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The Japanese Requested to Make
inquiries of Russians if They
Have Any News of
Oe GuverviHe.
Tokio, Sept. 17.- The French Am?
bassador has requested the Japanese
advance posts to ask the Russians at
Port Arthur if there is any news at
Port Arthur of attache ?>e Cuv?rville
who was repoxted to have left Port
S Arthur about the time of the .Russian
sortie of August 10th and who has
not since been; heard from.
Chefoo, Sept 17.-The Japanese be?
tween Sept. 8th and 10th assaulted
and captured an important fortifica?
tion two miles east of Golden hill.
The Japanese were able to hold the
position owning to the poor qualityof
the Russian powder. The Russian
shells fell short and failed to explode.
This is taken to indicate that General
StossaTs - supply of amnnition is run?
ning low.
Aberdeen, Scotland, Sept. 16.- Pas?
sengers aboard the coasting steamer
Hogarts which arrived here last night
report a sfrrange occurrence aboard the
steamer which is believed in some
quarters to indicate that the Japanese
are laying a trap to catch the vessels
of the Russian Bal tie fleet which is
now bound for the Far fr East The
passengers report that two Japnese
officers and nine sailors were aboard
the Bogarts and when the Japanese
- landed at Aberdeen they jumped inta
a small boat and proceeded imme?
diately to a mysterious, low lying craft
which was ia the offing, evidently a
torpedo boat. The latter on the ar?
rival of th? men started seaward at
once. It is thought that it is intend?
ed for this craft to lie in wait for the
Bsssian feet.
London, Sept. 16.- According to the
Exchange Telegraph Company a cable?
gram has been reciev-ed in London re?
iterating the report that Russia has
ordered 23 submarine torpedo boats
firemen a prominent firm in America.
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
With family around expecting Mm to
?die, ar? a son riding for life, 18 miles, to
get Dr. King's New Discovery for Con- j
sumption. Coughs and Colds, W. H. Brown,
of Leesville, Ind.. endured deaih's agonies
from asthma;but this wonderful medicine
gave instant relief and soon cured Lim.
He writes: UI now sleep soundly every
:nigh^.,,' Like marvelous cures of Con?
somption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Coughs,
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?antead bottles 50c and $1.C0. Trial bot
ties free at J. F. W. BeLcraie's drug store, i
Lin mim rnurnim.
Conditions Upon Which the Rus?
sian Cruiser May Remain in San
Francisco Harbor Prescribed.
[ Washington, Sept. 15.-Acting Sec
! retary of State Adee today gave ont
the following statement regarding the
Russian ship Lena now at San Fran?
cisco :
"The president has today issued an
order thronst'? his" ading secretary of
state, directing that the Russian arm?
ed transport Lena now at San Fran?
cisco, be taken in custody by the
naval authorities of the United Sta?
tes and disarmed. The main features
of the conditions prescribed are that
the Lena be taken to the Mare Island
navy yard and there disarmed by re?
moval of small guns, breech blocks of
large guns, small arms, ammunition
and ordinance stores and such other
dismantlement as may be prescribed
by the commandant of the navy yard :
that the captain give a written guar?
antee that the liena shall not leave
San Francisco until peace shall have
been concluded ; that the officers and
crew shall be paroled not to leave San
Francisco until some understanding
as to their disposal may be reached be?
tween the United States government
and both the belligerents; that after
disarmament the vessel may be remov?
ed to a private dock for such reason?
able repairs as will make her sea?
worthy and preserve her in good con?
dition during her detention, or may
be so repaired at the navy yard if the
Russian commander should so elect;
that while at a private dock the com?
mandant of the navy yard at Mare
Island shall have custody of the ship
and the repairs shall be overseen by
an engineer officer to be detailed by
the commandant and that when 30 re?
paired, if peace shall not then have
been concluded, the vessel shall be
taken back, to the Mare Island navy
yard and be there held in custody un?
til the end of the war.
This action has been taken upon the
written request of the commander of
the Lena, addressed to Rear Admiral
Goodrich, setting forth that as the
vessel is incapable of putting to sea
without needful repairs she must dis?
arm, and asking that needful repairs
be permitted after disarmament.
The secretary of the navy baa tele?
graphed the president's order to San
Francisco, and given instructions to
Admiral. Goodrich and to G?pt. Mc
Calla, the commandant of the Mare
Island navy yard to carry out its pro?
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yeo Have Always Bought
Bears the //./^^. "
Signatare bf C^^z7a??4?^
'Hunting a lot when you can find out everything for sale in half
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Xoi7>7-?5 lots on Broad Street and in Broad Street section. Ses olat. Prices
$!CO to $600. ? t (.
Lei 51-Six-room house and lot 180x195 on Council Street, nert door to Methodist
iParsonas*?, ?2*250.
Lei 45 -Two lots corner Calhoun and Harria Streets, 70*218. Prices : Corner lot
$5CO, adjoining lot $500.
Lot 0*6-Seven-room house and lot 66x170 on Samttr Street. $3,000.
Lei ii)-Three lots S0J275 on Purdy Ave., nice ?hade trees. Cash $300.
Loi 22-Five lots on Calhoun Street, 80x210. 8500.
L>t 14 -House and lot 82x250, corner Hampton Ave. and Sumter St. $2,250.
. Let -?-House and lot, 75x300, on Church Street. $1650.
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Mineral Water.
?s unsurpassed, and invalids find sure and speedy relief by
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For sale by J. F. W. DeLonne, The Sumter Drug Co., A J.
China and The Cash Grocery Store.
Short Session of the Criminal Court
Grand Jury Presentment.
Court was called lsst Monday morn
ins at 10 o'clock.
Judge Dantzler came in Saturday
night in order to be here on time.
Solicitor Wilson drove from Sumter on
Sunday and Stenographer Lathan
drove from Elliots Monday morning.
The Grand Jury roil being called all
answered to their names and the So?
licitor announced that he was ready
for business.
The following cases were given,
State vs. Bill English, violation of
dispensary law and for storing liquor,
true bill.
State vs. Ed. D. Jones, assault and
battery with intent.to kill, no bill.
Messrs. B. Frank Kelley and C. M.
j Aman represented Bill Fnglish and
the jury after being out for a short
time returned a verdict of not guilty.
The case of John Mahn was set for
Tuesday and consumed tbati day.
Nearly all of Wednesday was con?
sumed in the arguments, Messrs. Mc?
Leod and Herndon represented the de?
fendant and Mr. J. B. McLaughlin
assisted the Solicitor. Not guilty was
returned by the jury. This ended the
criminal cases and the common pleas
was taken up.
To His Honor C. G. Dantzler, Pre?
siding Judge September term Court
of General Sessions :
I The Grand Jury begs to make the
following presentment :
The bills of indictment given out by
the Solicitor have been acted upon and
returned to the Court.
A special committee from the grand
jury, consisting of J. E. McCnrchen,
W. M. Reid and T. E. Davis to ex?
amine the county offices reported in
writing as follows :
From the examination we have made
of the county offices we find nothing
special to report, further than the sys?
tem of working the roads as practiced
hy - allowing the work to be done in
small jobs and the class of work done,
thereby causing a useless expenditure
of the public funds, by unscrupulous
Also the practice of allowing com?
mutation taxes to be received by vari?
ous individuals, all of which should
be paid to the county Treasurer, or
the Sheriff's deputy and the Treasur?
er's receipt issued fbr same.
We would suggest that a suitable
man be secured as read overseer for
each township and all in addition to
that work done by the chain gang, be
superintended in person by him, and
at "co time more than the income from
the commutation tax in each township
be expended upon the roads of the
same ; it being the duty of the Super?
visor to inspect the work before ap?
proving same. Also to require an
itemized statement with dates to be
submitted by said overseer.
A committee cf which L. V. Brown
was chairman inspected the new iron
bridge over Lynches River and reports
that while the bridge appears to be a
good one it is incomplete in some par?
ticulars on account of some missing
braces and the brick foundation upon
which the ends of the bridge rest has
yielded dangerously to the pressure,
being badly out of plumb and sfiouid
have alteration. This committee was
informed by a member of the county
board that the first payment on said
bridge was being withheld on account
of the missing braces. The same com
mitteee visited the house and farm for
the poor and report the farm partially
under cultivation by a tenant and thc
bouse needing underpinning and a
new cover.
Thanking your Honor and the Soli?
citor for courtesies.
Respectfully submitted,
J. A. Rh ame,
Runaway on Wain Street.
There was a runaway on Main street
Saturday. Two mules that were
hitched to a light buggy suddenly be?
came frightened, and dashed down
Main street at full speed. By the time
they got in front of Beck Bros. store
they succeeded in completely turning
over the vehicle, and throwing the
occupants, two negro wemen, to the
ground. Very fortunately the women
escaped without receiving any serious
injuries. One wheel cf the buggy was
smashed to pieces, but, otherwise, it
was not badly damaged. As usual,
the auair created quite a little excite?
Another Building and Loan Association is
Being Goleen Up in Our City.
If you are quick you car. ger in for
some of the stock.
Put your money where it can work
for yen. Figure ont how many dol?
lars yon can spare each month and
subscribe fer as many shares as there
are dollars. 81.00 paid in for a term
of 100 luonths will net you 8150.00.
S If you v.Tant to own your Home,
borrow 8150.00 on each sitare and pay
82.00 per month
814.0'J per mc-ith paid to che Asso?
ciation will enable you to own a home
for which you would pay 812.00 rent
and always be bcraeles^s.
See Bartow Walsh or Davis D.
Moise, and subscribe at once.
Sept. 15-lw.
Result of the Second Primary.
From rh?? Daily It?-ni, Sept. 15.
The County Democratic Executive
Committee met in the Court House to
du. for the purpose of tabulating the
ret tis from the second primary,
ai. . to transact such other busines as
should be necessary.
The returns were tabulated and the
election declared as follows:
For Railroad Commissioner:
John H. Earle, 607
John G. Moblev, 820
For SherifT:
W. H. Epperson, 925
C. W. Stansill, 52:5
The bills on file were audited and
ordered paid and the Chairman and
Secretary were empowered to pay
other outstanding bill when presented.
When troubled with constipation try
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They are easy to take and j roduce no
griping or otn^r unpleasant effect. For
ea!e by China drug store.
Mr. T. Ed. Baskin Died Suddenly Thurs
day Morning.
Bisobpville, Sept. 15.-Mr. T. Ed.
Bai-kin, who lived with his mother,
about one mile from Bishopville, died
this morning about 4 o'clock. This
correspondent has not learned yet thc
cause of this sudden death, as it was
not known that Mr. Baskin was ill.
He was a prominent figure in this
community and his death is a shock
to his friends. Mr. Baskin was not
married, and only leaves a mother and
three brothers in the immediate fami?
ly. His brothers are: Mr. W. P.
Baskin, clerk of court for Lee coun?
ty, Dr. A. C. Baskin and Mr. Arthur
Baskin of Bishopville and Dr. Eld?
ridge Baskin, of Baltimore, Md.
Louis C. Bryan, of this City. Successful
Superintendent of Education S. D.
Cain lias announced that Mr. Loai3
C. Bryan of this city had been
awarded the scholarship in the South
Carolina Military Academy by the
committee who examined the papers
of the applicants who stood thc compe?
titive examination several weeks ago
Mr. Bryan won by onlv a few points
over Mr. Frank B. Sanders of Ha
good. Both of these young men stood
remarkably good examinations and Mr.
Bryan won by a narrow margin.
Tiie Agony is Over and More New Men
Bishopville, Sept. 15.-The county
executive commitee met today and de?
clared the result of the second primary
as follows: Mobley 796, Earle 654.
For county supervisor, C- J. Rollins
780, J. O. Duant 658. For coroner,
J. T. Watson 725, Joshua A. Brown
724. For treasurer, T. C. Perrin 610,
E. M. Smith 652. For magistrate
for St. Charles district, R. P. Smith
97, L. L. Frasier, Sr., 96. For
Stokes Bridge district, J. P. Mosein
co, Sr., 141, S. W. P. Dubose 37.
For cotton weighers at Bishopville,
S. J. Scarborough 907, Jav H.
Stuckey 746, W. D. Carnes 708,"J. W.
Davis 570, S. J. Blackwell 547, J. B.
Tallon 472, L. Rembert Dixon 422.
Scarborough, Stuckey and Carnes
were elected.
Dance at the Club.
From the Daily Item, Sept. 15.
The most enjoyable dance of the
season was siveu in the hall of the
Cotillion Club last evening. There
was an unusually large atfcendence, the
stags predominating to a coDspiciously
noticeable extent, and every young
lady was a belle. Prof. Schumacher's
orchestra furnished the music for the
occasion, and tho inspiring music that
it rendered served to encourage the
dancers to their most graceful efforts.
Mr. W. S. Graham led the german
for a short while, but was forced to
discontinue it on account of the great
number of stags. Dancing continued
until 2 o'clock.
These present were:
Chaperone.*, Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
McFadden. Couples: Miss Marie Mo?
ise with Mr. A. G. Fishburne. Miss
Isabelle Mays with Mr. J. H. Levy,
Jr., Miss Georgie Guerry with Mr.
Myers, Miss Eunice Bradbam with
Mr. J. A. - Yate?, Miss Louisa Moses
with Dr. Kennedy. Miss Nellie Mona?
ghan with Mr. Robt. Keels, Miss Lucy
Smith with Mr. Warren Moise, Miss
Adele Dunn with Mr. C. F. Schwerin,
Miss Inez McCullough with Mr. H. W.
Harby. Miss Roach with Mr. J. E.
Auld. Miss Alberta Schwerin with Mr.
Elwood Myers, Miss Minnie Sims with
Mr. Chas. Hurst, Miss Reese with Mr.
Stags: Messrs. W. E. Harris, Alex.
Broughton, Waverley Levy. J. V. Ken
ndey, Porcher Gaillard, Fred. Auld,
Marion Scott, Woodrow Scott, Dick
McKagen, S. W. Gillespie, Dozier
Lee, J. F. Weaver, R. L. Temple, .
Kerr Gentry, B. F. McLeod, Ashleigh
Mood, Willie Dunn, W. S. Graham,
James Lenoir, Julius Schwerin, Wal?
lace Brown, Arthur Wilder, Hampton
Flowers, James Jennings and Geo. D.
The State Fair.
Tire Premium List of the State Fair
has been recieved. The Fair will be
held October ?5, 26, 27 &ud 23, and
will be by far the best ever held by
the association. Since the last fair,
new grounds have been purchased and
new and more commodious buildings
have been erected.
To World's Fair. St. Louis, via Southern
Railway. September 27. 1904.
The Southern Railway will operate
a personally concluded excursion to St.
Louis, World Fair. Special train
consisting of coaches and Pullman
cars will leave Columbia. S. C., Tues?
day, September 27tb, at 7 10 a. m.,
and ari ive in St. Louis 4.50 p. rn.,
next day. going via Spa 'unburg,
Asheville, Knoxville and Louisville.
This train will be in charge of one
of cur most experienced agents, who
will look especially affer ladies and
children traveling alone. This train
will be a solid through train and upon
application in advance we will re?
serve for each passenger one whole
scat also accommodation and
board will be engaged at St. Louis,
by giving notice in advance, as to
what rate desired, length of stay in
St. Louis, etc.
Full information as to rates, sched?
ules applv,
R. W. Hunt. D. P. A.
Charleston, S. C.
Sept. 15-27
Sour Stomach.
Wh3ii the quantity of food taken is too
large or the quality too rich, pour stomach
is likely to follow, and especially so if
the digestion has been weakened by con?
stipa'ion. Eat slowly and not too freely
of e iwly digested food. Masticate the
food thoroughly. Let live hours elapse
between treal*, and when you feel a full?
ness and weight in tho region of the
stomach after eating, take Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets and the t>our
stomach may be av ided. Fer pale by
China's drug store.
Lengthy Session Held-Charges Against
Alderman Hurst Disposed Of-Rou?
tine Business Transacted.
Council held a regular meeting at
8 o'clock Wednesday nicht with Mayor
Dick and Aldermen Barnett, Finn,
Haynsworth, Hood, Rowland, Stubbs
and Wilder present. Alderman E. W.
Hurst, absent.
Reese J?m?s requested permission to
enlarge a ^mall woocen building within
the fire limits cn Liberty street and
i-ame was referred to the committee
cn public works with power to act.
Mr. H. D. Moise appeared on behalf
cf Kennedy Bros., to request the
adoption of an ordinance granting the
Atlantic Ccast Line Co. the privilege
cf running a sidetrack ?'rom Mary
street across Eilerbe street into the
premises occupied by them asa factory.
The ordinance was read, adopted and
ordered published under a rpsolution
dispensing with the rule which requir?
ed two readings.
G. F. Courry requested permission to
sell notions from a stand or table in
front of his store on S. Main street,
and same was refused.
Drs. S. C. Baker and Walter
Cheyne, representing the Sumter
Hospital Company, offered to establish
two wards, white and colored, in its
hospital building to be kiiown as the
City of Sumter Wards, on payment of
$300 for equipment of same; and
agreeing to treat medically and surgi?
cally city patients at actual cost. On
motion of Mr. Finn, the proposition
was referred to a commiittee cons:st
ing of Messrs. Wilder. Finn and Hai?
nsworth to confider and report.
The appeal of George Shaw from
sentence imposed by the Recorder of
?15 for breach of the peace was heard.
Mr. L. D. Jennings was heard on be?
half of the defendant and argued that
the fine was excessive and out of pro?
portion to the offence. Mr. H. D.
Moise was heard for the city. Coun?
cil sustained the Recorder's judgment
by a unanimous vote.
Minutes of Aug. 24 were read and
Mr. Rowland for the finance com?
mittee called attention to the expense
of repairing police bicycles which he
thought was becoming too grea r. And
the matter was referred to the police
Mr. Hoed for the fire department
committee reported that the new har?
ness for the two hose wagon companies
had been received and accepted.
The police committee recommended
the employment of Mr. D. W. Owens
as extra policeman for four months
and their recommenudation was adopt?
The committee of public works re?
ported work on Manning avenue re?
tarded on account of rain, but bope to
complete the clay road in ten days,
with good weather* They had found
it necessary to purchase a pump to get
water cut of pits at an expense of ?25
which they hoped Council would ap?
prove. They recommended that Coun?
cil buy a mowing machine, a grader
and a street sweeper. The report was
adopted. The mowing machine and
grader were ordered, and the com?
mittee was requested to ascertain if the
sweeper they want can be used tc ad?
vantage on macadam roads.
The Mayor stared that complaints
bad been made to him o? excessive
charges cf hackmen and suggested
that a'i ordinance should be adopted
regulating hackmen and providing for
police inspection cf their outfits.
Mr. Irving A. Ryttenberrg protest?
ed against the adoption of the pro?
posed ordinance prohibiting the use cf
meter cycles on the sidewalks and in?
cluding them among vehicles propelled
by artificial power. He insisted that
they should be treated as bicycles, aed
emphasized the hardship which would
be imposed should the ordinance be
adopted in its present form.
Mr. II:;yr>swcrth reported racadam
work on Warren street completed and
complained of a pele standing in that
street which is dangerous io vehicles.
This complaint was referred to the
committee of public works with power
to act.
Toe committee appointed to investi?
gate rumors in reference to Alderman
Hurst reported as follows:
"The committee to which was re?
ferred the investigation asked for by
Alderman E. W. Hurst on Aug. 24th
would respectfully report :
1. That on Aug. oist we met and had
beiore us all witnesses who were
known to us.
2. The greatest latitude was allow?
ed in the testimony, the sole effort be?
ing to reach the true facts.
From a careful consideration of
all the evidence we find the facts sub?
stantially as stated heretofore by Mr.
4. We are satisfied from all we have
been abie to gather that there was no
element of criminality in the transac?
tion whatever.
5. We do find however that there
was gross indiscretion on Mr. Hurst's
part in accepting the money from
Jd:-. Shirar, and tor that is ce.?.-urable
and is hereby censured for *ame.
G The evidence taken is herewith
filed (Signen;
Geo. W. Dick, Chairman. C. G.
Rowland, W. G. Stubbs. H. D. Bar?
nett, i-\ P. Finn, R. F. Hainsworth,
Thc ordinance to regulate the use
of automobiles ann motor cycles was
amended by striking out motor cycles
and ali provisions relating to them.
The ordinance as amended wr.s then
read for the second time, adopted
and ordered published.
Application of Mr. John T. Green,
of Oswego. for a position on the po?
lice fi ?rec was ordered tiled for future
Alderman Barnett stated that the
Chief of Police had reported an awn?
ing or shed at W. J. Andrews store
on Liberty street in a dangerous con?
dition. Keferred to the police com?
mittees with power to act.
The Mayor and Clerk were author?
ized to borrow 81,000 from the Bank
of Sumter for necessary current ex?
penses and execute and deliver there?
for the city's certificate of indebted?
ness in required form.
The Clerk and Treasurer's report
for August was ieferred to the finance
committee as were all bills on file.
Council then adjourned at 10.45
p. m.
Best Remedy for Stomach Troubles.
For school supplies of all kinds go to
Osteen's Bcok Store.
Hunt's Kour.o Pointed Pens fer sals
at Osteen's Book Store.
Nou-spillab!e safety ink, 5 cents a
j bottle, at Osteen's Book Store.
j Ker 5 cents yon .can pnreliase the
j best bcok sack ever on this market for
I that price. Osteen's Book Store.
Reach's Official League Balls at
Osteen's Book Store.
T?1 i'u?>?,T->v.* >Ti5>?3Uv;;.S.'/?-. mili iui?ta
I / *? t'*,:,fc- '?'.'.i "'? ?>"?5rirt. ->f -ia. i=
1 X. ru ',r i'uri^tiUrr, To?.{?icoiti?!s
\*S* Cy ?rt -J?-J?cl tur Lu<Ue?.?tn :,c:?r. bj rc
-\_ff . ??m .M;li!. >O.JM?<> i-.-.-^uiah. ?.Ai bj
Spartaafcurg, S. C.
HENRY N. >NYDER. Litt. D.. M. A.. Presi?
Four full College courses. Favorable sur?
roundings. Cleveland Science Hall. Gym?
nasium. Athletic grounds. Lecture course.
Librarv Facilities. ">lst year begins Sept. r?lst,
1004. For catalogue apply to
Woffbrd College Fitting School,
Elegant new buildings. Careful attention
to individual students. Board and tuition for
vear >110. A11 information given by
A. M. Dc PRK.
.7ul v 13 Head Master.
EORACE HARBY, President.
I. C. STRAUSS. Vice-president.
GEO. L. SICF.ER, Cashier.
Capital Stock, $25,000
Liability of Stockholders, 25,000
Every Facility
For the -transaction of business is ?ff ord
ed those who deposit their money with
The Sumter Savings Bank.
Important papers can be drawn np and
signed in a private room set a^ide for use
of our clients and any information de
sired will be cheerfully famished by the
Savings deposited here draw interest at
the rate of 4 per cent per annum. $1.00
will open an account and secure a Lank
Wf Wf /. 1.000
//? M. anP Young Msn
Land Surveying
I will give prompt attention to all calls
for surveying, platting, terracing hill sides,
draining bottoms, drawing Mortgages
Titles. Probating. <fcc.
Oct IS-o Catchall, S. C.
City and County Depository.
Capital stock paid in, $75,000 00
Undivided surplus, 16,000 00
Individual liability of stockhold?
ers in excess of their stock, 75.000 00
Transacts a general banking' business;
also has a Saving Bank Department. De?
posits of $1 and upward received. Inter?
est allowed at thc rate of 4 per cent, per
annum, payable semi-acnnallv.
VV.'F.'B. KAYNSWORTH, President.
Vice-president. Cashier.
Jan. 31.
v\v ; resorts obtain U. S. and Foreign
?Send m.yicl, sketch or photo ci invention for'
cfrccreporeon natectabiiitv. For free book,1
23 South Main St.
Open from 7 a. m. to 10 p.
m. ; Sunday, 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.
Having consolidated my two
stores, I will be pleased to see
all my customers at the above
stand, where I am better pre?
pared than ever to serve them.
Your prescriptions will be
called for and delivered.
Phone 45.
Full line of Drugs, Garden
Seed and Cigars.
Your patronage solicited
Call bell for night work.

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