 women.
When those of New Zealand are added,
who have been voting nine years, and
those of our own four states, a total
is furnished of not less than 1,250,000
English speaking women who are now
exercising full political suffrage.
A reduction in the'-ate of interest to
be credited to depositors is announced
by the officials of some of the savings
banks in New, York city The reduc
tion, which is from 4 to Z% per cent.,
is to take effect July 1.
Mr. Henderson "got next to" Mr.
Latimer at the campaign meeting at
Darlington. The Congressman was
insisting that the people should elect
a farmer to the Senate instead of a
lawyer, as the body was made up
chiefly of lawyers now, whereupon
Henderson wanted to know if Latimer
was training his son to be a farmer or
a lawyer and forced the acknowledge
ment that the young Latimer vwould
follow the legal profession. The
Aiken candidate also pointed out that
there were farmers and farmers. Some
of them tilled the soil and others held
public office and drew good salaries.
Winston Churchill, the novelist, is
in St. Louis, from his eastern summer
home, gathering historical material
for a new novel, the subject to be the
stirring history of the Louisiana pur
chase's early days. The work is to be,
in short,, world's fair fiction. Mr.
Churchill hopes to have it on the mar
ket by the date of the opening of the
exposition in 1904. The work will
deal, it is said, with the days when
France and Spain contended for su
premacy in the valley of the Mississip
A Western exchange tells of the jan
itor of a city school who threw up his
job one day, and when asked by a j
friend what the trouble was said :
"Well, it's this: 'Im honest, and I
won't stand bein' srnrred. If I ever
found a pencil or anything else in the
school when I was sweepin' out I al
ways gave it to the principal : but just
the same, the teachers, or some one
that's too mean to face me, gives me
the slur." "In what way?" asked the
friend. "Well,' just this:'A little
while ago I saw written on the board,
'Find the common multiple.' Well,
I didn't say a word, but I searched
from garret to cellar and I couldn't
find the darn thing. Well, again last
night, in' big writin1 on the same
board, it said, 'Find the common
divisor.' Well,' I says to myself,
says I, ' both them darn things be lost
now, and I'll get blameo for sweepin'
'em, so I'll quit."
Mother Always Keeps it Handy.
"My mother suffered a long time from
distressing pains and general ill health
due primarily to indigestion,'' says L. W.
Spalding, Verona, Mo. "Two years ayo I
got her to try Kodol. She grew better at
once and now, at the age of seventy-six,
eats anything she wants, remarking that
she fears no bad effects as she has her
bottle of Kodol handy.*' Don't waste time
doctoring symptoms. Go after the cause.
If your stomach is sound your health will
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Three Presidential Appointments
Washington, July 2.?President
Roosevelt has approved a long list of
recess appointments, which will prob
ably be announced before he leaves
Washington for Pittsburg. On the
list are three South Carolina names
at least, tvvo of which will aronse an
indignant protest from Senator Till
man. At the White House and the
postoffic9 department it is positively
stated that the President has decided
to appoint W. L. Harris postmaster at
Charleston and J. F. Richardson post
master at Greenville. At the same
time he will appoint Major Micah
Jenkins collector of internal revenue
in place of Geo. R. Koester, who fail
ed of confirmation by the Senate.
The Newberry Bar.
In regard to a matter, the two sides
of which have been presented on the
stump in many counties by the candi
dates for the office of attorney general,
the following from the Newberry
Herald and News will be of interest
to you :
"It will be remembered that during
the early part of this year the New
berry Bar association asked for a spe
cial term of th? court of common pleas
in order to clear a crowded docket.
The petition was granted and Hon. W.
W F. Stevenson, then speaker of the
house of representatives, was appoint
ed judge. Some time after this the
bar asked that the order granting the
special term be annulled, which was
' ' Mr. Stevenson is now in the race
for attorney general, and on the stump
Mr U. X. Gunter, his opponent, has
made the assertion that the Newberry
bar asked that the special term not be
held because Mr Stevenson, the judge
appointed, was a corporation lawyer,
being attorney for the Seaboard Air
Line railway.
"The Newberry bar held a meeting
yesterday morning, at which time a
statement was gotten up giving the
reasons which prompted them in ask
ing for the special term, and then for
its withdrawal. This report will be
sent Mr Stevenson and Mr. Gunter.
"The report states that even before
the order was issued granting the spe
cial term a movement was on foot to
have this extra term called off for the
reason it would not suit many mem
bers of the bar. As soon as the order
was made known a meeting was held
on March 25th for the purpose of con
sidering the advisability of asking that
the order be annulled. In this meet
ing the reasons advanced were, first
inconvenience to the bar, and that
the agricultural conditions had so
changed as seriously to affect the
convenience of jurors.
The objection against Mr. Stevenson
on account of his connection with the
railroad was suggested by only three
members of the bar, representing two
firms. Even these expressed the ut
most confidence in his personal abil
ity and integrity. They stated that
there were some cases against the Sea
board Air Line and other railways
which they did not wish Mr. Steven
son to try But in the whole decision
there was a declaimer of any intention
to reflect upon the character of Mr.
Stevenson as a man or his ability as a
The Times does not feel unkindly
toward the negro race. The article in
yesterday's paper on "Northern Bour
bonism" was not meant to be harsh.
We pray that there may never come a
fight to the finish between the races
in the South. But we warn, the negro
and his senseless friends at the North
who advise him to arm, that when
that conflict comes there will soon be
no negro problem to solve. It is not
unkind to say this to the black man.
It would be unkind not to warn him,
when Northern fanatics incite him to
a course which we know would result
in his annihilation.?Richmond, Va.,
The Same Old Story.
J. A- Kelly relates an experience similar
to. that which has happened in almost
every neighborhood in the United States
and has been told and re-told by thousands
of others. He says : "Last summer I had
an attaek of dysentery and purchased a
bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
D.arrhoea Remedy, which I used according
to directions and with entirely satisfactory
results. The trouble was controlled much
quicker than former attacks when I nsed
other remedies." Mr. Kelly is a well known
citizen of Henderson, N. C. For sale by
Dr. A. J. China.
Judge Purdy has filed his decree in
the case of Lynch vs. Lee, the stock
law case that has attracted so much
attention recently. Judge Purdy
makes the injunction granted by
Jadge Buchanan permanent, restrain
ing those who want to take up stock
in the exempted district. This dis
poses of all questions raised in the
matter except that of the constitution
ality of the act levying a special tax
on stock to maintain the fence, which
point is raised in another case yet to
be heard.?Florence Times
Vacation Days.
Vacation time is here and the children
are fairly living oat of doors. There could
bo no healthier place for them. You need
only to guard against the accidents inci
dental to most open air sports. No remedy
equals DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve for
quickly stopping pain or removing danger
of serious consequences. For cuts*, scalds
and wounds. "I used DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve for sores, cuts and bruises,"
says L. B. Johnson, Swift Tex. "It is the
best remedy on the market." Sare cure
for piles and skin diseases. Beware of
counterfeits. J. S. Hughson & Co.
June Was an Unfavorable Month
on Cotton Throughout the Souths
Washington, July 3.?The monthly
report of the statistician of the de
partment of agriculture will show the
average condition of cotton on June 25
to have been 84.7 as compared with
95.1 on May 26, 1902 : 81.1 on June 25,
1901, 75.8 on July 1, 1900, and a ten
year average of 85.6. With the ex
ception of North Carolina, where
there seems to have been a slight im
provement, and Virignia, where there
is no appreciable change in cotton,
every cotton producing State shows a
decline during the month, the decline
being greatest in Texas, where it
amounts to 22 points, and in Louisi
ana, Indian Territory, Mississippi
and Alabama, where it is 11, 10, 9
and 8 points respectively. The condi
tion, is however, still in excess of
the ten year average in the follow
ing States, by the number of points
stated in each case: Virginia 3;
North Carolina 6 ; South Carolina and
Florida 9 ; Georgia and A rkansas 7 ;
Tennessee 12; Oklahoma 2 and Mis
souri 10. On the other hand it falls
below the ten year average by 2 points
in Louisiana and Indian Territory ; 1
point in Alabama and 13 points in
This report is"made up to June 25
and no changes subsequent to that
date have been taken into account.
The department's statistical agent for
Texas, however, telegraphed last
night that the recent rains in that
State have been of little or no benefit
to the crop and that a further deteri
oration may be looked for unless there
is more rain by July 10.
The condition in the principal
States is reported as follows :
North Carolina 93 ; South Carolina
95; Georgia 91; Florida 96; Alabama
84 ; Mississippi 85 ; Louisiana 85 ; Tex
as 73 ; Arkansas 94 ; Tennessee 98 :
Oklahoma 90 : Indian Territory 89.
Poisoning the System.
It is through the bowels that the body is
cleansed of imparities. Constipation keeps
these poisons in the system, causing head
ache, dulness and melancholia at first, then
unsightly eruptions and finally serious ill
ness unless a remedy is applied. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers prevent this trouble by
stimulating the liver and promote easy,
healthy action of the bowels. These little
pills do not act violently but by strength
ening the bowels enable them to perj?orm
their own work. Never gripe or distress.
J. S. Hughson <fc Co.
The Fourth in Manila.
Manila, July 4.?President Roose
velt's amnesty proclamation was read
?t noon today in English and Spanish,
from a flag-decked stand on the
Luneta, after a parade of 6,000 Ameri
cans and Filipinos.
Arthur Ferguson, secretary to Gov.
Taft, read the proclamation in the
presence of a small gathering, the
heat having dispersed the crowd
when the parade ended. The prison
ers freed by the proclamation, esti
mated to number 600, were released
without ceremony.
Many military prisoners had pre
viously been freed. Aguinaldo re
mained in the house which has shel
tered him since his captivity. He is
expected to visit friends briefly and
then depart on a trip. His destination
is not announced.
The exiles on the island of Guam
are expected to return here on a spe
cial steamer.
The celebration was typically,
American, even to the fire crackers.
Acting Governor Wright and Gen.
Chaffee reviewed the procession and
Capt. Crossfield delivered an oration.
He defended the American policy in
the Philippines, predicted the ulti
mate complete acceptance of American
institutions by the Filipinos and de
nounced the critics of the Philippine
The military have surrendered con
trol of Batangas province to the civil
authorities. With Laguna province
organized and Gen Cailles appointed
governor, every province in Luzon is
now under civil government.
Summer complaint is unusually preval
ent among children this season. A well de
veloped case in the writers family was
cured last week by the timely use of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy?one of the best patent
medicines manufactured and which is
always kept on hand at the home of ye
scribe. This is not intended as a free pnff
for the company who do not advertise with
us, but to benefit little sufferers who may
not be within easy access of a physician.
No family should be without a bottle of
this medicine in the house, especially in
summer-time.?Lansing. Iowa, Journal.
For sale by Dr. A. J. China.
The cowhide is mightier than the
law, according to the recent ruling of
a Virginia Judge who. after acquit
ting an aged minister brought before
him on the charge of contempt of
court, left the bench and proceeded to
deal out with his own hand the thirty
and nine. The offense of which the
minister stood accused was the publi
cation of an editorial in which he
questioned the Judge's motives in
permitting the sale of liquor in a pro
hibition district. As temperance
formed the basis of the original ques
tion, there is no lack of precedent for
the intsmperateness of feeling shown.
Yet the spectacle of a Judge jealously
guarding the sacred character of his
court, while violating the common law
of manhood, is one to make "the ju
dicious grieve. "
Acts immediately.
Colds are sometimes more troublesome
in summer than in winter, it's so hard to
keep from adding to them while cooling
off after exercise. One Alinute Cough Cure
cures at once. Absolutely safe. Acts
immediately. Sure cure for coughs, colds,
croup, throat and long troubles. J. S.
Hughson & Cc.
Senatorial Candidates at King
stree?State Office Seekers
at Saluda.
Kingstree, July ?!.? The giorions
Fourth was celebrated in Williams
burg county today by a meeting of the
Senatorial campaign party at this,
the county, seat. About four hundred
of the loyal voters came from every
section of the county to hear the
oratorical contest. When time was
called by the county chairman, Dr.
A. H. Williams, all the candidates
"toed the [line" except Congressman
A. C. Latimer, who left the party at
Georgetown to go to Belton, to attend
to an important business matter. This
statement was made in his behalf by
Mr. Hemphill. It is not probable that
he will attend the Monck's Corner
meeting either, but has promised to
rejoin the party at Manning.
All in all, the meeting was a pleas
ant one and entirely free from discord.
Col. Johnstone got the jump on Mr.
Hemphill and had his say about ex
pansion, Mr. Hemphill's . favorite
theme?hence he had to take the other
track, ''ship subsidy," whatever that
may mean !
Saluda, S. C, July 4.?Saluda
Court House and all the region round
about rejoiced wiith exceeding great
joy when State campaign day arrived.
Nearly 2,000 people attended the
meeting today. All of the candidates
were well received and many new
friends were made. The crowd might
properly be called nobody's crowd;
they were certainly indifferent Demo
crats. There was plenty of close lis
tening, but no enthusiastic cheering,
Col. Talbert having most of the ap
plause given to any of the candidates.
The bout between Messrs. Gunter and
Stevenson was the warmest and most
interesting episode of the day. Only
five years ago the site of the present
county seat was the forest primeval;
today its former woodland quiet re
echod the eloquence of South Carolina
The place of meeting was a pine
grove just, on the outskirts of the
Acting County Chairman Carroll J.
Ramage was busy all the morning ar
ranging for the comfort and conveni
ence of the candidates, in which he
was assisted by all the citizens of the
town. This was the birthplace and
home of Travis and Bowie, of Alamo
fame, and also of bloody Bill Cun
ningham. The county is thickly pop
ulated, judging from the number of
substantial homes on the road side,
Politics naturally bubbles over in this
section. It is discussed everywhere.
Jim and "Uncle" George Tillman.be
ing frequently mentioned in these lo
cal gatherings. Many visitors were
here from Newberry, Aiken, Edge
field, Greenwood and Saluda. The
ladies were almost as numerous as
voters and the gathering had the ap
pearance of a large picnic. The audi
ence numbered between 1,500 and
2,000 persons and the interest was
great. The crowd was never quiet,
except just at the speakers' stand, no
particular speaker claiming the at
tention of all.
President Roosevelt issues Fourth
of July Proclamation Declaring
Peace and Abolishing Military
Washington. July 3.?The President
has formally declared the restoration
of peace in the Philippine acrhipela
go, has placed the islands under com
plete civil control and has extended
general amnesty to the Filipinos who
have been in rebellion. * These three
things, marking one of the most im
portant chapters in Philippins his
tory, were accomplished through the
issue of three separate orders and
proclamations, one by the president
over his own signature, extending
amnesty : one through Secretary Root
by the president's order, relieving
Gen Cbaffee from his duties as mili
tary governor, and a third which
takes the shape of a general order, ad
dressed to the entire army of the Uni
ted States, in which Secretary Root
takes occasion to express the presi
dent's high appreciation of the work
it has accomplished, both in Cuba
and in the Philippines.
Summer Excursions via Southern Rail
Now on sale
To all principal resorts in North,
South Carolina, Tennessee and Vir
! ginia : also the Northwest.
Week-end rates
? Sold for all trains Saturdays, Until
August 23rd, 1902, good to return not:
later than Tuesday morning follow
' ing date for sale.
Trains leave New Union Depot Sum
ter 8:45 a. m., 2:30 p. m : Arrive
Sumter 11:50 a. m., 5:15 p. m.
Full information and copy Summer
Home Folder, applv W. D. Lowrv
Agent, or J. T. China, U.'T. A.",
R. W. Hunt, D. P. A., Charleston, W.
H. Tay loe, A. G. P. A., Atlanta,
Ga., S. H. Hardwick, G. A..
Washington. D." C.
Saves A Woinais Life.
To have given up would have meant
death for Mrs. Lois Cragg, of Dorchester,
Mass. For years she had endured untold
misery from a severe lung trouble and
obstinate cough. "Often," she writes, "I
could scarcely breathe and sometimes could
not speak. All doctors and remedies failed
till I used Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption and was completely cured."
Sufferers from Conghs, Colds, Throat and
Lung Trouble need this grand remedy, for
it never disappoints. Cure is guaranteed
by J. F. W. DeLorme. Price 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free.

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