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C ?* SEMTEX WATCHMAN, Kstabiuhed April. 1850t "Be Justand Fear not-Let all the Ends thoa Airns't at De thy Country's thy God's and Truth's. THK TKDK SOUTHRON, Katabiuhad Jane, ise
Sew Series-Vol. XXIV. Xo. 23
odla?rbni;r:i an?) Soutkon.
Published Svery ^Telaeslay,
TS?.ns :
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? DTSRTI321?BK7:
One Square Srst insertion.$1 CO
Ivery subsequent insertion. 50
Contracts for three months, or longer will
be made at reducedrate3.
Ali comrjanications which ?cbserv? uriva*?
interests will becharee-i for as advert;.eme:>ts.
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sharked for.
He :> Charged With Swearing Falsely
in a Divorce Trial.
New York, Dee. 24.-Charles F.
Dodge, who was brough here from
Texas charged with perjury, was ar?
raigned before Justice Cowing this
afternoon and released on his own
recognisance. The charge against him
is that he was guilty of perjury in his
testimony in the divorce ease of Chas.
AV. Morse, the ice king.
His Bride-to-be is Princess Victoria,
a Niece o? King Edawrd.
Madrid. Dec. 24.-It is anticipated
that the announcement will shortly be
made of the approaching marriage of
King Alphonso and Princess Victoria,
the daughter of the Duke of Con?
naught. King Edward's brother. The
wedding, it is said, will occur in June.
Interesting Facts as to Those in South
Washington. Dec. 24.-The report
Of the auditor for the postoffice de?
partment reveals some interesting
things in connection with the post
offices of South Carolina. There are
forty-four presidential postoffices in
the State and the gross receipts of
these offices amount to $430.522.75 for
the fiscal yearending Jun?' 3 1st. 1901.
Among the officesof the State the
ont- at Charleston holds first place.
Its gross receipts for the year were
$113.694.44. Out of this amount $3 -
3?0 was paid out for malary of the ;>->sc
masttr and clerk hire amounted io
S1S.06S.U4. Over $22.000 was paid for
the maintenance of city delivery, and
over $90'? for special delivery.
The next office in the Statt- is th* ?
one at Columbia. This office shows
gross receipts footing up the tidy Mila
of $55.362.93. The postmaster got $3.
100 of this. $651.2 s went to the main?
tenance of a special delivery service,
$9.r>6s to clerk hin.- and $11.175.3" to
the maintenance *>f city delivery.
Greenville is third among the cities
of the State in th* amount of business
transacted, as shown by postal re?
ceipts, and shows gross receipts
amounting to $26.616.4$. The post?
master's salary was Si'.'P'". the cost of
special delivery service $254.4$. and
the item of clerk hire amount.-ii to
24.".3N. The city delivery servie*- cost
LTncle Sam $7.160.32.
Spartanburg shows gross receipts
amounting to nearly $24.000; while
the business of th-- Sumter office is
represented by gross receipts amount?
ing o a few dollars more than
Anderson shows receipts amounting to
upward of $13.20??. Rock Hill's office
handled business represented by more
than $11.100 in gross receipts, and the
its credit
Aik :i. Georgetown and Orangeburg
arr- entitled to trot in the $$.?.?HO class.
2-;o to speak, while the receipts the
offices at Inion. Chester. Camden.
Di r?iiigt?n, Florence and Nel???r\
were over $7.00 each.
In this connection it is interesting
to :..<.:?. that South Carolina has a.- . vv
Federal buildings as any State east
?.f the Mississippi river; if. indeed, as
few as any State in the L'nion. There
ar?- today only tl:r>- in the State,
those at Charleston. Columbia and
Greenville. However, congress has
made appropriation for some four or
five more.
Th<- postoffice department proposes
to investigate the rural free delivery
carriers in every State in the um?>a.
and "fire" every carrier who has
been perniciously act iv? . in politics,
particularly in auemptlng to defeat a
candidate for congress because oj any
views he may hold on fi.b livery.
Ir: this connection the members ?>f the
South Carolina delegation suv that
Th<-y have no complaint <.* make
against any South Carolina carriers,
and furthermore that tie- South Caro?
linians have not taken an>' i::>?-"??:,:,T
part in politics.-O
? ?un
i?i:n ?SH sun* s ru \Nf>Ei>.
HUMI :.::?! Fast Oft' Fire l-iand and
i?i" Savers Cannot Keach II?*?-.
New York, Dec. 27 Despite all
efforts ro set ber off the British
steamship Drumelzer which went
ashor "fi Kir.- Isla- : nu Sunday is
still bard and fast on ti e har this
naomi ni?. Her crew are still aboard,
A heavy gal'- is blow i nc and Iii?' t
savers cannot reach r-h* stranded j
ship. Ihe crew may be raaea o ! tb
-, ?
They Have Returned From the South
and Will 1><- Sent to the Dry
London. Dec. 27.-A dispatch to the
Central Nows from Rome says it is
stated at the Japanese legation there
that Admiral Togo's fleet which left
Rot i Arthur a few days ago. presum?
ably to meet the Russian Baltic fleet,
is returning home t<> make repairs.
While the repairs are being made Togo
will proceed to Tokio for the purpose
pose <?** conferring with the govern?
The Evolutionists Appear to De Well
Supplied With Arms and Ammu?
Belgrade. Dec. 27.-Revolutionary
Bulgarians today attacked a village
near Ivgelija and in fighting :;i per
Greeks and three Bulgarians among
the killed. Quantities of arms and am?
munition has been discovered at Kur
kosh and Plevna..
Dow" Waterfalls Enable the World.
While Increasing Its Machinery,
to Sparc its Coal Supplies.
Every day sees more and more of
the wasted power of waterfalls, which
lies at man's disposal in every hilly
or mountainous country, turned to
use in furnishing electric energy. The
power of waterfalls is driving the
greatest of all tunnels, the double
Simpl?n bore, hrough he Alps; it is
sending another tunnel, by devious
ways, behind precipices and under
glaciers to the summit of the snowy
Jungfrau, and a plan is now being
perfected for constructing, once more
with the aid of waterfalls, and to be
run by them, when finished, a rival
to the Simpl?n road. winch shall
cross the Alps between Turin and
Everybody knows what Niagara is
doing, and how the waterfalls of Cal?
ifornia, and of other mountainous
States are being harnessed
A. A. Campbell Swinton, at the re?
cent meeting of the British Associa?
tion for the Advancement or Science,
presented accurate statistics, which
he had personally collected, showing
hat no less than one million, five hun?
dred thousand horse-power derived
from waterfalls is now being utilized
in various parts of the world for the
developmen of electric energy. ( >f
this great total, which In- believed did
not represent the full truth, for he
thought it probable that tin- real ag
gregate is two million horse power,
nearly one-third must be credited to
thc United States.
There is one feature of this utiii
gation of water power in place "i"
steam power, which Mr. Swinton
brought out. ami which is seldom
thought ??f. and that is the sawing of
c.?al which it effects. (>:i the basis of
two million horse power derive*! from
waterfalls, his saving amounts to
nearly twelve millions tons of coal
??cr year.
But the maximum amount of water
power that is available has not yet
begun to h.- approached in actual util?
ization, so that th" animal saving of
'...al must bcco!i;t- larger and larger
every year. This in view of thc in?
creasing difficulty in working many
coal mines, owing to thc great depths
to which they have penetrated, and
i?? view of tie- approaching exhaustion
of some of t'ne most famous fields, be?
comes a highly important considera?
tion. Ever} ?itt! - while the world is
reminded. mo:-e or- less sensationally,
of ;i coming coal famine. The fact is
that coal, of the better grades, pos?
sesses so many advantages and con?
veniences as :: fuel, that the earth's
supplies of ir should be consrved for
ii- man use as long as possible. Men of
sci.-ncc have more than once sounded
;i warning against the waste of coal,
for coal is the gi fi of a geoligic age
which can not be renewed. Thus wa?
terfalls, hy enabling us to spare coal,
are performing an indirect service in
supplying electric power. Rut ?"v
them tin- growing use ot" electricity
would soon make a. drain upon the
coal ruines ot' in- most serious ehar
Tin- ,.?-;i of wai ?..falls se?-ms cer?
tainly to have dawned, every great
ca tara et will i.me. :i focus of in?
dustry, just a.- every great river val?
ley has always '.n ;i e.-ntcr of p??ur
[atioii. and Professor Rrigham's pre?
diction, that Niagara is t" he tie- in?
dustrial center of America, may be
fulfilled within a ?ene rat j..m
.1 \!?S \M> FM.! I"-!! COFFiDF.
Hie Colli-?:ni ne urie ! a: Shanghai
This Mornim; - ? Ship
I ri?1 ,i ii : ?i.:1.
Shanghai, Dec 27 In a collision I
between the British warship ip'iige- j
nia and the .?H;.- . Miner "Tah s
Maru*' today ? tatter WHS badly I
damaged. S tie rai sc. era i frames
bent ard broken and also several
i lates injured She '.viii haye to he
docked for re;.?ir-. '?'lie war-hip
which wa- at au cl or it the ti;nt?, sus !
rained nu damage.
Item-; of Interest Condensed and Par
agra plied tor Quick Reading.
W. L . KL Johnston and J. H Killen
t\v<> dispensary constables, were ar
rested in Columbia on Friday on tin
charge of trespass after notice. Tin
constables had entered Shad's place ol
Washington street and were watching
it to prevent the sale of liquor, hut
were warned not to enter the place
Tin- warrant was sworn out by .1. H
Gaston and the two men were taken
before Magistrate Moorman.
A number of italian immigrants
were seen itt Columbia Friday evi?
dently on their way to Charleston.
These men have been at work in the
lower part of Fairfield county and
were passing through on their way to
work ir. the low country. Commission?
er Watson was asked if ids office had
any knowledge of tin- movements of
these men and in- stated very emphat?
ically that thc office had nothing
whateverto do with them. "They are
not brought here by my department
and we have nothing to do with them
whatever." he said.
The secretary of state was notified
Friday of an increase in the capital
stock of the McCown and Clarke
company( of Florence county, from
$20.000 to $40.000. A commission was
issued tin- Neely Yarn Mills, of York
ville, with $80.000 capital, willi B. X.
Mo.,re. O. E. Wilkes and others a.
Secretary Duncan of lin- railroad
commission has completed Un- tables
showing the gross and net income of
tlio railroads of the State. These tn
bles show that tin- total gross incom
was $13.9S2.692.2S: total freight and
passenger revenue. $13.594.3S7.66
total freiglit reevnue. $9.523.4TS.6S
Tin- total expenses were $10.056.387.50
mt income $3.$36.305.44.
Thc- latest enterprise for Spartan
burg county is a towel and quilt fac?
tory. A com tuny composed ci Vernon
Muckenfuss, E. C. Rodgers, Lewis
Thomson and others are the promters,
and he plant will be locted near Well
ford. The capital stock is $25.000. Tin
site for the factory has been purchas?
ed: it is situated near tin- Southern
main line. Work of building the mill
will begin in the near future. The mill
will operate 36 looms. It will be tin
only owel and quilt factory in this sec
Con of the south.
The Charleston Terminal Company
has btgun the work of putting the
waterfront in better condition as a re?
sult of the recent agitation of the con?
dition of th-.- place and in lack of fa
dition of tin- place and the lack of fa
meroe of the port. Contracts have been
let for th-.- rebuilding ??f several of the
v. har ves.
Elliott Embly shot and killed char?
ley Johnston Friday afternoon at St.
Matthews. All tin- parties were negroes
and were engaged in a gambling game
when a difficulty aros.- over some triv?
ial matte;- with tile above result.
Tin- authorities in Sullivan's Island
fale infant in a sack on the front
beach near Fort Moultrie. Tin- infant
was so badly decomposed thai it was
impossible to r - -11 if the child was
White or a mulatto, it is h ought that
ii met death violently a few .lays af?
ter its birth. There is n>. clue .. the
identity "f the child. but the author?
ities hope to ii;;-! the guilty t>arty or
Lawrence Lemaster. a guard of the
chain gang camp, stationed at Clifton;
Spartan burg county, was painfully, but
not seriously wounded Friday by the
accidental disCharge of his pitsol;
while eating a mealin a Suartanburg
restauran;. Lemaster was exhibiting
tin- pistol to a friend and. in replacing
it. changed it from one pocket lo
another. Tin- trigger became hung in
the leather h.-lt strapped around his
waist, and a motnem later the weapon
was dichraged and a 3.S-ealibre bullet
ploughed through the fleshy part of
his right leg above the knee.
Sin-riff Owens of Coller?n county
will not make any claim for tin- re?
ward of $ ! .foin, which was offered for
the capture of Adams and no
member nf his posse would make such
claim, taking tin- posiion that tin- ar?
rest was in tile line of his duly It was
stated also that there seemed to h.- lii
th- doubt but that au effort would h.
made to secure a commutation f-?r
The ?'harlestoii Y. M. C. A. basket?
ball leam defeated Yal.- College by a
...cor?' "f j;, to IT in a rim- gane- in the
presence of a large crowd. Tin- Yale
tudenfS were tin- recipients of alton?
ion from tin- Charleston alumni of the
?olleg. and members of tin- reception
romiuiiof the association.
T?o-re was a serious ti ghi on the
?ass?-ngs-r iniin Saturday evening jos;
?.-fore ;i?.- train arri veil a: Walhalla,
'.?nduetor \Y. '1'. Maxwell was severely
. i:r.-!; upon tb-- left band. Newsboy
'Rr? . w ni Todd w as also bit ten and
k'a.lt. o .Ian.wa
up-.n his throat. Ali lin---- receiv-d
h?-:r wounds fr?on Ed C- ::y. a pas
.n'gf-r who w.a- disorderly, and when
in --ff.o' was mad-- to quiet him tin?
i-oiib ? . ga.: fer!;. ? is nm
. .. in ! v... : .- i and pm
... : . . ? . : . ; ' j
! : u:
Stat- . . ! : did !
o;<in?->.. in O'corn-.* last v.A en:.:- i
?or. ?: illons of- whiskey hav- Leer:
ah -i fr.-rn sev.-raj d?ff-r.-m persons
:, ; . -.- i; c. . been in ole il
.t-hers .ire likeiv t .. follow. Fri !ay i
night two prominent Walhalla 'tiwi
were caught about mi dh igt wit]
nearly four t^r: 11 i ? ? : : of blockaae whis
ky ,,:| top of stump House mountain
They nnv arrested and the whiskey
and team confiscated.
John Gary Watt.-, assistant adjutant
and inspector general of this State
from IS in) to IS:"?4 and 'adjutant and in
i specter general from 1 ^ *.* 4 to l s SS.
I died in the Columbia hospital Christ?
mas morning of pneumonia, after a
few days' illness. He was ?,", years old.
Dr. Lawrence s. Wolf.- died at his
home in Orangeburg Sunday night. lb
was about 4." years obi. and was born
and reared near I townsville. For a
number of years he practiced dentistry
i:; ' ?rangeburg and was very success
ful. H.- retire?! from active practice
some time ago on account of failing
I ?an Fuller, colored, was found dead
in his cabin at Mountville with his
throat cut and head crushed with an
axe. He lived alone and was probably
murdered for his money, as it was
known that he had considerable cash,
the savings ol a life time.
There were several ;.idents in Co?
lumbia Monday. Belle Lightner. a col
oroed woman, was shot and killed on
Washington street near Gates. From
all the police have learned of the case
they are inclined i>> regard it as a case
of accidental killing caused by crim?
inal carelessness. A colored boy*, whose
name the police prefer not to make
public, was walking along Washington
street firing a nisi il. and one of the
bullets struck and Killed Belle Light?
ner. who is the daughter of Tom. one
of the best waiters at Wright's Hotel.
The examination showed that the bul?
let took effect in the woman's heart,
ann that death was instantaneous.
There appears to be no motive what?
ever for the killing and it must have
been a case of recklessness. That af?
ternoon a bad sm?-U attracted atten?
tion to a pile near he Columbia Glass
Works. An examination was made
and til-- dead body of a negro was dis?
covered. The body was so bailly de?
composed that it could not be recog?
nized. The condition of the body was
such that it could not be told whether
there had been foul play or not. The
body was sent to an undertaker, but
there seems little prospect of recog?
nizing the body. That afternoon Mr,
I). F. Collicut was taking an automo?
bil-.- trip with his wife and child. He
undertook to make too sharp a turn
and .Mrs. Collicut was thrown from the
automobile. She was put into the vc
hie! ? and carried ''home. The injuries,
while painful, and alarming, are said
not to b.- serious. Mr. Powell, who
conducts a wood yard, was shot in th
foti by his son. It was purely accident
al and Mr. Powell will be out in a daj
Ol' two.
Gov. Wright Confirms K?port of Up?
rising-Pulajancs Have Become
Active in Sumar. Philippine
Washington. Dec. -Secretary
Taft today received a cablegram from
Gov. Wright and Manila in response io
his inquiry in regard t" the recent up?
rising <<f the Puiajanes at Dolores; Sa?
mar. Gov. Wright's message is as
"Manila. Dec; -''.
.Secretary ..f \Va_r.
Washington. L?. c.:
"With reference to your telegram of
tile ?1st inst.. I regret to say thal (len.
Corbin's report ? >!" attack on and loss
of detachment of se..nts at Oras and
Dolores, is correct. The Pula janes haye
of ?ate left tin- west and north sides
of Samar and become active ..n the
east coast, which is j.radically with?
out harbor and very difficult of access
during prevalahce of the existing mon?
soon. Orders were given son!?1 time
sine- t-' strengthen ali detachments on
the east coast, but unfortunately this
was delayed by the wreck and loss of
a coast guard boat carrying a hundred
. >r more of the constabulary. The men
were saved but the delay in sending
another coast guard boat to the rescue
resulted in leaving these small detach?
ments at (?ras and Dolores isolated,
and the consequ -nt loss. All east sta?
tions have been heavily reinforced and
we are still sending men in by my di?
rection Gen. Allen, chief of consta bil?
iary, left here. (Manila*? two weeks
since to take personal charge ol at
fairs in Samar. I am still further re?
enforcing liirn with constabulary and
am consulting with Gen'. Corbin, who
if necessary, will aid us with troops.
< Signed i "Wright."
--? ? -QM
Vn Explosion of a BJaM Furnace at
Braddock, l'a.. Today.
Pittsburg", Dec. 27.-An explosion,
due to a slide m the furnace "J" of
the Kdgar Thompson blast fr.mace at
Braddock occurred this morning, j
Five doctors were summoned from
this etty and the ri port is circulated j
that great loss of life resulted from
the accident.
I'M ?-.\MV im IDENDS.
( oioptroller ol Currency tilaiidcns thc ;
Heart* <>l < 'red il ors.
Washington. Dec. L'7 The Corn;. I
troller of the |Onrrenc*? has *u dared I
dividends in favor of tl e creditors of |
insolvpnt nnticnal barlas ns follows:
First National, of .In ksonville, Flori?
da, a second dividend of fifteen per
;-er,r l- ir-t National, of Macon, Ga.,
the first dividend cf twenty j.er cent.
Transportation and Telegraph Servin
Tied np and Street Car Traffic
New York. Doc. 27. - Rain and slee
following a heavy snow fall has play
ed havoc with transportation facilities
an.I telegraph service and today thing:
arr moving at a snail's nace. Th
streets of New York look Mk.- a ska;
ing poad and lin- third rall on lin- ele?
vated road h.-int; coated with icc pre?
vents tin- trains running <>n anything
lik schedule time. Street eat- traffic
v.as also badly crippled.
Bridges Blown np. a Russian Colonel
Killed and the Czar's Statue
St. Petersburg. Dec. 2".-Reports of
rioting in poland reached here today.
Ai Badom. two railway bridges were,
ltlown nj' and ('ol. Gilysky was killed.
At Chenstocks. according to tin- report,
an attempt was made to destroy the
statin- of Alexander II. Dynamite car?
tridges were exploded uoder th?- mon?
ument, but fortunately only tin- steps
were damaged. Th?- riots were caused
hy strikes having occurred at Rigo
ami Baku.
Comptroller General Jones Recom?
mends That Insurance U\v Bo
Columbia. Dec. 25.-Comptroller j
General Jones is going to have a great
deal of information regarding the in?
surance situation in this State that he
will present to the general assembly at
its approaching session. What will be
dom- is not known, hut it is likely that
tin- recommendation will he made that
th-- act allowing the Southeastern Tar?
iff Association to return t" this Stale
be repealed.
The letters received by <i?.-"n. Jones,
win-re specific information has been
given, indicates a general increase in
Un- rates regardless of tin- basis rate.
Il may be thai the old rates were too
low. hut th-- Southeastern Tariff Asso?
ciation seems t?? he a hit orthodox in
fixing extra charges on the basis rates.
Cnder the old system one company
would send an adjuster to a town or
city ami make rates, and these rates
would he gem-rally accepted hy all of
the standard companies; There was no
compulsion for any of the companies
to accept these ratings, hut su<-h was
generally lin- eas.-. Now. under the
rules of the Southeastern Tariff Asso?
ciation, its rates have t" he accepted
hy all of tho companies belonging t-?
tin- association ami practically lill ot
tlc- companies doing business in this
State -I" belong to this association, ami
it is no doubt a most excellent thing
for tin- companies themselves in hold?
ing up rates and protecting lin- rates
that have been promulgated and
avoiding any cutting of rat- s.
Mr. Jon.-s has a ?umber -d' letters
that give him no exact information, j
ami h?- would 'ike very much to get j
th?- detailed rates f?>?n tin- towns and
cf ti irs from which he now has nothing.]
but generalities.
It Appears that, while the basis rate
has been reduced in some places, ex?
tras that were n >t heretofore dunged
for have been added t<> this basis |
rale an.I in that way to all intents and
purposes tin- rute has been actually I
advanced. For instance, if an extra ?
charge is made for a flue, and another
charge for an extra opening, and
another for an inside staircase, and
std! another for floor area, ami anoth?
er yet for l?e- wails being too thin and
the like, th.- basis rate ?could soon
have such additions fha? the old rate
would be left in the background.
While the insurance companies may j
be fully justified in charging for such j
items of increased danger, the trouble
is that where lin- individual companies
mad?- the examinations they do not
appear to have he,-a .juite so rigid.
News and Courier.
-? ? * -
DO?. RLE POi.I. C: ) ? '!''.>N .
"The McCall Improved" Cotton Arous?
es Interest in the Department ol' ?
Washington, Dec. '2%.- Senator Lati- j
mer has been having some interesting
correspondence with Prof. Galloway,
chief of the plant industry "division
nf the department nf agriculture, rela- ;
rive tn a special grade nf cotton raised
by C. S. McCall, nf Bennettsville, S.
C. Mr. McCall sent some sample hells
to Senator La ti mer, and the latter de- i
livered them to Prof. (?alloway. Mr
McCall states that his cotton was -e
lei ted frmn a double boll and has been
planted for three years The quality !
is ?arly, large lud?s and prolific, mak
ing as much as two bales per acre-j
this year. He calls it the " McCall
1 mnrn\ ed.
The result of tia? correspondence is
that l'mt. (?alloway 'as written to
Mr. McCall to this "effect :
? vYe are desirous of making a dis?
tribution of desirable things nf this
type and shall be very much obliged
for any informar ion you can furnish
u> as to thc quantity you have on hand
and your price un me same Senator
Lat i mer i- anxious that we distribute
some nf this cotton ' i i ti er parts nt
th-- State.
Absolutely" Purs
Capt. Baldwin's Air Siiip -California
Airow" Manoucvrcd in Every
Los Angeles. Cul.. December 25.
Baldwin's airship ."California Arrow."
driven by Roy Knabenshue, of Toledo.
Ohio, who made several successful
nights in the same machine from the
World's Fair irrounds, at St. Louis,
was given its first trial in California
today, and was successful, with the
single exception of its failure to land
at the starting point. A landing was
effected half a mile away without
damage to tin- machine, and it was
safely towed to its anchorage.
The Arrow started from Chutes
park bast-ball grounds, in the south?
eastern part of the city at 3.15 p. m..
sailed with the wind northeastward for
a distance of between eight and and
ten miles, thence eastward for two
miles, and returned in the face of a
12-mile gale to a point directly above
the starting place. Owing to the supply
<.f gasoline running short. Knabeshue
was unable to effect a landing at ex?
actly the desired spot. From the time
th?- airship arose from the base ball
grounds until it was safely anchored at
Pico and Stanford streets, it was in
Hight un hour and thirteen minutes
and i:i that time sailed a distance of
probably 2') miles. When Hying with
the wind the Arrow travelled at a
speed of jw miles an hour, and return?
ing directly in the fact- of the strong
southeastern gale and was able to
make a rate of speed reckoned at be?
tween six and eight miles an hour.
The air ship was manoeuvred by
Knabenshue in every direction, re?
sponding readily to irs rudder, circling
and turning in any direction, and ris?
ing (iv.il dipping as the operator di?
rected. Th.- Arrow rose at times to a
height of probably S.??? feet or more,
with. [Cnabeshue regulating the height
by shifting Ins weight and raising or
lowering tin- bow of the craft as "ne
desired to aseehd or descend.
-? ? *ai^
Ueport Was Circulated Early This
Morning and Continued dui! For?
eign Received Denial.
Paris, Dec. '2'.- A report was cir?
culated on the Bourse today that rho
Czar had been assassinated. The
foreign office and the Russian embassy
were ignorant of the report, but if
continued until later news from St.
Petersburg denied the report.
C. P. Osteen, M. D.
OFFICE HOURS 9 to ll A. M.
Telephone Xo. 270. Residence tele?
phone No. 254
Office at Mood-Oiteen Iufirmary, 22 S.
Washington Street.
N. G. Osteen, Jr.,
No. 18 W. Liberty St..
(Over Osteeirs Hook Store).
Office hours. 9 to 1.30 : 2.3?
lo ?
office in Court House building will be
open for the collection of taxes, with
out penalty, from the loth day of
(V-r ober to the o ?sr day of December,
inclusive, 1904.
The levy i- as fellows : For State ?
mills: for Count Sla mills: Constitu?
tional School o mills; Polls 61.00
A No. School District Xo. Special,
?I mills: X. 2. 2 mills: Xo. :;. 2
mills: Xo. ;. 2 mills. Xo. :.. (Mid?
dleton 1 fm i ll: No. ll, mills: Xo.
lit, 2 mill- : Xo. IT. 1 mill : Xo. ls, 2
A penalty of 1 per cont added for
month .January, l?VW. Additional
penalty of 1 per cent, for month Feb
marv. '?'.".'?. Additional penalty ot' .">
{ici cont, for I") ?hiv-, m Maren. 190?.
ort. 2t3. * T. \V. LEE.
Co. Treasurer.

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