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Will See That R?solution
Will Be Enforced.
"Taer? te considerable interese in the
recent order by the state board -of dis?
pensa ry directors regarding the ose. of
-2equj|?t. ho&ss by jaircbassrs ol whis?
key. 'At a sheeting ??he board a few
weeks ago the resolution call, ng at?
tention to the law on the subject was
passed and jail dispensers were direct?
ed to obsei-ve the law to <the letter.
3?hese request books are filled ont and
ixied with sae county ?ndito:: and
when the lesoiation was first passed
the law was obeyed. Lately, however,
there has bees* a Jet down in tte mat?
tes; and a member of the board stated
ft day or so ago that at the nazi; meet?
ing the baird would once more con
a??ar?the ma tter and inform -dispensers
t$&t the law must be carried oar. In
?erne of the towns the resolution is be?
ing strictly carded out, but-some of
the dispensers are. forgetting tiie law
and the member stated tfcat thia would
sot be. allowed.-Columbia Kee ord.
industrial-- Enterprise ia (lew
2?ew Orleans is not only grow-,
mg in a commercial sense, " bot
it is making strides \ in in?
dustrial lines as welL Thus lae New i
Orleans Times-Democrat 'tells that!
.among the industries of the city !
which have increased their volume of
- business during the past year, reports
\4rom t?e foundries show that this ha* j
neen an unprecedented year, uotiOnly .
is-the amount of business done, but.
.also in the character an<? Om]x>rtance
of the work undertaken. Castings
and moldings, which were formerly
acne in .the north at a much greater
expensa than could be done hereat
home, have been made in the foundries
in the city. .The workmanship and
finishing have been equal to that done
- away from . here.; Already some large
contracts ia the way of m;iehiuery
are planned for the coming. year. An
increase of 30 per cent, is c onsider?
ed a conservative estimate in the in?
crease of foundry work. . Some arms
which a year ago were doing a< $?0*000
and. $50,000 business ^are dcing twice
that amount, and the prospects are
bright for a still further'in crease dur-J
'iag'.the coming twelve mont h. This ?
coes "sot limit-the work simply to re- j
pairing machinery, but includes the
constructing of machinery for the
equipping of sugar mills, sawmills,
dredge boats, etc* No. better indica?
tion of the growth of New Orleans as
a oort-oan be round than in the ever
increasing amount of repair work
which is done on ships and water craft
of all descripKoBS. It is conceded
that any repair work, no xnaliter what
its character, could be done io battle-,
ship, tramp steamer or steamboatat j
as low a cost .-as at any other port, j
Kew machines have been added from i
?me fco time to the workshops, with
ino result tatt tjjejr equipments are j
?quai to any emergency which might
arise in thu marine service.
?oimestieut Sumatra Tobacco.
"A bird's-eye view of the Connecti?
ez valley in. 1902 and 1903,,; says the
Springfield Republican, "shows* a re?
markable change in 1904. The white
I?nts which dotted here and there the
green valley between Bat?eld and
Hartford have "been silently folded
away, and the raising of Sumatra to
JfoQSQ nader shade ia today largely a
?n?lter of history and ? subject of Ver?
ifier, experiment. It is estimated that
between 1800,000 and $1,000,000 have
-**een lost in this venture. In 1902,
300 acres were planted under shade,
%ut this year only a few acres are ?till
beingexperiraeated with by. a small!
sonority. Wide interest was at once f
-S&own rn this agricultural ej.'periment,
and promoters found little difficulty
ia securing capital to start companies
in the raising of shade-grown tobacco.
Two seasons of bad weather and
null markets have swept most of these
companies from the tcfcwseo fields.
, gt?ffn Sumatra ^ of Cl?
ient had too maa? *iws in it
Tao leal il saiu to have lacked elasti?
city! that it is dull in color, and
green, and that its aroma when used
in wrapping good cigars is undesira?
ble. Cifcar manufacturers bought
Ismail quantities for trial, but with
no?&ti*factory results, and tlw conse?
quence is there is no markei; at present
? fer Connecticut shade-grown Suma
Columbus, Ohio, v Sept 28.- The
southbound * passenger car and the
northbound work car on the Sciotica
Uey traction line came together 20
les south of Columbus this morn
Twenty passengers are reported
injured. Some of tbem seriously,
;b none were killed. Both cars
reported to have oeen burne4 by
contact with the third rail after being
crushed by the collision. Ie is also
reported that several of those injured
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Ko one who is acquainted with its good
qualities can be sar priced at tbe great
popularity of Chamberlain's Cough Rem?
edy. Jt not only cures cold? and grip ef
factually and permanently, but prevents
these disease? from resulting in pr en mo?
nia. It is also a certain card for croup.
Whooping coa g h U not dangerous when
this remedy id given, lt contain* no
opium or other harmful substance and
may be given as 'comfidently to a baby as
to an adult. It is also pleasant io tafe?.
Whoa all of these facts are taken into
consideration it is not rurprising that peo?
ple in foreign lands, as well as at home,
aateem thi3 remedy very highly and very
iew are willing to take any other after
once using it. For sale by China's Drng
^County Supervisor,
SUMTER, S. C., Sep. 14. 1904.
I WILL be in my office at Sumter,
S. C., on Friday and Saturday of each
week and sales day, to attend to Conn
is business, the remaining time will
ne employed in attention to Roads,
Chain Ching, etc.
Attest : County Supervisor.
Sept. 14-4t
Herald and Freeman pLease^copy.
ASttr in Political Circles Over a
Letter Attributed to President
~Xew York, Sept. 28.-Au alleged
forgery of the president's signature to
a magazine article printed in Denver,
which reflects on the Chicago meat
strikers has created a stir in political
circles. Thejarticle purports to have
been a letter sent by President Roose?
velt to President Donnelly of the
Batchers Union of Chicago. It has
the- president's signature, which he
pronounces [& forgery. Several Wes?
tern have papers published the letter.
The source of the letter was explained
today when the Evening Post reprint?
ed the letter and introductory para?
graph which appeared in its columns
on August 1. The caption and intro?
ductory paragraph which* explains and
justifies the letter of Roosevelt
to Donnelly. "The following letter is
one which President Rooseveltt might
have written with adventure to him?
self and country. "
Better Than Pills.
The question has been asked-lu what
way are Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets superior to the ordinary cathartic
and liver pills. Our answer is-They are
easier and more pleasant to take and their
effect is so gentle and so agreeable that
one hardly realizes that it is produced by a
medicine.. Then they not only move the
bowels but improve the appetite and aid
j the digestion. For sale at 25 cents per
bottle by China'* Drug Store.
comm imrnms A SPECIALTY.
Coferabia, -S. C.
Laisnjst and Hist Complete
Miiint M
Seo. S, Hacker & Son,
Moulding & Building
c?ce and tfarercoma, Sing, opposite Gao
DOO Street,
?B* Purchase our make, which we goarantt
superior to any sold South, and
t thereby rave money.
Window and Fancy Glass a Specialty
I take pleasure in giving no?
tice to my friends and the pub?
lic generally, that, having re?
gained my health, I have re?
opened my Bhop, and am ready
to do any work in the
line of Guns, Locks, Sewing
Machines, &e. Prices reasona?
ble, work dooe prompt y and
satisfaction guaranteed.
Shop removed to No. 22
West Liberty street, two doors
from Osteen's Book Store.
Ti?> Stron.i?Psi. Ute Simplest and most
vtxmomicai of all Stump Pullers.
Try it >>eior<.'you pay for it. Guaran?
teed to pu 11 you r stamps or i io pay asked.
Writ? for Free Booklet giving terms
and prices.
The Champion Stump Puller Co.,
6-8-x COLUMBIA. S. C.
' lits)
Anyone sendtnjj aufcettfi and description may
quickly ascertain our optmon free whether an
invention is probably patentable. Communica?
tions strictly confidential. H&ndbook on Patents
sent free. (?dest aeency for securing patents.
Patents taken throuph Wurm A Co. recetye
%mcial notice, without charge, inlbe
Scientific American.
K handsomely illustrated weekly. T^rjrest cir
.ulation of any scientific journal. Terms.%3 a
vear: four months, $L Sold byan newsdealers.
aWW &C3.3C,9road"*?*swM
Brancn Office. Ci 8U WaAmatoi?. D. G
When the Kidneys fail to perform their functions properly by not straining out the poison?
ous waste matter from the blood as it passes through them, the poisons are carried by the
circul?tion to every part of the body, deranging the different organs. This causes heart
trouble, stomach trouble, sluggish liver and a host of other ills, all due to deranged Kidneys.
corrects irregularities and cures Kidney and Bladder diseases in every form, tones up the
whole system, and the diseases that have
resulted from disordered Kidneys disappear,
because the cause has been removed. Com?
mence taking FOLEY'S/KIDNEY CURE
at the first sign of danger. Do not risk
having Bright's Disease or Diabetes.
Mr. Robert G. Burke, Elnora, Saratoga Co., N. Y.. writes:-I aro glad to have an oppor?
tunity of telling 'what magnificent results I have had from using FOLEY'S KIDNEY
CURE after having tried other advertised medicines and several physicians. Before I began
it I had to get up from xs to 20 times each night to relieve my bladder. I was all bloated up
with dropsy and my eyesight was so impaired that I could scarcely see one of my family
across the room. In fact, I was so badly used up that I had given up hope of living when I
was urged by a friend to try FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. One 50-cent bottle worked won?
ders, and before I had taken the third bottle the superfluous flesh had gone, as well as all
other symptoms of Kidney trouble. My friends were surprised that I was cured, as they
all thought I was going to die. Every few days some one comes from mile's away to learn
the name of the wonderful medicine that cured me of Bright's Disease, and not one that
has tried it has failed to be benefitted.
Two Sizes, 50 Cents and $1.0d.
At Sumter Court House, S. C.,
Monday, Nov. 7, 1904.
Those elegant lots on Manning Avenue:.
High and dry and the best location in the city.
Terms 1-3 cash, balance, 1 and 2 years. 50x150 !
feet. Will supply you money to build, if you j
pay for lot.
The Investment of a Lifetime.
Pays better than bank stock or bonds, doubles
in value every year. All titles guaranteed and
warranted by Maj. Marion Moise. Don't miss
this sale. Plats furnished free.
H. L. B? WELLS, Att y.
Sumter, S. C., Sept. 29,19?4
Where and When?
When you want an article, get it from Headquarters: get it J
when you need it.
Now is'the time the; school children need books and school !
supplies; thelf^ce to go for these articles is
>/.." g & ? !
Osteen's Book Store. !
Headquarters in Sumter for books, papers, inks and school |
supplies of all kinds. There you find a full stock and a great j
variety. Just at this season a specialty is made of school sup- j
plies, but our stock is large and complete in other departments, j
We ita ve a large stock of Blank books, Ledgers, J our-1
nals, Day books, Cash books, Letter books and j
Records, manging in price- from 5 cents to the finest full j
bound Double Entry Ledger on the market.
Children's story books, paper bound novels, new popular;
novels, standard literature in library bindings, poets in hand?
some covers, Bibles, Testaments, prayer books and hymnals
in fact, books of all kinds. Any special book or edition not in
stock will be ordered and delivered within a few days.
Our Strongest Line, Stationery.
BOX papers range in price from 10 cents to $2.00, and
we have an assortment that includes the best productions of a
half dozen factories, and all the fashionable novelties.
Pound Papers.
Two leaders-French Cambric, 25 cents.. India Linen, 35
We KU Inks, Envelopes and Writing Paper at
wholesale prices, and merchants who are accustomed to order
these articles elsewhere can buy here at the same, or lower
prices than they have been paying, an<l save the freight.
H. 6. Osteen & Company,
16 West Liberty Street,
Sumter, - - - * S. C.
W. ?. BOWMAN, Prest. G. W. BOSHAMER, Seo. & Treas,
The Sumter Banking
& Mercantile Company,
Sumter, S. O.
-~-Capital Stock $50,000--T
Wholesale Grocers, Fertiliz?
ers and Farmers' Supplies. \
Sole agents for the celebrated brand of Wil?
cox & Gibbs Fertilizers.
We are prepared to quote the very closest
cash or time prices on all lines of
Groceries, Fertilizers and Farmers'
And invite your investigation before making
your arrangements for another year.
Come to see us. We will save you money,,
and give you a hearty, courteous welcome.
Sumter Banking I
Mercantile Company,
Masonic Building, 2d door from the Postoffice.
Sumter, S. C.
Sewing Machines from $10 Up.
Organs from $25 Up,
Pianos, Upright, from $150.
Sewing Machine Needles .of all kinds kept on hand.
We are headquarters for all kinds of Sewing Machine Sup?
plies ; all kinds of Musical Supply Goods, such as Strings for
Guitars, Violins, Banjos, and Mandolins
Call and See Us io Our New Quarters,
and we will make a customer of you. We want your trade and
will treat jou right 1
Bring in your Organs and Sewing Machines and we will
Make them as Good as New at Eeasonable Prices. *
All repair work guaranteed. We are here to stay. Call &fc?
see us in the Masonic Building, next door to Post Office.
sept H M. B. B?NDLE.
Cheap Trips to the East
Atlantic Coast Line.
Baltimore. Md.-Account National Convention Frater?
nal Order of Eagles, Sept. 12 to 17, 1004. Rate, one erst
class fare plus SI 25 Tickets on sale Sept 10th, llthand
12th, limited for return to ?Sept ? Oth, with privilege of ex?
tending return limit to ?*ept. 25
Boston, Mass.-Account General Convention Protestant
Episcopal Chureli. Oct 5-28 Rate, one iirst class fare plus 50
cents for the round trip Tickets on sale Oct. 2d and 3d, lim?
ited for return to Oct. 31, 1904.
St. Louis, Mo., World's Fair.
Season tickets, 60-day tickets. 15-day tickets, on sale every
dav. Coach Excursion rickets on sa'e every Tuesday.
Don't miss the opportunity for an excellent trip. Rates,
routes, schedules and-all information given by ticket agents
and the undersigned.
Traffic Manager, Gen. Passenger Agent,
Wilmington, N. C.

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