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fBS 8VMTSB WATOHMAJX, Zstttbliahed
CosoiMate? Aug. 2? 1881.
PufeUsisd Wednesday,
IST? O-, Osteenj
S??1TER, 8. G,
?1 50 per aaaum?in advaone.
One Square first insertion..........?.....$1 GO
Ivery subsequent insertion. 50
Ceutracts for ihre? months, or longer will
o? mnde .*i reduced rates. !
Ali comcaaoicariooa which subserve private j
interests will becbarged for ??advertiemeofcj. |
Obi ruaries and tributes of respects will be J
charged for. j
Vast Sum for Improvements of St
Louis Railways.
St Louis, Jan. 13. ?The railways i.o
St Louis have set aside about $85,000,
000 to be expended for improve
ments in this city. Many of the ex
tensions are already under way and
the great bulk of the enormous sura
: will be paid but before the opening: of
the. World's Jb'air..
"The fact that seven States in the,]
Southwest, all of them strictly in St.
; Louis business territory* built 2,500
of the 5,500 miles of railroad con.
structed in the entire United States
last year, and the additional fact that
instruction in this section this year
wii be still larger, explains the true
reason for the vast terminal exten
sions," says a prominent railroad offi
Among the notable improvements
building are the subway and extension
cf the union station, the proposed con
> struction of a mail depot at the sta.
tion and the widening of the rights
of way along the levee. For the lat
ter, condemnation suits have been
instituted involving about ten city
The Terminal Association will also
complete and extend a belt line around
the entire city, and is adding to its
yard facilities in every quarter of St
The improvements at union station
alone-means that six trains may be
run in where only one is handled now,
an# with the new loops it is possible
to handle sixty passenger trains an
hour. Facilities for the handling of
freight are being increased iu the same
ratio of fonr to one.
The new terminal depot company
proposes to expend fully $15,000,000 in
buii?ing a third bridge at Mullanphy
street, estsbliship^ terminals along tbe
river front, and also in building an
elevated road to Forest Park if the
municipal assembly grants a fran
It is, said that the third bridge and
the terminal facilities may be con
structed independent of the proposed
elevated road. Suits to condemn twenty
city blocks have been filed in the Ci r
cuit Court, the property being located
principally along Mais street
Roosevelt and Knox Will Be Held
Responsible for Present Seri
ous Coal Famine.
Washington, Jan. 13.?Senator Tiill
mar,, securing the Soor for a few min
utes today, gave notice that he would
address that body tomorrow upon the
trust question with special reference
to the coal situation.
" As there seem to be some live wires
running around this chamber, I have
one that I want to string," said the
senator, "that may or may not burn,
bat if it don't it won't be my fault
I shall place tha responsibility for the
present distressing condition where it
belongs, at tbe door of the president
' of tbe United States and the attorney
A sensational speech is anticipated,
but in this the senator intends to sur
prise his hearers, as he said tonight
the question was too serious a one to
be treated in any but a serious man
ner.. He said he would not mention
the Crnm matter, but would confine
- himself strictly to the subject in
Did You Ever !
"We shall not offend the newly elect
ed speaker by stating that he is in
' complete accord with The State on
public questions, for this is his as
surance to us. fie is not of the num
ber, so he told us long ago, who be
lieve or affect to believe that the favor
of this newspaper is blighting to a po
litical candidate; and so, although we
knew he did not need any aid we
might be able to give him, we yester
day said enough to show that he was
Tfae State's choice for speaker.
"The vote that followed spesks for
itself,"?The State, Jan. 14.
Charlotte, N. C, Jan. 13.?The sec
ond ;rial of James E. Wlicox for the
alleged murder of Nellie Cropsey, his
sweetheart, at Elizabeth City a year
ago, began at Heitford, N. C, today.
The prisoner was brought into court
and a venire of 1,500 men from which
to select a jury drawn and adjourn
ment taken. The selection of the jury
will begin tomorrow morning at 10
o'clock and the hearing of evidence
?will probably not commence before
Thursday if then.
Heads Should Never Ache.
Never endare this trouble. Use at once
the remedy that stopped it for Mrs. N. A.
Webster, of Winnie, Va~ she writes : "Dr.
King's New Life Pills wholly cured me of
sick headaches 1 had suffered for two
years." Cure headache, constipation, bil
iousness. 25c atJ. F. W. DeLorine's dirag
April. 1S?0.
"Be Jn:
Disappoints Republicans By His
Special to The State.
Washington, Jan. 14.?To the de
light of his party and contrary to the
expectations of the Republicans, who
were hoping and expecting sensational
utterances, Senator Tiilman in the
senate today arraigned with scathing
I sarcasm and considerable force the
attitude of the Repbulicans on the coal
question. He scarcely more than be
gan his speech and will continue it
tomorrow. The senator began by say
ing it would be his endeavor to put the
blame for "the existing pitiable, mis
erable, horrible condition at the door
where it properly belongs?the presi
dent of the United States and the
attorney general.
Referring to the Vest resolution for
the removal of the duty on coal the
senator continued: 'I shall discuss
the situation not from the standpoint
of a free trader or-a Democrat. I will
endeavor to put aside" partisanship. If
the suffering caused. by the failure of
the people to get one of the necessities
of life would pass over the homes and
hovels of the Democrats?if the
blizzard with its icy teeth would bite
only the Democrats?I conld under
stand the coldbloodedness of many in
holding that the Dingely tariff should
not be touched.
"The situation is one unparalleled
in the history of the country. While
the mortality is very small, the con
sequences in planting the seeds of con
sumption and pneumonia should force
us to begin reform for the relief of
the people. The tariff on coal cuts very
little figure. The 67 cents a ton paid
by foreign coal coming into our coun
try is of little consequence except to
those portions, of our country near
Canada. We are exporters of coal;
in normal conditions there could
absolutely be no benefit from this re
Senator Tiilman said that Senator
Aldrich, since the Vest resolution re
garding the removal of the coal duty,
came up, had become more strenuous
and had exhibited more feeling and
earnestness than he thought him ca
pable of. The energy of the venerable
and brilliant senator from Missouri,
Senator Tiilman said, had put a spar
to the lagging horses in the house of
representatives and those in the sen
ate who have been cold-bloodedly
contemplating the condition of affairs
for a month. His only wonder, he
said, was that in these trying times off
death and distress mobs are not taking
steps to show monopolists that in the
last resort men will neither starve nor
freeze to death, but will throttle the
law if necessary and take into their
own hands and seize supplies.
He then criticised those who claim
that there was not now sufficient
authority to remedy the evils which
exist and said that we may load down
our statute books with laws but un
less the sworn oSlcers of the law shall
discharge their duties fearlessly and
honestly every effort to protect the
people will fail because of their dere
"Efforts have been made," said Sen
ator Tiilman, "proof has been filed,
pleadings have been had, petitions to
the attorney general filed, warning
and begging him to protect the people
against the impending danger, but
he has sat quietly in his office and done
nothing." Rich and poor alike, he
declared, are freezing because of the
fact that a monopoly does exist, be
cause the lawyers have failed to inter
pret the law in the interest of the peo
He criticised the coal strike commis
sioners and said they were taking ir
relevant and unnecessary testimony,
when if they wanted to they could find
out about the combination and report
to congress that such a monoply exists.
He criticised a decision of Judge Taft
involving a case under the interstate
commerce law and said it was the same
judge who would not leave "the oner
ous and odious" duties to which he
was now engaged in the Philippines
for a seat on the supreme bench.
Tomorrow the senator will show the
real cause for the present situation
is the trusts which have been fostered
by Republican administrations until,
they are all powerfal. g
-um? '.?? -OB?
Gambling in New York Society.
(From the Chicago Record-Herald.)
Bnt society in high life?at least in
New York?is showing a distressing
tendency to look over the traces of the
ordinary frivolities and indulgences of
the idle rich. Word comes from New
. York that bridge whist and poker no
longer satisfy the cravings of society
for exciting diversion. They have
been crowded out by roulette in a
manner that promises to make it "the
rage of the winter." Roulette parties
I in private homes have already become
! very popular. Since the closing- of
several " high-class" gambling houses
it is reported that many homes have
put in complete roulette outfits and :
have arranged to have professional j
croupiers come in and manage the
banks so that the members of the swell i
society may be secure from the tempta
tion to cheat each other. It is only a
question of time, of course, when the
high-ball society will find roulette a
v?*ry tame and tiresome amusement?
and then will come prize fights, bull
fights and three-card monte parties.
Finds Way to Live Long.
I The startling announcement of a discov
! ery that wi? surely lengthen life is made
I oy editor 0. H. Downey, of Churubusco,
! Ind., "I wish to state," he writes, "that Dr.
King's New Discovery for consumption is
the most infallible remedy that I have ever
known for coughs, colds and grip, it's
invaluable to people with weak lungs.
Having this wonderful medicine no one
need dread pneumonia or consumption.
Its relief is instant and cure certain."
J. F. W. DeLorme guarantees every cOc and
$1 bottle, and gives trial bottles free.
st and Fear not?Let all the Ends thou
I Prefers Staying There as Gover
nor Than Sitting on Supreme
Bench and the Pres
ident Agrees.
Washington, Jan; 13.?Go v. Taft
will remain indefinitely as civil gover
nor in the Philippines.
This decision was reached only after
the president had discussed the Philip
pine question thoroughly with Secre
tary Root and the other members of
his cabinet with Vice Gov. Luke E.
Wright, who has been in this country
for two months.
For several weeks it has been regard
ed as settled that Gov. Taft would re
turn to this country, perhaps in a few
months, to become a justice of the
United States supreme court. Presi
dent Roosevelt indicated to Gov. Taft
in a letter dispatched to the Philip
pines more than a month ago that he
could have the appointment to the
supreme bench if he desired it. It was
the president's purpose to name Gen.
Wright as civil governor of the Philip
Today in response'to the president's
letter a cablegram was received from
Gov. Taft suggesting, with a sincere
appreciation of the tender made to him
by the president, that it might be bet
ter for him, in view of all the circum
stances, to remain where he was. K Af
ter this it was announced unofficial
ly, but entirely authoritatively, that
Gov. Taft would remain indefinitely
as civil governor of the Philippines.
Gov. Taft is known, as one official
expressed it, to be thoroughly wrapped
up in his work in the Philippines.
His ambition has been to round out
his career as a justice of the United
States supreme court, but he has be
come imbued so entirely with the spirit
of the great work to be accomplished
in the Philippines, and so perfectly
in sympathy with the ideals of the
best classes of the inhabitants, that
he hesitated to relinqiush his post at
this time.
Eleven Jurors Secured Wednes
day?Defendant's Father
Charlotte, N. C, Jan. U.?The net
result of the days' proceedings in the
Wilcox murder case at Hertford, N. C,
are eleven jurymen, with the regular
jury and the special venire of 10 ex
hausted and a second venire of 25 men
drawn. The jury as it stands is com
posed of men of good appearance and
of fair intelligence. Lewis Felton, a
negro, is among those chosen and five
of the selected jurymen are Quakers.
They "affirmed" instead of kissing the
Bible and swearing. Ex-Sheriff Wil
cox, father of the alleged murderer, is
pleased with the jury, while the
State's attorneys were apparently
afraid of the Quakers.
The leading attorney for the defense
made a motion for a continuance of
the case owing to the absence of his
asistant, but this was overruled by
the court and the trial will proceed.
The court room was crowded.
According to the World Almanac for
1903 the membership of the ten largest
fraternal organizations-in the United
States and Canada is as follows: Odd
Fellows 1,083,473. Free Masons 941,
221. Order of Foresters 928,035,
Woodmen of America 705,665, Knights
of Pythias 540,138, United Workmen
430,000, Woodmen of World 337,000,
Knights of the Maccabees 294,000,
Order of Red Men 289,401, Royal
Arcanum 240,644.
One thousand square yards of special
scenery, all on a magnificent scale
and adjustable to any sized stage, is
carried by the Frank Davidson com
pany. This assures absolute scenic
perfection to "The Folks up Willow
! Creek," and will virtually make an
entire new stage in our Opera House,
! all of the stock scenery being remov
ed. Such a display of mechanical
^effects was never before attempted,
and is well worth seeing. The date is
Wedesday, Jan. 21.
i ? ii i ? i? ?im
One Hundred Dollars a Box
is the valae H. A. Tisdalc. Summer ton, S. j
C, places on De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve.
He s?ys : "I. had the piles for 20 years- I
tried many doctors and medicines, but all
failed except De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve.
It cured me." It is a combination of the
healing properties of Witch Hazel with
antiseptics and emollients ; relieves and
permanently cures blind, Weeding, itching
and protruding piles, sores, cuts, bruises,
eczema, salt rheum and all skin diseases.
J S Hughson & Co.
Richmond, England, recently suffer
ed severely at the hands of burglars.
A prominent minister of the town met
a policeman in the street and could
not avoid an allusion to the local topic.
"What a number of burglars there
are about !"he said. "Why don't you
j policemen arrest them?" The police
j man regarded the minister solemnly,
j "Sir," he replied, "there are thou
j sands of people going to hell every
! day. Why don't you ministers stop
! them?"
Unconscious From Croup
During a sudden and terrible attack of
croup our little girl was unconscious from
strangulation, says A. L. Spafford, post
I master, Chester. Mich., and a dose of One
j Minute Cough Cure was administered and
j repeated often. It reduced the swelling
and inflammation, cut the mucus and
shortly tbe child w..s resting easy and
speedily recovered. It cures coughs, colds,
lagrippe, and all throat and lung troubles.
One Minute Cough Cure lingers in the
j throat and chest and enables the lungs to
contribute pure, health-giving oxygen to
I the blood. J S Hughson <fc Co.
Aims't at, be thy Country's, thy God's
Committees in the House and
Senate So Decide.
But Vote Down Proposition to Con
tinue Coal on Free List After
Expiration of Year.
Washington, Jan. 13.?The ways
and means committee of the house to
day decided to report a bill providing
for a rebate?equal to the duty now
imposed?on all kinds of coal and com
ing from all countries for a period of
one year. The bill is a substitute
for the one introduced by Eepresenta
tive Hill, of Connecticut, which pro
vided for a rebate until June 30 next.
At a meeting of the. Eepublican
members of the committee prior to the
I meeting of the full committee, Eepre
sentative McCall, of Masschusetts,
proposed that provision be made in
the bill subsequently adopted that af
ter the expiration of one year, during
which a rebate is to be paid on all coal
coming from, countries which admit
our coal free of duty, be admitted,
free into this country. Eepresentative
Tawney, of Minnesota, favored the
proposition, but it was opposed by
the remainder of the Eepublican
members on the grounds that as a
temporary measure was under con
sideration they should not adopt any ;
permanent policy.
Eepresentative Dalzell, from the
committee on rules, reported a resolu
tion providing for the consideration of j
the coal rebate bill in the house to
morrow limiting debate to one hour,
a vote then to be taken without in
tervening, motion.
The bill provides "that the secre
tary of the treasury be and he is here
by authorized and required to make
full rebate of duties imposed by law j
on all coal of every form and descrip
tion imported into the United States
from foreign countries for the period
of one year from and after the passage
of this act."
Eepresentative Eichardson (Tenn.)
proposed an amendment striking out
the words "for a period of one year," 1
which was voted down. He then pro
posed an amendment placing all coals
on the free list, which was likewise!
voted down. The final vote on the
adoption of the bill was unanimous.
Bangor, Maine, Jan. 13.?The ad
vance guard of 250 negroes from Vir
ginia and Alabama, who were working
in the mines and steel mills at Sydney,
N."S., arrived here today., trying to
walk back home. The rest of the
party have left Sydney and are making
their way with much .suffering through
the deep snows of northern Maine in
an effort to reach the Sunny South on
foot. According to the story, they
are the victims of misplaced confidence
and claim to have been swindled. They
say they were promised S3 a day at
Sydney, but the highest paid was
$1.25, and few received that. When
they made trouble Italians were import
ed from Pittsburg.
Toledo, Jan. 13.?The wcrkhouse
board has issued an order setting at'
liberty all prisoners held for stealing
coal from their railway yards and
tracks. The order includes directions ,
to the superintendent to receive no j
more prisoners from any court sending
them in for petty coal thefts. It is ex
plained that no prosecutions for coal
thefts will be recognized by the board
during the coal famine.
Savannah, Ga., Jan. 15.?At the
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Southern Express company here
today it was determined to increase
the compensation of all salaried em
ployes to an extent that will involve
large and liberal addition to the pay
rolls of the company.
Washington, Jan. 13.?Brig. Gen.
Wood has applied for service in the
Philippines and his request has been
granted. He will go to Manila in
April and it is expected that he will J
be assigned to command in Mindanao, j
Gen. Wood will become a major gen
eral in August and it is quite likely j
that he will scon thereafter be assign
ed to command in the division of the |
The crowned heads of every nation,
The rich men, poor men and misers.
All join in paying tribute to
De Witt's Little Early Risers.
H. Williams, San Antonio, Tex., writes :
Little Early Riser Pills are the best I ever
used in my family. I nnhesitatingly rec
ommend them to everybody. They cure
constipation, biliousness, pick headache,
torpid liver, jaundice, malaria and all oth
er liver troubles. J S Hughson & Co.
An English paper tells this story of
how the Mad Mullah worked one of
the "miracles" which drew many be
lievers to his banner: An English
man-of-war was sent to demonstrate oft
the coast, and at night threw a
searchlight into tbe jungle-covered
mountains. Addullah was in hiding
there, and knowing from his visits to
Aden what it was that his followers
hailed as a new star, told them that
the light was seeking him. When the
electric rays actually flooded his en
campment " he cried in triumph:
"Will you deny now that I am under
the eye of God?" The Somial fell
on their knees, beat the earth with
their foreheads and replied: Thou
art truly the elect, the chosen, the
mullah, the Master. Our gods, our
existence, our souls, belong to thee, i
We place ourselves entirely at the dis
position of thy will. A few weeks
later came the news of the uprising of
some 4,000 of these Somali.
A Scientific Discovery.
Kodol does for the stomach that which !
it is unable to do for itself, even when but !
slightly disordered or over-loaded. Kodol i
supplies the natural juices of digestion i
and does the work of the stomach, relax
ing the nervous tension, while the inflamed
muscles of that organ are allowed to rest
and heal. Kodol digests what you eat and
enables the stomach and digestive organs
to transform all food into rich, red blood.
J S Hughson & Co.
and Truth's."
THE TRUE 80?THK0JJ, Established Jane, IS?6
Sew Series?YoL XXII. No, 25
Fill out this blank, mail or deliver it in person to T. B.
Jenkins, Jr., Sumter, S. C, and your name will be entered as;
a competitor in our Big Word Contest, which will close on the
First day of May, 1903, the contest to be decided by the fol
lowing rules : Anybody will be allowed to compete. No re
strictions as to age or sex. The competitor who shall make
the largest number of words from the single word
shall receive as his or her prize our handsomest Drop Cabinet,
Automatic Lift, F~v: Bearing, NEW HOME Sewing Ma
chine, which -retails at
In case that two or more persons have the same number of
words, the one sending in his or hers first shall receive the
prize. No proper names shall be counted, and anyone using a
letter not in the word, shall have their entry forfeited. You
will be allowed to use the plural of a word already used ; for
instance, making the word ground, and making again, .grounds.
No letter can be used twice in one word.
The name of the winner will be published in all three of the
weekly papers published in Sumter, with all the words given in
full, and the date of delivery. Competitors are advised to
keep a copy of their lists, and remember that the NEW
HOME dewing Machine is without a rival for beauty, ease of
running, and durability, and is sold in Sumter only by
Any other information furnished cheerfully on application.
T. B. JENKINS, Jb., Sumter, S. C.
Dear Sir : I wish to have my name filed as a competitor in your word contest
for the handsome, Drop Head NEW HOME Machine, and agree to abide by all rules
governing the contest.
Name .
Address .
Age. Name of Machine used in Family ..
How long in use.
Yours respectfully,
His Official Announcement of
Judge Welvers Death.
Roosevelt's Sort to Place W. H.
Lewis, a Megro, at Boston.
Gov. McSweeney announced Judge
Mclver's death to the general assembly
in the following message:
Gentlemen of the General Assembly:
It is my sad duty to announce to you
the death of Chief Justice Henry
Mclver, which occurred at his home
in Cheraw yesterday afternoon.
Judge Mclver was one of South
Carolina's truest patriots and purest
citizens. For more than a quaiter of a
century he was on the supreme bench
of this State, eleven years of which
time he served as chief justice. Dur
ing these long years of service, ever
conscientious, ever true to the trust
in his repose, he displayed most dis
tinguished ability, and at the time of
his death and for years previous, was
justly recognized as South -Carolina's
most eminent jurist.
The record of his life, including as
it does, brave deeds in times of war,
and deeds equally as heroic in times
of peace?a record made in the service
of his State?is bright and stainless,
and is now one of South Carolina's
priceless heritages. The distinguished
service which he rendered began with
his early manhood yeprs, and ended
only with his life. In his death the
State loses one who was the highest
type of her citizenship, and one
w?ose memory she will hold sacred
so long as she keeps alive her apprecia
tion of ability that is distinguished,
of character that is stainless, of motive
that is pure and lofty, and of deeds
that are bright and glorious.
You will take such action as may
seem to you proper upon the death of
the chief of a co-ordinate branch of
Respectfully submitted,
M. 13. McSweeney, Governor.
Washington, Jan. 12.?In an effort
to offset his blunder in appointing the
negro Crum, collector of the port of
Charleston, President Eosevelt has
announced his decision to appoint
William H. Lewis, a Harvard graduate,
as assistant district attorney at Boston,
develops, however, that the position
of assistant district attorney does not
come within the jurisdiction of the
president and that he can only request
the district attorney to seect Lewis
for the ofEce. The president has taken
this step, it seems, to "call the bluff"
of his critics who have held that he
would not appoint negroes to federal
offices in the north. How far it will
go toward allaying the scathing criti
cisms that have followed the Crum
appointment remains to be'seen.
Lewis is not a full blooded negro,
but a mulatto, so light that bis race
was not known at Harvard except to
his most intimate friends. He was
the celebrated center rush on the Har
vard football team *nd his athletic
abilities are greatly admired by the
president. It is intimated that the
president will appoint other neg:roes
throughout the north to positions prob
ably in proportion numerically to
their number in the State.
Nanaimo, B. C, Jan,, 14.?A terrific
explosion occurred at the Hamilton
Power Co's. works, Departure Bay,
this morning. George Simonetta,
James Fulforte and 10 Chinamen were
killed. Only one body, that of a
Chinaman, was recovered. Others were
absolutely blown to fragments. The
gun cotton storage house exploded
first, the concussion exploding the
geligimite in the drying house 400 feet
away, where the great loss of life is
supposed to have occurred. The ground
was excavated to a depth of six feet
where the buildings stood. The build
ings were blown into kindling wood
and scattered with fragments of hu- j
man flesh over several acres.
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The Secret of Long Life
Consists in keeping ail the main organs
of the body m healthy, regular action, and
in quickly destroying deadly dis?-as?^
germs. Electric Bitters regulate stomach. .
liver and kidneys, purify the blood, and
give a splendid appetite. They work won
ders in curing kidney troubles, female
complaints, nervous diseases, constipation.^
dyspepsia and malaria. Vigorous health
and strength always follow their use. Only
50c, guaranteed by J. F. W. DeLorme..
-???-????. ?
Johannesburg, Jan. 13.?Colonial
Secretary Chamberlain and the leaders :
of the mining community here have
arrived at an agreement in the matter
of a financial settlement. Under this
agreement the Transvaal war contrib
ution will amount to $150,000,000. A
guarantee of same will be given.
? i n mmm
Gcod Advice.
The most miserable beings in the world
are those suffering from dyspepsia and
liver complaint. More than seventy-flvc
per cent, of the people in the United States
are afflicted with these two diseases and
their effects; such as sour stomach, sick
headache, habitual ccstiveness, palpita
tion of the heart, heart-burn, water
brash, gnawing and burning pains at the
pit of the stomach, yellow skin, coated
tongue and disagreeable taste in the
mouth, coming up of food after eating,
low spirits, etc. Go to your druggist
and get a bottle of August Flower for 25
or 75 cents. Two doses will relieve you.
Try it. China's Drug Store.

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