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How Did it Happen?
Joseph M. Brown, son of the late
Governor and Senator Jos. E. Brown,
?as been a. member of the State of
Geonga Railroad Commission less
than a month. \
fie was appointed by Goverenor Ter
Within that month the Railroad
Commission has promulgated Circular
- 3??u 301. By this Ci scuiar the manu
' facturera of Atlanta have the right to
pro-rate railroad freight charges. For
instance, before the circular was is?
sued the rate on trunks from Atlanta
to Macon was 48c per hundred. If
trtoks were shipped from Birmingham
?O Macon, by way of Atlanta, the
proportion of the freight from Atlanta
io Macon was 23c, a fearful discrimi?
nation in favor of Birmingham.
The Commission has ordered that the
Tate on. trunks from Atlanta to Ma/son
shall he hereafter 25c per hundred;
extra two cents haying been
wu in, presumably, to make even
Of course, the Railroad Commission
?.?oes Jictjexistior-thegood of Atlanta
.. alone. Other cities and towns must be
' embraced within its -jurisdiction and
received the benefits therefrom.
Again, manufacturers cannot alone
enjoy the blessings of the pro-rate
Jobbers must come in for a share,
and then the railroad rates will have
been pro-rated down ontil nearly^ one
italf of the revenue of the railroad
from local charges will b cut off.
The Railroad Commission has been
in existence about twenty-five years.
This change was mada by motin cn of
Jcs. M. Brown. It did not seem, to
occur to anybody before. He is a
railroad man of experience--was for r
jnany years General Freight Agent of
the W. & A. R. R. and made a studyf
of freight rates.
Governor Terrell must have known]
;. this.
He is the son of Governor and Sena4
tor Brown, who was always a man of
?&e. people, championing always the
rights of the people
Governor Terrell must have knownf
this. j
He must have known that Joe
Brown would start a rumpus that
would excite the railroads from one!
end of the country to the other.
We repeat the question, then. How
did the Governor happen to appoint
him?-Augusta Chronicle.
-- - i . . ? wm?
The Significance of liao-Yang. \
- Collier's for SepisBmher 24 publishes:
a cablegram from Mr. Frederick '? Pal4
mer, i? special war correspondent with
the Japanese army, whit?fe says : '
3<TJie first great engagement with
modem weapons has developed two
facts-first,' that long guns, by not
permitting infantry to approach, will
cause longer battles; second, the di?
minished value of night attacks,
thanks to the breadth of the fire-swept
?one, which makes it so much more
difScult to charge against rifles hav?
ing a range of two thousand yards.
The thorough nerve of the Japanese
has introduced an innovation in grap
j*ling cold steel, the hand-to-hand
-conflict with their foe in a sudden
Tush under cover of darkness. Experi?
ence also seems to show that search?
lights may become an accessory to in?
trenching tools. Whether Kuropafckin
stands at Tieling or not, the first stage
of the war is ended. The-size of the
Russian force has been a surprise fe
the Japanese, but it is Bilkoff and
sot Knropatkin who is the real gen?
eral. It is Bilkoff who has brought
forth such wonderful results from a
rickety one-track railroad.
"If the Japanese with inferior num?
bers can drive the Russians out of in
trenchments, then what Russian su?
periority in numbers will be required in
3?uropatkin's forthcoming horde to
drive the Japanese back to the Yalu?
The Russians vent into this battle
with the expectation of losing, and
the Japanese with the expectation of
winning at any cost. The soldiers
were so tired that they fell asleep un?
der fire, yet, at the word of com?
mand, they would pick themselves up
again and charge the Russian
A Boy's Wild Ride For Life.
With family around expecting him to
die, and-R sou riding for life, 18 mi iee, to
get Dr. King's Kew Discover? for Con?
sumption Coughs and Colds, W. H. Brown,
of Leesville, Ind. endured d at h's agonies
from asthma:but this wonderful medicine
gave instant relief and soon cared him.
He writes: UI now sleep soundly every
night," Lake marvern* cures of Con?
en m pt Ion, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Coughs,
Cold* and Gri& prove its match'ess xioiit
for all Throat and Laing troubles. Guar?
anteed bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial bot?
tles free at J. F. W. DeLorme's ding store.
County Supervisor,
SUMTER, S. C., Sep. 14, 1904.
I WILL be in my office at Sumter,
S. C., on Friday and Saturday of each
?eek and sales day, to attend to Conn
ty business, the remaining time will
be employed in attention to Road?,
Chain Gang, etc.
Attest : County Supervisor.
TflOS. V. WALSH, Clerk.
Sept. 14-4t
Herald and Freeman please copy.
Master's Sale.
.Court of Common Pleas for Sumter Coun?
ty in the otate of South Carolina,' in the
?ase of Moses E. L^pez against Mary E.
Hall, Lizzie May Hall, .Robert Troy Hall
and Rutledge China Hall, I will sell to the
highest bidder at public auction at the
Court House in the City of Sumter, in the
County of Sumter andi State of South
Carolina, on saleday in October, 1904, be?
ing the third day of said month, during
the usual hours of sale, the following de?
scribed real estate, to wit :
All that tract of land in said County and
State containing one hundred and fifty
acres, more or less, bounded North by
lands of Thomas Osteeo, East and South
by lands of estate McLeod, and West by
lands of Widow Koib.
Terms of sato Cash. Purchaser to pay
for papers.
for Sumter Coen?v. 4
Double Barrel Farm in Chester
Editor Herald: I noticed- in your
issues of the 10th instant au article on
t$e double barreled system of a Barn?
well farmer. Mr. W. B. Stringfellow
of . Lewis Turnout tried it this year.
I was over to see it the other day.
On approaching his field it has the
appearance of a solid body of cora.
He has two rows of cotton and two of
corn al? the same width. He used
the same kind of fertilizers and culti?
vated it all alike. He told me that his
cotton was better this year with the
two rows of corn than it was last year
all cotton. His cotton is as good as
the average this year, and the corn is
fine. The only trouble is, we have
had so mach heavy wind and rain it
has blown the corn and caused it to
bend over on the cotton rows, making
it trohbleome to pick. Again, he has
to follow the-picking wi "ch fodder pul?
lers. He showed me one field that he
intended cutting and shocking, which
I think is the best plan when planted
this way. Anyone contemplating
planting'this way vould do well to
call and see Mr. Sringfellow's farm. It
is new to one that has never seen this
kind of cultivation.- Farmer in Rock
Hill Herald.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Has world-wide fame for marvellous*
cures. It surpasses any other salve, lotion,
ointment or balm for Cute, Corns, Burns,
Boils, Sores, Felons, Ulcers, Tetter, Salt
Bheuu, Fever Sores, Chapped Hands, Skin
Eruptions ; in *allible for Files. Cure guar?
anteed. Only 25o at J. F. W. DeLorme's
Gofemb?u S. C.
TE Larpi ai 1st Complete
m S. Hacker & Son,
Moulding & Building
1 Material.
office and Wardrooms, King, opposite Ctr
aon Street,
Purchase oar make, which we puarau .v
t superior to any sold South, and
thcrebj !?aye money.
Window anci Paney Slass a Specialty
Or.ober 16 u ? *
I take pleasure in giving no?
tice to my friends and the pub?
lic generally, that, having re?
gained my health, ? have re?
opened my shop, and am ready
to do any work in the
line of Guns, Locks, dewing
Machines, &c. Prices reasona?
ble, work done prompt y aud
satisfaction guaranteed.
Shop removed to No. 22
West Liberty street, two doors
from Oteen's Book Store.
The Strongest, tin' Simplest and most
economical of nil Stump Pullers.
Try it before you pay for it. Guaran?
teed to pull your stumps or no pay asked.
Write for Freo Booklet givmjr lerms
and prices.
The Champion Stump Puller Go.,
6-8-x <"(>H'M BIA. 5*. C.
Anyone sending a ?ketch and description may
quickly ascertain onr opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica?
tions ??: ncMy confident fal. Handbook on Patents
sent fr??. Oldest hetney fur securing patents.
Patents taken tbtottch Munn & Co. receive
?vf'. ial notice, without Charge, In the .
Scientific American.
& b*ndv:mo1y ?.lbi?tr?t<?d ?rorklT. I..*reest c!r
.Bbiti??.! "f snv (M-m: ;.u'' 1'i.TMal. T? cnm. $3 a
--.:r: foyr nirrtiUis i I. So>J l?/ul! n**?Mlpa!ers
'W? M&r. -av.[ nw Ycri
Many people who are neglecting symptoms of kidney trouble, hoping "it will wear away," are
drifting towards Bright's Disease, which is kidney trouble in one of its worst forms.
( stops irregularities, strengthens the urinary organs and builds up the worn-out tissues B
B : .^^^^kl?^^^^^r-" the kidneys so they will perform their functions properly. Healthy kidneys Strain out Bj
I ~& ^^^^-^^^^W^^^-tile impurities from the blood as it passes through them. Diseased kidneys do not, and fl
I i^^^^^^M^^miV^^^ ***e P?isonous waste matter is carried by the circulation to every part of the body,
I^^^^^^^Vfes^Tti] v causing dizziness, backache, stomach trouble, sluggish liver, irregular heart action, etc. 9
; I i ^^^^^^^Pl^^Sit^\k ^ you faave any s*&ns ?* kidney or Bladder Trouble commence taking FOLEY'S B
H ^^^^^^^^^^^H^flS v KIDNEY CURE at once, as it will cure a slight disorder in a few days and prevent a 1
1?^^S^^^S^\^^^P^^^J fetal malady. It is pleasant to take and benefits the whole system. fl
I^^vv\lW^^^? How to F?n4* ?uta ?' ^ Burhans Testifies After Four Years,
B$^^^^J^/A^ ^ou can easily determine if your kidneys are G. B. Burhans of Carlisle Center, N. Y., writes:
B^^^^C^^^ZT^ ^^Qy/^i^^^^^^^^r Out cf Order by setting aside for 24 hours a "About four years ago I wrote you stating that I had been entirely
1 ^^^Ss^Vj"- k ^^^*^???p/v/j? bottle Of the urine passed upon arising. If cured of a severe kidney trouble by taking less than two bottles of fl
I s^^^^^-C* v> ^s%v/J?& uPon examination it is Cloudy or milky or has Foley's Kidney Cure. It entirely stopped the brick-dust sediment and Wm
^??7:=^^^^?^ fryy/?f??z' a brick-dust sediment cr small particles float pain and symptoms of kidney disease disappeared. I ara glad to say that BB
Wl-S^5^ / ^^^^^^^-^^Z/Z^^K ' ahnn*- in it- vour kidnevs are diseased and I have never had a return of any of those symptoms during the four fl
BB S^T^^^y^^^ t-S,i '?^nMrw ???oS u t?? , u years that have elapsed, and I am evidently cured to stay cured, and fl
>*^J^^TlgS8t^M?^? FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE should be taken heartily recommend Foley's Kidney Cure to any one suffering from fl
^^^^^0*& " t^^^^y^^^^^i a^ Once. kidney or bladder trouble." fl
1 ^^U^^^^^ Two Sizes, 50 Cents and $1.00. JB
Where and When?
When you want an article, get it from Headquarters; get it
when you need it.
Now is the time the .school children need books and scnoo*
supplies; the place to go for these articles is
Qsteen's Book Store.
* ..
Headquarters in Sumter tor books, papers, inks and school
supplies of all kinds. There you find a full stock and a great
variety. Just at this season a specialty is made of school* sup?
plies, but our 9tock is large and complete in other departments.
We have a large stock of Blank books, Ledgers, Jour
nals, Day books, Cash books, Letter books and
Records, ranging in price from 5 cents to the finest full
bound Double Entry Ledger on the market.
Children's story bpoks, paper bound novels, new popular
novels, standard literature in library bindings, poets in hand?
some covers, Bibles, Testaments, prayer books and hymnals- j
in fact, books of all kinds. Any special book or edition not in I
stock will be ordered and delivered within a few days.
. ' j
Our Strongest Line, Stationery.
BOX papers range in price from 10 cents to $2.00, and !
w? have an assortment that includes the best productions of a j
half dozen factories, and all the fashionable novelties.
Pound Papers. ?
\ . ?
Two leaders-French Cambric, 25 cents. India Linen, 35 i
J !
cent?. I
We sell Inks, Envelopes and Writing Paper at j
wholesale prices, and merchants who ar? accustomed to order j
these articles elsewhere, can buy here at the same, or lower;
prices than they have been paying, and save the freight.
H. 6. Osteen & Company,
16 West Liberty Street,
Sumter, - = = - S. C.
World's Fair, St. Louis,
Soutliern Rlwy.
Best Line. Choice of Routes. Through Pull?
man Sleepers and Dining Cars.
Stop-overs allowed at Western North Caroli?
na summer resorts and other points.
Low excursion rate tickets on sale from Sum?
ter, S. C., as follows :
Season tickets, $38.65
Sixty-day tickets, 32.25
Fifteen-day tickets, 26.25
For full information or Word's Fair literaturi
apply to any agent of Southern Railway, or
W. A. BOWMAN, Prest. C.W. BOS W, Seo .1 Treas.
The Sumter Banking
& Mercantile Company,
Sumter, 3. C.
-~-Capital Stock $50,000
Wholesale Qrocers, Fertiliz=
ersand Farmers' Supplies.
Sole agents for the celebrated brand of Wil?
cox & Gibbs Fertilizers.
We are prepared to quote the very closest
cash or time prices on all Unes of
Groceries, Fertilizers and Farmers'
And invite your investigation before making
your arrangements for another year.
Come to see us. We will save you money,
and give you a hearty, courteous welcome.
Sumter Banking ?
Mercantile Company,
Masonic Building, 2d door from the Postoffice.
Sumter, S. C.
Sewing Machines from $10 Up.
Organs from $25 Up.
Pianos, Upright, from $150.
Sewing Machine Needles of ali kinds kept on hand.
We are headquarters for all kinds of Sewing Machine Sup?
plies ; all kinds of Musical Supply Goods, such as Strings for
Guita!s, Violins, Banjos, and Mandolins
CiJl and See Us ia Our New Quarters,
and we will make a customer of you. We want your trade and
will treat you right
Bring in your Organs and Sawing Machines and we will
Make them as Good as Ne* at Seasonable Prices.
All repair work guaranteed. We are here to stay. Call a:;d
see us hi the Masonic Building, next door to Post Ofh'ee.
s,pt u M. B. BANDLE.
Cheap Trips to the East
Atlantic Coast Line.
Baltimore. Md.- Acoun* National Convention Frater?
nal Order of Eagles, Sept. 12 to IT, 1004., Rate, one first
class fare pius $125 Tickets on sale Sept 10:h. llthand
12th, limited for return t> Sept 19th, with privilege of ex?
tending return limit to >ept. 25
Boston, Mass.-Account General Convention Protestant
Episcopal Chinch, Oct 5-28 Rate, one first class fare plus 50
cents for the round trip. Tickets on sale Oct. 2d and od, lim?
ited for return to Oct. 31, 1904.
St. Louis, Mo., World's Fair.
Season tickets, 60-?Jay tickets, 15-day tickets, on sale every
dav. Coach Excursion tickets on sae every Tuesday.
Don't miss the opportunity for an excellent trip. Rates,
routes, schedules and all information given by ticket agents
and the undersigned.
Traffic Malinger, Gen Passenger Agent,

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