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PBS SCMTSB WATCBMAK, Established April, 1850. 4tBe .Instand Fear not-Let all the Ends thou Aims't at be thy Country's thy God's and Truth's. THIS TRCS SOUTHRON, _3ta >z;E_ed jone, iso
Cosolidated Aug. 2,1881.
New Series-Vol. XXIV. So. 2
JNT. Gk Osteen,
T8R3 S :
{1 50 psr annuci-io advance.
One Square first insertion.. .$1 CO
Bvery subsequent insertion. 50
Contracts for three months, or longer will
Oe m*de at reduced rares.
All communications which nubserv? private
Interests will be charged for as advertiexents.
Obituaries and tributes of respects will be
charged for.
Desperado Whom the Courts Had
at Least Twice Acquitted.
Four Hen Had Died at His
Spcial to The State.
Camden, Oct. 3.-If John Morrison,
the desperado who was put to death
by a mob in Lancaster connty last Sat
urday night, had lived in the days of
the James boys and possessed th 9 dar
ing and courage which made those
men conspicuous, he would hav i been
eligible to a non-commissioned office
in that famous band. There seems
to be no dor.bt but that he possessed
the other qualities to a marked degree.
Little is known of his life before
he turned his back on the mountain
fastnesses of his native State, North
Carolina, 15 years ago, but his career
during this period suggests little of
peace and good citizenship on his
native heath. He came across tha
border bearing the brand of Cain, and
the number of his victims here verifies
the stigma.
The facts surrounding the murder
which he is said to have dene in
'North Carolina are not available,
but that there was such a crime was
persistent rumor long before this" last
deed brought his name into promi
Twelve years ago he met a solitary
hunter in a York county forest and
slew him. This victim was fcund
some days after with a bullet hole
through his head, and suspicion rest
ed on John Morrison. He was tried
and acquitted on the plea of self-de
fense. Unfortunately a gun was
found beside the dead man, and this
and the fact that the victim asa col
ored mau were enough for the jury. 9
A short while after this he moved
to Kershaw and within its environs
he gratified his thirst for blood. A
kindly providence saved another col
ored man, a neighbor from his bullet.
Fancying that he had a grievance
against him, Morrison proceeded to
shoot ar bim as his figure was silhou
etted against the sky on a neariDy hill.
This colored man bad the courage
to prosecute Morrison, but aijain it
was a case of white man and negro,
and he went unpunished.
Some time last year a party of ne
groes were walking up the track of
the railroad on which be lived, and
he killed one. He was tried at Cam
den for the morder and acquitted.
He claimed tb&c they were engaged in
singing vu I;: ar songs and were other
wise riotous. It is stated that with
bis Winchester he chased the terroriz- j
ed colored men over the surrounding j
country until he had exhausted his
ammunition. These negroes were
sc intimidated that they were afraid]
to testify against him on the trial. j
A short while ago, while he was en- J
gaged in running the pumping engine
for the tank below Kershaw, he was
reported by an engineer for not hav
ing water in the tank. Alfter he
learned of the report be carded his
rifle to meet ail trains and said openly
'that bc would use it on any who
reported bim. His malignity was so
patent that, when he refused to leave
when told to do so by the railroad
officials, engineers were afraid to stop
^ t tlMt tank for water and wore in
constant dread of the trestle nearby
being burned under them.
When he was notified to leave by i
the railroad officials he refused to do!
?so for some time, and finally when he j
id go admonished them to send a
coffin with his successor.
it is said that he bad planned to kill j
his successor last Monday but was
thwarted. The circumstances sur- j
roan din g the killing of his last vic- j
tim are so fresh in the minds of the i
peopl*- that they need no recounting !
r I- - I -
Modern Breastplate .
Rome, Oct. 4.-Some time :kgj the I
Russian Government ordered 1,000
bullet proof breastplates of the type
invented hy Signor Benedetta Thc :
latter reeeat y started for St. Peters- j
burg to supervise the manufacture of j
the breastplates, but was stopped at
Munich by the Italian firm to which
?e had sold the rights to manufac- j
tere, and which objected to Signor ;
Benedetta's intervention in thc matter, .
and he returned to Italy. The firm |
had al^o undertaken ro supply the j
Japanese Government with 200,000j
breast plates. Now that the Russian
contract bas been broken, it seems
that Japan wishes to back out of its ]
engagement, proposing to pay the :
losses sustained by the firm through
he abrogation of the contract.
Broke Into His House
Le Quinn of Cavendish, Vt., wa* iob
bed of ti)* f ustomary hanlin !>y irvafion of
(Chronic Courtipation. Wt en Dr. King's
>"<" Life Fills broke into hi* h u-e. hi?
t o^b e WHS arrested nun now he entirely
enrrd They're^uar^orf to core, 'J'> c ^*->
*i .tel .orme V >m 8:or>. i
Negro Rapist Sentenced to Be
Hanged November 4.
Camden, Oct. 4.-Unless there is a
commutation of his seatence Aaron
William, the rapist, will be hanged
here on Nove.nber 4, the next.
Some time last June the people of
this county were thrown into a state
of excitement by the report that a
negro man had ravished a respecable
white woman near Boykin station on
the Southern railroad. Aaron Wil
liams, a colored man in the employ
of Mr. John Langley, whose wife was
the victim, was accused of the crime
and arresta" several days afterwards,
he not having m^de any effort to
Rumors of possible lynching reach
ed Sheriff Trantham ard he reported
the matter to the governor, asking
that the Kershaw Guards be placed
under his orders. This was promptly
done and the prisoner was carried to
Columbia under the escort of the Ker
shaw Guards for safe keeping in the
penitentiary. There he remained until
last week when he was brought to
Camden to stand trial. The case was
called this afternoon about 5 o'clock,
and at a little before 7 o'clock the
jury returned a verdict of guilty, and
Judge Purdy sentenced him to be
hanged on November 4th next.
All the morning session was consnrn
ed in preliminary arguments in the
case of the State vs. J. E. Gillis for
the murder of McRae Whitaker. An
effort was made to throw out the
jury on the ground of its having been
improperly drawn.
Judge Purdy has taken the point in
to consideration stud will announce his
decision tomorrow morniug.
Should the decision be adverse to
the moving attorney a motion for a
chang of venue will follow.
Assistant Attorney General Town
send was here today in consultation
with Solicitor Thurmond and Secre
tary Stackhouse cf Clemson college
over the alleged violation of the fer
tilizer laws. Warrants have been is
sued for the arrest of the party selling
the fertilizer and he was present with
numerous expert witnesses to take
care of his case, but the solicitor an
nounced that he was not prepared to
give out the bill to the grand jury.
W. L. Latham Drank Poison rather
Than Go io the Penitentiary.
Camden, Oct. 4.- William T. Lat
ham, who has been confined in the
county jail for several weeks awaiting
this term of court, committed suicide
this afternoon at about 0.30 o'clock by
drinking two ounces of lysol, a pois
onous disinfectant which bad been
given him to use on his wound.
When foaind he was in the last
throes and made no statement to any
Some, mr-ntbs rgo ho met a Mr. Red
mond on the streets anna ri red several
shots at him, one of them striking
Redmond but was deflected by a but
ton. The matter was dropped on con
dition that he leave town, but return
ing a short while ago he was incarcer
ated. Yesterday his case was called
and he was convicted of assault and
battery with intent to kill. Sentence
had not been passed on him.
He was a eon of the late Mr. S. B.
Latham and a brother cf Mr. Wade H.
Latham, who died last week. The
de<-eased was 38 years old last month.
He leaves .a wife and three children.
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A Specimen of Sen. Hoar's Elo
From the Congressional Record.
Mr. President, I know how imper- j
fectly I h&ve stated this argument. I j
know how feeble is a single voice j
amid this din and tempest, this de- j
li ri nm of empire, it may be that the j
hattie for this day is lost. But 1 :
have an assured frith in the future, j
I have an assured faith in justice and j
the love of Ilbery of the American
people. The stars in their curses i
fight for freedom. The ruler e? the I
heavens is on that side. If the baffle i
today go against Lt, J appeal rn :nn- j
other day, not distan? and sure to
come. I appeal from the clapping *.rf
hands and the stamping of feet and (Li
brawling and the shouting to the qui
char her when- the fathers gatfe red its
"I appeal from the -pirit of trade vc i
the spirit of liberty, -j appeal from 1
the empire to the republie. 1 appeal
from th*' millionaire, and the boss,
and the wire-puller, and th<' manager,
to ti) - statesman of the older time, in
whose eyes a guinea never glistened,
who lived and died poor, and who left
to Iiis children anil cou nt ry mer. a good
name far better than riches, i appeal
from the present, bloated with mate
rial prosperity, drunk with thc lest of
empire, to another and a bttter Z *
I appeal from the resent to the futon
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Signature of Lf af7^& 4 M
Frank Duncan Turned Over to
Alabama Authorities. His
Wife Advised Him to Com
mit Suicide.
Ta vares. Fla., Oct. ~>. -Frank Dun
can and his partner "Kid" Stafford
were convicted in the circuit court
today of blowing the safe of the Lees
burg bank, and were sentenced to the
penitentiary for 15 years-the full
limit for that offense. Sentence on
Duncan was suspended and he was
turned over to the Alabama authori
ties to be taken to Birmingham where
he was convicted of the murder of two
policemen and sentenced to hang.
When captured the prisoners were
well armed and a bottle of nitroglycer
ine was found in their possession.
They claimed that the bottle contain
ed medicine, but Detectives Ahn and
Badiker this morning placed some of
its contents under a stump and blew
it to atoms, startling the town with
tlie explosion.
When the prisoners were taken back
to jail and they, with the sheriff and
detectives, were standing in tho
corridor, Duncan drew from his pock
et a bottle of nitro-glycerine, raised
it alof and with an oath said : ~"
"Tarn us both loose, or we will all
go to hell together.'* Detective Ahn
leveled his pistol at Stafford, who
sank to his knees and begged him
not to shoot. Duncan gave up the
bottle out of consideration for Staf
Duncans' wife came from Tampa
yeterday and advised him to kill him
self. It is thought she smuggled the
bottle of nitro-glycerine to him. She
left last night and did not attend the
What is Said in Darlington About
the Removal of the Two Mur
derers to the Peniten
tiary. *
Darlintgoo, Oct. 5.-As announced
in a special to The News and Courier
from Columbia, published this .'norn
ing, Mose Ham, who was sentenced
for life last Saturday afternoon, was
carried to the penitentiary yesterday
by the sheriff. Sam Marks was also
taken along with Ham, although he
was sentenced to be hung on Novem
ber ll, and would be just as safe here
as in the penitentiary.
Why "Marks was carneed off is not
known in Darlington, unless an ap
peal is to be made for a new trial or
a commutation of his sentence, and if
such is the case it is kept quiet. No
movement has so far been made pub
licly for a new trial or a commutation,
but it is a fact that the verdict did
not meet with the approval of every
body, although that is nothing un
usual in such cases.
Tlie jury that tried Marks and Flam
was composed of men of honor and in
tegrity, and it is not likely that the
Governor will interfere with the ver
dict. Certainly there was no undue
dispatch of the negro. Sam Marks, to
the gallows, when tlie brutal manner
in which he ended the life of Hill
Langston is considered. There are no
new developments in the case
Berlin, Oct. 0.- -General Von Tro
tha. Commanding The Geramn force
operating against The rel>el Hert-ros
j in German southwest Africa, this
j morning cables that he has quelled
j the rebellion and is now pursuing
! the remnants of tut- insurgents.
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! Antwerp, Oct. 7.-While some sol
I diers were filling a large sheel at St.
j Mary's fortress today th . powder es
! ploded and on*- officer and ten mc:
i were killed.
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San Antonio, Texas, Oct. r .-- n a
street fight here today between J. M.
Chit tiru, known as, the Texas Cattle j
King and W. YY. Jones, a cattle man
and banker of Beeville, ll. S. ElwelL, !
a travelling man of Milwaukee, Wi*., j
.chanced in range and was accidentally j
killed. The huller.it is said, was fired
from Cbittim's gun. Cbittim was'
placed in jail charged with murder.
Savad Two From Deatfi
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1 rial i .;'les ire-. ! J
I'lttsiiurg, ( cf.. 7. It is rep- rted ! <
that the Wheeling Kxpress on the j i
Panhandle. Road was wrceked at Har- 1
lin Sta'iou .-nortly before 9 o'clock (
his morning. A special train left ..'
immediately for the scene in answer to <
a call for physicians. The fireman 1
in sait! t;i lie killed and a number of i
pa senge re aro reported serioush injur- <
ed. i
A General Forward Monement of
the iaps Expected Soon.
Constant Skirmishing Between the Jap
Cavalry and the Russian Cossacks
Shows that the Two Armies are
Nearer Together.-The Rus
sians Have Received For
ty Thousand Rein
St. Petorburg, Oct. 6.-11.50a. m.
Official advices from the far East given
out ti)is evening describe series of
skirmishes on the southern front of
Gen. Kuropatkin's army, the only
importance nf which lies in tho fact
that thc Japanese are shownig a dis
position to press foward and feel out
the Russian positions. Gen. Mistchen
ko!s Cossacks in every case drove
back the opposing forces.
The activity of tho Japanese out
posts is doubtless intended to screen
movements of their armies, and.
Therefore, may be regarded as precur
sory symptoms of final preparations for
an advance, which probably will be
gin within a week.
A special messenger lias brought to
thc Emperor Gen. Kuropatkin's full
report of thc battle of Liao Yang.
The messenger, who submitted to an
interview, declares that tho main
army is concentrated at Tie Pass, and
that it is not likely Gen. Kuropatkin
will make a determined stand at Muk
Gen. Grippenborgs, recently appoint
ed to the command of the second
Manchurian army, will be received
by Emperor Nicholas at. Peterhof in
the morning.
It is understood that thc third divis
ion of the guards stationed at Warsaw,
is under orders to go to the front, and
this, with the second division of the
guards and the rifle brigade of the
guards stationed in and around St.
Petersburg, will make altogether
about forty thousand guards who have
boen ordered ro the Far East.
There were recurrent rumors tonight
of th fall of Port Arthur, but they
have not the slightest foundation.
London, Oct. G.-A dispatch to the
Central News from Chet'oo, dated :2.00
a. m., says a big naval battle was
then procoeeding outside the harbor
of Chefoo. It is thought the Port Ar
thur fleet made a sortie to roach Che
foo and that they encountered the
Japanese squadron. A later dispatch
says the firing ceased at 4 oclock.
Mukden, Oct. G. Tl ie Japanese
army on tho Russian southern front
has been reinforced. A reconnaisance
by six Russian squadrons yesterday
revealed the fact that a small Japa
nese infantry detachment had advanc
ed to the vicinity of Saliochez. Some
hours dcsultery firing followed, end
ing in tho retirement of both sides.
Several spuadrons of Japanese have
been discovered to the South. Brisk
skirmishing resulted in thc retiring
of the Japanese, who left their dead,
the Russians captured a large lot of
Harbin refugees who have succeed
ed in reaching here declare that the
garrison at Port Arthur has taken
thirty thousand rifles and ammunition
from Japanese soldiers who have fallen
in attacks on that strong hold.
Theatre of Next Battle.
Tokio, Oct., ti, p. m.- -It is evident
that the country which is embraced
by an irregular triangle, the apex of
which is "fie pass, with the base run
ing from Mukden to Fustian on the
?upper reaches of the Hun river, will
soon be the theatre of extended and
?extensive military operations
The Russians apparently are using
Tie pass as their main base, and an
constructing a aeries of defer.si-s to
shield it from the south and the east.
Two roadways approach Tie pass
from the south. One of thtse road
ways is tfie main highway irom Muk
den. nd \be other, which is smaller,
starts at Fushan and winds through
a hilly country. Nineieen miles north
of Mukden is the town of Vilu, th'
southern and eastern approaches to
which are sheltered by sharp ridge>,
offering a natural prctec ion. It is
rei>orted here that tho Russians are
strongly intrenching in these ridges
and are erecting semi-permanent forti
fictions. The Vilu rver which is
shallow and is fordable, runs through
the town.
The Kassians :tre r^pcrtod to bo for
tifying tho right bank of the river be
tween Vila and Tahaitun, 15 milt- to
the northward. Several lines of ridges
cross the road and it is said that the
Russians are erecting works on many
of th se eminences between Tahaitun
and Tte pass. For some seven miles
rhe rountry, generally speaking, is
Mst, although commanding the road
way from the eastward is a hill 1.000
metres in height which the Russians
?ire fortiff'ying. A range ot' hills
Hanks Tie pass on the eastward.
Th ' Russians are holding Fushan
with a heavy force and it is believed
"hey are erecting works along the
road from that place to Tie pas. .
This defensive work if the Ruoians j
ind the disposition of their fore j 1
strengthens the belief that Gen. Kur- j
ipatkin merely intends to retard Field ;
Marshal Oyama in his crossing of the |
rlun river and to give battle, on the 1
;round which he is now hurriedly for- >
ifving. j 1
St. Petersburg. Oct. t' . I p ni. -1
Lieut. General SaUharotr semi-; the 1
ollowing report: "Tue>day passed {'
juietly. There has been no change ! <
n the situation. Several skirmishes j ;
lave occurred at Hun l\>v between i i
>ur out postsand four companies nf I
iapanese infantry and one squadron <;f . <
.avalry Our force at first retired. J1
ut on the arrival of cavalry reinforce- i i
wents, an outflanking movement was 1 -
rdered which compelled the .lapa- 1
lese TO retire to Tadusampo with . *
considerable loss. In the evening a
detachment of Cossacks approached
within four of versts Yentai Mines.
The Japanese position was fully re
connoitered and the loree then return
ed, having lost but one killed and
three wounded. Two Japanese were
taken prisoners."
Yladivostock, Oct. 7.-It is report
ed here that Gen. Kuropatkin is very
ill and that since the Russian reverses
at Liao Yang he has been unable to
personally conduct the operations of
the Russian Army.
Tokio, Otc. 7.-It is reportedthat
four Russian war sops have been dam
aged by the Japanese firing at Port Ar
thur. One of them is said to have
been completely wrecked.
Attacking From Four Sides.
Tien Tsin, Oct. 7.-A junk which
arrived here today from Port Arthur
reports on the day it left the Japanese
were renewing the assault from four
side simultaneously. The Japanese
are meeting with heavy losses around
Port Arthur.
Berlin, Oct. G.-A dispatch to the
Lokal Anzeiger, from Mukden says:
"Gen. Kuropatkin has expressed a
firm determination to avail himelf of
this favorable season of the year for
military action. Everything points to
a coming revenge for Liao Yang.
The officers and men hope that the
period of retreats is past and that
they will be led against the enemy.
The Japanese undoubtedly intended
on September 27 to attack in three
columns from the colleries at Yentai,
along the Imperial read, but desist
ed when they discovered that the
Russians fronting them numbered
The correspondent of the Lokal
Anzeiger gives a summary cf the
ostensible strength cf the opposing
Japanese armies, which, according to
his calculations, aggregate 144,000
infantry, 6,500 .cavalry and 64S guns.
Law Will Bring One White Mur
durer to his End if Governor
Heyward Does not Interfere.
Seneca, Oct. 6.--The case of Hoyt
Hayes for the murder of his young
wife on May 26, 1903, is now in the
hands of the Governor. At his first
trial on July , 1903. the jury was un
able to agree, after remaining out
twenty hoars.
In November last year his ease was
tried again and the was convicted and
sentenced to hang on Jauary 15, 1904.
The ease was rhen appealed to the
Supreme Court, which affirmed the
action of the lower court, and he was
then resentenced to hang on October
On Tuesday James P. Cary appear
ed before Judge Dantzler, at Man
ning as one of Hayse's attorneys and
there prcsentd the arguments in favor
of a commutation of Hayeses sentence
to life imprisonment, but the Judge
declined to make any recommenda
tion to the Governor. Messrs. Cary,
Stribling and Shelor were closeted
with the Governor several hours yes
terday asking for the commutation and
making efforts to prove that he was
convicted on circumstantial evienee.
The Governor, however, declines to
say anything at present, but he is
considering the case.
A petition is before him signed by
over a thousand persons asking him to
give the commutation in favor of
Hayes. On the other side a petition
is also before him asking him not to
interfere, to let the law take its
course. This petition is also signed
by about a thonand persons, including
a majority of the jurors who convict
ed Hayes.
It is said that Solicitor Boggs wil
not interfere in Hayes's behalf, but
will ask the Governor to 1er the law
take its course.
There is very little hope for Hayes,
and no doubt he will be hangeed at
Walhalla on Friday, the 14th inst.
He is in the County Jail at Walha!
la. il is attorneys, however, are woik
ir.g hard to get the commutation, but
ir is believed that the Governor will
let the law take its coarse.
It is rumored through this section
that Solicitor Boggs will resign as
solicitor from this circuit if the Gov
ernor interferes with the execution of
the sentence.
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Chicago, Oct. 6.-Three chilrdeu
playing in the barn of their father,
Fred Harmoring, near Palatia. Ills.,
yesterday afternoon found the body of
their eighteen year old sister. Minnie.
Only fifteen minutes before the girl
had left the house. In that short
rime some one had attacked her and
;i ter a desperate struggle strangled
her to deaath. Large posses of farmers
are searching the district for some
trace of the murderer but have been
thus far unsuccessful. The feeling
runs high against the brute who ki 11
the girl.
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Testimony ot*a Minister.
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lt was Attended by ai! the Pomp
and Circumstance of Officialdom.
Washington, Oct. T.-Officials of
the government and representatives of
foreign powers gathered reverently at
3t. John's Chnrch at ll o'clock'this
morning to do honor to the memory
3f late Postmaster General Payne.
Owing to the limited capacity of the
church, admission was hy card only,
and every pew in| the anditorinm and
balcony was filled.
By executive proclamation the
departments had oeen ordered closed
from 9 until lp. m., and thousands
of government clerks stood in the
church yard during the ceremony.
The funeral party consisting of the
family, members of the Cabinet and
eight uniformed letter carriers who
carried the casket, left the apartment
at the Arlington Hotel shortly be
fore the hour set for the services and
walked to the church. President and
Mrs. Roosevelt, who proceeded
them by a few moments took the front
pew on one side and Mrs. Payee
Dccnpied the corresponding pew on the
Dther side.
The floral offerings were magnif
ient., including one from the Y\Thite
House hot houses, arranged by Mrs.
Roosevelt, personally. The hearse was
escorted to the Pennsylvania station
after the service and tho body sent TO
Milwaukee. The train left" at :j.on
p. m.
One of Marry.
ii. A. Tisdale, of SnmmertOD. S. C., suffer
ed for twenty years with the piles. Spe
cialists were employed and many remed
ies used bnt relief and permanent good
was fonnd only in the use of DaW;tt?s
Witch Haze-! Salve. Thia is only one of
the rn?.ny, many cares that have been ef
fected by this wonderful remedy. In buy
ing "Witch Hazel Salve it is only necessary
to see that you get a genuine DeWitt's,
made by E. C. De Witt & Co. in Chicago,
and a cure is certain. DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Saive cares all kinda of piles, cuts,
burns, bruises, eczema, tetter, nngwer?:.,
skin diseases, etc. Sold by Olin B. Dav;-.
Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 7.-John
Mitchell, Pesident of the United
Mine Workers will he here Ocr.
14th to confer with the coal operators
of Kentucky and Tennessee districts
with a view to settling differences be
tween them and the men and looking
toward the resumption of work.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its good
qualities can be surprised at the great
popularity of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy. Tt no: only cures colds and grip er'
fectually and permanently, but prevents
these diseases from resulting in pneumo
nia. It is also a certain euro for croup.
Whooping cough is not ih-.ngercus when
this remedy is given, lt contains no
opium or other harmful mbstance and
may be given as comfidently to a baby as
to an adult. It is also pleasant to take.
When all of these facts are taken into
consideration it is not surprising that peo
ple in foreign lands, as well as at horre,
esteem this remedy very highly and v:-rv
few are willing io take any other airer
once using it. For sale by China's D~z
A Case of !t.
Many More Like It In
The following ease is bul ' no of many simi
lar occurringdaily in Sumter. Ii is an easy
matter to verify its correctness. Surely yo
eannot ask for latterproof than such a con
clusive evidence.
Eolias fiudgius. gardener ami farmer, c'rll
known in Sumter and virility,says: "I suf
fered for eight or ten y. ars from lumhug > in
my bat*k so had that ! <*onld no? get out -of
bed at times. There was no strength in my
back and it aehed constantly. When I mov
pd abound a 1 ink would strike mv right
linross the small of my bnvk .inst, likes HW^IK*
.it Icking ;i knife into i: Ttie secret ions ;': .: .
the kidneys were dark colored snietledsTri n-_
ind contained a sediment besides eausfr g niv
to get up several times during t in nigh.*, i
.ould not t>egin to tell yon 'be number o
remedies ! used but nothing did me much
rood ii '.til I procured Poan's Kidney rills ni
Dr. A. J. China'sdrng store. The lirsi t'.-w
loses bellied me and since raking t in- pills ]
lave not bad any trouble with my kidneys
.md the pains disappeared from mv '..ACL
fou are welcome to the use of my nanu
me who can endorse what ts claimed fort ht**
For sale by all dealers. l*ri *e .\ 'V;IK
."oster-AIitbnrn Co., ItutTaj . N. Y..
Lgents fur the United Stat *-.
Remember the name Poan's and T
i ) subst itute ; -
V Well Known Cure for Piles,
Jures obstinate seres, chapped hands, ec
ema, skin diseases. Makes burns and scalds
air.less. We could not improve the quality
paid double the price. The best salvs
lat experience can produce or that money
an buy.
'ures Piles Permanently
DeWitt*s is the original and only pure ar.i
ermine Witch Hazel Salve mace. Look fer
ie name DeWITT on every box. All oth^.-s
re counterfeit, PREPARED BY
For sale by Olin B. Davis.

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