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Tour of the Men Implicated sn the
Killing of Bookhart Heid.
St. George, Dec" 7.-In the case of
the parties accused cf the m arder of
Sei tr- Bookard. the State of South
Carolina has failed thus far to produce
evidence directly implicating the men
steel There has been circumstantial
ridence, but it is of a vague natnae
will he valuable only as cumulat?
ive evidence in supporting state
?ents hereafter to be introduced^
The hearing was begun at ll o'clock
today in the court bouse by Magis?
trate A. E. McCoy of Berkeley; So??
" >T P. T. Hildebrand of Orauge
represented the prosecution, and
prise nop were represented by Sen
>r E. J?Dennis, Jr., of Berkeley
' Hr. M. Rutledge Rivers of Char
>n. Mr. R. W. Haynes of counsel
defense is ill in Charleston.
The parties charged - with this m?r?
ir are representative people in the
jjper part "of Berkeley- county and
ieir arrest caused a sensation. They j
rere brought to the State penitent
wry for safe keeping and for their I
own good as the jail at Monck5 Coro?
ner was represented to be unfit for j
26?r detention. The arrest was made
13th by Sheriff Morrison of Ber
?y? and the preliminary was not
_Lven until today on account of some
entanglements unfortunate fer* the
prosecution, for the delay has given
the defendants the sympathy of many
iple in Berkeley county.
Sheriff Morrison and Deputies J. H.
)n and W. J. Carson- boarded
?3 train in Columbia at 7 o'clock
this morning and brought six of th? j
seven accused- to St George for the
preliminary. The other was left in
Columbia, for he is a material wit?
ness for the State. But Solicitor
Hildebrand has been unable to make
out a prima faci? case without the
presence of this, witness, and Henry
?Edwards will be put upon the stand
today. mm
The names and connection of the
accused can better be determined by a
little digression. When the train
. ttom Columbia reached Branchville,
there came aboard a tall, powerful
man cf swarthy complexion &Dd with
a shock of white hair which added to
the blackuesss of his laughing eyes.
Tills was "Old Mau" Martin, or Mr..
Xi. A. Martin, Sr., the foremost man
; of a large family connection in Berke?
ley county.
He is the father of two of the ac?
cused-L. Andrew and Benny P. Mar?
He is the father-in-law and also the
?mcle of another of the accused, Piney
Martin, son of Pink Martin.
He is the father-in-law of another
of the accused, Adger Butler.
He is tbe brotber-in-Iawvof a fifth,
S? A. Eadon, constable to Magis?
trate Wiggins for the last two years.
He was the employer of H. C. Ed?
wards, the orphan boy.
He was the employer of Eeitt Book
aid, colored, murdered July 11th,
He was tbe warm friend of. J. H.
Palmer, town marshal of Eu ta wv: ie,
.and the seventh of the accused.
"Old Mau" Martin takes his trou?
bles stoically, trying to smile over
the affair, but the seriousness of it
was evidenced by the large pile of
green backs whicb he was seen count?
ing ont in a jury room when the wind
clew the door open and he was seen
in "consultation" with ^ne of his
lawyers. Mr. Pink Martin, another
stalwart, pleasant; faced farmer, was
.?here looking after the interest of bis
boys. They - were accompanied from
Entawville by the wives and children
of those of the accused who are mar?
^Solicitor Hildeband had up-bill
work today. The testimony of some
cf the witnesses was not as emphatic
?s he had expected it to be, but it was
?vident that he was trying to prove
that Eeitt Bookard had been arrested
ctn some trivial charge, had been con?
fined 2n tbe lockup at Entawville over
Bight to be taken to the county jail
tito next morning; that the Martin
hoya were drinking in the afternoon ;
that Eadon and Palmer were suspi?
ciously solicitous as to the prisoner's
welfare until 10 o'clock that night,,
?usd that Eadon was astir at 3 o'clock
tbs next morning,, that there were
many tracks leading from Eadon's
Ssouse to the guard house and finally
that as a possible motive the deceased
.had beca known to have quarreled
with one of the Martin boys because
cf his having ruined one of the sisters
cf the deceased. All this is circum?
stantial evidence and was not direct
enough to justify the magistrate in
nolding the prisoners for trial. But
there will be other evidence submitted
tomorrow which may weld thet? links
Into a strong chain.
H. C. Edwards, one of the accused
was to be brought here on the train
leaving Columbia at 1.35 tonight,
Solicitor Hildebrand having askedGov.
Hey ward and the penitentiary author?
ities to send him down. It was not
fee purpose of the prosecution to pre?
sent Edwards, but there seems no way
out cf it as another important wit?
ness, Mr. F. P. Demalo, Jr., could
sot get here.
There was not very mu^h interest
manifested, and very little nervous?
ness or excitement. There was too
much levity in the proceedings, but
this was not the fault of Mr. A. E.
McCoy, the magistrate, who is pre?
siding with fairness, with no little
wisdom. The case is sickening in
some of its details. From all appear?
ances the murdered man was treated
with the utmost display of passion in
the effort to mutilate his body in the
manner regarded as the extreme de?
gradation. Only one witness has tes?
tified that the dead body was that of
Keitt Bookard, but several witnesses
have testified to.tbe fact that the
corpse was mutilated in a most revolt?
ing manner, the cutting off of the
ears and the knife wounds ic the body
"being only a part of the sickening
words.-William Banks in Tue State.
St George, Dec. 8.-Four of the
men charged with murdering Kitt
Bookhart were bound over today by
Magistrate McCoy for trial. Edwards,
who has turned state's "evidence, said
tint Butler and Penny Martin were
mst present at the drowning of Book
hart, but he implicated Penny Martin,
who has never been arrested. On his
testimony Andrew Martin, Eastons,
Urney Martin and Policeman Palmer
vere held for trial. They will be
taken to Monck's Corner today. Ed?
wards swore that Eastons, Palmer and
the Martins tied the bar of iron on
Bookhart, took him ont into the river
in a boat and threw him overboard.
Be turned his face and did not see the
actual throwing of the body over?
board, but insisted that he saw no
mutilation of the body. Bookhart
was bound hands and feet and with
the iron ba'r tied to him was thrown
into the Santee river.
Edwards was brought here by a pen
itenti?ry guard and left town in a
buggy a soon as he testified. The four
prisoners will apply for bail at once
Penny Martin will be arrested, as a
warrant will be issued by Solicitor
Columbia, Dec. 7.--lu his annual
report, made public today, State
Superintendent of Education Martin
makes nine important, and some of
them radical, recommendations:
As follows, to continue the library
act with improvements; to extend
the time when a district may vote a
special levy ; to enact a school build?
ing law, based on the principle of self
help; to improve the dignity and sal?
ary of the office of county Supreinten
dent of Education; to begin the
establishment of county high schools
with industrial features; to appoint
an educational commission to rewrite
the school law ; to combine the Citadel
with the South Carolina college and
form the South Carolina University;
to observe South Carolina day in the
public schools; to allow legal enroll?
ment for attendance on the public
night schools.
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